UK Police: ‘We Need to Stop Arresting Pedophiles, We’re Losing Control’

British police have declared that the scale of the pedophilia epidemic in the UK is now so severe, that it’s no longer possible to arrest all pedophiles.

According to West Midlands Police chief constable Dave Thompson, the number of men now looking at indecent images and videos of children is “horrifying,” and so high, in fact, that it would be “impossible” to charge them all.

Chief Thompson has warned that officers are now “losing control” of the problem and suggested that a “big discussion” was needed in society about the issue.

Thompson has recommended a new “naming and shaming” policy for offenders that may offer more of a deterrent than a prosecution.

Simon Bailey, the head of child protection for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), on the other hand, has suggested that pedophiles who view or trade in child pornography should not be taken to court or even charged unless they pose a “physical threat” to children.

Daily Mail reports: The chief constable was speaking at a meeting of the Home Affairs Committee inquiry into policing for the future. At the inquiry, Tory MP Tim Loughton asked about suggestions that there should be alternative prosecutions for those guilty of viewing indecent images, with those in denial unlikely to be receptive to treatment.

Mr. Thompson said: “I am staggered by what I see in terms of the operations the force carries out on the peer-to-peer sharing of images and more sensitive covert policing techniques we carry out – the amount of men in this country who appear to show an active interest in this area is horrifying and the scale of it, I think, takes my breath away.

“There is a really big discussion I think, as a society, about how we deal with this that’s much more than law enforcement.”

Of course it makes us all feel deeply uncomfortable to think that people who have that involvement in those activities should in any shape or form escape punishment, but the scale of it is just absolutely huge.”

“I think if people are in denial that they’ve got a problem, then we need to be really careful that treatment might not work, but I think the broader issue that’s being raised is this is a massive challenge, I think, that goes far beyond policing.”The area of online activity is just breathtaking … there’s a big conversation that needs to be had about it.

“Seeing prosecution as the answer to this is not going to be an answer on its own.”

Gareth Morgan, chief constable of Staffordshire Police, said prosecuting those who look at indecent images should not be based on whether or not police forces have the resources.

“It has to be based on judgments that a range of people make, not just the police service,” he told MPs.

“And that’s about how you best manage the risk of an offender going forward so there’s a range of options, and I think that’s a decision that you take with a range of partners, not just the police on their own.”

And from my perspective, that should never be driven by a resourcing issue because that’s not the right reason to make the decision and it’s certainly not taking the issue seriously.”




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China Now Arresting Families for Praying at Home

In the most recent case of religious persecution in China, a house church pastor, Xu Shizhen, her daughter and her 3-year-old grandson were arrested by authorities. The family was reportedly taken into custody after a month of being found singing and dancing in praise and worship, and preaching the gospel in a public park.

It is currently unknown where the family was taken after their arrest, but according to non-profit Christian human rights organization, China Aid, the two women, and the grandson have been separated.

This is not the first time Xu Shizhen has got into trouble with Chinese authorities, who impose strict laws regarding practicing of religion other than those recognized by the state. Five years ago, this particular pastor had a run-in with officials when her then house church was seized and handed over to the control of Three-Self Patriotic Movement Church, a church which is run by the state. It was after this incident she founded her current home church, called Zion Church.

Many believe that this is a move by the Chinese government to show the state and the world just how serious it is about its new rules regarding regulating religion in order to enhance national security, dismantling and preventing extremism, and curbing the practice of faith by organizations which are not approved by the state. Keeping in mind that the arrest of the family happened just two weeks after the state’s new religion regulations came into effect, it is a high possibility.

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Oregon Police Officers Leave Dog in Car to Die After Arresting Woman

Oregon cops have been sued by a woman who claims officers arrested her under questionable circumstances, then left her dog in her car for 17 days where she found it dead upon her release from custody.

Tamala Bemis filed the lawsuit in federal court last week against the City of Eugene, officer Brad Hanneman and several unnamed officers.

The suit claims the officers violated her civil rights and engaged in “conscience-shocking conduct” by refusing to contact her brother, whom she requested to tend to her 13-year-old red heeler named Magic inside her car parked in a cul-de-sac.

“That Magic died in such a cruel fashion, alone without water, and in extreme heat, haunts her to this very day,” the lawsuit, which can be read below, states.

Bemis stated to police during her detainment on October 5, 2015 that Magic was inside a nearby parked vehicle and that she feared the dog would die from overheating or starve to death with no food and water.

An in-car dash cam recorded Bemis repeatedly telling officers about the dog as well as the location and make of her car.

However, she was unable to provide a phone number for her brother, although she did provide her mother’s phone number and gave them directions to her car.

“I think they should have broken into the car to save the dog,” her attorney, Jeff Dominic Price of California, told Oregon Live on Monday.

Bemis told KATU she had gone for a bike ride and left Magic in the car with the engine running and the heat on.

She was arrested during her ride after Eugene Police suspected her of being connected with a burglary in the area after receiving a call about a male and female suspect on bicycles.

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Texas Officer Defends Actions After Violently Arresting Black Family


A white Texas police officer said Wednesday that he regrets asking a mother why she didn’t teach her son not to litter during the December arrest of the black woman and her two teenage daughters.

Fort Worth police officer William Martin spoke publicly about the incident for the first time during testimony Wednesday in his Civil Service Commission appeal of a 10-day suspension for excessive force. Martin, who has already served the suspension, defended his physical actions, including use of force against one of the teenager daughters and another juvenile, who was not identified.
News Channel

The incident was viewed more than a million times after a cellphone video of the arrests filmed by one of Craig’s daughters was posted on Facebook and raised accusations of racism.

Police had originally responded to the scene after both Craig and one of her neighbors called police. Craig has alleged the neighbor grabbed and choked her young son after seeing him litter.

Martin is seen briefly talking to the neighbor, who was later charged with a misdemeanor assault, before engaging with Craig. He asks her why she did not teach her son not to litter. Craig responds that littering should not give the neighbor the right to “lay hands” on her son. Martin fires back, “Why not?”

In his testimony Wednesday, Martin said he regretted the verbal interaction with Craig and owed her family an apology. He defended his actions during the arrest, however, by saying that Craig appeared to be hostile.

Martin is seen in the video wrestling Jacqueline Craig and one of her daughters to the ground before pointing a stun gun at them. He places the two under arrest, and later arrests another daughter, who had filmed the incident. Charges against all three were later dropped.

Martin said he was appealing the suspension because of the determination that he had used excessive use of force in the arrest.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said Martin’s body camera footage showed he had put his hand near the neck of an unnamed juvenile to push her away from the arrest scene. It also showed him raising the handcuffed arms of one of Craig’s daughters over her head from behind after she wouldn’t answer a question.

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WATCH: Cop On Power Trip Becomes Internet Famous For Arresting Woman Who Said ‘Ass’


Birmingham, AL — “If you say it one more time, you gonna go to jail,” said Alabama Highway Patrolman George Thomas to a celebrated local radio personality. Amie Scott Ceo, a guest panelist on the show “Vital” at 95.7 Jamz, was on her way to the station for weekly Sunday broadcast when she took a moment to pull an officer’s leg about his driving habits.

Here’s what she said happened;

Let me start with I AM NOT AGAINST OFFICERS OF THE LAW, so whenever I get a chance to joke with one, I try to. So last night I was on Hwy 280 approaching a yield sign on Hwy 119 when I noticed a Alabama State Trooper shoot pass me, he had the right of way. I wanted some breath mints so when I saw him pull into the Chevron, I pulled in behind him, he pulled up to a pump and I parked in a parking space in front of the store, I’m not going to lie, when I noticed that the officer was Black, I just knew that he would have a sense of humor when I said “You trying to get there aint it?!?! You shot across like a bullet and almost hit my car” laughing as usual. He didn’t almost hit my car, it was a joke……….VIDEO NUMBER 1……..

Officer Thomas did not apparently like being “accused of breaking the law,” and confronted Ceo at the gas station where the two had parked their cars. Thomas was pumping gas in his cruiser, while Ceo was stopping to make a purchase. Possibly sensing the encounter was a bit more serious, the seasoned DJ had the wherewithal to begin recording — because photography is not a crime.

The altercation seemed uneventful until Ceo ended the conversation with a bit more of her characteristically sarcastic sense of humor. “I hope you have a better day. And have a happy Fathers Day…with your rude ass,” she said slightly under her breath but loud enough for the officer to hear.

Officer Thomas was walking away but turned around to pursue his suspect now accused of describing him as a donkey. He told her she was breaking the law by cussing in public.

“I can say, ass, I can say ass,” she responded as the officer verbally reprimanded her. Thomas, who apparently couldn’t let it go, even followed her into the convenience store to continue to engage the woman.

Ceo attempted to downplay the conflict by saying she was “playing with” Thomas. “I was playing with you,” she said over and over again. “I wasn’t trying to cause a scene and have you get upset,” she implored.

Thomas even attempted to get her to “turn around” and place her in handcuffs. Ceo responded by saying she wouldn’t comply because she didn’t do anything wrong. All the while, she walked to get her breath mints, approached the cashier, and attempted to pay.

“Now, you’re harassing me, I was playing with you,” she said. “Why are you bothering me,” asked the woman.

Thomas told her, “You need to pay for what you’re paying and you need to leave.” The radio host ended the conversation by telling him he takes his job too seriously and needs to calm down. She added, “I don’t have any problems with anyone but you.” She even said she was friends with many officers in town.

Officer Thomas’ attempts to intimidate Ceo, failed miserably. Not only was he not able to place her in handcuffs, but she reminded him, “At this point. You can leave me alone.” “Could you leave me alone at this point,” she asked repeatedly. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

If you listen closely, you can hear Ceo say, “shit”, when she thought the confrontation was over. That little four letter word got her arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Her car was towed and she had to pay $500 to bond out of jail. Here’s what she said happened after she let the s-word slip in Alabama.

So if you all noticed at the end of the last video, I made a mistake and said “shit”…..I wasn’t trying to, cause if you notice in the last video, my punk ass didn’t say “ass” again because I KNEW better, ya feel me?! A) I didn’t have that type of bond money that I had to pay to get out of jail (Oh yea, I was arrested for Disorderly Conduct AND resisting arrest) AND he had my vehicle towed to a tow yard so far away that I had to pay $297.50 to get it out and the tow truck driver said he didn’t have to have it towed that damn far out. So a bitch is out of $500. I can’t get over this. Well, a bitch fucked up and said “shit” out of mere frustration…….

We, at The Free Thought Project wonder if her use of the f-word in a public forum (Facebook) will get her more charges. The audacious behavior of the police officer whose driving speed was questioned by a member of the public, arguably led to the charges.

It appears, from the video, he didn’t like to be called out for “almost hitting” Ceo. Her backing down from her comments seemed to be a way to minimize the conflict and walk away. But why should she have to choose her words wisely around police officers?

Ceo, admittedly, makes a habit of flirting with police officers in a friendly way of being social. She uploaded another video to her Facebook page where she asked an officer if she could “have a ride.” The other officer, who wasn’t Thomas, knew she was joking and comprehended the sexual innuendo. The two had a chuckle together. But after being kidnapped, caged, and extorted, her legal troubles are now no laughing matter.

The radio host admits her arrest has now caused her to second guess being so friendly with police. She wrote, “I hate to even advise people….When you see police officers, look straight ahead, don’t speak, don’t joke, don’t even ask them about their day. Is this the way we should treat officers?”

While it’s crystal clear the Alabama State Highway Patrol has plenty of time on its hands to arrest flirtatious DJ’s for letting a few cuss words slip, they have no time or money to process the over 2,000 rape kits currently sitting in storage. Go figure.

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Nets Blackout White House Condemning Russia for Arresting Protesters

There was civil unrest in Russia Monday, as anti-corruption protestors took to the streets all across the country during a national holiday celebration. Roughly 1,500 people were arrested for gathering to denounce their government. The White House came out strong and condemned Russia for cracking down on the peaceful protestors. All of the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) reported on the mass arrests during their evening broadcasts, but they all ignored the White House’s condemnation of the Russian government.

But on CNN’s The Lead, host Jake Tapper started the segment off by noting the Trump administration’s swift rebuke. “The White House this afternoon called on the Russian government to release demonstrators arrested earlier today in anti-corruption protests across Russia,” announced Tapper. “Press Secretary Sean spacer calling the arrests, which included minors, an affront to, quote, “core democratic values.”

Not only did Spicer note protesters, but he mentioned the arrests of journalists as well. “The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve a government that supports an open marketplace of ideas, transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law and the ability to exercise their right without fear or retribution,” Spicer added.

Tapper leaned on CNN reporter Diana Magnay, who was in St. Petersburg, Russia, to explain what was happening on the ground. “Well, this is the second round of protests, Jake, called by Alexei Navalny, a Kremlin critic, and anti-corruption campaigner,” she explained to Tapper. “And he’s managed to galvanize tens of thousands of people in more than 100 cities across this country today, the second time that they came out.”

“And the Kremlin, I think, has been taken back by the scale of these protests and has reacted both times by detaining hundreds of protests as most of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg,” Magnay continued as she chronicled Navalny’s run-ins with Russian authorities.

Note how Magney stated that Monday’s protests were “the second round” of public demonstrations. The first round of protests occurred in late March of 2017. During those corruption protests, there were hundreds of arrests and the Trump administration condemned them as well. The Big Three Networks also ignored the administration’s condemnation back then as well.

At the time, the State Department said: “The United States strongly condemns the detention of hundreds of peaceful protesters throughout Russia on Sunday … Detaining peaceful protesters, human rights observers, and journalists is an affront to core democratic values.”

It’s easy to understand why the Big Three Networks would want to omit that detail from their reports: it goes against their Trump/Russia narrative. Throughout their coverage of the Russia investigation, they often play up how well President Trump speaks about Russian President Vladimir Putin. But they rarely mention when the Trump administration denounces the Russian government, whether it’s in a press briefing or on the floor of the United Nations.

Transcript below:


The Lead
June 12, 2017
4:50:50 PM Eastern

JAKE TAPPER: And other world news today. The White House this afternoon called on the Russian government to release demonstrators arrested earlier today in anti-corruption protests across Russia. Press Secretary Sean spacer calling the arrests, which included minors, an affront to, quote, “core democratic values.” One of those taken into custody, a well-known Russian opposition leader and Putin critic. And I want to get right to CNN’s Diana Magnay in St. Petersburg in Russia. Diana, how did these protests come about?

DIANA MAGNAY: Well, this is the second round of protests, Jake, called by Alexei Navalny, a Kremlin critic, and anti-corruption campaigner. And he’s managed to galvanize tens of thousands of people in more than 100 cities across this country today, the second time that they came out. And the Kremlin, I think, has been taken back by the scale of these protests and has reacted both times by detaining hundreds of protests as most of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And I think he’s hoping that that crushes the momentum that Navalny is trying to build, but it may not be that easy, Jake.

TAPPER: Diana, tell us more about the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

MAGNAY: Well, he’s a very interesting figure. He’s an anti-corruption blogger. He’s produced these videos on YouTube, which have been viewed millions of times, detailing the kind of yachts and estates belonging especially to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. And that really resonates with the young who feel that the political elite in this country lead a very, very different life when many normal people can’t really scrape past the poverty line.

Navalny himself is campaigning to run for president in next year’s elections, and it’s unclear whether he will because of a lightly spurious embezzlement conviction. That means that the laws in this country may mean he can’t run for public office. But I think with these protests he’s trying to put pressure on the Kremlin so if they block him from running it will appear illegitimate and against the public will. And on his campaign trail so far he’s been sprayed with antiseptic, you’ll see him with a green face, burns to the eye. But he is a very interesting figure and someone that the Kremlin will be watching and I think possibly fearing. Jake.

TAPPER: Indeed. Diana Magnay in St. Petersburg, Russia, thanks so much.

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