Corrupt Cops Admit To Keeping BB Guns to Plant On Unarmed People They Kill


Baltimore, MD — (ZH) Over the past year, the Baltimore Police Department has undoubtedly gained national attention in a corruption scandal involving the Gun Trace Task Force, running wild on the streets of Baltimore.

Members of this elite group were charged with “racketeering and other corruption, accused of robbing citizens, making illegal arrests and filing for thousands of dollars in overtime they never worked,” said the Baltimore Sun.

Maurice Ward, one of the Gun Trace Task Force detectives, took the stand Tuesday in the case of officers Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor who were charged with robbery, extortion, fraud and firearm charges.

Ward’s testimony provided a somewhat shocking account of how detectives used GPS locators to follow drug dealers, and then, eventually rob them of their cash and drugs.

According to the Baltimore Sun, here are some notable and shocking moments from the testimony during Tuesday’s proceedings:

Ward testified that his squad would prowl the streets for guns and drugs, with his supervisor, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, driving fast at groups of people and slamming on the brakes. The officers would pop their doors open to see who ran, then give chase and detain and search them. Ward said this occurred 10 to 20 times on slow nights, and more than 50 times, “easy,” on busier nights.

The officers had no reason to target the crowds other than to provoke someone who might have drugs or a gun into running. “A lot of times” guns and drugs were recovered in this way, Ward said.

Ward said Jenkins liked to profile certain vehicles for traffic stops. Honda Accords, Acura TLs, Honda Odysseys were among the “dope boy cars” that they would pull over, claiming the drivers weren’t wearing seat belts or their windows were too heavily tinted.

Ward said Jenkins also believed males over the age of 18 carrying bookbags were suspicious and attempted to stop them.

Jenkins would portray himself as a federal agent, telling drug dealers that he was taking their money and drugs but would let them go because they weren’t his ultimate target.

Ward said the officers used illegal GPS trackers to follow the movements of some targets.

Jenkins would ask suspected drug dealers, “If you could put together a crew of guys and rob the biggest drug dealer in town, who would it be?” The officers would use the answers to determine who to target, Ward said.

In Ward’s testimony, he described some detectives carried around fake guns to plant on suspects in case they got into a jam. He further detailed an incident where detectives stole $100,000 from an illegal search of a home. The testimony shows detectives were in the game of robbing drug dealers, but on a positive note, the task force removed plenty of guns from the war-torn streets.

Ward said the officers kept BB guns in their vehicles “in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them.” He did not say whether the officers ever planted a BB gun on anyone.

In one incident, police took a man’s house keys, ran his name through databases to find his address, went into the home without a warrant and found drugs and a safe. The officers cracked open the safe, which had about $200,000 inside. They took $100,000 out, closed the safe back up, then filmed themselves pretending to open it for the first time. “Nobody touch anything,” Jenkins can be heard saying on the video, which was played for jurors.

After the man’s arrest, Jenkins listened to the man’s calls made from jail. He was discussing the officers taking his money, and said he wanted to hire a good lawyer to go after them. Ward said Jenkins determined the man’s wife was arranging his legal matters, and wanted to cut her out. They wrote a note purporting to be from another woman, saying the man had gotten her pregnant, and left it in the man’s door, Ward said.

Later, Ward said Jenkins contacted him about wanting to rob the man again. They met at an apartment, where Jenkins and Detective Daniel Hersl sipped Twisted Teas and discussed a robbery. Another time, he proposed a different robbery, and showed the officers a large black bag that was full of balaclava ski masks, black clothing and shoes. Another bag contained tools such as a crow bar, battering ram, and a rope with a grappling hook. “I didn’t understand that part,” Ward said of the grappling hook. Both bags were emptied out for jurors in the courtroom.

A federal prosecutor described the elite team of Baltimore detectives as a “perfect storm” of corruption in the opening arguments at the Gun Trace Task Force trial on Tuesday.

Justin Fenton, a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun provides more updates on the ongoing trial:

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Police Caught in Another Lie as Authorities Finally Admit to Multiple Suspects in Vegas Massacre


Las Vegas, NV — It has been months since the worst shooting in modern history was carried out in Las Vegas and Americans have been lied to, led astray, and essentially kept in the dark as to what went down that tragic evening. Official narratives have shifted like the tide and despite dozens of lawsuits and media requests, very little information has been conceded by authorities—until now.

Three months later and Las Vegas Police have yet to even release a still image of Stephen Paddock inside the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort. Police haven’t even released the type of gun Paddock used in the massacre.

The utter secrecy surrounding the case has some diligent local media pressing the police, and this week, some of that pressure has paid off.

As KVVU reports, inside a district courtroom on Jan. 16, a lawyer for multiple media outlets argued why information pertaining to 1 October is crucial to helping Las Vegas heal, but the lawyer for Metro Police said they can’t release any information because there are still suspects being investigated. 

“Without naming names, there are potential charges against other people, because of the ongoing investigation?”, District Court Judge Elissa Cadish asked Metro’s Lawyer Nick Crosby.

“Yes there are charges being investigated,” Crosby replied.

This new revelation that Paddock may have had help or that other people may have had foreknowledge of the attack is nothing short of bombshell as they may be able to help in providing a motive, or at the very least, give a little insight into what actually happened that night.

According to KVVU, Metro police maintain because of possible new suspects they should not have to release anything pertaining to the obtaining of the search warrants or any evidence seized because of them.

Naturally, this left the media and attorneys for the victims with more questions than answers.

“Are they investigating obstruction of justice? Lies to Metro under oath from Mandalay Bay employees? Is it people who sold [Paddock] the guns or ammunition? Or did someone have knowledge of what he was going to do? Now [Metro Police] are just having us speculate more and more and more,” Craig Island, an attorney for some of the victims said.

When asked how long it may take for police to release any information on the possible suspects, Metro’s lawyer responded, maybe 60 days. Reporters also pointed out the fact that the admission of multiple suspects entirely contradicts the official narrative.

“Today is the first time we’ve heard there are additional suspects out there, this contradicts what they have been saying, [Sheriff] Lombardo has said there are no other suspects,” Maggie McCletchie, a lawyer for the media outlets said.

McCletchie argues Metro has had three months to show they are still investigating, and that there are in fact other suspects, and said enough is enough; the public has a right to know what happened, according to KVVU.

“There are important therapeutic effects of getting information out there after a tragedy,” she said. “The public has a right to know and shouldn’t just have to rely on what the sheriff and other law enforcement is saying.”

Metro police told the judge that telling the public why they can’t release the information would be damaging to the investigation. Judge Cadish, finding middle ground, gave Las Vegas police until the end of next week and noted that she would decide by then whether or not the information related to the search warrants for additional suspects will be released.

Media attorney McCletchie says that this is still too long as the victims have a right to know—now.

“The public has a dire need to know what happened on 1 October,” McCletchie said.

Interestingly enough, this information comes days after Joe Lombardo addressed the media and told Americans to forget about Vegas and move on.

“The frustrating thing for me as the head of the law enforcement is the keyboard bandits the guys who sit at their couches at their home and Monday morning quarterback everything you do and that are smarter than you. The pressure that we are put under to do the right thing and I believe we did the right thing and I am not hiding anything from anybody. You know what I know. The reason why I say that it is just as important for you to be comfortable living here and have an understanding to prevent another event from taking place, for you to know what exactly happened. So, you know what exactly happened so far. I anticipate a press conference here in about a week to give you more information and to provide the media with more information associated with that event. But there will not be a keystone or an important piece associated with Mr. Paddock and why he did what he did, so it’s important for us to forget that and move on and be resilient.”

Well, Lombardo, the families of the victims who want to know why their mother, father, son, or daughter was murdered that night have no plans of ‘forgetting.’ The pressure will continue to mount until the public knows everything you have been keeping under wraps.

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WATCH: Twitter Engineers Admit that Stealing Nude Pics from Users is Policy

For anyone who thinks the information they send over Twitter is somehow protected from third-party snooping, think again. In a series of interviews caught on hidden camera in early January, Clay Haynes, senior network security engineer, dispels those notions once and for all.

“I’ve seen way more penises than I’ve ever wanted to see in my life,” Haynes confides to an undercover journalist with Project Veritas.

When asked to elaborate, Haynes says the graphic material is found on “DMs (direct messages), tweets…”

“Lots of d*cks,” he emphasized.

Interestingly, it is not the work of a robot to automatically single out the offensive content, but rather large teams of humans devoted to the task. “There’s teams dedicated to it,” Haynes confirms. “I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking three or four… at least, three or four hundred people.”

“Yes, they’re paid to look at d*ck pics.”

According to the founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, users have no way to protect themselves from Twitter violations of privacy.

“Twitter has pages and pages of rules and requirements, including its comprehensive terms of service that protects Twitter from you,” O’Keefe noted. “But you have nothing that protects you from Twitter.”

This boils down to the ultimate question: How much information does Twitter have, and what are they doing with it?

According to another Twitter employee, a direct messaging engineer introduced as Pranay Singh, quite a lot.

“All your sex messages and your, like, dick pics are on my server now… All your illegitimate wives and, like, all the girls you’ve been f*cking around with, they’re on my server now,” Singh boasted.

“I’m going to send it to your wife, she’s going to use it in your divorce,” he added, jokingly.

But as the axiom says, with every joke there is a hint of truth.

O’Keefe commented on this particularly jocular, cocky stance from many Twitter engineers, who “seemed to have a more cavalier attitude about user privacy. It is almost like the whole culture at Twitter is about abusing and laughing at users.”

Singh emphasized a terrible truth about all of the vast amounts of personal data that Twitter hoovers up on a daily basis: it never goes away. “Like, they are always on there,” Singh claims.

And this fits in with Twitter’s particular business model, which collects user information and sells it to businesses, advertisers, and other interested parties, it appears.

“Even after you send [the information], people are analyzing them, to see what you’re interested in, to see what you’re talking about, and they sell that data.” When asked to clarify what sort of information Twitter makes available, Singh said, “everything.”

Even direct messages are free game. As O’Keefe explained, “this is not your run-of-the-mill big data. This is personal and specific, and that has a high premium for advertisers.”

It is almost like the whole culture at Twitter is about abusing and laughing at users. – James O’Keefe, Project Veritas

Another Twitter engineer, Mihai Florea, who has been with the company for three years, admitted that selling data to advertisers is “how we make most of our money.”

Florea said that users are “paying for the right to use our website with your data basically… And it’s the same way with every free website.”

Twitter has rejected the claims put forward in the Project Veritas investigation.

“We do not proactively review DMs. Period,” a company spokesperson told BuzzFeed. “A limited number of employees have access to such information, for legitimate work purposes, and we enforce strict access protocols for those employees.”

It must be noted that the work of Project Veritas has not been without criticism for the methods it employs.

In 2010, O’Keefe was sentenced to three years’ probation, 100 hours of community service, and a $1,500 fine for entering then-Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) office on false pretenses.

O’Keefe and three colleagues were arrested by federal authorities at Landrieu’s office on allegations of phone-tampering.

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Health officials ADMIT: The flu jab does NOT work; vaccine in circulation targets wrong strain (as is usually the case)

Image: Health officials ADMIT: The flu jab does NOT work; vaccine in circulation targets wrong strain (as is usually the case)

(Natural News)
Albert Einstein is broadly credited with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. By that definition, the entire healthcare profession of most of the developed world is insane. Why else would they continue to insist, year after year, that people be vaccinated against the flu, when year after year, the vaccine proves to be ineffective?

The U.K.’s Daily Mail recently reported that this year’s flu vaccine (unsurprisingly) is targeted at the wrong strains, and that the thousands of people who have already received the shot have wasted their own time and the government’s money.

U.S. publications, including The New York Times, are reporting that we are experiencing the same problem on this side of the pond.

The Times reported:

This year’s flu season is shaping up to be a bad one. Much of the country endured a bitterly cold stretch, causing more people to be crowded together inside. The strain that has been most pervasive, H3N2, is nastier than most. And, we’re being told, the vaccine this year is particularly ineffective. [Emphasis added]

Of course, The Times immediately went on to stress that people should still get the flu shot, but then they would do that, because they seem to echo whatever Big Pharma – and its advertising dollars – want them to say.

The Mail reported that Public Health England (PHE) has officially announced that the trivalent vaccine, which is supposed to prevent one “B” strain and two “A” strains of the flu, is ineffective against this year’s two most prevalent and virulent strains: The B/Yamagata type, and H3N2, a particularly aggressive strain known as “Aussie flu.”

Between them, these two strains have placed immense strain on the resources of the U.K.’s already overburdened National Health Service (NHS).

Ambulances have recorded long delays, while A&E staff have been so busy dealing with flu patients in their casualty units, that they have been unable to transfer other patients from ambulances in order to receive care.

Health officials have noted that over 55,000 surgeries have had to be canceled because of the “extreme” additional pressure placed on hospitals by the flu outbreak. Meanwhile, dozens of hospitals have warned that there are no free beds available for new patients.

There are growing concerns that this year’s flu season will prove to be the worst in over 50 years. (Related: Proof that flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.)

Experts had already been warning that the flu shot is totally worthless in the oldest and most vulnerable of flu patients – those over the age of 75 – who are most often pushed to receive the vaccine as a protective measure.

According to the PHE, even though 11 million Brits received their flu shot in 2016, the number of deaths attributable to the disease increased by 40 percent. This year’s shot is set to be even more useless, with only a projected 20 percent efficacy rate.

The situation may be even worse in the United States. QUARTZ recently reported that, according to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), this year’s flu shot is likely to only be effective in 10 percent of U.S. H3N2 cases.

QUARTZ also noted:

H3N2 is also a particularly nasty strain … To put it into perspective, back when H1N1 was making headlines as swine flu in 2009, it infected just over 51,000 folks in Australia. This year, H3N2 sickened over 215,000 Australians.

Readers need not despair, however. Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure, and the best way to prevent getting sick from any virus is to build up your immune system.

If you want to prevent the flu – and many other viruses – read the article: Bulletproof your immune system – How to not get a cold, ever.

Sources for this article include:



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WATCH: 52yo Woman Torn to Shreds by K9 as Cops Admit She’s Innocent


St. Paul, MN — On September 23rd, Desiree Collins, a 52-year-old St. Paul resident, learned the hard way what can happen when a K9 officer loses control of his dog. St. Paul police officer Thaddeus P. Schmidt claims he lost control of his K-9, Gabe, when it attacked Collins, ripping her arm into shreds. The entire incident was caught on the body cameras of the officers involved.

Collins was attacked by Gabe near a dumpster along the 600 block of Van Buren Avenue. The woman can be heard in a long and sustained scream. “Ow!…Oh!”, she shouted. The pain must have been intense as her eyes seemed to show the fear and horror she was experiencing.

The attack knocked her out of her shoes and onto the ground where Gabe had latched onto her arm. She screamed, he pulled, and then the St. Paul officers reached down to take control of her, helping her and attempting to get the dog off of her arm.

“Please, help me, oh!” Collins screamed in fear. “We’re trying to get your arm,” they responded. After they broke the dog’s grip on her arm, they told her to stand up and they would get her some medical care for her injuries.

Obviously shocked at the horrific attack, Collins asked, “What did I do to him?” The officers then responded saying “Nothing, it’s not your fault.” “You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” they told her. They then promised the medics were on their way.

Collins, understandably, is suing the city and the police department. Andrew Noel, one of her attorneys said:

The entire incident is shocking and unacceptable…The video speaks for itself–she was terrified.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell responded to the incident with apparent empathy. He said in a statement:

My heart breaks when I watch this video…What we can do is apologize and take responsibility, offer support and compassion, and learn from the incident so we can continue to work to prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Collins and her attorneys want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again to an unsuspecting citizen. Not only do they want full compensation for Collins’ pain and suffering but they want to see the dog and handler be retrained. Apparently not waiting around for a certain judgment by the courts, Police spokesperson Steve Linders confirmed Thursday that both the officer and his K9 were sent back to training, disallowed from returning to work until the month-long retraining takes place.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, the use of canines in police work is highly controversial. Not only are the dogs unpredictable but handlers can easily claim the dogs have “cued” in on drugs all in an effort to infringe on citizens’ civil liberties in order to force convictions in situations where probable cause would be difficult to obtain.

In a recent study, researchers determined the connection between dog and handler is so close that even an officer’s emotions can affect the way a dog reacts. In the case of Ms. Collins, the police were investigating a possible robbery, indicating the officer was likely running on adrenalin. The dog may have sensed as much and attacked Collins the minute he saw her. At any rate, the taxpayer, not the unscrupulous dog handler, will foot the bill when Ms. Collins wins her court case and receives her payout.

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WATCH: ‘Need My 20 For the Month’: Cops Admit to Arrest Quota, ‘Falsely Arrest’ Man to Make It


Lehighton, PA — Most people reading this article know what it is like to have the blue and red lights pop up in your rearview mirror. The last thing going through your mind at this point is the feeling of ‘being protected.’ This feeling comes from the fact that the overwhelming majority of the time a driver sees police lights in their mirror is because they have been targeted for revenue collection—often the result of a quota system—and they are about to be given a ticket.

Police, we are told, are here to keep us safe and protect us from the bad guys. However, public safety all too often takes a back seat to revenue collection. Time and time again, the Free Thought Project has exposed quota schemes in which officers were punished for not writing enough tickets.

The most recent ticket writing scheme to be exposed comes of out Lehighton, Pennsylvania in which two State Troopers were caught on video discussing which one of them should get credit toward their requirement of 20 DUI arrests a month. Even more ominous is the fact that these cops were discussing the arrest of this person before they even established probable cause.

In the video, Trooper Ronald Mercatili asks the other trooper, “You mind if I take this?” adding, “I need my 20 for the month,” the video shows.

“I need mine too, but I’ll let you have him,” Trooper Gary Fedor replied, according to the video.

The video is now at the center of a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State Troopers and brings forth some damning allegations.

As the Morning Call reports:

The lawsuit filed this month also alleges that the arresting trooper and other officers falsely reported drunken-driving violations in the past and that state police supervisors were deliberately indifferent to the practice and condoned and encouraged it by setting quotas for filing such cases.


The trooper who made the 2015 arrest later falsified court documents, stating he performed field sobriety tests that the motorist failed, when no tests were given, the lawsuit alleges. The video shows the driver, Noah Reed of Jacksonville, Fla., being placed in one police car in handcuffs and later transferred to another without being given the tests described in the court documents.

“The law doesn’t allow quota systems for a very good reason,” said attorney Joshua Karoly of Allentown, who is representing Reed. “It puts a personal motive into law enforcement and that’s not good for anyone.”

Because ticket and arrest quotas create an incentive to harass and extort otherwise innocent people, states across America have laws on the books prohibiting such practices. Pennsylvania is one of those states. In 1981, the state enacted the Prohibiting Ticket Quota Act which clearly states:

Section 1. No political subdivision or agency of the Commonwealth shall have the power or authority to order, mandate, require or in any other manner, directly or indirectly,
suggest to any police officer, State Police Officer, game commission officer, fish commission officer or any other officer employed by such political subdivision or agency of the Commonwealth that said police officer, State Police Officer, game commission officer, fish commission officer or any other officer shall issue a certain number of traffic citations, tickets or any other type of citation on any daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Section 2. Any tickets or citations issued in violation of this act shall be unenforceable, null and void.

Section 3. This act shall take effect immediately.

Clearly, the troopers’ discussion of this quota voids Reed’s DUI and illustrates that criminal charges should be brought against the troopers for allegedly falsifying the report of issuing a DUI test.

“As is clear from the (video), Mercatili flat out lied when he stated that he performed the standard field sobriety tests on the plaintiff,” the lawsuit alleges.

In the video, the woman running from Reed’s truck did so because she had outstanding warrants. Reed, however, had none.

As the Morning Call reports, in his federal lawsuit, Reed claims his arrest amounted to a false arrest and illegal search and accuses Trooper Ronald Mercatili of false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and violating his constitutional rights.

Below is an example of what can happen when cops are told they must make arrests and issue citations or face punishment. Sadly, however, as TFTP has consistently reported, even though police are caught repeatedly in quota schemes, they are almost never punished for it.

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At the UNO – US inability to admit reality, by Thierry Meyssan

JPEG - 76 kb
Rehashing the posturing of her long-departed predecessor, Adlai Stevenson during the Cuban missile crisis, Nikki Haley denounced the incident at Khan Shaykhun by displaying a number of terrible photographs. However, the UNO-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism refused to authenticate these alleged elements of « proof ». We note the hawk Jeffrey Feltman sitting by the ambassador’s side.

Decidedly, very little has changed since 11 September 2001. The United States continue to manipulate international public opinion and the tools of the United Nations, no doubt for different reasons, but still with the same contempt for the truth.

In 2001, the representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom, John Negroponte and Stewart Eldon, assured that their two countries had just attacked Afghanistan in legitimate defence after the attacks committed in New York and Washington [1]. The Secretary of State, Colin Powell, promised to hand the Security Council a complete dossier presenting proof of Afghan responsibility. 16 years later, this document has still not been seen.

JPEG - 38.5 kb
Secretary of State Colin Powell lying to the Security Council. He is waving around what he claimed was a vial of anthrax capable of killing the entire population of New York, and accused Iraq of having prepared more with which to attack the United States. Washington has never apologised for this masquerade.

In 2003, the same Colin Powell came to explain to the Security Council, during a speech which was relayed by the televisions of the whole world, that Iraq was also implicated in the attacks of 11 September, and that it was preparing new acts of aggression against the United States by means of weapons of mass destruction [2]. However, once he had retired from his functions in the US government, General Powell admitted on a TV channel in his own country that the many accusations in his speech were all false [3]. 14 years after this speech, we are still waiting for the United States to apologise to the Security Council.

Everyone has forgotten the US accusations concerning the responsibility of President Saddam Hussein in the attacks of 9/11 – since then, Washington has attributed these same attacks to Saudi Arabia, and again, today, to Iran, but without ever providing the proof for any of these four cases). However, we do remember the debate, which lasted for months, about weapons of mass destruction. At the time, the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) was unable to find the slightest trace of these weapons. A conflict developed between Hans Blix, the Swedish director of UNMOVIC and, first, the United States, then the UNO, and finally, the whole of the Western world. Washington claimed that Mr. Blix had not found the weapons because he was a negligent worker, while Blix himself assured that Iraq had never possessed the capacity to build such weapons. But whatever, the United States bombed Baghdad, invaded Iraq, overthrew President Saddam Hussein and hanged him, occupied his country and plundered it.

US methods after 2001 were totally different from any that had preceded them. In 1991, President Bush the Father had made certain that he had international law on his side before he attacked Iraq, having pushed President Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and to dig in. He had thus obtained the support of almost all the nations in the world. On the contrary, in 2003, Bush the Son settled for lying and then lying some more. Many States distanced themselves from Washington, and we saw the greatest pacifist demonstrations in History, from Paris to Sydney, from Beijing to Mexico.

In 2012, the UN Department of Political Affairs drew up a project for the total and unconditional surrender of Syria [4]. Its director, US citizen Jeffrey Feltman, ex-Under-Secretary of State for Hillary Clinton, used all the means at his disposal to create the greatest coalition in History and accuse Syria of all manner of crimes, none of which were ever proven.

If the States which possess the Feltman document have decided not to publish it, their intention is simply to preserve the United Nations. It is indeed inacceptable that the might and means of the UNO were used to promote war, when the institution was created in order to preserve peace. Since I am not held to the same obligations as a State, I have published a detailed study of this ignoble document in “Right Before Our Eyes” [5].

In 2017, the UNO-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism, created at the request of Syria in order to investigate the use of chemical weapons on its territory, became the object of the same struggle which had earlier opposed Hans Blix to Washington. Except that this time, the fronts were reversed. In 2003, the UNO was defending peace. This is no longer the case, since Jeffrey Feltman was reappointed and is still the number 2 of the UNO. This time it’s Russia which is opposing the pro-US international civil servants in the name of the Charter.

Although the work of the Joint Investigative Mechanism was debated in normal fashion during its first period – from September 2015 to May 2017 – the discussions risked dichotomy when Guatemalan Edmond Mulet nominated the Argentine Virginia Gamba as its director; a nomination which may be imputed to the new Secretary General of the UNO, Portuguese António Guterres.

The Joint Investigative Mechanism mobilises international civil servants from the UNO and the OPCW. This prestigious international organisation received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013, in particular for its work of supervision on the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons by the United States and Russia. However, its director, Turkish citizen Ahmet Üzümcü, has since moved on. In June 2015, he was invited to Telfs Buchen (Austria) for the meeting of the Bilderberg Group, the NATO club.

JPEG - 34.3 kb
In December 2015, Ahmet Üzümcü was decorated with the Légion d’honneur by the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, the man for whom President el-Assad « has no right to be alive » and al-Qaïda were « doing a good job ».

The question was all the more serious in that in 2003, the dispute opposed, on one hand Hans Blix, and on the other, the United States, who were threatening to intervene against Iraq if the UNO could prove the existence of weapons of mass destruction. In 2017, however, the dispute was between Russia and Edmond Mulet, who may be have been able, a posteriori, to validate US intervention against Syria. Indeed, Washington had already made their minds up, considering Syria as being responsible for a sarin gas attack in Khan Shaykhun, and had already bombed the old air base at Cheyrat [6].

In the event that the Joint Investigative Mechanism should depart in whatever way from Washington’s script, the United States would be obliged to apologise to and indemnify Syria. The pro-US international civil servants therefore considered that their mission was to arrive at the conclusion that Syria had bombed its own population with sarin gas which it had hidden illegally on the air base at Cheyrat.

As from the month of October, the rhetoric began to escalate between certain UNO and Russian civil servants. Contrary to what the Western Press alleged, the disagreement had nothing to do with the conclusions of the Joint Investigative Mechanism, but exclusively with its methods – Moscow refused in advance any conclusion obtained by methods which did not conform with the international principles established in the framework of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the OPCW [7].

Sarin gas is a neurotoxic agent which is extremely lethal for humans. There are variations of this product, chlorosarin and cyclosarin, and an even more dangerous version, VX gas. All these products are absorbed by the skin and pass directly into the blood. They degrade within a few weeks or a few months in the environment, but not without consequences for the animals which may enter into contact with them. When they penetrate the soil, in the absence of oxygen and light, they may be conserved for a long time.

It is enough to look at the photographs of the attack on Khan Shaykhun, which show people taking samples a few hours later without wearing protective suits to cover their skin – to understand immediately that if gas had in fact been used, it could not have been sarin gas or one of its derivatives. For more details, we may consult the study by Professor Theodore Postol of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in which he debunks, one by one, the arguments of the so-called “experts” from the CIA [8].

In fact, contrary to the principles of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Investigative Mechanism did not visit the site to take samples, to analyse them, and identify the gas used, if indeed any gas had been used.

Questioned on this subject in May and June 2017 by Russia, the OPCW declared that they had studied the security conditions necessary for such a journey before concluding that it was unnecessary since, according to them, « The use of sarin is not in doubt ».

The Investigative Mechanism did, however, visit the air base in Shayrat where, according to Washington, the sarin gas had been illegally stored and loaded onto the bombers. But then, despite the insistence of Russia, they refused to take samples.

The Investigative Mechanism also refused to study the revelations by Syria concerning the supply of gas to the jihadists by US and British companies Federal Laboratories, NonLethal Technologies, and Chemring Defence UK [9].

The United States and their allies themselves wrote into their project for resolution, presented on 16 November, the requirement for international Civil servants to carry out their investigations in a « manner appropriate to the realisation of their mandate » [10].

Russia rejected the report by the Investigative Mechanism in view of its amateurism, and refused on three occasions to accept reappointment for its mandate. It opposed its veto on 24 October [11], and on 16 [12] and 17 November, as it had done on 12 April [13] when the United States and France [14] attempted to condemn Syria for this alleged sarin gas attack. These were the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th times that it used its veto on the Syrian question.

We do not know why Washington presented, or had presented by proxy, the same assertion to the Security Council on four different occasions from four different angles. These stammering attempts had already been seen at the start of the war against Syria, on 4 October 2011, 4 February and 19 July 2012, when France and the United States attempted to have Syria condemned by the Council for what they called the repression of the Syrian spring. At that time, Russia affirmed on the contrary that this was not a case of civil war, but of external aggression. Each time, the Westerners retorted that they would « convince » their Russian partner.

It is interesting to observe that the Western ‘doxa’ pretends that the war in Syria began with a democratic revolution which went wrong and was finally recuperated by jihadist forces. But, contrary to what was alleged, there is no proof of the slightest demonstration in favour of democracy in 2011-2012 in Syria. All the videos published at the time were either in favour of President el-Assad, or against the Syrian Arab Republic, never for democracy. Not one video shows pro-democracy slogans or posters. All the videos of the alleged « revolutionary demonstrations » from this period were shot on Friday evenings as the Sunni mosques emptied out, never on another day, and never at meeting places other than Sunni mosques.

It is true that in certain videos, we can hear phrases which contain the word « freedom ». If we listen carefully, we notice that the demonstrators are not calling for « Freedom » in the Western sense of the word, but for the « Freedom to apply charia law ». If you can find a traceable document of a demonstration of more than 50 people which contradicts my statement, please send it to me and I will not fail to print it.

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In order to avoid the occasion for his opposition to accuse him of having gone to collect new orders from KGBist Vladimir Putin, President Trump did not take a private interview with him – but here the two men demonstrate their compatibility (Đà Nẵng, 11 November 2017).

We could interpret the stubborn US manipulation of facts as a sign that the Trump administration is aligning itself with the policies of the previous four mandates. But this hypothesis is countered by the signature of a secret Memorandum in Amman, on 8 November, between Jordan [15], Russia, and the United States, and by the Joint Declaration by Presidents Putin and Trump, on 11 November, in Đà Nẵng, on the sidelines of the APEC summit [16].

The first document has not been published, but we know via certain indiscretions that it does not take into account the Israëli demand for the creation of a neutral zone on Syrian territory, not beyond the Israëli frontier, but 60 kilometres beyond the 1967 cease-fire line. Never missing an occasion to add fuel to the flames, the British government reacted by publishing, by the BBC, satellite photographs of the Iranian military base of El-Kiswah (45 kilometres beyond the cease-fire line) [17]. As expected, Israëli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately rejected the agreement between the major powers and announced that he reserved the right of Israël to engage in military intervention in Syria in order to preserve its security [18] – this comment constitutes a threat and as such, is a violation of the Charter of the United Nations. In fact, everyone is aware that for the last seven years, the pretext of weapons for Lebanon is still working. As an example, on 1 November, Tsahal illegally bombed an industrial zone in Hassiye, pretending that it was destroying weapons destined for Hezbollah. In reality, the target was a copper factory, indispensable for restoring the distribution of electricity in the country [19].

The Declaration of Đà Nẵng includes some notable advances. It establishes, for the first time, that all Syrians will be able to participate in the next Presidential election. In fact, until now, exiled Syrians have been forbidden to vote by the members of the international Coalition, in violation of the Vienna Convention. As for the « National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces », it has boycotted the elections because that instance was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, according to whom « The Coran is our Law », and there is no place for elections in an Islamist régime.

The contrast is startling between the progress of Russo-US negotiations concerning Syria on the one hand, and on the other, the bullheadedness of the same United States in denying the facts before the Security Council.

It is interesting to note the embarrassment of the European Press – faced with the work of Presidents Putin and Trump as well as the infantile mulishness of the US delegation at the Security Council. Almost no organ of the media mentions the Amman Memorandum, and they all commented the Joint Declaration before it was published, based on a simple note from the White House. As for Ambassador Nikki Haley’s tantrums at the Security Council, they unanimously noted that the two major powers had reached no agreement, and ignored the Russian arguments which had nonetheless been exhaustively explained by Moscow.

We are obliged to note that if President Trump is attempting to pay off the imperialist policies of his predecessors, the pro-US international civil servants from the UNO are incapable of adapting to the real world. After 16 years of systematic lies, they can no longer think in terms of fact, but only in thrall to their fantasies. They are no longer able to avoid taking their desires for realities. This behaviour is characteristic of Empires in decline.

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Bitcoin Zealots Suddenly Admit It Will Never Work As A Universal Payment System

Dumber Than A Bag Of Forks~ Diluted By Forks Which Validates Central Control.

The toils and troubles of Bitcoin continue but for some reason, the cryptocurrency’s cultists continue trying to reinvent — or, at a minimum reclassify — a fake monetary system whose value has no ties to anything tangible.

Now, some want to rebrand Bitcoin as “digital gold” in another desperate attempt to keep it relevant.

As reported by Coin Telegraph, “while upgrades have been made to Bitcoin along the way, it looks like Bitcoin is becoming less of a payment network and is instead evolving into ‘digital gold,’” even after the failure of SegWit2x, which sought to decrease the costs of Bitcoin transactions and improve the speed of confirmation.

The failure came for a number of reasons, the site claimed.

“Some of them were good, and some were mere straw men. But at the end of the day, one thing is clear: There is clearly no rush to increase Bitcoin’s capacity,” the report said.

“So, if Bitcoin has taken big strides towards being digital gold, while also leaving its payment system roots behind, what does this spell for the so-called ‘future of money’? There are still chances for digital gold to work as a payment method though,” Coin Telegraph claimed optimistically.

Bitcoin • A move in the opposite direction toward transcendent unregulated immaterial notion of value representation.

Not so fast, says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, founder of and In a story earlier this month, in which he noted just one user in a popular digital wallet service accidentally destroyed $300 million worth of Bitcoins, Adams said that the current “Bitcoin bubble delusion” has convinced so many people they now believe that the cryptocurrency is the ‘new gold’ or even ‘better than gold.’ (Related: Bitcoin mining rigs now LOSING money daily as the Bitcoin Ponzi scheme continues to unravel.)

“Bitcoin,” he wrote, “like every other cryptocurrency, is nothing more than a virtual shared spreadsheet (ledger) that’s subject to all the failings of software, cyber warfare and even power grid failures.”

The fact remains, says Adams, that only gold can be gold, and to assume otherwise is pure folly.

“Despite the fact that gold is a fundamental element of the cosmos and can’t be destroyed with a software error, there are really people running around the internet claiming Bitcoin is ‘better than gold,’” he writes.

There are some benefits to Bitcoin, he notes, such as the fact that it is very portable and easily transferable to other parties without having to physically carry gold in the form of bars or coins. But those attributes can also be attributed to a checking account, he added.

There is also a myth surrounding Bitcoin transactions — that they’re allegedly anonymous. They’re not, Adams says, “given that the entire history of every Bitcoin transaction is replicated in the public blockchain, meaning that every Bitcoin transaction is easily tracked” [he recommends Zcash, which is a vastly superior cryptocurrency if you’re looking for real anonymity].

Adams then ticks off a list of additional reasons why gold is superior to Bitcoin as a store of wealth. They include:

— Gold has been around for over 13 billion years and is a fundamental element of the cosmos. Bitcoin has existed fewer than 13 years and hasn’t even come close to standing the test of time.

— Unlike Bitcoin, gold cannot be created or destroyed by human beings.

— If the power grid goes down or financial infrastructure is hacked and destroyed, gold will still be gold, while Bitcoins will be…gone. Remember the $300 million example from earlier in this article? “You’ll come to discover that Bitcoin’s value is exactly zero when there’s no electricity,” Adams wrote.

— Physical gold cannot be stolen through the Internet. “Bitcoin has been repeatedly stolen through online wallets, computer hacks and the theft of wallets,” he adds.

Bitcoin Crash News

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Jews Admit The Bolshevik Revolution Was A Jewish Plot Against Christian Russia

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Republicans Admit That CEOs And Donors Really Need The Tax Cut Bill To Pass — Or Else

WASHINGTON ― The White House and congressional Republicans have sought to portray their tax plan as primarily a middle class tax cut. But lately, some of them have been admitting that big money political donors and wealthy CEOs, two groups that overlap heavily, are the ones who care about it the most.

“The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan,” Gary Cohn, the leading White House economic adviser and former chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

Cohn’s statement is no doubt true ― it just isn’t exactly the message Republicans want to send as they argue that their bill isn’t just a sop for the rich and powerful. But over the past few weeks, several Republicans have indicated that the tax bill would boost the wealth of the already rich and ensure that their political donations keep flowing to help the GOP hold power in 2018.

“My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again,’” Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.), himself a millionaire, said on Tuesday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters on Thursday that a failure to pass tax reform would fracture the Republican Party and lead to more far-right wing primary challengers. “The financial contributions will stop,” he added.

It isn’t often that politicians admit that their failure to pass legislation will impact their ability to collect money for their campaigns. They usually try to avoid an appearance that campaign contributions are linked to specific legislation.

Lawmakers aren’t the only ones talking about the connection between legislation and campaign money. Conservative donors and those running the political groups that help elect Republicans have issued similar dire warnings.

“(Donors) would be mortified if we didn’t live up to what we’ve committed to on tax reform,” Steven Law, the head of Senate Conservatives Fund, a super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), told the New York Post.

Those big donors are already trying to push the tax cut legislation across the finish line by spending tens of millions of dollars on political advertising. Nonprofit groups that do not disclose their donors, like 45Committee, American Action Network, America First, Americans for Prosperity, and Freedom Partners, plan to spend at least $43 million on a campaign to pressure specific members of Congress to pass the bill, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

45Committee was founded by Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino oligarch, and Joe Ricketts, the billionaire owner of the Chicago Cubs who recently shuttered multiple news organizations he ran after the workers voted to unionize.

Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch run Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners, which are funded by a network of multi-millionaires and billionaires from across the country. American Action Network’s board of directors includes lobbyists and strategic advisers to lobbying firms hired to influence the tax legislation.

Academic studies have shown that the wealthy have both an inordinate amount of influence over policy while holding dramatically different policy priorities than the rest of the population. Cohn and Republican lawmakers’ remarks make that clear ― and happen to play directly into congressional Democrats’ line of attack against the tax cut bill.

“Their pay masters, if you will ― the hard, hard right … the Koch brothers ― all they want to do is cut taxes,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told HuffPost on Tuesday. “They don’t care about the deficit, they don’t care about the country, they don’t care about the middle class ― they just want their taxes reduced. And they run the Republican Party.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) made the same argument in an op-ed for The Washington Post: “The Republican leadership has outsourced its economic agenda to a handful of billionaires and corporate donors.”

“Representative Chris Collins confessed that donors are telling him to cut their taxes ‘or don’t ever call again,’” Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) tweeted. “That’s why this bill raises taxes on middle class families.”

Republicans’ series of telling gaffes confirming Democratic Party critiques of their agenda wouldn’t be complete without one from President Donald Trump.

In a phone call urging Democrats to support the bill, the president ― a billionaire and former political donor himself ― reportedly told them, “My accountant called me and said, ‘You’re going to get killed in this bill’” if it doesn’t include an estate tax cut.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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