Man accused of torturing his 10 children fires back from jail

“I’m not perfect. No one is perfect. But I am not an animal. I am not a torturer. And I’m not a monster,” Jonathan Allen says. He and his wife Ina Rogers are being accused of abusing and neglecting their ten children.

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Video Shows Security Guard Choking Black Teen Accused Of Shoplifting In New York

New York police officers arrested a department store security guard on Friday night after he was filmed punching and choking a suspected shoplifter who begged for him to stop. 

Witness Brian Fraser recorded the violent confrontation, which involved multiple loss prevention employees, outside of the Century 21 department store at 22 Courtland Street in New York City. 

In the above footage of the incident, security guards hold down and appear to choke the suspected shoplifter. The man can be heard yelling, “What are you doing? I can’t breathe.”

While the incident involved private security guards, Fraser’s video reflects similar high-profile cases of police violence against black people ― specifically, Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who yelled “I can’t breathe” while dying in a police chokehold in 2014.

More recently, Sacramento police fatally shot 22-year-old Stephon Clark, who was unarmed, in his backyard while responding to reports of break-ins. The officers said they thought he had a firearm when he was actually holding his cellphone.

Fraser said the alleged shoplifter, 19-year-old Victor Roberson, was “compliant” with the security guards up until they began being violent with him on Friday. 

“No matter what accusation, they should not have hit him,” Fraser told HuffPost.

Fraser said he was walking home from dinner when he saw a group of security guards walking a man, whom he described as a “teen,” across the street with his hands behind his back.

“The next thing I see is the boy being tackled to the ground and a struggle ensued,” Fraser said. “They began choking him and putting their hands over his mouth.”

Fraser said the security guards then pulled the suspect off the ground and one guard began punching him in the face.

Roberson “began bleeding from the mouth and a knot appeared on his forehead,” Fraser told HuffPost. “They picked him up and pinned him against the wall when one of the security guards hit him again.”

As seen in videos filmed by passersby, the young man can be heard coughing and yelling multiple times, “I can’t breathe.” 

Witnesses on the scene can be heard warning the security guards that the man can’t breathe and pleading for them to stop. All the while, employees were asking the witnesses to stop filming, Fraser said.

Police arrived on the scene after the security guards tried to “drag” the young man back to the store entrance, according to Fraser. 

The New York Police Department told HuffPost officers were called to the scene after receiving reports that a 19-year-old male illegally placed store items into his backpack.

Police said a Century 21 employee, identified as 24-year-old Acosta Wilson, followed Roberson as he exited the store and “engaged him in a physical altercation” while trying to detain him.

Officers reviewed witness’ footage of the confrontation and arrested Wilson on an assault charge after determining he used excessive force.

That night, officers also arrested Roberson, who was accused of stealing two pairs of Prada shoes, and charged him with petit larceny and possession of stolen goods. 

Roberson was treated at a hospital for neck and back pain before he was placed in custody.

Fraser said Roberson didn’t escalate the situation and didn’t deserve to be treated violently.

“Bottom line, whether he was in the wrong, Century21 security, [who are] civilians, had no right to treat him with that level of aggression. The punching, choking was excessive,” he told HuffPost.

“They were using unnecessary force.”

Century 21′s executive director Larry Mentzer said in a statement to news organizations that the company is taking the incident “very seriously,” adding that one of their employees have been suspended pending an investigation.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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ABC Fails to Mention AG Accused of Beating His Girlfriends Is a Democrat

ABC’s World News Tonight
May 8, 2018
6:37:50 PM Eastern

DAVID MUIR: Next here, the major resignation that took effect just moments ago right here in New York City. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is out of a job tonight after a New Yorker investigation detailed allegations of violence and abuse by seven women he’d been involved with. It is a stunning fall tonight for a man who said he was a champion, an advocate for women. Here’s ABC’s Linsey Davis.

[Cuts to video]

LINSEY DAVIS: New York’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer dethroned tonight, another casualty from the #MeToo movement he so vehemently supported. Taking legal action against Harvey Weinstein. Making public statements like this –

ERIC SCHNEIDERMAN: We must reimagine a world where predators are exposed and held to account and survivors are supported and empowered at every level.

DAVIS: Four women now tell New Yorker magazine that Schneiderman is actually an abuser who physically attacked them. Two of the women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, spoke on the record, alleging “he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent.” And say that “he threatened to kill them if they broke up with him.”

RONAN FARROW: These women talk about slapping, hitting, choking. We reviewed medical records and spoke to a doctor who said that an ear was bleeding long after the incident.

DAVIS: Just three weeks ago, Schneiderman tweeted support for those “who spoke up about the sexual harassment they endured at the hands of powerful men.” Now Barish tells the magazine, “You cannot be a champion of women when you are hitting them and choking them in bed,” adding Schneiderman told her, “I am the law.”

ANDREW CUOMO: No one is above the law. These women should have their day in court.

DAVIS: Schneiderman initially responded to the allegations saying: “In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone.” Then, just three hours after the article was posted, he submitted his resignation, saying that while he strongly contests the accusations, “They will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time.”

[Cuts back to live]

MUIR: And Linsey Davis here with us here tonight. I know Linsey and the team talking with Ronan Farrow, one of the writers of this investigation at the New Yorker. And in the meantime, the Governor said, “no one is above the law” today, and the Manhattan DA is now investigating possible criminal charges here?

DAVIS: That’s right, David. And based on the allegations there are several possible crimes here, including assault and harassment. And some of these allegations would fall within the statute of limitations.

MUIR: All right Linsey, you’ll stay on it. Thank you very much.

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NXIVM Doctor Accused of Conducting Sick Illegal Human Experiments

The resident physician of the NXIVM sex cult has been charged with illegally conducting twisted human experiments.

According to a New York oversight board, Dr. Brandon Porter forced Canadian actress and former NXIVM member Jennifer Kobelt to watch gang rape and dismemberment videos and recorded her reaction for a “fright study” that was allegedly conducted on over 100 other people.

“He continued to film my reaction for at least 10 minutes as I just sat there, dry heaving like I was going to puke and crying very hard,” Kobelt said in the Health Department complaint.

“He failed me, not only as a friend but as the medical practitioner I had trusted on numerous occasions with my health while I was in New York.”

Despite initially dismissing Kobelt’s claims in 2017, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct has now accused Porter of “moral unfitness, gross negligence and gross incompetence among other charges,” reported The New York Post.

Dr. Brandon Porter (Facebook)

He is accused of showing “human subjects an actual video of the horrific and brutal murders and dismemberment of four women by machetes; and violent film clips, including a male African American being viciously stomped by a Nazi; a conscious male being forced to eat a portion of his own brain matter; and a graphic gang rape.”

“The state also slapped him for not reporting to health officials that many of the attendees, including children, at a 2016 NXIVM event became ill with an infectious illness that produced flu-like symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea.”

NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was jailed last month and is charged with trafficking and indoctrinating women – including Hollywood actresses – into his sex cult, which included branding them with his initials, starving them, and forcing them to perform sex acts on him.

As we’ve reported, the NXIVM cult has ties to numerous wealthy liberal elites, including the Clinton campaign, the Rothschild banking dynasty, and even billionaire and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.


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Chicopee Police Officer Accused of Indecent Assault and Battery in Holyoke Incident

Officer Jacek Wanat(Chicopee Police photo)

A Chicopee police officer faces three counts of indecent assault and battery after an incident in a Holyoke bar.

Officer Jacek Wanat was arraigned Tuesday in Holyoke District Court. He was released under the requirements he stay away from the victim and from Pic’s Place in Holyoke, remain alcohol free and surrender any firearms, according to court records.

The charges stem from an incident March 11 at Pic’s Place on Hampden Street, court records said. Little information about the accusation was available because Judge Maureen Walsh agreed to impound for 30 days the complaint filed by police on April 20.

The request was made by a prosecutor to protect the victim, court records said. After the 30 days the records will become public but the name of the victim will be redacted, court records said.

Wanat, who is also known as Jack, joined the Police Department in October 2015 after graduating from the Springfield Police Academy.

The graduation follows 6 months of rigorous training at the Springfield Police Academy.

“The chief is aware of it and is cooperating with the investigation,” said Michael Wilk, police public information officer.

Police Chief William R. Jebb has placed Wanat on paid administrative duty and working inside the police department while the case is being investigated. Wanat’s firearm was also taken away, Wilk said.

The case is being investigated by Holyoke and state police.

The Chicopee police internal affairs unit is also examining the incident, Wilk said. The alleged assault happened when Wanat was off duty and he was not wearing his uniform.

A Chicopee police officer accused of raping a woman at the Fort Devens base was attending National Guard training during the alleged incident, a prosecutor said in court Tuesday.

Wanat is the second Chicopee Police officer to be placed on leave after being accused of an assault.

Corey Fournier, 27, has been charged with two counts of rape and one count each of assault and battery and kidnapping. The officer is accused of raping a woman at the Fort Devens military base while attending National Guard training on March 3.

Fournier has been placed on administrative leave without pay and his service weapon and badge were confiscated upon his arrest.


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Nets Spend 13 Mins on Stormy, Ignore House Dem Accused of ‘Child Sex Abuse’

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that Democratic Congressman Tony Cardenas (CA) had named himself as the mystery defendant in a Los Angeles County court filing late last week. The Congressman was accused of fondling a then 16-year-old girl while she was being transported to a hospital for medical treatment. It’s a disturbing allegation that got absolutely ZERO time on the evening broadcasts of ABC, CBS, NBC and the Spanish-language networks of Telemundo and Univision.

In contrast, the big three networks dedicated a combined 13 minutes and 35 seconds to the latest Stormy Daniels-related news. The networks were so enthralled with the Daniels story that they all led their evening broadcasts with it. Individually, ABC’s World News Tonight gave it the most attention with six minutes, 23 seconds while the CBS Evening News had four minutes, 17 seconds of coverage and NBC Nightly News had the least with two minutes, 55 seconds.

The time totals included coverage of the revelation President Trump knew about the “hush money” payment and a related story that investigators were monitoring the phones of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

The accusations against Cardenas dated back to 2007 and are disturbing, He also vehemently denied the allegations made against him. “My client is sickened and distraught by these horrific allegations, which are 100%, categorically untrue,” his lawyer, Patricia Glaser said. She did say they “respect victims” who come forward to “call out misconduct when it has actually occurred.”


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The court filing, which was first reported by the Los Angeles Times, alleges that “John Doe” first met the plaintiff in 2005 at a golf tournament when she was 14 and subsequently became a close friend of her family’s,The Post reported. “Two years later, the document claims, he fondled her breasts and genitals while driving her to the emergency room after the two played golf at Hillcrest Country Club in Los Angeles.

The paper reports the girl was being rushed to the hospital after ingesting a cup of water that “tasted distinctly different from both tap and filtered water” and eventually collapsing. “The suit claims the actions constituted childhood sexual abuse under California law because she was under 18 at the time. The plaintiff asked for unspecified damages and a jury trial,The Post added. “He was a member of the council at the time of the alleged abuse.

And according to The Post, Cardenas had been reaching out to his Democratic colleagues and pressing his innocence:

Cárdenas has been calling colleagues in recent days about the lawsuit and telling them he is innocent, according to a House Democratic aide. The three-term congressman is the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s political action committee. Two other House Democratic aides confirmed that Cárdenas has been contacting colleagues about the lawsuit.

It’s disappointing that the networks would put chasing the shiny object ahead of a serious allegation against a sitting member of Congress. Although, all three did cover the 27 new women who had come forward with allegations against former CBS and PBS host Charlie Rose.

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WATCH: Arizona Cop Accused of Punching Pregnant Woman in Face

March 15, 2017

A police officer in Arizona has been placed on restricted duty after he allegedly punched a pregnant woman in the face while she was being arrested for violating a court order.

Rickeda Jobe, 24, was arrested on March 5 by officers from the Gilbert Police Department and a witness caught a portion of the arrest on video, although it does not show the purported punch to Jobe’s face.

The 2-minute video posted on Facebook – which has been viewed more than 112,000 times — shows Jobe screaming at officers as they try to place her under arrest after her mother called cops to say she was causing a disturbance at her home.

“Hey, you can’t hit her, you cannot hit her!” witness Sophia Nunez said. “I got it all on video, too. I cannot believe you can do that. Hey! Quit hitting her now!”

Jobe, who is five months pregnant, told KSAZ she was struck more than once while handcuffed. She acknowledged biting one of the officer’s fingers during the melee.

“He hit me on the face, this whole side, kind of like here,” she told KSAZ. “My hands are kind of swollen still and bruised up.”

Sgt. Darrell Kruger, a police spokesman, told the Arizona Republic that Jobe’s claim that she was punched remains under investigation.

Jobe was arrested for violating a court order stipulating that she could not go in or near her mother’s home after pleading guilty to criminal trespass charges on March 3. She was later placed on probation, the Arizona Republic reports.

She was also charged with felony counts of resisting arrest and aggravated assault against the officers, who were kicked and bitten by Jobe, court records show.

Body-camera footage obtained by the Arizona Republic shows three cops confronting Jobe outside her mother’s home. The purported punch is not shown as Jobe is thrown onto the hood of a police vehicle.

“He just hit me in the face!” Jobe screams at one point, causing Officer Ryan Sheppard to recoil. Jobe had moments earlier spat in Sheppard’s direction as he attempted to take her into custody.


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Merck Accused of Fraud, Deceit and Negligence in US Gardasil Case

Merck’s aggressive agenda to increase HPV vaccine uptake rates, despite causing thousands of severe injuries, is hitting a stumbling block in a court case alleging blatant corruption.

There has been documented evidence that the HPV vaccine has caused more injuries than any other vaccination in history. Despite this evidence however, the HPV vaccination has continued to be hailed a success by the pharmaceutical industry and governments alike.

According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of April 09, 2018, a total of 85,329 reports of adverse reactions have been filed regarding the HPV vaccination. These reports include 37,699 reports of nervous system disorders; 2450 cardiac disorders, (including 38 cardiac arrests) 533 reports of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3200 reports of seizures or epilepsy, 8453 syncope and 389 deaths.

In July 2016, a case was filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, Los Angeles County (central district). The case involved a 16-year-old female who between 2010 and 2011 received three injections of Gardasil, the HPV vaccination manufactured by Merck. Shortly after she received her third vaccination, she suffered a severe adverse reaction, the nature and complexity of which, failed to be diagnosed until 2015, when she finally received the diagnosis of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

For those of you who are unaware, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is an abnormal response of your body when you are upright (usually when standing). It is caused by a problem with the nervous system which controls the autonomic functions in the body. This part of the nervous system is called the autonomic nervous system.

The symptoms of POTS occur when you are upright and are relieved when lying down. These symptoms are associated with an abnormally high and persistent increase in heart rate within ten minutes of standing.  (Description of POTS taken from Patient Access website)

If this diagnosis was not devastating enough for this young lady and her family, in 2016, she was further diagnosed with an underlying small fiber neuropathy, existing within and throughout her body.

Her family firmly now believe that the vaccinations caused her illness because prior to receiving the HPV vaccination, she was physically active, and had not only participated in her high school basketball team but had also engaged in other athletic activities.

It is for this reason, that the family decided to file a case against the manufacturer of the vaccine, Merck, accusing them of:

1. Fraud and Deceit
2. Negligent Misrepresentation
3. Defective Product – Inadequate warnings & information
4. Medical Malpractice
5. Medical Battery

As you can see these charges are extremely serious and if won, this case would set a precedent for similar cases to be brought against the manufacturer of this vaccine in the future.

Merck Accused of Fast Tracking a Vaccine for Financial Gain

The complaint outlined the fact that the Plaintiff and her family believed that Merck had wrongfully and deceitfully failed to perform in the preapproval processing period and thereafter, the material scientific and medical investigations and studies relating to the safety, effectiveness and need for the Gardasil vaccine as required by and under the FDA directives and regulations.

It is a well-known fact, that all pharmaceutical products must undergo extensive pre-marketing clinical trials often spanning several years before the FDA can consider the product for licensing.

The complaint written by the family’s attorney stated that:

Upon approval by the FDA of the Gardasil vaccine, Defendants Merck, Does 1 through 25, and each of them commenced and engaged in highly extensive, and aggressive marketing practices, which were designed primarily, if not solely, to increase the sales and profits from Gardasil. In doing so, Defendants Merck, Does 1 through 25, and each of them, in order to preclude any and all questions by consumers, patients and others, as to the effectiveness, safety and need for the administration of the Gardasil vaccination as well as the risks of serious adverse reaction related thereto, intentionally, wrongfully and deceitfully withheld, failed to provide and concealed from consumers, patients and others material facts and information with respect to the effectiveness, safety and need for the administration of the Gardasil vaccination, as well as the risks of serious adverse reaction related thereto and as in part hereafter set forth.” (emphasis added)

The complaint continued by describing each and every misdemeanour that Merck was thought to have participated in. It stated:

“Further, Defendants Merck and Does 1 through 25 in its Marketing wrongfully and deceitfully failed to unambiguously inform those to whom the marketing was directed, of material facts and information which they knew or should have ascertained through their investigations and studies specific to risk/ benefit and quantitative risk assessments regarding and including, among other things, the following:

1. The five-year period that the Gardasil vaccine was then only known to be effective;
2. That Gardasil was effective only as to certain and not other strains of the HPV virus;
3. The Gardasil vaccine is not effective once an individual is infected with the HPV virus;
4. Other existing methods that are effective in avoiding HPV viral infections;
5. The minimal risk that even once the individual was infected with the HPV virus the infection would result in precancerous lesions;
6. The successfulness of exiting methods of diagnosing and treating HPV precancerous lesions;
7. The successfulness of exiting methods of diagnosing and treating any resulting cancer;
8. The nature as the consequences of serious adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine; and
9. Other items related and material to risk/benefit and quantitative risk assessments not now known and if required leave of Court will be requested to amend this complaint to set forth fully such item or items when ascertained.

Such information was and is reasonably required by patients and consumers as well as others when considering and deciding whether or not under their individual and personal circumstances to be vaccinated with Gardasil.”

Not only did the family and their attorney outline an excellent and well thought out case, they went one step further and suggested that the court hold a Science Day Hearing.

So, what did both sides offer in the way of science to support their case and did the Judge agree to his unusual request?

Judge Agreed to a Science Day Hearing

In an unusual step the Judge in this case, agreed to hold a “Science Day Hearing” to enable the court to get a better understanding of the science behind the HPV vaccine. In advance of the scheduled science day presentation both parties submitted briefs that outlined their side’s view of HPV vaccine science.

In other words, for the first time ever, both sides including the vaccines manufacturer Merck, were given the unique opportunity to present to the court, their up-to-date science and studies proving the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine. The information provided would prove once and for all, whether or not Gardasil was not only a safe vaccination but necessary in the fight against cancers caused by the HPV virus.

What Science Did the Two Sides Present?

The paperwork that was submitted clearly demonstrated many of the issues surrounding HPV vaccines and vaccination policies. The Plaintiff’s submission, offered clear precise facts to enable the Judge to understand the science behind the vaccination.

Their submission contained the following information:

“There are approximately 130 strains of the HPV virus, of which only 15 to 18 strains are known to be associated with cervical cancer.  The Gardasil vaccine provides protection against only 4 specific strains, namely HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18.  Strains 16 and 18 are thought to be casually associated with 70 % of the worldwide HPV related cervical cancers.  HPV 6 & 11 are associated with warts.

As stated, ninety-five (95%) percent of HPV infections are removed from the body by its own immune and related processes without medical or other consequences. Any abnormal cell growth associated with the remaining 5%, approximately 20% (1% of the total), if not identified and removed could be at risk of developing into cancerous cells in approximately 5 years which could progress to irreversible cancer in 15 to 30 years.  The incidence of cervical cancer occurring in the United States is estimated to be 1.4 to 2.3 per 100,000. The risk of precancerous cells, due to the presence of the HPV 16 and 18 viruses, progressing to cervical cancer is estimated at 1.5 per 100,000.  The actual incidence rate of serious adverse events after HPV vaccination is unknown.”

They outlined a brief history of the immune system and how it works and continued by describing the nature of the autoimmune diseases that the injured teenager was now suffering from.

To support their argument, they included a wide range of scientific studies that had been written by some of the world’s leading experts and they criticized Merck for ‘misleading the public’ in their advertising campaign.

They stated that:

“Initially, qGardasil (Quadrivalent Gardasil) is not a treatment process and does not prevent cancer as marketed by Merck. Gardasil is a vaccine designed to increase the response of the Human Immune system to pathogens namely HPV viruses 6, 11, 16 & 18.”

They continued:

“Generally, with vaccines an adjuvant is required to be injected as a part of the vaccine to increase the body’s immune response to the antigen (disease causing organism).  The most commonly used adjuvants for many years have been aluminum salts with an Aluminum hydroxide base.

It is medically and scientifically accepted that aluminum salts are toxic to and damage the human cells at the injection site.  In addition, the aluminum salts cause inflammation at the site.  These aluminum salts may bind with the free DNA released from the damaged and dying cells at the injection site.  The combination of the Aluminum salt bound by the human DNA is effective in activating Toll Like Receptors (“TLR”), whose function in the immune system is highly complex.”

Their submission concluded that:

“The foregoing is merely illustrative of the complex and extensive scientific factors involved in this litigation.  Although the purpose of Science Day is to provide the Court with information as to the nature and extent of the complex scientific matters involved, it is necessary to connect these matters to a foundation rooted in the facts of the case before the Court, which may be construed as argument.

Scientific issues not addressed in this Brief, which are relevant to the safety, efficacy/effectiveness, need and risk/benefits of qGardasil include, without limitations, the following:

1.  Fast tracking of the FDA approval process to a 6-month period when criteria for fast tracking were not met.
2.  Five-year effectiveness of qGardasil as of 1/1/2011, now believed to be 8 years.
3.  Use of end points which did not establish the effectiveness of qGardasil.
4.  Effect on the clinical trial analysis of the removal of participants experiencing adverse and serious adverse events.
5.  The effect of non – HPV 16 and 18 cancer producing strains on cervical cancer occurrence when HPV 16 and 18 are eliminated.
6.  Lack of adequate pediatric clinical testing of the qGardasil regarding potential ovarian disorders/failures.
7.  The effect of clinical testing and studies involving undeveloped countries on U.S. analysis.”

In comparison, Merck appeared to offer very little in the way of scientific evidence to support their argument. Merck wrote:

“At Science Day, Merck intends to provide the Court with: (1) an overview of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and their impact on the present litigation; (2) background information about the development and approval of vaccines and, specifically, Gardasil, in the United States; and (3) a detailed review of the extensive safety data that established and has continually reaffirmed the safety profile of Gardasil.”

They continued with what appeared to be an attempt to divert the Judge’s attention away from the science by switching the focus onto the Plaintiff’s unfortunate delay in obtaining a diagnosis:

“Although plaintiff alleges a moving target of injuries and purportedly related symptoms, Merck’s Science Day presentations will address the three on which plaintiff currently seems most focused; autoimmune diseases, demyelinating diseases, and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (‘POTS’). A preview of the data concerning Gardasil and these conditions is set forth herein.”

This, in our opinion, failed to address the main points of the case that had been put forward by the Plaintiff and we found it extraordinary, that given this unique opportunity, Merck offered the Judge very little in the way of scientific evidence.

In fact, throughout Merck’s submission, instead of presenting the court with evidence from the Phase 1,2,3 and 4, pre-licensing vaccination trials, that should have preceded the vaccination coming onto the market, Merck appeared to rely heavily on post-marketing evidence from the VAERS website, the CDC, the FDA and other similar organizations.

Furthermore, instead of producing any real science as one would expect, Merck chose to use part of their unique opportunity, to discredit SaneVax Inc, an organization dedicated to providing the public with scientific facts and evidence behind vaccination safety.

Another interesting point that we discovered on reading Merck’s scientific day submission, was that their submission contained a large amount of information that appeared to focus on proving that Gardasil did not cause the teenager’s condition, instead of concentrating on the task at hand.

It will be interesting to see the final outcome of this case and we wish the family and their attorney, every success in their endeavour to get justice for this young lady’s injuries.

To learn more about the underreported harms of HPV vaccine, view our database on the topic here. To learn about the unintended, adverse effects of vaccinations in general, view our database on the topic here.

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Officer Accused of Running Child ‘Fight Club’ Breaks 14yo Boy’s Nose With His Fist on Video


Broward County, FL — Law enforcement in Broward County cannot seem to keep themselves out of the news lately, and as the incident below illustrates—it’s for all the wrong reasons. Prosecutors have just ruled that an officer who slugged a skinny 14-year-old child in the face so hard that it broke his nose—in two places—was justified.

Instead of being held accountable for quite literally smashing in the face of 14-year-old Andrew Ostrovsky, former lockup officer Darell Bryant was allowed to quietly resign and keep his pension.

In a “close-out” memo signed earlier this month, prosecutor Christopher Killoran with the Broward State Attorney’s Office said that Bryant “was justified in his use of force and his actions that day,” according to the Miami Herald.

The decision from prosecutors not to hold Bryant accountable now has Uri Ostrovsky, Andrew’s father, speaking out. In an interview with the Miami Herald, Uri said that officers have “permission to abuse children,” and noted that his son is not a violent person.

The incident began last year after Andrew was arrested for joyriding in his dad’s vehicle and sent to Broward Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

According to Bryant, who was investigated by Fort Lauderdale police for the beating caught on film, he was forced to break the skinny 120-pound boy’s nose because he failed to comply with an order to stand against the wall.

The encounter began while Andrew and another juvenile detainee were in some sort of altercation. Bryant told Andrew to stand against the wall, but he did not immediately comply.

Bryant claimed that Andrew became “combative” and punched him. However, the video does not appear to show this. According to a report on the incident, it was after Andrew became combative that Bryant “redirected” him to the ground.

“According to Bryant,” the report said, “the single punch was delivered in order to gain compliance from [Andrew], and was ‘reasonable and necessary due to the aggression of the youth’.”

As the Herald notes, prosecutors concluded that Bryant was permitted to punch the teen under Florida law.

“Based upon Bryant being an authority figure at the facility whose mandate is to control the juvenile detainees, when certain situations arise, for instance when one detainee is attempting to attack another, an employee must utilize force to gain compliance,” the report stated.

What’s more, there is no record of prosecutors ever interviewing Andrew and, according to the close-out memo, they never talked to the boy’s father either.

Andrew apparently told investigators with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) in June 2017 that he had previously complained to Bryant about the other teen who “kept talking junk to him.” According to Andrew, that’s when Bryant suggested Andrew “hit [the] youth when no one is looking.”

To show the difference between the story prosecutors found in their half-cocked investigation and the one conducted by the DJJ, the DJJ actually found excessive force.

When the DJJ watched the same video, they, like our readers will likely find, that Bryant “slammed youth into the wall” and then was seen “violently throwing the youth to the floor…Bryant was then observed hitting youth with a closed fist while he was on the ground.”

Broward County’s chief public defender, Gordon Weekes was also outspoken about the cover up involved in the official investigation, calling it “an incredible example of revisionist history” and “very, very loose with the facts.”

“The message this sends to children at the facility — and the message it sends to staffers and guards at the facility — is that we will protect officers who cross the line, hurt children and beat children up, even when these acts are captured on video,” Weekes said.

“He has him subdued. He has him controlled. But he still takes the next step and punches him in the nose. He let everyone know that you don’t mess with us, or this is what we are going to do to you. This is how we will take care of you if you don’t fall in line,” Weekes said, adding, “This guard beat him into submission, and the state attorney agreed with that.”

Adding an ominous undertone to this story—outside of the severe injustice—is the fact that Andrew is not alone in his claims that the officers encourage the children to fight.

The Herald has been tracking these claims and compiles them in a list they refer to as the Fight Club Files.

Image from the Miami Herald on their Fight Club Files investigations.

According to the Herald,

Andrew was one of several detained or incarcerated youths who told investigators, their parents or the Herald that officers incited teens to fight each other. Often, the youths said, teens would be offered honey buns, hamburgers or other treats as a reward for attacking another youth, records showed. The beatings that followed often were called “honey-bunnings.”

Andrew’s claims, however, never were evaluated in DJJ’s 10-page inspector general report on the incident, and Andrew never is quoted by prosecutors in the April close-out memo.

“It’s wrong,” Ostrovsky said. “They are trying to cover it up. I am mad. I am really mad.”

“They gave permission to abuse children,” he added.

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