U.S. Official– ‘Israel Behind Attack in Syria That Killed Dozens’

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At least 31 killed in suspected Boko Haram attack in Nigeria

At least 31 people were killed and “some” injured in a militant attack on the town of Damboa in the northeast Nigerian state of Borno early on Saturday, the local militias said. “There were two suicide attacks and rocket-propelled grenade explosions,” militia leader Babakura Kolo told AFP of the incident. The militants targeted people returning from Eid festival, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Kolo said, putting the blame of the attack on Islamic State-affiliated jihadist group, Boko Haram. A government source told AFP that the death toll is likely to rise as many of the wounded were unlikely to survive.

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‘I felt lucky not to be stabbed’: British Home Sec speaks of moped mugging attack

In the wake of a number of high profile attacks involving criminals on mopeds, the Conservative Party politician has spoken out about the time he was mugged by thieves outside a London train station.

“It happened in a flash. I was walking out of Euston station and reached for my phone to call a taxi. It was brand new. Before I knew what was happening, it had gone,” Javid told The Sun on Sunday.

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He expressed his relief at escaping from the incident, which occured while serving as Communities Secretary, relatively unscathed: “I was angry and upset but thought myself lucky not to have been stabbed or beaten up like many other victims who fall prey to those vicious criminals.”

Javid added that he is reviewing health and safety laws that prevent police in cars from giving chase to thieves escaping on mopeds.

Crimes involving mopeds or motorcycles have garnered a lot of media attention, following recent high profile deaths and muggings. Last week two teenagers were jailed for life for stabbing a youth worker to death during a four-hour spree of violence in a borough of London.

Nathan Gilmaney and Troy Thomas were found guilty of murdering Abdul Samad in October 2017, after they had pursued him on a moped in an attempt to snatch his phone. In an incident in June, comedian Michael McIntyre had a £15,000 ($19,900) watch taken from his wrist after two thieves on a moped cornered him as he left his car in Hampstead.

READ MORE: Four men stabbed in London’s five-day knife frenzy, latest killed in broad daylight

The Metropolitan Police have issued a warning about moped crimes, telling people to be extra vigilant around train stations, shopping centers or concert venues.

“If you need to call or use your phone on the street, look out for anyone on a bike or a moped near you,” the police guideline states. “Going hands-free can prevent a thief from snatching your phone out of your hand.”

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US Preparing Chemical False Flag Attack at al-Tanf: Damascus

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Syrian Human Rights Network head Ahmad Kazem has told Sputnik that US intelligence was preparing a provocation involving chemical weapons near al-Tanf, Syria, and that its purpose will be to drive a wedge between Damascus and Syria’s Kurds.

“Right now [at At Tanf] preparations are being made by US special services in coordination with Daesh (ISIS)* in the region to stage a provocation identical to the kind that took place in Douma,” Kazem said. “Kurds, including women and children, are being prepared for the false flag operation,” he added.

Kazem thinks there is an ‘extremely strong’ probability for the provocation to be carried out. “It is being prepared with the goal of causing a collision between the Kurds and the Syrian army,” he said.

On Monday, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the ministry has received information from numerous sources that Free Syrian Army militants and US special operations forces were preparing a false flag attack involving the use of poisonous substances in the eastern Syrian region of Deir ez-Zor.

The US, the UK and France launched a missile strike against Syria in April after what they claimed was a chemical attack in Douma, Eastern Ghouta. Damascus and Moscow condemned the attack, and pointed out that the tripartite had offered no substantive evidence that a chemical attack actually took place.

The United States occupies a 54 km zone around its military base at At-Tanf, where it trains and equips Syrian armed opposition forces. The situation at the nearby US-controlled Rukban refugee camp has been called a “humanitarian disaster,” and is estimated to contain upwards of 60,000 refugees. The Russian defense ministry has accused al-Tanf of “spewing ISIS mobile groups who make inroads to launch subversive terrorist operations against Syrian troops and civilians.”



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Horrific Anti-White Racist Attack Buried by the Media

Earlier this month there was a horrific racist attack in the town of Rochdale, but as the victims were white, the story was soon buried by the media and forgotten. The double standard on the reporting of racist incidents is clear to see and is part of the agenda of instilling white guilt in those of European descent. Find out the truth about this selective reporting and how we can fight back against this anti-white agenda.

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Source Article from https://davidduke.com/horrific-anti-white-racist-attack-buried-by-the-media/

Angry whack job Leftists attack the WRONG food cart in Portland in epic revenge mistake

Image: Angry whack job Leftists attack the WRONG food cart in Portland in epic revenge mistake

(Natural News)
President Donald Trump and his legions of supporters are constantly compared to authoritarians and Nazis, but the reality is it’s Left-wing Americans who behave like intolerant, bigoted, Brown Shirts who resort to violence as a way to censor, shut down, punish, or ban anyone with whom they disagree.

The most recent example comes from far-Left Portland, Ore., where the liberalism has reached a level of anger and stupidity that it has completely closed minds and stamped out reasonableness and judgment.

As reported by Willamette Week, Islam El Masry, owner of the Small Pharoah’s halal food cart, was arrested on misdemeanor assault charges in recent days, after throwing a bottle of Gatorade at a black female customer then allegedly spraying her with Sriracha. 

The alleged victim, Carlotta Washington, took a video of the incident which was subsequently provided to the local news outlet by an eyewitness. The video shows El Masry arguing with Washington, who told police he called her the n-word after she tried to pay for her meal with quarters. 

In the video, El Masry can be seen and heard telling Washington to “get the f**k away” from his cart before hurling the beverage bottle at her, which caused her to drop her phone.

[Caution: Strong language]

After that, Washington said that El Masry sprayed her with the hot sauce, but that’s not on the video. “It was in my eyes and all on my skin. It was burning terribly,” she said. Eyewitness Rachel Good, who gave the video to Willamette Weekly, said she saw Washington right after the incident and she had Sriracha on her shirt, face, and shoulders.

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Witnesses to the incident can be heard shouting at El Masry, “That’s wrong!” — as she implores someone to call the police.

After he was booked by police and released, El Masry admitted to using a racial slur against Washington and that he threw Sriracha on her in a pair of rambling videos. 

He blamed fasting during Ramadan for his behavior — and the media, which he claims blew everything out of proportion. And he says he wants to return to his native Egypt soon because he’s not making any money in America.

That said, Washington tearfully recalled the indecent in an interview with The Oregonian, but added that she has forgiven El Masry and hopes that he doesn’t lose his business over the ordeal. And she added this: “I don’t want anybody doing anything to this man at all.”

So, police called; arrest made; restitution will be forthcoming; alleged victim forgives. In normal times throughout our history that would have been the end of it.

Not these days, however. Not when perpetually angry authoritarian Leftists get involved. (Related: Oregon now seizing bank accounts of Christians who refuse to abandon their religious beliefs.)

In a separate report, Willamette Weekly noted that the owner of a different food cart — the Elmasry Egyptian Food Cart — has said that he and his wife have been harassed by angry protests and other stupidity since the incident involving Washington.

The news site noted:

Gharib Muhammad, the operator of Elmasry Egyptian Food Cart, says he’s bared the brunt of angry protests since last week’s report that the proprietor of the Small Pharoah’s cart called a black woman the n-word and attacked her with a Gatorade bottle and chili sauce after she tried to pay for a meal with mostly quarters.

White guilt runs deep in “Whitelandia,” as Portland has been called. So any perceived racial slight must be angrily denounced and physically cleansed. And what the heck, all Egyptians look the same in Whitelandia, right?

For his part, Muhammad noted that he loves his customers and likes to “go extra” for them. Even when they’re angry liberals mistaking him for a different North African male food cart vendor. 

Read more about liberal intolerance at Intolerance.news.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-06-14-angry-whack-job-leftists-attack-the-wrong-food-cart-in-portland.html

With All Eyes on Kim-Trump Summit, An Imminent False Flag Chemical Attack is Predicted in Syria


Moscow, Russia – The Russian Ministry of Defense has warned that it has credible intelligence that United States special forces are assisting the western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in preparation of an orchestrated “chemical attack provocation” involving chlorine gas to be staged in the Deir ez-Zor province in an effort to precipitate another round of U.S.-led strikes against Assad government forces and facilities meant to bolster a planned FSA offensive on eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

“Our intelligence confirmed by three independent Syrian sources says that commanders of the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’, backed by the American Special Forces operators, are preparing a serious provocation involving chemical warfare agents in Deir ez-Zor province,” Russian Ministry of Defense Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement released on Monday.

According to the MoD, FSA militants will reportedly use chlorine cylinders to simulate another chemical attack against civilians and provoke Western airstrikes on Syrian’s government forces, according to Konashenkov.

“To imitate yet another ‘chemical attack by the regime against peaceful civilians’, the rebels brought canisters filled with chlorine,” the statement read.

In what would essentially be a repeat of the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7, the false flag chemical attack operation, which would be blamed on the Assad government, and dutifully reported as an “Assad gas attack on his own people” in Western mass media, will then serve as a pretext for a more fierce round of western airstrikes against Syrian governmental targets. The attacks would have the explicit aim of seriously deteriorating the Syrian Army’s offensive capabilities, while dangerously risking direct confrontation with Russia.

“After being published in western media a staged video is set to initiate a missile strike on Syria’s state facilities by the US-led coalition and justify an offensive operation by militants against Syrian governmental forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River,” Konashenkov said, adding that Russia’s Defense Ministry warns that the use of such provocations for destabilization of the environment on the Syrian territory is unacceptable.

It is important to point out that such a warning does not mean that it will actually happen, nor that it will happen like Russia predicts. However, this is not the first time the Russian state has made such a prediction.

Prior to the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7th, Russia’s Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, warned on March 13 that Syrian rebels were preparing to use chemical weapons— to be blamed on the Syrian government— as a justification for U.S. strikes on Damascus.

At the time Gerasimov presciently said the U.S. planned to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, thus justifying a potential attack on Syrian government facilities in the Syrian capital of Damascus, which is exactly what seems to have taken place.

After the Douma incident, critically acclaimed war reporter Robert Fisk visited the Damascus suburb and published a stunning account of the alleged chemical attack on April 7, which included testimony from a doctor who works at the hospital featured in the widely circulated video purported to be the aftermath of a Syrian government chemical strike.

In an exclusive first-hand report for the Independent, Fisk, who has twice won the British Press Awards’ Journalist of the Year prize and is a seven-time winner of the British Press Awards’ Foreign Correspondent of the Year, reported:

This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks–and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world’s most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week. There’s even a friendly doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same clinic, cheerfully tells me that the “gas” videotape which horrified the world– despite all the doubters–is perfectly genuine.

War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.

Stunningly, a boy who was seen in footage widely shared on social media, and purported to be a victim of the alleged Douma “chemical attack,” as well as medical staff from the hospital, testified at a Russia-backed conference at The Hague.

“We were at the basement and we heard people shouting that we needed to go to a hospital. We went through a tunnel. At the hospital they started pouring cold water on me,” the boy told the press conference, gathered by Russia’s mission at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

Muwaffak Nasrim, a paramedic who was working in emergency care, testified that the hospital received people who suffered from smoke and dust asphyxiation on the day of the alleged attack, but that the panic seen in footage provided by the White Helmets was caused mainly by people shouting about the alleged use of chemical weapons. No patients, however, displayed symptoms of chemical weapons exposure, he said.

Former Congressman Ron Paul, in the wake of the Douma incident, argued that it made no logical sense for Assad to order a gas attack and called the accusations a telltale sign of a false flag attack meant to provide justification for the U.S. military to maintain a presence in Syria.

“An incident will occur and somebody will get blamed and it’s usually a false flag,” said Paul.

“Right now, recently, it’s all been in Syria, ‘Assad did it! Assad did it!’” explained the former congressman. “No proof at all.”

“The way the people that perpetuate these false flags [sic] say that Assad is gassing his own people, at the same time, he’s winning the war and the people are flocking back in to go to the territories that he has returned to the government of Syria,” explained Paul. “But, nevertheless, he’s out there gassing his own people, which makes no sense whatsoever and fewer and fewer people are believing this.”

It seems another Douma false flag scenario may be imminent. Thankfully, Ron Paul is correct; “fewer and fewer people are believing this!” Stay vigilant!

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Source Article from https://thefreethoughtproject.com/with-all-eyes-on-kim-trump-summit-another-imminent-false-flag-chemical-attack-predicted-in-syria/

Russian attack helicopters practice hitting targets (VIDEO)

Medium multi-purpose helicopters ‘Mi-8s’ along with larger gunships ‘Mi-24s’ can be seen flying alongside the Baltic Sea coastline and later hitting ground targets with guns and missiles. According to the Defense Ministry, they also trained in evading enemy fire, and completed over 30 flights during the drill.

The helicopters are part of the Russia’s Baltic Sea Fleet, which is tasked with securing the nation’s western borders.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/429604-russian-helicopter-baltic-fleet/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Stranded nurse saves his own life during a heart attack

Image: Stranded nurse saves his own life during a heart attack

(Natural News)
Heart attacks are fatal, and no one really knows when it will happen, but when it does, it’s vital that you know how to reverse it.

In Western Australia, a 44-year-old nurse saved himself from possible death caused by a heart attack. After feeling severe chest pain and dizziness while alone on-duty, the nurse, identified as Ryan Franks, managed to attach the leads of an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine to his chest and send the results to an emergency physician, Dr. Beatrice Scicchitano, through an Emergency Telehealth Service (ETS).

According to the report of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the result of the first ECG test showed complete heart block, right bundle-branch block, hyperacute T waves in the inferior leads, and reciprocal ST-segment depression in the anterolateral leads.

In other words, his heart was having difficulties in properly responding to nerve impulses, and other parts of his heart had trouble beating.

Fifty minutes after the result was read, Franks sent another ECG to the doctor which showed sinus tachycardia with 2 mm of inferior ST-segment elevation which meant the attack was getting worse.

With no other choice left, the emergency physician walked the nurse through – via video call – the steps to providing first-aid medication to a person who’s suffering from a heart attack. He gave himself shots of aspirin, blood thinners, painkillers, and tenecteplase – a clot-dissolving drug – after self-administering intravenous (IV) lines to his arms.

He was also able to attach defibrillator pads on himself to prepare himself for doses of adrenaline, atropine, and amiodarone to give his heart a jump start to beat back into rhythm. Hours later, the Australian’s Royal Flying Doctor Service came to his aid and airlifted him to a hospital in Perth.

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After running more tests, doctors found a severe blockage in his mid-right coronary artery which required him to undergo an operation. Forty-eight hours later, he was released from the hospital.

In a statement, the veteran nurse said, “My 20 years of emergency nursing helped me plan the steps in my treatment. I thrombolysed myself – I had to inject the clot-busting drug so the clot could clear and the blood flow could get to my heart.”

Furthermore, Franks expressed his gratefulness for the invention of the ETS, saying, if not for the technology’s immediacy, his condition could have gone worse. Following the event of Franks’ heart attack, the ETS announced that their services will now be offered 24/7.

Meanwhile, although experts from the NEJM commended the 44-year-old nurse for his efficiency in saving his own life, they reminded the general population not to do it at home. They added that in the event of an attack of any health condition, and there is an option to bring the patient to a hospital, bring him/her immediately.

Know when you have a heart attack

It’s always best to be aware of the signs and symptoms of any health condition to prepare ourselves for the worst. Heart attacks, although lethal, don’t always happen at such a high intensity and could sometimes occur mildly. Here are three of the most common signs of a heart attack you should know:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Pain in the left upper arm, neck and/or jaw
  • Sweating and dizziness

Once you’ve determined you’re having an attack, immediately call for help. Try to naturally thin out blood clot by consuming turmeric, garlic or cayenne, and most importantly, remain calm until help arrives.

Learn how to properly take care of your heart by following Heart.news today.

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-06-12-stranded-nurse-saves-his-own-life-during-a-heart-attack.html