Australian Government Launches Urgent Fuel Security Review as Reserves Dip Below 50 Days

Australian Government Launches Urgent Fuel Security Review as Reserves Dip Below 50 Days

May 7th, 2018

Via: New Zealand Herald:

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has ordered an urgent review of Australia’s liquid fuel reserves as the country dips below 50 days, but says it should “not be construed as Australia having a fuel security problem”, reports

The International Energy Agency mandates that countries hold at least 90 days’ supply, but Fairfax reported on Monday that Australia has just 22 days of crude oil, 59 days of LPG, 20 days of petrol, 19 days of aviation fuel and 21 days of diesel remaining.

Australia depends on the Middle East for 91 per cent of its transport fuel imports, but recent instability in the region amid US-led air strikes on Syria has prompted warnings that the country has no “plan B” in case of an oil and fuel supply interruption.




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Emmanuel Macron raises eyebrows after calling Australian Prime Minister’s wife 'delicious'

Emmanuel Macron, the French President, has raised eyebrows during his visit to Australia by calling prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy “delicious”.

At the end of a joint news conference between the two leaders, the 40-year old French president turned to thank Mr Turnbull for his hospitality.

“I want to thank you for your welcome,” he said, before raising the Gallic charm a notch by adding: “Thank you and your delicious wife for your warm welcome.”

Mr Macron’s interesting choice of English prompted instant mirth on social media, amid some confusion over his intent.

The jury appears to be out over whether it was an odd, but deliberate play on words or a linguistic slip-up.

Some observers thought he may have used the word “delicious” as a deliberate joke, coming just seconds after Mr Turnbull referred to the French president’s imminent lunch with members of Sydney’s French community.

Others suggested that Mr Macron, who prides himself on speaking fluent English, simply fell foul of a “false friend”. The French word for delicious – délicieux – can also translate as “delightful”, even if it is a rather antiquated – some would argue sexist – term.

The potential for linguist slip-ups is not all one-way however, and there is ample potential for English-speakers to fall foul of French.

Emmanuel Macron poses with Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy Turnbull outside the Sydney Opera House  - Credit:  AFPEmmanuel Macron poses with Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy Turnbull outside the Sydney Opera House  - Credit:  AFP

One bloomer to avoid at all costs is to use the French word “excité” to describe oneself as excited; in French it means you are sexually aroused.

If it was a linguistic slip, Mr Macron is by no means the first leader to experience translation problems. 

Arguably the most infamous supposed gaffe was John F Kennedy’s legendary claim: “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which could mean “I’m a Berliner” or “I’m a doughnut”. 

Emmanuel Macron is by no means the first leader to experience translation problems - Credit: LUDOVIC MARIN/ AFPEmmanuel Macron is by no means the first leader to experience translation problems - Credit: LUDOVIC MARIN/ AFP

In 2009, France’s Europe minister, Pierre Lellouche, sparked a diplomatic incident by branding Prime Minister David Cameron’s pledge to reclaim EU powers “pathetic”. The term in French is often translated as “moving”, “touching” or “poignant”.

One solution would be to avoid English altogether. 

That would clearly be to the liking of France’s ambassador to the EU, Philippe Léglise-Costa, who walked out of a meeting with fellow EU envoys last week in Brussels in disapproval at the use of English.

He was said to have exclaimed: “Monsieur, Non!”

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Australian Teens Rescue Helpless Kangaroo Stuck In Deep Mud

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Two Australian teenagers, Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, are being praised for their quick-thinking after spotting a kangaroo stuck in deep mud. While riding their motorbikes through the bush at Agnes Banks, the 19-year-olds noticed the helpless marsupial trapped in mud up to its neck. As it tried to escape, the kangaroo growled and grunted in distress.

“I first spotted the roo when Nick and I were riding in the bush and I saw this head sticking out of the mud,” said Jack. Because he and his friend care about animals, they “went out on an arm and leg and got it.” But first, they had to retrieve a long rope. Once they returned, Nick tied a rope around his waist and waded to where the kangaroo was stuck. Then, Jack pulled him back in with the rope — approximately 30 meters.

“We think he went searching for water there and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck,” added Jack.“It’s a pretty patriotic thing to do and we’re proud of what we did. If we saw something like that again, we’ll do it all over again.”

The boys were so fond of the kangaroo, they named him Lucas. “We just agreed on the name. We liked it; it’s cute,” said Nick. Lucas has since been taken into the care of WIRES, who believes the animal was suffering for a long time before rescued.

Channel 9 News reports that Jack’s grandmother, Kerry Reynolds, is proud of the boys who were “just having fun” while being of service. She said: “It was just good that they stopped and went to the effort of helping the poor thing.”

“They had it in their bath tub trying to get all the mud off,” said Jack’s grandmother. ”They were concerned whether its kidneys would cope with not having enough water, but … they said it would pull through.”

It’s not every day you read such a positive story. If you feel inspired, please share this news with others and comment your thoughts below.

Images Credit: Nick Heath, 19

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Australian father treats his daughters’ Chron’s disease by juicing cannabis… then gets raided by the government

Image: Australian father treats his daughters’ Chron’s disease by juicing cannabis… then gets raided by the government

(Natural News)
Chron’s disease is a long-term, chronic health condition that affects 700,000 people in the United States and is the result of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Its symptoms can be mild or severe, and may include rectal bleeding, frequent and recurring diarrhea, significant weight loss, fever, abdominal pain and cramping, low energy and fatigue, and a reduced appetite. In severe cases, Chron’s can cause intense vomiting, a high fever and intestinal obstructions or abscesses.

Stephen Taylor is an Australian father who has not one, but two daughters afflicted with this devastating disease. (Around 20 percent of people with Chron’s have a blood relative with some form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.) After watching his daughters, Ariel and Morgan, suffer with the condition for years, he started researching medical marijuana. Having tried without success to get a doctor to process the complicated Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) application which allows access to medical marijuana for him, he took matters into his own hands and started juicing cannabis for his daughters. (Related: High-fat diet found to reduce symptoms of Chron’s disease.)

Even though medical marijuana use has been legal in Australia since 2016, it is very difficult to obtain. Though experts estimate that around 100,000 Australians are self-medicating with cannabis for a variety of health problems, only 500 patients have official government authorization to do so. This made getting his hands on medical marijuana very difficult for Taylor, and he decided to grow his own.

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Traditional Chron’s treatments had done very little good and had caused the women serious side effects. Morgan had such severe arthritis that she was unable to walk on some days. She also had a very serious anaphylactic reaction to a drug called Infliximab, which caused her throat to close, her face to swell up and a rash all over her body.

Ariel was so ill from the Chron’s that at one point she nearly hemorrhaged to death.

“I was so sick I wasn’t able to eat … I was in constant pain,” she told Australia’s ABC News. “It was pretty intense.”

When Ariel was admitted to hospital for surgery to remove her entire colon, the doctors warned her parents that she could die.

After Taylor started giving Morgan and Ariel the juiced cannabis they both achieved excellent results within the first month. Both women were able to gain weight, and Taylor believes that Morgan, who had been admitted to hospital repeatedly weighing as little as 32 kilograms (71 pounds), went into remission. She was able to exercise, and even got her weight up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds). (Related: Beat Chron’s disease naturally.)

“It just felt incredible,” she told ABC.

Waking Times reported:

Taylor decided to administer cannabis to his daughter in juice form. This means that he was juicing the green material of the plant, such as the leaves and stems. His ideal dose was 30 ml of cannabis juice, administered three times per day. Taylor decided to grow his own plants to be able to obtain all of the green material that he needed.

Somebody must have blown the whistle on the family, however, and because nobody would help Taylor to follow the proper channels to obtain permission, the government considers his activities to be illegal. The family’s home was raided, and 107 plants were confiscated. (Related: Learn about the healing power of medical marijuana at

Taylor now faces criminal charges.

Worst of all, Morgan and Ariel no longer have access to the first treatment that has ever done them more good than harm.

“I kind of say that I’m not living anymore, I’m just surviving and that’s what’s really hard,” Morgan told ABC.

Sources for this article include:



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Australian coal-fired power plant being recommissioned to mine blockchains

It will probably generate 22,000 pounds of CO2 every hour, but everybody needs their bitcoins!

It takes a lot of energy to “mine” bitcoins; as we noted earlier, computers have to run “proof of work algorithms.” Bitcoins alone are estimated to consume 32 terawatt-hours of electricity per year, about as much as all of Denmark uses. And there are other Blockchain operations that also suck a lot of power.

IOT groupIOT Group/Screen capture

So while the President of the United States couldn’t make coal great again, it appears that Bitcoin can. The IOT group, an Australian company that also makes a shopping app and a drone that takes flying selfies, has made a deal with Hunter Energy to re-open the mothballed Redbank coal-fired power plant in New South Wales, Australia. They claim that this will “provide direct access to power at cost and without the additional charges and costs associated with transmission, of power including; grid costs, poles and wires, electricity retailer margins to supply to the end user.”

Solar panelsPretty solar panels from Hunter Energy/Promo image

On its website, Hunter Energy shows lots of solar panels and claims that it “is developing a model at the heart the energy transition from coal, to a reduced emission environment whilst maintaining the system reliability needed.” They are even tossing biomass, waste wood products, into the fire. But call it what you will, it’s a coal fired power plant in the middle of the Hunter Valley coal mining region.

IOT Group executive director Sean Neylon told the Age:

The reasons why blockchain specialists are not in Australia is because power costs are too high, it’s not efficient. Power at wholesale cost would make blockchain related operations attractive in Australia.

Other Bitcoin miners have moved to places with cheap hydro power like Iceland or Manitoba, but Australia can’t seem to dig or burn enough coal, and is still investing in new mines. This poster is a bit old (Tony Abbott is no longer Prime Minister) but I do not believe that much else has changed.

And now it is on the coal-fired Bitcoin bandwagon. The Age says that “the blockchain centre could consume between 10 and 20 megawatts of electricity” which produces about 22,000 pounds of CO2 per hour. But hey, everybody needs their bitcoins!

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Australian Police charge Mauritius Commonwealth Games delegate with sexual assault on 26yo female athlete

Commonwealth Games


Australian police have charged Mauritius 2018 Commonwealth Games chef de mission Kaysee Teeroovengadum with sexual assault following allegations made by a female athlete.

Teeroovengadum quit on the eve of the Games amid accusations of “inappropriate touching” made by the athlete, which allegedly took place in the Games’ Athletes’ Village.

“Police will allege the 52-year-old Mauritian man assaulted a 26-year-old woman in Southport on March 29,” a Queensland Police statement, issued Thursday, read.

“The matter was reported to police who charged the man with one count of sexual assault today. The man is due to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on April 17.”

Police confirmed Wednesday they had received a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior, and said they would investigate, which included interviewing Teeroovengadum.

The official’s resignation directly followed a series of crisis meetings with the Mauritian government and the nation’s sporting authorities.

The 2018 Commonwealth Games opened on Wednesday and will run through to April 15 in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Australian Nurses Must Announce Their ‘White Privilege’ Before Treating Indigenous Patients


Australian nurses and midwives are being forced to announce their ‘white privilege’ before treating Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander patients – a move which has been slammed as ‘racist to its core.’

The term ‘white privilege’ defines the unearned social and cultural advantages awarded to people with white skin which are not enjoyed by people of colour or non-white backgrounds.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board believes the cultural safety of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander patients is just as important as their clinical safety.

But Graeme Haycroft, spokesperson for the Nurses Professional Association of Queensland, (NPAQ) told Sky News the addition to the code of conduct could have serious consequences for nurses and is simply ‘racist’.

The Board describes the move as ‘a decolonising model of ­practice based on dialogue, communication, power sharing and negotiation, and the acknowledgment of white privilege’.

Mr Haycroft said 50 per cent of NPAQ members were opposed to the new rule.

‘They have said “this is wrong, do something about it”,’ Mr Haycroft told host Peta Credlin.

The inclusion of ‘white privilege’ in the code of conduct was first exposed by Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives.

Senator Bernardi heavily criticised the move, labelling it as ‘another virtue signal’ and ‘nonsensical’.

‘This is just another example of where PC and this identity politics has captured the professional class or the political class,’ he told 2GB.

‘I can’t recall one complaint that white privilege hasn’t been acknowledged during the birth process.’

Following backlash, the Board released a statement which said the codes required midwives and nurses to ‘acknowledge that Australia has always been a culturally and linguistically diverse nation’.

Medical staff are also asked to consider the impact historic factors such as colonisation have had on indigenous peoples’ health.



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