Waterspout captured on camera off Fort Morgan, Alabama

FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin provides these images of a waterspout seen from the beach at Fort Morgan.


FOX10 News viewer Sam Sumlin shared these pictures and a video clip with us after he encountered a waterspout while he was on the beach on the Fort Morgan peninsula Saturday morning.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/386029-Waterspout-captured-on-camera-off-Fort-Morgan-Alabama

Black woman left topless as Alabama police throw her to floor in Waffle House arrest (VIDEO)

Police launched an internal inquiry into the arrest of 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons in the middle of the local Waffle House on Sunday morning. The officers were captured on camera using force against the young woman and even threatened to break her arm if she continued to resist arrest.

The video, filmed by Clemons’ friend, Canita Adams, shows an officer talking to the woman before it cuts to her being brutally dragged from her chair and thrown to the ground. As Clemons cried that she had done nothing wrong and vocally protested the officers’ actions, the woman’s top slipped down, exposing her breasts. The officers, nevertheless, continued to handcuff her.

“What am I doing wrong? What did I do wrong?” she asks. At one point during the heated exchange, one of the officers appears to be physically threatening toward Clemons. “I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do,” he says.

The video has gone viral and was shared on YouTube. The original footage, which Adams downloaded on her Facebook page, has since vanished, with Adams saying that the social media platform keeps deleting it. The friend of the arrested woman even launched an online campaign to raise money for legal fees. 

Clemons was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and was released on $1,000 bail. Her mother, Chiquitta Clemons-Howard, told Al.com the whole situation stemmed from an argument her daughter had with a Waffle House cashier, who told her that she had to pay 50 cents for plastic utensils.

After Clemons refused to do so, arguing that she had not been charged anything at the same cafe on the previous night, the employee cancelled her order. Clemons then asked for the district manager’s contact details to relay her complaints. While the 25-year-old was waiting for the employee to return with the card, police stormed into the restaurant and arrested her.

Waffle House has since defended the decision of its employee to call the police, while insisting that the way things developed “differs significantly” from Clemons’ version. 

Police also said that the case is in no way linked to plastic utensils. While an investigation into the incident is still underway, at a Monday news conference detective Brian Mims cited witnesses as saying that the women had been intoxicated. Staff asked them to leave because they had brought alcohol, according to media reports citing the officer. 

At one point, Clemons began arguing with employees and reportedly used offensive language and threatened to “shoot this place.”

The way the officers handled the case was criticized by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) chapter in Mobile County. NAACP President David Smith said in statement that he was “disturbed” by the officers’ conduct. 

READ MORE: Protests shut down Philadelphia Starbucks over arrests of black men

Smith revoked another seemingly bizarre arrest of two black men in Starbucks in Philadelphia for alleged trespassing. The incident triggered protests and even forced the coffee giant to close all of its cafes in the US for one afternoon on May 29 to educate employees about racial bias. 

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/usa/424979-woman-arrested-waffles-house/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

A ‘David and Goliath situation’: How New York City poop became a rural Alabama town’s problem



The unbearable stench of some 150 rail cars filled with human waste has pushed a small town in rural Alabama into the international spotlight. It turns out the toxic sludge came from New York City, over 1,000 miles away.

Since January, freight cars filled with human waste and other “sludge” from New York City and nearby New Jersey have been piling up at the rail yard in Parrish, Alabama, about half an hour’s drive northwest of Birmingham. The town of less than 1,000 residents has been overwhelmed by the stench.

“It smells like dead bodies,” one resident told WVTM, a Birmingham-based CNN affiliate, in mid-March. Other locals compared the smell to rotting animals.

“It greatly reduces the quality of life,” Mayor Heather Hall told CNN. “You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here.”

The rail yard is “right next door to our softball and baseball fields and right across the street from houses,” Hall told Canadian radio. “It’s a very small town.”

Parrish sprung up around the railroad, built to service the area’s coal mines. The small community celebrates a “Coal Fest” every April. Since January, however, having a large rail yard has turned into a curse for the town.

Since April 2017, Big Sky Environmental, a private landfill in nearby Adamsville, has had a contract to dispose of sludge brought in from New York by train. As there is a daily limit to how much can be dumped, the excess rail cars were stored near the town of West Jefferson – until the local authorities filed an injunction against Big Sky in January.

The nearest suitable rail yard turned out to be in Parrish. The cars came, and “kept coming and coming and coming,” Hall said. At one point, there were 252 containers filled with waste at the railway yard. That has since been reduced to 150, but it might take weeks to get rid of all of them.

“The one saving grace we have right now is because it has been so cold,” Hall said. But spring is coming.

Some 1,000 miles northeast is New York City, with 8.5 million inhabitants who produce almost 1,200 tons of “biosolids” every day, according to the city authorities. Biosolids are defined as “solid organic matter recovered from the sewage treatment process.” Some of it gets used as fertilizer, but the rest is sent to landfills such as the one owned by Big Sky in rural Alabama.

When Hall complained to state and federal officials, they told her the waste posed no health hazard for the residents of Parrish. She feels like her poor, rural community is being taken advantage of by Big Sky and New York City alike.

“It’s a bit of a David and Goliath situation that we have,” she told the CBC.

One would think such a story would inspire solidarity among those Americans critical of big corporations and standing up for the little guy. No such luck.

Many coastal liberals consider Alabama a “deep red” state that voted for President Donald Trump in 2016, and therefore deserves being drowned in New York City excrement. When the story of Parrish’s poop problems made headlines, they were all too happy to mock the troubled town on Twitter.

RT has reached out to Big Sky for comment.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/382169-A-David-and-Goliath-situation-How-New-York-City-poop-became-a-rural-Alabama-towns-problem

Dr Duke & Dr Hill – Who Does the Media Hate more – David Duke or Louis Farrakhan? & Big Rally in Alabama on April 7 – Join Us!

Dr Duke & Dr Hill – Who Does the Media Hate more – David Duke or Louis Farrakhan? & Big Rally in Alabama on April 7 – Join Us!


Today Dr. Duke had as his guest for the hour Dr. Michael Hill, the leader of the League of the South. They discussed the insightful African-American gentleman Louis Farrakhan, who has been much in the news lately. While Dr. Duke and Dr. Hill agreed that Minister Farrakhan has made anti-white statements in the past, he has correctly spoken of the corrosive role played by Jews in the degradation of both whites and blacks in the United States.

They talked about the history of race relations in America, and in the south in particular. They discussed the very different and much more organic views of black nationalist Marcus Garvey, who clashed with the Jewish-sponsored W.E.B. DuBois in the early 20th Century. They also talked about the upcoming events sponsored by the League of the South in Alabama on April 7.

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Here is the source of George Galloway praising the Jewish Communist involvement in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa:

“Are you a racist? By George Galloway”—Listen to Dr. David Duke’s Insight on Galloway’s Comments!


Here is Mark Collett’s most recent video:

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Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-dr-hill-who-does-the-media-hate-more-david-duke-or-louis-farrakhan-big-rally-in-alabama-on-april-7-join-us/

The Latest: Governors from Alabama, Texas speak after crash

LOXLEY, Ala. (AP) — The Latest on the crash of a tour bus that was returning to Texas from Disney World (all times local):

5:35 p.m.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records show the company that owns the bus that crashed in Alabama was involved in four other crashes in the past two years, one involving a fatality and three others without deaths or injuries.

First Class Tours Inc. said driver Harry Caligone was killed Tuesday when its bus carrying Texas high school students home from a Disney World trip crashed in Alabama. Caligone was not the driver in the previous crashes.

According to a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, one of the company buses failed to yield the right of way in May 2017 in Houston, fatally striking a pedestrian in a crosswalk as the bus turned left.

Other reports also show: a bus driver was given a warning citation in Houston in January for turning right too wide after the bus and an SUV collided; in August 2017, a bus was hit from behind in traffic in Sugar Land, near Houston; in March 2016 a man driving an SUV was cited for an unsafe lane change in front of a bus in Houston after their vehicles collided.


4:50 p.m.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey says she’s talked with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about the crash of a Texas-bound charter bus carrying a high school band.

Ivey says she told Abbott her office will do whatever it can to assist, particularly those from Channelview High School near Houston.

The bus carrying 40 students and six adults from Channelview crashed early Tuesday on Interstate 10 nearly the Alabama-Florida line. The driver died and about three dozen others went to hospitals.

Ivey says she and state law enforcement will continue to monitor the situation. She says Abbott thanked her for the state’s assistance.


3:55 p.m.

The Alabama Department of Transportation says both lanes of Interstate 10 have reopened hours after a tour bus crash that killed the driver and injured about three dozen others, mostly teenagers.

The agency said the final detour was removed Tuesday afternoon, about 10 hours after the early morning accident.

The wreck happened in a rural area on the Gulf Coast between Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida.

Authorities say a bus carrying members of a high school band from the Houston, Texas, area crashed while returning home from Disney World.


1:50 p.m.

A bus carrying Texas students whose bandmates were involved in the wreck of another bus on Interstate 10 in Alabama has returned to a Houston-area high school.

The bus pulled into Channelview High School east of Houston under police escort Tuesday afternoon.

The bus was one of two carrying the school band and chaperones back from a band competition at Disney World in Florida.

The other bus careened off the interstate early Tuesday in Alabama and down a ravine before toppling onto its side. The driver of the bus was killed and about three dozen others were hurt, mostly teenagers.

The bus that returned to the school later in the day was driven past a throng of reporters and into a part of the school campus out of public view.


12:45 p.m.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration records show that in past two years, the company that owns the bus the crashed in Alabama has been involved in four other crashes, with one of those also involving a fatality.

No one was injured or killed in the other three crashes involving First Class Tours Inc. The agency’s records don’t indicate fault.

The driver was killed Tuesday morning when a bus carrying Texas high school students returning home from a Disney World trip plunged into a ravine near the Alabama-Florida line. Many others were injured.

According to a Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report, the previous crash involving a fatality took place in May 2017 in Houston, when one of the company’s buses failed to yield the right of way as it turned left and fatally struck a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk.


10:10 a.m.

An Alabama state trooper says the driver was killed when a tour bus carrying Texas high school students home from a Disney World trip plunged into a ravine.

Many others were injured in the Tuesday morning crash near the Alabama-Florida line on Interstate 10. About 45 people were aboard the bus.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack says the bus entered the median on Interstate 10 and then fell into the 50-foot (15-meter) ravine. It wasn’t immediately clear why.


10 a.m.

The company whose tour bus was carrying Texas high school students home from a Disney World trip when it plunged into a ravine near the Alabama-Florida line says it pledges its assistance in cooperating with authorities.

One person was killed in the Tuesday morning crash and many others were injured. In a statement, First Class Tours says their prayers are with the injured and their families.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack says the bus entered the median on Interstate 10 and then fell into the 50-foot (15-meter) ravine Tuesday at about 5:30 a.m. It wasn’t immediately clear why.


9:40 a.m.

A sheriff says about 45 people were on board a bus that was carrying Texas high school students home from a Disney World trip when it plunged into a ravine near the Alabama-Florida line, killing one.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack says all of the people on board were brought to 10 hospitals in Alabama and Florida.

The sheriff says the bus entered the median on Interstate 10 and then fell into the 50-foot ravine Tuesday at about 5:30 a.m. It wasn’t immediately clear why. The interstate was closed down in both directions after the crash.


9:05 a.m.

One person is dead after a charter tour bus carrying students on a school trip from Houston, Texas, plunged into a ravine near the Alabama-Florida line.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack confirmed the death Tuesday morning while talking to new reporters.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Major Anthony Lowery said the bus plunged off Interstate 10 into a deep ravine early Tuesday and multiple helicopters responded.

WKRG-TV is reporting that 12 to 20 people have been injured, and that officials say the bus was returning to Houston from a school trip.


7:35 a.m.

Authorities in Alabama say a charter tour bus carrying students on a school trip from Houston, Texas, has plunged into a ravine, with multiple injuries reported.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Major Anthony Lowery said the bus plunged off Interstate 10 into a deep ravine Tuesday morning, and multiple helicopters are responding.

WKRG-TV is reporting that 12 to 20 people have been injured, and that officials say the bus was returning to Houston from a school trip.

WEAR-TV reports that the charter bus was carrying at least 52 people and the crash happened around 6 a.m.

Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack says both lanes on the interstate have been closed. Traffic has been diverted and Alabama State troopers are asking people to avoid the area.

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/latest-1-death-reported-alabama-tour-bus-crash-140552638.html

Alabama Rape Victim Committed Suicide After Being ‘Bullied’ By Police Protecting Wealthy Alleged Attacker

The family of an honors student who was, “mistreated by Tuscaloosa police, the university, and DCH Regional Medical Center” before committing suicide, will be suing the University of Alabama.

Megan Rondini, a 3.8 GPA student who had received a coveted spot in a special MBA program for high achievers in STEM fields, hanged herself in February 2016 after allegedly being raped by “one of the wealthiest men in Tuscaloosa,” according to a bombshell expose by Buzzfeed News.

“Megan couldn’t remember how she ended up in Sweet T’s white Mercedes on the way to his ornate mansion, decorated with his choicest hunting conquests, from massive-tusked elephant and wide-mouthed hippo heads to taxidermied lions and leopards,” Buzzfeed reported.

“Sweet T” allegedly referred to to T.J. Bunn, Jr. of the ST Bunn Construction family, who claim to have paved every street in Tuscaloosa.

“‘Was it consensual?’ Megan’s friend asked her when she picked her up that night, the friend told investigators. ‘Like, did you want to?’ No, Megan told her. She didn’t.”

“That’s why they went to the hospital for a forensic exam, even though it was the middle of the night and Megan had just run away from Sweet T’s mansion by climbing out of his second-story window. Afterward, instead of going to sleep, she met with law enforcement for an interview,” Buzzfeed reported. “Megan never imagined that she would soon be cast as a criminal, or that investigators would view Sweet T — really T.J. Bunn Jr., son of an influential Tuscaloosa family — as the true victim. But that’s exactly what happened.”

“Bunn has sandy brown hair, a boyish face, and a preppy wardrobe: The night he picked Megan up, he was wearing khakis and brown alligator shoes. He’s sometimes referred to as an ’employee’ of ST Bunn Construction, but it’s unclear what he does there,” Buzzfeed wrote. “A 2012 Tuscaloosa News profile published after former governor Bentley appointed Bunn to Alabama’s Conservation Advisory Board focuses on his many hunting accomplishments — he’s even killed the African ‘big five’ — but there’s not much other information about him available, other than records relating to a 2013 DUI arrest.”

Records show, “Bunn sued the director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety after his driving privileges were taken away, claiming he would ‘suffer irreparable harm’ if his license was suspended because he would be ‘unable to drive to work and will lose his job’ at his family’s company. Bunn got his license back.”

“Megan was loved by everyone who came in contact with her. Her loss is everyone’s loss. Title IX, the University of Alabama, the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s department and the overall judicial system in Tuscaloosa let her down on every level,” Birmingham lawyer Leroy Maxwell, Jr. — who represents the victim’s parents, told AL.com. “Through litigation our firm is committed to doing everything in our power to shine a light on Tuscaloosa’s systemic problem with sexual assault.”

“Bunn insisted he and Megan had consensual sex. In a statement provided by his lawyer, Bunn reiterated that he was never charged with a crime and said it would be ‘improper to say anything further about a young woman, who was clearly troubled, that could cause pain for a family dealing with grief,’” Buzzfeed reported. “Under Alabama’s archaic rape law, victims must prove they ‘earnestly’ resisted their attackers, and the investigator who interviewed Megan quickly decided she hadn’t fought back against Bunn — she hadn’t ‘kicked him or hit him,’ he explained. His investigation would conclude that no rape occurred. But he didn’t stop there. Instead, he started building a case against Megan, questioning her for multiple crimes she wasn’t even aware she had committed.”

Buzzfeed learned that in Tuscaloosa, “only 10 cases out of 98 se-xual assault reports in 2016 were heard by a grand jury, and 12 out of 124 from 2015.”

Source: http://bloomsmag.com/alabama-rape-victim-committed-suicide-after-being-bullied-by-police-protecting-wealthy-alleged-attacker/

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Filming Cops

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Alabama Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To Exempt Gold And Silver From Taxation: Constitutional Money

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Feb. 8, 2018) –  Earlier today, the Alabama Senate unanimously passed a bill that would exempt the sale of gold and silver bullion from state sales and use tax, encouraging its use and taking the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

Sen. Tim Melson (R-Florence) introduced Senate Bill 156 (SB156) on Jan. 11. The legislation would exempt the gross proceeds from the sale of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion in the form of bars, ingots or coins from sales and use tax in the state for five years after the date of enactment.

The Senate passed SB156 by a 26-0 vote.

similar bill is moving through the Alabama House.

Imagine if you asked a grocery clerk to break a $5 bill and he charged you a 35 cent tax. Silly, right? After all, you were only exchanging one form of money for another. But that’s essentially what Alabama’s sales tax on gold and silver bullion does. By removing the sales tax on the exchange of gold and silver, Alabama would treat specie as money instead of a commodity. This represents a small step toward reestablishing gold and silver as legal tender and breaking down the Fed’s monopoly on money.

We ought not to tax money – and that’s a good idea. It makes no sense to tax money,” former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul said during testimony in support an Arizona bill that repealed capital gains taxes on gold and silver in that state. “Paper is not money, it’s fraud,” he continued.

The proposed law’s impact would go beyond mere tax policy. During an event after his Senate committee testimony, Paul pointed out that it’s really about the size and scope of government.

“If you’re for less government, you want sound money. The people who want big government, they don’t want sound money. They want to deceive you and commit fraud. They want to print the money. They want a monopoly. They want to get you conditioned, as our schools have conditioned us, to the point where deficits don’t matter.”

Practically speaking, eliminating taxes on the sale of gold and silver would crack open the door for people to begin using specie in regular business transactions.This would mark an important small step toward currency competition. If sound money gains a foothold in the marketplace against Federal Reserve notes, the people would be able to choose the time-tested stability of gold and silver over the central bank’s rapidly-depreciating paper currency.


The United States Constitution states in Article I, Section 10, “No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.” States have simply ignored this constitutional provision for years. It’s impossible for a state to return to a constitutional sound money system when it taxes gold and silver as a commodity.

This Alabama bill takes a step towards that constitutional requirement, ignored for decades in every state. Such a tactic would set the stage to undermine the monopoly of the Federal Reserve by introducing competition into the monetary system.

Constitutional tender expert Professor William Greene said when people in multiple states actually start using gold and silver instead of Federal Reserve Notes, it would effectively nullify the Federal Reserve and end the federal government’s monopoly on money.

“Over time, as residents of the state use both Federal Reserve notes and silver and gold coins, the fact that the coins hold their value more than Federal Reserve notes do will lead to a “reverse Gresham’s Law” effect, where good money (gold and silver coins) will drive out bad money (Federal Reserve notes). As this happens, a cascade of events can begin to occur, including the flow of real wealth toward the state’s treasury, an influx of banking business from outside of the state – as people in other states carry out their desire to bank with sound money – and an eventual outcry against the use of Federal Reserve notes for any transactions.”

Once things get to that point, Federal Reserve notes would become largely unwanted and irrelevant for ordinary people. Nullifying the Fed on a state by state level is what will get us there.


SB156 will move to the House for further consideration.

Tenth Amendment Center

Related News:

Source Article from https://politicalvelcraft.org/2018/02/11/alabama-senate-unanimously-passes-bill-to-exempt-gold-and-silver-from-taxation-constitutional-money/

Thirty-Six States Have Nullified Sales Taxes From Silver & Gold: Alabama & Tennessee Preparing To Nullify Taxes In 2018

In 2017, Arizona, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, and North Carolina, and even Minnesota made progress on the sound money front. In 2018, other states could do so as well.

Thirty-six states have already removed sales taxes from precious metals transactions, and bills being introduced this year by sound money advocates in Alabama and Tennessee could add to that list.

Both Utah and Oklahoma have already passed legal tender laws recognizing gold and silver as money. The monetary metals can be used freely as a means of payment.

Meanwhile, a new Wyoming bill next month would repeal both sales and income taxes on bullion while affirming gold and silver as legal tender and strengthening gold clause contracts.

Other states, including Arizona and Idaho, have moved forward on legislation to exempt gold and silver bullion from capital gains taxes.

Last year, a bill to eliminate capital gains taxes on precious metals passed the Idaho House. Money Metals Exchange President Stefan Gleason testified before the House Committee on Revenue and Taxation, and here is some of what he had to say

Stefan Gleason: Our mission is to educate people also about precious metals and help them diversify into this reliable and more stable form of money, really truly a Constitutional money with tremendous history going back to the founding of our country. Gold and silver have been chosen for thousands of years as money because of their qualities as financial insurance, as a store of value, and its practicality as a medium of exchange. The bill I want to talk about today is a straightforward bill. Basically, we don’t want to tax money in Idaho. Idaho already does not tax precious metals with its sales tax, and we’re asking for it to be removed from the calculation of income tax in Idaho.

The Founders of our nation dealt with the collapse of the un-backed continental dollar, and that was fresh in their minds when they created our monetary system and established gold and silver as our nation’s money. In fact, the dollar was defined as a fixed amount of silver, and even in the Constitution the Founders restricted states from making payment in anything other than gold and silver coins for payment of debt. For the first hundred years, our nation’s money gold and silver coinage maintained its purchasing power pretty much consistently, except for a small period of time during the Civil War when we went off the gold standard.

But then about 100 years ago the Federal Reserve was created, and since that time we’ve seen a dramatic decline in the purchasing power of what is now considered the dollar but really is called the Federal Reserve Note. Of course, the last link to gold was severed officially in 1971, and that has led to an acceleration of this devaluation in purchasing power and an explosion in federal government debt during that same period of time.

The people that are most harmed by inflation are wage earners and savers. When the dollar goes down in purchasing power, they lose. Fortunately, an increasing number of citizens are recognizing that owning gold and silver as an alternative form of savings is a good way of protecting some of their wealth, protecting some of their purchasing power, and standing against this ongoing devaluation. It’s also something that helps in periods of financial turmoil, which seem to be increasing under our current system. Gold and silver are a safe haven.

Under current law, however, when a taxpayer sells their precious metals, they may end up with a capital gain because it’s measured against the Federal Reserve Notes that they sell it for. Now it may not be a real gain. In most cases, it’s not a real gain. It’s a nominal gain. It’s an illusory gain. Yet it’s still something that triggers taxation at the federal level, and a taxpayer has to include that in their taxable income if they sold gold and silver bullion or coins.

It’s even taxed at a discriminatorily high 28% rate for long-term capital gains… It’s 15 and 20 for other types of assets. Then Idaho in the calculation of Idaho taxable income essentially carries forward that income number, and then there’s some adjustments that are made on various things according to Idaho statutes to arrive at the Idaho taxable income.

This legislation simply would back out the federal income or loss that somebody reports on precious metals out of their Idaho taxable income. This is something that Idaho can do. Obviously, we can’t mess with federal tax laws, but Idaho decides what it’s taxing as income, and we propose with this legislation that precious metals be removed, because it’s money.

Also weighing in on behalf of Idaho’s bill to free precious metals from state taxation was an executive of a freedom-minded group in the Gem State.

Fred Birnbaum: My name is Fred Birnbaum, with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and I’m here to speak in support of this bill. I’ll be very brief. I think Mr. Gleason covered just about everything. But I’ll make a parallel point. Recently, actually this week, there was a lot of debate about a constitutional amendment, article five convention. I’m not going to re-open that debate. But I think it’s relevant, to some extent, to this bill. I certainly don’t want to overplay that point. What came up and one of the central issues was the unbalanced federal budget, if you will.

And the fact that we’ve accumulated about 20 trillion of federal debt and I think sometimes it’s hard to think of the inflation that we currently have as inflation. It certainly varies. It hasn’t been very significant, say in gasoline. It is in property. But the potential for inflation is huge because the Federal Reserve has now issued about 4 trillion dollars of digital money into the economy. It’s pushed it since the recession. So, I think what this bill does, in many ways, is it’s a prospective measure in that those folks who either own gold or silver now or may in the future, if we do have a real bout of inflation, this will protect them from that.

One of the challenges in getting this and similar bills passed is educating legislators on why gold and silver, being constitutional money, are different from other asset classes. Some politicians just don’t grasp the fundamental distinction.

Committee Chair: Questions for Mr. Gleason? Representative Gannon?

Rep. Gannon: Thank you Mr. Chairman. Sir, one question I always have asked of me is, if we pass a bill like this, is, well are we picking winners and losers? What about if I invest in a gold stock and I make money on my gold stock or what about oil companies? If we open up the door to one particular kind of investment for a tax break like this, how do I explain to constituents that their particular investments don’t get the same kind of tax break?

Committee Chair: Mr. Gleason?

Mr. Gleason: Okay. Mr. Chairman. Representative Gannon. It’s a good question. The key distinguishing characteristic here is that gold and silver are money. They’re not a stock, they’re not a piece of property and when it comes to mining stocks and things like that, obviously that’s not covered here.

We’re talking about taking away taxation on the exchange of one form of money with another. So, people are not unfortunately able to deduct the loss that they take when they have Federal Reserve Notes and they dramatically decline in their value. There is no deduction for that. The deduction is basically everyone is paying the inflation tax and they are not able to recoup that or protect themselves against that, so gold and silver is another alternative form of money. It’s actually much more stable and a historic form of money, and so that’s how I distinguish this. This is about sound money and preserving people’s savings and not giving any kind of special break for an investment class.

Fortunately, there are politicians who understand that not taxing money in any form is a matter of consistency. Idaho State Representative Ron Nate made a strong case for treating gold and silver the same as the Federal Reserve Note when it comes to taxation.

Rep. Nate: Thank you Mr. Chairman.

 (I’m) in favor of the motion, this isn’t just an investment. This is a money. And so, Federal Reserve Notes are the nationally recognized money, but according to Article I, Section X of the Constitution, the only thing that the states can declare as money, we can’t coin our own money, the only thing we can use as money is we can declare silver and gold as money.

 So, it’s the only real state money that we have control of. And if holding money becomes something that is subject to taxation, then we have – I think – a perverse incentive in our government here, that the money that they declare, that the government declares is legal tender suddenly becomes a tax instrument for them as well.

 This makes sense for consistency. If gold and silver coin are money, then we should not tax it when it increases in value. If you argue that we should tax it when it increases in value, then you should also argue that Federal Reserve Notes, when they diminish in value because of inflation, we ought to be able to declare capital losses on those on our tax forms as well.

 But because we don’t allow that, we shouldn’t be taxing either capital gains or losses on gold and silver coin. This is a matter of consistency with regards to currency and the tax treatment of it. Thank you.

Last year, the Arizona Senate Finance Committee heard testimony from none other than former Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul was the leading voice in the U.S. Congress for sound money issues during his tenure there. He turned the once obscure idea of auditing, reforming, and ultimately ending the Federal Reserve into a national campaign issue when he ran for President in 2008 and 2012.

Ron Paul said the following in support of Arizona’s ultimately successful bill to eliminate income taxes on gold and silver:

Dr. Ron Paul: It would be legalizing competition in a constitutional fashion. It isn’t like saying, “Okay, Arizona wants to print their paper currency again.” Because you’re not allowed to do that. On the monetary issues, the states are talked about in the constitution and they have restrictions, they can’t print money but they also have been told in The Constitution that they can only use gold and silver as legal tender. So, the responsibility is one the states to follow the rules and that meant nobody was supposed to use anything other than silver and gold as legal tender. We’ve had a mess, it’s gotten worse, it started in 1913, there was a climactic end in 1971 but the problems have continued.

 If you look at some of the charts, things have been really rocky since ‘71, with the destruction of the value of the money. Since 1971, we’ve lost 95% of the value of the dollar. Believe me, the Gold Standard was invented a long, long time ago, from the beginning of recorded history. Five thousand years ago they used gold and silver, biblically gold and silver, real weights and measures, that’s what they count it by. So, this is not brand new, it’s the governments and the people who seek power are always undermining the restraints placed on governments by honest money. So, I congratulate you for hearing and dealing with this bill, because I think if you do pass this bill it will be a great step forward for a lot of people to understand the money issue and the freedom issue. Thank you very much.

 Chairman: Thank you very much Dr. Paul.

Similar sound money efforts are springing up in other states. Of course, states won’t be able to abolish the discriminatory federal taxation of precious metals. But state level reforms will catch the attention of members of the U.S. Congress. Sound money victories at the state level will help build political momentum for sound money legislation at the federal level.

Groups such as the Sound Money Defense League are advancing the sound money movement by educating the public on the problems of our inflationary monetary system as well as working with allies in elective office to enact reforms.

Setting gold and silver free as competing currencies to Federal Reserve Notes won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, but real progress can be made and is being made one step at a time.

Tenth Amendment Center

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Source Article from https://politicalvelcraft.org/2018/01/30/thirty-six-states-have-nullified-sales-taxes-from-silver-gold-alabama-tennessee-preparing-to-nullify-taxes-in-2018/

Alabama declares flu outbreak emergency as vaccine failure becomes obvious to everyone

Image: Alabama declares flu outbreak emergency as vaccine failure becomes obvious to everyone

(Natural News)
A State Public Health Emergency has been issued in Alabama by Governor Kay Ivey as a flu outbreak grips the state. Schools are closing and hospitals are filling up as the flu vaccine proves to be a spectacular failure yet again this year.

Hospital emergency rooms and outpatient clinics are reporting a very high volume of patients. Children’s of Alabama has issued a diversion protocol as they’ve run out of beds, instead requesting that patients are diverted to a different pediatric hospital. In addition, they’ve announced that they may transfer some of their patients to other hospitals to provide everyone with the best care possible.

UAB Hospital, meanwhile, is rescheduling elective, non-emergency surgeries because it is over capacity with flu patients.

In 20 of the state’s 67 counties, hospitals have less than 10 percent capacity available, with many having patients sitting in ERs waiting for a bed to become available.

The problem was so bad at the Briarwood Christian School that it had to close because of the sheer number of teachers and students out with flu. They’ve also rescheduled home sports events that were planned for the weekend.

Huntsville’s Randolph School also had to close several campuses because of the flu outbreak. Authorities point out that people are generally considered infectious for five to seven days, so they should avoid going back to work or school even after they start to get better.

Experts in the state are warning residents to stay home if they have a fever and to cover coughs and sneezes. They are also being asked not to visit family and friends who are in the hospital, and they are reminded to wash their hands frequently and to clean and disinfect.

It’s not just Alabama experiencing this problem, by the way. The flu has now officially become an epidemic across the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control, with every state save Hawaii noting widespread flu illness.

Aren’t flu vaccines supposed to prevent flu outbreaks?

All of this begs the question: If the flu vaccine is so effective that nearly everyone is strongly encouraged to get it, how has this situation gotten so out of hand?

The answer is simple: The flu vaccine is ineffective. This is something that science has proven time and time again. To cite just one example, a study from The Scripps Research Institute found that the way in which vaccines like the flu shot are mass-produced actually causes them to mutate, which renders them completely useless.

The flu shot simply not working and you coming down with the flu in spite of it isn’t the worst thing that can happen if you get one. Flu shots contain brain-damaging mercury, and this is behind the rise in spontaneous abortions among pregnant women who get the jab.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the flu shot actually weakens your immunity to the flu in the future, as a study from the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center recently proved. The researchers in that study found that women who got a flu shot the year before had lower antibody response in subsequent years. This is why more and more people are actually getting the flu, and it creates a vicious cycle wherein Big Pharma uses the resulting flu outbreaks as a reason to try to scare even more people into getting the flu vaccine.

Thankfully, there is a lot more you can do to avoid getting the flu beyond simply washing your hands and hoping for the best. For example. zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D can all help to boost your natural immunity to flu without any of the nasty side effects that come with injecting mercury into your body. Stay informed about the risks and failures of vaccines at Vaccines.news.

Sources include:







Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-16-alabama-declare-flu-outbreak-emergency-as-vaccine-failure-becomes-obvious-to-everyone.html

Will It Be an Epidemic or a Pandemic? Alabama Declares a Health Emergency

Alabama became the first state to declare a health emergency. IS this declaration giong to be considered an epidemic, or a pandemic?




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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Healthmasters.com



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