RIDICULOUS: Serial Drug Rapist Bill Cosby Walks!

This just in to the INCOG NEWS BUREAU: The jury in the Bill Cosby rape case deadlocked, so the judge declared a mistrial.

By Phillip Marlowe

After 6 days, the jury came back this morning defeated, meaning they had at least one “hold-out” juror, so the judge had to declare a mistrial. The prosecution promises to re-try the case, but they always say that. Meanwhile, Cosby gets to go home and enjoy his rich, cushy life. He will live out his last days quite comfortably. His black lawyer and his loud-mouthed black assistant just militantly declared a victory on the courthouse steps. She sounded like the Black Panthers when she read a statement from Cosby’s wife.

You can bet the jurors most responsible for this travesty were black, perhaps assisted by idiot White liberals. Imagine all the millions of state taxpayer dollars spent on prosecuting his old black butt? Black jurors don’t give a flying rat’s ass about justice when it comes to blacks committing crime on White people. To them, freeing fellow blacks is justified revenge for slavery a million years ago.

The guy had been drugging and raping White women for decades. Except for the half-breed something or other victim in this one particular trial, virtually all of them were good-looking young White girls just trying to make it in the entertainment industry. The sorry SOB took advantage of that for decades, quite obviously. You won’t have the media say one thing about his Whitey girl rape preferences.

He should have gone to prison years ago and simply be a minor footnote in entertainment history. Instead, they still act like he’s “Father Knows Best.” This is because the Jew media has been falsely building up the black race for 50 years and what do we get? Nothing but constant murder, rape, armed robbery, petty larceny, arson and tons of other crime at the drop of a hat. They brutally kill us Whites all the time. All that’s in addition to welfare programs and Affirmative Action running America straight into the gutter.

Clearly “civil rights,” “equality” (a total joke there), “diversity” and all the other liberal nonsense was in error. Blacks should have been rounded up at the point of a bayonet and shipped back to Africa en masse way back during the 19th century. Instead, we got to deal with them screaming bloody murder about racism every GD minute and giving them everything on a silver platter. It doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, will never work. They are violent, spoiled brats.

I remember Bill Cosby’s TV show where he was the oh-so-wise doctor and father to a pleasant black family named the Huxtables — all dressed up like the White middle class — specifically meant to brainwash White people (media Jews even admitted as much) on how nice blacks could be. Cosby always wore these avuncular sweaters to portray him as a “regular nice guy.” My ass. After the show’s taping was over and the phony laugh machines turned off, he was off drugging up foolish White chicks and doing his thing to their bods while they were passed the flock out.

I also remember when OJ Simpson was acquitted. He was clearly guilty as sin slicing up his mudshark wife and that Jewboy waiter, yet they still let him go free. If you find the blood of the suspect at the scene of the crime, then case closed. You got the perp. The stinking punk was guilty, G-U-I-L-T-Y.

Blacks acted like OJ’s acquittal was the greatest event ever in world history — jumping up and down, screaming in glee all over the place. They didn’t care one bit about any “White man’s justice.” I personally witnessed this ridiculous display at a place I worked. Whites everywhere were stunned at the utter racial selfishness of blacks and their callous disregard of the victim’s families.

It was clear: Us Whites meant nothing to these criminal, animalistic brats. My patience with this totally worthless race probably disappeared at that very moment.

White people: Blacks effin’ suck. Big time.

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