Syrian and Allied Forces Liberating Eastern Aleppo One Neighborhood After Another

Syrian and Allied Forces Liberating Eastern Aleppo One Neighborhood After Another

by Stephen Lendman

Significant progress is being made, almost half of eastern Aleppo liberated, according to Russia’s reconciliation center. In the last 24 hours alone, 14 neighborhoods were liberated, thousands of civilians able to breathe free for the first time in years.

Syrian forces have full control over eastern Aleppo’s northern districts, one after the other liberated, US-supported terrorist elements routed, forced to retreat, surrender or die.

Reports indicate over 3,000 buildings cleared from their infestation, Syrian and allied forces now targeting areas they still control. Fierce fighting continues.

According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov, Washington and its rogue allies oppose efforts to free eastern Aleppo from terrorists’ control – urging imposition of new sanctions on Moscow for aiding Syria’s liberating struggle.

On Sunday, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al-Thani, part of the family-run dictatorship, said his regime will continue aiding terrorists in Syria regardless of US policy under Trump.

The Saudis, Turkey and Israel aren’t likely to cease regime change aims. It remains to be seen how NATO countries react if Trump allies with Russia in combating terrorists. Will Britain, France, Germany and other member states join him or go their own way?

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergy Ryabkov, “(t)he Russian side for the last several weeks, practically alone, without support, has been alleviating the situation for residents of (Aleppo) by delivering appropriate humanitarian aid.”

International aid groups haven’t done their job, likely pressured by Washington to abstain, despite their ability to help relieve human suffering.

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2 thoughts on “Syrian and Allied Forces Liberating Eastern Aleppo One Neighborhood After Another”

  1. On Sunday, Syria’s SANA news agency reported, citing a military source, that the Syrian Army established full

    control over the Jabal Badro neighborhood in Aleppo.

    On Saturday, it also reported that government forces captured the Masaken Hanano neighbourhood and the surrounding


    The Syrian Army is now conducting a large-scale clearance operation in the Masaken Hanano district, where

    terrorists from Al-Nusra Front and other radical groups mined buildings and roads to prevent civilians from fleeing

    the area through humanitarian corridors established by government forces.

    At the same time, about 1,500 civilians, mostly women and children, managed to flee from the eastern Aleppo

    districts controlled by militants to the government-held areas, through the newly-recaptured Masaken Hanano

    district, SANA news agency reports.

    Meanwhile, militants continue to shell government-held western Aleppo. At least three people were killed and 15

    more injured in one of the latest shelling attacks on al-Midan neighborhood on Saturday, SANA reports, citing a

    source at Aleppo Police Command.

    The Reconciliation Center has organized humanitarian aid delivery to Aleppo’s recaptured districts. “Peaceful life

    resumes in the area, the locals [now make up] the authorities, provide security and order,” the statement says.

    Some militants who control eastern Aleppo have expressed their desire to leave the city, while the more radical

    groups prevent them from doing so, the Center said.

  2. The Western financed rebels affiliated to ISIS are being defeated. The lady in the photo may not be dressed as she

    wishes due to dress code of ISIS. In fact it may not be a recent photo. It is getting to be well known that the use

    of photos from other conflicts are now being attributed to recent attacks.

    ISIS refused to allow the citizens of Eastern Aleppo to leave in the recent ceasefire. Why? Just the usual media

    manipulation so we will believe what they want us to believe. The more casualties we believe have been a result of

    the conflict, the more we want it to stop. We see the media manipulation all across the M East – especially in

    Gaza. Also the Alawites will be slaughtered by ISIS. Is this what the West wants?

    Notice how we are being manipulated. There are NO reports and NO photos of Western Aleppo where the government is.

    We are not allowed to see the devastation the Western backed rebels have caused there, including the destruction of


    The casualties in Aleppo are horrendous, but let’s remember who it is who are keeping it going.
    The anonymous author of the article has presented us with a strongly biased one sided piece of propaganda.
    But then I doubt he/she knows how Syria will be part of a horrible future. On the basis of the 2000 fulfilled

    predictions with no failures in that very old Book our forefathers knew intimately, I am certain the 500

    predictions either still future or in the process of fulfilment will be achieved.

    Those who dismiss this as rubbish will wish they had not when the horrible days come about.

    Meanwhile we have to endure the erroneous propaganda.

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