Rabbi, 2 others arrested for prostitution, human trafficking of minor

NEW YORK, N.Y. — A rabbi and two others were arrested for in connection to the human trafficking and prostitution of a minor, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office said Monday.

Rabbi Aryeh Goodman, 35, Gabriella Colon, 18, and Richard Ortiz, 23, have been charged in connection to the human trafficking and prostitution of a 17-year old girl from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Chief James Conroy of the East Brunswick Police Department.

Officials said that Colon and Ortiz sold the sexual services of the teen to about 30 men at a hotel in East Brunswick from Jan. 1 to Feb. 2 of this year. The rabbi was one of the men who engaged in sexual relations with the 17-year old during this time, according to the investigation.

Colon and Ortiz, both from the Bronx, were arrested at a motel in Fort Lee on Feb. 16. and are being held at the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center. They have been charged with 11 criminal counts including human trafficking, promoting prostitution of a child, endangering the welfare of a child, criminal restraint, and a number of child pornography offenses including the manufacturing, distribution and possession of pornography.

Goodman, who runs a religious learning center out of his home in East Brunswick and may be affiliated with another on Lexington Avenue in the township, has been charged with one count of engaging in prostitution with a child and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. He turned himself in to police at the East Brunswick Police Department on Feb. 6.

The investigation is active and is continuing. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Chris Farrace or Detective Dan Unkel of the East Brunswick Police Department at (732) 390-6900, or Detective Mark Morris of the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office at (732) 745-4194.

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More Israeli Officials with Ties to Tel Aviv PM Netanyahu Arrested


New legal problems for embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have erupted less that a week after police in the Middle Eastern nation recommended that the leader be indicted on charges of corruption.

Seven members of Netanyahu’s closest cabal were arrested Sunday in the deepening ‘Case 4000′ corruption probe into Netanyahu and his innermost circle of cronies.

The most recent arrests follow what investigators say were interventions by the suspects with telecommunications regulators in the country to fastrack permissions for communications giant Bezeq in exchange for a media reputation whitewash of Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

Case 4000 has not yet directly named Netanyahu as a suspect although several news outlets have reported that he will be questioned by investigators ‘under caution,’ a phrase used to describe defendants in criminal cases, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The seven Netanyahu associates arrested have not yet been named, although prior to the imposition of a quickly-leveraged gag order surrounding the investigation, Haaretz was reporting that they included Netanyahu close friend Nir Hefetz, a former communications director for the Israeli prime minister, and associate Shlomo Filber, a former Communications Ministry director general.

On Tuesday February 15, investigators unveiled recommendations to the attorney general that Netanyahu be charged with fraud, breach of trust and bribery in two cases not related to Case 4000. Both of the additional cases accuse the Israeli prime minister of using his influence and power to provide favorable deals to those close to him.

Netanyahu, in Germany over the weekend at the annual Munich Security Conference, appeared unconcerned about the mounting evidence that threatens to remove him from office, stating only his opinion that the deepening investigations are a “contrived bubble that will burst.”

The recommendation by Israeli police to charge Netanyahu is the result of a year’s worth of work. The findings were presented to Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Tuesday, who has the final say on whether the prime minister will be indicted.

Meir Sheetrit, a former minister with Likud, Netanyahu’s political party, stated that the prime minister will “keep on acting as if everything is normal as long as he can,” cited by Latimes.

“But we know what direction this is going in: political defeat,” Sheetrit asserted, adding that Netanyahu’s dismissal of the evidence “is untenable in the long term.”

“Netanyahu and the Likud are disconnected from the people, floating along in a world in which their corruption doesn’t matter,” he said.



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Student arrested after posting Snapchat threatening 'Round 2' of Florida shooting 'tomorrow'

A South Carolina student was arrested on Thursday after posting a Snapchat threatening a repeat of Wednesday’s deadly mass shooting, which took place at a Florida high school.

Spartanburg School District Three spokesperson Sherri Horton told WHNS that officials received an anonymous tip about the threat, which was made via Snapchat, from the parent of another student at Broome High School.

The alarming photo shows an unnamed ninth-grade boy wearing a partial face mask and holding what appears to be an assault rifle with the caption “Round 2 of Florida tomorrow.”

Photo: Snapchat

The parent of the child who received the concerning snap alerted police and identified the student featured in the photo to responding deputies.

After authorities went to the suspect’s house, he told them that the post was “just intended as a joke and that he didn’t have any serious intentions,” according to Lt. Kevin Bobo.

Bobo said the boy’s parents allowed deputies to search the home, where they found both the mask and the weapon, which turned out to be a pellet gun.

The suspect, whose name will not be released due to his age, was charged with disturbing schools and transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Greenville, South Carolina. 

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Indian woman arrested after posing as man & marrying 2 females for dowries

The bizarre scam apparently began when 26-year-old Sweety Sen from the state of Uttar Pradesh created a fake Facebook profile under the name Krishna Sen in 2013. She then uploaded photos of herself wearing men’s clothing and used the account to get in touch with women, according to Senior Superintendent of Police Janmejay Khanduri, as cited by Indian Express. 

In 2014, Sen and members of her family traveled to the town of Kathgodam to meet a 22-year-old woman that she had got in touch with on Facebook.

“Sen had convinced her that she [Sen] was a man,” Khanduri said. The two were married the same year and began living together in a rented house. However, the perceived marital bliss ended when Sen began assaulting the woman for her dowry, police allege.

Later, in 2016, Sen married a 20-year-old woman and rented an apartment with her. Sen never allowed either woman to see her body, and used sex toys to maintain the illusion of being male, according to authorities.

In October 2017, Sen’s first wife filed a police complaint, charging Sen with dowry theft and domestic violence. She alleged that Sen took $850,000 rupees (US$13,243) from her family, claiming she needed the money for a factory she owned in Hardwar. “We got married in 2014. She used to behave like a man, used to drink, smoke and also abuse. She used to threaten to kill me after she married another woman. It got confirmed after medical examination that she was a woman and not a man,” the first wife told ANI news agency.

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Sen was traced by police and arrested on Wednesday. “We had arrested Sen for dowry [theft] and domestic violence. We had no clue that Sen was a woman. During questioning, Sen said she was a woman. We got her medical examination done and it was established that she was a woman,” said BL Vishwakarma, a station house officer for Kathgodam police.

However, the Hindustan Times reported that Sen faces charges of impersonation, fraud, and forgery. She cannot be charged with dowry fraud because “technically she was not a husband therefore it cannot be treated as marriage,” sub inspector Sanjay Joshi said. 

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Radicalized policewoman arrested in Paris ‘no-go zone’ after stealing firearms

firearm gun


A 20-year-old policewoman, who has been described as “radicalised” by colleagues, has been arrested in the heavily migrant-populated Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis after being accused of stealing firearms.

The 20-year-old woman was arrested late last week for allegedly stealing two Sig Sauer 9mm calibre pistols. Three other suspects have also been arrested in connection with the case including a member of the French military, Le Parisien reports.

Colleagues of the 20-year-old officer described her as having an unpleasant personality and said they suspected she might hold radical Islamic extremist sympathies.

The theft is thought to have occurred last August and the gun profile matches that of a pistol which was used to fire on a soldier who was jogging in a forest in Ozoir-la-Ferrière in November. The soldier was shot in the leg and escaped the encounter without fatal injuries.

During the raids that led to the arrest of the policewoman, one of the pistols was recovered while the other has yet to be found by authorities.

A police executive remarked on the case saying it was “incomprehensible” why the female officer would steal the pistols from the department, which are easily traced, as opposed to buying weapons on the street.

The availability of weapons on the street in France has become a worrying issue for authorities as several drug raids over the last year have revealed military-style weapons in the hands of criminals.

Last November, in the regions of Eure-et-Loir, Eure, and Yvelines, police raided drug dealers and found several anti-tank rocket launchers, automatic rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

In several cases, the Islamic radicals who have attempted or carried out terror attacks are criminals and may have used those connections to acquire the same sort of weaponry.

Several attacks, including the Paris Bataclan massacre and the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015, have seen terrorists use fully automatic military-grade weapons.

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Re: Israel arrested 1,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem since Trump declaration

Israel has arrested 1,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem since US President Donald Trump unilaterally declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in early December, a human rights group announced today.

Director of the Palestinian Prisoners Affairs Commission Issa Qaraqa said arrests in Jerusalem have escalated since Trump decision which was announced on 6 December.

As if Israel took the green light to escalate brutality and aggression on the city of Jerusalem geographically and demographically

he said.

He pointed out that the occupation authorities resort to mass arrests which have “become a phenomenon of daily and collective punishment”.

Qarqaa said that many of the detainees are young men and minors and are subjected from the moment of their arrest to degrading treatment, torture and abuse by Israel Police and interrogators.

He continued: “The attack on Jerusalem is very serious and there is widespread Israeli aggression and total tyranny targeting the people of Jerusalem and its historical and religious status and exerting pressure in order to attain the silent expulsion of the population.”

He pointed out that the Israeli courts issued “deterrent and deliberate” verdicts against Jerusalemites, accompanied by heavy fines and imposed “strict” measures on the families of the prisoners and martyrs.

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Hero Fireman Pulls Woman from Wreckage, Saves Her Life, So a Cop Arrested Him


Meansville, GA – When a veteran fireman witnessed a horrific car accident, he jumped into action and did everything in his power to save the victim. But even though his actions saved a woman’s life, the police officer who finally made it to the scene thanked the fireman by arresting him and throwing him in jail.

Rick Rickerson, 56, joined the Griffin Fire Department in 1985, and he has devoted his life to saving lives. He told 11Alive News that when he witnessed a car flipping over on the highway after its driver lost control, his immediately acted on instinct.

“My training pretty much kicked in as soon as I witnessed the wreck,” Rickerson said. “You go into the mode of firefighter when you see this happen. Many times, the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

The driver of the car, Rebecca Buchanan, was trapped and not breathing when Rickerson reached her. Other good Samaritans stopped their cars on the side of the highway and rushed to help Rickerson help Buchanan from her car.

In addition to administering CPR to help Buchanan breathe, Rickerson also called 911 multiple times and gives the dispatcher clear and concise reports of what was happening, and how police could help.

“This 911? Pike County? This is Rick Rickerson, I’m a retired battalion chief, Griffin Fire Department. I’m on the scene of an overturned single vehicle with a single occupant, unresponsive at this time,” Rickerson said on the first call.

The second call was made after Rickerson cleared Buchanan’s airway so that she could breathe. “No first responders are here yet; can you advise your officer in charge of fire responding that Rick Rickerson is on the scene and I would suggest them requesting life flight,” he said.

The dispatcher then relayed the news over the radio to a state trooper who responded, “I’m actually a trooper with the state patrol; I’m in training, so I’m kinda off. If you have access to life flight, I would definitely have them en route.”

When Georgia State Patrol trooper, Sgt. Rodney Jeter finally arrived on the scene, he seemed to care very little about the fact that there was a woman who was in desperate need of emergency medical assistance. Instead, he was more concerned about the fact that when Rickerson jumped out of his truck to save the woman’s life, he left it in the middle of the road with the keys in the ignition.

Rickerson told 11Alive News that he remembers Jeter approaching the group working to revive Buchanan and demanding to know who owned the car. “I said, ‘It’s mine, I need you to move it.’ And I looked over at him and I said, ‘I’m not leaving this patient,’” Rickerson said.

The police sergeant, who apparently cared more about his bruised ego than the woman whose life was hanging by a thread, responded, “Sir? I said I want this truck moved!”

But Rickerson argued that because there were no other emergency personnel members on the scene, he needed to stay by Buchanan’s side until they arrived.

In his report, Jeter claimed that Rickerson was not rendering aid to the victim of the car accident at the time Jeter arrived—which is a conflicting story that goes against the accounts of both Rickerson and other witnesses. Jeter insisted that he asked Rickerson to move his vehicle “to make room for emergency vehicles that are coming,” and that Rickerson responded:

“I don’t care who you are. You can take me to jail, but I’m not moving my vehicle or leaving this patient right now.”

Rickerson told 11Alive news that Jeter then proceeded to continue badgering Rickerson, claiming that he was a trained paramedic.

“And I questioned him, ‘You’re a paramedic? You didn’t put your hands on that patient. You didn’t help us open that door,’” Rickerson said. “All paramedics have vehicle extrication training. But he didn’t do anything to assist us with this patient.”

One of the witnesses volunteered to move Rickerson’s truck, and first responders finally arrived and loaded Buchanan onto a stretcher. However, the comments made by other officers and sheriff’s deputies on the scene were much more alarming.

A Dash Cam on one of the police cruisers caught the officers discussing Rickerson’s conduct, and saying things such as, “He thinks he knows every single thing there is to know about everything,” “He is a piece of shit. He’s a piece of shit,” and “I just hate. I hate. He is a piece. I told you there was something wrong with him.”

Jeter then confronted Rickerson and decided to read him the right act about the situation. Rickerson stood his ground, and Jeter asserted his dominance by arresting the hero who had just saved a woman’s life for “obstruction of a law enforcement officer.”

The officers on the scene were caught on the Dash Cam saying, He’s going for a ride,” and “He’s locking his ass up!”

Rickerson was taken to the Pike County Jail where he was forced to spend several hours waiting. He now faces the first mark on his record in more than 30 years after the incident occurred on Oct. 10, 2017. But he told 11Alive News that he would do it all over again, because in the end, Rebecca Buchanan survived, and her 5-year-old daughter did not lose her mother.

“I would not do anything different. The outcome is this lady is alive. There’s no cross on the side of the road of that highway.”

Unfortunately, as The Free Thought Project has reported, Rick Rickerson is not alone. A similar incident occurred in 2003 when Capt. David Wilson, a veteran firefighter with 27 years of experience, arrived at the scene of a nasty car accident in Hazelwood, Missouri. As he was attending to the victim, he was approached by a police officer who seemed to care more about the position of the truck, than about the survivors of the crash.

When Wilson ignored orders from Officer Todd Greeves to move his vehicle, Greeves became agitated and decided to take matters into his own hands. Greeves arrested the firefighter and kept him detained by a patrol car for 23 minutes until a supervisor told him to let Wilson go. Wilson filed a civil rights lawsuit and received $17,500 in damages.

Then in March 2014, a volunteer fireman in New Roads, Louisiana, was rendering aid to a woman who passed out in her home. He was the first one on the scene, and when police arrived, instead of asking about the state of the patient, they demanded that the fireman move his truck. When he did not comply, the officer arrested and detained him for nearly 15 minutes.

In February 2014, when Jacob Gregoire, a veteran firefighter with 12 years of experience, was responding to the scene of an accident in Chula Vista, California, he was also ordered to move his truck. Gregoire ignored the commands from a California Highway Patrolman, and he was arrested and detained on the side of the highway for 30 minutes.

In response to the incident, Chula Vista Fire Chief Dave Hanneman called CHP’s behavior “ridiculous” and the firefighters’ union president John Hess praised Gregoire’s actions. He made all firefighters look good. He was there to protect the citizens and he was willing to take a stand to do that,” Hess said.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/hero-fireman-saves-woman-cop-arrested/

Cop Arrested for Robbing a Disabled Man of His Opioid Prescriptions, While On Duty

Hagerstown, Maryland – A police officer who has been a member of his department for more than 15 years was arrested and charged with distributing and possessing prescription opiate medications, which he stole from a disabled man while he was on duty.

Christopher Michael Barnett, a sergeant with the Hagerstown Police Department, was arrested after he was caught stealing from a disabled man who was physically unable to leave his bed. WJLA News reported that Barnett entered the man’s apartment using “a phony pretense,” and he then began to go through the man’s bottles of prescription painkillers.

When a caregiver arrived later and noticed that several of the man’s pills were missing, he called the police department, and Barnett was the one who was put on the phone. The report claims that Barnett was quick to hang up the phone, and decided to return to the apartment in person.

When Barnett arrived, the man was able to film him, and he caught the officer on camera promising to return the drugs and begging the man and his caregiver not to report the incident.

However, a news release from the police department claimed that Barnett was caught attempting to sell the drugs, and Investigators were presented with video footage of Sergeant Barnett providing a prescription narcotic to another individual at a location within the city of Hagerstown.”

Hagerstown Police Chief Victor Brito confirmed that after he was given the video, he moved to arrest Barnett, who has now been charged with distribution of controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, malfeasance in office and theft under $100.

“When we received this information, we acted as quickly as we do in any criminal matter to address the issue,” Brito said. “This will be treated the same as every case we handle on a regular basis, and he will be rightly afforded due process of the law.”

The police chief also said he was “sickened by this criminal act,” and he does not believe Barnett’s conduct reflects the values of other officers in the department.

“I cannot and will not make any excuses for this betrayal of our agency, badge, and community,” Brito said. “I’m personally deeply disappointed and quite frankly sickened by this criminal act. That said, I know in my heart that the men and women I serve with at the Hagerstown Police Department perform their duties with integrity and selfless dedication every day.”

While the police chief was adamant that this is the first case of such behavior he has seen within the Hagerstown Police Department, it should be noted that, as The Free Thought Project has documented on numerous occasions, this type of behavior happens in police departments across the country.

A police chief in Lee, Massachusetts, was caught stealing nearly $60,000 from a children’s Christmas charity fund; police officers in Denver, Colorado, were caught on video stealing blankets from homeless people; and a police officer in Grants, New Mexico, was caught stealing marijuana from his police department by footage captured on his own body camera.

In the case of Sgt. Christopher Michael Barnett, he has been suspended without pay, and he is now awaiting trial.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-arrested-robbing-disabled-man-opioid-prescriptions/

Police Chief & Half of An Entire Dept Arrested for Violating ONE Man’s 4th Amendment


LLANO, TX – All too often those who continuously apologize for crimes committed by police officers are able to justify some of the most egregious instances of outright murder by claiming the officer was a bad apple. Almost as often, however, as TFTP has shown numerous times, the bad apple theory is exactly that—a theory—with no evidence to support it.

Illustrating the nature of the bad apple theory is the fact that four people in the Llano Police Department, including Police Chief Kevin Ratliff, have been arrested for being bad cops.

There are eight law enforcement officers employed by the Llano Police Department, according to the LPD’s website, meaning that half of the police force has been indicted.

Does that seem like “one bad apple,” or a potentially much greater problem?

The indictments stem from a massive civil rights violation of a single man.

According to the documents from the Judicial District Court of Llano County, as reported by KVUE, Llano Police Officer Grant Harden, who has been suspended since December, was indicted on one count of official oppression and another count of tampering with a government record.

The documents allege Hardin made a false police report to justify the arrest of the unnamed victim on May 2. On top of Harden’s charges, Llano Police Chief Kevin Ratliff, Sergeant Jared Latta and Officer Aimee Shannon were indicted for official oppression in connection with the same arrest.

As KVUE reports, according to a source close to the investigation, the officers claimed they arrested the man for public intoxication. One officer stated in his report they arrested the alleged victim outside of his home. However, the officers reportedly entered the man’s home without probable cause or a warrant and arrested him, overstepping their authority. The public intoxication charge was later dismissed.

As TFTP reported at the time the DA’s Office said that Chief Kevin Ratliff suspended himself with pay upon becoming aware of the investigation and that he will remain on suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. Must be nice to be able to give yourself a paid vacation just after potentially committing a crime while on the job—a luxury afforded only to police officers.

The DA’s office said that the Texas Rangers are assisting with conducting the investigation.

The Llano County Sheriff’s Office will provide assistance to the city while half the police force is on suspension, as LCSO has a mutual assistance agreement to back them up on calls when necessary.

Showing just how corrupt this department is, while half of them were charged in connection with a single case, a fifth officer was indicted this week as well — for another case.

As KVUE notes, a fifth officer, identified as Officer Melissa Sloan, was indicted in an unrelated case for tampering or fabricating physical evidence. The documents allege that on March 26, 2017, Sloan destroyed a video recording of a crime scene for a controlled substance case, knowing it would hinder the investigation. She has yet to turn herself in.

As Jay Syrmopolous pointed out for TFTP, those that forward the idea that the problem is simply a few bad apples, allow the systemic problems in law enforcement to continue without being addressed.

While the suspension of half a police force may come as a surprise to some, it’s no surprise to The Free Thought Project, as we’ve reported on numerous similar incidents.

For example, in March 2015, the Brooklyn Police Department came under investigation amid allegations that weapons, drugs and other items had been removed from the evidence room. Then in March 2016, the head of a drug task force in Pennsylvania was arrested for having sex with a minor in exchange for leniency.

More recently, this past July, the entire drug unit of the Troy, New York, Police Department was suspended following reports that the unit entered a home without a warrant – then tried to cover their tracks by filing false burglary reports.

According to the Times Union, the officers entered a home after they were tipped off by another Capital Region police agency. But then they lied about it.

After realizing they made a major mistake, officers compounded their problems by attempting to cover their tracks. They allegedly filed a false burglary report.

After the police chief became aware of the incident, and the attempted cover-up, the entire drug unit was placed on administrative leave.

The common thread in these disparate cases is that there is no “one bad apple,” but a systemic problem of police attempting to cover for the illicit behavior of other officers – something known as the “thin blue line.”

Essentially, the thin blue line operates as a good ole boys network with a mantra that a good cop looks out for a fellow officer first—regardless of how illegal the activity is, or whether in it violates an individual’s rights. To be accepted by the law enforcement “brotherhood” you look out for fellow cops first. Those that refuse to bend to this expectation are run out of law enforcement by their peers, as we’ve reported on numerous times.

While it’s extremely rare for officers to be held accountable for their illicit actions, the actions of the DA’s office in Llano should be an example to the rest of the country that law enforcement isn’t above the law.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-chief-dept-arrested-rights/