NPR Anchor: Nunes Memo a ‘Strange Episode’ of GOP Attacking ‘Law and Order’

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House Republicans Vote To Release Classified Memo They Wrote Attacking Russia Probe

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s Republican allies in Congress advanced their monthslong assault on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election on Monday, voting along partisan lines to release a classified memo slamming officials from the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation who have investigated the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

The episode has more than a touch of Washington theater to it: Republican staffers wrote the memo, and Republican members of Congress, who always had the power to vote to release it, spent weeks calling on themselves to do so. 

But it was still an extraordinary event. In a letter last week, a top Justice Department official said releasing the classified memo would be an “unprecedented action” that would be “extraordinarily reckless” and could “risk harm to national security and to ongoing investigations.”

The department did not “understand why the Committee would possibly seek to disclose classified and law enforcement sensitive information without first consulting with the relevant members of the Intelligence Community,” the letter read.

It is extremely unusual for lawmakers — especially Republican lawmakers — to clash so publicly with law enforcement on issues of national security and classification. Trump has five days to block the memo’s release, but has indicated he will side with congressional Republicans on the matter, over the objections of the Justice Department.

Republicans argued that releasing their own memo is a matter of transparency. Making the GOP memo public will allow journalists and the public to at least partially assess the claims it makes. But fully judging its merits will also be difficult without access to the underlying intelligence information, which is also classified and will not be released.

At the same time, Republicans voted down a Democratic effort to release a memo authored by Democratic staffers that they say combated some of the inaccuracies in the GOP memo. While members of Congress will be allowed to read the Democratic memo, the public will not.

“The ‘release the memo’ crowd, apparently, doesn’t want to release the memo,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters after the vote. 

“We have crossed a deeply regrettable line in this committee, where for the first time in the 10 years or so that I’ve been on the committee, there was a vote to politicize the declassification process of intelligence, and potentially compromise sources and methods,” Schiff added.

There’s indeed more at stake than D.C. grandstanding: The release of the document is part of a pattern of behavior by the president and his congressional allies — all of it apparently aimed at undermining Mueller’s probe and shielding Trump from scrutiny.

Since Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey — then the official responsible for the Russia investigation — last summer, the president, Republican members of Congress and the right-wing media have battled to undermine public perceptions of the bureau and of the Justice Department:

  • Andrew McCabe, Comey’s former deputy, stepped down Monday after weeks of pressure from Trump and Republicans. Republicans have charged that McCabe was biased against the president because his wife ran for a Virginia state Senate seat as a Democrat, but FBI documents released earlier this month indicate he followed bureau recusal rules. The day after Trump fired Comey, the president called McCabe to complain about Comey being allowed to take a government-funded plane back to Washington, NBC reported Monday. When McCabe said he wasn’t asked to authorize the flight but would have approved it, Trump told McCabe to ask his wife — who lost her race for state Senate — how it feels to be a loser, and hung up the phone, according to NBC.

  • The president, Republicans in Congress, and the right-wing media have spun tales of a dark conspiracy involving Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, two FBI officials who were having an affair and exchanged text messages critical of Trump and other politicians from both parties. The evidence suggests Page and Strzok were actually driven more by loyalty to the FBI than partisan political considerations.

  • The memo the House voted to release Monday reportedly focuses on criticizing Rod Rosenstein, a Republican Trump appointee at the Justice Department who now has responsibility over the Mueller probe. The memo, The New York Times reported, accuses Rosenstein of approving an application to surveil a former Trump campaign official last spring. Trump has long resented Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as special counsel after Trump fired Comey. Trump reportedly considered firing Rosenstein last summer, but instead ordered Mueller’s firing — only to back away the decision after his lawyer threatened to quit.  

The sustained assault on the FBI seems to have affected perceptions of the bureau among Republicans and independents. Just over half of the public has at least a fair amount of trust in the FBI, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll, down 12 points since 2015. The percentage of Republicans and independents saying they trust the agency dropped by 22 points and 15 points, respectively.

The GOP memo lays the groundwork for that distrust. It was the work of the office of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the House Intelligence Committee chairman and close Trump ally who recused himself from the committee’s investigation into ties between Trump and Russia after he was caught last year promoting a different surveillance scandal with intelligence cooked up by Trump White House officials.

The memo reportedly suggests that FBI agents obscured their reliance on a controversial dossier about Trump’s ties to Russia when they sought a warrant to spy on Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser. Republicans have long sought to discredit the dossier, which was compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Committee members voted along partisan lines earlier this month to allow any member of Congress to read Nunes’ classified memo. Some of the Republicans who read the memo described the allegations as “sickening” and “worse than Watergate.” Democrats who read it said it was a partisan hack job.

“Rife with factual inaccuracies,” said Schiff. “This may help carry White House water, but it is a deep disservice to our law enforcement professionals.”

Ariel Edwards-Levy contributed to this article.

President Donald Trump, left, and special counsel Robert Mueller, right. (The Washington Post via Getty Images)President Donald Trump, left, and special counsel Robert Mueller, right. (The Washington Post via Getty Images)
  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Media now ATTACKING advocates of “raw water” just like they attacked raw milk

Image: Media now ATTACKING advocates of “raw water” just like they attacked raw milk

(Natural News)
In the age of President Donald J. Trump, the so-called “mainstream media” has gone full-on bonkers, logging a 90 percent negativity rate when it came to reporting on him and his administration.

90 percent. That’s nine-of-ten stories about Trump all being negative. And these idiots want us to believe their “neutral” and “fair-minded.” Mind you, Trump won the election because voters in a majority of states wanted him to be president. So how does that justify 90 percent negative coverage?

When the media isn’t jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon, it reverts back to another well-worn pastime: Telling you and me how to live, especially if we chose a lifestyle the elitist schmucks in journalism don’t approve of.

That includes, say, buying, selling, and consuming raw milk, as we’ve documented in the past. Now, apparently, it also includes “raw water.” (Related: 5 Important tips to keep RAW milk fresh.)

What’s raw water? It’s spring water that is untreated, unfiltered, and unencumbered by sterilization processes. Apparently, it’s a new ‘thing’ in Silicon Valley — which is located in California, which is, we’re told, where new ‘things’ begin.

Some raw water is being sold at $20 a gallon which is probably what is really upsetting the Marxist-Leftist mindset of the critical establishment media. Not only is this water untouched and therefore unregulated by “The State,” but someone’s making a darn good living selling it.

We can’t have that. They might have let the part about government being outside the loop slip by, but there is nothing more offensive to a Marxist than profits.

In any event, a smattering of headlines and associated stories about raw water paint the picture: There is no way this stuff can be good for you because it’s a precursor to some horrible disease outbreak that will spread from sea to shining sea and wipe out most other people in blue states (red state wipeouts are okay but not blue states because those states contain readers of establishment news outlets).

Per The Cut, from this headline: “The Raw-Water Trend Sounds Like a Bad Idea (Because of Cholera)”:

Raw-water devotees are embracing the trend to avoid exposure to chemicals like fluoride and chlorine, in order to maximize their health. In response, food-safety experts are flagging all the disturbing substances in the natural water supply including, but not limited to, animal feces and the parasite giardia, also known as “beaver fever.”

“It’s fine till some 10-year-old girl dies a horrible death from cholera in Montecito, California,” whined ‘food-safety expert’ Bill Marler. “You can’t stop consenting adults from being stupid… But, we should at least try.”

Why, Bill? Who elected you national water nanny?

The New York Post chimed in as well with, “Silicon Valley loves ‘raw water’ that will make you sick”:

In case you haven’t noticed, Silicon Valley is obsessed with health, or at least the appearance of health. You can see evidence of it just about everywhere, including internet-connected juicers and new medical “breakthroughs,” but rarely is a new trend as obviously flawed as “raw water.”

“It is, simply put, the dumbest food trend to come along in a long, long time,” the paper claimed.

Question: How do really smart Silicon Valley innovators suddenly become too “dumb” to drink? Does the Post really believe these folks don’t know what they’re doing?

Ponders Orlando’s WDBO, “‘Raw water’ is the latest craze, but is it safe?”:

Although the new trend has its proponents, mainly those leery of fluoride and contamination from lead or other issues, experts have come out strongly against the idea.

What do this story and all of the rest have in common? A string of experts all complaining about being unable to garner enough authority to tell raw water consumers how to live.

Well, that’s essentially true.

Stay informed on health freedom issues at

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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Putin aligned with anti-Semites in attacking democracy, Senate Democrats say: Zio-Watch, Jan 15, 2018

The United Nations refugee agency has called on Israeli authorities to scrap a new program that forces thousands of African refugees out of the occupied territories.

William Spindler, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said in a press briefing on Tuesday in the Swiss city of Geneva that the program was not “coherent” and “has been implemented not in a very transparent manner.”

“We are again appealing to Israel to halt its policy of relocating Eritreans and Sudanese to sub-Saharan Africa,” Spindler said.

“Official statements that the plans may eventually target families and those with pending asylum claims, or that asylum seekers might be taken to the airport in handcuffs, are particularly alarming.”

Spindler said some 27,000 Eritreans and 7,700 Sudanese lived in Israel, but authorities there had only granted refugee status to 11 since 2009.

In Europe, Eritreans have a very high rate of recognition as refugees fleeing war or persecution, the UNHCR spokesman said. “So we would expect that among them, many would qualify for refugee status.”
Click here for the full story

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‘Peaceful’ American Ally, Israeli Soldiers Filmed Attacking School Children & Teachers

The incidents shown in the video were recorded in October and November by activists attached to B’Tselem, an Israel-based human rights group, near the Ziad Hamuda Jaber Elementary School for Boys, where some 300 pupils are educated. The facility is located in the Wadi al-Nasarah neighborhood of Hebron. Around 50 meters from the neighborhood is a road leading to the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba – the first that was established in Hebron after the city was occupied by Israel.

A metal gate has been installed some 30 meters from the school, which has to be passed by teachers and pupils. Occasionally, IDF soldiers are deployed at the gate and have been seen to conduct random searches, harass or arrest the Palestinian teachers and schoolchildren, B’Tselem reported.

One part of the video shows a pair of soldiers pushing a student against a wall, who appears to be in his early teens. On another occasion, a soldier confronts a B’Tselem activist who is filming him on camera, trying to physically stop her, and telling her to go stand “behind the dumpster with all the garbage.” In another part, a soldier confronts a young man, approaching him aggressively before being warned by another soldier that he is being filmed.

The footage also shows the school on November 9, when it was planning to mark the anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat. Early in the morning, dozens of Israeli soldiers showed up and prevented anyone from passing through the gate, eyewitnesses told the rights group. The memorial service was eventually cancelled by the school management.

“These incidents illustrate the casual manner in which Israeli soldiers stationed in the West Bank can threaten and intimidate dozens of Palestinian school students and several teachers, disrupting routine studies,” B’Tselem said. “These are not isolated or exceptional incidents, but an integral part of life in Hebron… The constant harassment of Palestinian residents by security forces and settlers, deny residents the chance to maintain a routine and make their lives intolerable.”

Responding to B’Tselem, the IDF told RT that it was working hard to maintain peace and security in the occupied Palestinian territories. “Students of the Ziad Hamuda Elementary School for Boys frequently hurl stones towards civilians. In these cases, security forces intervene at the scene in order to cease the hurling and to prevent injuries,” an emailed statement from the Israeli military said.

Indeed, the footage published by the rights group shows the soldiers angrily questioning boys about stone-throwing, which is a common occurrence among Palestinian youths protesting against the presence of Israeli troops. Witnesses told B’Tselem that soldiers stop school students and inspect their hands, apparently looking for those covered with dirt.

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Top Republicans Say Trump Isn't About To Fire Mueller. But They Can’t Stop Attacking Him.

Top Republicans on Sunday used news shows to assure the media and America that President Donald Trump is not on the verge of firing Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating Russian involvement in the 2016 election and possible obstruction of justice by the president.

“There’s no conversation about” firing Mueller “whatsoever in the White House,” Marc Short, the White House legislative director, told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “I read that the president’s own lawyer says” Trump isn’t going to fire Mueller, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “I think that would be a mistake myself.”

But both men devoted large chunks of their time on the morning shows trying to discredit and undermine Mueller. Cornyn, who challenged the legitimacy of the probe in a tweet Saturday night, criticized Mueller for having an FBI agent on his team who sent text messages critical of Trump. When Stephanopoulos noted that the agent, who also criticized Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Attorney General Eric Holder, has already been removed from the investigation, Cornyn doubled down. 

For more news videos visit Yahoo View.

“He needs to make sure he vets that team,” Cornyn said. “There are plenty of FBI agents and prosecutors who have not been politically involved on behalf of Democrats or overtly critical of the president that can serve in this important investigation. So I have confidence in Director Mueller. I would just think he would be concerned about the appearance of conflicts of interest that would undermine the integrity of the investigation.”

Short pivoted back and forth between denying the president would fire Mueller and arguing that the special counsel and his investigation are wasting time and taxpayer money. “This administration has cooperated in every single possible way with the special counsel,” Short said. “Taxpayers have spent millions and millions of dollars on this investigation that has not yet proven any sense of collusion with the Russians. I think the American people are ready to turn the page.”

On CNN, Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s treasury secretary, got in on the action, too. 

Responding to “State of The Union” host Jake Tapper’s question on Trump possibly firing Mueller, Mnuchin replied: “I don’t have any reason to think the president is going to do that, but that’s obviously up to him.”

Mueller has already charged Trump’s former national security adviser, former campaign chairman, and two other Trump campaign aides with federal crimes. One of the president’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, has called for another special counsel to investigate Mueller himself, and a lawyer for Trump’s transition team has attacked Mueller for obtaining transition emails without going through the White House. (That’s a strange objection; prosecutors often obtain documents from third parties.) 

Mueller’s team is set for an important meeting with the president’s lawyers this week. But in the days beforehand, Trump’s team seems eager to convince people that the president won’t try to fire the man investigating him ― despite their repeated claims of misconduct and conflict of interest. Maybe that will change when they hear what the special counsel and his team have to say.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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The LEFT has devolved into despicable bullies after attacking the family of Keaton Jones, Koxville bully victim

Image: The LEFT has devolved into despicable bullies after attacking the family of Keaton Jones, Koxville bully victim

(Natural News)
While social justice warriors like to hold themselves up as the great defenders of everything fair and equal, the truth is that these people are just a bunch of malcontents who can never seem to find joy or happiness in anything. Normally, we would look past this sad behavior – that is, of course, if they weren’t destroying the very fabric of American society.

Recently, a video of a young man by the name of Keaton Jones pleading for people to stop bullying went viral, compelling celebrities, athletes and Americans of all beliefs and backgrounds to rally behind him. In the video itself, Keaton recalls what happened to him earlier that day in school, and asks a question that millions of people would like to know the answer to: Why do bullies think it is okay to pick on others?

“Why do they bully? What’s the point of it?” Keaton asks in the video. “Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It’s not okay.” At one point, Keaton’s mother, who is filming the video, asks her son to talk about what happened earlier that day in the lunch room. (Related: A study has found that food allergies in children is linked to bullying and abuse.)

“What’d they do to you at lunch?” his mother asks. “Poured milk on me and put ham down my clothes,” Keaton replies. The teary-eyed boy goes on to say that people shouldn’t be bullied just because of the way that they are: “People that are different don’t need to be criticized about it. It’s not their fault. If you are made fun of, just don’t let it bother you. Just stay strong, I guess.” (Related: Bullying hurts children in the long term.)

With so much courage and wisdom coming out of the mouth of such a young boy, it’s easy to see why the video went viral and gained the support of several prominent celebrities and athletes. Sadly, and unbelievably, not everyone was quick to support young Keaton Jones.

Not long after the video was published, The Root, which is essentially an online media outlet that focuses on social justice issues and on how “racist” and “evil” white people are, came out to criticize not just the emotional anti-bullying plea, but also the mother who recorded it. (Related: For more news on moronic and hateful leftists, visit

“Before you parade your child on social media, sobbing about being bullied, and then have celebrities rally behind you, you might want to clean up your own racist social media posts,” wrote the website’s Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan. This vile, repugnant columnist was referring to pictures that Keaton’s mother had posted on her social media page, which included photos of the Confederate flag and a patriotic banner that read, “I stand for the flag,”

Oh, the horror. How racist and bigoted of her.

Callahan then went on to accuse Keaton’s mother of using her son’s pain “for her own interests,” and stated that it’s ironic how she’s accepting money from “black athletes and other celebrities.” Callahan is, of course, implying that Keaton’s mother is a racist and a hypocrite for supporting the Confederate flag while at the same time taking donations from African-Americans, even though there’s no evidence that Keaton’s mother is a racist whatsoever.

In addition to the bullies who poured milk on Keaton in the lunch room and dumped ham down his clothes, it appears that this story has yet another bully that has not been reported on nearly as much – Yesha Callahan of The Root. For her to take a story that united the entire country around the issue of bullying and make it into a story about “racism” and “whites versus blacks” is absolutely despicable, and quite frankly, she should be fired.

As for young Keaton Jones, Natural News stands with him and wishes him the best of luck with the rest of his education career.

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Sheriff Says Graphic Video of K9 Attacking Mentally Ill Man for No Reason Shows Proper Procedure

mentally illmentally ill

Columbia County, OR — If you are a mentally ill, unarmed, and distressed inmate, it is entirely acceptable for officers to force their K9 to shred you to pieces for standing peacefully against a wall—according to Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson.

“It starts with a bark,” Dickerson told the Columbia County Spotlight. “It’s similar to everything we do. There’s a whole range of force options out there that a deputy can use.”

The graphic video of Columbia County Sheriff’s deputies siccing their Belgian Malinois on mentally ill inmate Christopher Bartlett is now the center of a controversy as Dickerson claiming it shows cops acted appropriately.

“Incident reports indicate Christopher Bartlett, an inmate who had been combative with deputies and may have a history of mental illness, needed to be moved to a different pod in the jail,” the Columbia County Spotlight reported. “Dickerson says the August incident with Bartlett, who resisted and was documented to be combative, was reviewed and deemed a justifiable use of force. In fact, Dickerson says, it went exactly as it should have, with Lars seizing the inmate, and the inmate being removed ‘without serious injury.’”

However, that day, Bartlett was not combative when Deputy Ryan Dews sicced his K9 on the mentally ill inmate.

As the video shows, police were telling Bartlett to bring his hands to the cell door port so he could be placed in cuffs so they could move him to a new cell. However, likely due to his diminished mental state, instead of complying with the deputies’ orders, Bartlett remained with his back against the cell wall.

This apparently infuriated the deputies. “You’re gonna get bit!” a deputy warns Bartlett.

Seconds later, the cell door flies open as the K9 leaps in. Likely fearing the attack from the K9, Bartlett threw a plastic tub toward the door as the K9 latched on to his forearm and began tearing into him.

For over 20 seconds, Lars, the K9, tears into Bartlett’s skin. As is standard procedure when police force their dogs to tear into non-violent victims, a deputy screamed at Bartlett repeatedly to “Stop Resisting!” and “relax!” Bartlett—writhing in pain from the vicious attack—has a hard time laying completely still.

“Good boy! Good boy!” exclaims the deputy after his K9 just tore into a mentally ill man for no reason.

Naturally, the sheriff told reporters that Bartlett’s treatment and subsequent injuries were part of keeping his deputies safe.

“We bring the dog in and we give him a command to bark,” Dickerson explains. “We need people to realize there is a dog and the dog is ready to go at it if you continue to push the issue. The dog is trained so that the officer doesn’t have to get in there and get into a fistfight with somebody.”

Instead of applying a little bit of courage and walking into the cell with the two other officers to restrain a mentally ill man, the deputies sent in their dog to draw blood.

Predictably, the sheriff’s department investigated themselves and not only did they find they did nothing wrong, but, according to Dickerson, it went exactly as it should have.

“We do not relish having to resort to force,” Dickerson stated via email. “We do what we can to minimize the length and intensity of these confrontations to protect the staff AND the inmates from severe injury.”

The CCSO canine policy stipulates deputies may rely on a dog when a suspect poses “an imminent threat of violence or serious harm” which was not at all the case. However, in a ridiculous catch-all addition, the sheriff claims the authority to mutilate mentally ill inmates if they are “physically resisting” or even “threatening to resist arrest.”

Apparently, to the sheriff, standing against the wall was perceived as threatening to resist arrest and so a man was mauled by a dog.

Below is a video that shows how mentally ill people are treated in the land of the free. 

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Wall Street Begs the Government to Hold Off On Attacking NK Until Next Year-Why?


Wall Street has asked the government to delay any possible attack on North korea until well after the first year. We know why, do you?



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After attacking coconut oil as "dangerous" and pushing blood pressure drugs as the solution, American Heart Association president suffers a heart attack

Image: After attacking coconut oil as “dangerous” and pushing blood pressure drugs as the solution, American Heart Association president suffers a heart attack

(Natural News)
In what appears to be a clear case of irony, the president of the American Heart Association, John Warner, suffered what doctors say was a minor heart attack earlier this week after his organization advised Americans earlier this year to stop using butter in their foods and replace it with toxic, artery-clogging vegetable oils instead.

According to a published report on the AHA website, Warner — himself a cardiologist (another irony) and CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals in Dallas — is in stable condition after doctors inserted a stent into a blocked artery.

“John wanted to reinforce that this incident underscores the important message that he left us with in his presidential address yesterday – that much progress has been made, but much remains to be done. Cardiac events can still happen anytime and anywhere,” said Nancy Brown, chief executive officer of the AHA.

In that talk, Warner told a Scientific Sessions meeting — where he gave his presidential address — that there were “no old men” in his family, and that is due largely to heart disease.

“I know this is also true in far too many other families, not just in the U.S., but around the world. I believe the people in this room have the power – and even the duty – to change that. Together, we can make sure old men and old women are regulars at family reunions,” he said.

“In other words, I look forward to a future where people have the exact opposite experience of my family, that children grow up surrounded by so many healthy, beloved, elderly relatives that they couldn’t imagine life any other way.”

Fair enough, and an admirable goal to be sure — but then why would his organization make the recommendation to change from butter, which is natural, a healthy fat, and can even be organic, to a substance far less healthy with known ties to cardiac disease?

Could it be due to a major conflict of interest?

As we reported in June:

The AHA has long gone after healthy fats, and this time it even went so far as to say that coconut oil is bad for your heart. They would say that, of course, because eating these healthy foods keeps people from needing the prescription drugs made by the firms that support the group.

Vegetable oils may seem better, but in actuality, they’re not. Polyunsaturated fats like corn and canola oil can promote inflammation, which is responsible for an increase in cancer while slowing the body’s metabolism rate.

What’s more, nearly all canola oil is made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Plus, it is known to suppress thyroid function and your immune properties, and it requires extra processing by the body because of the toxins such oils contain.

“Yet they want us to believe that a chemical that was not put on this Earth for human consumption is really so much better for us than natural butter that came from a cow?” writes Isabelle Z. for Natural News.

Corn oil is so bad for the body that even some food makers who are not known to place a premium on healthy ingredients are starting to reject it along with other GMO-based oils such as soy and even canola.

On the other hand, olive oils — and in particular extra-virgin olive oil — is believed to be one of the healthiest of all oils, making the AHA’s advice on butter and vegetable oils confusing and contradictory.

But always remember that the AHA is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, which survives on keeping people as sick and unhealthy as possible — another irony.

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