Dr. Duke Calls out Jeffrey Lord & Cuckservative Anti-White ZioLies about American History!


Today Dr. Duke responded to former CNN panelist Jeffrey Lord’s ridiculous assertion that Hillary Clinton is “the new David Duke.” Hillary supports each and every war for Israel, wants to replace whites with immigrants, and insists that the only reason blacks commit so much crime and have such low education and economic achievement is because of white racism. Hillary, the new David Duke? Right.

Rather than pointing out that for over 50 years the Democratic establishment, along with loads of Republican collaborators like Jeffrey Lord, have implemented massive anti-white oppression in this country via affirmative action, the effective banning of organizing or advocating on behalf of whites, and trillions of dollars in asset transfers from whites to blacks via welfare, public schools, and other programs, Jeffrey Lord responds to spurious claims about Trump being racists by claiming that “Democrats are the real racists.” And he is not implying that they are anti-white racists, either. Jeffrey Lord is the new Al Sharpton.

Dr. Slattery joined the show for a discussion of the movement to repatriate American slaves to Africa that was supported by Presidents Madison, Monroe, and Lincoln.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-calls-out-jeffrey-lord-cuckservative-anti-white-ziolies-about-american-history/

The Truth About Lube: The Vagina Is Highly Absorbent – Are You Really Having Safe Sex?

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The prevalence of toxic chemicals in our daily lives is no longer in question. From the way our food is produced and manufactured to the beauty and cleaning products we use each day, it seems we have to be wary of everything. So it’s no wonder that by the time evening rolls around and we’re lying safe and secure in bed with our significant other, chemicals are the last things on our mind.

The Vagina

Recent studies have shown that the vagina is highly absorbent. One study found that vaginal application of estradiol, a synthetic estrogen, resulted in blood serum levels 10 times higher than those following oral dosing. Because the vagina is a mucous membrane — as are some of the external parts of the vulva, including the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia minora, and urethra — it can both secrete and absorb fluids at a higher rate than skin,.

“Most of the vagina is covered with multiple layers of dead and dying cells that do a lot to protect it against infection, but [this] is nowhere near the thick leathery surface of our skin,” says Richard Cone, a Johns Hopkins biophysics professor. “The vaginal epithelium … is highly water permeable in a way our skin is not.”

This physical reality makes it essential for women to be mindful of what they are putting in and on their vaginas, because it really can affect their overall health.

The problem with lube…

Charlene S. Dezzutti, a professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, found that hyperosmolar lubricants and spermicidal gels killed microbes commonly found in the vagina. For example, K-Y Jelly killed all three species of Lactobacillus it was applied to. “The bacterial kill off is likely caused by the ingredient chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent,” says Dezzutti. She also adds that personal lubricants can disrupt natural flora in the vagina, potentially leading to infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

However, since these studies are done in a lab, it’s difficult to conclude how harmful these lubricants are in the real world, “This is just a model in a test tube, and it’s hard to equate that with real-life activity,” says Dezzutti.

But studies are continually being done to ensure our safety in the bedroom.  Richard A. Cone, a biophysicist at Johns Hopkins University, observed cell toxicity from hyperosmolar lubricants in his mouse model with the same glycerol monolaurate/K-Y formulation. His team saw a 10-fold increase in susceptibility to herpes with the gel.

Dezzutti explains that adding hyperosmolar lubricants — those products containing concentrations of components higher than the body’s cells — to the vagina or rectum causes the cells there to shrivel up and come off, which risks weakening the body’s defenses in these areas.

In 2007, Craig W. Hendrix, a clinical pharmacologist at Johns Hopkins, led a research team to demonstrate that ID Glide, a hyper­osmolar lubricant similar to Astro­glide and K-Y Jelly, can cause significant damage to the rectal tissue of human study participants. The scientists observed major shedding of cells from tissue samples biopsied 60 to 90 minutes after lubricant application.

The Relation With STIs & Other STDs

Other experiments have shown that personal lubricants can damage cells lining both the vagina and rectum, potentially making the body more vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In one epidemiological investigation, participants who consistently used personal lubricants for rectal intercourse had a higher prevalence of STIs, such as chlamydia, than inconsistent users.

The Food & Drug Administration normally doesn’t test personal lubricants in humans. The FDA classifies lubricants as ‘medical devices,’ which means they are only tested on animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.  When it comes to rectal use? The FDA views it as “off-label” application, so basically — use at your own risk.

Despite the growing pile of evidence indicting the safety of lube, Jim Pickett, chair of the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) group, a global network pushing for safe and effective STI-preventing products, says, “We have signals that are concerning, but we don’t know what they mean yet. Just because a lubricant causes cell damage in the lab, we don’t know whether that has anything to do with disease transmission in humans in the real world.”

Nonoxynol-9 & HIV

Microbicide developers were testing whether or not Nonoxynol-9 could block HIV transmission because it can punch holes in the cell membranes of sperm. Nonoxynol-9 is a detergent found in many household cleaners and cosmetics that manufacturers had been incorporating into spermicidal lubricants for years.

According to a report by the World Health Organization, “spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 do not protect against HIV infection and may even increase the risk of HIV infection in women using these products frequently”

In a 2002 Phase II/III clinical trial conducted on sex workers living in countries such as South Africa and Thailand who used the detergent three or four times per day, doctors found that the detergent actually increased the risk of HIV infection.

Because Nonoxynol-9 is so good at punching holes in cell membranes, it not only bores into sperm but also into the cells lining the vagina and rectum. “The mucosal lining of the vagina is a good barrier to infection all by itself,” says Cone, “but if that barrier gets compromised, all bets are off.”

Osmality & Herpes

Osmolality is a parameter describing the overall concentration of molecular ingredients in a product. In 2010, Cone and his team at Johns Hopkins published work showing that the damaging effects of over-the-counter lubricants depend on a factor called osmolality. What they discovered after examining mouse vaginal cells is that, when mice were exposed to high-osmolality lubricants followed by herpes simplex virus, the rodents were more susceptible to infection.

Even more shocking, the common lubricant K-Y Warming Jelly, which has an osmolality more than 30 times the body’s own fluid, increased herpes transmission 9 times more than compared with rodents not administered lubricant.

Safer Alternatives 

Dr. Maggie Ney, co-director of the Women’s Clinic at the Akasha Center in Santa Monica, in a recent interview on Goop, recommends these alternatives:

There are plenty of brands on the market today that are conscious of the health risks conventional lubricants put on the body. Love LotionSliquid, and YES are a few that come to mind which are organic.

It’s important to be vigilant with your health and consider the risks of all aspects of your life, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Sex is meant to be fun and safe, so it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure you’re doing things right.






Having Trouble Losing Excess Weight?

Having trouble losing excess weight? This could be one of the biggest reasons why.

We know so much about food now yet much of the population is overweight and unhealthy because of the quality of our food and our perception about food.

Luckily there’s a quiz that you can take to find out where you stand on food addiction. You can take it here.

After you will get results and specific information based on your score. Try the quiz!


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12 things to know about the September equinox

Well hello, fall. (Or spring if you happen to be in the southern hemisphere.)

Even though it happens year after year, the arrival of autumn is always a little surprising. Almost as if on a switch, one day late in the summer you feel it – a subtle crispness in the air. And before you know it, it’s pumpkin-spice-everything everywhere. We are suddenly swathed in sweaters and wearing boots and bombarded by shades of orange, often even before the thermometer warrants it. After slogging through a long hot August, it’s exciting.

We can thank the autumnal equinox for this shift from sultry summer to cozy fall. And while most of us are aware of when the first day of autumn lands on the calendar, there’s more to the equinox than meets the eye. Consider the following.

1. This year, 2017, the autumnal equinox arrives precisely at 4:02 pm (EDT) on Friday, September 22. Unlike an event such as New Year’s midnight that follows the clock around the time zones, equinoxes happen at the same moment everywhere.

2. There are two equinoxes annually, vernal and autumnal, marking the beginning of spring and fall. They are opposite for the northern and southern hemispheres – so for those of you in the south, happy spring!

3. The autumnal equinox happens the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator, which is an imaginary line in the sky that corresponds to Earth’s equator. (Old Farmer’s Almanac describes it as a plane of Earth’s equator projected out onto the sphere.) Every year this occurs on September 22, 23, or 24 in the northern hemisphere.

4. From hereon, nights are longer than days and days continue to get shorter until December, when the light will begin its slow climb back to long summer days. Winter solstice is technically the shortest day of the year, while the summer solstice in June boasts the most sunlight. Hence, the four seasons, as illustrated below.

SeasonsWikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.05. Because it takes the Earth around 365.25 days to orbit the Sun – and why we have a leap year every 4 years – the precise time of the equinoxes varies from year to year, usually happening around six hours later on successive years. On leap years, the date jumps back an entire day.

6. “Equinox” comes from the Latin words “equi” meaning “equal” and “nox” meaning “night.” This implies that there will be equal amounts of daylight and darkness, however such is not exactly the case.

7. This year, the sun will rise at 6:43 a.m. EDT on the equinox and will set at 6:52 p.m., giving us 9 minutes of day over night. Although the sun is perfectly over the equator, we mark sunrises and sunsets at the first and last minute the tip of the disk appears. Also, because of atmospheric refraction, light is bent which makes it appear like the sun is rising or setting earlier.

8. Exactly equal day and night won’t happen until sunrise and sunset occur precisely 12 hours apart, which depends on a location’s latitude; the closer to the equator, the closer it is to the equinox. This day is known as the equilux.(“Lux” being Latin for light, isn’t that pretty?)

9. For the astrology-minded, the morning of the autumnal equinox is when the sun enters Libra … the sign of balanced scales. Equal day and night, balanced scales, seeing a connection here…

10. As for the other celestial orb we obsess on, the full moon near the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon for the luminosity that affords farmers the ability to work late. It’s also been called the Full Corn Moon (see: Full moon names and what they mean). The Harvest Moon is usually associated with the September full moon, but this year, the September full moon occurred September 5-6. Since the October full moon does her magic on October 5, it will be closer to the equinox and thus officially takes the Harvest Moon title.

11. In China the September equinox is celebrated during the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. The bounty of summer’s harvest is celebrated and the festivities are rampant with moon cakes, round pastries made from bean paste and other sweet and/or savory ingredients.

Moon cakeWee Keat Chin/Flickr/CC BY 2.012. This year on the equinox, as happens every year, the sun will rise precisely due East and will set precisely due West. Everywhere on Earth, except at the North and South Poles, there is a due east and due west point on the horizon; by observing the sun as it travels along this path on September 22, no matter where you are, you can see where that point it for your location. Pick a landmark, make a mental note, and enjoy the knowledge that while so much in this world is in flux, the sun is constant and will return to its perfect East and West on the days of equinox.

This article has been updated for the current year.

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/natural-sciences/11-facts-about-autumnal-equinox.html

Once You Hear What This Psychiatrist Has To Say About Alcohol, You’ll Never Drink Again

Lots of people drink alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking alcohol has actually become almost as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning.

Sure, if you can stick to just one drink a day or less than that you are not getting too many of the damaging effects from it but if you are someone who consumes more than a glass a day what is that doing to your body and your brain? Well for one alcohol can affect many areas of your brain, for instance, your memory and motor coordination. It also is making your dopamine receptors less sensitive, this is something that happens over time with addiction in general.

According to Dr. Samuel Ball when a person becomes dependent on alcohol it can be extremely destructive to their organ systems as well as their body in general. I am sure you already know the risk of liver disease but did you know it could also cause esophageal problems and stomach issues? When it comes to the worst possible scenarios things like alcohol related dementia really don’t sound too fun.

When we consume alcohol about 33 percent is absorbed into the blood through our stomach lining. Once it is in our blood stream it spreads to just about every tissue in the body. Anything over 5 drinks a day for men or 4 a day for women is considered binge drinking.

If you have a drinking problem and have been looking for something to give you the motivation needed to stop I strongly suggest checking out the video below. Dr. Ball goes over in this video why alcohol is truly one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. Really let each and every one of his words truly sink in.

Sources:Business Insider  / Collective-Evolution  /  My Science Academy  awarenessact.com

Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/once-you-hear-what-this-psychiatrist-has-to-say-about-alcohol-youll-never-drink-again/

Edward Snowden Just Retweeted About The CIA Being In “Cahoots With Al-Qaeda” One Day After 9/11 Anniversary

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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden created so much transparency when he leaked information about the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. He wasn’t the first to do so, but thanks to his and many others’ efforts, whistleblowers are now a major gateway to the truth behind the military industrial complex. It makes you wonder, what else does a man like this know? Surely there are more facts he is aware of, but hasn’t revealed. This, however, has not stopped him from retweeting some interesting things over the past few years. One of the latest relates to the CIA’s connection with terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

The tweet concerns Even McMullin, a former operations officer for the CIA who also ran during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. He’s served as a senior adviser on national security issues for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as well as a Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has also worked as an investment banker.

Below is a the retweet from Snowden, where Dr. Max Abrahms, an assistant professor of political science and public policy at Northeastern University who specializes in international security, especially terrorism, posits the connection between the CIA and al-Qaeda.

McMullin responds by ridiculing the assertion, which should raise immediate red flags. You would think he would offer a respectful, intelligent response, but many within the intelligence community and the “1 percent” desire to make people feel stupid for even raising an issue like this in the first place. It’s reminiscent of other controversial issues today, like vaccines. When proper dialogue ceases, and one side uses ridicule to share their beliefs, it’s most likely that they have something to hide, and the tweet below this one perfectly illustrates that.

Snowden retweeted this on September 12th, a day after the 9/11 anniversary

The above tweet was posted on September 9, 2017, but take a look at this tweet from McMullin below, which completely contradicts it. Snowden retweeted these two side by side.

Quite odd, isn’t it? Snowden has not come out publicly to say that the CIA or NSA are linked to terrorist organizations, but he doesn’t have to. The facts speak for themselves. Even without this tweet from Snowden, multiple links between terrorist organizations and US intelligence agencies have been made over the years, with the opposition trying to silence this narrative. It wasn’t until the past few years that more awareness has been created on this by various academics, political figures, and whistleblowers like Snowden.

Take Sibel Edmunds, for example, a former FBI translator and the founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC). She gained a lot of attention in 2002 after she accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals, which included serious security breaches and cover-ups, alluding to intelligence that was deliberately suppressed.  Since her testimony, she has been outspoken on a number of other truths, like the existence of false flag terrorism. She stated in a live interview with RT news that the U.S. is simply reviving the “terror war industry” with ISIS, referring to this group as basically the same as al-Qaeda, with regards to their close relationships to American intelligence agencies.

Over the years, there seems to have been a mass propaganda campaign, as Robin Cook, a former British Foreign Secretary, once put it, “to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism.”

“The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out. As I’ll detail below, this is exactly how government perpetrators in the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 ‘terror’ attacks, which were in reality government attacks blamed on ‘terrorists.’ ” 

– Eric H. May, a former U.S. Army military intelligence and public affairs officer

The latest world leader to call out the “secret government” is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who stated publicly that the recent chemical attacks in Syria were a “false flag” and that more are being prepared. It makes you wonder, with all the whistleblowers and documents proving the connections intelligence agencies have to terrorist organizations, even in the form of providing funding and weapons, what is going on here? This confusion is further broadened by the fact that the Syrian government denied the attack. Was this a Western military alliance operation to justify the infiltration of yet another country in the Middle East, like we saw with 9/11? If you’re a student of history, this is unfortunately a common theme, beginning well before 9/11.

Author, foreign policy critic, and former CIA intelligence officer Michael Scheuer currently works as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He said on a live interview with RT that Al Qaeda does not exist, and that America actually invents their own enemies.

This become even more clear earlier this year, when PR firm Bell Pottinger, well known for having many controversial clients, worked with the U.S. military to create propaganda in a secretive operation. The firm reported to the CIA, the National Security Council, and the Pentagon during the project.

The firm created television ads showing Al-Qaeda in a negative light as well as creating content to look as though it had come from “Arabic TV.” Crews were sent out to film bombings with low quality video. The firm would then edit it to make it look like news footage. They were paid half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos. You can read more about that here.

Related CE Article: Putin reveals 40 countries that are funding ISIS at the G20 Summit. 

Wikileaks has also revealed that the CIA fuelled the rise of ISIS in countries it has “intervened” in. Julian Assange, Wikileaks co-founder, has stated multiple times that the U.S. is “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to the Islamic state.”

Now, when you think of the Islamic state, just remember this quote, spoken by Canadian economist Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, who is the University of Ottawa’s Emeritus Professor of Economics:

We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level . . . and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington. . . . The global war on terrorism is a US undertaking, which is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf. . . . They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are Made in America. They’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear to everyone on this floor. . . . The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity. (source) (source)

Here is a great video by award winning American journalist Ben Swann which was made a few years ago, regarding Al-Qaeda.

Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has also chosen to go against corporate media’s narrative by accusing the United States of funding and arming terror groups al-Qaeda and ISIS.

This past December, Gabbard introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, the terms of which her website outlines succinctly: “The legislation would prohibit the U.S. government from using American taxpayer dollars to provide funding, weapons, training, and intelligence support to groups like the Levant Front, Fursan al Ha and other allies of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, al-Qaeda and ISIS, or to countries who are providing direct or indirect support to those same groups.”

And Gabbard herself was quoted as saying that the “CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. This support has allowed al-Qaeda and their fellow terrorist organizations to establish strongholds throughout Syria, including in Aleppo.”

Gabbard, who is co-sponsoring the bill with Rep. Thomas Massie, also tweetedIf you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail.” You can read more about that story here.

As you can see, many have been trying to create awareness about this topic and getting zero attention from mainstream media outlets, which is the global elite’s greatest weapon. If it doesn’t show up there, it’s not true, right? And the most concerning thing is, these outlets can say absolutely anything they’d like, without the masses questioning it. What’s more, mainstream media’s own connections to intelligence agencies have also been proven.

Related CE Articles: Declassified CIA Documents Shows Agencies Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

The CIA & The Media: 50 Facts The World Should Know





Having Trouble Losing Excess Weight?

Having trouble losing excess weight? This could be one of the biggest reasons why.

We know so much about food now yet much of the population is overweight and unhealthy because of the quality of our food and our perception about food.

Luckily there’s a quiz that you can take to find out where you stand on food addiction. You can take it here.

After you will get results and specific information based on your score. Try the quiz!


Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Collective-evolution/~3/k6Fv7GU6TR4/

Dr. Duke Destroys the U.S. Congress Resolution hateful LIE about Charlottesville!


Today Dr. Duke tore apart Congress over its resolution condemning “white supremacists” for the violence in Charlottesville when even the Washington Post and New York Times have had to confess that the violence was instigated and perpetrated by Antifa. He pointed out the similarities between the Zio media’s misrepresenting the Charlottesville car crash with the Travon Martin case. For example, in both instances, they used very old pictures of the deceased in order to portray false images of how the people looked — in Travon’s case to make him look harmless and in Heather’s case to make her look healthy.


Dr. Slattery joined the show and made laid out the evidence that Heather Heyer did in fact die from a heart attack, and not from being struck by a car. He went on to say that fundamental issue is that Jews look hu-white to “Normies.” If you accept Jews as just whites, then whites do rule the country. Whites run the media. Whites run Hollywood. Whites run the banks. If you accept Jews as whites, then you cannot make the case the whites are being discriminated against. But when you separate Jews from the rest of the hu-whites, then everything changes.

This was another great show.

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Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern

This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

Source Article from https://davidduke.com/dr-duke-destroys-the-u-s-congress-resolution-hateful-lie-about-charlottesville/

Why ‘South Park’ Is Wrong About Jobs and Coal

South Park kicked off its 21st season on September 13 by taking on the entitlement of the uneducated, working-class, angry white men who were said to be Trump’s base. The episode, “White People Renovating Houses,” centered on society’s reliance on technology (specifically Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri) while some go unemployed.

The stereotypical redneck characters in South Park, Colorado, find themselves unemployed, blame these digital assistants for taking their jobs, and decide to take the streets with tiki torches in protest. Of course, they’re waving Confederate flags chanting and yelling, “They took our jobs!” and “You will not replace us!”

In order to remedy this problem, the townspeople get rid of their devices and hire these unemployed men to answer their questions, make their shopping lists, play music, and do everything else we ask of our devices. 

In this scene, Randy is filming his home improvement show, “White People Renovating Houses,” when his new employee, Darryl, refuses to cooperate. 



Randy: Hey, Darryl, add Carrara subway tile to my shopping list.

Darryl: I ain’t doin’ it! This job is degrading and menial!

Randy: Well, what kind of job did you think you were gonna get? Hey, Darryl, what kind of job did you think you were going to get?

Darryl: Somethin’ that was Goddamn dignified!

Randy: Hey, Darryl, sorry, but you did not go to college, so you have to take the jobs you can get.

Darryl: I’m sorry! I do not get that!

Randy: Hey, Darryl. Hey, Darryl.

Darryl: What?!

Randy: Coal mining and truck driving are not exactly jobs of the future, so add Carrara subway tile to my [bleeped] shopping list.

The entitlement culture is never a pretty thing, but it’s strange that South Park creaters Matt Stone and Trey Parker would choose to illustrate that point in this way. When it comes to people who think they are entitled to jobs while losing them to technology, the movement to have fast food and other unskilled jobs pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour seems like a much better target.

College is no guarantee of employability, either. Randy himself should be able to attest to this, seeing as his job is doing construction work, which doesn’t require a college degree, on a home renovation show. Skilled labor, learning a trade, is just as employable, if not more so, than some of the bizarre degrees with which students are leaving college, expecting magically to find employment. 

Randy points to coal mining and truck driving specifically as examples of fields which aren’t expanding. Many coal miners have been out of work, in large part thanks to “environmental” efforts of the left, and but coal is making a comeback under Trump. Furthermore, we are actually facing a shortage in truck drivers, so Darryl might have a shot at that one, too. 

I’m all for taking on those who feel they’re entitled to anything. Darryl isn’t owed a job, and Randy was right to remind him of that and to remind him to do the one he is fortunate enough to have. Still, this was a pretty lackluster take on employment and entitlement, and the argument was full of holes. South Park is irreverent, but it usually makes some pretty sharp points. Here’s hoping the rest of season 21 is better than the premiere. 

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/amelia-hamilton/2017/09/14/south-park-season-premiere-jobs-coal