Zuckerberg takes out full-page apology ads in British Sunday newspapers

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The billionaire placed full-page ads in a number of Sunday publications in response to pressure from US and European governments following the leak of 50 million users’ data to Cambridge Analytica. The UK political consulting firm is accused of using the information to influence the US presidential election. “We have a responsibility to protect your information. If we can’t, we don’t deserve it,” the advert read. The Observer, the newspaper that has led the Cambridge Analytica revelations in recent days, also carried the ad.

Zuckerberg described the leak as a “breach of trust” and said Facebook was investigating other apps that had access to the data. “We expect there are others. And we find them, we will ban them and tell everyone affected,” he said. The Facebook CEO has seen the value of his company drop as much as $50billion since the story broke last week.

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Cambridge Analytica claims the data was obtained legally, and was deleted at Facebook’s request. The offices of the consultancy firm were searched by Britain’s data protection watchdog Friday night.

Zuckerberg’s apology is seen by some as an attempt at damage limitation after the company saw advertisers deserting the platform in recent days. Mozilla and German financial institution Commerzbank have suspended their ads, while Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk joined the #deletefacebook movement trending on Twitter by removing his company’s Facebook pages.

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Poll: 19 years after NATO bombed Serbia, most Serbs won’t accept apology from alliance



A majority of Serbs today would not accept an apology from NATO for its 1999 military intervention in Kosovo. Only 10 percent would wish to see their country become a member of the trans-Atlantic defense bloc, recent poll shows.

The continued animosity towards NATO in Serbia was highlighted by an opinion poll conducted by the Belgrade-based Institute for European Affairs in mid-March. According to the poll, only 10 percent of Serbs support membership of the military bloc while 84 percent oppose it. The mood is particularly strong in the Serbian capital, where the level of support for NATO membership is 5.8 percent, and among young people aged 18 to 25 (7.7 percent). Only 18 percent believe that becoming an ally would be beneficial for Serbia.

Former Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic and his policies are perceived as the main reason for the bombings by 17.4 percent of Serbs. The second-most mentioned reason was that the US and Western powers were simply pursuing their interests. It was cited by 15.2 percent of respondents. Other popular explanations included a goal to push ethnic Serbs out of Kosovo (12.6 percent) and to remove Kosovo from Serbia (10.5 percent)

If NATO were to offer Serbs an apology for the bombings, 62 percent of them would not accept it according to the poll. The defiant attitude is most prominent among Belgrade residents (65.9 percent) and people aged 30-44 (67.3 percent), who were teens or young adults during the bombing campaign. A majority of 66 percent said NATO bombings of Yugoslavia could have been avoided.

NATO justified its intervention in Kosovo by accusing the Milosevic government of ethnically cleansing the province. The bombings lasted 78 days and officially claimed at least 758 civilian lives, though Serbian sources say the true figure may be double that. The violence in Kosovo followed decades of inter-ethnic alienation and tension in the province. The loss of the province was a great symbolic blow to Serbs, who historically consider the land essential to their statehood and of great spiritual significance.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/380843-Poll-19-years-after-NATO-bombed-Serbia-most-Serbs-wont-accept-apology-from-alliance

Russia Demands Apology From British Deep State Theresa May For Salisbury Claims

Deep State Skank Of The UK ~ Theresa May

The British government continues to double down on allegations of a Russian chemical weapons attack using a “nerve agent” against targets in Salisbury. This continues despite mounting doubts about the narrative, including a lack of symptoms from any of the other nominally “exposed” people.

Russia, which has repeatedly expressed annoyance at the accusations, is getting even more direct about the matter. They are now insisting Britain must either offer real proof for the claims, or a public apologyfor blaming them.

Britain is unlikely to do either, with signs that they simply don’t have proof, and too many top officials committed to ever admit they were wrong. Since evidence (or indeed truth) were only ever secondary concerns, being wrong is not likely to be a serious impediment.

This is especially true because both the European Union and NATO have issued statements expressing “solidarity” with the British over the allegations. Even if they are wrong, British officials may take comfort in being in good company in their wrongness, and given the amount of acrimony between Britain and Russia, that may be all that matters to the government.

Russia Insider

President Putin Of The Russian Federation

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Source Article from https://politicalvelcraft.org/2018/03/21/russia-demands-apology-from-british-deep-state-theresa-may-for-salisbury-claims/

The Russian Collusion Delusion Is Over- CNN Owes the President An Apology

CNN is a shameful ally of the Deep State. Their lies about Trump’s collusion with Russia are over. The case has collapsed with the emergence of the infamous dossier. CNN owes President Trump an apology. Here is the complete story.



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Trump owes Netanyahu an apology for his Declaration on Jerusalem

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/12/27/trump-owes-netanyahu-an-apology-for-his-declaration-on-jerusalem/

UNLV President and Students Demand Apology From North Las Vegas Police

LAS VEGAS — There are new developments in the controversy over a video showing North Las Vegas Police riding motorcycles on the UNLV campus without permission and immediately after a Black Lives Matter spoken word event.
Students believe the officers were trying to intimidate them.

It happened on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday, the university’s president, Len Jessup, demanded an apology from police. On Thursday, the Black Lives Matter group came forward and also demanded an apology.

Vera Anderson was one of the poets speaking that night and she says that the police presence was out of place.
“Like what are you doing here? This is where students walk,” said Anderson.

Aaron Patty is the spokesperson for the North Las Vegas Police Department and says this is all just a big misunderstanding and officers had no idea that a Black Lives Matter event was taking place.
He says those motorcycle cops were just looking for a tight space to train in.

“This helps create an environment for them where they can do low-speed training in and around tight obstacles that’s challenging for them,” said Patty.

Anderson says she understands that officers need to train but she thinks they could have done so in a way that didn’t alarm the students on campus.

“I definitely think officers need to train, and they need to train on multi-cultural competence. They know black and brown people are afraid of them or think they might get hurt,” said Anderson. “So maybe when they saw all those black people, they could’ve stopped and said, ‘Hey we’re just doing some training.’ Instead, they said nothing.”

Officer Patty admits the department should have let UNLV know they would be there, but he stresses the fact that his officers in no way meant to offend anyone.

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Kathy Griffin Takes Back Apology for Fake Severed Trump Head ‘One Thousand Percent’

Kathy Griffin is back, again reminding the population about her time in the limelight a few months ago when she posed with fake, bloodied head of President Trump. Rather than rolling with her apology and moving on with her life, Kathy has decided to again revert to this angry spectacle by taking back her apology for the photo.

In an interview with the BBC World News program HardTalk, Griffin took back her previous apology for the photo “1,000 percent.” 



During the interview, Griffin made excuses for the photo by comparing it to her past vulgarity:

I’ve done many shocking things. When I won my first Emmy, I said, “Suck it, Jesus, because this award is my God now!” And you know, the conservatives took ads out in the papers. That’s what they like to spend their time and money on. So yes, I knew what I was doing.

Here, Griffin makes two absurd claims. First, that because she has done other disturbing things to rile people up in the past, that her photo with a fake beheading of President Trump is somehow not offensive. And second, that it’s a waste of conservatives’ time and money to speak out against her offensive actions. Griffin is trying to make a political statement here, claiming President Trump deserved such inhumane disrespect and condemning responses from conservatives. 

In reality, she came across as desperate for attention and even less relevant of a comedienne by bringing the photo back into media attention.

Not only is Griffin’s claim a ridiculous and offensive attempt to make herself relevant again, but the fake news-peddling Rolling Stone and other liberally biased media sources used this to sympathize with her.

After describing Griffin’s interview in an article entitled “Kathy Griffin Still Not Sorry Over Trump Photo: ‘I Knew What I Was Doing,” Rolling Stone’s Joyce Chen focused the rest of her piece on Trump and the media’s negative response to her photo, seemingly depicting Griffin as a blameless actor having to face an over-dramatized response. 

Chen proclaimed:

Since the image was first posted online in late May, Griffin said she has gotten death threats and hate mail, and still remains on a no-fly list after undergoing two months of federal investigation. CNN severed ties with her, and several of her tour dates were canceled[.]

Of course, Chen turned the article into a focus on the media’s treatment of Griffin rather than her blatant and continuous disrespect for President Trump. Further, Chen’s article is then padded with a quote by Griffin’s photographer, Tyler Shields, who apparently was surprised at the media’s response to the photo:

The day we realized this was going to be really crazy – I don’t remember if it was the day after, or a couple of days later – I called Kathy and I said to her: “Listen, this happened to the Dixie Chicks, if you remember, with the George W. Bush thing, and people were burning their albums, and driving over their albums or whatever.”

Sorry, but you don’t take photos like these, post them, and not expect the very reaction that ensued. The reaction was swift and appropriate, especially based on the very liberal-centric platform of political correctness, if not already solely based in the name of human decency.

By including this quote and ending her article with a reminder that “Trump broke her”, Joyce Chen successfully and artfully spun Kathy Griffin’s attention-seeking, offensive comments into a Trump and conservative hate-cry. And yet we’re supposed to feel sorry for her? No thanks.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/stephanie-schmitt/2017/11/09/kathy-griffin-takes-back-apology-fake-severed-trump-head-one