How Netanyahu Got Trump to Sign Off on Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Amid the Flynn Scandal

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Paddock 2.0? Man Claiming to Be Federal Agent Found in Hotel With Arsenal & Psych Meds


Waikiki, HI – After a man’s social media posts were flagged by the FBI, a tip to the Honolulu Police resulted in officers finding a large cache of loaded weapons during a welfare check at his hotel room.

Hawaii News Now reported that the FBI alerted local authorities to “suspicious” social media posts in which a person was claiming to be a federal agent. The specific contents of the messages or how the FBI was initially alerted has not been made public.

In an email regarding the incident, the Honolulu Police Department stated:

“HPD officers responded to a report of a suspicious male in Waikiki yesterday. The male was located and taken to a hospital for evaluation, where he remains. No charges have been filed at this time.

Investigators recovered the man’s belongings, which included firearms and knives. HPD and FBI investigators are continuing to work on this case, and no further information is being released at this time.”

Strangely, the 38-year-old man reportedly told law enforcement that he was on a mission hunting terrorist cells, according to Hawaii News Now.

The arsenal of weapons found in the man’s possession included:

  • An AR-15, and 15 high-capacity magazines—all loaded.
  • A shotgun and two handguns.
  • A total of more than 800 rounds of ammunition, plus body armor, camouflage, masks and 18 military-style knives.

While weapons were subsequently found to be legally owned by the man, and having them in his hotel room did not violate any laws, the suspect was put on a psychiatric hold after police reportedly found psychiatric medication in his room, which allowed them to confiscate the firearms until a mental health evaluation had been performed.

“There was no danger,” said Mike Dailey, manager at the hotel. “The gentleman was here. He was a guest staying here. He left and then there was an FBI and police investigation.”

“He had a room here and they’re looking at the stuff in his room,” Dailey added. I don’t know that there are any weapons. I think you’ll have to talk to the police about that.”

The man is reportedly a local resident who has lived in Waikiki for 3 years. Police sources claim that he said he brought the weapons and ammunition to his hotel room over the course of a few days. Law enforcement took him to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation; where, if deemed mentally fit, his weapons could be returned.

Oddly, the scene in the hotel room sounds eerily similar to that of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, which is still shrouded in mystery—the Las Vegas massacre at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in October 2017.

Since the attack on Oct. 1, there has been a consistent lack of transparency that has raised questions as to whether some type of cover-up was ongoing. Legitimate inquiry into the attacks has reportedly been shut down at the highest levels, and high-ranking FBI officials in Washington have been accused of working to conceal the information.

The FBI’s “official” narrative goes something like this: suspect Stephen Paddock was a mysterious lone wolf gunman. He was a mystery man and habitual gambler who snapped, bought guns, and shot up a music festival—and no one knows why.

This massive cover-up involves the FBI attempting to hide the fact that they have evidence that the election of President Trump was a catalyst for the radicalization of Paddock—and that other persons of interest could potentially be involved in the massacre.

The rabbit hole is deep.

More recently, on March 25, a man named Francho Bradley—who also claimed to be on a secret government mission—was arrested by Tewksbury Police following a search of his hotel room that uncovered a massive cache of firearms, including an AR-15 with a bump stock, other rifles, handguns, 3 silencers, ammunition, smoke grenades, flash bangs, a rocket launcher, cellular phones and even satellite phones—much of equipment that would be needed to conduct a black-op shooting in the vein of the Las Vegas shooting.

After being given consent to search the hotel room by Bradley, a detective found three parking tickets from Cambridge Street at Anthem Street and Second Street. According to the police report, detectives believed that Bradley may have been out surveilling the area:

As I entered back into the hotel room, Offficers McMahon and Adams stood by with Francho. I entered the room and saw parking tickets from Cambridge at Athenaeum Street and Second Street. Two of the tickets were at the same exact location two days apart and the third was from an area a short distance away on a third day. I found this to be odd because according to Francho’s statements prior he had no ties to Boston or Cambridge but he kept receiving parking tickets. Based on his frequent trips from Cambridge to Tewksbury and arsenal of weapons, my suspicions grew that he may be surveilling an area. It should be noted that I knew there was a major demonstration “March for Our Lives” in Boston that day.”

Perhaps not so coincidentally, Bradley is deeply immersed in the U.S. national security apparatus, as evidenced by a report from Heavy.

While these three events could be completely unrelated, they seem to share some very interesting similarities and are most certainly worth further investigation.

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Dept With Only 8 Cops Secretly Acquired an Arsenal of 19 Military Vehicles Using 1033 Program


Washington, DC — Last August, the Trump administration lifted a ban on military surplus hardware being transferred to police departments across the United States. The controversial 1033 program became a source of citizen outrage after images of police armed with military-grade weaponry, including grenade launchers and armored MRAPs, were beamed into people homes across the country during the battlefield-style police response to the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014.

As many Americans noted, Ferguson, Missouri looked like a war zone, with police kitted out in Marine-issue camouflage and military-grade body armor, toting short-barreled assault rifles, and rolling around in armored vehicles — virtually indistinguishable from US soldiers.

Shortly after the American public became widely aware, and largely outraged, over the extreme militarization of their local police forces, President Obama signed an Executive Order (EO) that blocked large-caliber weapons, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and other heavy military hardware from being repurposed from battlefields across the globe to small town USA.

This was one of very few notable pro-liberty moves by the Obama admin, however, thanks to the current administration, it is all gone.

The new Trump plan went into effect immediately and completely rolled back the EO that blocked state, county, and local police departments from obtaining military weapons of war. Unsurprisingly, drug warrior extraordinaire, Attorney General Jeff Session led the charge to reinstate the program.

Opening up the torrent of military weapons flowing back into the hands of the world’s deadliest police also opened up the conversation about much-needed scrutiny of this process. And now, a new report proves the need for this scrutiny.

As Tech Dirt reports, not everyone abuses this program, but those that do, do so spectacularly. An 11-member police force (8 full-time and 3 part-time) for a Delaware town with 400 residents has availed itself of more than $3 million in 1033 gear over the last five years. This first came to light late last year when documents obtained by Muckrock prompted town officials to wonder why they hadn’t been notified of the department’s stockpile.

When asked if the Dewey PD could account for all of the items by providing the physical location of items in their possession and paper trails for items sold, Sgt. Cliff Dempsey said, “We’re not going to comment on that matter at this time.”

On the agenda for a Nov. 11 Dewey Beach commissioners’ meeting is the discussion of three options for to the 1033 program:

1. require the DBPD to provide complete accounting for property received through any federal or surplus property program,

2. accept a recommendation from the town’s audit committee to utilize the town’s auditors, or

3. hire an independent consultant to conduct a more comprehensive review.

Earlier this month, the Milford Beacon published the results of a Freedom of Information Act request to the federal Defense Logistics Agency showing the scope of their weapons and equipment cache.

Some of the equipment can be located and some of it has been accounted for. However, what is public is only a fraction of their total arsenal.

As the Beacon reports, among hundreds of line items turned over between March 2013 and December 2017, the police acquired a total of 12 ATVs, 51 jackets or parkas and 13 space heaters, and 19 trucks of all kinds.

Nineteen trucks were received through the LESO program between March 2013 and December 2017. The department asked for many more than that.

Included in this cache of military vehicles—to police a town of 400 citizens—is an armored Humvee and another mine-resistant armored vehicle. There are more vehicles than their police officers can drive and the department apparently sees nothing wrong with this, nor do they want you to know about it.

What’s more, they are apparently profiting from the sale of some of the equipment and refusing to report how much they are making, who they are selling it to, or where the money is going.

As Tech Dirt points out, the extensive list of items obtained makes it appear the Dewey PD has stocked and furnished its office at federal taxpayers’ expense while avoiding any sort of local accountability.

The police department couldn’t care less about accountability either because everything they are doing is apparently legal. They are unafraid of telling the local government to kick rocks.

In November, the Dewey Beach commissioners voted to demand that police provide a full report of all transactions they’ve conducted under the 1033 program. To this date, they’ve yet to report a single thing to the council.

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‘Officer of The Year’ Arrested After Neglected Toddler, Arsenal, Cocaine, and Feces Found In Home


Brevard County, FL – The same police officer who was awarded for his exceptional conduct on the job, was recently arrested on a number charges including child neglect and drug possession after neighbors reported hearing gunshots from his house.

Nicholas Worthy was named the top sheriff’s deputy in Brevard County in 2015, and he was named “Law Enforcement Officer of the Year” by the Florida Sheriffs Association in 2016. He was also awarded the Bronze Star Medal with a V for valor in combat in 2010 after he served in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Worthy’s most recent accolades stemmed from incidents in 2015 when he was one of three deputies who saved the victim of an arson attempt, and when he was shot at by a suspect and managed to return fire after his gun malfunctioned.

“I could not be more proud of Deputy Nick Worthy for everything he does to protect our community and his heroic life-saving actions. He is a shining example of dedication to protecting our citizens with compassion, professionalism, and courage,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said at the time.

However, everything changed this week when Brevard County deputies executed a search warrant at the home Worthy shared with his girlfriend, Rachel Trexler, and their 2-year-old daughter.  The Miami Herald reported that neighbors called 911 and said they heard gunshots and a woman screaming on Wednesday night, and when police were unable to contact anyone in the home, they obtained a search warrant and entered the residence at 6 a.m. on Thursday.

Worthy and Trexler were both arrested on charges of child neglect, possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Their two-year-old daughter is in the custody of Child Protective Services, and their three dogs were taken by Animal Services.

Sheriff Ivey described Worthy in a very different tone as he revealed the ghastly conditions of his home during a press conference. In addition to finding shell casings on the floor and bullet holes in the walls of the house that were consistent with the reported gunshots, deputies found a horrific environment that included a mess of garbage, dog feces, cocaine, sex toys, guns, and ammunition.

“What was found inside was absolutely disgusting, absolutely deplorable, and quite frankly, just unbelievable. After everything we have found and everything we have seen, there is absolutely no other way to describe this except extremely disgusting,” Ivey said. “The house was in complete disarray. There was dog feces all over the house. There were firearms, ammunition, other types of trash, litter, food.”

Ivey emphasized the fact that Worthy was immediately arrested, and was not given any special treatment because of his status as a highly-decorated sheriff’s deputy. He has also been fired from the department.

“The one thing I can tell you about that home is that it was absolutely disgusting … conditions that no one should live in, especially not someone that has a profession such as ours, and certainly, with absolute conviction, not someone that has a small child exposed to that type of environment,” Ivey said.

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The new Russian nuclear arsenal restores world bipolarity, by Thierry Meyssan

JPEG - 20.6 kb
We’re back to square one – the world is once again bipolar. The United States, certain of their superiority, never imagined the rebirth of Russian military capability.

In the second quarter of 2012, Russia and its allies agreed to deploy a peace force in Syria as soon as the Geneva agreement was concluded.

But everything changed when France rebooted the war in July 2012. Although Russia had obtained recognition by the UNO of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in order to deploy Muslim soldiers, mainly from Kazakhstan, nothing was happening. Despite the calls for help from Damascus, Moscow remained silent for a long time. It was only three years later that the Russian Air Force arrived, and bombed the jihadists’ underground installations.

During the three years that followed, there were many military incidents which opposed Russia to the United States. For example, the Pentagon complained about the strange aggressivity of Russian bombers which approached the US coast. In Damascus, we sought an explanation for Moscow’s silence, and asked ourselves if Russia had forgotten its engagements. None of that was true. Russia was secretly building a new arsenal, and moved in only when it was ready.

From the beginning of its intervention, the Russian army installed a system which did not simply scramble NATO commands, but disconnected them within a range of 300 kilometres around Lattakia. Thereafter, it deployed the same system in the Black Sea and at Kaliningrad. Apart from their new aircraft, Russia used cruise missiles which were more accurate than those of the USA, fired by the navy from the Caspian Sea. Last month, on the battle field, it tested multi-purpose planes with capacities as yet unknown.

It has become clear, according to US generals on the ground, that the Russian army now has conventional forces which are more efficient than those of the USA. However, their Pentagon counterparts still have their doubts about this progression, so sure are they of remaining militarily superior for all eternity. According to them, it is simply ridiculous to compare the two armies, since theirs has a budget eight times greater than the Russians. Yet never in all of military science has the performance of two rival armies been compared by the amount of their budgets, a fact that Vladimir Putin pointed out by noting the exceptional quality of his soldiers compared with those of the United States.

In any case, while the Russians are a little better in matters of conventional warfare, they are unable to deploy on several theaters of operation simultaneously, and Washington conserves its nuclear superiority.

The entry into war, on 24 February 2018, of the Russian infantry in the Ghouta, is certainly the consequence of an agreement with the United States, who have agreed to halt their investment in Syria and therefore not to reproduce the strategies of harassment that they used against the Red Army in Afghanistan. It is also the sign that the Pentagon now fears that the Russian army could possibly give them a taste of their own medicine, elsewhere in the world.

It was precisely at this moment that President Putin chose to contest US nuclear superiority. Duirng his speech before his Parliament, on 1 March 2018, he announced that his country is in possession of a terrifying nuclear arsenal.

All these programmes have been more or less known for years, but the experts believed they would not be operational for a long time. However, most of them now are. We have to ask ourselves how the Russian were able to prepare them all without the US Intelligence Services finding out. And yet that’s exactly what they were able to do with the Su-57, which they tested in combat three weeks ago, while the CIA believed that it would not be ready until 2025.

Vladimir Putin has revealed his new arsenal. The intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Sarmate (from the name of an antique Russian people for whom men and women were equals), re-uses the « orbital head » technique which had already ensured Russian superiority during the 1970’s. The USSR abandoned this programme by signing and ratifying the SALT II agreements. However, the US Senate never ratified the Treaty, which made it null and void. With this type of missile, the warhead is placed into orbit, then re-enters the atmosphere and dives onto its target, with an unlimited range of action. The Treaties prohibiting the nuclearisation of space forbid the placing of a nuclear charge into permanent orbit, but not entering space during a part of its trajectory. At our current state of knowledge, it can not be intercepted during this period. The Sarmate can suddenly appear in the atmosphere and attack anyone, anywhere.

The Dague missile (Kinzhal in Russian) must be fired from a bomber in order to reach hypersonic speed in the atmosphere – it travels at five times the speed of sound. This incredible speed of course makes it impossible to intercept. It was tested with success three months ago.

Russia also possesses a motor which draws its energy from a nuclear power plant which has been miniaturised to the point of being able to equip a nuclear warhead cruise missile. Since cruise missiles have an unpredictable trajectory, and this motor has almost infinite autonomy, they are, for the moment, invincible.

This motor, placed on an underwater drone, enables it to carry a considerable nuclear charge at speeds many times faster than a classic submarine. Apart from its radioactive effects, the charge could trigger a tsunami 500 metres high off any ocean coastline.

Finally, Russia is attempting to develop a hypersonic projectile, the Avant-Garde, which would not only combine the characteristics of the Sarmate (passage in space) and the speed of the Dague, but whose trajectory could also be adjusted during its journey.

Russia’s new nuclear weapons have been conceived in order to render inoperative the anti-missile « shield » that the Pentagon has been developing all over the world, base after base, for forty years. It is not a question of superior force, but technical conception. The principle of the « shield » offers no possible defence against them.

Worse still, President Putin also announced the creation of a laser weapon whose characteristics he did not specify. It seems that it may be capable of intercepting certain US launchers.

For the moment, the chiefs of staff of the member-states of NATO refuse to believe a word of these allegations, since these weapons sound to them like science-fiction.

Russia is the land of chess, not poker, and History has taught us that it never bluffs about its own weaponry. It has often led us to believe that weapons under development were already operational, but it has never officially announced as « combat ready » weapons which were still being tested. The more than 200 new weapons used in Syria have convinced us of the technological advance of their scientists.

The immense progress of Russia has robbed the United States of its first-strike privilege. From now on, in case of nuclear war, the two major powers could hit one another with mutual strikes. The USA possess a considerably greater number of nuclear missiles, and Russia would be able to intercept many of them. Since they both have the capacity to devastate the planet several times over, they are both theoretically equal in this type of confrontation.

On the US side, the military-industrial complex has been broken down for the last twenty years. The most important aviation project in history, the F-35, was intended to replace the F-16, the F-18 and the F-22, but Lockheed Martin is unable to conceive the software it promised. The current version of the F-35 is in reality totally incapable of honouring its technical specifications, and the US Air Force is presently considering rebooting the production of its older aircraft.

It is true that President Donald Trump and his team have decided to attract new brains to the United States in order to relaunch the production of weapons and oblige the military-industrial lobby to respond to the needs of the Pentagon instead of continuing to sell it the same old wrecks. But it will take them at least twenty years to catch up.

The technical progress of Russia not only shakes up the world order by unexpectedly restoring a bipolar system, it also forces the strategists to rethink the conditions of war.

History has taught us that few men realise quickly enough the changes in the military paradigm. In the 15th century, when the French and English armies fought the battle of Agincourt, the armoured horsemen of France were destroyed by the English archers and arbalists, although they were inferior in number. However, the generals persisted in giving privilege to hand to hand combat, instead of combat at a distance using arrows and cannon-balls. So, for another century, we saw armoured horsemen being massacred on the battle-field.

For example, no tank battle has been waged since the defeat of President Hussein, in 1991, during Operation Desert Storm. And yet almost all armies were unable to interpret what had happened. The victory, in 2006, of small groups of Hezbollah Resistants against Israëli Merkava tanks, unequivocably demonstrated the vulnerability of this type of weapon. Rare are the states which have learned from this – except Australia and Syria, for example. Russia itself persists in producing these enormous rolling fortresses which are incapable of resisting their own properly-used RPG’s.

The Russian arsenal is invincible, at least if someone tries to fight them using old methods of combat. For example, intercepting hypersonic projectiles is unthinkable. But it may be possible to take control of them before they reach top speed. Military research will therefore concentrate on the control of enemy commands and communications. But in this sector too, Russia is in the lead.

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US wants $1 trillion upgrade of its nuclear arsenal because Russia

russia nuke


Provocatively and recklessly, the American Pentagon has recently accused Russia of threatening European allies with nuclear weapons. On the basis of this deplorable accusation, the US is embarking on a $1 trillion upgrade of its nuclear arsenal.

The American nuclear revamp not only puts it in potential violation of disarmament agreements; the move is also destabilizing nuclear forces and increases the risk of catastrophic global war.

If ever Washington’s reckless power politics were in doubt, this is surely the touchstone issue.

As with so many other allegations leveled by Washington against Russia – from election hacking to Olympic sports doping – the claim that Moscow is engaging in nuclear threats is far from evidenced. Indeed, one could say, it’s in the realm of fantasy.

But the insane claim is then used to justify Washington’s own reprehensible behavior.

In the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) published last week, US Defense Secretary James Mattis states in the document’s preface that “Russia’s seizure of Crimea and nuclear threats against our allies, mark Moscow’s decided return to Great Power competition.”

Mattis goes on to make other claims against Russia, including that it is in breach of arms controls treaties to reduce nuclear stockpiles. He also alleges that Moscow is using “non-strategic nuclear systems to provide a coercive advantage in crises and at lower levels of conflict,” and that Moscow is “lowering the threshold for first-use of nuclear weapons.”

At the same time, it was reported this week, even by US media, that Russia has fully complied with meeting its reduction targets for nuclear weapons prescribed by the 2010 New START accord.

In any case, the Pentagon’s anti-Russia accusations continue unabated. In particular, Washington claims that Russia has violated the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty by developing short-range land-launched cruise missiles. Moscow has denied any violation. Again, Washington does not present evidence to verify its claims.

Presumably, what Washington is referring to is the installation by Russia of Iskander ballistic missiles in its exclave territory of Kaliningrad adjacent to the Baltic states and Poland. This is also what the Pentagon appears to be referring to when it accuses Russia of “threatening our allies”.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite – a notorious Russophobe and ardent NATO cheerleader – recently said that the Russian Iskanders in Kaliningrad (range 500km) were threatening “half of Europe”.

But hold on a moment. Kaliningrad is Russian soil. As Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out, it is Russia’s sovereign right to position any of its forces anywhere on its own territory.

NATO’s warped logic has also been applied in the case of Russian military holding exercises on its Western flank. Last year, when Russia held its Zapad defense drills there were hysterical claims from NATO and the Western media that Moscow was about to invade the Baltic region.

Meanwhile, it goes without a hint of irony, that NATO has increasingly built up its forces and military maneuvers along Russia’s Western borders over the past decade and more. Yet, Washington and its allies get away – thanks to Western media servility – with the double-think that such force build-up on Russia’s borders is “defensive”; while any counter-move by Russia from within its territory is distorted as “outrageous” and “offensive”.

Getting back to the issue of nuclear weapons and allegations of Russia’s threat, the stark conclusion from Washington’s warped logic is that Moscow is not allowed to have any nuclear weapons.

Evidently, the US-led NATO military alliance is permitted to station warplanes, warships, troops and tanks on Russia’s borders, including anti-missile systems – all in violation of past agreements. But if Russia positions defensive systems on its own territory then it is behaving provocatively, illicitly, and threateningly. Which then on the basis of this absurd claim allows Washington to expand its nuclear forces against Russia – as the Pentagon is proposing to do in its latest Nuclear Posture Review.

Specifically, Washington is committing to a “more flexible use” of nuclear weapons, and the development of new submarine-launched cruise missiles, as well as so-called “low-yield” ballistic warheads.

Such a move will potentially bring the US into severe breach of non-proliferation and arms control treaties. That is, the very malign behavior that Washington is provocatively accusing Moscow of.

Truly, Washington’s logic is an amalgam of Orwellian and Dr Strangelove.

Furthermore, an extremely sinister change in the American nuclear doctrine is its call for explicitly using “nuclear deterrence” in a scenario of conventional military conflict or, what it dubiously deems to be “new forms of aggression” by adversaries.

This is a highly dangerous move by the Pentagon to lower the trigger for deploying nuclear weapons – and on the basis of its faulty, politicized perception about what constitutes “aggression.”

For example, the US has repeatedly accused Russia of “hybrid warfare” with regard to the conflict in Ukraine. Russia is accused of instigating that conflict, when in reality, it was Washington and Europe’s meddling in the internal affairs of that country, resulting in a neo-Nazi coup in Kiev in February 2014.

The United States has continually accused Russia of engaging in “asymmetric warfare” from “cyberattacks” and “election interference”. Such claims have never been substantiated, let alone verified – yet they have been raised to the alarmist level of allegedly constituting a “national security threat”.

The anti-Russia political climate being whipped up by Washington – from “Russiagate” to cyberattacks, from sports doping to nuclear aggression – has reached the level of hysterical insanity where Russia by merely having a military defense system is now being traduced as somehow behaving criminally and offensively.

However, parlaying this perverse logic, the US is moving to increase its nuclear threats against Russia – in contravention of international agreements and any objective reasoning.

Even US media outlets like the Washington Post and US-based scientists warned this week that the new nuclear posture was a disturbing drift towards catastrophic war.

American history professor Colin Cavell, commenting for this column, said that the hegemonic mentality of the US ruling class is such that no other powers are tolerated to have weapons, even if for self-defense purposes.

Said Cavell: “The US is a capitalist society. It is the preeminent imperialist power in the world today. As such, those who rule the US perceive that maintaining a class-divided society to be of paramount concern. Internationally, this translates into maintaining at least a two-tiered international system where the US is master and the rest of the world are its servants. This will not change until capitalism is overthrown or destroys itself.”

This attitude of US rulers is ultimately tyrannical in their relations to the rest of the world. Ironically, American vice president Mike Pence this week accused North Korea of being “the most tyrannical and oppressive regime on the planet.

With regard to Russia, the logic of the US is this: You are not allowed to have nuclear weapons, nor even a viable conventional defense system. We, on the other hand, are allowed to threaten you with increasing menace of nuclear annihilation until you do as we demand.

In short, supreme arrogance. But an arrogance that will bring its own downfall.

The views and opinions expressed by Finian Cunningham are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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The United States seeks to create new ‘usable’ nuclear arsenal

mushroom cloud


The Trump administration is set to violate the nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Russia by building up its stockpile of so-called “low-yield” warheads, according to a leaked draft of the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

The review, which the Trump administration plans to roll out after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address later this month, will mark a break in policy with the development of a new class of low-yield, “usable” nuclear warheads.

The D5 missiles, each costing approximately $66 million, will carry warheads more than 30 times the destructive power of the Hiroshima bomb. However, they would only include the primary fission section of the existing thermonuclear warheads with lower explosive yields.

The new tactical weapon would violate the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty reached between Washington and Moscow in 1987. The Pentagon justifies the break by claiming Russia is already in violation because of its new ground-launched cruise missile, and that it would act as a deterrent should the increasingly tense situation created by NATO’s build-up of military forces on Russia’s western border boil over into an armed conflict.

“While the United States has continued to reduce the number and salience of nuclear weapons, others, including Russian and China, have moved in the opposite direction. They have added new types of nuclear capabilities to their arsenals … and engage in increasingly aggressive behavior, including in outer space and cyberspace,”stated the Pentagon in its draft 64-page NPR, obtained and first reported by the Huffington Post.

“North Korea continues its illicit pursuit of nuclear weapons and missile capabilities in direct violation of the United Nations Security Council resolution. Iran has agreed to constraints … nevertheless, it retains the technological capability and much of the capacity necessary to develop a nuclear weapon within one year of a decision to do so.”

There is no evidence Moscow has a policy of launching a tactical nuclear weapon against US forces. The Pentagon’s plan would allow Washington to initiate a so-called “limited” nuclear war in pursuits of its “national interests.”

In October, NBC reported President Trump had gathered high ranking national security leaders and told them “he wanted … a nearly tenfold increase in the US nuclear arsenal.”

Under the Obama administration, $1.3 trillion was spent on a 30-year plan to refurbish all the elements of the US nuclear “triad” – intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and strategic bombers. A stated US policy has been not to build new types of nuclear warhead.

The first NPR in eight years is expected to be published after Trump’s State of the Union speech at the end of January.

Arms control advocates have expressed alarm at the new proposal and the potential for nuclear conflict during the Trump administration. Fears spikes again last week when Trump issued a warning to North Korean president Kim Jong-un over Twitter, saying: “I too have a nuclear button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my button works!”

The draft NPR is more hawkish than the postures adopted by the Obama or Bush administrations. Advocates argue it will make a nuclear war more likely.

“Making the case that we need more low-yield options is making the case that this president needs more nuclear capabilities at his disposal,” Alexandra Bell, senior policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, and a former senior adviser at the State Department told the Huffington Post. “[W]e have 4,000 nuclear weapons in our active stockpile, which is more than enough to destroy the world many times over.”

The NPR also expands the circumstances in which the US might use its nuclear arsenal, to include a response to a non-nuclear attack that causes mass casualties, or was aimed at critical infrastructure or nuclear command and control sites.

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Man Found With Arsenal of Automatic Weapons Had Recently Lost Custody of His Kids

A man caught carrying numerous weapons including two submachine guns and 900 rounds of ammunition had lost custody of his children and written hostile letters to local judges, authorities said Wednesday.

Washington County Sheriff Ed Graybeal said Scott Edmisten won’t talk, so officials are still trying to determine why he had the weapons, as well as a mask and black fatigues, when he was pulled over for speeding before dawn Monday.

Graybeal said guns and ammunition are common in Tennessee, but that it was “odd” for all the guns and clips to be loaded, and for Edmisten to have 900 more rounds and survival gear. In addition, he said, when people have survival gear with them, they are usually going hunting, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Graybeal said he has asked state and federal agencies to assist in the case since the automatic weapons aren’t registered and lack serial numbers.

“Whatever he had planned for that morning, that little traffic stop that one of my guys made made all the difference in the world to someone, I believe,” Graybeal said. “It’s just one of those situations where nothing seemed right and we wanted to make sure that everyone was OK, especially since he’d been sending letters to the courts.”

Edmisten, 43, has been jailed without bond on charges of possessing prohibited weapons, speeding, and felony evading arrest. An attorney listed in court records as representing Edmisten didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. A bond hearing was set for Oct. 11.

In addition to the guns in the car, authorities found another four rifles in Edmisten’s home Tuesday while executing a search warrant. Graybeal said one had been altered to make it fully automatic. Investigators also found about $6,000 worth of ammunition that hadn’t been opened.

Graybeal said he didn’t know why Edmisten lost custody of his children, but Edmisten made it clear he did not like the Department of Children’s Services or law enforcement.

Michael Knight, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, has confirmed that the agency is investigating and said authorities “don’t see a connection” to recent mass shootings.

Edmisten’s arrest came a day after Stephen Paddock opened fire on a music festival from a high-rise hotel suite in Las Vegas, leaving 59 people dead and more than 500 injured. When police stormed his room, they discovered that Paddock had killed himself.

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