Antifa protesters set Genoa streets ablaze, face off with police (VIDEO)

According to local press, around 250 ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators threw smoke bombs, started fires and clashed with municipal police on Friday. It came after authorities prevented them from confronting a far-right rally organized by CasaPound, a neo-fascist political party named after American poet and Fascist sympathizer Ezra Pound.

Not ‘charisma’ or ‘cultural amnesia’ – Italians will vote for Berlusconi because they agree with him

Footage taken by Ruptly news agency shows fires and masked demonstrators blocking the city’s roadways. Local media reported that the demonstration lasted about three hours, but failed to prevent Simone Di Stefano, CasaPound’s leader, from speaking. There were no reported clashes between antifa activists and CasaPound supporters.

The Friday demonstration comes just two weeks after antifa activists protested a CasaPound rally in Italy’s southern city of Naples. Twenty people were arrested during clashes with police.

In July, around 2,000 activists protested the opening of a CasaPound office in Genoa. The demonstrators reportedly plastered a banner on the door of the far-right party’s new headquarters, reading “Close CasaPound. Get fascists out of the cities.”

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DNC Deputy Chair Poses With Antifa Handbook

Home » Discrimination, Immorality, North America, Politics » DNC Deputy Chair Poses With Antifa Handbook


Democratic National Committee Deputy Chair Keith Ellison endorsed Antifa on Wednesday, tweeting a picture of himself smiling with an Antifa handbook. This is bad! Wanna know why? Read here what in that Antifa Handbook… its 100% pure anti-white hatred.

Ellison posted a picture with “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and asserted that the book would “strike fear in the heart” of President Donald Trump.

Antifa is a far-left group that uses violence to achieve progressive political ends, including starting riots and fires at the University of California, Berkeley. While the group claims to be anti-Fascist, they routinely shut down the speech of people they disagree with.



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Anti-Christian antifa communist hit by car in Portland

Home » Communism, Justice, North America, Protests, Religion, Videos » Anti-Christian antifa communist hit by car in Portland


Maybe this was a sign from God? Or maybe not, who knows… but the communist protester did run towards the car without looking left & right so the driver should be perfectly clear but who knows after all in America, the land of Lucifer, everything abnormal is possible while everything normal is impossible…

So, a counter-protest in Portland staged against an event called ‘March for Jesus’ did not end well for one participant, who was hit by a pickup truck while running across the road.

The march was organized by a group called Patriot Prayer, led by a supporter of US President Donald Trump. Three activists who said they were part of the Antifa movement showed up to denounce the marchers as white supremacist trying to impose a religious worldview on America. The antifas advocated the “virtues” of communism through a megaphone.

Perhaps these people should be forcefully airdropped into North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba and enjoy the virtues of communism there.

The counter-protest, however, ended badly for one of the participants, who ran across the road and was hit by a pickup truck. The incident apparently resulted in a broken hip for the unlucky activist.



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  • LOL…Awesome.

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Idiot Antifa Communist-Lover Gets Himself Knocked Down by Truck While Protesting Christian Event in Portland (VIDEO)

Oregon antifa hit by car


The idiocy of those who espouse radical Marxist/Communist views was on full display yesterday in Portland, Oregon, USA, in more ways than one.

As a pro-Christian Christmas march got underway, a counter protest of few strident ‘anarchist Communists’ confronted them.

Referring to the cross symbol that the Christian group were carrying, one ‘communist’ claimed that it was a “known white supremacist symbol” and claimed that “them going around pushing their Christianity on people who aren’t necessarily Christian…their obsession with their holiday, their obsession with freedom of speech marks that they want to hurt people….these people have a disdain for human rights

Pot – kettle – black. With that level of logic, we’re mystified as to how such people manage to tie their own shoelaces.

Another Marxist/Anarchist luminary had this to say through his bullhorn:

Communism will win, that’s not a joke, that will happen. We must go down to single class society…democratic and anarchist communism will be the ideology of the future

But the real highlight of the event, and a fitting one we have to say, was when the person who made the comments about free speech attempted to traverse a road but instead had a close encounter with the hood of an evil capitalist car.

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Left-wing terror group Antifa responsible for deadly Amtrak derailment? Alt-left terror group has disturbing history of railway sabotage

Image: Left-wing terror group Antifa responsible for deadly Amtrak derailment? Alt-left terror group has disturbing history of railway sabotage

(Natural News)
Antifa is a radical anti-Trump, left-wing terrorism group that has been praised by CNN and the left-wing media, and now it looks likely that Antifa was responsible for the Amtrak train derailment south of Seattle, Washington which has so far killed at least six people and injured nearly eighty. (See evidence, below.) (Follow all the news on Antifa at

In August of this year, we proclaimed that Antifa should be declared a domestic terrorism organization. Yahoo News, a radical left-wing news cult staffed by delusional, obedient left-wing propagandists, went on to endorse the Antifa terrorist organization with a glowing review, joining fake news leader CNN which also endorsed Antifa as part of its effort to destroy America and overthrow the results of a democratic election that put Trump into office.

Not long after, undercover footage caught Antifa terrorism operatives planning to trap conservatives in “kill zones” where they could be dispatched with deadly weapons. In just the last two years, at least ten journalists have been violently assaulted by Antifa whackos, and left-leaning Whole Foods — now owned by “Dr. Evil” globalist Jeff Bezos — began promoting and profiting from the sales of terror-inspired Antifa gear. (Yes, Whole Foods is now part of the deranged radical Left, just like the Washington Post and CNN…)

Many of America’s leftist universities are now well documented to function as terrorist recruitment hubs for Antifa terrorist groups, and in September of 2017, the FBI and DHS finally officially classified Antifa as being engaged in “domestic terrorist” violence. One Antifa leader / recruiter has been identified as a college professor named Mike Isaacson who openly endorses “dead cops.”

Note that Antifa leaders and members routinely and openly call for extreme acts of violence against police, the government and Trump supporters, often justifying their death demands by claiming “violence is necessary” to convert America to a left-wing communist nation by murdering those who oppose their radical political views. Any who oppose Antifa are labeled “Nazis,” which is then used to justify their murder.

Antifa’s history of railway sabotage now comes to light with these shocking facts

Now, in the aftermath of the deadly Amtrak derailment in Dupont, Washington, we have learned shocking facts that point to Antifa’s role in the deadly terrorism act that has spilled blood in Washington:

  • Antifa sabotaged a train in Olympia, Washington, claiming the train was transporting fracking supplies. In true left-wing Antifa style, 20 – 30 protesters reportedly camped out on the railroad tracks to disrupt rail transport. They then hailed the disruption as a “victory” for left-wing “justice.” This was all covered in The Olympian, a local paper. The Washington Post, a radical left-wing anti-America publisher also owned by globalist Jeff Bezos, who owns the Whole Foods that profited from selling terrorist Antifa gear, published a glowing review of Antifa’s domestic terrorism activities, all but encouraging them to carry out more such acts.
  • The Antifa-echoing website Puget Sound Anarchists bragged about sabotaging trains in Washington, claiming, “During this week we attached wire and jumper cables to the main Union Pacific rail line running through the state of Nebraska to disrupt rail signals and delay trains that mainly carry coal from the mountainous west to population centers in the east. Inspiration for us came from the blockade in Olympia, Unist’ot’en camp in unceded Wet’suwet’en territory, and other actions large and small across turtle island. until the complete destruction of time itself, love and rage from the middle of nowhere…”
  • In early 2017, an Antifa website “published an article tacking credit for the sabotage of train tracks in Olympia, WA. In this article they claimed to have poured concrete on the tracks,” reports The Gateway Pundit.
  • The Antifa-linked left-wing website also bragged about pouring concrete on train tracks near Olympia, Washington. They have since removed the post, but it was originally found at this link. In typical left-wing rant fashion, this website explained, “This action was done to disrupt the movement of trains carrying proppants used in natural gas fracturing. These train tracks are part of a system of pipelines, fracking wells, mines, clearcuts, control centers, fiberoptics, dams, highways and factories that cover the planet and are physical manifestations of a process that is destroying the ecosystems, cultures, and inhabitants everywhere.”
  • The NY Post is now reporting that the deadly Amtrak derailment, “may have been caused by the train striking something on the railway,” as published at this link.

The left-wing terror WAR on America has begun

Through countless podcasts, videos and articles, I’ve repeatedly warned that the radicalization of the Left in America would lead to deadly acts of sabotage and terrorism. Now, it seems that war has begun in Washington, where the derailment of this train — in light of all the threats and sabotage that has been carried out by Antifa groups — is no mere coincidence.

Antifa has shifted to active domestic terrorism against America’s civilians. The insanity of left-wing universities and anti-Trump hysteria has reached a new level of extreme danger for innocent Americans. This derangement — whipped up by the late-night lunatic Jimmy Kimmel and other TV hate speech “entertainers” — is now placing all Americans in the path of the Left’s insatiable appetite for slaughter. Today it’s a commuter train… tomorrow it may be a jumbo jet, an airport or a sports stadium. There is no limit to what Antifa can justify carrying out, as they’ve already labeled any who oppose them “fascists” and therefore excused their murder.

In this way, the extreme Left in America has become a dangerous cult of deranged, delusional maniacs who see themselves as revolutionaries who seek the rise of communism to overthrow this nation’s existing government. Just yesterday, in fact, BuzzFeed’s U.K. science editor — a completely deranged lunatic named Kelly Oakes — tweeted, “All I want for Christmas is full Communism now.” As reported:

A spokesperson for BuzzFeed declined to comment on the matter. Oakes, who does not report to the website’s U.S.-based science desk, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Critics pointed out that Communism as practiced by the Soviet Union, China and North Korea has led to the deaths of over 100 million people, according to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

Keep in mind that this deranged lunatic is BuzzFeed’s science editor! Yes, to the Left, being a mentally deranged lunatic does not necessarily disqualify anyone from commenting on climate change, abortion or the genetics of biological gender. (That’s because the Left has completely abandoned all real science in favor of mob-mentality surges of screaming crybullies who make irrational demands while declaring they alone have a monopoly on “consensus” because of their sheer numbers.)

Media outlets that encouraged and promoted Antifa

The radicalized Left in America has become, at best, a hate group. At worst, it’s now a terrorist organization. And it has long enjoyed the support of left-wing media organizations and internet giants, including:

  • Yahoo! News
  • CNN
  • Washington Post
  • New York Times
  • The Huffington Post
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • BuzzFeed

These journo-terrorism organizations (and many more) continue to promote and encourage the maniacal violence of the deranged Left. From the recent irrational insanity over Net Neutrality to the outright hoax of “Russia collusion” with the Trump campaign, the deranged Left has devolved into an organized hate group that has now spurred its most extreme members — Antifa — to carry out deadly acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.

Should it be proven that the Amtrak derailment was a deliberate act of sabotage, all these left-wing media outlets will have been complicit in these tragic deaths. They contributed to the hatred and even published glowing articles about Antifa terrorists while refusing to denounce their tactics of violence and destruction. That’s why I’ve called the left-wing media “journo-terrorism.”

Arrest all Antifa members nationwide: Round them up, lock them up and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law

If it is established that Antifa deliberately sabotaged that Amtrak train, this realization should unleash a nationwide manhunt for all Antifa members and recruiters, including the ones on college campuses across the country. It’s time to arrest these domestic extremists and, for once, tell them that society will no longer tolerate their crybully tactics.

All members of Antifa should be rounded up, locked up and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (which should now include the charge of murder for those directly involved in Washington). If the police need assistance in this process, I have no doubt that millions of Americans would support activating the National Guard for this purpose. Some college campuses are truly terror recruiting hubs that need to be rooted out, cleaned out and restored to institutions of higher education.

We the People can no longer allow these deranged, dangerous Leftists to go unchallenged as they attempt to carry out acts of mayhem and murder across this nation (in the name of “justice” of course). They must be identified, arrested and imprisoned. These left-wing lunatics run the gamut from murderers to terrorists, and they openly despise democracy, liberty, the U.S. Constitution and any person exhibiting political opposition to their left-wing fascist goals.

In truth, these “anti-fascists” are themselves today’s most poignant echo of the Third Reich and its reign of terror over innocents. In their deranged quest to bring “justice” to America, Antifa members have become the very thing they claim to despise: Genocidal fascists who are a threat to everyone else in a civilized society. There’s one thing American soldiers learned in World War II that should be remembered today: The way to deal with genocidal fascists is to acknowledge the magnitude of the problem, make a plan of attack and go take them out until you’ve utterly destroyed their ability to continue operations. This needs to be done now in America, or we may lose this country to actual communists who are meticulously working to overthrow this nation from within.

Stay informed as this story unfolds. Here are some of the most important websites to keep reading. Avoid all mainstream media sites, as they are now almost universally working with the terrorists and are deliberately publishing fake news every day: – Covers Antifa actions and crimes. – Documents the crimes and mass mental illness of the “far left.” – Probably the best political news site on the web today, with a special knack for quickly exposing left-wing insanity. – Details the cult-like philosophies and activities of deranged Leftists. – A hard-hitting journalism site that has exposed many of the terror recruiters working inside America’s universities. – News about the mob mentality (and cult-like obedience demands) of the dangerous Left.



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Walmart now selling ‘Antifa’ fan gear

Antifa sweatshirt Walmart


Walmart is selling “Antifa” clothing that “will [allow you to] express yourself inside the opposition to the ideology, organizations, governments and people from the far right (fascism).”

The mega-retailer is offering at least 13 different sweatshirts “made in Mexico of 100% COTTON for all-day comfort” promoting the group whose activities were “formally classified” by the Obama Administration “as domestic terrorist violence” as early as April 2016, according to Politico, despite the group’s efforts to downplay this determination.

Antifa gear Walmart


“Antifa,” or Anti-Fascist Action, is an informal grouping of communist, anarchist, and other far-left street gangs. Drawing inspiration from the German Communist Party’s street fighters of the 1930s, the modern movement grew out of the European far-left punk scene in the 1980s. These unapologetically violent bands of leftists were largely unknown in the United States until recent years, when America’s post-Occupy Wall Street far-left began adopting the name.

Antifa is well known for dozens of violent crimes against people they consider “fascists” on both sides of the Atlantic. As Breitbart News’s Ian Mason cataloged, to Antifa, “fascists” include “in no particular order”:

Trump supporters, other Trump supporters, members of Germany’s populist AfD party, a 20-year-old woman who chose to wear a Spanish-flag bracelet, a Philadelphia free speech rally, former UKIP and Brexit leader Nigel Farage, libertarian VICE News co-founder Gavin McInnes, French policemen, and Israeli-owned bookstores. Interesting, a Salafist Muslim who attacked a “filthy white” Antifa writer because he disrespected Islam does not qualify.

None of this has stopped Antifa from receiving a rash of positive press from American left-leaning media outlets; acceptance from both Democratic politicians and Republicans like John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney; and, now, its own clothing collection at Walmart.

“Just remember to keep creating a better world,” the clothing advertisements encourage.

This glorification of Antifa was mirrored Friday by the New York Times, which published a fashion style guide for the group: “practical advice on how to dress for a riot.” In their guide, the Times explains why a uniform look is needed, from Breitbart News’s Charlie Nash:

“These defensive methods work only if there are enough black-clad others nearby. A single person in all black and multiple face masks is an eye grabber.”

Finally, the Times claimed that dressing in black militant gear and concealing your face forms an “emotional connection” with other rioters.

“Tactical considerations aside, it’s this emotional connection with other members of the bloc that many practitioners highlight the most in interviews,” they proclaimed. “It’s why soldiers and police have uniforms.”

Walmart has come under previous criticism for selling “Black Lives Matter” shirts and other items. Following a request from the national Fraternal Order of Police, the retail giant eventually removed one of the items last December, shirts that said “Bulletproof,” but refused to remove the rest.

As with the “Black Lives Matter” paraphernalia, the Antifa products are being sold by a third party manufacturer, in this case, Tee Bangers, on Walmart’s website.

Tee Bangers list as partners the following household names on their “About Us” page:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Disney
  • MTV
  • Nintendo
  • Harry Potter
  • Corona Extra (Beer)
  • DC Comics
  • Transformers
  • Star Wars
  • Sega
  • Playstation
  • Marvel

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Trump Supporter Hospitalized After Beaten Badly by Antifa Terrorists in Boston


Matthias Thorpe, a co-organizer for the Boston free speech rallies, was brutally attacked by a mob of Antifa on Friday evening — resulting in multiple fractures in his face.

Thorpe, 28, and a few friends had attended a discussion about Antifa featuring Mark Bray, the author of the Anti-Fascist Handbook at the Harvard Coop. He stated that they had not attended with intentions to shut down the event or disrupt it, but did ask meaningful questions about the implications of communism — such as asking if fascism that killed six million people is worse than communist fascism which has killed approximately 100 million people.

“He never answered my question, but people in the crowd recognized me because my picture was on one of the Antifa websites,” Thorpe told Gateway Pundit.

The group was eventually thrown out of the event as they lightly trolled towards the end, chanting “Trump” and “build the wall.”

Once outside, Thorpe said that he and his friends stuck around to attempt to have discussions with others who had attended. He stated that he had a few interesting interactions and everything was going reasonably well.

Around 9 p.m., as he was planning to leave, a woman walked out of the Coop, pointed to him and began shouting that he is a “Nazi.”

“Before I could even respond this girl tries to hit me, so I defend myself and all of a sudden someone came up behind me and grabbed me. There was a whole swarm of them around me punching me in the face,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe was being assaulted with the fists of a mob that he believes was “at least 7-10 people.” His assailants were not wearing masks.

Once he broke free, the group began mocking him and shouting things like “run Nazi, run,” leading to him running back into the group and throwing a punch. “The group came in and swarmed me again and began punching me over and over,” he said.

Eventually, Thorpe found himself on the ground, covered in blood, swollen and in a lot of pain. His face is fractured in three places — so severely that a bone completely detached. He will need to see a plastic surgeon to make sure that the bone does not drift away and repair itself improperly — but he does not have health insurance.

“What was interesting to me is that they did this right outside a store, in a main area of Harvard Square,” Thorpe explained. “They knew who I was and that’s why they attacked me.”

Thorpe has described the assault as a domestic terrorist attack and vowed to attempt to identify his attackers and pursue charges.

“I’m looking at this as a terrorist attack to be honest. It was a politically motivated attack, which I think in definition would be a domestic terrorist attack. I am going to try to go forward with prosecuting these people as much as I can, but I need to find video from the event,” Thorpe stated.

Thorpe hopes that people sharing his story will help put pressure on law enforcement to more heavily investigate Antifa.

“These people were bold enough to do this in a heavily populated area, what else are they bold enough to do?” Thorpe asked.



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FBI Claims It is Launching National Investigation Against Antifa


Antifa has always been the domestic terrorist group it is now. It is a collection of freaks and malcontents who encourage one another to up the ante. This is thanks to the implicit and explicit support and protection they traditionally enjoy from the media, local police forces and major Jewish organizations.

But they may be biting off more than they can chew. Their violence is radicalizing white people in America, especially now that they consider everyone who supports or voted for Trump a “Fascist.”

Here they are on tape planning to do a chemical attack on some DC Trump inauguration ball:

Here is an Antifa cell in Utah plotting to lure members of a college Young Republicans group into the parking lot to murder them:

They aim most of their brutality at unsuspecting cuckservatives and alt-lites. These groups are made up of weaklings who can’t or won’t defend themselves. Antifas know real nationalists will smash them when they try to kill us or violate our civil rights, as Charlottesville demonstrated.

It looks like the FBI is now starting to infiltrate their groups.

Washington Examiner:

Federal domestic terrorism investigators are probing “a number of” people animated by “kind of an Antifa ideology,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Thursday.

“We do have a very active domestic terrorism program,” Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee. “And while we’re not investigating Antifa as Antifa — that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies — we are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations where we have properly predicated subjects of people who are motivated to commit violent criminal activity on kind of an Antifa ideology.”

Wray stressed that while the FBI has about 1,000 open domestic terror investigations, none of them are focused on “ideology, opinion, or rhetoric,” and instead are based on threats.

The extreme left Antifa came to the fore of the national political debate in August, following a string of incidents between the left-wing activists and alt-right white supremacists, or right-wing speakers accused of white supremacy. Those protests and counter-protests culminated in violence at a rally staged by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., in which a counter-protester was killed when an individual who attended the rally drove a vehicle into a crowd of left-wing activists.

President Trump was criticized sharply, at the time, for emphasizing that there was violence “on both sides” at the rally, when the murder victim was a member of counter-protesters. The incident also put a spotlight on cases of Antifa threatening violence to stymie speeches by right-wing political figures, ranging from alt-right speakers such as Milo Yiannopoulos to conventional conservatives such as Ben Shapiro.

Antifa thuggery has had an interesting effect on the increasingly polarized American political consciousness. The J-left has more or less given up on any actual revolutionary ideas, now they dedicate all their time and resources to reactionary attacks on our rising protest movement. History will not be kind to them.

But the deep state supported communist paramilitary groups are getting big for their britches. Since Antifa sometimes attacks people the system is sending out to control the “right” like Ben Shapiro, the feds are going to have to start policing them.

Lastly, because every day folks are victimized by these scumbags and the police don’t arrest them, you are starting to see middle aged Evangelical Christians in the Breitbart comments section giving the thumbs up to “Nazis” who fight to take back our streets from the communists. The FBI really doesn’t like this.

If they don’t stop the communist paramilitary groups, America will soon be just one big street war between Nazis and communists like Weimar Germany. I believe this is inevitable no matter what they do. America is not sustainable in its current form, and this only gets worse by the minute.

All in all, Antifas are not used to being under actual surveillance. Many of them are confident that their rich connected parents (like Tim Kaine’s son) or the National Lawyer’s Guild will have their back if they get caught.

Rumors are already swirling that some of their ring leaders are being subpoenaed for their role in causing the Charlottesville riots.

If the FBI is genuinely scrutinizing them like they do the alt-right, they are screwed. The average unhinged criminal that tags along to Antifa events makes even the most autistic SIEGE-reading edgelord look like a model citizen.

Once protection and tolerance they enjoy from the state dissipates, they will find out what the working class really thinks about them.



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Evidence Suggests Two Shooters and Antifa Complicity in Sutherland Massacre

Within a week, there wil be yet another photo at the top of an article on this webiste, depicting a scene in which dozens more are killed in another false flag attack. There are 3 soft targets that I have identified as likely to be hit and these are schools, malls and of course churches. Both Paul Preston and myself believe that schools are next. Any area in America which is declared a gun-free-zone is now a top tier target for psyops Antifa-related assassins and an organized terror attack similar to what we saw in Vegas.

The Common Sense Show would like to offer our prayers and heart-felt sympathies to the loved ones, in regard to the horrific attack upon Christians in Sutherland, Texas, on November 5, 2017. May the Lord bring comfort to the grieving loved ones.

Here is comes America, the gun confiscators are showing up in mass and will use any excuse to sieze your guns. Here are two related headlines following the Texas shooting:

 MSNBC’s Jansing on Texas: This ‘Puzzles’ Foreign Countries Like Japan with ‘Restrictive Gun Laws’

— Rep. Gonzales: Texas Shooting ‘the 4th of 5th This Year that Could Have Been’ Prevented via Gun Control

The fact of the matter is that it took a citizen with a gun to put an end to this massacre. The mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was only stopped after an armed Texan “engaged the killer and put an end to the rampage, the Texas Rangers reported”.


Freeman Martin, a major in the Texas Rangers and a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, says the suspect dropped his rifle and fled after being confronted by a local man who had grabbed his rifle.

Freeman provided a timeline of the tragedy in a press briefing Sunday evening.

“At approximately 11:20 this morning a suspect was seen at a Valero gas station in Sutherland Springs, Texas,” Martin said. “He was dressed in all black. That suspect crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing at the church.”

“That suspect then moved to the right side of the church and then continued to fire,” he continued. “That suspect entered the church and continued to fire. As he exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged that suspect. The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger AR assault-type rifle and fled from the church.” 

“Our local citizen pursued the suspect at that time,” Freeman went on. “A short time later as law enforcement responded that suspect right at the Wilson/Guadalupe County line crashed out and was found deceased in his vehicle. At this time we don’t know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by the local resident. We know he’s deceased in the vehicle. “

The suspected killer is being reported as Devin Patrick Kelley. However, Freeman would reported, “The suspect has not been completely identified. We believe he’s a young white male, maybe in his early 20s. He was dressed in all black, tactical type gear and was wearing a ballistic vest.”

A local resident and neighbor of the good samaritan, Kevin Jordan, witnessed his as-yet unnamed neighbor put an end to the rampage, and possibly kill the shooter. Jordan is also a trained medical assistant and tended to the victims.” 

In Israel, teachers carry guns in schools and on to the playground.

Instead we are facing the following:

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. Ask the families of the one million genocidal victims how well gun control worked in Rwanda.


This was from Kelly’s Facebook page. It was mysteriously taken down within moments of the shooting. How could anyone have known to take this Facebook page that early into the event unless this person ws made known to Facebook ahead of time. This fact opens up a whole host of possibilities. I used to work with drug addicts trying to get probation from prison. Therefore, based my experience, I must state that this man in the picture is on drugs. Please note the “I am not there” look. I think it highly likely that both shooters, as evidenced by the comparative photos and surrounding circumstances, are Manchuraian Candidates (ie psyops assassins).

I am not letting go of the following report which surfaced within moments after the mass murder event in Texas and this was the account that I published on The Common Sense Show.

“The shooter’s name is being reported as Chris Ward. He has reportedly killed his entire family before launching the attack upon the church. I am not buying any more lone nut mass killers. We will find what we did with Paddock. Ward, or whomever,  will have been on psychotropic meds and is the perfect Manchurian Candidate.”


The above news report is convincing and is presented with conviction. And now, this has all disappeared. The authorities have their man. And of course, as always, it is a lone nut assassin with a paper trail that implicates him as the sole assassin. It is normally the case that the assassin does not survive and that is very convenient because dead men tell no tales. However, the above news report is highly suggestive of at least one other shooter and we don’t have to go the 4th floor to find muzzle flashes like we did in the Vegas massacre.

There is more potential evidence that is surfacing that suggests the presence of another shooter. First, we have a communication that demonstrates forethought of action which removes any typical “random act of violence” as a possible explanation.


Devin Kelley, who killed at least 27 people and injured many more, was one of two shooters in the church, according to eyewitnesses, who also report Kelley carried an Antifa flag and told the churchgoers “this is a communist revolution” before unloading on the congregation, reloading several times.  Please go to the following link to see a tweet about the fact that there was 2 shooters and that an Antifa flag was unveiled in the church. This is an unconformed report. However, it is important to note that this is the second account in which some measure of evidence is presented to indicate that this is a second shooter. My expert source tells me that a second shooter is often employed to ensure the primary assassin does not survive and plans are usually made to evacuate the “handler”.

Is this real? The way that we will know what was real, such as the case of the news report naming a “Chris Ward” as the shooter, is if the information begins to disappear. What is ignored by the MSM is what should be paid attention to.

As the reader will not in the following section of this report, I believe we are looking at an assassin that was part of a psyops.

Have you seen the clown face of the alleged assassin? If not, you should and then you should compare what you see to another mass murder that took place just over five years ago.

Paul Preston and I spoke late in the evening on November 5th. He directed me to the following Tweet and subsequent photo. Ask yourself a question America, where have we seen this before? While you are pondering the answer to this question, I will present this very telling Tweet. The answer to the question follows the Tweet.

Texas shooter part of the Insane Clown Posse. Carried Antifa flag into church before shooting and killing 26 Christians as they worshipped.

Here is the answer to the above quetion. His name is James “Joker” Holmes in what was left of his clown face. He was the infamous Dark Knight Batman shooter in Aurora, Colorado.  Compare the clown face of Holmes to Kelly. Please note the far away, “I am not here look”. The detached look is explained in detail in the following paragraphs as Holmes behavior was explained following his heinous act. Further, I am told that the clown look is part of the psyops approach to conditioning mass shooters into a state of automatic programming using classical conditioning (Pavlovian) techniqes. This is designed to elicit a conditioned response to a neutral stimulus designed to trigger the subject into carry our predetermined acts of violence.


On September 19, 2012, I published the following excerpts:

…PhD candidate, James Holmes, 24, residing in Aurora, Colorado,  acting with the precision and sophistication of a well-trained, killing-machine commando killed 12 people and wounded 59 as he opened fire at a Batman movie premiere The Dark Night Rising Yet, as many mainstream media outlets, including the BBC, are reporting that James Holmes had no criminal arrest record and had absolutely no military training in his known background, yet, Holmes had every detail of “what the police call tactical equipment. He wore a ballistic helmet, a flak jacket and gas mask, but also the gloves and breeches you would expect from a Swat team….”

…The media has hung its hat on two analyses and subsequent explanations for Holmes’ actions: (1) Holmes is a mentally ill mass murderer who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenic delusions; and, (2) this horrible tragedy could have been averted if only effective gun control measures were in place. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be any history of serious mental illness with regard to what the media is stating that Holmes most likely suffers from. Secondly, the paranoid schizophrenic argument loses steam because the killer abruptly stopped killing when he got outside the theatre where the perpetrator calmly sat down and peacefully surrendered to authorities as if to say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!” Are these actions consistent with a crazed mass murderer? I do not believe so. If the murderers intent was to kill as many innocent people as possible, then it appears likely that this rage would have continued outside the movie theater. Adrenaline alone, would’ve accounted for several more minutes added on to the killing rampage unless, of course, someone literally or metaphorically flipped a switch, MK Ultra style, which caused Holmes to shut down and passively surrender. Thirdly, the delusional beliefs and subsequent behavior of paranoid schizophrenics does not follow a calm, rational, predictable and methodical pattern of behavior which is exactly what we see in Holmes’ homicidal actions on that fateful night. The manifested behaviors of paranoid schizophrenics are normally preceded by disorganized and delusional thinking which causes the person to appear and act in an illogical and irrational manner. This is the opposite behavioral pattern of what we saw from James Holmes who carried out his act with the precision of a well-trained professional killer.

It is my considered opinion that the same psyops techniques that were used on Holmes were also utlized on Kelly. Police have identified Antifa member Devin Patrick Kelley as the Sutherland Springs Church Killer

I agree with Paul Preston, schools better tighten their security protocols.

This is the beginning of the TET Terror Offensive I warned was coming as long as three years ago. There is no turning back, we are in a full-fledged war.  So long as George Soros is allowed to walk freely among us, we will see more acts of violence such as this.

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