JCPenney Crashes To All Time Low After CEO Unexpectedly Quits To Join Lowe’s

ZH–In the great race between JCPenney and Sears of which retailer will be the world’s slowest melting icecube, and who will file Chapter 11 (or 7) first, today the former took a decisive lead when JC Penney’s CEO Marvin Ellison unexpectedly announced he is leaving the near-insolvent department store operator to join home improvement retailer Lowe’s.

The shocking announcement came less than 3 years after Ellison took the top job at JC Penney, following an activist attempt by Bill Ackman to “fix” JCPenney ended in disaster.

The announcement was so unexpected it appears to thave surprised even the board of directors which said it had elected current Lead Independent Director Ronald W. Tysoe as Chairman of the Board and instead of a replacement CEO, it has created an Office of the CEO, which will be comprised of Chief Financial Officer Jeff Davis, Chief Customer Officer Joe McFarland, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer Therace Risch and Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Mike Robbins.

In short, the rats are leaving the sinking ship and are not even bothering to tell the other rats.

As the FT notes, Ellison is “leaving behind a company that is struggling to turn around an ongoing sales slump that has been exacerbated by the rise of e-commerce and changing consumer shopping habits.”

What he is also doing is assuring that all those who put JCP ahead of Sears on their deadpool will win.

JC Penney said Ellison would stay on until June 1. Ellison’s departure came just days after JC Penney issued another  disappointing set of first quarter results and cut its profit outlook for the year.

“I want to thank Marvin for his many significant contributions to JCPenney over the past three years,” said chairman Ronald Tysoe.

“During his tenure, the Company retired $1.4 billion in debt, renewed and enhanced its revolving credit facility and has significantly strengthened the Company’s financial position. “Additionally, he assembled a strong leadership team that will continue to serve the Company in an elevated capacity to ensure the entire organization remains focused on our customer and improving results. We thank Marvin for his leadership and dedication, and wish him much success in his next endeavor.”

The stock plunged as much as 10% in the premarket, plunging to a new all time low. No pun intended, but Lowe’s rose over 3.0%.

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CNN Throws a Tantrum After Being ‘Barred’ from EPA Press Event

CNN’s The Situation Room
May 22, 2018
5:36:23 PM Eastern [6 minutes 47 seconds]

WOLF BLITZER: Everybody standby. There is other news we’re following in Washington as well. CNN and other news organizations attempted to cover a national summit meeting on harmful chemicals in our water. The summit featured a speech by the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt. But CNN’s government regulation correspondent Rene Marsh and other reporters were not allowed into the meeting, even though it was an open meeting and no classified information. Renee is joining us now, along with our senior media correspondent Brian Stelter. First of all, Rene, tell us what happened.

RENE MARSH: Well Wolf, we should point out that we didn’t even learn about the event from the EPA. We learned about it from a service that CNN subscribes to that essentially tells you a daily list of events happening throughout Washington, D.C. This was an event about harmful chemicals in the public water. So we attended the event this morning. I can tell you our CNN photographer showed up at about two hours early when he arrived there he was told that he was not invited and he needed to leave. As he was leaving, the AP reporter was on her way in.

Our photographer briefed her on what the situation was. She entered the building and just about five minutes later our CNN photographer saying all he saw was an arm opening the door and shoving her out. To the point, she was having trouble keeping up with her steps. That reporter then told our crew that she informed them. She wanted to speak with the press office first because she was there to cover this event, a very important topic and at that point, she was shoved out of the door.

Myself and one of our producers here at CNN, we tried to enter through another door that was not designated for media and other attendees attending this conference. We too were told that we were not invited and CNN was not allowed to enter. But we were not given a reason as to why we would not be allowed to enter right on the spot. However, all of this started quite an uproar as you would imagine because this is an event that was billed as open press, there was no mention about a need to rsvp. So open press usually means when the press shows up, they can be allowed to cover the event.

After the backlash, the EPA spokesperson Jahan Wilcox did issue a statement and this is what it said. It said, quote, “This was simply an issue of the room reaching capacity which reporters were aware of prior to the event. He goes on to say, we were able to accommodate ten reporters provided a live stream for those who could not be accommodated and were unaware of the individual situation that was being reported.”

So the EPA saying they didn’t know about the reporter being shoved out of the door. And the group of reporters that cover the EPA, we all speak and speak on a regular basis. And those who were in the room, they do not explain it as a capacity issue. In fact, there was room for other cameras and there were actually empty seats. So it really is unclear why certain media outlets were allowed and selected to attend this event with the administrator, the head of the agency speaking, while others were barred from the event.

BLITZER: Yeah, it’s pretty outrageous indeed. And another reporter inside saying there were empty seats in that room. Brian Stelter, first of all, how are the Associated Press and CNN responding?

BRIAN STELTER: By saying this is unacceptable, especially because as your banner on screen says the EPA chief has been embattled. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be another scandal involving the EPA. This is an agency that cries out for accountability coverage right now and we need to know what the heck is going on in Pruitt’s office, and with his deputies, and with his agency. And instead, what we’re seeing is the door being closed, and in some cases literally.

Let’s be honest Wolf, both of us know there’s always a push and pull between the news media and government. That’s the way it is. But government agencies have been pushing harder lately, much more aggressively closing the door, sometimes literally. Especially in response to reporters who are pursuing accountability stories, trying to hold the government accountable.


BLITZER: It is pretty outrageous to think about it, somebody who’s been reporting on these kind of issues for a long time. That this is happening right now it is awful and we’ll stay on top of this story certainly for our viewers. Guys, thanks.

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Deputy Arrested After He Sexually Assaulted a Child in a Panda Express, On Video


San Diego, CA — A uniformed sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week after he was caught on video sexually assauling a 14-year-old girl inside a Panda Express restaurant. Although he originally got away with it, one of his fellow cops was the one to turn him in.

Deputy Timothy Wilson Jr. was arrested last Friday and booked into the San Diego Central jail on a felony charge of a lewd act on a child.

Earlier this year, on March 21, Wilson was seen on the restaurant’s surveillance footage walking inside, sexually assaulting the child, and then running out. The 14-year-old girl was waiting in line when the assault took place.

As NBC 7 reports:

A surveillance camera positioned above the entrance of the restaurant showed how the man walked in and took his place in line.

He stood with both hands in his pockets for about 15 seconds before he was seen taking a step forward and reaching out with his left arm and apparently grabbing the victim out of the frame.

After he assaulted her, the video shows Wilson running out to his black sedan and driving away.

“It was scary knowing that if I go out that he was still out there and he could come again,” the 14-year-old said.

For nearly two months, Wilson thought he’d gotten away with the assault. However, one of his fellow cops saw the video and recognized him.

“It is very disappointing we are still in shock,” said Jenna Tanais, the victim’s mother. “That someone in his position would betray the community’s trust like that.” 

The victim shared her story with NBC 7 after the incident as a means of trying to catch the predator and so that others may speak up if they have fallen victim to this man’s abuse.

“I was kind of not sure about it because I am shy and it was like weird,” she told NBC 7 on Friday. “But I was thinking how it can help a lot of people and so I was like, ‘Ya, I need to say it.’”

Luckily for her, it worked and a predator is now off the streets.

“On May 9, a sheriff’s employee recognized Timothy Wilson Jr. as a possible lookalike suspect,” San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore said.

When asked why it took them so long to find the predator while he was in their own ranks, Gore said that the cop who turned him in did so as soon as he saw the video.

According to police, Wilson is a 10-year veteran of the department. He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal case. He’s is currently being held on a $200,000 bond.

“It’s kind of sad because he is supposed to be someone that will protect people, but instead he is doing that,” the victim said.

“We raise our kids to trust the police and go to the police if you are in trouble and it is really a sense of betrayal that your child is being victimized by the people she is supposed to trust,” Tanais said.

As TFTP has reported, there are countless incidents in which police officers abuse this trust and prey on society’s most vulnerable. Sadly, many of the officers involved in these abuses are never held accountable either.

Just last month, Rafael Martinez Jr., a now-former Camden County cop was found guilty of having sexual relations with and impregnating a child. This was confirmed with DNA evidence and the officer himself admitted it. However, he was not sentenced to a single day in jail. Let’s hope for the sake of the victim in San Diego, that Wilson does not receive the same special privilege.

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Drunk driver jailed after dashcam captures him crashing into house (VIDEO)

Michael Mills, 29, was sentenced to 12 months in prison in Penrith Local Court on Tuesday for a number of offences related to the crash, including his blood-alcohol level which was four times over the legal limit.

READ MORE: Teetotaller wrongfully charged with drinking and driving wins $1mn NYC lawsuit

The damning footage showed Mills dangerously swerving on the Great Western Highway in Kingswood, western Sydney, on February 17. Mills can be seen chipping the back of a car and speeding off before crashing through a fence, into a residential yard and right into someone’s bedroom.

Police estimated from the footage that Mills was driving at 124kph in a 60kph zone.

Mills represented himself in court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to multiple driving offences, including drink driving and dangerous driving. He claimed he was on medication for depression at the time and admitted to drinking six beers in two hours, reports 9News.

While handing down the sentence, Magistrate Stephen Corry said it was incredible luck that nobody had been killed after Mills “ignored the safety of the public both consuming a large amount of antidepressants and alcohol.”

It was just good luck no-one was killed. If it had happened moments before, we would have been talking about the death of someone,” Corry said.

READ MORE: Police ‘suppressing’ case of teens killed by drunk driver because of ‘nationality’ ― father (VIDEO)

Mills was sentenced to 12 months in prison, with the possibility of parole after six months, and his licence was suspended for six months. He will also have to agree to an alcohol interlock system being fitted in his car for 24 months, which will require him to take a breath test each time he gets behind the wheel.

Mills said he plans on appealing the sentence, with a court date set in the district court for June 19, reports ABC.

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Expelled Russian diplomats allowed back after shooting some Palestinians

Russian Embassy in London


DOZENS of countries who expelled Russian diplomats in March have agreed to allow the officials back after it was reported that they shot and killed Palestinians in the Gaza strip earlier this week.

Originally deported from Ireland, the US, France, Italy and Germany, in solidarity with the UK over an alleged spy attack which is still shrouded in mystery, over 150 Russian diplomats made their way to Israel last week in the hopes of getting ‘back on side’ with their assigned nations.

“Murdering Palestinians in cold blood seems to be the only way to get into their good books these days, as shown by our Israeli friends who seem to be impervious to expulsions,” explained Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, while pointing to a wall of death containing the pictures of the dead men, women and children the diplomats assassinated in cold blood, “so we decided to send all of our ousted diplomats on a killing spree in Gaza to appease our overlords, and thankfully it seems to have worked”.

Following confirmation of the killings, each diplomat was immediately granted access back to their allocated nation, with Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney stating that he was very happy with Ireland’s previously expelled Russian official: “I’ve seen the pictures of the dead Palestinians he has killed and I am delighted to welcome back our Russian friend to Dublin to carry out whatever it is he does here”.

The bold move by Russia comes after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers this week with little to no international action taken by so-called “sovereign nations”.

“It is obvious that once we are on side with the Israelis, we can do whatever we want with zero repercussion,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov concluded.

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Raqqa gas field back in operation after being liberated by Syrian govt

raqqa gas field


A highly-productive gas field formerly held by the Islamic State in west countryside of Raqqa is now operational again following a reconstruction process by the Syrian government.

The 250,000 m3 -capacity Dabisan gas field – along others gas and oil fields in the area – was once under the control of ISIS before the terror group is driven out by a major offensive launched by the Syrian Army and allies.

The Syrian government is now seeking to rehabilitate the other 3 gas fields in the same area in order to boost its energy production that feeds the power plants countrywide.

ISIS has destroyed all the gas and oil fields before forced to retreat eastwards. Syria’s oil wealth – mainly lies in the country’s central and eastern areas – is now divided mainly between the Syrian government and Kurdish militia.

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Why do many women experience breast cancer recurrence after a mastectomy?

Image: Why do many women experience breast cancer recurrence after a mastectomy?

(Natural News)
If you find out you have breast cancer, your first instinct might be to get rid of it using whatever means possible. Having a mastectomy isn’t a decision any woman takes lightly, of course, but, for many, the idea of sacrificing your breast to be cancer-free seems like a fair trade to make. Unfortunately, however, having a mastectomy isn’t the end of many women’s breast cancer story – and for some, it’s just the beginning.

In fact, breast cancer patients are actually more likely to see their cancer return and spread in the first year and a half after getting a mastectomy or having their tumor removed along with healthy surrounding tissue.

Now, a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that it’s actually the healing process of the surgical scar that is causing women’s breast cancer to recur after surgery. It’s a complicated mechanism that has to do with your immune system, whose default mode is stopping the spread of cancer. While healing from a mastectomy, these healing forces are distracted from their job of stemming the spread of cancer and forced to focus on getting the wound closed up instead, preventing infections, spurring the growth of blood vessels, and promoting repair. In other words, they’re simply too busy to keep cancer cells from spreading to other body parts.

It’s this wound response that allows disseminated cancer cells to then grow and thrive, forming tumors in other areas of the patient’s body such as the lungs, liver and brain. In many cases, this can be even more dangerous than the original breast tumor, which is a very scary prospect indeed.

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If you’ve already gotten a mastectomy or you have a good reason to do so, you can try to minimize the chances of this happening to you through a healthy diet. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants can help fight against cancer and protect your body from its spread. Some excellent choices include leafy green vegetables, dark chocolate, and berries. All of these are useful even if you don’t have cancer as they support a healthy immune system in general.

The researchers also suggest that anti-inflammatory medicine could help keep the immune system under control so the cancer can’t spread. Tests with mice showed that this was another effective route, but more studies are needed to see just how successful it may be in humans.

Mastectomy doesn’t reduce risk of cancer death

A study of more than half a million American breast cancer patients over the course of eight years found that a double mastectomy does not offer significant protection to women from a recurrence of their cancer. There are a few specific cases where it may be useful, such as in those with a strong family history of ovarian or breast cancer or a personal history of radiation, but by and large, double mastectomies aren’t helping women live longer.

This is particularly concerning against the backdrop of rising double mastectomies involving one cancerous and one healthy breast, a procedure that rose from 4 percent of patients in 2002 to almost 13 percent in 2012. In some cases, women are undergoing the procedure out of a fear of recurrence that experts say is disproportionate to the true risk, while others might be pushed into it by profit-minded doctors.

Cancer is absolutely terrifying, but it’s important to consider all the facts before undergoing such a dramatic procedure. Getting a second and even third opinion can sometimes help put things in perspective, especially from a doctor who won’t be profiting from the operation, and researching alternatives can help give people peace of mind. Sometimes a mastectomy really is the best choice, but many of us have been conditioned to believe that surgery and chemotherapy are the only ways to rid ourselves of cancer, and that simply isn’t always the case.

Read for more breaking news on cancer discoveries.

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Major breakthrough: Syrian army declares Damascus area secure after clearing out ISIS-controlled pocket

Damascus, Syria


The Syrian army has declared Damascus and its surrounds fully secure after regaining control of a former Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold in the southern part of the city.

The army made the announcement in a televised statement after establishing control of the Damascus neighborhood of al-Hajar al-Aswad on Monday, according to local media.

The military capture came after the Syrian Air Force raided terrorist sites and fortified points in the neighborhood, according to SANA. Infantry units reportedly stormed buildings where fighters were positioned and chased them down the streets.

It comes after a temporary humanitarian ceasefire was implemented in al-Hajar al-Aswad on Sunday night, to evacuate children, women, and the elderly.

The Monday success is a major breakthrough for the Syrian army which had, alongside its allies, been battling for weeks to recapture the tiny IS enclave in al-Hajar al-Aswad and the neighboring Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. It was the last area outside government control in or around Damascus. The army also found an extensive network of tunnels in recently-liberated areas of the neighborhood.

It comes two days after a military source spoke to SANA and denied reports that an agreement had been reached between the Syrian army and IS in al-Hajar al-Aswad.

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