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Brother Nathanael @ May 12, 2013

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Tree surgeon in England goes out of his way to save 20,000 bees

It’s hard to beat honey, but humans can sure be sweet.

Last week, tree surgeon John Joinson was called out to dismantle and remove a large tree that was in danger of collapsing onto a roadway in Childer Thornton, England. But as John was preparing for his work, he noticed that bees were coming and going through a crack in the tree’s trunk. So, lest he find himself the target of a bee-stinging campaign in defense of their hive homeland, the arborist wisely thought twice before revving up the chainsaw.

John tells his local paper, The Pioneer, that it would have been “easy to kill them with a can of wasp spray”, but instead he decided to save them.

But how?

Soon enough, John was on the phone with local beekeeper who told him to plug the hole to keep the bees from attacking him as he trimmed around hive. Afterwards, the keeper made it out to the site armed with a handy trick to de-bee the tree.

“The bee keeper found the queen and isolated her – she was twice the size of the other bees. She was put in a small ventilated box and then placed in a bigger cardboard box,” says John.

“When the bees returned, instead of going into the tree, they went into the box as she gives off a pheromone, and they could smell her. Over about four hours the majority of bees were in the box and not the nest. The bee keeper then took them to his hives in Llandegla. He said we saved about 20,000.”

While chances are that the bees hardly noticed the transition, John says he put in that extra effort to make sure they were safe because he knows that they have a job to do too, one that benefits us all.

“Everyone needs to know how important bees are. I have a moral duty to look after all creatures who live in trees as best as I can. Every job is different but I’ve never had one quite like this before.”

In recent decades, biologists in the UK and around the world have been confounded by a dramatic decline in bee populations, raising fears that the shortage of pollinators will put plant productivity in real jeopardy. Thankfully, there are folks like John Joinson who are doing their part to keep those black and yellow bugs in the pink.

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Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.’

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Shut them down! – Payday loan companies are making billions preying on the misery of the poor

Loan Sharks

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Would you take out a loan that has an annual percentage rate of 391 percent? Yes, I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but millions of Americans do it every single year. The typical payday loan requires borrowers to pay about 15 dollars for every $100 that they borrow for two weeks. That comes out to a yearly rate of about 391 percent. And the payday loan companies know exactly who to target.

They have set up thousands of shops in the poorest communities all over the nation over the last several decades. Each year, approximately 12 million Americans take out payday loans and they pay approximately 7.4 billion dollars in interest and fees on those loans. Sadly, once you get hooked on payday loans they are very hard to stop. In fact, one study found that only 13 percent of payday borrowers get two loans or less per year.

All other borrowers take out more loans than that. In fact, more than a third of all payday borrowers take out between 11 and 19 loans during the course of a single year. And as was mentioned earlier, the interest rates on these loans are beyond exorbitant. Payday loans are estimated to be about 20 times more expensive than bank loans, with annual interest rates that are sometimes as high as 500 percent.

The payday loan companies circle the poor like vultures, because they know that the poor are the only ones desperate enough to agree to such terms. This is why we need to shut them down. The payday loan companies are making billions preying on the misery of the poor and it needs to be stopped.

And it just isn’t small, disreputable banks that are involved in these practices. The truth is that some of the largest banks in America are now making payday loans…

Some, including U.S. Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo, offer payday loans under names such as Ready Advance, Fast Loan and Early Access, according to the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL). They can carry interest rates averaging between 225 and 300 percent, CRL said.

Others major banks not making such loans directly, but instead they are investing millions of dollars in the companies that do make the loans. Bank of New York Mellon Corp., JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America are just some of the major banks that have invested large amounts of money in the payday loan industry.

These financial institutions are making billions of dollars by exploiting the people in our society that are the most vulnerable. As I showed the other day, the bottom 90 percent of America is systematically getting poorer, and many Americans in desperate financial situations have found the easy cash provided by the payday loan companies to be irresistible. The following are some statistics about payday loans from a recent Pew Research study...

-Fifty-eight percent of payday loan borrowers have trouble meeting monthly expenses at least half the time. These borrowers are dealing with persistent cash shortfalls rather than temporary emergencies.

-Only 14 percent of borrowers say they can afford to repay an average payday loan out of their monthly budgets.

-Seventy-eight percent of borrowers rely on information from lenders – who sell these loans as a safe, two-week product – when choosing to borrow money. This reliance reinforces the perception that payday loans are unlike other forms of credit because they will not create ongoing debt. Yet the stated price tag for a two-week, $375 loan bears little resemblance to the actual $520 cost over the five months of debt that the average user experiences.

-While payday loans are often presented as an alternative to overdrafting on a checking account, a majority of borrowers end up paying fees for both.

-Some borrowers ultimately turn to the same options they could have used instead of payday loans to finally pay off the loans. Forty-one percent need an outside cash infusion to eliminate payday loan debt – including getting help from friends or family, selling or pawning personal possessions, taking out another type of loan, or using a tax refund.

-By almost a three-to-one margin, borrowers favor more regulation of payday loans. A majority of borrowers say the loans both take advantage of them and that they provide relief. Despite feeling conflicted about their experiences, borrowers want to change how payday loans work.

But those statistics don’t really convey the real world consequences that these predatory loans have. Many Americans have lost everything that they had after they turned to payday loans. In fact, it is estimated that at least 50,000 Americans a year go bankrupt due to payday loans.

A recent NBC News article profiled Raymond Chaney, a 66-year-old military veteran that had his life totally destroyed by these predators…

For Raymond Chaney, taking out a payday loan was like hiring a taxi to drive across the country. He ended up broke – and stranded.

The 66-year-old veteran from Boise lives off of Social Security benefits, but borrowed from an Internet payday lender last November after his car broke down and didn’t have the $400 for repairs. When the 14-dayloan came due, he couldn’t pay, so he renewed it several times.

Within months, the cash flow nightmare spun out of control. Chaney ended up taking out multiple loans from multiple sites, trying to to stave off bank overdraft fees and pay his rent. By February, payday lenders – who had direct access to his checking account as part of the loan terms – took every cent of his Social Security payment, and he was kicked out of his apartment. He had borrowed nearly $3,000 and owed $12,000.

“I’m not dumb, but I did a dumb thing,” said Chaney, who is now homeless, living in a rescue mission in Boise.

Is there anyone out there that still wants to argue that we should not shut these predators down?

Sadly, many Americans in poor communities have very few alternatives to the payday loan companies. In recent years, the large banking chains have been systematically closing down branches in poor neighborhoods while expanding in wealthy neighborhoods at the same time. Since the Federal Reserve is paying banks not to lend money, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to make high-risk loans to poor Americans who may not be able to pay them back. And recent regulations passed by Congress have made it not very profitable to offer checking accounts to poor people. In many poor communities all over the country, it has now gotten to the point where it is becoming extremely difficult to find a bank branch anywhere.

So payday loan companies have been more than happy to fill the void.

But don’t look down on those that have taken out payday loans. The truth is that almost all of us have willingly allowed ourselves to become enslaved to the system at one point or another.

For example, in a previous article entitled “Money Is A Form Of Social Control And Most Americans Are Debt Slaves“, I pointed out the utter foolishness of constantly carrying a balance on a credit card. In that article, I included a great explanation from a former Goldman Sachs banker about how incredibly crippling credit card debt can be…

On the debt side of things, how much does your credit card company earn if you carry just an average of a $5,000 credit card balance, paying, say, 22% annual interest rate (compounding monthly) for the next 10 years?

In your mind you owe a balance of only $5,000, which is not a huge amount, especially for someone gainfully employed. After all, $5,000 is just a quick Disney trip, or a moderately priced ski-trip, or that week in Hawaii. You think to yourself, “how bad could it be?”

The answer, including the cost of monthly compounding, is $44,235, or about 9 times what it appears to cost you at face value.

This is why one of the top things that I recommend for getting prepared for the economic crisis that is coming is to get out of debt.

You do not want to be enslaved to financial predators when everything starts falling apart all around you.

So do any of you have any payday loan or credit card horror stories to share? Please feel free to share what you have to say by posting a comment below…

Loan Sharks_1

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Police tape off large sinkhole in Winnipeg’s north end

large sinkhole in Winnipeg

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Winnipeg police have blocked a large sinkhole at an intersection in the city’s north end Sunday.

Officers were called to Airlies Street and Ashbury Bay at about 1 p.m.

City crews are currently on scene assessing the crater. The city said the sinkhole will be repaired Monday.

Homes in the area will not have water Monday, so crews can test for a possible leak.

Sinkholes are depressions and holes that occur in the surface of land. Most are caused by fluctuating water levels underground, but they can also be caused by things such as the collapse of an underground cave or an abandoned mineshaft.

Other things that can trigger a sinkhole is human activity. When groundwater is pumped out for irrigation, the overall groundwater level can drop, which can start the creation of a sinkhole.

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Revealed: Big Pharma tested dangerous new drugs on unknowing Germans

Vial Blood

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Western drug companies tested pharmaceuticals on more than 50,000 people in the former communist East Germany, often without the knowledge of patients, several of whom died, the Spiegel news weekly reported Sunday.

Some 600 clinical trials were carried out in more than 50 hospitals until the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, the report said, citing previously unpublished documents of the East German health ministry, pharmaceutical institute and Stasi secret police.

Many major drug companies from Germany, Switzerland and the United States took part, offering up to 800,000 West German marks (about 400,000 euros, $520,000 at today’s exchange rate) per study, a boost for East Germany’s underfunded health care system, Spiegel said.

Records showed that two people died in East Berlin during testing of Trental, a drug that improves blood circulation developed by then West German company Hoechst, which has since merged with Sanofi, the report said.

Two more patients died in a lung clinic near the city of Magdeburg in tests of a blood pressure drug made by Sandoz, which has since been taken over by the Swiss group Novartis, according to Spiegel.

Patients were often not fully informed about the possible risks and side effects, the weekly said. Other tests involved preterm infants and a group of alcoholics suffering acute delirium who could not give informed consent.

The news weekly said that the companies, when contacted for comment, mostly pointed to the fact that the trials happened a long time ago and said that in principle they always follow strict protocols in drug trials.

Germany’s federation of pharmaceutical manufacturers said it saw “currently no reason to suspect that anything irregular happened,” Spiegel said.

Source: Agence France-Presse

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17 hurt at New Orleans Mother’s Day parade shooting

Shots fired during an informal Mother’s Day afternoon parade in New Orleans injured 17 people, a police spokeswoman said Sunday.

One of the injured was a girl, 9 or 10 years old, who was grazed by a bullet to her side, said Remi Braden, director of public affairs for the New Orleans Police Department.

She said there were no fatalities and “most of the wounds are not life-threatening.”

The shots were fired around 2 p.m. in the area of North Villere and Frenchmen Streets during what is locally referred to as “a second-line parade,” Braden said.

The Times-Picayune newspaper said there were about 200 people at the event when gunfire erupted. Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas told reporters at the scene that at least 12 people were shot, Associated Press reported. Braden said later that “we believe 17 people were wounded,” either while participating or observing the parade.

Braden said three or four people were in surgery, but he didn’t have their conditions.

Second-line parades is a local term for loose processions in which people dance down the street, often following behind a brass band. They can be impromptu or planned and are sometimes described as moving block parties.

Shermaine Tyler, 32, who lives nearby, told the Times-Picayune that a man collapsed onto her after being shot.

“Me and mom were going to the second line. I told her I didn’t want to go because there are always shots at a second line,” Tyler said. “And the second I heard shots, I heard shots fired, we ran outside and one man fell in my lap who had been shot.”

Braden said detectives were interviewing witnesses and seeking surveillance video in the area.

“This is an extremely unusual occurrence, and we’re confident that we will make swift arrests,” Braden said.

Officers were interspersed with the marchers, which is routine for such events. Serpas said police saw three suspects running from the scene.

A social club called The Original Big 7 organized Sunday’s event. The group was founded in 1996 at a housing project, according to its MySpace page.

The neighborhood where the shooting happened was a mix of low-income and middle-class row houses, some boarded up. As of last year, the neighborhood’s population was about 60% of its level before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005.

“We’ll get them. We have good resources in this neighborhood,” Serpas said.

Contributing: Associated Press

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Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ May 12 – 19, 2013 ~ Remove Yourself from Being Limited and Become Limitless ~ via Received by Julie Miller

Every day is an opportunity to look deep into the areas of your life that brings dissatisfaction. When you focus on these areas, you are greeting a potential to expand these areas by increasing the distance of your comfort zones, making them wider and possibly dropping them altogether. It is important dear ones to comprehend dissatisfaction is not a new concept for you to learn, you have experienced this more than once. We have seen many dear souls become indifferent and oftentimes stagnant in their own growth as a person and dissatisfaction also has created delays in your ability to make healthier decisions. When you are feeling dissatisfied, feelings of woe take over, and a sense of hopelessness becomes a companion. Remember dear ones, even your thoughts are choices. If you ever feel hopeless, it is only because you have thought it and made it so. When feeling dissatisfied, you are expressing that there is no way out of the current situation and causing limitations within your own Self when in fact you are limitless. 

If you are truly dissatisfied with how your journey has progressed so far, look at it as a positive opportunity. This is a time dear ones instead of feeling helpless or hopeless, you have ample opportunity to let go of all the old and embrace new Light and Love bringing ways into your entire life. Letting go, and embracing the new removes you from the feeling of being limited to being limitless. Understand dear ones; limitations will affect your logic and the understanding of your own well-being. It is important dear ones to sit back and see how you actually participate in all areas of your life and through your self-observation you will recognize where the dissatisfaction comes in and from this observation you will be able to determine just how dissatisfied you are. Any challenges that you are currently in or just passed through didn’t just occur out of thin air, they were created from feelings of dissatisfaction and when you become uncomfortable in a certain area and your Self responds through these heavy feelings of woe. When you learn to let go of any limitations that you discover, you propel yourself out of feeling dissatisfied and back into a calmer state of mind. 

Instead of seeing the negative experiences as unpleasant, look at them as opportunities filled with positive steps that will help you overcome the many obstacles you yourself created. It is through your own decisions and choices that are created when you judge yourself, that dissatisfaction is born. You cannot bring change into your life dear ones until you are ready to admit and accept that change is required. Bringing change is simple dear ones. It requires no complicated steps or procedures; just a decision that you commit to in order to stop a cycle that demonstrates clearly that it’s no longer inspiring or motivating you. Every time you take the brave step beyond your comfort zone, you enhance the quality of your whole life. Moving forward does require courage, acceptance and faith that in time from your hard work and applied patience will bring you to a happier and peaceful state of mind. 

Once you make the conscious decision dear ones to leave behind your dissatisfaction and feelings of woe, all possibilities for your journey becomes infinite. Every time you decide to devote time to your Self, you are being accountable for the situations that you have recently experienced. When you can accept that you do have the Power and the Strength to improve your life you are showing your whole Self the way out of your current moment of suffering. There is no other person that can do this for you. This is your journey. Yes there are others that can support you, love you and offer you guidance, but each step is yours to take. Only you can end the dissatisfaction and increase the amount of Light and Love from God into your life which will aid in expanding the quality of your life. Each time you decide to work on your Self in areas that you know require further development you are increasing your own self-esteem and confidence. Because this is your life, your journey dear ones, it’s important to be an active participant in order to make choices that will create satisfaction. 

When you decide dear ones to interact more with others, instead of avoiding them, you are helping your self-esteem. And when your self-esteem is increased, you are able to make better, healthier decisions and you demonstrate to your Self that you are ready to learn something different – go beyond your comfort zones. And this dear ones is a big step because you are learning to triumph over your dissatisfaction. Remember dissatisfaction is only a feeling. When you hold onto these feelings dear ones they create the situation out of what you dislike. But when you allow your Self to move forward and progress, you will understand deeper depths of being satisfied. Just remember dear ones, how you do anything is how all is done, through your thoughts…you change your thoughts you change your direction. Every time you make a conscious choice that supports and empowers you, you are bringing in more opportunities that will influence better choices and bring in more feelings of satisfaction. 

After you take the time to truly see with all honesty the areas of your life that create feelings of dissatisfaction, you provide your Self to envision the current situation as it could have been. Think more often, that you can instead of thinking you can’t. When you see the simplicity in things rather looking at situations and creating complexity you will recognize what it is you need to do in order to make your goals a success. Even if it takes baby steps you will reach them. Change the way you self-talk and see your Self as worthy and commend yourself for all the hard work you have accomplished, the tough storms you have weathered. Remember dear ones, each time you tell yourself, I can’t you are limiting yourself and preventing yourself from letting go of old behaviours and ways and this is where the feeling of being stuck often comes in. It’s essential to the development and growth of your whole self and of your journey to create positive thought forms – your thoughts do help to create your decisions…they will either hinder or facilitate your success. 

When you finally let go of your dissatisfied feelings, you will experience and begin to learn what it feels like to be satisfied. The easiest way to move beyond any dissatisfaction is through your own permission to Release these feelings. When you release any discordant feelings you challenge your fears and from your release you dissolve dissatisfaction from each area of your life. Accepting where changes need to be added and releasing all dissatisfied feelings will show you how to be truly satisfied with your own Self. This is a gift you Release to your Self and we think each of you are truly worthy of such a divine gift.

And so it is…

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 

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