Mercedes Plots Tesla Attack With $1 Billion U.S. Electric Push

Mercedes Plots Tesla Attack With $1 Billion U.S. Electric Push

September 21st, 2017

Via: Bloomberg:

Daimler AG plans to spend $1 billion to start production of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles at its Alabama factory, setting the world’s largest luxury-car maker up to battle with battery-car specialist Tesla Inc. on its home turf.

The German automaker will build its fifth battery plant globally and create more than 600 jobs in the region, the company said Thursday in a statement. The Alabama factory will assemble electric sport utility vehicles, taking on Tesla’s Model X and making Stuttgart-based Daimler the first European company to assemble plug-in autos in the U.S.




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WashPost Columnist Channels AFGE Union Leader’s Attack on Reagan’s ‘Industrial Violence’

Labor-union loathing for Ronald Reagan boiled over in Thursday’s Washington Post. Joe Davidson, who writes a union-sympathizing column called “Federal Insider,” channeled outrage over Labor Secretary Alex Acosta putting Ronald Reagan in the Labor Department’s Hall of Honor. Davidson began:

Isn’t it weird that someone who could contend for the title of America’s Greatest Union Buster will be inducted into the Labor Department’s Hall of Honor?
More than strange, the union representing Labor Department employees says honoring former president Ronald Reagan is shocking.

A union nominated Reagan – the Sergeants Benevolent Association of New York City – and of course, Reagan led a union, the Screen Actors Guild, in his Hollywood days. Davidson noted that SBA president Ed Mullins was proud of Reagan as the only union leader who became president, and whose “economic policies helped working people.” (It had to kill the Post to allow that quote in black and white.)

But the Labor Secretary was charged with failing to note that Reagan decertified PATCO, the air traffic controllers’ union, because public-safety employees shouldn’t go on strike. Alex Bastani, president of American Federation of Government Employees Local 12 at the Labor Department, nearly came unglued in response, calling Reagan’s PATCO firings were “a cruel act of industrial violence.”

Why is it liberals can’t be upset at real violence from their Antifa allies, but Reagan committed metaphorical violence? If the air traffic controllers abandoned their posts, couldn’t that cause real bodily harm? But Bastani was just getting started in this column:

In a bit of hyperbole, however, Bastani didn’t help his argument by claiming the firings “created the enormous division of rich and poor at third world levels, which is the root cause of the racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia that paralyzes our nation to this very day.”

Those -isms and phobias were around long before Reagan, but Bastani made a good point when he said the “temple honoring the work of men and women who sacrificed themselves to create an American middle class and who championed the causes of America’s … working poor, is not the appropriate arena for Ronald Reagan.”

Speaking of communism, Bastani also noted Reagan’s connection, as a union president, to one of the shameful episodes in recent American political history: the Red Scare.

“It is a historical fact that he surrendered the names of dues paying members to the House Committee on Un-American Activities — a Joseph McCarthy orchestrated witch hunt,” Bastani wrote. “We recognize Mr. Reagan had the right to pursue his own personal political agenda. However, he did not have the right to take these actions while representing union members who were being harassed and bullied by the federal government simply for exercising their first amendment rights.”

It was not shameful to belong to the Communist Party, run by — ahem, today’s liberals — the dictators of Russia, manipulating our democracy! Somehow, it’s never tricky to insure Soviet agents had their freedom of speech.  And it’s not a “witch hunt” today to investigate Russian interference in preventing Hillary’s coronation, but back then, that was a “shameful episode.”

MRC’s Rich Noyes reminded me that these liberals wouldn’t be outraged at an honor for Franklin Roosevelt, but this is what FDR wrote in a 1937 letter that it’s “unthinkable and intolerable” for government-employee unions to strike:

Since their own services have to do with the functioning of the Government, a strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government until their demands are satisfied. Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable. It is, therefore, with a feeling of gratification that I have noted in the constitution of the National Federation of Federal Employees the provision that “under no circumstances shall this Federation engage in or support strikes against the United States Government.”

Davidson concluded that this Labor Department hall of honor is for the radical left — for Cezar Chavez and Dolores Huerta, for Mother Jones and A. Philip Randolph — and Reagan is “not in their league.” They think the Labor Department is a Liberal Department. Apparently it would be like conservatives having a fit if the Pentagon honored Jimmy Carter for his years of service in the Navy, because as president, he was weak on national defense.

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Moscow warns it will retaliate if US-backed militias attack Syrian Army


Moscow has warned the US that if militias it supports in northeast Syria again attack positions of pro-government forces backed by Russia, the Russian military will use all its force to retaliate.

The troops of the Syrian Democratic Force (SDF), a predominantly Kurdish militia that receives support from the US military, have twice attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army in the Deir ez-Zor governorate with mortar and rocket fire, according to the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

“Russia unequivocally told the commanders of US forces in Al Udeid Airbase (Qatar) that it will not tolerate any shelling from the areas where the SDF are stationed,” Konashenkov said, adding that the attacks put at risk Russian military advisers embedded with Syrian government troops.

“Fire from positions in regions [controlled by the SDF] will be suppressed by all means necessary,” he stressed.

Konashenkov said Moscow suspected the SDF of colluding with the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL) in Deir ez-Zor rather than fighting it, as it claims to be. He said Russia had detected the transfer of SDF fighters from the IS stronghold of Raqqa, to join forces with the jihadists.

“SDF militants work to the same objectives as IS terrorists. Russian drones and intelligence have not recorded any confrontations between IS and the ‘third force,’ the SDF,” the Russian general said.

The statement said that the siege of Raqqa by the SDF has been halted, apparently in response to the latest advances by Syrian government forces in Deir ez-Zor, which is located to the east from Raqqa along the Euphrates River.

“The central parts of the former ISIL capital, which account for roughly 25 percent of the city, remain under full control of the terrorists,” Konashenkov remarked.

According to the statement, in the last 24 hours Syrian government troops “continued their offensive operation” to destroy the last “IS bridgehead” near the city of Deir ez-Zor, the provincial capital. Troops led by Syrian Army General Suheil al-Hassan liberated around 16 sq km of territory and two settlements on the western bank of the Euphrates River.

“More than 85 percent of Deir ez-Zor’s territory is under the full control of Syrian troops. Over the next week the city will be liberated completely,” Konashenkov said.

The city of Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria was besieged by Islamic State in 2014. Syrian government forces lifted the blockade of the city in early September.

However, the liberation of Deir ez-Zor also triggered a confrontation between Syrian government forces and the US-backed SDF militants, the point of contention being control of Deir ez-Zor’s oil fields.

Following Damascus’s strategic victory, food, medicine and other essentials started to reach the city by convoy, where previously the inhabitants had to rely on air-drops.

The escalation of tension in eastern Syria is mirrored in the western Idlib governorate, where militant forces this week attacked Syrian positions in a designated de-escalation zone. The offensive threatened a unit of Russian military police, who were stationed in the area to monitor the ceasefire. Russia mounted an emergency rescue operation on Wednesday, in which three Russian special operations troops were injured. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the militants’ offensive had been instigated by US special services.

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Re: UAE: Saudi Arabia was going to launch military attack on Qatar

Saudi Arabia was preparing for a military attack on its neighbour Qatar, leaked emails dated May 2017 appear to show.

The emails between UAE Ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and US diplomat Elliott Abrams in May 2017 claim that Saudi came close to “conquering” Qatar and this would “solve everyone’s problems”, according to the Emirati official.

Al-Otaiba added that deceased Saudi monarch King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz “came pretty close to doing something in Qatar” a few months before his death in January 2015.

Abrams was surprised by the revelation, the emails show, declaring: “I did not know that. It is dramatic.”

“How hard could it be?” he asked, adding:

Foreigners won’t interfere … Promise the Indians a raise, promise the police a raise and who is going to fight to the death?

Al-Otaiba replied: “That was the conclusion. It would be an easy lift.”

Khalil Al-Anani: The shifts in the Gulf crisis

Alleged leaked emails between UAE Ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and US diplomat Elliott Abrams from May 2017, suggesting Saudi Arabia was preparing for a military attack on its neighbour Qatar.Alleged leaked emails between UAE Ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and US diplomat Elliott Abrams from May 2017, suggesting Saudi Arabia was preparing for a military attack on its neighbour Qatar.

Alleged leaked emails between UAE Ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and US diplomat Elliott Abrams from May 2017, suggesting Saudi Arabia was preparing for a military attack on its neighbour Qatar.

Abrams went on to say that former US President Barack Obama would not have supported an attack on Qatar “but the new guy…” in reference to current American Preisdent Donald Trump.

In the emails, Abrams suggested Jordan control Qatar. “The Hashemites need to control Qatar … that would solve their financial problems and Qatar’s support of extremism.” as he put it.

It is noteworthy that Abrams served as deputy assistant to US President George W. Bush and as his deputy national security adviser.

On 5 June, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain severed diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorist groups in the region.

The four countries also imposed an embargo on Qatar and issued a long list of demands, including the closure of Doha-based news broadcaster Al Jazeera, under the threat of further sanctions.

Qatar has refused to submit, denying charges that it supports terrorism and describing the bloc’s efforts to isolate it as a violation of international law and an infringement of its national sovereignty.

A spokesperson at the UAE embassy in the US told Middle East Eye that she was “not in a position to confirm or deny” the emails were genuine.

Read: Has Trump become a leader of Arab nationalism?

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“A Lot of People Will Be Killed”: California Officials Preparing for Nuclear Attack


(ZH) With each passing day and each new ICBM launch from a seemingly unhinged North Korean dictator, the fears of an attack on the U.S. mainland, though faint, increasingly weigh on the hearts and minds of Americans, particularly those in California.  As The Guardian points out this week, those fears have even prompted a group of California public health officials and emergency responders to gather for a strategy session with Hal Kempfer, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel, to discuss which areas are the most likely targets and how citizens should respond to an attack.

“A lot of people will be killed,” he said, “but a large percentage of the population will survive. They will be at risk and they will need help.”

“If you want to mess up southern California, if you want to mess up the west coast, if you want to mess up our country – where do you attack?” Kempfer asks. “If I’m sitting in North Korea and looking at possible targets, I’m going to be looking at Long Beach very closely.”

He talks about the port and downtown Long Beach being “toast” – no exaggeration, since the blast wave is likely to vaporize everything in its immediate path. But the city health department, the Long Beach airport and fire department might not be; they are all somewhat protected by a hilly area that is likely to halt the initial blast wave. And so the city can, tentatively, think about setting up a center of emergency operations.

Of course, the radioactive fallout created as the explosion gathers up tremendous quantities of dust and ocean water and spits them into the atmosphere would represent a secondary grave risk, especially in the first hours after an attack.

Not to mention the electromagnetic pulse that is likely to knock out electronic systems including phones and computers, the pile-ups expected on the freeways as drivers are blinded by the flash of the explosion, the rush for food, water and gasoline as millions of Angelenos attempt to drive out of the region, and the terror triggered by even the idea of a second, follow-up attack.

Meanwhile, lest you think this was all just a creative way for some public employees to skip work for a day, Ventura County, located just northwest of Los Angeles, has even taken the unusual step of prepping a 250-page plan on how to respond to the humanitarian crisis that would result from a nuclear attack in Los Angeles.

In fact, their efforts even include this truly bizarre public service announcement that instructs folks to shelter in place and cover windows with plastic.

Of course, as we pointed out back in August, while a global nuclear confrontation is generally viewed as a bad thing, for Ron Hubbard, President of Atlas Survival Shelters in Los Angeles, it has resulted in an economic windfall as a staggering number of Californians have suddenly turned into doomsday preppers.

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SAA Foils ISIS Attack near Hmaimeh, Homs – Video Included

image-SAA and Allies Clean Hmaimeh Town in Homs Eastern Countryside from ISIS Terrorists
SAA and Allies Clean Hmaimeh Town in Homs Eastern Countryside from ISIS Terrorists

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies foiled an ISIS attack on their barracks in the vicinity Hmaimeh town in the countryside of Homs, central Syria. The terrorists sustained a heavy loss due to their failed attack.

Hmaimeh was recently cleaned from ISIS by the Syrian Arab Army and their allies less than a month ago. Vigilant, well experienced, brave and heroic SAA units weren’t surprised by the attack carried out by the world’s filthiest filth the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists who see everybody else as ‘infidels’, it was the terrorists who were surprised by the reaction and retaliation of the Syrian Arab Army units and their allies.

5 vehicles destroyed and 13 terrorists sent to hell express trip and others fell between injured, captured and fled, some bad news for their sponsors in Saudi Arabia and its camp.

image-Before failed ISIS attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh
Before failed ISIS attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh when terrorists thought God is on their side
image-After ISIS attack failed attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh
After ISIS attack failed attack on SAA positions near Hmaimeh when terrorists realized God is not on their side.

The first part of the following video clip recorded by the terrorists themselves and you can hear how terrified they were, the second part of the video is recorded in the aftermath of the attack by the Central Military Media:

Some activists identified the accent spoken by the terrorists to be of Iraqis from Anbar province. These are the first who welcomed ISIS commanders and joined the ranks of the terrorist organization but when they lived the horror killings, rape, and different heinous crimes by ISIS terrorists against their own, their tribal elders called for help from Iraqi Army and PMU ‘Popular Mobilization Forces’.

The US has directly overseen and protected the transport in large convoys of these terrorists from Iraq into Syria, US former Secretary of State Kerry admitted the same.

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2 American Women Suffer Muslim Acid Attack at French Marseille Train Station


Two American women were rushed to hospital on Sunday after a woman sprayed hydrochloric acid in their faces.

Four Americans in their twenties were sitting on a bench at Saint-Charles de Marseille station when a 41-year-old woman sprayed two of them in the face with hydrochloric acid by an adherent of the “Religion of Peace” (Islam), La Provence reports.

The attack took place at shortly after 11 am local time when the four young women, who are studying at university in Paris, were in transit between Marseille and Paris.

The victims, aged 20 and 21, were taken to Timone hospital in Marseille after being treated by four firefighters and 14 other emergency service personnel at the station.

Public Prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux said that “one of the young women was sprayed in the eyes but the effects remain superficial and are not irreversible”. The health of the other vitriolage victim is not yet known, and the two other victims, who were physically unharmed, are being treated for shock.

Police state that there is no evidence that the attack was terror-related.

The perpetrator was described as “imbalanced”, and rather than running away after the attack, she showed pictures of herself with burns.

The public prosecutor’s office said the attacker “did not target anyone in particular”. She is known for “theft and robbery with violence” and for having a ” history of psychiatric care”. After being arrested, she allegedly told the police: “I was a fool.”

When interrogated by the police and placed in custody, she reportedly confessed that she was the victim of acid abuse and wanted to reproduce what she had suffered.

Acid attacks in the United Kingdom are at “epidemic levels”, according to a burns surgeon. A teenager was arrested for committing five acid attacks in 84 minutes in July, and in June two cousins suffered “life-changing” injuries after becoming victims of an acid attack in East London.

In May, Breitbart London reported that the UK had become the world’s acid attack capital, after recording the highest number of reported vitriolage attacks per person, with 1,800 assaults using corrosive liquid since 2010 in London alone, according to charity Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI).



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‘Gigantic mob’ of bees attack in California, six people hospitalized

Firefighters were called to the incident shortly before 5pm on Saturday following reports that people were being stung by bees in the parking lot of a grocery store in Monterey Park, a city in the suburbs of LA.

READ MORE: Buzz off! Antisocial bees share genetic profile with autistic people, study says

Local news outlet KTLA reports that the attack started after a wild beehive in the lot was disturbed.

The chief of the city’s fire department, Mark Khial, told the news outlet that two women were “completely covered” by the insects.

Khial said that three people and three firefighters were forced to go to the hospital because of the amount of times they were stung. It’s unclear what species of bee was involved.

“There was this gigantic mob of bees chasing people around. People were screaming and trying to go inside or trying to leave,” eyewitness Isabel Hernandez told ABC 7.

Neil Lankin of the fire department said when he arrived, other firefighters were already being attacked by the bees.

“On my arrival, there were two engine companies and a truck company that were being actively stung by bees that were swarming, agitated, and actively protecting themselves,” he said.

The firefighters sprayed the hive and its host tree with protective foam to tackle the bees.

“I went in and sealed any areas that bees were congregating with some high-density foam and we used firefighting foam to suppress any bee behavior,” Lankin said.

The fire department reported that the people hospitalized are expected to make a full recovery.

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UK Officials Say Trump's 'Speculation' On London Tube Attack Is 'Unhelpful'

LONDON ― U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan were quick to slam President Donald Trump’s response to Friday’s terror attack at a London tube station. 

In a Friday morning Twitter rant, Trump speculated heavily about the perpetrators of a bomb attack that left at least 22 people injured. He referenced the so-called Islamic State, despite there being very little confirmed information about the bombing. He also used the incident as an excuse to push his U.S. travel ban on citizens from six Muslim-majority countries. 

“I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation,” May said on Friday.

“I’ve simply been too busy this morning to look at Twitter,” Khan said in response to a question by a British radio station about Trump’s tweets. “I’m not going to go there. My priority today is catch the individual or individuals responsible.”

“I’m hopefully the last person who’s speculating about these sort of things,” he added.

A police spokesperson told CNN that Trump’s comments on Scotland Yard were “pure speculation” and “unhelpful.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has angered officials in the U.K., one of the United States’ closest allies. The U.S. president specifically called Khan out on Twitter in June after seven people died in a terror attack in London. U.K. politicians of all stripes condemned Trump following the spat. May said he was “wrong” to have lashed out at Khan.

His comments come in contrast to his silence for two days following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month. He justified his inability to condemn hatred by claiming he didn’t want to speak because he “didn’t know all the facts.” 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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