Japan PM Abe in Russia for talks on territorial row, energy

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Gene therapy: ‘Heart-healing virus’ trial starts

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Greek parliament approves 15,000 civil service job cuts

BBC- The Greek parliament has passed a bill which will see 15,000 state employees lose their jobs by the end of next year. The bill passed by 168 votes to 123, and had the support of the three parties making up the ruling coalition. Read article

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Bangladeshi garment factory death toll rises as owner arrested on border

Guardian – When the building he owned collapsed, entombing hundreds of garment workers beneath its choking rubble, Mohammed Sohel Rana vanished. He abandoned his home in Savar, 12 miles north of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, and drove off. While rescuers frantically dug out the living and the dead, Rana was nowhere to be seen. On Sunday, however, Bangladeshi police caught up with the fugitive politician, arresting him in the border town of Benapole, 250 miles away. He had been trying to escape into neighbouring India. Instead, a group of commandos flew Rana back to Dhaka by helicopter. Read Article

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News Archive In Focus – Crimes Against Humanity (1,427 articles)

It is one of our duties at OYEN to inform you of offenses that are happening around our world that constitute a serious attack on human dignity. These are not necessarily isolated or sporadic events, but are part either of a government policy or of a wide practice of atrocities tolerated or condoned by a de-facto authority. A look at our Crimes Against Humanity archive shows the stories of today. Murder, extermination, torture, rape, persecution and other inhumane acts. Keep up to date with a look at our 1,427 articles on the topic CLICK HERE

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Was "Jews for Jesus" Leader Murdered?


April 29, 2013

mosk.jpg(l. Jhan Moskowitz and his wife Melissa) 

Jhan Moskowitz, 64, was struck over the head on a lonely subway platform
in NYC September 5, 2012. The cops swept it under the carpet as a “fall.”

 Moskowitz co-founded “Jews for Jesus” which converts
Jews to Christianity. Who would want this man dead?

Makow comment: There is no Wikipedia entry for Jhan Moskowitz. This speaks volumes about his “offense” and Wikipedia.

by Richard Evans

Jhan Moskowitz,  co-founder of “Jews for Jesus” really ‘got’ Christianity.  When he describes his own repentance experience, he proves it. His experience blended with mine.

“When I went to Israel I was an atheist,” said Moskowitz, “but by the
time I left, I knew that God did exist. I became a seeker. I felt God
had created the universe with a purpose, and I wanted to know his
purpose for my life. I found my answer in 1971 when I came to terms with
God through the Messiah, Jesus.

“I realized that I wasn’t a good person like I’d always thought I was, I was a weak person who had never let go of sins I relished.  Then I realized I’d wasted my life…  I realized that my life wasn’t mine to do what I please with… I was deeply ashamed.

“I didn’t ask for forgiveness at all, I simply said I was sorry.  In that moment my love of sins dropped, and I felt the forgiving presence of God. I realized something really did happen with Jesus and it’s still been going on ever since. The night I was filled with forgiveness, I met the Messiah of Israel”.


No sooner than I had discovered this man, and found dozens of hours of his sermons, I learned he died violently Sept 5th, 2012, on a NYC subway platform.

The only ‘witness’ was an unidentified  subway cop who said he found Moskowitz lying with blood gushing out of his skull.  He was conscious.  
The cop wrote the report that Moskowitz ‘slipped and fell’.  

He arrived at the hospital in coma with a nasty brain contusion from blunt trauma. Undisclosed family members allowed him to be taken off life support within 24 hrs.  He was a robustly healthy man of 64 years old.   He probably would have lived another active 20 years at least.

I read a post by one of his converts from 40 years ago.  Moskowitz trained his people how to run in the subway if they were attacked.   It’s highly suspicious that he died of blunt trauma to the head due to slipping on the steps all by himself, with no credible witnesses. 

 In one of the videos, Moskowitz spoke frankly about the cost of being ruled a ‘traitor’ by the Orthodox enforcers.   He said conversion is perceived as betrayal of the the group.   “We’ve been trained and socialized as Jewish people to be loyal to our group.  Our group is ‘us’ and everybody else is ‘them’.  ‘Them’ believe in Jesus, we don’t.  Therefore when you become a believer in Jesus you become a ‘them’.

 The real cost is giving up that association, and being considered a traitor.  And that’s an expensive cost, especially considering that loyalty really is a virtue.  However, loyalty ceases to be a virtue when it’s employed in the service of a lie.

He said from the convert’s point of view, “It’s the most Jewish thing in the world to believe in the Jewish Messiah.”

In his case, I only wondered why they let him live so long.   Maybe it’s because he was finally getting mainstream fame through Youtube.  I’ll bet his name recognition was in an exponential upturn.  

I think if he’d been content to associate with other converts instead of confronting Orthodox rabbis on radio talk shows, he wouldn’t have had that ‘accident’.

His recent nemesis was Tovia Singer, founder of ‘Outreach Judaism’, an organization specifically to ‘deprogram’ Jews for Jesus converts.  A radio debate between them from 2009 is linked here.  At one point they yell over each other.   

Rabbi Singer was involved in a sleazy sex scandal a year later in 2010. 

  1. Jhan Moskowitz Memorial 2012

Power for patriots

Comments for ” Was “Jews for Jesus” Leader Murdered? “

Marcos (Brazil) said (April 30, 2013):

I had the opportunity to meet Dr Louis Goldberg when he was teaching in Jews for Jesus offices in New York. What a humble, loving man, always trying to help anyone, despite being a theology genius who knew more about Israel than 99% of rabbis (and pastors). He was so carefree about material possessions that he never even had a house his whole life.

The services at JfJ were beautiful and nice. One could say they are regular Baptist-like services with some Jewish songs. No cult-like schemes there. Just normal people. And great bagels !

The stories of people there were touching. Leaving Judaism, especially Orthodox Judaism, means being regarded as a traitor and losing one’s family and friends. The cost is much higher than the one for non-Jews. I deeply respect the faith and sacrifice of those brothers and sisters.

I don’t doubt Moskowitz was murdered. JfJ became a staple element of New York. I suggest the reading of the book “Betrayed!” by Stan Telchin for a good account of what Jews go through when they accept Jesus as Messiah.

Elaine said (April 30, 2013):

Excellent article. One can see that converting to Christianity as a Jew, is not welcome with the “powers that control and destroy.” I have just
one little story about “trying to influence the masses against the controllers.

I know I was silenced back in the early 80’s by powerful people who control media. My letters to the editors in newspapers against Abortion,
were summarily wrecked and sabotaged by those that control the content of newspaper editorials, deliberately changing or leaving out parts of what I wrote to deliberately change my letters to reflect something I never wrote. I know from experience that you are not welcome to have an
opinion that goes against these “powers that be” who control all the media, government, schools, corporations, foundations, banks, military, justice, you name it, they control it.

JG said (April 29, 2013):

Thank you for this post! The Synagogue of Satan wants the Jews to serve him and not God. Jesus was the Messiah that was prophesied in the Old Testament for the Jews first. He was rejected by the High Priests of Judaism because they believed in redemption through the Earthly Kingdom with its material blessings. A Heavenly Kingdom was beyond their comprehension and spirituality was reduced to ceremony observance. Satan knows that the Jews are most valuable in his quest for his Worldly Kingdom, for they are the best organizers and propagators. He has taken their Messiah Jesus from them and replaced him with a false idol of an Israel that God has not ordained or sanctioned. Remember, and I stand to be corrected, did Jesus ever preach about Israel as a nation?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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It’s OK to be a Woman!

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Konstantin Sutyagin)

“Feminism has destroyed the
things you most want, namely love, courtship and marriage.”

This is a staple I post every April.  Spring came late this year.

You have been betrayed by society which has gone over to the dark side.
Feminism, a lesbian and occult ideology which denies gender
differences, is poison for women.”

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from April 1, 2008) 

“In Spring, a young man’s thoughts turn to love” and so do a young woman’s.

Like pretty daffodils poking their heads above matted leaves,  attractive young women are suddenly in evidence on neighborhood streets. They are usually alone and strike me as confused. They want male approval but are told men are evil.  Their instincts say, get married and have children but society tells them families are oppressive: “Get a career instead.”

If I could talk to these young women, I would say this:

You have been betrayed by society which has gone over to the dark side. Feminism, a lesbian and occult ideology which denies gender differences, is poison for women. It has destroyed the things you most want and need, namely love, courtship and marriage.

Young men no longer think in terms of winning your friendship and love. They no longer need to marry or even commit to get sex. If you don’t go to bed, another girl will. No more dates. No more flowers, dinners, dances and movies.

It’s booze, bed and  “Good Bye.” 

“Women’s rights” indeed.

Feminism was not a spontaneous, grass roots social phenomena. It was top-down elite social engineering i.e. behavior modification orchestrated using the mass media, government and education.  It was wholly sponsored by the Illuminati (satanist) central bankers in order to make women have careers instead of families.

Film producer, the late Aaron Russo was told this by the Rockfellers. Watch this video. The purpose is to undermine the family as the primary social institution so people will be dependent on government and corporations.

It is part of a larger plan to bring in a veiled totalitarian world government by dynamiting the four legs of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family. The “war on terror” and 9-11 are other aspects of this elite agenda.

You are in the springtime of your life. Just as flowers blossom now, the years 18-26 are when you are at the height of your fertility and most attractive to males. This is the time when you must marry and have children if you want to be surrounded by loved ones when you are older. We are part of a natural cycle and we can’t get a raincheck from nature.

So my message is: reject casual sex. Demand courtship and love. (If you don’t have a strong exclusive connection with a man before sex, he certainly won’t have time for you after the challenge is gone. )

Consecrate yourself for your future husband and children. If you belong to many men, it will be hard to ever belong to one. Concentrate on prospective marriage-minded males, usually a few years older than you. Don’t waste your time on boys or nomads. You want a home builder.

Do not compete with other women on the basis of sex. Let the sluts have the sex.  You are looking for a permanent lifetime commitment. Therefore cultivate the qualities and skills desirable in a wife and a mother.

Essentially this is a willingness to sacrifice for the right man. (This will make him love you.) And the right man is someone you admire and love, who is dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and demonstrates his love for you.

Meanwhile pursue a career as a second priority. You need to be independent in order to hold out for the right man.

I also describe the dynamics of heterosexuality, the exchange of female power for male love, here. 


Our sex drive is a natural instinct to ensure we propagate.  It is like hunger for food or love. It is the most physically intimate you can be with another person so you must be emotionally intimate first. People think they can get spiritual intimacy by physical intimacy. It doesn’t work that way.

Our neo-pagan society has turned sex (and romance) into a mystical religious experience and way of achieving salvation. This is because our society is secretly run by a sex cult, Freemasonry.  (What do you think obelisks like the Washington Monument represent?)

Eckhardt Tolle was asked a question that illustrated how sex and romance have become our religion.

“I always thought that true enlightenment is not possible except through love in a relationship between a man and a woman. Isn’t this what makes us whole again? How can one’s life be fulfilled until that happens?”

Tolle answered: “Salvation is not elsewhere in place or time. It is here and now.” (“The Power of Now,” p. 145)

Salvation!!?? Can you see how difficult it is to establish stable relationships if expectations are so high?

No wonder many men find women unapproachable. Women hold the key to their salvation! It doesn’t help that the culture is inflating women’s egos–telling them they are goddesses. Despite their beauty, young women are just as ordinary as men.

Don’t think in terms of salvation. Think in terms of what kind of life you want and what your needs are. Look for a compatible person who will fulfill your needs, and vice-versa. If two people come through for each other over the course of time, they will love each other.

Put the romantic stuff on the back burner. Usually it is based on Hollywood nonsense and idealization. People aren’t perfect and not worthy of adulation. They are all flawed and the good is reward for putting up with the bad.

In conclusion, you have been betrayed by society. Feminism  is elite social engineering. Your choice is whether you want to participate in the natural life cycle, and grow and be fulfilled, or be another casualty of the elite war against gender and family.
See also my “The Dying Art of Femininity”

Reply From a Special Young Man:

Thanks Henry for writing a great article. I’m a 22 yr. old American guy who gets plenty of attention from women, but I wish I could pass out this article to every girl I’ve ever met.

Even though it would probably mean that sex would be less available for me if these women would take this articles advice. I DON”T CARE ! , As strong as my desire to have sex with pretty girls is, it doesn’t compare to the desire I have to truly Love a woman. The strongest desire I have in my heart has always been to find a girl that could unleash all the love that I have in my heart.

Thankfully, it only takes one women, and hopefully she’s reading this article right now.

Source Article from http://henrymakow.com/its_ok_to_be_a_woman.html

Help! I’m Being Targeted by Satanists

Can you suggest someone, anyone, safe I could talk to about my situation.  I contacted the FBI about it a few years ago…I think they wrote me off as loopy.  I was living in E—– at that time and I know that many officers in the EPD are active members of the Satan worshipers.  They probably scuttled any efforts the FBI might have made.  I did not hear back from them in any event even though the harassment and abuse continued and crossed state lines. 

They have ruined or stolen everything of worth or importance to me.  Have been through my most private papers and have video and audio pick ups and transmission all through my house.  Nothing is private and I am never not watched.  Ask me about the true physics of the Observer Effect.

The attacks I get are less spiritual in nature than just evil in ways to dispirit me, make me think I crazy and make the people I come in contact with think I’m crazy.  They cannot rock my faith.  But, they can make me have to pay for car repairs constantly and repeatedly, they can cause me to have to make home repairs constantly, they can throw enough problems into each day that I have little time or energy left for anything but the latest most immediate need crisis.  Those are their tactics with me it seems.  They are great at ruining anything with cash value.  When I had money, they bled it dry mercilessly.

 Every morning I would find one or more of my tires with the air let out.  One Easter a.m., there were three so low I couldn’t limp to the station to fill them.  Meanwhile, inside the house, I began to notice damage being done to my things and to the house itself.  Holes in the walls, damage to the carpet, scratches on wood, the hinge nails on doors tapped out, damage to the molding around doors and windows.  I also noticed that I waqs being followed every where I went.  I was increasingly convinced I was being watched. 

Knowing now that I had my phone and car bugged, it was easy for them to know what I was up to.  Everytime I left the house, every time, I would return to find things changed.  They poisoned my food, put ground glass in my jam, put pieces of fine glass fragments that looked almost like fish scales in my shoes and the floors of the house. 

They have always paid particular attentiopn to my feet.  They constantly altered the construction for maximum pain, put chemicals that burn in the shoes and glass and anything else that would puncture or cut my feet.  My feet were a source of trouble (surgeries and the bunion, spur, hammer toe stuff were already happening. 

The damages to the house continued and escalated.  I told a couple of people what was happening.  Try telling someone that someone was coming into your house (without leaving signs of a break-in) and doing damage to your furniture and walls etc. and see how they run or tell you to get more sleep or something.  More soon.  Headache. 

I need to talk to someone about this.  Someone who will recognize their patterns and activities.    I bought a home and 13 acres in the mountains.  I live alone with a big dog and a Reuger Red Hawk .44 mag.  USPS does not deliver…too remote. 

Their attentions towards me seem increasingly active of late.  Any referrals you could give me would be very much appreciated.

Source Article from http://henrymakow.com/2013/04/targeted-by-satanists.html

"Do Not Resuscitate" Reminds Reader of Nazi Germany


April 25, 2013

Gasping for air in an ER, Ron Graham, a welfare patient, was told to sign a “Do Not Resuscitate” order.
He believes this is the first step to euthanasia, getting rid of undesirables as they did in Nazi Germany.

Texas follows in Hitler’s Footsteps!

BERLIN, 1.Sept.1939.

Reichsleiter Bouhler and Dr. med. Brandt are
instructed to broaden the powers of physicians designated by name, who
will decide whether those who have – as far as can be humanly determined
– incurable illnesses can, after the most careful evaluation, be
granted a mercy death.  (Signed, A. Hitler)

Graham: “It was a creepy, scary experience and I am going to prevent it from ever happening again.”  

by Ron Graham

While there are no papers in which Hitler implicates himself in systematic genocide of Jews, there is a memo to Himmler in which he said they had to implement an euthanasia program to cull the unfit material from the body of the healthy Volk gradually.    He wrote in 1939 that once the war was underway they could proceed without concern for public opinion. 

The gradualism of the National Socialist “Action T-4” project that gassed or otherwise euthanized 35,000 German citizens before the war began, and many more afterward, reminds me of a creepy conversation I recently had as a patient in the ER here in Texas. I was dependent for oxygen on a burnt out 40-something redneck male triage nurse who tried to persuade me to sign a ‘do not resuscitate’ order.

I am a welfare case.  They’re empowering low-level medical staff to snuff indigents. It’s not really new; this flared up in the 80’s under Reagan Bush.  But this is worse.  It’s not all medical staff.  Just a few moles. That’s how it starts.

Emergency room duty is hard work, emotionally as well as physically.  I must be clear that 99% of EMT paramedics and ER nurses, doctors are empathetic.  But it only takes being at the mercy of one, or God forbid, two, that have lost compassion due to burnout or personal issues to frighten you when you’re helpless on a gurney in a chaotic ER triage or “shock room” setting.

 When you see state legislatures talking about granting public provided doctors to enter a ‘do not resuscitate’ order in your chart – without your knowledge and signed consent – it means you may be handed over to the 1% who lack empathy and compassion, for these are the ones that capable of withholding the  simple oxygen or CPR that routinely saves lives.
Needing oxygen or CPR is not an ‘end stage’ terminal notice.  Most people recover after standard treatment with antibiotics, electrolytes, steroids, or surgery, etc, and walk out of the hospital within a day or a week.

At the media and tv level they try to frame the ‘end of life’ thing as something that doesn’t come up till somebody is brain dead on life support for ten years. In reality it’s about meeting Obama’s austerity budget cuts, so the money can be diverted to the endless banker ‘bailouts’. 


It so happens I’ve been working for the Texas Catholic Conference lobby to rescind current law which enables a “Physician or NURSE, or NURSE PRACTITIONER” to write up a DNR without the patient’s knowledge or consent.  Under Obamacare, a “social worker” could do that too. 

I’m giving advice to people in similar circumstances to find out how to request a copy of your hospital chart,  and prepare a document to ask to be put in your record to the effect of, I WANT TO BE RESUSCITATED.  “I want caregivers to do everything possible to keep me alive including restoring pulse and breathing.” See more at:http://savethemales.ca/#sthash.VOT8PeDA.dpuf

I advise buying medical dog tags online, the USB storage type in which you can enter your name and needs, and that you WANT to be resuscitated and kept alive and have not given consent to a DNR.

I will set it up so they know that if anybody signs me off for “do not resuscitate” it will GO PUBLIC.  If they do that to me, it will be a news item.  They ain’t going get away with denying me standard CPR or ventilation. 

Bottom line is that one does NOT want have one’s life or death up to a on a burnt out 40-something redneck male triage nurse at the end of his shift on a busy ER night.  During that first hour in triage I felt like Mel Brooks in High Anxiety when they were trying to kill him.

I couldn’t read the doctor; she was inscrutable.  But she wasn’t stupid.  I got her to help me by telling her if she discharged me without oxygen as she was trying to do, I’d be right back in an ambulance, or a box.  When I said that, she stopped, and told the sadistic male nurse to “give him some 02, then walk him.”

She meant the walking test, where they take your SP02 level to see how far you can make it walking without 02.   Once I made them give me that test, they had to treat me, and I had no more trouble with staff from then on. 

But it was a creepy, scary experience and I am going to prevent it from ever happening again.

 I’m not afraid to go when it’s the right time, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave it up to an EMT or ER Nurse having a ‘bad hair day’ while all I need is standard oxygen and CPR to live through an exacerbation.  

I’ve also read up on the Texas Bishops position and they actually support Texas SB303.  My problem with the bill the National Right to Life lawyer said in the interview that a physician  can enter ‘DNR’ on the chart, and the burden of getting second opinion or another doctor willing to treat the patient is on the patient.  That would very wrong .  The Texas Bishops’ material is vague, so I’m inclined to believe  National Right to Life org. is entirely justified to oppose the bill till this point is clarified.

Related –

“The gradualism of the National
Socialist “Action T-4″ project that gassed or otherwise euthanized
35,000 German citizens before the war began who got no say in the
matter. ”  Figures of T-4 German ‘useless’ population granted ‘a mercy
death’ after 1939 are more like 200,000.

July 1933: Adolf Hitler
passes the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring,
in turn enforcing the compulsory sterilization of any citizen with a
“genetic defect.” Defects include schizophrenia, deafness and even
chronic alcoholism. In the coming years, approximately 400,000
sterilizations will be carried out.

May 1939: Hitler — as per a
request from the boy’s father — agrees to authoress the killing of
Gerhard Kretschmar, a child born blind and with limbs missing. After the
5-month-old child’s death in July, Hitler quickly initiates a
Children’s Euthanasia program and upwards of 5,000 youngsters are killed
due to “defects.”

October 1939: Hitler signs the memo,
backdated to September, and the euthanasia program becomes official.
Now named Action T4, the program no longer discriminates with regards to
age and all persons, young and old, can now be killed should they be
“unworthy of life.” As noted in the memo, Karl Brandt and Philipp
Bouhler are handed the reigns and over the next few years will oversee
the murder of approximately 200,000 people. Action T4’s need to kill
humans in such vast numbers will also result in the introduction of
“death by gas” to the Nazi regime.

Doktor Karl Brandt, Waffen SS, was director of the T-4 ‘mercy death’ project that ended the lives of 200,000 German citizens.  They were killed for being ‘defective’. Goebbels is on record as saying in a private meeting with staff that retarded or crippled Aryans were bad PR.  Hitler wanted the world to see only the Master Race. Brandt’s public title was a euphemistic joke, ‘Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation  Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation. He stood trial at Nuremberg for this crime against the humanity of Germans, not Jews. 
He was hung for it in 1947.

Nazis Gassed Aryans But Not Jews
Look Who’s Getting the Power to Kill You

Power for patriots

Comments for “”Do Not Resuscitate” Reminds Reader of Nazi Germany “

Marcos (Brazil) said (April 26, 2013):

Here in Brazil a female doctor enjoyed murdering people in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. One can tell that she was very casual and even sarcastic about it, by listening to the phone calls taped by police.


Also, think about the abortionist Kermit Gosnell making jokes about the babies as he murdered them.

Our problem is that 3 to 4% of people are psychopaths. The elite doesn’t need everybody to approve or do their dirty deeds, just a handful of cooperative thugs.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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