Strange trumpet-like sound recorded in Nottingham, UK


A couple’s quiet night in was ruined when they were spooked by loud, unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes.

Calvin Kirlew, 24, and his partner, listened in ‘shock’ as trumpet-like sounds blared across the night sky in Nottingham, East Midlands.

A video of the sounds has left viewers baffled after Calvin uploaded it to his Facebook page on Tuesday evening.

In the short clip Mr Kirlew said: ‘We’ve been hearing these noises outside for about five, ten minutes.’

Then the freaked-out marketing worker was interrupted by a loud sound, similar to a a trumpet, which can be heard at several different pitches.

He said: ‘What the f*** is it?’

‘I was amazed I actually managed to get it recorded. It was going on for about five or 10 minutes before I started recording and then it carried on for about another 30 minutes,’ he told the Nottingham Post.

‘It was coming from the direction of the Victoria Centre but from the sky. I was at home with my partner and we could both hear it – it was really weird.’

Mr Kirlew added: ‘On the video I am quite shocked. It was strange. I messaged my friend who lives in Wollaton but he said he couldn’t hear it. I have no idea what it might be.’

Facebook user Shannon Parkinson said: ‘We heard this exact noise couple of years ago me and my other half. I’m glad someone nearby heard it too!

‘Thanks for the proof we are not mad, Calvin.’

Eerie sounds have been heard at different times and in locations across the world for almost a decade.

Similar outbursts have been captured in countries around the world including the US, Ukraine and Germany.

The first video posted on YouTube recording the unusual, unearthly sounds was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky from Homel, in Belarus.

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  1. I recently watched a video showing the alarming number and size of sinkholes worldwide. The video includes an interesting theory that changes in the energy from the sun are causing the Earth to be pulled slightly out of round (to be precise, slightly MORE out of round than it usually is), and the associated stress to the planet’s crust is causing cracks, sinkholes, earthquakes (and related tsunamis), volcanic activity, and strange sounds.

    The photos of some of the massive sinkholes are shocking; it’s worth watching the video just to see those, let alone the theory at the end.

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