All You Need To Know About USS Gerald Ford

The commissioning of the U.S. Navy’s newest aircraft carrier — USS Gerald R. Ford is set to take place in a ceremony presided over by President Donald Trump later this week.

Designated CVN-78, it is the lead ship of the U.S. Navy’s supercarriers ( the unofficial descriptive term for the largest type of aircraft carrier —typically those that displace 64,000 metric tons).

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Costing about $12.9 billion, it has been built to replace the U.S. Navy’s existing Nimitz-class carriers which are a class of ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. According to the U.S. Navy website, the CVN 78 is designed to operate effectively with almost 700 fewer crew members than the Nimitz class. It is the first aircraft carrier designed with all electric utilities, eliminating steam service lines from the ship, reducing maintenance requirements, and improving corrosion control. Technologies such as the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (which launches carrier-based aircraft from an aircraft catapult using a linear motor drive instead of the conventional steam piston drive) have also been installed in the Ford.

The carrier will be capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, EA-18G Growler electronic attack aircraft, MH-60R / S helicopters, unmanned air vehicles, and unmanned combat air vehicles, reported.

Some major design changes in the carrier include a larger flight deck to improve aircraft maneuverability, a repositioned “island” (the tower where the captain sits) for better visibility and improvements in weapons and material handling. These systems are expected to streamline flight operations and allow Ford to launch 33 percent more aircraft than older carriers in the fleet.

The construction of this carrier began in 2005 in what would be the most expensive warship the United States military has ever built. The ship was christened in 2013 and Ford’s daughter, Susan Ford Bales, was named the ship’s sponsor.

It was delivered in May 2017 “with a significant amount of outstanding construction, tests” and sea trials, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report that examined shortcomings in the Navy’s processes for ensuring quality and accepting finished ships. Even as it was delivered 32 months later than it was originally planned, it is estimated that the Navy will still have to spend almost $780 to finish deferred work, correct deficiencies and conduct Pentagon-mandated shock tests and another outfitting, according to Bloomberg.

“The ship is not also yet to complete its navigation certification and cyber security inspection, nor does it have all the certifications necessary to conduct aviation operations, among other things”, according to the GAO.

GAO also said: “The Navy has made liberal use of the various exceptions to its process for some of its most expensive and technologically sophisticated ships, including the Ford, that permit them to be delivered in a substantially incomplete state.”

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According to CNN, after Ford’s commissioning July 22, it is set to undergo months of additional testing to examine and rectify any remaining deficiencies before its deployment, which is scheduled for 2020.

Two other ships have been announced in the class — CVN-79 named after John F. Kennedy which is under construction and CVN-80 or Enterprise which has been only planned as yet.

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Ten things you may not know about Orwell’s ‘1984’


Some argue Orwell’s dystopian vision has finally arrived.

George Orwell’s novel 1984 was incredibly popular at the time it was published, and it remains incredibly popular to this day. With multiple stars citing the book as one of their favorites – including Stephen King, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, and Kit Harrington – 1984 has been growing in popularity in recent years. The book reappeared on best-seller lists in early 2017, as some argued Orwell’s dystopian vision had finally arrived.

Below are 10 facts you might not know about Orwell’s dark novel.

1. Before he wrote 1984, Orwell worked for the British government during World War II as a propagandist at the BBC. (Perhaps seeing the propaganda industry up close led to his critical portrait in 1984.)

2. Orwell initially named the novel 1980, and then 1982 before settling on 1984. Since it was written in 1948, some think that Orwell devised the title by inverting the year the book was written. Additionally, he thought about naming the novel The Last Man in Europe.

3. While writing the novel, Orwell fought tuberculosis. The disease ultimately consumed him and he died seven months after 1984 was published, with tuberculosis as the sole cause of death.

4. In addition to fighting tuberculosis, Orwell almost died while writing the novel. On a recreational boating trip with his children, he went overboard. Fortunately, neither this episode nor the tuberculosis prevented him from finishing his novel.

5. On an ironic note, Orwell himself was under government surveillance while writing his novel warning about government surveillance. The British government was watching Orwell because they believed he held socialist opinions. This surveillance started after he published The Road to Wigan Pier, a true story about poverty and the lower class in England.

6. The slogan “2 + 2 = 5” originated from Russia, where the Communist regime used it as a motto of sorts in an effort to help them accomplish the goals of their five-year plan in only four years. Though the slogan is still used to point out the ills of totalitarian brainwashing today, it was not coined by Orwell.

7. In addition to borrowing a piece of Russian propaganda, Orwell also borrowed some Japanese propaganda for his novel. The “Thought Police” are based on the Japanese wartime secret police who literally arrested Japanese citizens for having “unpatriotic thoughts.” Their official name was the Kempeitai, and they officially named their pursuit the “Thought War.”

8. When Orwell worked as a propagandist for the BBC, there was a conference room there numbered 101. This room was the room of which he based the location for some of his more horrifying scenes, making the scenes themselves all the more horrifying.

9. According to Orwell’s friends and families, his second wife Sonia Brownell was the model off of which he based the love interest (Julia) of the book’s main character, Winston Smith.

10. Though his book may be popular, Orwell’s novel also makes the list of the world’s top ten most frequently banned books. Some ban it for what they claim are pro-communist points of view, and others have banned it because it is anti-communist. Regardless, it is ironic that a book warning against totalitarianism is often an item for censorship.

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The Alan Watts Video That Will Make You Reassess Everything You’ve Been Told About Life

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Are you familiar with the term ‘awakening?’ Perhaps you are very familiar with this word, or perhaps you have heard it but aren’t quite sure what it means in a spiritual context. Maybe it means something special to you because you feel you have had an awakening in your own life — I know I have.

If you are a fan of Alan Watts and his eloquent interpretation of Eastern Philosophy, then you may enjoy his take on what awakening really means, according to Buddhism and Taoism, and explained in his calming and humble voice. Mr. Watts defines awakening from a Buddhist perspective and explains not only why it is happening, but also whether or not it is happening to you. Awakening can have many meanings, but simply put, it means to wake up from being asleep, either literally or metaphorically.

He shares his perspective of duality, and argues that to ‘wake up’ means to finally understand this duality. For example, you can’t have good without bad, you can’t have light without darkness, etc. They are inseparable, just like the yin and yang, and you simply cannot have one without the other.

Awakening means to become aware that life is not a contest; there is no virtue in triumphing over evil, or seeking happiness over sadness, because they are two sides of the same coin.

When you become aware of this you realize that all of the pain, suffering, and evil in the world exist because we need them in order to recognize and experience joy, pleasure, and other good things in this world. Having an understanding of this allows you to see beyond the perceived “bad” or “wrong” things that are happening in your life or in the world, and you can begin to see and understand their true purpose. Disorder is necessary for order.

Check Out This Wonderful Explanation Below

“Instead of looking upon life as a contest, it becomes a dance, it becomes a game — one doesn’t withdraw from it, one doesn’t stop living, but one goes into the game so that these revolving fishes are no longer trying to eat each other, but they’re just going around dancing, having the biggest fun in the world.”

If you are someone who appreciates Alan Watts’ simple explanations, and you are interested in learning more about consciousness, awakening, the meaning of life, etc., then I highly suggest you check out more of his teachings. He has written many books, though I personally prefer listening to him speak. The light-hearted energy that infuses his message during lectures really helps bring it home, and you feel the truth in his words.

Alan Watts’ wisdom is an excellent place to start if you are wanting to learn more about Eastern Philosophy, and have it explained in a way that is still accessible for those coming from a Western perspective.

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Netanyahu Privately Admits He Has Doubts About Trump’s Peace Push

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Oakland Police Sexually Assaulted & Trafficked A Minor. But What About Those High-Level Politicians?

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Last year, a 19-year-old woman, who asked to be referred to as Jasmine, shocked the nation by stating that approximately 30 police officers from departments around the Bay Area sexually assaulted her or had some sort of sexual relations with her. Since then, seven of these officers were charged and several higher-ups either left or were fired.

The case is still being discussed in the media because a settlement was recently reached, and just last week the Oakland police department held a private ceremony honouring many officers caught up in the scandal.

Jasmine was apparently abused as a 12-year-old and then forced into the underground world of sex slavery. She worked as a sex slave for many years, and then finally broke free at the age of 16 with an Oakland police officer, or so she had hoped. Unfortunately, the cycle of abuse continued for Jasmine, but it wasn’t just with one police officer.

You may assume that these individuals who were supposed to be protecting her have since been put behind bars, but this is not the case. Though some faced charges, the city agreed to settle Jasmine’s claim to the tune of $1 million with no admission of liability. What’s worse is that rather than firing, counselling or demoting these officers, the Oakland police actually held a secret ceremony on July 14 (with no media coverage) celebrating many of the police officers accused of mishandling the case.

Details About the Oakland Police Sex Scandal

The scandal was unearthed in September 2015 when an Oakland police officer committed suicide and left a note that detailed he had a sexual relationship with a young sex worker. The scandal broke wide open shortly afterwards when Jasmine came forward and told a reporter that she had sex with over a dozen members of the Oakland Police Department in addition to other officials working at other law enforcement agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Her abuse began in February 2015, so keep in mind she was underage. She met one of the cops when he saved her life from her former pimp, but soon he introduced her to other cops and they began trafficking her amongst their ranks. According to state law, three of the officers committed statutory rape, many participated in human trafficking, and all of them knowingly solicited prostitution (source).

One officer was sentenced to three years of probation and was told he can have no contact with Jasmine, and another officer’s case is set to be dismissed next year if he successfully completes his probation. Two more officers are facing charges for having oral sex with Jasmine as a minor. Police Chief Sean Whent resigned from his position just after Jasmine was interviewed.

The city decided to settle her claim at $989,000. Though the Oakland police department has faced significant public scrutiny, it does seem a little like they’re being let “off the hook” when it comes to the judiciary system. Many of the officers accused will see little to no punishment for their crimes, despite the pain they caused Jasmine.

“The settlement occurred with no admission of liability, but obviously, if you pay $1 million, you figure you got some responsibility,” civil rights attorney John Burris, who represented Jasmine, said in a statement.

In addition, some of these officers are literally being rewarded, even after they allegedly engaged in misconduct or mishandled this particular case, or were involved with other sex scandals. Oakland police held a “secret ceremony” in celebration for several officers who received promotions and awards for their “bravery and service.” However, the officers were welcomed by two dozen angry protestors, as some of the officers being honoured were those involved with Jasmine’s case.

One of the officers, Roland Holmgren, was promoted to captain, and he was accused of “mishandling” Jasmine’s case. This isn’t the first Oakland police scandal he’s been caught up in; according to the East Bay Express, he’s been involved in a number of police misconduct scandals over the past 20 years. And Holmgren wasn’t the only one involved with the case who was awarded, as several other officers were either promoted or rewarded for their services, despite having either turned a blind eye to this case or been involved with misconduct or mishandling it.

In May 2017, Jasmine’s lawyer, Mr. Burris, actually called the officers a “cabal” that “took advantage of a young woman.”

“People were passing her around as if she was a kickball or something,” Burris said.

This sounds eerily similar to the types of activities that take place at elite sex parties, especially since he literally referred to them as a cabal. It seems as though the judiciary system often has difficulty punishing those with authority, giving them privileged treatment and allowing them to bend the rules, even if they are known sexual offenders and predators.

If we can’t trust law enforcement to actually do their jobs and properly investigate situations like this, even if they implicate their colleagues or bosses, then who can we trust? The sad part is that the government is no stranger to these types of scandals, as it’s at the very core of the establishment.

The U.S. Government and the Cabal’s Ties to Sex Rings

There has been a lot of speculation lately on child sex rings being used by the U.S. government. You may be familiar with the PizzaGate scandal, which allegedly unearthed a very high-level elitist global pedophile ring the U.S. government was involved in.

It emerged when Wikileaks released tens of thousands of emails from the former White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, Jon Podesta, who also served as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. It’s because of these emails that many claimed Jon Podesta was a part of these child trafficking rings as well.

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Below is a video of award winning American journalist Ben Swann explaining the Pizzagate controversy in detail:

This isn’t the first time people were concerned over sexual abuse by government officials. Ted Gunderson, former FBI special agent and head of their L.A. office, worked to uncover years’ worth of information on high-level pedophilia, sexual abuse, and satanic rituals performed by the government and the elite (or the cabal). In my opinion, Ted Gunderson is a wonderful place to start your research on this subject. You can read more about that in our CE article here.

Former U.S. representative Cynthia McKinney also knew about the government’s relationship to human trafficking, and she actually addressed it in 2005. She grilled Donald Rumsfeld on military contractor DynCorp’s child trafficking business of selling women and children (source).

Another individual involved in high-level trafficking was Jeffrey E. Epstein, a member of the financial elite infamous on Wall Street. In 2009, he pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting prostitution from girls as young as fourteen. He served just over a year in jail and became a registered high-risk sex offender.

According to former U.S. State Department official Steve Pieczenik, the Clintons and many more “have been a major part and participant of what’s called the Lolita Express, which is a plane owned by Mr. Jeff Epstein, a wealthy multi-millionaire who flies down to the Bahamas and allows Bill and Hillary Clinton to engage in sex with minors — that is called Pedophilia.” (source)

Prominent names who boarded the Lolita Express include former President Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew, Larry Summers, and other political figures, all of whom are listed on the flight logs. Even the current U.S. President, Donald Trump, has ties to Epstein, and was in fact accused of raping a 13-year-old girl at multiple different elite sex parties with Epstein. You can see the full logs here.

“Bill Clinton . . . associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,” explained Conchita Sarnoff, an investigative journalist who, despite being bribed to stay silent, risked her life to expose the brutal reality of human trafficking. Sarnoff also wrote a book on the Epstein case called TrafficKing. “Why would a former president associate with a man like that?” Sarnoff asked. To read more about Epstein’s case, check out our CE article here.

Numerous victims involved in elite sex rings and occult sex rituals have come forward, exposing high-level corruption in regards to human sex trafficking and pedophilia. One of the more recent victims to come forward is a woman named Kendall who was sold at birth into a powerful, high-level international sex ring. You can read more about her story in our CE article here.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that sex scandals are occurring left, right, and centre within the establishment. We need to stop placing authority on a pedestal so we can see that this type of preferential treatment will not help us achieve peace in society. Just because you’re a higher-up in the government or within a well-respected institution doesn’t give you the right to commit these violent acts, and our judiciary system desperately needs to reflect this.




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5 things you didn’t know about St. Vincent

St. Vincent has gone from a Dallas favorite indie musician and morphed into a Grammy award-winning alternative musician. However, while she has started winning awards, there is still a lot that fans might not know about the singer-songwriter. Here are five things you didn’t know about St. Vincent.

5. She dropped out of college to tour with a Dallas band

Many fans in Dallas know a lot about the local band who made it big, Tripping Daisy. Just this year, the band made their big return 18 years after breaking up. However, the band members never stopped touring and after the death of their guitarist, they formed a new band known as The Polyphonic Spree. This band was partially responsible for the success of St. Vincent, as she dropped out of college at Berklee to tour with them.

4. Twi-hards knew her first

The first album that St. Vincent released that hit the Billboard charts was Actor in 2009. However, that same year she released the song “Roslyn” with Bon Iver. That song was on the soundtrack to the movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” It seems like the producers loved her music because she was back in 2012 with a second song for the franchise. That year, St. Vincent released “The Antidote” for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”

3. St. Vincent is Genderfluid

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, St. Vincent said that she is a believer in gender and sexual fluidity. In that interview, St. Vincent explained that she thinks a person can fall in love with anybody – male or female – and she does not identify as anything specifically when it comes to gender.

2. St. Vincent replaced Kurt Cobain twice

Annie Clark came out at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction for Nirvana and performed “Lithium” with the band in place of the late Kurt Cobain. While that had to be a huge moment for her, she also performed with them later that same night in a bar in Brooklyn to enthusiastic Nirvana fans.

1. Marry Me was named after an ‘Arrested Development’ joke

St. Vincent released her debut album in 2007 and titled it Marry Me. While that was the only album she released that did not hit the Billboard charts, it was the album that kickstarted her career. In some interesting trivia, St. Vincent said that she was working on the album while playing with The Polyphonic Spree and named it after a joke on the TV show “Arrested Development.”

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5 things you didn’t know about Flo Rida

Flo Rida is a huge hitmaker in the world of hip hop and rap and hit it big from the start, with his first single hitting No. 1 on the charts. Since then, Flo Rida has released four studio albums with a fifth on the way and has become one of the top names in music. With much more music to come from the award-winning performer, here are five things you didn’t know about Flo Rida.

5. Flo Rida’s debut single was the most downloaded of the decade

Flo Rida released his debut single “Low” in 2007 and was an immediate star. Not only did “Low” hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts but it was digitally downloaded over 5.2 million times and was the top-selling digital song of the entire decade. The song spent 10 weeks at the top of the charts, which was also the longest reign of any song in 2008. It ended up eight-times platinum.

4. He also has the highest-selling digital download of all time

As if having the best-selling digital download from 2000-2009 wasn’t enough, Flo Rida one-upped himself already. The song “Right Round” from his next album was even bigger than “Low.” Released in 2009, it became the highest-selling digital debut single, selling 636,000 digital downloads the first week it was released. Adele has since broken that record with “Hello.” “Right Round” ended up as Flo Rida’s best-selling single of his career, with over 12 million downloads.

3. Flo Rida has started a pair of huge charity foundations

Many rap stars have bad reputations outside of the music industry, but Flo Rida has proven to be willing to give back to the community. He has started two charity foundations to help underprivileged children. These are the Florida Youth Football League and the Big Dreams for Kids Foundation.

2. Flo Rida appeared at WrestleMania

Flo Rida has appeared at a pair of WWE events, starting with their biggest show of the year. In 2012, Flo Rida appeared at WrestleMania XXVIII and took part in an angle where he got physical with a wrestler named Heath Slater. He also sang a pair of songs at the event with “Wild Ones” and “Good Feeling.” He returned in December and sang at the Tribute to the Troops event that the WWE holds for soldiers overseas.

1. Inspiration in Death

On a down note, Flo Rida founds inspiration through the death of his sister due to bronchitis. Her death occurred when he was working on an early album and he has said that it made him work even harder to finish that album. While his songs are all about happy moments, it was this tragedy in his life that inspired him to succeed in the music industry.

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