Massachusetts considers legalizing assisted death, so the same doctors who now kill you accidentally can start killing you on purpose

Image: Massachusetts considers legalizing assisted death, so the same doctors who now kill you accidentally can start killing you on purpose

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Should a doctor be allowed to give an adult who is terminally ill and has fewer than six months to live a medication that will allow them to die peacefully in their sleep if they request it?

After opposing assisted death officially since 1996, the Massachusetts Medical Society has now become neutral on the issue, paving the way for the state to become the seventh in the nation to allow assisted death as lawmakers there consider a bill allowing doctor-assisted suicide. With the Death with Dignity Act, Oregon became the first state to allow it in 1994, and it was followed by Colorado, Vermont, California, Washington and Montana.

It’s something that has doctors divided. Some believe it is a compassionate act, while others see it as a violation of the part of the Hippocratic Oath that says: “I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan.”

While those who have seen terminally ill loved ones suffer greatly and die slowly say they wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone, there are also many people who believe that we have no right to decide when is the right time for another person or even ourselves to die.

Could some people be encouraged to request medically-assisted suicide?

One Massachusetts palliative care physician, Dr. Laura Petrillo, told the Daily Mail that she is concerned that any doctor could write such a prescription – for example, dental surgeons – without having the proper health training to thoroughly grasp end-of-life issues. She’s also concerned that doctors or hospitals that can’t handle rare illnesses might use it as a quick solution to deal with the patient. In addition, insurance companies might see it as a cheaper option than providing care, which means people could be encouraged to end their lives for financial reasons.

It’s a very unsettling thought to imagine that people could be steered toward dying earlier than nature intended, especially specific groups like those who are poor, in a way that is dangerously similar to the eugenics programs of Nazi Germany. From here, is it that far of a leap to imagine that the disabled and mentally ill might be encouraged to end their lives?

On the other side of the debate, a retired physician with terminal prostate cancer, Dr. Roger Kligler, is in favor of medically assisted death so that he and others can die peacefully. He says that a lethal prescription allows people to fall asleep within five minutes and then die peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones within half an hour. This is in contrast to palliative sedation, which entails giving people a morphine drip until they are unconscious and then stopping their food and medication to allow them to die sooner, which can take days or weeks and is usually done in a hospital.

And what about those people on the brink of death who have made miraculous comebacks? There are countless stories of such recoveries taking place. For example, there have been a lot of stories emerging recently of people who were given just months to live by doctors turning their fate around with alternative remedies like cannabis oil, who are now thriving as a result.

When a doctor says someone has six months to live – the amount of time specified in the Massachusetts bill and many others – they are making an educated guess at best. No one can say for certain when that person will die or that something won’t happen in the meantime that could prolong their life. While most of us don’t wish pain and suffering upon other people, passing laws that are open to abuse that could see people dying needlessly – or simply because they are considered “inferior” in our society – is very dangerous.

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Smoking Driver Hits Crowd In Shanghai After Accidentally Igniting Van

A van ran into a crowd of pedestrians in Shanghai on Friday morning, injuring more than a dozen people, according to local media reports. 

The accident was caused by the van’s driver, who unintentionally set the inside of the vehicle on fire while smoking, according to the state-run People’s Daily. The news site noted that the driver was suspected of illegally moving hazardous goods.

17 pedestrians were hospitalized after the incident, which occurred in the city’s Huangpu District, according to Chinese state broadcaster CGTN. 

Reports say the van was driving toward a Starbucks on Nanjing Road West about 9 a.m. before it came to a stop at the coffee chain’s entrance after hitting several people. The storefront is near the People’s Park, which is in the center of the city, according to The New York Times.

A Starbucks spokeswoman told HuffPost that no one inside the coffee shop was injured and the location was not damaged by the vehicle. The store will remain closed while authorities investigate.

“We were saddened to hear about the accident that took place outside of our Store on Nanjing Road,” the spokeswoman said in an email. “Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those who were injured as a result of this incident. We are grateful no partners (employees) or store customers were injured and are focused on supporting them during this time.”

A local media outlet called The Paper initially reported that several people were inside the van and that it held several canisters of gas. But the article was removed and later replaced by a statement from the Shanghai government, possibly a signal that China’s media censors ordered it taken down, Reuters reported.

Graphic video of the scene was shared on social media, showing several people lying on the ground and the vehicle in flames as firefighters worked to quell the blaze.

This article has been updated with response from Starbucks.

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Surgery patient overdosed when accidentally given 10x the intended dose of anesthesia – doctors didn’t notice anything until it was too late

Image: Surgery patient overdosed when accidentally given 10x the intended dose of anesthesia – doctors didn’t notice anything until it was too late

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The Mayo Clinic recently came under fire as a male senior patient suffered a ketamine overdose following a medical error, the Daily Mail reported. According to the report, the patient who is in his 60s had an overdose after an anesthesiologist accidentally took a more concentrated bottle of ketamine to sedate him. The patient allegedly received 950 milligrams of intravenous ketamine instead of 95 mg, which was up to 10 times the intended amount.

The patient underwent surgery for sleep apnea, a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts while asleep. The report noted that the specific procedure performed on the patient remains unclear. The report also stated that the doctors were not able to observe any signs of medical error after ketamine was administered until the patient took a longer time to wake up. Likewise, the patient allegedly did not show signs of overdose effects — such as lack of blood flow or any central nervous system disruptions — following ketamine administration.

The report noted that sleep apnea is a prevalent condition in the United States, which affected about 22 million Americans. The most common surgery for sleep apnea involved removing excess tissue in the throat in order to widen the airway. Other sleep apnea surgeries may even require the removal of tonsils.

Study: Medical error is now the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

The recent case added to a growing number of recorded medical blunders over the years. In fact, a 2016 study carried out by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine revealed that medical error was the third leading cause of death following heart disease and cancer. The experts reviewed medical death rate data over an eight-year period and found that medical errors were associated with more than 250,000 deaths per year in the U.S. (Related: Medical errors are killing at least 200,000 people per year in America.)

“Incidence rates for deaths directly attributable to medical care gone awry haven’t been recognized in any standardized method for collecting national statistics. The medical coding system was designed to maximize billing for physician services, not to collect national health statistics, as it is currently being used,” said Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins surgeon and health reform expert.

“Unwarranted variation is endemic in health care. Developing consensus protocols that streamline the delivery of medicine and reduce variability can improve quality and lower costs in health care. More research on preventing medical errors from occurring is needed to address the problem,” Dr. Makary concluded.

In line with the findings, Dr. Makary wrote an open letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that urged the health agency to change the way it collects the country’s national vital health statistics each year. The expert stressed that the current measures in generating patient statistics had a serious limitation that was caused by an old policy, which stated that death certificates can only be tabulated with an international classification of diseases (ICD) billing code.

“We suggest that the CDC allow clinicians to list medical error as the cause of death, and, in the interim, the CDC should list medical error as the third most common cause of death in the U.S. It is time for the country to invest in medical quality and patient safety proportional to the mortality burden it bears. This would mean research in technology that reduces harmful and unwarranted variation in medical care, the non-technical (behavioral) and communication skills that prevent harm, ways to improve the diagnostic accuracy, and the prevention before and rescue after a preventable adverse event,” the open letter read.

The findings were published in The BMJ.

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Woman astonishes Chinese man by returning $19,000 he accidentally threw away

yuan Chinese currency


The man was going to deposit the money in the bank after work, but mistakenly threw the bag with the banknotes away instead of the one with garbage. When he realized his mistake, it was too late, but the events took quite an unexpected turn later on.

A Chinese resident who accidentally dropped a plastic bag filled with banknotes totaling 124,000 yuan (US$19,600) into a public waste dumpster was absolutely over the moon after a neighbor found the money and returned it to the police, according to South China Morning Post.

The incident took place in the city of Dalian in northern China‘s Liaoning province.

The man was on his way to work earlier this month and took with him two black plastic bags – one filled with garbage and the other with the money, as the state broadcaster CCTV reported on Sunday.

He was going to go to the bank after work and deposit the money to his account, but accidently threw the wrong bag into a public garbage bin. The man realized what he had done only when he got to his office and checked the other bag.

He rushed back but couldn’t find the money, and decided to go the police. The law-enforcement officers watched footage from a surveillance camera and saw a person taking the bag and walking away with it, but the shots were not clear enough to identify who it was.

Luckily for the man, the person turned out to be a do-gooder and came to the police station herself after she saw a corresponding police announcement.

The woman said she had a hard time after she discovered the bag as she had no idea what she should do with it.

“I couldn’t sleep well after finding such a big sum of money,” the woman was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

Being on cloud nine after getting his money back, the man gave the woman a 2,000 yuan (about 315 US dollar) reward, according to the report.

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Elderly Vet Accidentally Trips His Medical Alert System, Cops Show Up and Kill Him—No Charges

medical emergencymedical emergency

White Plains, NY – A police officer who shot and killed an innocent 68-year-old mentally ill veteran who accidentally hit the medical emergency button in his home, will face no consequences after acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim determined that there was insufficient evidence to press charges.

The victim, Kenneth Chamberlain, accidentally triggered a medical alert through “Life Aid,” which prompted police to visit his home. When the officers arrived unexpectedly, Chamberlain told the responding officers that he was OK and did not need any help. He refused to answer his door, and instead called Life Aid and told them that he did not need the police at his home.

“I have the White Plains Police Department banging on my door, and I did not call them and I am not sick,” Chamberlain told the dispatcher on the phone.

However, the officers refused to leave and initiated a standoff with Chamberlain, allegedly taunting him with racial slurs, according to his family.

“On the recording, the police can be heard calling my father a ‘nigger,’” the family stated.

Police knocked down his door and saw him holding a knife, so they tased him, shot him with beanbag rounds and then killed him with a fatal gunshot. According to Pix11, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan opened an investigation after a state grand jury declined to indict the officers, but because the man was holding a knife in his own home U.S Attorney Kim decided that he was a threat to the officer’s lives, and thus deserved to die.

“The weight of the evidence indicates that, at the time the shooting took place, the WPPD officers believed that Mr. Chamberlain was threatening Sergeant (Keith) Martin with a knife and that Officer (Anthony) Carelli believed that Sergeant Martin was in danger of being seriously injured by Mr. Chamberlain,” a statement from the Department of Justice said.

However, Chamberlain’s family says that this case shows that police are above the law.

“It’s clear if you look at situations like this—and I’m not an attorney—but it’s very clear that the rule of law doesn’t apply when you talk about cases like this. Rather than have the FBI go out and interview witnesses, rather than hire forensic pathologists and ballistics experts that can challenge what the police story is, they just pick up the police story and say, ‘Oh, there’s nothing here.’ They don’t do their job.” Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. told reporters.

The family attempted to file a civil case against the police department, but that was ultimately rejected by a jury.

For Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., this has been a life-changing event, which has pushed him to get involved in activism. He said that he hopes to work towards legislation that makes it easier to prosecute police officers in situations like this.

“This is what my objective is, this is what my mission is, this is what I’m trying to do now. That’s going to take reform-minded prosecutors and judges and people who really believe in the rule of law so we can begin to hold these officers accountable,” Chamberlain Jr. said.

As The Free Thought Project reported in April 2017, a study found that police do more harm than good in encounters with mentally ill people.

Researchers sought to answer the question of whether or not police help or hinder the situation when they respond to a call of a mentally disturbed individual. The survey was conducted by the Phoenix Mayor’s Commission on Disability Issues. The method employed was a survey.

The sample for the survey was taken from those seeking mental health care. There were 244 individuals who were polled and self-reported having mental-health issues seeking treatment in the Phoenix metropolitan area. They were located in health clinics, residential programs, and some were homeless. Of those polled, a reported 51 percent had at least one encounter with police and 24 percent had three or more encounters with law enforcement.

The results of the survey found that 45 percent of those who reported having been in contact with police said the encounter quickly deteriorated after police arrived. Only 30 percent said police helped at all. And just 19 percent said they helped a lot. Only 6 percent of those polled said police had no effect at all.

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Innocent Man Sues for $25M After Cops Accidentally Set Him on Fire, Beat Him on Video


Jersey City, NJ — A high-speed chase in Jersey City ended when the car police were chasing crashed, turned another man’s car into a ball of flames. But it’s the chaotic insanity which followed the crash and the fire that has now resulted in the indictment of several Jersey City police officers and a massive lawsuit against the city and the department.

The innocent victim of gross police negligence and brutality, Miguel Feliz, has filed a $25 million claim against Jersey city and its police department for excessive force used on him in the June 4th incident. Feliz has been unable to return to work since police caused his car to be set on fire, in turn, setting Feliz on fire, and then brutally attacking him.

As TFTP reported last month, the group of New Jersey police officers involved have been indicted, including two for attempted murder, after they were caught on camera kicking Feliz as he crawled from the burning wreckage of a crash involving the persuit of Leo Pinkston.

The officers face a slew of charges each:

  • Lt. Leith Ludwig has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of official misconduct.
  • MD Khan has been charged with 13 counts, including attempted murder, aggravated assault, official misconduct and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.
  • Officer Eric Kosinski has been charged with five counts, including attempted murder, aggravated assault and official misconduct.
  • Officer Francisco Rodriguez has been charged with four counts, including aggravated assault, official misconduct and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

Jersey City police were pursuing Pinkston, 48, on the night of June 4 and had attempted to kill him by firing rounds into his vehicle. He fled, but crashed into another car which was pushed into a telephone pole.

The car Pinkston crashed into then caught on fire. The innocent man inside the car—Feliz—was able to escape the flames, but not without injury. His clothes and skin were burning.

As Feliz scrambles to take off his burning clothes as he gets out of the fire, a bystander named Erik Roberto was filming the scene. Roberto screamed to the police, “Oh no…no…Help him out! Help him out!”

But they did the exact opposite.

“They didn’t help him. They just started kicking him and dragging him…I don’t think they treated him in the right way and that’s not how you treat any human being in this world,” Roberto lamented to reporters.

After police rapidly approached the man, with guns drawn, they began kicking him in the ribs and head, apparently mistaking him for Pinkston. It was only after kicking and beating him that they then decided to drag him away from the flames of the burning vehicle.

The actions of the officers are considered abhorrent by Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop who told reporters at the time, “I don’t think there’s any explanation that would justify their actions…The entire pursuit that was previous to that fiery crash had questionable judgment calls by the officers, from the shootings to continuing to pursue the car…”

Las month, Fulop released this statement:

“As we stated at the outset, the actions taken that night required serious investigation. We took immediate and appropriate action and will now abide the judicial process. Our internal investigation will now begin into all the actions or inactions of department members that night. We want the community to continue to have full confidence in the Jersey City Police Department and its officers.”

Laughably and predictably, the Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association (JCPOBA) president Carmine Disbrow issued a statement defending the actions of its officers that day.

This video clearly shows that the officers acted quickly to extinguish the flames and pull this man out of harm’s way.

We at The Free Thought Project beg to differ. The video clearly shows officers, who would have to have been blind not to see a burning man, go up and kick him like a junkyard dog and drag his body like a dead corpse across the pavement.

Feliz lives in West NY. His father said he suffered severe burns and spent many days in the burn unit in the hospital. He also sustained fractured ribs and has been left permanently disfigured.

His father called the actions of the officers an attempted “massacre” and said he’d just left home to go to work when the accident and beating took place.

The entire incident serves to illustrate how police officers treat individuals they suspect as having committed crimes. No longer are suspects innocent until proven guilty. All too often, as TFTP has tirelessly reported, cops comport themselves as judge, jury, and executioners.

Hopefully, these cops are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, if history is any indicator, a jury of apologists will likely look past a severely burned innocent victim and justify the police behavior—as they were just doing their job. And, only the taxpayers will be held accountable to the tune of $25 million.

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Aussie police accidentally Periscope plans to arrest N. Korean agent

The incident has forced the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to conduct a security review of the blooper, the West Australian newspaper reported.

A link to a Periscope broadcast of the police discussion about the arrest of Chan Han Hoi over his alleged role in helping arm North Korea’s regime with weapons of mass destruction was posted from the AFP twitter account last Wednesday. Although the tweet was quickly deleted, the broadcast remained live until AFP’s media team was alerted by the newspaper.

At least one minute of the police discussion was reportedly livestreamed as a result. Around 40 people listened to the broadcast before it was finally halted and scrapped.

It is understood that the discussion featured some details of the timing of Choi’s arrest, a briefing about the operation, as well as the possible need to brief the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and opposition leader Bill Shorten. One staff member reportedly said the AFP was “not going in all guns blazing, it’s only half a dozen people and a forensic van.”

Choi Han Chan, 59, has lived in Australia for around three decades. He was arrested in Sydney on Saturday, and is charged with acting as an economic agent for North Korea. The man allegedly breached UN sanctions and Australian federal law attempting to sell coal from North Korea to Indonesia and Vietnam. According to the AFP, he was also brokering the sale of computer software for the guidance of ballistic missiles to other “international entities.”

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Man Accidentally Shoots Self, Wife During Gun Safety Discussion

A Tennessee man accidentally shot himself and his wife Thursday during a discussion at their church about gun safety concerns.

Local news station WATE reports that the man and his wife, whose names have not been released, were attending a social club meeting at the First United Methodist Church in Tellico Plains. The club is unaffiliated with the church itself.

“We were talking about concealed carry and protecting ourselves,” witness Ray Zillick told WATE.

During the discussion, one attendee pulled out his own gun to show others. The exact details of how the gun went off are somewhat unclear.

Tellico Plains Police Department Chief Russ Parks told the Knoxville News Sentinel that the man pulled the trigger after declaring the gun was unloaded — apparently forgetting he had just loaded it. However, Zillick said that the man accidentally squeezed the trigger while pulling the gun out of his pocket.

When the gun went off, the bullet hit the man’s right hand before going through his wife’s abdomen and forearm. The husband and wife, both in their 80s, each suffered from injuries that were not life-threatening.

Parks told ABC News that the man was carrying the gun legally and that no charges will be filed.

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