“Ruth House” on the Jews’ lie about the ‘desirability’ of a nigger’s sexuality

“Ruth House” on the Jews’ lie about the ‘desirability’ of a nigger’s sexuality


The Jews have of course been busy denigrating racially and sexually the ordinary White Christian male; and elevating instead the ordinary base nigger’s race and alleged superior sexuality. Mainly because Jews perceive the obvious moral, spiritual, biological and racial supremacy of ordinary White Christian folks as a witness against Jewry’s ludicrous claim to Jewish racial supremacism, which is of course something Jews must argue for if they’re to justify in their own eyes their false doctrine of salvation by virtue of the historical “chosen-ness” of Israel and quiet a guilty conscience that tells them that they must repent and receive the blood atonement of God’s righteous resurrected Son Jesus if they’re to escape hell and damnation after death and Judgment Day.

The big Jew lie is floating the lie about niggers being superior lovers and having bigger dicks … it’s total bullshit … most niggers in Africa have 4 inch cockaroach dicks, whereas the average British shlong is 5.6 … anyway it’s media borne propaganda to brainwash white women that their white male lovers can’t satisfy the mate, etc … I really don’t think there is one area the shitcockkikes haven’t infiltrated and engineered to rot—”sog” on incogman.net



Check out this recent comment by “Ruth House” on incogman.net that focuses on the Jews’ on-going deliberate campaign of denigrating decent White Christian folks in the media and celebrating base niggers instead of them; and which helps to clarify why the rapidly escalating number of White Gentile “coal burners” suffer from delusions about a nigger’s sexuality and fantasize falsely about the ‘pleasures of bestiality’ that sex with niggers will ostensibly afford them, if they engage that way with the ordinary “beast of the field” …

The Disease this Planet calls Niggers is that of a regressive genetic nature, evolving as nothing more than an aggressive Parasite that can multiply at an astounding rate.

Everything it comes in contact with is either destroyed, assimilated by force, or regresses backwards into a fog of stupidity and eventual destruction and genetic stagnation.

Nigger is like no other life form ever seen or encountered, with a very limited or reasonable vocabulary its only legible statements were, Muh Dic.

One that I can assure you hasn’t been washed in some time.

Mo Fo, Sheeeeet, gimmie dat, and where is all the white women.

Nigger has not offered anything of its own design to Mankind and it only takes from those who have built the necessary structures and government for any civilization to truly thrive.


Let it also be noted that they are not at all attractive creatures.

Their brains have not the capability to advance past that of their own selfishness and Jealousy of other species who have attended to their own advancements only to have nigger reduce that to ruin in a very short time span.

They are not Human as in Homo Sapiens.

They are however Homo Erectus, meaning they walk upright.

They are Homo Epeslic, meaning they have 10 fingers and 10 toes and an articulated thumb.

Their cranium is elongated at a 12 Degree drop consisting of a total of a 10mm extrusion of bone matter exiting the Obits of the eyes, meaning they have a sloped forehead.

The Femurs of their legs consist of 22% more bone matter than that of a human, meaning they are not as resistant to infections as a Human, and their White Blood cell count is much lower and not able to replenish itself as quickly.

Their lungs are 20% epolastic tissue compared to a human who only has 2% of this tissue.
Meaning they can not use oxygen as effectively as a Human can, and can not tolerate high altitudes. [Good idea to make them “space-cadets”]


Their Brain mass is in some cases are as low as 33% that of a normal human. Brain receptor neurones used for the higher functions that Humans have simply do not exist in niggers at all.

Few if any niggers have a blood type of O positive, the universal donor in fact the blood from a nigger even if it is said to be the same type can be deadly to a human.

Nigger blood does not retain or process Iron effectively making the blood from a nigger very anaemic.

Niggers tend to be 40% more affected by being colour blind than Humans meaning the brain of a nigger can not distinguish colour, distance calculations or three dimensional objects as well as being subjective to night blindness.

The Cerebral Cortex,the mother board of the brain, is 40% smaller in a nigger than that of a human.

It also does not have the Enzyme called Nuroplastin, an Enzyme that allows Humans to communicate with the entire brain and its resources in a problem situation, drawing from all of the brains memory or functions simultaneously.

As opposed to one small portion which causes frustration then anger over the fact they can’t understand something simple.

The capillaries of a niggers skin can not receive the volume of blood to the skin that a humans can.

Thus making them very susceptible to cold environments, and making frost bite a real possibility even in temporal climates.


I could go on, but niggers are not Homo Sapiens, there is really not a PC term for what they are except Homo Precipitous.

Meaning something thought to have become extinct over 30 million years ago.

And while we’re on the subject of niggere lets talk about the other TABOO imprinted into our minds causing a lot of mental agony whether we want to admit it or not, and it is indirectly also leading to our demise as a White race.

The Jewish Myth of the Huge Black Penis [yes . . . that’s right, and I don’t mean to sound funny – this is serious.

“Jews have consistently displayed an obsession with encouraging White women to commit bestiality with black males.”

Leviticus 18:23 KJV

For decades, whites have had to listen to the insulting and false derision of Jewish propaganda claiming that African barbarians have giant cocks that somehow make white women attracted to them.

While very few white women are actually attracted to blacks, and most of those who are, are mentally, emotionally, or physically defective in some way, this myth has been eagerly propagated by Jewish entertainment media, Jewish movies, Jewish music, and, most importantly, Jewish pornography.

Like all Jewish myths about black “superiority”, such as alleged black musical ability, alleged black dancing ability, alleged black sports ability, and alleged black entertainment ability, the myth of giant black cocks has been proven to be a racist lie designed by Jews to psychologically undermine white society.


The Jewish media system is obsessed with emasculating the White male while presenting the black male as the ideal image of masculinity.

The White man is flabby, unassertive, limp-wristed and fearful, while the black is a massive, masculine barbarian, capable of humiliating the White with the greatest of ease.

The Jews have an obsession with sex and sex organs, and so they have created a myth surrounding black men’s penises, which is now ubiquitous throughout culture and media.

The idea is that blacks have much larger penises than Whites, and thus are much more desirable sexually to White females.

THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTACK on the basic, primal worth of White men – telling them they are incapable of satisfying their females, due to biological incapacity.


One should never, buy into the Jewish belief that the most important thing for a person to think about is sex, that men should judge themselves by their penis size, or that a woman should mate based on penis size, as it turns out, the actual reality of racial penis measurements is something much different.

A 2012 study showed that the average Tanzanian male was 4.5 inches or 11.5 cm, a 2006 study showed that the average Nigerian male was 5.1 inches or 13 cm, while a 2012 study showed that the average Caucasian British man’s penis was 5.6 inches or 14.3 cm.

Objectively then, the myth of the huge black penis is just that: a myth.
It was created and spread by the Jews for the purpose of further demoralising the White male, propping up the Negro above him in society, part of the ongoing program to destabilise and ultimately collapse Western White Civilisation.

For the ladies, how would you like to be classified by the size of your boobies?
Let’s face it the nigger counterpart will outdo you, the same as to the size of your butt . . . STOP running the White man down . . . by “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.”
– Titus 1:14.

When man becomes so degenerated as to associate him/herself with the Negro, the very act brings into operation the law which governs the reproduction of the Creation, which makes it impossible for man/woman to transmit to his offspring by the beast the slightest vestige of kinship with Yahweh God.




Source Article from http://firstlightforum.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/ruth-house-on-the-jews-lie-about-the-desirability-of-a-niggers-sexuality/

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  1. You are a POS racist mf. Your jealous and its kind of funny. Your mad because your dick is very very small. You never made a female cum before. We are better at everything get over it. You need to research you stupid uneducated hill Billy. Blacks have contributed many things we use today. Whites break their necks to keep blacks down. Look what your people did to black wall street. Whenever we have something you get jealous and take it away. Thats ok you will be judged by God. You will be sold to the Africans as it says in the bible. Black people have built many civilizations. The kushites was one of the greatest civilizations ever. Egyptians was black whether you like it or not. The real jews were black also. The niggers you call them are the true hebrews. Respect your masters boy.

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