Prosecutor Complained in 2014 That Indicted Baltimore Gun Task Force Supervisor Was Not Truthful

Baltimore prosecutor complained in 2014 that Sgt. Wayne Jenkins, the now indicted supervisor of the Gun Trace Task Force, was among a group of officers who had not been truthful in a case involving allegations of evidence planting, the public defender’s office alleged in a new court filing.

The specifics of the internal complaint against Jenkins are not outlined, but it dates to three years before federal authorities charged Jenkins and seven other members of the unit with accusations that they robbed citizens, falsified paperwork to cover their tracks and earned fraudulent overtime.

Last week, Jenkins was charged with additional allegations that he planted drugs on a man in 2010 following a deadly high-speed crash.

Assistant public defender Deborah Katz Levi wrote that the internal affairs file includes allegations that “Wayne Jenkins and other officers gave sworn testimony or recorded statements about an arrest and a seizure that conflicted with CCTV video evidence.”

The complaint was investigated by both prosecutors and police and led to dropped charges against the person who was arrested, she wrote in a filing related to a 2016 murder case to which Jenkins responded.

Public defender: Every case touched by indicted Baltimore gun task force officers ‘irreparably tainted’
The outcome of the internal affairs case involving Jenkins was not disclosed in her motion, and Jenkins’ attorney declined to comment.

The filing is the latest allegation from defense attorneys that the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office has withheld crucial information about complaints against police officers that they believe should be turned over to impeach their credibility. Levi alleged that the internal affairs file on Jenkins was initially withheld.

“The absence of this file in response to the court’s order demonstrates that the current Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office is incapable of properly performing its duties as it relates to disclosing” internal affairs files, Levi wrote in a motion that was filed Monday and obtained through the court clerk’s office on Tuesday.

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