Sarah Silverman ‘Felt Very Weird,’ ‘Scared,’ ‘Shaken’ By Seeing American Flag Flown in Yard

Silverman: I had a boyfriend many years ago, he was my first boyfriend who had his own house, and one day I went outside to see what he was doing, and he was hoisting an American flag up the flagpole in his front yard. And I instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt this feeling of like, um, I felt scared – yeah, I felt scared. So I was like, ‘Uh, what are you doing?’ and he said, ‘Raising the flag,’ and I was like, ‘Why?’ and he’s like, ‘Um, because I love America?’ and I was like, ‘Right, right, of course.’ But inside I was shaken.

And then I calmly walked to my car and I got inside and I called my sister Susie to tell her what happened. Now, maybe you’re thinking, ‘What do you mean what happened? Nothing happened, your boyfriend put an American flag up at his own house.’ No, you’re totally right, I had no idea why I was freaking out. I just – I had this very visceral reaction and my sister, who knows shit because she’s a rabbi in Israel, explained to me, she was like, ‘Dude, nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews. Think about it: flags, marching, blind allegiance? These things tend to ring a bell for us.’ Right. Of course. Duh. It made sense.

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Oil Company ‘Man Camps’ in ND Terrorizing & Sex Trafficking Native American Kids and Adults


New Town, ND – The recent disappearance of a 32-year-old mother has shed new light on the growing problem of violence against women that live near the booming oil fields of North Dakota. Over a month ago, Olivia Lone Bear went missing from Fort Berthold Reservation and has not been heard from since.

In a recent interview, lawyer Mary Kathryn Nagle, who is helping the family with the investigation, pointed out that violence against women in this particular area has been steadily increasing since the oil companies came to town.

“We have the highest rates across the United States, again, in Indian Country, of violence, but in particular in North Dakota, where the rates of oil extraction have skyrocketed since 2005 in the Bakken oil boom. As a result of that, over 100,000 men from outside the state of North Dakota have moved to the state of North Dakota to live in man camps that the oil companies have set up. And unfortunately, as Senator Heidi Heitkamp has noted, as the former U.S. Attorney for the state of North Dakota has noted, the resulting rates of violence, drug of course, and crime and burglary have skyrocketed, but also in particular, domestic violence and sexual assault, including rape and sex trafficking,” Nagle said.

“Numerous leaders both at the state and federal level have now noticed that North Dakota—some of the towns in North Dakota within the Bakken boom and some within the Fort Berthold reservation, where Olivia is from, now some have some of the highest rates of sex trafficking in the United States,” she added.

Pop up trailer cities where tens of thousands of oil workers come to live have become known locally as “man camps.” These camps are filled with workers who have been shipped in from all over the country, and while the majority of them are just trying to take any job they can get in a tough economy, there is a very dangerous criminal element that goes unchecked in and around these camps.

According to the Boston Globe, there are over 35 corporations extracting oil and “man camps” that stretch for miles just on the Fort Berthold reservation alone. A 2013 report in the Bismark Tribune showed rates of crime increasing across the board in the state, with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem placing the blame directly on the growing oil industry and the camps that come along with it. More recent numbers show that the state’s crime rate increased by nearly 10% in 2015 and has stayed at that level, despite a slight increase of less than a percentage point in 2016.

North Dakota U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon told the AP that, “Our police and prosecutors are going to have to adapt to keep pace. We have organized criminal gangs selling drugs, sex trafficking, and out-of-state flim-flam men coming in. And the cases have become more and more complicated.”

Former Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Chief Grace Her Many Horses warned about these camps in a 2014 interview, saying that, “This tribal police department isn’t equipped to handle what’s going to happen out there when the Man Camp arrives. The infrastructure of the towns on this Indian reservation will be forced to expand then months later it will collapse onto itself. Because I’ve witnessed it doing just that… what I am saying up there in Newtown, ND. It’s going to be really scary. Realistically speaking, we’re going to need to setup a substation for the area nearest to the Man Camp, and we got have people on call 24 hours a day there too. I don’t know how we are going to deal with that just yet. We are overwhelmed as is stands right now. Once the Man Camp moves in…” 

She also revealed that young children have become targets of the sex traffickers and that local police commonly interact with registered sex offenders.

Sexual assaults on the male population has increased by 75% in that area. One of the things we ran into while working up there was a 15-year-old boy had gone missing. He was found in one of the Man Camps with one of the oil workers. They were passing him around from trailer to trailer….We found a crying, naked, four-year-old girl running down one of the roads right outside of the Man Camp. She had been sexually assaulted…We found thirteen sex offenders in one Man Camp and that Man Camp is found directly behind the tribal casino,” she said.

Tribal police departments are also prevented from having jurisdiction over the non-tribal crime, which has presented a major roadblock in solving these cases, especially since the issue does not seem to be a priority to non-tribal law enforcement. In 2015, the FBI opened a fully staffed office in the area, but in the two years that they have been around there has been no improvement, and now there is another missing person with no major leads from the agency.

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African American Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea in Parking Lot Cleared After Two Years

He was doing nothing other than standing in a parking lot and drinking a can of iced tea. But he found out that this can apparently get you arrested, all on it’s own.

Two men had been outside waiting for friends to arrive. They were standing in the parking lot outside of a state-owned ABC Liquor Store. One of those two men was Christopher Lamont Beatty. He was holding a canned beverage, while his friend, Tino Brown, was on his cell phone.

A unidentified and ununiformed man came up to Beatty and demanded to know what he was drinking. The man said he was “the police”, but failed to produce any badge or identifying proof that he was a member of law enforcement.

The ununiformed cop said he was sure the two were drinking alcohol. In reality, however, Tino Brown’s drink turned out to not be alcohol at all. Beatty, for his part, had refused to hand his drink over. He showed it to the unidentified officer, proving that it was only an AriZona-brand drink, “Half-and-Half” iced tea and pink lemonade — not alcohol.

The unidentified stranger told Beatty was under arrest. It turned out this guy actually was a cop, an Alcohol and Beverage Control Law Enforcer, Rick Libero. Officer Libero threw Beatty face-down to the concrete in handcuffs.

Watch the video of the entire incident below…

Prosecutors pressured Beatty to accept a plea deal, but he held out and now he has finally been vindicated. According to the Fayetteville Observer, the Cumberland County District Court Judge Lou Olivera decided to dismiss the charges against Beatty last Thursday. Judge Olivera said that the stop was unconstitutional and that the officer had no reasonable suspicion to stop and question Beatty.

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Paul Craig Roberts Calls the American Government the Most Corrupt Ever!

Paul Craig Roberts is a former Reagan aministration offiical. He has a great amount of experience in and out of government. Roberts says that our government is hopelessly corrut. After you listen to the following, tell us what you think?

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Top African-American Pastor Blasts Mainstream Media and US Govt for Ignoring the New Slave Trade


On the same day TFTP detailed how failed US foreign policy allowed slavery to be reborn, Megachurch Pastor and author T.D. Jakes called on his followers to get involved and take action to stop Libyan slave trading.

In a Facebook post, T.D. Jakes Ministries wrote:

The slave trade that is going on in Libya, and even globally, is an atrocity that has to STOP. We, as a people have to partner together to put an end to this horrific disregard for human life.

As TFTP reported on Tuesday, not only has the United Nations confirmed the active buying and selling of migrants in Libya but the president of Ivory Coast, also harshly condemned the practice, calling on those traders to be tried in the world International Criminal Court.

For his part, Jakes, who is also a best selling author and filmmaker, is calling on his followers as well as anyone who will listen to get involved and not be a passive sideline spectator to slave trading. He wrote:

Here are a few ways you can help:

—Use YOUR voice (Social Media, your community, etc.) to raise awareness!

—Support organizations that give aid to countries from which migrants are fleeing.

—Contact your local officials and become an advocate in the fight against slavery & human trafficking.

We have got to say something…we CANNOT be silent.

Additionally, T.D. Jakes Ministries uploaded an accompanying video, using CNN and Euronews footage which reportedly shows slaves being sold for as little as $400. “The bad old times are back, and I wanna challenge you to say something. Why are we not hearing more about this on the press, in the paper, in the news?” Jakes asks. “Let our voice be heard. Repost. Do everything you can. We’ve got to say something. We cannot be silent. Not again,” he added.

Libyan Slave Trade

The slave trade that is going on in Libya, and even globally, is an atrocity that has to STOP. We, as a people have to partner together to put an end to this horrific disregard for human life. Here are a few ways you can help:—Use YOUR voice (Social Media, your community, etc.) to raise awareness! —Support organizations that give aid to countries from which migrants are fleeing.—Contact your local officials and become an advocate in the fight against slavery & human trafficking. We have got to say something…we CANNOT be silent. #Libya #HumanTrafficking #SlaveryInLibya

Posted by T.D. Jakes Ministries on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

As we reported earlier this week, Muammar Gaddafi’s decision to create a gold currency Dinar was the impetus NATO, France, and the U.S. needed to fuel the uprising President Obama championed as the “Arab Spring.” The revolt led to Gaddafi’s assassination and the assurance the central banking system would remain in place, posing no threat to the U.S. dollar. Then-Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton commented on his death jokingly saying, “We came, we saw, he died.”

As TFTP reported last year, declassified emails revealed that NATO killed Gaddafi to stop the Libyan creation of a gold-backed currency. It is also important to note that no matter who would have been in office, this plan would’ve been carried out as it is the standard operating procedure of US foreign policy. A gold-backed currency is a threat to the establishment who knows no party lines.

Once again, just like Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. foreign policy (collusion and meddling) in Libya resulted in the overthrow of the country’s leader and created unimaginable instability, not only in the country but also the region. Libya was once known as the most peaceful and civilized nation in Africa. Now, Libyan slave trading stands as proof the United States either did not think far enough ahead or could not care less what happens when they help insurgents overthrow a country.

Coupled with the Syrian civil war (also overwhelmingly supported and funded by the U.S.) the Libyan, Iraqi, Syrian conflicts (among others around the world) led to the largest human migration the world has witnessed in some time. After Italy began paying human smugglers not to import more immigrants into Italy, those same smugglers began selling their surplus product (humans) to the highest bidders.

As the UN’s director of Migration (IOM) Othman Belbeisi told reporters in November:

If you go to the market and you can pay between 200 and 500 dollars to get a migrant that will work with you on your daily jobs or support your work. After you buy, this person is handed over to you, again then it becomes your responsibility. Many of them escape, many of them are kept in bondage, and many of them are even imprisoned inside an area where they are forced to work on daily basis.

We reached out to Pastor T.D. Jakes for comment and are awaiting a response. We will update our story when and if we have a chance to interview him. Jakes joins other leaders around the world decrying a story the mainstream media is largely avoiding. Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara called on the International Criminal Court on Saturday to indict criminals who are selling black African migrants in Libyan slave markets. “I‘m shocked. I think it’s unacceptable, disgusting,” he declared.

Pastor T.D. Jakes serves as senior pastor of The Potter’s House Church in Dallas, TX. According to his bio on Amazon, “T. D. Jakes is the CEO of TDJ Enterprises, LLP; founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas, Inc., which has over 30,000 members; and the author of the New York Times bestselling Making Great Decisions and Reposition Yourself. Time magazine and CNN referred to him as “America’s Best Preacher.” His TV show, The Potter’s Touch, reaches 67 million households per month. He has been the host of national radio and television broadcasts and is regularly featured on the highly rated Dr. Phil show. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, five children, and two grandchildren.”

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Study shows obesity epidemic in U.S. worsening as now more than HALF of all American kids will develop the condition

Image: Study shows obesity epidemic in U.S. worsening as now more than HALF of all American kids will develop the condition

(Natural News)
Despite a renaissance in organic foods and more information available than ever before about how to eat clean and avoid toxic, prepackaged, GMO-laden menus, America’s insatiable appetite for unhealthy fare grows — along with our waistlines.

According to the most recent figures, more than half of all children in the country — 57 percent — are on pace to become part of the obesity epidemic that is sweeping not just the United States but the West in general.

As reported by Agence France Presse, researchers found that the majority of American kids will become obese by the time they reach the age of 35 unless there are dramatic changes not only in personal dietary habits but also public health policies.

A report published in the New England Journal of Medicine noted that the risk of becoming obese is high even among kids who are, are present, at a normal weight.

“Only those children with a current healthy weight have less than a 50 percent chance of becoming obese by the age of 35 years,” said the study, which was conducted by a Harvard University research team.

Currently, roughly 36.5 percent of the American adult population is considered officially obese, which federal health officials have determined consists of a body mass index of 30 or more.

This is big and growing problem — pun intended — because already the obesity epidemic costs the U.S. economy some $147 billion a year in added medical expenses, lost productivity and other economic factors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Adult obesity is linked with increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer,” noted Zachary Ward, an analyst and lead study author at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“Our findings highlight the importance of prevention efforts for all children as they grow up, and of providing early interventions for children with obesity to minimize their risk of serious illness in the future.”

The Harvard team based its study on a simulation model that forecast upcoming trends based on information about height and weight drawn from five nationally represented studies involving more than 41,000 kids and adults.

“Obesity will be a significant problem for most children in the U.S. as they grow older,” said the report. “Of the children predicted to have obesity as adults, half will develop it as children.”

Previous research has found that excessive weight gain as a child is difficult to reverse once that child becomes an adult. Researchers have discovered that among overweight toddlers at the age of two, three-quarters of them will grow up to be obese as well.

Only one in five kids who are currently obese — 4.5 million — will grow up to be a normal weight. (Related: Fatty liver disease on the rise in children—from too many sweet treats.)

There are also racial and ethnic disparities among obese children, researchers have found. Black and Hispanics are more likely to become obese than white children, and that trend also follows them into adulthood.

“It is critically important to implement policies and programs to prevent excess weight gain, starting at an early age,” noted senior author Steven Gortmaker, professor of the practice of health sociology at Harvard.

“Plenty of cost-effective strategies have been identified that promote healthy foods, beverages, and physical activity within school and community settings.”

Also, independent media like are leading the way in educating millions about the positive impact a clean, healthy diet can have on long-term health.

Obesity dramatically increases cardiovascular disease and diabetes, both of which lead to increased healthcare costs, especially to taxpayers who fund public health entitlements like Obamacare and Medicaid. Public policies that reward and encourage proper diets would go a long way towards lowering the cost of administering public health programs.

But something has to be done; it’s insane to continue funding and expanding these programs without requiring those who are on them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:



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‘American Mercenaries Are Torturing’ Saudi Elite???

‘American Mercenaries Are Torturing’ Saudi Elite???

November 23rd, 2017

It’s the Daily Mail, so…

Via: Daily Mail:

Saudi princes and billionaire businessmen arrested in a power grab earlier this month are being strung up by their feet and beaten by American private security contractors, a source in the country tells

The group of the country’s most powerful figures were arrested in a crackdown ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman three weeks ago as he ordered the detention of at least 11 fellow princes and hundreds of businessmen and government officials over claims of corruption.

Just last month, the Crown Prince vowed to restore ‘moderate, open Islam’ in the kingdom and relaxed a number of its ultra-conservative rules, including lifting a ban on women driving. can disclose that the arrests have been followed by ‘interrogations’ which a source said were being carried out by ‘American mercenaries’ brought in to work for the 32-year-old crown prince, who is now the kingdom’s most powerful figure.

‘They are beating them, torturing them, slapping them, insulting them. They want to break them down,’ the source told

‘Blackwater’ has been named by’s source as the firm involved, and the claim of its presence in Saudi Arabia has also been made on Arabic social media, and by Lebanon’s president.

The firm’s successor, Academi, strongly denies even being in Saudi Arabia and says it does not engage in torture, which it is illegal for any U.S. citizen to commit anywhere in the world.

The Saudi crown prince, according to the source, has also confiscated more than $194 billion from the bank accounts and seized assets of those arrested.




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