Jacksonville Cop Threatens Black Man With Jail After Jaywalking


A viral video posted to Facebook last week shows a Jacksonville sheriff’s officer threatening a young black man with jail time after he crossed the street without a walk signal.

The video shows Officer J.S. Bolen detaining Devonte Shipman and threatening to take him to jail for “disobeying a direct order” and “resisting without violence” after he stopped him over for jaywalking.

The Sheriff’s Office said it is reviewing the video but that Bolen is not under investigation at the time. Bolen cited Shipman twice for failing to obey a walk signal and not having a license. Shipman’s friend was also detained, but was not cited.

Shipman, 21, told the Times-Union he lives within walking distance of where the stop happened in Arlington. He said the officer approached in his car and told him and his friend to come over because they had just crossed the road against the signal. He contended that the signal was still blinking when they started walking and stopped halfway through.

Initially, Shipman said, he declined to approach the officer’s car because he didn’t understand why he was being stopped. As soon as the officer got out of his car, Shipman said, he started recording.

“There’s no way I was disrespectful or anything to make this man react the way he did, period,” Shipman said.

In the video, Bolen tells Shipman he is being detained for crossing the street outside the crosswalk and not waiting for the signal. He orders him to wait by his patrol vehicle.

“If you don’t, I’m going to put you in jail,” Bolen says. “So go to my car.”

Shipman calmly questions Bolen, who appears agitated in the video. He tells the officer that he’s not resisting and walks over to Bolen’s car with him. Bolen continues to threatens to detain him, for “up to seven hours,” while he figures out his identity because Shipman doesn’t have his license on him. Shipman volunteered his name and date of birth when asked.

The Sheriff’s Office cited Florida statute 322.15(1) as to why Shipman was given a citation, but the statute only applies to drivers, not pedestrians. It states that every licensee must have his or her license on them “when operating a motor vehicle.”

Shipman said he was as calm as possible and recorded the encounter out of fear it might turn violent, because of how upset the officer seemed.

“If you look at the video, if you pay attention to his body language, he’s grabbing his hands like he wanted to do something to me,” Shipman said. “I didn’t escalate the situation. I was trying to figure out what I did wrong.”

Diallo Sekou, a grassroots black activist who is running for Katrina Brown’s seat on the city council, said these types of pedestrian infractions are routinely handed out in the city’s black communities. He said reshaping those policies is one of the reasons he decided to run for office.

“It’s walking while black,” Sekou said. “This is Jim Crow when it comes to these laws and ordinances in the city.”

When Shipman questions what he did that was illegal, Bolen states again that he crossed against the walk signal. Shipman says he simply wasn’t paying attention.

“You act like I really just committed a serious crime that’s worth this time right now,” Shipman says.

Bolen counters that “it is worth the time.”

“There was two cars that were coming through the intersection that had to slow down,” Bolen says in the video. “They had the right of way, not you.”

As the two argue, another person crosses the street and is not detained for it.

The video comes as the Sheriff’s Office prepares to roll out its pilot program for body cameras in early July. But it’s unclear whether this type of situation would have required the officer to record the encounter.

Shipman appears incredulous throughout the video.

“Three cop cars, all because we crossed the mother——ing street though,” Shipman says. “We crossed the street, that’s all we did.”

Shipman said he has no intention of paying either citation and that he and the officer already spoke about meeting again in court.

“He was like, ‘I hope you take that option to take it to court,’” Shipman said, “‘Because I promise you I’m going to be there.’”

For the full story visit : http://jacksonville.com/news/public-safety/2017-06-26/video-shows-jacksonville-cop-threatening-young-black-man-jail-after

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Police Investigate Seattle Officer Who Shot Charleena Lyles After He Left Taser In Locker


One of the Seattle police officers who fatally shot Charleena Lyles is under internal investigation for violating department policy by leaving his uncharged Taser in his locker for more than a week leading up to the shooting, the Police Department’s civilian watchdog said Saturday.

Officer Jason Anderson, on the force for two years, told investigators after the shooting that he did not carry his Taser during his shift June 18, when the shooting occurred, according to interview transcripts released by Seattle police.

Seconds before the shooting, Anderson said, when Lyles pulled a knife, the other officer, Steven McNew, called out for him to use his Taser on her. Anderson replied that he didn’t have it, and within seconds, as Lyles began moving toward the two officers, Anderson said, they both shot her.

The shooting of Lyles, a 30-year-old African-American mother of four, by two white officers has drawn an outcry from family and others, who say race was a factor.
Charleena Lyles shooting

Anderson said after the shooting that even if he had other less-lethal weapons, he would have shot Lyles because she had lunged at him with a knife and looked as if she was going to try to stab the other officer. Anderson said he feared for his life and had to suck in his stomach and move back to avoid being stabbed.

Anderson said that for the last couple of months he had been considering abandoning the Taser altogether, saying it was taking up too much space on his vest and belt for his slender frame. When the Taser’s battery died, he left it in his locker and didn’t get it recharged. He said it had been in his locker, uncharged, for one to two weeks.

Seattle police policy says officers who are trained in using Tasers and have been issued one must carry it with them during a shift. Anderson said he told his squadmates about forgoing the Taser, but did not mention telling any superiors.

Pierce Murphy, the civilian head of Seattle’s Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), said that after Anderson told detectives in interviews last week he had left the Taser behind, the department referred the case to the OPA for investigation.

Murphy’s internal investigation team will look to see if there were good reasons to explain why Anderson didn’t have his Taser. They’ll give their findings and a recommendation to police Chief Kathleen O’Toole, who could discipline Anderson.

Murphy said the case was unusual and there aren’t set guidelines for disciplining officers found to be violating the Taser policy.

“There’s no cookbook here,” he said.
“Nothing but his gun”

Lyles had called police to her Northeast Seattle apartment to report a burglary last Sunday. Three children were inside during the shooting, including one who crawled onto Lyles after she was shot in the midsection and fell facedown on the floor, according to the police transcripts.

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Rape Victim Commits Suicide After Being Bullied by Cops Protecting Her Wealthy Attacker


Over one year after 21-year-old Megan Rondini committed suicide, a new report is giving insight into the abuse she experienced at the hands of the wealthy man who allegedly raped her and the police who covered it up.

When Rondini was found dead on Feb. 26, 2016, the only note she was accompanied by was an intake form for SMU’s mental health center, in which she revealed that she thought she was “better off dead” more than half of the time, and she listed her major life crises as “Raped, bullied by police, changed university,” according to a report from Buzzfeed.

Just one year before she ended her life, Rondini was attending the University of Alabama on an honors scholarship. She had a 3.8 GPA, she was part of a coveted MBA program, and she was working after class at a lab studying Alzheimer’s disease.

However, all of that changed in July 2015, when Rondini accepted a ride home from one of the wealthiest men in Tuscaloosa. T.J. Bunn Jr. or “Sweet T” is a member of the ST Bunn Construction family. His father and the owner of the company, Terry Bunn, is listed as one of the most influential men in Alabama, in addition to being an influential University of Alabama donor and supporter.”

When Rondini reported her encounter with “Sweet T” to the police, she did so after escaping from his mansion, going to the hospital for a forensic exam, and then arriving at the police station in the middle of the night, according to the report from Buzzfeed.

“The 34-year-old later told authorities he offered 20-year-old Megan a ride home because he and a friend saw her leaving downtown Tuscaloosa alone. Megan couldn’t remember how she ended up in Sweet T’s white Mercedes on the way to his ornate mansion … But, Megan later told police, she was sober enough by the time he pointed her toward his bedroom to know she didn’t want to have sex with him—and, she said, Sweet T should’ve known it, too.”

Alabama’s rape law states that the victim must be an individual who “engages in sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex by forcible compulsion,” or who is “incapable of consent by reason of being physically helpless or mentally incapacitated.”

Buzzfeed reported that because the investigator who interviewed Rondini “quickly decided she hadn’t fought back against Bunn—she hadn’t ‘kicked him or hit him,’” the investigation concluded that “no rape occurred,” and the investigator then began “building a case against Megan, questioning her for multiple crimes she wasn’t even aware she had committed.”

“She did everything that she could to protect herself and to get help,” Megan’s father, Mike Rondini, told Buzzfeed. “She should have gotten that help, and she didn’t. That is a failure on everybody’s part.”

The report also noted that in Tuscaloosa, all sexual offense cases are handled by a multi-agency homicide department, and it is up to a grand jury to decide if the cases move forward.

However, according to the captain of Tuscaloosa’s homicide department, up to 50 percent of all reported sexual assaults are labeled “special inquiry,” which means that “the victim does not know what or if anything happened” and the investigators don’t think the accusations will result in criminal charges.

As of February, only 10 cases out of 98 sexual assault reports in 2016 were heard by a grand jury, and 12 out of 124 from 2015. (Those numbers don’t include a few dozen cases that are still pending.) The county district attorney’s office couldn’t say how many sexual assault cases in Tuscaloosa led to formal charges, because it did not begin using a computerized tracking program until late last year.”

Instead of taking her allegations seriously, investigators picked apart Rondini’s story. She claimed that after Bunn forced her to have sex with him, he passed out, and she couldn’t get out of his room. She said she tried to escape from the second-story window, but then couldn’t find her keys, and went on a frantic search that included taking a gun she found in Bunn’s car because she was leaving the house in the middle of the night, alone. The part about Rondini taking the gun was the part investigator Adam Jones seemed intent to focus on.

“Before I ask you any questions, you got any reasoning behind why you did what you did?” Jones said.

“What do you mean?” Rondini said.

“I just need you to tell me, once we get into the questioning, what your reasoning was about why you did these things,” he said.

“I was never going to hurt anybody with it,” Rondini said, crying. “I got it just to protect myself but I don’t eat meat, I could never kill anything, even if it came to that point I wouldn’t have been able to use it on a person.”

Eventually, Jones returned to Rondini’s rape allegations. “Based on your statements to me, you said that you never resisted him,” he said.

“I did resist him,” Rondini said, listing the ways she did, from repeatedly telling Bunn she wanted to leave to turning away when he kissed her. “I wanted to go home,” she said. “He didn’t take me home.”

“Look at it from my side,” Jones replied calmly. “You never kicked him or hit him or tried to resist him.”

Ultimately, with help from the Tuscaloosa police, Rondini never filed charges, and Bunn was never held accountable. Rondini left Tuscaloosa and transferred to SMU at the end of the fall 2015 semester, before taking her own life in early 2016.

Following the release of Buzzfeed’s report, the Bunn family was quick to release a statement, claiming that the report “distorted or disregarded matters of fact.”

“While a police investigation found no evidence of sexual assault, the young woman admitted to acts that subjected her to possible criminal prosecution,” the statement from the Bunn family said. “At one point, the young woman’s family took steps to bring civil action against various parties who are the targets of these unfounded accusations. Such action would undoubtedly include demands for financial compensation.”

The University of Alabama also released a statement, insisting that the recent news accounts “do not tell the full story.”

“Information published by news outlets this week has unfortunately ignored some significant facts,” the statement from UA said. “When Megan went to the hospital, a University advocate met her at the hospital to provide support and stayed with her throughout the examination process.”

The Rondini family’s lawyer, Leroy Maxwell Jr., told AL.com that the family is planning to file a federal Title IX complaint against the University of Alabama by the end of June.

“Megan was loved by everyone who came in contact with her.  Her loss is everyone’s loss,” Maxwell said. “Title IX, the University of Alabama, the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s department and the overall judicial system in Tuscaloosa let her down on every level. Through litigation our firm is committed to doing everything in our power to shine a light on Tuscaloosa’s systemic problem with sexual assault.”

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/rape-victim-commits-suicide-after-cops-protect-wealthy-attacker/

Salvador Dali to be Exhumed After Woman Claims to Be His Lovechild

The woman, Pilar Abel, is a tarot card reader who has been claiming that she is the illegitimate daughter of Dali since 2007. According to Abel, her mother worked as Dali’s maid in the 1950’s and the two of them began a secret affair that begat Abel.

Abel even claims to resemble Dali, with “the only thing missing is the moustache”. She claims to have undergone DNA testing in 2007 using retained specimens from Dali’s body, but she claims that she never got the results. This, Abel claims, is evidence that the results turned up positive.

Dali died in 1989 at age 84 and is buried in Figueres, the small city in Girona, Spain in which he was born. The court claimed that the exhumation was intend “to get samples of his remains to determine whether he is the biological father of a woman from Girona (in northeastern Spain) who filed a claim to be recognised as the daughter of the artist.”

“The DNA study of the painter’s corpse is necessary due to the lack of other biological or personal remains with which to perform the comparative study,” the court continued.

If Abel is found to the true daughter of Dali, she may be entitled to as much as 25 percent of his estate. It would also make Abel the only known child of Dali, who had a phobia of sex and was rumored to have died a virgin.

Dali practiced an open marriage with his wife Gala, and while she slept with several men it was never confirmed to have had sex with anyone. Others have claimed that Dali was in a romance with the openly-gay poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Six Police Officers Injured In London Protest Over Man’s Death After Traffic Stop

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 20.06.58

Six police officers have been injured, with four taken to hospital, following a protest in London over the death of a man after a traffic stop.

One male police sergeant suffered facial injuries and a female constable sustained head injuries as demonstrators threw “a number of objects” toward officers at the scene in Stratford, east London, Scotland Yard said.

Four people have been arrested for offences including disorder, arson and criminal damage in connection with the demonstration.

Bricks were ripped from a wall and thrown at police and a fire was set in a bin as campaigners took to the streets to demand “justice” for Edir Frederico Da Costa.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating the treatment of the 25-year-old, who died on June 21, six days after he was stopped in a car by Metropolitan Police officers in Woodcocks, Beckton, in Newham, east London.

Protesters, some carrying Black Lives Matter posters and others with homemade placards which read “Justice for Edson + How Many More???”, stood in front of a line of uniformed officers at Stratford bus station, east London.

They allege that Da Costa, known by friends as Edson, was “brutally beaten”.

Borough Commander Superintendent Ian Larnder stood in the middle of a group of protesters trying to answer their questions and calm tensions.

Campaigners claim that Mr Da Costa’s neck was broken and he suffered head and other injuries after he was stopped in a car, containing three people, by Met officers.

For the full story visit : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/06/25/protesters-clash-police-25-year-old-died-days-stopped-police/

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Video Shows Houston Officer Kicking Suspect After Shooting Him

officer kicking suspect video_1498273812461_9897665_ver1.0

Cell phone video obtained by KHOU 11 News Friday captures the moments a Houston police officer kicked a man he had just shot.

The video led a grand jury to indict former HPD officer Bruce Johnson for how he handled a burglary suspect he caught at his own home.

Johnson had just shot the man who’s pictured lying in the grass after investigators say that man — Derek Carr — had broken into his home.

Prosecutors say Johnson was angry and delivered repeated blows to Carr after he was down.

We counted at least 10 of them. Some are more brutal and vicious than others.

All these led to prosecutors charging Johnson with a misdemeanor assault. He faces a felony charge as well for tampering with evidence.

A contractor working in that northwest Houston neighborhood saw what was going on that February day and took out her cell phone to record the whole thing.

Perhaps, though, what’s most troubling is heard at the end of the video. Johnson is heard saying, “Y’all gonna call the police?” To which the contractor says, “Aren’t you the police?” Johnson responds: “Yeah.”

Johnson spent more than 23 years with HPD before retiring a month after the incident.

Johnson turned himself into authorities Friday but will not go through probable cause court.

For the full story visit : http://www.khou.com/news/local/video-shows-former-hpd-officer-kicking-shot-suspect/451741475

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AUSTRALIA – Bearded men who ‘terrified families after storming cinema shouting Allahu Akbar’ were not Muslims – but turban-wearing INDIANS

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CNN Cracks Down on Russia Coverage After Embarrassing Story Retraction

The executive editor of CNNMoney, Rich Barbieri, emailed a statement on Saturday issuing new publishing rules for CNN stories dealing with Russia, after retracting a Russia story one day before, according to The Hill.

According to Buzzfeed, which first reported on the CNN internal email, Barbieri stated that, “No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason [Farkas].”

“This applies to social, video, editorial, and MoneyStream. No exceptions,” Barbieri’s email added, cited by The Hill.

The new CNN policy is in response to a Friday retraction of a published story that purported to connect Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump ally, to a state-run Russian bank.

“On June 22, 2017, CNN.com published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund,” the media company stated.

“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scaramucci.”

CNN’s Russian scare story — one of what looks to be a continual stream of lightweight (and profitable) Kremlin fearmongering — inferred that the US Senate was investigating a $10 billion Russian investment fund (RDIF) with regard to Scaramucci, an executive committee member of Trump’s transition team, cited by The Hill.

FURTHER READING: US Wants Space-Based Missile Defense to Spy on Global Launches

Moscow was quick to respond to the original piece, pointing out the many factual errors — as well as observing the ongoing output of CNN content attempting to drum up support for an anti-Russia agenda on Capitol Hill and in the US news media.

An RDIF spokesperson pointed out that the CNN story contained numerous errors and added that the RDIF fund fully complies with any and all standing legal requirements, and does not violate the current US sanctions regime.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/cnn-cracks-russia-coverage-embarrassing-story-retraction/

150+ people burn to death after oil tanker flips & explodes in Pakistan


At least 157 people burned to death after an oil tanker overturned, spilling its payload onto a highway in the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur, according to authorities.

Various estimates place the number of people injured between 130 and 200.

The injured have been taken to two local hospitals, Rescue 1122 Director General Dr. Rizwan Naseer told Geo TV Pakistan.

Army helicopters were deployed to take the injured to hospital, according to Major General Asif Ghafoor, the official spokesperson of Pakistan’s armed forces.

After the tanker overturned in the Pul Paka area near the National Highway, people in the vicinity rushed to the vehicle to collect fuel.

Some were smoking, which reportedly led to the ignition of the gasoline and caused the furious inferno, according to reports.

It has been reported that over 70 motorcycles and a number of cars were also been destroyed in the blaze.

Local news outlets reported that the bodies have been burned beyond recognition. DNA tests will be required to identify the deceased.

Medical staff fear more deaths, as some victims suffered burns to 80 percent of their bodies.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. Reports from the scene suggested the truck had been speeding, while Reuters reported it was trying to make a sharp turn when it flipped.



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At least 3 dead, 30 missing after crowded tourist boat sinks in Colombia


A tourist boat carrying around 150 people has sunk in the Penol reservoir in northwest Colombia, the country’s air force confirmed, saying that a search and rescue operation is under way.

So far three people have been confirmed dead, and 30 remain missing, the director of the National Police, General Jorge Hernando Nieto, told local media.

The majority of passengers were swiftly aided by numerous smaller leisure boats in the area, according to a video of the incident that emerged online.

According to preliminary information, the four-decked vessel was at maximum capacity at the time of the incident.

The sinking occurred at around 2:00pm local time, close to the embankment of the Peñol-Guatapé reservoir, Victoria Eugenia Ramírez, Antioquia’s government secretary, told the Colombian daily El País. The incident took place at the El Peñol de Guatapé dam, a popular tourist site, El Universo reported the Colombian Air Force as saying.

Ramírez specified that there was no clash with any other vessel, but the reasons for the incident still remain unclear. Eyewitnesses say passengers were not wearing life vests, so authorities have activated an emergency protocol to rescue the sinking ship.

The rescue operation has been launched with the support of the air force, navy, army and police. The military dispatched a Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter to support the rescue mission.

“We are ready to provide any assistance required,” the country’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, said on Twitter.

The Colombian Air Force said that its aircraft and crews are ready to airlift the people with “most serious” injuries who “require immediate attention.”

All rescue groups in eastern Antioquia and the Aburrá Valley were dispatched to help the rescue, according to Luis Bernardo Morales, the captain of the Envigado fire department, El Tiempo reports. A group of divers also arrived at the reservoir to search for possible victims’ bodies.

As the search and rescue operation continues, all access roads to the reservoir and the nearby town of Guatapé have been closed to private vehicles.



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