40 killed in US raid on Afghan ISIS camp

At least 40 militants have been killed in a US air raid targeting a training camp of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Achin district of Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province. Among the casualties were several potential suicide bombers and two IS instructors named as Qari Quran and Qari Fida, Khaama Press reported citing local police commanders. An arms cache belonging to the group was also destroyed.
Islamic State had earlier claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a Shiite mosque in Kabul on Friday in which 56 people lost their lives.

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Heroic Senator Vows to Hold Defense Bill Hostage Unless Congress Ends Iraq & Afghan Wars

The Senate on Monday took up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), passing a motion in an 89-3 vote which allowed the legislation to proceed. That action essentially limits the procedural debate on the legislation and moves the NDAA to a full vote as early as Wednesday morning.

However, Paul made clear on his Twitter account that he had every intention of slowing down the passage of the NDAA – which sets forth the Pentagon’s budget and major programs for the next fiscal year beginning October 1 – until he was guaranteed a vote on amending the AUMF in Afghanistan in Iraq.

“I will object to all procedural motions and amendments unless and until my amendment is made in order and we vote on these wars,” Paul wrote.

He went on to note the length of time that the US military has been present in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We have been there for 16 years. It is time for them to end. It is time for Congress to vote on whether or not they should end.”

Paul noted that the Senate was in a “quorum call,” unable to act because of his protest.

He vowed to continue the protest until Congress agreed to vote on whether or not to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul noted that his protest was for the soldiers, adding that “hypocrites” are happy to “pretend concern over our constitutional duty to declare war” but are happy to “block any vote on ending any of our 7 current wars.”

The senator said that he “sits nearly alone,” but he is happy to fight by himself if needed.

In addition to Paul, the NDAA cloture motion was opposed by Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden.

Paul took aim at both the “anti-war left” and the “conservative right” in his series of tweets.

“Where is the anti-war left demanding the wars end? Where is the constitional [sic] conservative right demanding Congress reclaim its war powers?” he wrote.

Although an increasing number of lawmakers have been calling on Congress to pass a new AUMF for Afghanistan, Paul has largely been alone in his mission to put a deadline on Congress for a vote.

Paul did appear to strike at least a partial deal with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) about an hour after initially issuing his threats to delay the NDAA passage, with McConnell guaranteeing Paul four hours on Tuesday to state his AUMF reasoning on the Senate floor, the Washington Post reported.

However, that wasn’t enough to get Paul to back down, with the senator later reiterating his plan to “continue to fight, and if necessary, object, to continue this debate, secure a vote, and force Congress to do its duty.”

The war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001 as a US response to the September 11 attacks, is the longest war in US history.

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Afghan migrant who raped then killed EU official’s daughter begs forgiveness


The teenage Afghan migrant who raped and murdered Maria Ladenburger, 19, in 2016 broke down in tears in court Monday as he lamented the decision destroyed his life.

Hussein Khavari claimed he was drunk and had been smoking hashish Oct. 16 when he heard Ladenburger, a medical student and the daughter of a top EU official, fall off her bike. He admitted that he then raped her, strangled her with her own scarf, and drowned her in a nearby river. He now claims he is “sad” for what he did, Express reported.

“When I saw how pretty she was, I wanted to have sex with her,” he told the court.

Khavari, who arrived in Germany in 2015, was arrested in December 2016 and had remained silent during his interrogations until his Monday court appearance.

“I beg your pardon. I want to apologize to the family of Maria. I wish I could undo it. What I have done, I am sad for from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “I live with the agony of what I did and this torment destroys my life.”

The murder struck an already on-edge Germany after a similar incident took place two weeks later. A 27-year-old jogger was found dead Nov. 10 in the nearby Endingen forest. An autopsy revealed the victim had also been raped before getting killed, but investigators have not found any connection between the cases, The Local reported.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/361867-Afghan-migrant-who-raped-then-killed-EU-officials-daughter-begs-forgiveness

Trump’s Afghan Folly

Trump’s Afghan Folly

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids

Trump’s Afghan Folly
August 30, 2017 ©

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Fmr. Spec. Forces Officer: ‘Trump plans to build the Afghan Army not the nation’

Expert Infantry/Flickr
NURISTAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan — A U.S. Army Soldier with 1st Battalion (US ARMY)

(INTELLIHUB) On Tuesday, Lt. Col. Michael Waltz told Fox News anchor Bret Bayer that he is “proud of our president” in regards to Donald Trump’s recent announcements on the deployment of 4000 troops to Afghanistan and said that we are not going to see any “nation building” over there anytime soon.

“You are also not going to see a bunch of arbitrary timelines,” Waltz said, before taking a proverbial stab at Obama for his botched timeline.

The former Green Beret pointed out how it’s going to take the U.S. some time to train the Afghan Army to take care of themselves and that this is most likely what U.S. forces will be doing.

Waltz believes that the U.S. will make it tougher for other countries like Pakistan who support radical Islamic terror.

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Pentagon to answer for wasting $28 million on questionable camouflage for Afghan soldiers

The Pentagon will be called to account on Capitol Hill this week for its pricey plan to outfit Afghan soldiers in uniforms with a private-label forest camouflage scheme of dubious value in the desert country.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., fired off a letter Friday to the Pentagon about the report from the Special Inspector for Afghanistan Reconstruction that found the military may have squandered $28 million by purchasing uniforms for the Afghan army without testing their effectiveness. The uniforms use a proprietary forest pattern while woodlands cover just 2% of the country’s terrain.

Meanwhile, a panel of the House Armed Services committee will meet on Tuesday to hear from John Sopko, the inspector general, who blasted U.S. commanders in June for buying the uniforms that also featured fancier frills like zippers instead of buttons.

McCaskill, the ranking Democrat the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, called on the Pentagon to explain why it issued the contract without competitive bidding.

“This is a contracting decision that makes you smack your head in frustration,” McCaskill said in a statement. “It’s a prime example of wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars, and we’ve got to get to the bottom of how this happened.”

Source Article from http://www.skidie.com/pentagon-to-answer-for-wasting-28-million-on-questionable-camouflage-for-afghan-soldiers/#new_tab

Distressing footage of Afghan passenger abused on Turkish Airlines flight (VIDEO)

“I can’t breathe honestly,” the passenger can be heard saying as a man restrains him.

The video was filmed and uploaded to Facebook on Saturday by Ahtzaz Ali, who told RT the confrontation took place on a Turkish airlines flight set to take off from London’s Heathrow airport for Istanbul.

“Why is he slapping him?” one passenger can be heard saying in the video. A member of the crew responds with “please stop your mobile phone.”

The Afghan man can be heard yelling to the camera: “Please send to the media. I am Afghan. I have Italian documents… they are rejecting the information.”

Ali said the man was upset, but “wasn’t being abusive” to the crew or passengers.

“All of a sudden, someone who seemed like they were an immigration officer came and started physically abusing the man by slapping him and pushing his face down whilst he was crying and shouting that he wouldn’t be safe going back to Afghanistan,” he said.

The passenger claimed he was an asylum seeker, Ali told RT.

RT has reached out to Turkish Airlines for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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Another passenger on board the flight, Qes Ahmed, told RT that the Afghan passenger was hit several times in clear view of other passengers and airline staff.

Ahmed said the man hitting the passenger was a “British official.”

The Afghan man was removed from the flight after “a bit of commotion” ensued when other passengers began to loudly voice their concerns, according to Ahmed.

On Facebook, Ahmed questioned the manner in which British officials dealt with the man, calling the incident “disgusting.”

“If he was such a threat, why have him on a public flight, within 5 meters of a child anyway?!? Seriously hope that justice is served to the old twat with an authority complex,” he said.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/viral/392830-distressing-video-afghan-passenger/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Afghan and American people want peace but war profiteers drug traffickers do not – Veterans Today


By Kadir A. Mohmand


The majority of the American people and Afghan people, and Afghan Freedom Fighters want peace and stability but the CIA, MI6, ISI Mossad, war profiteers, Zalmay Khalilzad, drug traffickers, Karzai, and Afghan warlords do not want peace in Afghanistan and the region!

After the tragedy on 9/11 and the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan despite the fact that no Afghans were involved in that tragic event, I began to talk with other Afghan and Americans about how to end the war and achieve true peace in Afghanistan. I along with another member of our group went to New York, Washington D.C., Turkey, Arabia, and Afghanistan to talk with all Afghan groups to obtain their perspectives on how to achieve Afghan unity and peace.

We traveled to many provinces including Helmand, Kunar, Jalalabad, Shamali and others. We made this trip because we did not want to see more bloodshed in Afghanistan. We met and discussed how to achieve peace and unity with Afghan resistance leaders, U.S. Department of State, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services, United Nation officials from several European Permanent Missions, UNAMA officials, with the Deputy Ambassador of the U.S. Embassy, religious scholars, Shia religious leaders, tribal leaders, many ministers and parliament members of the Kabul government, Afghan women organizations, Afghan engineer and medical societies and other organizations, presidents, deans, and professors from universities across Afghanistan, leaders from various political parties, Abdullah Abdullah , Jamiat Islami, Northern Alliance, influential Afghans, and last but not least villagers.


The main concerns and opinions that were expressed by Afghans to us are the following: Afghans want unity and peace. They want an end to the war and foreign troops to leave. Afghan people want a friendship with the U.S. but they want their true independence. They are looking for a true national leader not a corrupt one nor one selected for them.

Today, there still is not peace and stability in Afghanistan. A covert war continues to be waged by the U.S. and NATO against the majority population, the Afghan villagers, who want to be left alone without foreigners waging war and a corrupt Afghan government terrorizing them.

I am concerned about the United States and Afghanistan. The United States is my homeland and Afghanistan is my motherland. History does repeat itself. In the 19th century, the British superpower lost its wars in Afghanistan. Soon after it lost its status as a global superpower. In the 20th century, the Afghans defeated the Soviets, who were forced to withdraw in 1989. It lost the war and was drained economically by the decade long war. Soon after the Soviet Union fell apart, the Warsaw Pact was demolished and it did not exist.


IN the 21st century, the United States invaded Afghanistan and has occupied it and waged war for almost 15 years. It has spent trillions on this war/occupation, but yet it has not won anything. In fact, the U.S has more debt and is less secure. Only the war profiteers have won and lined their pockets. The United States has borrowed trillions from China and others. China is winning. Right now, the U.S. must be very careful not to slip down the slope like the former superpowers because China and Russia want to see the United States fail and topple economically.

China wants to be the only superpower. Russia wants to be with China and be a superpower again. Afghanistan is a money pit and a war that cannot be won. I believe the solution is that the U.S. must change its policy from a war policy to a peace policy. The war profiteers are pushing for a continuation of the war. To achieve true peace, the U.S. must carefully hold direct negotiations with the Afghan resistance and hold sincere talks to bring true peace. Otherwise, I fear that the U.S. will crumble just like the other superpowers have and there will not be peace in Afghanistan. Both countries will lose. If the United States continues on the same course in Afghanistan, China will be the only superpower.

I hate war. I want true peace and stability in Afghanistan. The American people and the Afghan civilians especially women, children, the elderly and the Afghan majority, the villagers, are the victims of this war. This war continues because of the war profiteers’ greed, the U.S.’s goal to control the vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in the Helmand Region, which are needed to secure a supply chain independent of China, and because of its strategic location as the new outer defense perimeter for the United States.

The U.S State Department’s policy is the main obstacle to true peace in Afghanistan. I believe the U.S. State Department’s policy toward Afghanistan is controlled by the war profiteers and drug traffickers like Zalmay Khalilzad, Karzai and the majority of the Afghan government, who are war profiteers, Afghan communist war criminals and/or war lords. They do not want peace. They want more division and turmoil to justify a continuation of the covert war. The war provides them with enormous personal wealth.


Therefore, the U.S. State Department’s policy of having Afghan government led negotiations, will be a dead end . As I have stated many times, the U.S. government needs to directly talk with the Afghan Freedom FightersI believe this route has the greatest chance of bringing true peace in Afghanistan. The middle men need to be initially cut out of the process. The Afghan Freedom Fighters wants to negotiate directly with the U.S. without any foreign countries or war profiteers interfering. They do not want to repeat the mistakes made during the 1980s during the Soviets’ war/ occupation when the negotiations went through Pakistan, who profited enormously from that war. Unfortunately the public only hears the war profiteers’ perspective.

Besides bordering countries profiting from the war in Afghanistan, many individuals, Afghans, Americans and other nationalities, and companies from around the world have profited and continue to profit from the war in Afghanistan. The top ten U.S. companies profiting the most from war are:1. Lockheed Martin (LMT) — aircraft, electronics, missiles, space Arm sales:$36.3 billion,

  1. Boeing (BA) — aircraft, electronics, missiles, space Arm sales: $31.8 billion,
  2. BAE Systems — aircraft, artillery, electronics, vehicles, missiles, ships Arm sales: $29.2 billion,
  3. General Dynamics (GD) — artillery, electronics, vehicles, small arms, ships Arm sales: $23.8 billion,
  4. Raytheon (RTN) — electronics, missiles Arm sales: $22.5 billion,
  5. Northrop Grumman (NOC) — aircraft, electronics, missiles, ships, space Arm sales: $21.4 billion,
  6. EADS — aircraft, electronics, missiles and space Arm sales: $16.4 billion,
  7. Finmeccanica — aircraft, artillery, engines, electronics, vehicles and missiles Arms sales, $14.6 billion,
  8. L-3 Communications (LLL) – electronics Arm sales: $12.5 billion,
  9. United Technologies (UTX) — aircraft, electronics, engines Arm sales: $11.6 billion,

In addition, the U.S. government justifies in part its war and occupation in Afghanistan because it states in the media that it wants to free women and improve their rights. However, freedom for Afghan women means an Afghan woman being able to live in her country, with her family, with her culture being respected, with her honor in tact, with her faith being respected, and without foreign drones and intelligence balloons flying and buzzing overhead, without puppet leaders in Kabul, and without the constant fear of foreign soldiers invading her home and privacy, terrorizing her and threatening her safety and honor.

When speaking to U.S. Congressional committees and before the Council on Foreign Affairs, Mr. James Dobbins always emphasized that almost all Afghan women possess cell phones since the U.S. invasion and occupation. Cell phone possession does not mean freedom for Afghan women. Afghan women are experiencing problems under the corrupt Afghan government selected by the U.S. The United States’ selection and support of corrupt officials has harmed Afghan women. Rape and other crimes against women have increased.

Afghans do not like the puppet government and other war profiteers using Afghan women and children as sex slaves for foreigners. Respect for the Afghan majority’s culture and religion must be the cornerstone for improving the rights of the women. The U.S. war and occupation has only created disrespect, poverty, violence, death, rape, forced prostitution and slavery, widowhood and terror for the majority of Afghan women. Only a very few Afghan women have profited from the war/occupation. Those few of course are the only ones shown to Americans and the world in the media.

Afghans do not want a corrupt government with war lords and communist war criminals like Rashid Dostum like they have now. They want a government that represents all Afghans. Afghans do not want puppet leaders selected by the U.S. or other foreign country or through a corrupt fraudulent election. The Afghan majority is not represented by this government.

The Afghan/Pashtun, the majority, are being killed and treated as enemies by the U.S. The Pashtun people do not understand why the U.S. is treating them in this manner. The Pashtun people throughout Afghanistan are very angry. They realize that the U.S. is trying to divide the Pashtuns. They fear that this division will cause more bloodshed and innocent lives lost.

Afghans are greatly concerned and angry about the killing of civilians and about their tribal and religious Islamic leaders, and outspoken students, who are political activists, who are being targeted and killed by the U.S/NATO and the Afghan army.

Afghans are concerned that their vast mineral wealth, rare earth elements and other earth materials are being stolen by the war lords, war profiteers and the foreigners. They believe that the majority of the Afghan people will become poorer while a few Afghan war profiteers and foreigners will become extremely wealthy.

Afghans are concerned about the contamination of their environment by uranium –tipped weaponry and lack of infrastructure to handle the waste properly. Afghans are concerned about the high rates of birth defects, still births and cancer since this war/occupation.

Based on what has occurred during almost fifteen years, it appears that in order to achieve its goals the U.S. government has to eliminate the native population, the Pashtun, who is fighting for its independence. The U.S. government is trying to eliminate the Pashtun tribe, which is the largest native tribe in the world . Anyone, who has with knowledge about what is happening on the ground, knows that the Pashtun tribal leaders , Pashtun intellectuals and religious leaders are being killed and eliminated by the U.S. and its puppets with their weapon of choice being drones. The Pashtun villagers are being raped, killed and forced out of their homes after their villages are bulldozed or bombed, especially in the Helmand region because the Pashtun’s land contains the largest untapped REEs worth trillions. The U.S. and its puppets are destroying their villages, killing those who defend themselves, raping the women and children and forcing them to leave. These tactics sound really familiar to me.

I believe history does repeat itself. This U.S. imperialistic campaign of genocide against the native Pashtun tribe and the theft of the Pashtun’s home land and REEs is exactly what the United States has done to the Native American tribes in the U.S. in the past centuries. The U.S. tactics of killing the leaders of the Native American tribes, who resisted occupation, is being implemented today in the Pashutn villages. The U.S. tactics of forced relocation , theft of the native tribe’s land rich in valuable resources, and divide and conquer are being implemented against the native Pashtun tribe, who pose the only threat to the United States’ achievement of its three goals.

It reminds me of the forced relocation of the Cherokee Native American tribe , who resisted the U.S. invader/occupier in the 19th century. In 1824-25, the U.S. killed the Cherokee leaders, seized the valuable Cherokee land, and forced the Cherokees to relocate to undesirable, strange land called the “Indian territory.” This war crime is referred to as the “Trail of Tears”. Does this sound familiar? Now, a few greedy Afghan puppets are signing agreements with the U.S., Pashtun land rich in REEs is being seized with villages destroyed , Pashtun tribal leaders are being killed, and Pashtuns are being forcefully relocated to “tribal” territory.

History has shown that Afghanistan is the grave yard of the superpowers because the Native Afghans, who are the majority, cherish their freedom and never surrender when foreign troops are on their soil. I hate violence and war. I only want true peace in Afghanistan and an end to war, but I honestly I do not see that happening as long as the U.S. continues with its present policy of divide and conquer and exclusion of the Afghan majority.

The United States’ “selected” leader from the outside, Ghani, will not be accepted by the Afghan majority, who will not talk peace with the puppet or his selected cabinet. Unfortunately with the new puppet government of ethnic minorities, war lords, communist war criminals and drug traffickers it will just be more of the same- corruption, drug trafficking, the stealing of the Afghans REEs, violence and war. Four decades of suffering war is enough for the Afghan people. Fifteen years of war is enough for the American people. I hope that the U.S. government changes its policy in Afghanistan.

Borrowing money from China and amassing trillions in debt to finance the war/occupation of Afghanistan will only lead to the United States’ ruin. China is waiting for this to happen so that it will become the only superpower. Russia is waiting for this to happen too. The United States should focus on its true enemies, communist China and Putin’s “still communist” Russia instead of targeting and killing the Afghan majority. I strongly believe true peace can be achieved that will be beneficial to Afghans and Americans. Although will not be financially beneficial to the war profiteers .


Abdul Kadir Mohmand

Former Representative of the Afghan Freedom Fighter for North America in the 1980s

Source Article from http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/06/02/the-afghan-and-the-american-people-want-peace-but-the-war-profiteers-drug-traffickers-do-not/