Unstoppable greed: Shell presses ahead with world’s deepest offshore oil well


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Company will drill almost two miles underwater in Gulf of Mexico as part of next generation of deep-water developments

Royal Dutch Shell is pressing ahead with the world’s deepest offshore oil and gas production facility by drilling almost two miles underwater in the politically sensitive Gulf of Mexico.

The move is being viewed in the oil industry as a demonstration of Shell’s confidence that its technology can deliver returns on expensive and risky offshore projects, despite a recent downturn in oil prices.

It comes a day after ExxonMobil said it would start work on a $4bn (£2.6bn) project to develop the Julia oilfield, also in the North American ocean basin, and weeks after BP delayed development of its biggest Gulf of Mexico project – Mad Dog Phase 2 – citing rising costs.

John Hollowell, a Shell executive vice-president, said: “This important investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to usher in the next generation of deepwater developments, which will deliver more production growth in the Americas. We will continue our leadership in safe, innovative deepwater operations to help meet the growing demand for energy in the US.”

The move comes despite ongoing controversy over offshore exploration – especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where in April 2010 a fire and explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 workers and started a leak that took three months to cap. Last month BP said it had paid $25bn (£16bn) of the $42bn it has set aside to cover the damage caused by the spill.

Shell’s Gulf of Mexico field, called Stones, was discovered eight years ago 200 miles south-west of New Orleans and is 2,900 metres (9,500ft) below the sea. Perdido, another Shell site in the region, is currently the world’s deepest offshore well at 2,880 metres below the surface. Meanwhile the company has several other projects nearby, including its 900 metre-deep Mars field, where it is adding new infrastructure, plus its Appomattox and Vito discoveries.

This first phase of the latest project is expected to have annual peak production of 50,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day, from more than 250m barrels of recoverable resources.

Shell added that the whole field has “significant upside potential” and is estimated to contain more than 2bn barrels.

Royal Dutch Shell shares added 20.5p to close at 2242.5p. Last week the company’s chief executive, Peter Voser, unexpectedly announced plans to stand down less than four years into the job as Shell unveiled a 4% increase in first-quarter profits.

Source Article from http://www.sott.net/article/261683-Unstoppable-greed-Shell-presses-ahead-with-worlds-deepest-offshore-oil-well

VIDEO | Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (Full Speech English Voice-Over) – May 9, 2013

Full English Voice-over of the speech of the secretary general of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah(HA) delivered on May 9, 2013 on the 25th Anniversary of the al-Nour Radio Station.

Syria is to supply Hizbullah with game-changing weapons despite Israel’s air strikes reportedly aimed at cutting off the flow of arms, Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday, vowing to back “the Syrian popular resistance in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

You Israelis say your objective is to stop the capability of the resistance from growing … but Syria will provide (Hizbullah) with game-changing weapons it has not had before, Nasrallah said in a televised speech on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Hizbullah’s al-Nour radio station.

We declare that we are ready to receive any game-changing weapons and we’re competent to possess and protect such type of weapons and we will use them to defend our people, he added.

Nasrallah said the shipments of new types of weapons would serve as the Syrian reaction to Israel’s airstrikes. Syria has long been a conduit for Iranian weapons bound for Hizbullah.

Israeli officials say the Lebanese group has tens of thousands of rockets, but that most of them are unguided. Israeli officials said the shipments targeted twice last week included precision-guided missiles.

After the Israeli attacks, there had been speculation about whether Syria would retaliate, at the risk of drawing Israel into Syria’s civil war.

This is the Syrian strategic reaction, said Nasrallah of future weapons shipments.

This is more important than firing a rocket or carrying out an airstrike in occupied Palestine, he said.

Israel never formally acknowledged the airstrikes, but Israeli officials have said Israel would keep striking any shipments of advanced weapons meant for Hizbullah.

Everyone knows what Syria has offered to resistance movements, especially the Palestinian resistance. Israel knows that the source of strength of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine is Syria, that’s why it wants to remove it from the equation and to besiege the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, said Nasrallah.

The response was foiling the objectives of the aggression and this is what the Syrian leadership did, although friends and foes wanted Syria to respond and bomb the enemy, added Nasrallah.

He noted that Syria’s highly-strategic response against Israel involves the decision to open the door to popular resistance in the Golan.

The same as Syria stood by Lebanon, we in the resistance declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan, Nasrallah pledged.

I’m not speaking out of enthusiasm or sentiments, but a calm evaluation says that the stances issued by the Syrian leadership prove its strength of nerve, said Hizbullah’s leader.

He pointed out that Syria has “a wise leadership that oversees the battle with the Israelis through a strategic mind, not through anger.

Commenting on the joint Russian-U.S. effort to organize a conference to end Syria’s two-year-old conflict, Nasrallah said it is shameful that the U.S. is being depicted as Syria’s savior through the proposed political solution.

But he added that any time wasted means “further destruction and losses and this is all in the enemy’s interest.

Addressing the Palestinians, Nasrallah said: “You won’t find anyone to stand by your side other than those who have stood by you since years.

“The Palestinians benefit from any serious efforts to achieve a political settlement in Syria and prevent its fall into the hands of the Takfiris, the Americans and the Israelis, he said.

Nasrallah stressed that “the only choice is resistance for those who want to preserve al-Aqsa Mosque and the Christian holy sites and for those who want to give back Jerusalem to the Palestinian people and to the Ummah.

“The choice is neither the Arab League nor the U.N., the choice has always been the resistance, he said.

Nasrallah lamented that “today, after this Arab Spring, the Arab regimes are more willing to offer compromises to the enemy.

“The Palestinians were hoping that the Arab Spring would make Arabs less willing to offer compromises, but the scene of the Arab foreign ministers making a dangerous compromise, with the U.S. secretary of state sitting in the middle, indicates that the Palestinian cause is in danger, Nasrallah added.

Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassem has said an Arab League delegation that met U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington last month recognized the possibility of a land swap.

His statement was welcomed by the United States, the main broker in talks between the Palestinians and Israel, and by Israel itself.

The Palestinians have played down a shift in the Arab League’s stance, saying they had already agreed in past talks with Israel on minor land swaps in which Israel would retain some settlement blocs in the West Bank.

Source Article from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/video-sayyed-hassan-nasrallah-full-speech-english-voice-over-may-9-2013/

PHOTOS | Provocative settlers march as army suppresses and arrests 21 Jerusalemites

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —The streets of Jerusalem turned into hit-and-run yards on Wednesday afternoon between the Jerusalemites and Israeli occupation forces which suppressed any youth peaceful gatherings in the city conducted as a response to the “flags dance” march celebrating the occupation of Jerusalem.

The Israeli police allowed thousands of settlers to conduct provocative marches holding Israeli flags -of all sizes- starting from west Jerusalem towards the Western Wall and passing through the main streets of Jerusalem.

During the march, the settlers formed dancing and singing circles in the streets while others were busy provoking the Jerusalemites, insulting them verbally and using some signs. They also deliberately insulted the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) right in front the police that did not move a muscle.

The first youth activity took place in Damascus Gate where there was a peaceful protest holding flags, but the police suppressed and arrested many of the participants as well as hitting them with batons and guns. They also suppressed another gathering in Sultan Suleiman Street and by “Solomon” Cave, another one by Nablus Street. The police also raided the bus station in Nablus Street three times and assaulted the locals and some of the participants in the peaceful protests.

The occupation forces along with an undercover unit (Musta’ribin) arrested 21 Jerusalemites. Director of Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, Naser Qos, and Head of Jerusalem Prisoners Families Committee, Amjad Abu Asab said that the detainees were:

Mai Abdeen (30), Ahmad Muna (12), Musa Imad Al-Ghoul, the former prisoner Adel Ibrahim Al Silwadi (30), Ibrahim Shukri Nashashibi, Majd Ghoul, Majdi Abu Gharbieh, Loay Rajabi (17), Khamini Abu Rammouz, Abdelfattah Abdulrahman, Mahdi Haddad, Ala’ Maher Haddad, Daoud Al A’war, Firas Taqsh, Bilal Taqsh, Tamer Qirresh, Omar Wazwaz, Thaer Abu Nab, Bashar Obeidi, Mansour Bughdadi and Fayez Abu Rmeileh.

Basem Zidani from the Medical Relief said that 7 Jerusalemites were injured with bruises during the suppression of the peaceful Jerusalem protests as they were hit with batons and guns including photographer Suleiman Khader.

One Musta’reb was injured by Nablus Street in his hand after an empty bottle was thrown at him after he tried to arrest a young guy; another settler was injured while quickly passing through Nablus Street when it was packed with Jerusalemites who were trying to get to their homes, he was hit with a stone which broke the window of his car and hit him in the head.

Another settler prevented the journalists from taking pictures as she was putting her bag on the cameras’ lenses; the occupation forces did not prevent or move her but they prevented the photographers from taking pictures of the settlers’ march and assaulted and hit many of them.

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Source Article from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/photos-provocative-settlers-march-as-army-suppresses-and-arrests-21-jerusalemites/

Palestine Seeks Full Interpol Membership

Friday May 10, 2013 03:00 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is seeking a full membership with the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), internationally known as Interpol, and will be submitting an official application to the organization this coming August.


Brigadier Yousef ‘Ezraeel, head of the National Anti-Drug and Crime Force in Palestine, told the Maan News Agency that the Palestinian application will be submitted in August so that a vote on the application can be held during the Interpol annual meeting this November.

He stated that the Interpol is one of the international organizations that the P.A plans to join, and added that the application must be submitted three months prior to the annual Interpol meeting.

He further stated that the Executive Committee of the Interpol must first adopt the application before it is submitted for a vote, adding that the Palestinian leadership and the Ministry of Interior are holding talks with different countries in this regard, especially with Qatar and Algeria, as the two Arab countries are members of the Interpol’s Executive Committee.

Brigadier ‘Ezraeel said that a successful vote requires two thirds plus one, and added that Palestine contacted different member countries and managed to garner the needed support for the vote.

He stated that Palestine wants to join the Interpol in order to fight crime, punish criminals and fight corruption in Palestine, and different parts of the world as well.

On March 26, Palestinian head of the anti-corruption committee, Rafiq Al-Natsha, stated that the Palestinian Authority has a limited Interpol membership, an issue that does not allow the P.A. To issue international arrest warrants against Palestinian officials convicted of corruption and living abroad.

In November of 2012, the Palestinian Authority managed to obtain a non-member observer state status at the United Nations General Assembly. The vote granted the P.A. The ability to file for membership in different international organizations.

The Interpol was established in 1923 and was knows as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC), and adopted the name (Interpol) in 1956.

There are 190 countries that are members of the Interpol, and its headquarters are located in Lyon in France. The Interpol is considered the second largest international organization after the United Nations.

All Israeli Attacks Timeline | All Israeli cease Fire Violations – Timeline

Still live in fairy-tale-land about Israel? Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:

All facts at Storify continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

You can forget all details. Save yourself time. It is only about Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

The facts. Mainly Israeli sources. Continuously updated

Source Article from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/palestine-seeks-full-interpol-membership/

Four: A Father and 3 of His Sons Injured By Settlers Attack Near Nablus

May 9, 2013 | IMEMC NEWS

Thursday evening, May 9 2013, Palestinian medical sources reported that a Palestinian father and his three sons have been injured after a number of Israeli settlers hurled stones at their car near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, the Palestine News Network (PNN) has reported.

Israeli Settlers – File, Image PNN

The sources said that the settlers hurled stones at the car of Ibrahim Jamil, and added that the and his sons suffered moderate injuries. They were moved to the Rafidia hospital in Nablus; the car was damaged by the attack.

Ghassan Daghlas, in charge of the settlements file at the Palestinian Authority in the northern part of the West Bank, stated that the attack is part of frequent and escalating attacks carried out by the settlers against the Palestinians, their lands and their property in the occupied West Bank.

Also on Thursday evening, several extremist settlers invaded the Beit Einoon area, east of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and fired rounds of live ammunition at a number of homes.

Medical sources reported that at least one child suffered an anxiety attack after the settlers fired rounds of live ammunition at her parents home.

On Wednesday evening, dozens of extremist Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian cars at the entrance of Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and hurled stones at them.

Settlers also attacked the village leading to clashes with the locals.

Local sources reported that settlers of the “Halamish” illegal settlement, gathered in the area and closed the main road that connects several villages with Ramallah, and hurled stones at dozens of Palestinian cars causing damage.

The settlers later clashed with local youths before Israeli soldiers invaded the village and fired rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and gas bombs.

(Some) Examples of attacks by Jewish Colonists in Palestine

I emphasize, just some examples….
For a full overview see: Category Settler Violence

Jewish settlers write offenses against Jesus on Monastery – Oct 2, 2012

Zionist settlers attack 38 year old man in Majaz, Sept 16, 2012

3rd time in a week Havat Ma’on settlers chased palestinian kids – July 31, 2012

Settlers attack & wound 5 men, torch 400 olivetrees,kill 20 sheep July 7, 2012

Israeli settlers attack & torched a mosque in WB Palestine – June 19, 2012

Terrorist settler assassinates 2 Palestinians in Al-Khalil – June 17, 2012

Israeli colonists and occupation militia attack farmers in Tuqua – May 30, 2012

Israeli Settlers set olive trees on fire, shoot a Palestinian in ‘Urif – May 26, 2012

#JerusalemDay: settlers provocative march Al-Aqsa May 20, 2012

Settlers attack a school and injure 8 students – April 23, 2012

Masked Jewish settlers attack and stone Palestinians – Febr 28, 2012

Israeli Settler attack on Al-Aqsa and compound – Al-Quds – Febr 19, 2012

Israeli Settler Attack – Savages torch car and paint racist slogans – Febr 16, 2012

Israeli Settlers displaying their “Intelligence & Morals” – Febr 7, 2012

Illegal Settler raze & confiscate Palestinian land under protection of Israeli Army – Febr 6, 2012

Settler attack in Al-Janyeih: Anti Palestinian Graffiti – Febr 5, 2012

Jewish savage extremists destroy Muslim Graves on a cemetery in Beisan – Jan 25, 2012

Settlers torch a car of a 53 yr old woman in Tel Rumeideh – Jan 16, 2012

Cars & mosque vandalized in ‘price tag’ settler attack – Jan 11, 2012

Jewish settlers break into Muslim shrines to perform Talmudic rituals – Jan 6, 2012

lers torch 2 cars and a car wash station – Jan 4, 2012

Settlers Attack on a Mosque & 5 Cars – Dec 19, 2011

“Milchamah” – “War” Settlers attack a mosque Dec 15 2011

J’lem Mosque set alight in ‘price tag’ attack Dec 14, 2011

Settlers vandalize Muslim graves in Jerusalem – Nov 10, 2011

Christian & Muslim Cemeteries vandalized by zionists in Jaffa – Oct 7, 2011

Radical Jewish terrorists torch Mosque in Tuba – Oct 3, 2011

Settlers Cut Down 200 Olive Trees inh Qusra – Oct 6, 2011

Israel supplies weapons and training to illegal colonists in Palestine

The full album and resources about Settler Violence

Click to see the Album Ethnic Cleansing of Negev Bedouin

Click to see the Album House Demolitions

Click to see the Album Settlement Construction

Israeli attacks against Christians and holy sites

Essential information/resources

  • Israel Arms & Trains Illegal Settlers for Rampage in Occupied Palestine – In Photos
  • Leaked document “Operation Summer Seeds”: Israeli forces train & arm settlers to attack Palestinian protesters – Source
  • Netherlands blocks EU report about Settler Violence, The Rights Forum exposes it – Source & Translations
  • MP Barghouthi warns of massacres after Israel arms, trains settlers – Source
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  • How US “charities” break tax laws to fund Israeli settlements – EI
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  • Israeli settlers to be armed with dogs as well as tear gas and stun grenades – Source
  • Topic – Settler Terrorism – Source
  • Video – Settler Attack dogs of the West Bank | Video | Reuters.com

Still live in fairytaleland about Israel? Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on their currency.

All facts storified and continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

Source Article from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/four-a-father-and-3-of-his-sons-injured-by-settlers-attack-near-nablus/

Palestinians Protest Confiscation Of Cremisan Monastery Lands In Beit Jala

“Settling” constitutes a warcime according to international law and ICC statute. Even under US’ own military legislations’
Law resources below this article

Friday May 10, 2013 05:27 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC & Agencies

On Thursday evening, hundreds of Palestinians held a protest against Israeli illegal confiscation of their lands, including lands that belong to the Cremisan Monastery, in Beit Jala city, in the Bethlehem district.

Image By Radio Bethlehem 2000

Shawkat Matar, one of the participants in the protest, stated that local scout groups, and a number of civil society institutions in the city organized the protest due to Israel’s ongoing violations of illegal settlement activities, and the construction of the illegal Annexation Wall in the Cremisan monastery, and its surrounding Palestinian lands.

He added that hundreds of Palestinians gathered in front of the Arab Orthodox Club in Beit Jala, and marched towards the illegally confiscated lands in Cremisan.

The protesters chanted against the ongoing Israeli occupation and violations, Israel’s ongoing settlement construction and expansion activities, and its illegal Wall.

A week ago, Father Ibrahim Shomaly, told the BBC that the issue here is not about politics, but about human rights.

“The Church must hear the people when they suffer, this is not about politics”, Father Shomaly told the BBC, “There are 57 Palestinian Christians families that will lose their lands, losing their lands means losing their hope”.

Israel’s Annexation Wall is planned to split the Cremisan monastery and valley into two parts; Gilo and the Har Gilo illegal settlements are on Palestinian lands on opposite hilltops, and Israel wants to ensure the Annexation Wall separates Beit Jala from the two settlements.

Israeli settlements and its Annexation Wall, built in the occupied Palestinian territories, are illegal under International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention to which Israel is a signatory.

Israel claims that its Jewish settlements are “Israeli cities and towns”, and that the Annexation Wall is meant to “ensure Israel’s security from Palestinian attacks”.

But on the ground, the Annexation Wall is built in a manner that allows Israel to build and expand its illegal settlements in the West Bank, including occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2004, the International Court issued an advisory ruling considering the Annexation Wall illegal, and stated that although it recognizes “Israels right to defend itself, the Wall was built in a way that violates international law.”

The Court said that the Wall, which runs deep in the West Bank, and occupied East Jerusalem, separating the residents from their lands, and isolating entire Palestinian populated areas, also violates Israels international obligations.

It called on Israel to dismantle the completed sections of the Wall, to compensate the Palestinians for their losses, and to render ineffective all legislative and regulatory acts it took after approving the construction of the Wall.

The court further called on Israel to compensate the Palestinians for the destruction of homes, businesses and agricultural lands, and to allow them to return to their lands and orchards, and to return all lands seized by the Wall.

It also called on all UN member states to perform their legal duties by not recognizing the illegal situation the Annexation Wall and settlements created in occupied Palestine, and to ensure Israel complies with International Law.

Israel strongly slammed the ruling, disregarded it, and maintained what its called “its right to protect its citizens, to build and expand its settlements”, in the occupied West Bank, including in and around occupied East Jerusalem.


“States may not deport or transfer parts of their own civilian population into a territory they occupy.”


State practice establishes this rule as a norm of customary international law applicable in international armed conflicts.
International armed conflicts

The prohibition on deporting or transferring parts of a State’s own civilian population into the territory it occupies is set forth in the Fourth Geneva Convention.[1]

It is a grave breach of Additional Protocol I.[2]

Under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, “the transfer, directly or indirectly, by the Occupying Power of parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts.[3]

Many military manuals prohibit the deportation or transfer by a party to the conflict of parts of its civilian population into the territory it occupies.[4]

This rule is included in the legislation of numerous States.[5]

Official statements and reported practice also support the prohibition on transferring one’s own civilian population into occupied territory.[6]

Attempts to alter the demographic composition of an occupied territory have been condemned by the UN Security Council.[7]

In 1992, it called for the cessation of attempts to change the ethnic composition of the population, anywhere in the former Yugoslavia.[8]

Similarly, the UN General Assembly and UN Commission on Human Rights have condemned settlement practices.[9]

According to the final report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Dimensions of Population Transfer, including the Implantation of Settlers and Settlements, “the implantation of settlers” is unlawful and engages State responsibility and the criminal responsibility of individuals.[10]

In 1981, the 24th International Conference of the Red Cross reaffirmed that “settlements in occupied territory are incompatible with article 27 and 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention”.[11]

In the Case of the Major War Criminals in 1946, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg found two of the accused guilty of attempting the “Germanization” of occupied territories.[12]


[1] Fourth Geneva Convention, Article 49, sixth paragraph (cited in Vol. II, Ch. 38, § 334).

[2] Additional Protocol I, Article 85(4)(a) (adopted by consensus) (ibid., § 335).

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[4] See, e.g., the military manuals of Argentina (ibid., §§ 346–347), Australia (ibid., § 348), Canada (ibid., § 349), Croatia (ibid., § 350), Hungary (ibid., § 351), Italy (ibid., § 352), Netherlands (ibid., § 353), New Zealand (ibid., § 354), Spain (ibid., § 355), Sweden (ibid., § 357), Switzerland (ibid., § 357), United Kingdom (ibid., § 358) and United States (ibid., § 359).

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[6] See, e.g., the statements of Kuwait (ibid., § 405) and United States (ibid., §§ 406–407) and the reported practice of Egypt (ibid., § 402) and France (ibid., § 403).

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[10] UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights, Final report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Dimensions of Population Transfer, including the Implantation of Settlers and Settlements (ibid., § 415).

[11] 24th International Conference of the Red Cross, Res. III (ibid., § 419).

[12] International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Case of the Major War Criminals, Judgement (ibid., § 421).

Still live in fairy-tale-land about Israel? Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:All facts at Storify continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

You can forget all details. Save yourself time. It is only about Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

The facts. Mainly Israeli sources. Continuously updated

Source Article from http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/palestinians-protest-confiscation-of-cremisan-monastery-lands-in-beit-jala/

The Real Story Behind the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

Barack Obama’s signing of ‘The Monsanto Protection Act’, or H.R. 933 is really only small part of a much bigger pattern and corruption and collusion between Monsanto and the U.S. government.

Financial Survival Network

  1. March Against Monsanto!!

Monsanto Waco Missile Strike For Vermont? Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If It Passes Transparent GMO Labeling Bill.

monsanto gmo

Despite overwhelming public support, Vermont legislators are dragging their feet on a proposed GMO labeling bill. Why? Because Monsanto has threatened to sue the state if it passes.

gmo monsanto

What happened to the formerly staunch legislative champions of Vermont’s “right to know” bill? They lost their nerve after Monsanto representatives recently threatened that the biotech giant would sue Vermont if they pass the bill. [Officials] expressed concern about Vermont being the first state to pass a mandatory GMO labeling bill and then having to “go it alone” against Monsanto in court.

The Coming EBT (ELECTRONIC FOOD STAMP) Riots: When Food Entitlements Stop ~ Why Its Important To Understand!

During the hearings the Vermont legislature was deluged with calls, letters, and e-mails urging passage of a GMO labeling bill – more than on any other bill since the fight over Civil Unions in 1999-2000.

Black Listed News

Aftermath ~ April 2013 Waco, Texas

Aftermath ~ April 2013 Waco, Texas

Waco Texas Fertilizer Company Hit By Drone/Laser Strike After Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto!

Live CNN

Waco Attack Claims 14 Lives; 9 Were First Responders.

As details emerge about the Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of Wednesday’s fatal explosion and fire, a few tidbits can be gleaned from a 2007 lawsuit that the plant’s owners filed against agribusiness giant Monsanto Co.


U.S. Corporate Media Blackout On Corporate “Act Of Terror” At Waco Texas Plant Attack! 14 Dead!

Multiple Clips

Sequence is slowed down and repeats for you to see it.

The suit, filed as a potential class action in U.S. District Court for the western district of Texas, claimed that Monsanto had artificially inflated prices for its herbicide Roundup through anti-competitive actions. The suit did not relate to storing fertilizer, believed to be at the root of Wednesday’s blast.

The suit was filed by Texas Grain Storage Inc. The company now calls itself West Fertilizer Co.

In the suit, the company said that it was started in 1957 as a grain-storage business by the Plasek family in the town of West, Texas. It later built a small fertilizer-blend plant and started selling fertilizer to area farmers.

Zak Covar, executive director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, told a news conference Wednesday that the fertilizer storage and blending facility had been there since 1962.

In 1970 it started selling other agricultural products, including some from Monsanto, and by 1997 it had struck a deal with Monsanto to directly purchase Roundup each year.

April 19th, 2013 is the 20th Anniversary Of The WACO Massacre.

Janet Reno ~ Waco 1993

Janet Reno ~ Waco 1993

A court filing in 2008 indicated that Texas Grain Storage recently had been sold. Emil Plasek is listed as a former owner.
Texas Grain Storage said it monitored the Roundup, stored in a stainless steel tank, through a telephone connected to the tank, the company said.

Many documents in the case are sealed, and the public documents don’t reveal the names of the plant’s then-current owners. Texas corporation records list the president of the company as Donald R. Adair, and show a business operating as Adair Grain Inc. at the same address.

Texas Grain Storage was represented by roughly 30 lawyers at 12 firms, according to court records. One lawyer who represented Texas Grain said the suit stalled in 2010 after a magistrate judge denied a request to certify the case as a class action. The lawyer said Texas Grain appealed the ruling, and that a district judge has yet to rule on the appeal. The last public filing in the case was in 2010.

Monsanto responded to Texas Grain’s complaint by saying the company didn’t have standing to bring the case and was barred by the statute of limitations. Thursday, a Monsanto spokesman said, “The long dormant lawsuit filed by Texas Grain had nothing to do with fertilizer or the operation of the West, Texas plant.”


National Socialist - Theodore Kaczynski

National Socialist – Theodore Kaczynski

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FNC’s Powers Slams Dem Behavior in Benghazi Hearings

Appearing on Wednesday’s The O’Reilly Factor, left-leaning FNC political analyst Kirsten Powers criticized the behavior of Democrats in the wake of the Benghazi hearings in Congress, as she cited the testimony of official Gregory Hicks as compelling. After complaining about Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings’s reaction to the testimony, she continued:

Gregory Hicks is not there as a Republican. He was the number two person in Libya, and he’s there telling them all this information, including the fact that nobody in Libya thought it was anything but a terrorist attack. How is that not interesting to people?

She went on to argue that it was starting to look like a “coverup” rather than just “incompetence”: “I don’t know that you can prove that it was a coverup or if it was incompetence. I would say today is pointing more in the direction of a coverup…”

She soon added: “What I think matters more is that he said nobody on the ground thought it was anything but a terrorist attack and also in the hearing they were quoting an email that was sent by a senior State Department official to Libya saying that they knew that it was terrorism…”

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Wednesday, May 8, The O’Reilly Factor on FNC:

KIRSTEN POWERS: I just think that the behavior of the Democrats today was just astonishing. They had no interest whatsoever in what the witnesses were saying, which was riveting, I think, for anybody who watched it. And there was a lot of new information in it. And to hear Elijah Cummings saying, “Oh, I want to hear what the witnesses say, I just don’t like the way it’s gonna be used,” fine, then ignore the way it’s gonna be used and just listen to the witnesses.

And instead, he put out a statement after the hearing basically saying, “Oh, the Republicans are up to their old tricks.” I mean, Gregory Hicks is not there as a Republican. He was the number two person in Libya, and he’s there telling them all this information, including the fact that nobody in Libya thought it was anything but a terrorist attack. How is that not interesting to people?


I don’t know that you can prove that it was a coverup or if it was incompetence. I would say today is pointing more in the direction of a coverup in the since that you have-

BILL O’REILLY: Let me challenge that. Hicks basically said he got a call from Hillary Clinton at 2 in the morning, and Hillary Clinton didn’t even ask him who did it.

POWERS: Right.

O’REILLY: I mean, come on.

POWERS: He said that he just assumed she knew that it was terrorism since it was so obvious.

O’REILLY: It doesn’t matter about Hicks, it matters about why didn’t Secretary of State Clinton didn’t ask Hicks, “What the hell happened?” You would have. I would have. Kate would have.

POWERS: Yeah, of course, absolutely, but what I think matters more is that he said nobody on the ground thought it was anything but a terrorist attack and also in the hearing they were quoting an email that was sent by a senior State Department official to Libya saying that they knew that it was terrorism…

Source Article from http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2013/05/09/fncs-powers-slams-dem-behavior-benghazi-hearings

Sex crimes soar in US military

Aljazeera – Sexual assaults in the US military are a growing epidemic across the services and thousands of victims are still unwilling to come forward despite a slew of new oversight and assistance programs, according to a new Pentagon report. Troubling new numbers estimate that up to 26,000 military members may have been sexually assaulted last year, according to survey results released on Tuesday. The report comes just days after the Air Force’s head of sexual assault prevention was arrested on charges of groping a woman in a Northern Virginia parking lot. Read Article

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News Archive In Focus – Banks (1,982 articles)

With the banking community widely regarded as being the initial cause of the Global Financial Crisis, the world has shone the spotlight upon this fraternity and uncovered a wide range of stories from extravagant bonuses, fraudulent activities, government bailouts and much more. Our archive looks at this industry and the effects it has in shaping the world around us. To read our Banks news archive of 1,982 articles CLICK HERE

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