Mexican Olympian loses eye in shooting

On Sunday, three gunmen burst into the Queen of Kings nightclub in the city of Los Reyes La Paz and then shot and killed two people and seriously injured two more, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Los Reyes La Paz is located in the state of Mexico, about 30 kilometers (nearly 19 miles) from the Mexican capital.

Hernandez received medical care from surgeon Carlos Castillo Rangel, who said, “The surgeries were successful, without any complications. We must wait and see his progress in intensive care.”

Hernandez serves as sports secretary of the executive committee of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the state of Mexico.

It is unclear if the perpetrators deliberately targeted the 34-year-old ex-athlete or whether he was just a random victim who happened to be in the bar at the time of the attack.

The attackers shot Hernandez in the front left area of his head and he was in “very serious” but stable condition when he arrived in the surgeons’ care, Castillo Rangel said.

Hernandez underwent three surgeries after being hit by a 9mm bullet.

Over 60,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since former President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against Mexico’s drug cartels in December 2006.


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‘Foreign militants block to Syria peace’

“I would say the first step towards a negotiated solution or political solution would be the exit of all foreign fighters; get all foreign fighters out of the country,” Tarpley told Press TV on Tuesday.

Tarpley cited reports indicating the presence of Pakistani Taliban forces as well as militants from Britain and Chechnya in the Arab country, and referred to the reported transfer of Libyan mercenaries by NATO into Syria via the Turkish soil.

“This is obviously a destabilization conducted from abroad. The political solution depends on that being stopped,” he stated.

According to a report by the Syrian daily Al-Watan on Monday, Syrian Army troops arrested four Turkish fighter pilots near a military airport in the northwestern Syrian province of Aleppo.

In another development, on Sunday the Syrian Army killed several foreign-sponsored militants and confiscated a large cache of Israeli-made weapons from terrorists attempting to cross into Syria from Jordan.

Tarpley rejected as “unwise” the idea that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should voluntarily step down, and noted that despite all foreign pressure, Assad still enjoys the support of the Syrian public.

Tarpley, however, speculated that efforts for dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition coalition will face many obstacles created by Assad’s fierce opponents in the West and in the United States in particular.

“The orders that have been given to the Syrian National Coalition, which has an even bigger death squad representation and al-Qaeda representation than the [Syrian National] Council, is that they are forbidden to make any political arrangement,” the expert pointed out.

“In other words their orders are to make sure that the political solution remains impossible, that the crisis remains open and therefore the path to military intervention also open,” he stated.

Tarpley recalled the rulers of the US and Britain try to create a “public hysteria” when confronted with strong public opposition to their interventionist plans by resorting to “some kind of false flag action.”

They may not be able to orchestrate yet another round of hysteria on the Afghan or Iraqi model, given the strong public opposition to a military action against Syria in Britain and the overwhelming degree of war weariness in the US, the analyst noted.

“So this is going to be a difficult process, but I think that is where they might turn,” he concluded.


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Jewish Fingerprints All Over 9/11 — When Will Zion Pay For This Evil Crime?

A classic on International Zionism and the Talmudic Jewish onslaught against humanity, The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

A book uncovering the full story of the Jewish takeover of Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina.

A thorough exposé of the Jewish nature and origins of Communism and the Soviet experiment, Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton.

A book which authenticates the infamous text ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’; Waters Flowing Eastward by Leslie Fry.

An interesting book on the ‘Holocaust’ swindle exposing the sacrosanct ‘Six Million’ holocaust© figure as a fraud, The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During And After World War One by Don Heddesheimer.

The Jewish plot for world domination, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

Another book documenting the reality of Jewish-Bolshevism, The Rulers of Russia by Denis Fahey

One of the most important books of the 20th century, Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

A book about Israel’s key role in 9/11 and other false flag terrorist attacks, Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed the World by Christopher Bollyn.

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Removing The Shackles: The One People’s Trust- this is only just the beginning

This will be just a short post – sort of a teaser, if you will, to the main article that I need to write as it’s knocking on my head.

I have spoken to Heather from The People’s Trust twice today for extended periods of time, and I will most likely be talking to her again in a little while. We have only just scratched the surface.

Heather and The People’s Trust are the real deal.

The One People’s Trust does not negate the St Germaine trust, the Wanta money, the World Global Settlements, the global collateral accounts or any other funds- it has safe guarded it all for the people of Earth.

I have a brain that is spiralling in a vortex of unbelievable speed and is trying to get all the pieces put into place, but holy shit, I’m almost overwhelmed with what I’ve learned today- not just from Heather, but from my own higher consciousness.

…. it has been pointed out to me that I have a role to play in this. Now I just have to figure out (or remember) what that role is.

I Will be talking to Heather again in a short while, along with AK and Brian and Kauilapele. More to come later tonight my friends!


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Seminal Frequencies Have Been Activated and Empowered

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Seminal frequencies planted last year have been activated and empowered. These Higher frequencies could only be activated post 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 period, and post 12-31-12. Today’s 1-1-13 at 11:13 provided ideal gateway for activation, Gaia planet-wide.

Those experiencing pulsations in body and heart chakra are resonating with identical pulsations occurring Gaia planet-wide.

There is no precedent for this, and many will depart 3D as a result.

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Another Jewish Free Thinker Who Dares to Agree with Dr. David Duke

paul eisen on david dukewebPaul Eisen is of Jewish descent but he is honest enough to expose Jewish tribalism, extremism, zionism and it’s malevolent role in Communism, globalism and other anti-human endeavors.

Like the philosopher Gilad Atzmon he points out that Jewish tribalism is dominant whether Jews are Zionist or not.

In fact, he shows how the organized Jewish community is overwhelmingly both Zionist and tribalist. So, even when anti-Zionist Jews act in a tribal way networking and supporting fellow Jews with special privilege and favoritism, they are actually supporting the Zionist agenda.

Zionism is only the latest form of Jewish supremacist misanthropy, of an ethnically supremacist ideology that has brought enormous misery to the world. And it has also harmed the small minority of Jews who want no part of it, and who want to live in harmony with the other peoples of the world, and not in conflict with them.

Unfortunately honest Jews who dare to speak publicly about this are in a tiny and maligned minority.

Here is his blogspot where he links to one of my videos, saying:

“Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke (it gets me into no end of trouble).
Trouble is, he just will not stop telling the truth.
Come on David, give a Jew a break!”

Obviously, he also has a healthy sense of humor about it all!


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Together We Can Change the World! Four Days Left for New Year Drive!

Why We Need Your Support this New Year!

If you appreciate my videos, my articles, and my work across America and around the world for human freedom and independence today I am going to tell you how you can help make my work even more effective.

Whether it is New Year 2012 when you read this article or another time of the year, I want you to understand why your support for this work is vital to you, your family and your hopes for the future.

I believe that your own voice is heard through my voice. But my voice can only be heard with your support!

So why should you support me and my team and our work?

– I believe that you see that your gift will support the clearest voice on Earth against the Zio Matrix of Power; Zio Media, Zio Politics and Zio Banking.

– It is because I and my team dare to expose the Zio tribalism that not only occupies Palestine but occupies Washington, New York, London, Paris, Buenos Aires, and every major capitol of the West and beyond.

– I and my team dare to point out that Zionist crimes in the Mideast are only a part of the tribal, Zio-extremist, global problem. It is not only Palestine and the Mideast that they seek to control, but the whole world under their Zio-Globalist hegemony.

– Because the Zio FED, Zio World Bank, and the Zio IMF want to control the value of the currency in your own pocket no matter where you live on Earth, and by doing so they tax you and steal trillions from you.

–Because the Ziomites control the political process of the United States, the EU and much of the world and create a world of war and hate and blood that harm your family and all of humanity. They harm millions of people in the insane wars such as Iraq and Afghanistan and the planned war in Iran, and they harm the American people and others who fight in these bloody Zio-Globalist Wars.

They harm the lives of hundreds of millions who suffer loss of jobs, homes  and businesses because of the trillions borrowed and spent in the Zio-wars.

–I need your help because I dare to tell the truth about the Zio-control of the mass media and the conglomerates that drive the hate and insanity of these Zio-wars, the same media that protect and that shield the Zio International banking institutions like Goldman Sachs.

– I and my team dare to expose the fact that under the glitz of Hollywood which should be called ZioWood, millions of lives are destroyed by its promotion of every kind of violence, degeneracy, human degradation and destruction.

I quote Zio columnist Joel Stein who in an article published in the Los Angeles Times, December 19 2008 shows the facts of the almost total Zio control of Hollywood.

“As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood… I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

I dare to point out that this Zio media promotes drug and alcohol abuse and addiction that destroys the lives of tens of millions, promotes sexual degradation and defilement causing epidemics of disease and destruction of healthy families and abuse of women and defilement of the most beautiful of human values, the love between men and women that form the basis of family and the entire foundation of a healthy society.

– I dare to point out the Ziowood saturation of media with blood and gore and violence and perversions and every kind of sick excrement of human degeneracy.

Recently, at this Christmastime as I give this article to you, another mass shooting of little school children and teachers has occurred in America. Six adults and 20 beautiful little girls and boys were murdered in Connecticut. Countless more families and loved ones endured horror and anguish.

The Zio media blames guns in America for the shootings.

When I was a boy of the age of those dead children, there were plenty of guns in America, there was no gun control at all, but no mass shootings in schools.

What has changed?

I tell you, the Zio sickos of Hollywood have unleashed their evil upon our nation and all the nations touched by the Zio global conglomerates of media.

They have drenched our children and adults with their cult of violence and blood and gore.

They even make mainstream movies today called torture porn, trying to excite people with horrific scenes of torture and human suffering.

Who is the mastermind of so-called torture porn. He is a self-described proud Zionist by the name of Eli Roth who gets awards and red carpet treatment from his fellow tribalists and good reviews from mainstream Zio pundits who promote him and his filth.

With these toxins infecting the hearts and minds of the young people of America and the world, why should we wonder about the horror and inhumanity that bubbles up from this devil’s cauldron.

– I dare to expose that Zio-media such as the latest film, Zero Dark Thirty as a shameless promotion of the epitome of human depravity: torture.

– I show how the Zio broadcast and print media is fueled by advertising from global food companies promoting foods that make us fat, diabetic, and sick.

It is also fueled by global  pharma that makes trillions from treating the hundreds of millions of people made sick by the foods promoted by the Zioglobalist media conglomerates. A toll of human sickness and death even greater than their Zio wars.

Why should you support me?

Because I dare to expose the fact that the Zio supremacists have been the driving force behind the dispossession and destruction of the European people in European homelands.  The same their divide and conquer tactics they have used in Lebanon, the Mideast and elsewhere.

Their anti-European animus is driven by their ancient hatreds that span the massacres of the European Greeks as celebrated by Hanukkah. They hate all Europeans for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, and they hate Europeans for two thousand years of struggle between them and the Christian church in the Mediterranean world and in Europe.

To control the economic and military power of America and the West they had to dispossess the European elite and replace it with their own. If you are a man or woman of the West, you know why you face this genocide, you are occupied by the Zionists no less than Palestine is occupied, and they pronounce in their media that you don’t even exist as a people, just as they pronounce the Palestinians don’t exist.

– Yes, you know that no one says it as honestly and clearly and powerfully as I dare to say it.

Others dance around the truth with talk about global elites, and insiders, not daring to point out the painfully clear tribal supremacy behind it all.

I tell the whole truth about the Zio Supremacist Tribalism that threatens your nation, my nation and every nation on Earth.

Yes there are plenty of collaborators and traitors who have sold out their own people. Many who have sold their soul for 30 pieces of Zio silver or for position or fame or acceptance.

But, make no mistake, the vast majority of non-Zio corporations and wealthy persons get no advantage from the insane, economic disastrous Zio wars, or the massive thievery of the Ziobanks like Goldman Sachs and the ZioFED. They too suffer the destruction of even their own family members by the physical and psychological sickness spawned by ZioWood and the Zio conglomerates.

So, why should you make a financial gift and support my work?

Because I speak up for you when you can’t.

Because I endure the Zio smears and hate and threats for you and for those whom you love.

Because of the fact that I tell the whole truth like no one else does, I am targeted and subject to endless efforts to silence me and even take away my freedom. They even constantly threaten my life and my own family.

But, I cannot withstand this Zio hate alone.

Because I have exposed this sinister power, I am a target of the world’s oldest hatred. Because my work has grown and educated and motivated millions, their efforts against me have multiplied.

Here are four reasons why the Zionists have targeted me.

1)  Together, you and I and all those who support my work, have accomplished so much in the last year that the Jewish extremists have targeted my work, seeking to drive me off the Internet. They again attempted to ban my video channel and we almost lost it, but costly legal help and counsel saved us.

2)  As a person of European heritage, I understand that overthrowing the Zio Matrix of Power is vital for my own people and for your own no matter where you live on the earth.

Overthrowing the Zio power in Media, Banking and Politics in America and the Western nations is essential not only for my fellow Americans and other Europeans across the Western World, but for the Palestinian people and every other people on Earth. It is vital for your heritage and freedom as well as mine no matter what your heritage is.

In Western nations I believe that a political breakthrough in a single European populated nation can create a domino effect that can fuel the liberation of every Western nation, including the United States. My articles and videos energize people everywhere.

I have won three political elections and I coach many leaders and political activists in the best political approach and organization, and I have helped patriots win election in many countries.

Because of my influence, Jewish extremists have demanded my expulsion in a number of nations, and I have had to fight for my rights legally.  Even though I preach for peace and have always condemned violence, I have been jailed many times by the enemies of peace and freedom.

But I have let none of this deter me and my mission. I have three ongoing legal cases (which are costly) but they are needed to secure our free speech and continuation of my work worldwide.

Hopefully, if you can help fund my defense, we can win those cases this year! But you must know how much attorneys and legal proceedings cost. To do a proper job, at least 30,000 dollars is still needed in the upcoming legal battles!

That funding is completely up to you. Please remember me and my work this Christmas!

3)  We have launched an incredible new website: one of the very best in the world.

People all over the world rely on my site for the most uncensored news and commentary on earth! The one website that zeroes in with eloquence and facts about the world’s greatest problem.

4) As you know, the 82 videos I have made so far have reached millions of views on my own channel, and I have an average rating of over 90 percent positive from viewers. If you go to Youtube and simply type in my name, “David Duke” you will find over 8,000 videos made independently by hundreds of people all over the world of my lectures, radio shows and speeches.

The views of my own channel and the over 8,000 independent videos of my work now mount to over 300 million views all over the planet, and they grow every day.

Yet we don’t have the funds we need to take my work to the next level.

We have no rich Zionist bankers backing up my work, but thank God for that!

So we must rely solely on you. Because your generosity is our only hope.

We have made great moves this year. Because of ongoing Zio censorship of my videos and message I have established our own video channel so my videos can’t be censored any longer. It has come at great cost and effort so our message cannot be silenced!

It takes a lot of bandwidth, time and money to administer these sites and to protect them from hacking and other Zio attacks meant to silence us! You might be watching this video on my new video website.

I have always believed that we must drive ahead for our vision, to fight for our dreams and then do whatever we must to raise the funds needed to fund them. I believe if people like you see our wonderful work, they will support it. Our people are in a race against time. We must act now!

I am sure that you have found my videos and articles and websites and worldwide lectures and efforts informative, powerful, perhaps even inspiring and motivating.

These accomplishments have come from unimaginably small funding, fuelled primarily by talent, hard work and courage.

With some real financial support from you for my team can be incredibly multiplied.

With a million dollars we can change the world. It will take far more than that of course to stem the tide of Zioglobalism, but that amount would enable us to break through the barriers, and lead to a cascading multiplication of our work.

The time is not far off when we could fill the streets and tear down the Zionist Wall enslaving and dehumanizing all of humanity in the same way people filled the streets of Berlin and tore down the Communist wall.

I know that there are a few successful people watching this video who love my work and could write a check for a million dollars and not hurt their lifestyle.

You know who you are. One or two who read this could even give a 100 million and still do all you they want to do in life.

With that kind of money, I know we could save our own European nations, and could save Palestine and all the world from the evils of Zionist Globalism. If you are that person step forward and do something with your life other than simply amass wealth and creature comforts.

I know that some of you are in the twilight of your life, and you could make your whole life have earthshaking consequence by leaving a bequest to this work. Because  in your last will and testament you can leave a legacy for what you believe in, for what you know to be the truth. A legacy that can change the world. If you are such a person, you know who you are.

Please know that I need you! Your people need you. The world needs you. Make sure your beliefs and values live long after you do!

Yet, all of us know that these hopes of angels of support I mentioned are miracles upon which we cannot depend.

And over the years we have depended on people of modest means who don’t only complain about things but act to make the world a better place.

I am proud of the fact that we have accomplished so much with many small donations as compared to a few big ones. Those who give a thousand, or five hundred or a hundred, or for that matter a few dollars or euros or pounds, enable me to fight on.

Your gifts enable me and my work to withstand and prevail against the eternal hate of the enemy of my own European people and indeed of all mankind, for I know only if the Zionists are deposed in the West can my own people be free. And I know that the freedom of all of humanity depends on the liberation of Europe and America.

So, because of all these things I now humbly ask you to do more than just nod your head in agreement with my videos or broadcasts or articles.

I ask you sincerely to give me the support I and my team need to carry this fight forward to victory after a victory.

You can help with a gift any way you like. Credit or debit Card, Check, Cash, whatever way you choose. There are some other options and if you can contact me through my secure email address I will be happy to respond to you and share them with you.

Many people ask me how I can keep on going, how I can keep going with some of most powerful forces on Earth determined to smear me, suppress me, jail me, ridicule me.

Many ask me how I can cope with the daily possibility that one of these extremist Zio crazies could do horrific harm to me or even my family.

I can withstand this only because my life is driven by love of my family and my nation and my world.

I know that we have no future unless we depose the Zio globalist power over us, over our politics, over these wars, over the media and over our financial structure.

 I am motivated by my own family and people and the sparks of beauty and genius and courage and honor found in the exceptional people among my own heritage and others around the world. I believe in a world of art and literature and beauty and family and celebration and appreciation of Nature and life.

I believe in the power of love and truth. That courage is not something given only to others, but something that God has put into each and every one of us. Ultimately courage is simply about doing what is right.

Despite all the hardships, the moments of suffering and sadness in this fight over the years, the bitter disappointments in both life and in people, my life is filled with enduring joy and fulfillment by doing what I am meant to do.

When enough of us do what we know is right we will win. When you, yes you who read or hear my words at this moment, when you do what you know is right the world will change in an instant and our dreams will come true.

I need your help because you know that you and those like you will determine whether we succeed or fail!

With Love and Respect,

David Duke.

To make a gift to Dr. David Duke’s work, please click here.


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Dr. Duke Answers a Critic Claiming Hypocrisy Defending European Human Rights — Update!

Peace_on_Earthtorri for mailI wanted to share with you my friends a recent email I received from someone who condemned me on facebook as a “hypocrite” for defending the heritage, culture and existence of the European people. I have edited and expanded this because of the importance of this concept!

I share his email and my response because I think this subject deals with the hatred spanning this globe and how we can someday move to world of mutual respect, friendship and peace.

Here is his email and my response. I hope you find it valuable for a greater understanding of very sensitive issue.

Dear Sir,

I find your discussions of the the grim fate of European Americans by the invasions of other people to be, considering the fact that your European ancestors decimated and obliterated the native inhabitants of this country, utter hypocrisy.

Saam Shahdadi, non-European American

Dear Mr. Shahdadi,

Please indulge me for a moment.

So what if everything you say is indeed true?

Do you really believe that wrongs by a people in the remote past make it right to harm millions of people in the present?

Just tell me how these kinds of historical wrongs are not true of just about all the other racial, and ethnic and tribal groups on Earth.

Go back far enough my friend. Do you really believe that historical Asian and Amerindian tribal and ethnic groups didn’t destroy other peoples and even different Indian ethnic or tribal groups?

I have a PhD in history and have read extensively on the Indian tribal histories in the Americas. For instance, every American historian is aware that Indian tribes fought each other with merciless cruelty without European interference. The Hurons for instance were almost totally exterminated by the Iroquois, a closely related tribe. The Comanche, supreme warriors, terrorized all their neighboring tribes and had a fierce reputation among Indians for slowly torturing prisoners of war to death.

The Aztecs, who were far more technologically capable their than the other Indian tribal groups around them, as were the Incas in Peru, were as imperialist in their world as Europeans were in theirs.

Perhaps your heritage is Arab. You must be aware that Arab slave traders depopulated whole regions of Black Africa. Would you use this fact of history to justify the oppression of the Palestinians?

Maybe you are Indian or Pakistani or Malaysian or Persian. No matter what your heritage is. Maybe you are of African descent, perhaps a Hutu or Tutsi or Zulu. Look at the record of slavery, conquest, tribalism, even genocide with open eyes, the same eyes with which you try to condemn all Europeans!

Don’t you realize there is hardly any populated part of India, or Africa or South America, Asia or Europe, where historically, even through prehistory, that one group didn’t go into another area and take control through the conquest of war and differential birthrates, and frankly yes, even genocide.

My friend, cannot you see honestly that all human tribes, ethnic groups, and races have dirty hands.

If European people have historically done evil things so that today they deserve annihilation, then you should go ahead and say that all humanity deserves it, including your own people.

And the fact that almost every human race or tribe has done this kind of thing in the past, does not make those things right or moral in today’s world.

Hopefully, we have developed a new morality of the relations of one people with another.

Almost every atrocity, human rights violation and bloody war is based on real or perceived past wrongs of other peoples and nations. And now apparently you want to continue that horrific vicious cycle, by telling me that because of past wrongs real or perceived that Europeans of whatever nationality have no right to be concerned about preserving their heritage, their freedom and their human rights.

There is no inherent evil in the European people.

You have been programmed by the Zio extremists to hate their historic enemy, to hate their enemy so they could use their divide and conquer strategy.

They work overtime with their control of Hollywood and academia to demonize European Americans so as to deflect you from the real controllers of America and the Western World.

The real source of so much war and theft and promotion of human degeneracy.

If European Americans really controlled the media would they promote the countless films that constantly evoke emotional feelings of hate and disgust toward themselves? Would they promote immigration intended to make them a tiny minority in the government and culture that they themselves built?

European people historically have had times of imperialism and expansionism as have all peoples.

But we, and hopefully all enlightened people have learned a new morality,  and become dedicated to the idea that oppression against other peoples should not continue.

Europeans engaged in slavery, as did all other peoples on Earth, but every European nation on Earth ended slavery on its own. And then, Europeans have worked hard around the world to save the lives and freedom of slaves. A good example is Britain that not only ended the slave trade of its sovereigns but used the British navy to free slaves wherever it found such trafficking on Earth and on the high seas.

Remember too that percentage wise, a tiny percent of Europeans owned slaves. Even in the Southern part of the United States in the Antebellum South it was less than 5 percent. In Canada, slavery of other races was almost nonexistent, the same is true in the heart of Europe.

Did the Arabic people not engage in slavery, or the Asian peoples, the African peoples, the Indian peoples?

If you think otherwise, then you are extremely naive and biased.

The most horrible aspects of slavery were found in the inhuman aspects of the slave trade. Watch my video and read my books and you will learn about the tiny minority of the world’s population who were the world’s champions of slavery.

But, has the media given you images of the Jewish slave trader?

No, they have given you countless images of the Christian slaver and slave trader such as the latest movie Django by the Weinstein Bros. Studio.

They have instilled in you an obvious emotional hatred about Christian Europeans, but but only the kindest representations of the real tribal masters of the slave tribe.

Could that be because it is the same hyper-racist tribe that controls the media?

If you want to hate European people, deny their human rights and wish for their destruction, then you support the same kinds of crimes for which you condemn them.

Funny, this European whom you seem to despise, doesn’t want to destroy you or your pepole, while you wish harm upon him and his people. Who is it that needs a lesson in hypocrisy?

Another fact you might have overlooked in regard to the Indian question is that modern anthropology has extensive forensic, physical  and DNA evidence that actually Europeans settled in America thousands of years before the East Asian “Indians” came.

I have read extensively in the latest historical and anthropological currents in academia, and I realize that it is likely that you know little about these discoveries and scientific research.

The Zio media has no interest in publicizing into the common consciousness the latest historic, archeological and genetic evidence of the presence of European settlers in North America long before the presence of East Asian “Indian” migrations.

Certainly the theory is controversial in academia, and the Zio-dominated anthropology since the time of Boas has a vested interest in denying any evidence that celebrates the heritage of any people other than their own fellow tribalists.

But the evidence cannot be summarily dismissed, and many prestigious anthropologists accept the hypothesis. Among them is Dennis J. Stanford, an archaeologist and Director of the Paleoindian/Paleoecology Program at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. Another respected academic is Prof. Bruce Bradley of Exeter university in Britain, who has offered copious evidence of European presence in North America.

first human beings in America Europeans2highlightmediumwebsizeOther scientists have studied Indian tribes deep within the North American continent and they found distinctly European genes, and by scientific genetic dating methods, found the presence of European genes in Amerindian people that dated earlier than Columbus or any Norse incursions.

If this ultimately becomes scientifically proven, it would show that these ancient Europeans were basically wiped out by the Asian migrations, leaving only traces of European genes in some of the current “native” populations.

The difference is that the Asian invaders didn’t create any reservations, no vast tracts of land for the people whom they conquered and decimated, the Indian/Asian invaders simply exterminated and subsumed them all.

This fact of the probable genocide against Europeans in the Americas, or the horrific invasions into Europe and Western Asia by Mongol Asians, does not make me hate them or want to suppress them or harm them in any way!

Arab and Muslim states invaded and ruled over European lands, but I am not so blind as to not recognize the harsh realities of the Crusades or European colonialism.

In fact, I personally have much respect, even honor for the Indian peoples of America. I love how they lived in harmony and respect for Nature. And they had every right to courageously defend themselves from the invaders hundreds of years ago, just as Europeans had and have those same rights to defend their homelands.

Whether or not you believe this is not really important though. In fact it is ultimately immaterial to the discussion of human rights.

For even if you don’t accept this historical concept, it doesn’t change the fact that the ancestors of every people on earth have committed what by today’s standards are called human rights violations. Even the East Asian people who migrated  into the Americas, themselves undoubtedly have histories of tribal human aggression against other ethnic expression of mankind stretching back into Asia in the remote mists of time.

The point is that using collective crimes of any people in the remote past to justify harming present populations is itself immoral.

For, as I have said, past wrongs, or perceived past wrongs of enemies, have always been the justification used to commit horrific human rights crimes.

You might be so attached to your hatred of Europeans which has been instilled in you by the Zio media, that you can’t look at the evidence objectively. Fueled in great part by the media, anti-European hate is now practically a religion.

It is similar to the Zio media induced lie that Big Oil controls American politics when not one of the 40 largest political donors to Obama and Romney were from oil companies. Or the Zio myth that the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were for oil, when not one more drop of oil was gained from those wars, but the wars cost trillions of dollars from the American people. The war was not for oil. It was for Israel and Jewish supremacism.

Or the Zio media inculcated perception that organized crime is overwhelmingly an Italian thing when the fact is that even in the 2oth century organized crime has been far more of a “Jewish thing” than an “Italian institution.”

You may have unknowingly developed a visceral hatred of Europeans because of the portrayal of the African Slave trade to the Americas. But Jewish Supremacist Steven Spielberg’s Amistad effectively covered up the Jewish domination of this abominable enterprise. Watch my documentary The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery.

weinsteins djanog webThe Zio media doesn’t make you conscious about any of this. The Weinstein Bros and ZioWood do not want you to be aware of the prominent Jewish role in the slave trade, because they want you to hate European folks rather than oppose the people who truly exploit and rule over you today in the Zio Matrix of Media, politics and finance!

And, of course, they want European Americans to hate themselves so they will not defend themselves from the real tribal supremacists who have conquered them.

You need to ask yourself about the mindset in which you now seem to endorse harm and genocide upon people of European descent.

That’s the difference between you and me.

I wish no harm against any other people on this Earth, and I believe that genocide is the ultimate evil, no matter who it’s victims are.

You sir, may be the hypocrite, but I know you don’t realize it.

You are not intending to be hypocritical, you have been programmed this way by the Zio media.

You have been conditioned by the ultimate supremacists on earth, the Jewish Supremacists, to hate the European people, as many of my own people have been conditioned to hate themselves.

It is the same force that really runs America and the “American” media. And they have a stake in you hating European Americans.

It is so they can rule over America and Europe, and ultimately seek their rule every other race and nation through their control of the Western nations.

The truth is that the dispossession of European Americans is actually the ultimate source of the horrific policies of the Zio Globalists who harm not just the Palestinians, but the entire world.

They want to make African Americans hate European Americans rather than understand the harm done to them by the Zio supremacists who run the media that destroys their families, promotes drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, sexual degeneracies, violence, and other destruction of the African American community.

They want to make my own people hate themselves so these ultimate supremacists and haters can rule over us.

I wish the best for you.

I will repeat this until I am blue in the face, until I lose this aging voice:

I believe that every people has the right to be free and independent, to preserve and celebrate and enhance their own values, culture and unique expressions of humanity.

I am the opposite of what is defined as a “racist.”

That is because I not only oppose with all my heart and soul the oppression of any race or any people, I believe that every unique expression of humanity has the right to be free and should be preserved, even enhanced in its unique expressions of culture and art and philosophy.

I believe no people has the right to enslave or exploit or harm any other people.

I believe in human rights for all people, and by that I mean every people on earth, including the European people.

I believe that there is never, ever an excuse to deny people their basic human rights. Nothing ever justifies harming the innocent.

I believe that different peoples can and should be able to work out their disagreements without war and hate and harm.

But I also know that we are ruled by a tiny tribal extremist minority that maintains their power and control over us by a divide and conquer strategy.

Even those misguided miscreants should be treated with human rights in mind. But those who commit crimes should answer for them within the bounds of law and justice. I also believe that they must be deposed from their malevolent influence over us and over the Earth.

They must be dethroned from their power over the media, International Finance and Politics.

I hope I have afforded you another perspective on a very emotional issue for so many people.

Please Wake up!

All peoples have the right to human rights, even those you might despise!

Best Wishes to You,

Dr. David Duke

Here are two interesting videos showing how the Zio Media completely changes our impressions of history. These documentaries show how they give us these non-rational visceral associations in furtherance of their tribal interests and agenda. One is on the Zio Coverup of Organized Crime. The other is the Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery.



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Two new “truther book reviews”: Morocco for morons, Faulkner’s tales of human sacrifice

“No writer ever licked me till they put me on a stamp!”

My New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to become the world’s leading author of “truther book reviews.”

What is a “truther book review”?

It could be a review of one of the many excellent books on 9/11 and related topics. But it could also be a review of any interesting book, written from a truther perspective.

The nice thing about book reviewing is that it pays…not in cash, but in books. Thanks to my book reviews and my radio show interviews with authors, I can convince publishers to send me free books. This is my way of escaping a dilemma: After my house filled up with books, my wife made me promise not to buy any more. So I don’t. I just get them for free. Though my wife isn’t exactly overjoyed with this solution, at least she can’t accuse me of wasting our hard-earned money…

Anyway, since my reviews of Dashiell Hammett and Dan Brown were well received, I just wrote two new ones:

William Faulkner’s tales of human sacrifice

And one that makes use of my Ph.D. focus on Morocco:

Morocco for Morons: How Marvine Howe’s Morocco: The Islamist Awakening and Other Challenges Smears Islam and Misinforms Its Readers

The Faulkner review may be of special interest to veterans.

Enjoy – and have a happy New Year!





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Towards Balkanization? Syria Swings between Hell and Dialogue

By Ismail Salami

Syrian rebel

Lakhdar Brahimi, who represents the United Nations and the Arab League, has predicted as 100,000 people could be killed
“in the next year as Syria moves toward Somalization and rule by warlords.”

Apart from his foreboding tone, his remarks are testimony to a broader gamut of interference at the hands of those who have infiltrated into the country from abroad. In point of fact, what is corroding Syria is not an internal unrest but a ‘foreign-made’ crisis.

The Syrian opposition group insists that the start of dialogue would be made possible only with the departure of President Assad and says that it would not be ready to engage in any dialogue with Russia without any clear agenda.

“If Russia has a proposal to stop the bleeding in Syria, it should submit it and we will respond,” Mouaz al-Khatib, head of the main bloc of Syrian opposition groups, has told Al Jazeera. “We can’t meet with the Russians without a clear agenda.”

Russia and Iran are playing pivotal roles in preventing a human catastrophe in the country and seeking to resolve the crisis through diplomacy.

After talks in Moscow on Saturday with Lakhdar Brahimi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia could not press Assad to give up power. Besides, he has once again clarified his country’s stance on Syria and said Russia “isn’t in the business of regime change. He has repeatedly said, both publicly and privately, including during his meeting with Lakhdar Brahimi not long ago, that he has no plans to go anywhere, that he will stay in his post until the end, that he will, as he says, protect the Syrian people, Syrian sovereignty and so forth. There is no possibility of changing this position.”

The implication is very simple. Russia does not want a regime change in Syria as there is supposedly no point in seeking such a solution. This policy is also strongly shared and seconded by Iran which has already set forth a six-point peace plan for Syria. Hossein Sheikholeslam, an advisor to Iran’s Majlis speaker for international affairs has said that Tehran’s six-point peace plan would be the only solution to the unrest in Syria and that no country should intervene in the internal affairs of the Arab country.

“The six-point plan presented by Iran is a very appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria because it has been prepared based on international principles.”

The proposal was originally announced on October 14, when Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi submitted it to Lakhdar Brahimi during a meeting in Tehran.

According to Iran’s six-point peace plan, the Syrian nation has the legitimate right to decide their fate and future through an internationally-recognized democratic process.

In brief, the plan urges:
– an immediate end to any armed actions;
– ushering in a UN-monitored democratic process;
– Damascus and the opposition to cooperate with UN and its special committee to stop armed operations especially in the residential areas to restore peace and stability;
– an immediate, serious and just distribution of humanitarian aids to Syrian people;
– the lifting of economic sanctions on the Syrian people in order to prepare the ground for the return of all Syrian refugees to their homeland;
– the resumption of comprehensive national dialogues by different opposing social and political parties and Damascus to rapidly form a national reconciliation committee in order to unanimously form a transitional government;
– a free and competitive election for the formation of a new parliament and senate and the composition of a constitution;
– the immediate release of all political prisoners from all parties by the government and opposition groups, and establishment of a competent court of justice to investigate cases of those who committed crimes in that country.

The plan also urges that media stop spreading wrong information about Syria.

UN-Arab-League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi

Though a comprehensive plan which can technically and practically put an end to the ongoing crisis in Syria, it was looked upon with an eye of pessimism and cynicism by the opposition group in Syria.

In a statement, the Syrian National Coalition slammed Iran’s initiative as a “last-ditch bid to save the regime of President Bashar al-Assad”.

“As the free forces of the Syrian people accomplish one decisive political and military victory after another, the regime and its allies keep on launching lackluster and overdue political initiatives,” said the National Coalition.

“The Iranian initiative represents one example of these desperate attempts to throw a lifeline to the inevitably sinking ship of the Assad regime,” it said in a statement.

Despite all this, Syria says it will respond to any initiative meant to solve Syria’s 22-month-old crisis through talks

While impertinently attributing the crisis in Syria to “the brutality and ruthlessness of ruler Bashar al-Assad and the family clique around him, and their supporters in Iran and Russia”, an editorial on Washington Post which, evidently reflects Washington’s policies, lashes out at the West for its “massive failure”, and “particularly American leadership” and implicitly encourages the West’s prompt action against the government of Assad.

After all, the materialization of a meaningful peace in Syria cannot and should not be pursued through irrational anger and abortive resort to any brute means such as hiring and infiltrating mercenaries into Syria, psyching public mind about the possibility that the government of Assad may use chemical weapons against its own people.

Instead of ignoring Iran’s constructive and effective initiative to put an end to the bloodbath in Syria, the opposition group could have seized the chance, looked at Iran as a regional well-wisher and resolved the crisis in the country.

What is vitally important at this juncture in time is that a tragedy of immeasurably inhumane proportions is taking place in Syria and a rapid solution should be carved out before it’s too late.

Indeed, Syria is by slow gradation descending into hell whose flames are devouring the innocent and the guilty alike and even on a more appalling scale as Mr. Brahimi has predicted, tens of thousands of people will die soon and as long as there is resistance to any peace-inspiring proposal in the country, Syria will inch towards an eventual Balkanization.

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