Porton Down’s Legacy of Death: Inquest to Take Place Shortly Concerning Death of Scientist

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In April of 2012, Dr. Richard Holmes took a stroll in the woods in Wiltshire, England. His body was found two days later.

Dr. David Kelly

Dr. David Kelly

by Janet Phelan
May 18, 2013

Holmes is one of several Porton Down scientists who have died under questionable circumstances. The death in November 2001 of Vladimir Pasechnik was ruled to be a stroke, although co workers stated that Pasechnik was in good health. Vladimir Pasechnik was a Russian defector who first alerted the West to the extensive clandestine research into biological warfare taking place within the Soviet Union.

His death was, oddly, belatedly announced by Dr. Christopher Davis of Virginia. Davis was the member of British intelligence who de-briefed Dr. Pasechnik at the time of his defection. The announcement of Pasechnik’s death did not come in England until a month after he died. Interestingly, Pasechnik was also debriefed by a Dr. David Kelly, head of microbiology at Porton Down, which is England’s top secret chemical, biological and nuclear laboratory.

Dr. David Kelly, whose body was also found in the woods, had been invited to take the position of chief microbiologist at Porton Down in 1986. Later, he worked extensively with Dr. Wouter Basson of South Africa’s clandestine Project Coast. Basson was known to be working on a “black’s only” bioweapon. When South Africa’s apartheid government fell, Basson was subsequently charged with an assortment of crimes, including murder. He skated on all the charges and is now a successful cardiologist in Durbanville, South Africa.

Another scientist who collaborated with Kelly and Basson, Dr. Larry Ford of Irvine, California died in 2001 of a shotgun blast that was ruled a suicide. Police found guns, ammunition and explosives when they dug up his yard. Cholera, botulinum, salmonella and typhoid were also located in vials in his refrigerator. All told, 266 bottles and vials of lethal toxins were found in the Ford home.

The CIA declined to comment on Ford’s intelligence connections.

Dr. Kelly’s death in 2004—in the same woods that were to later claim the body of Dr. Richard Holmes—sent shock waves through the clandestine scientific community. Kelly reportedly died after slashing his wrists and consuming a cocktail of painkillers . His death was subsequently ruled a suicide.

 However, according to the mainstream publication the Daily Mail, thirteen respected doctors declared that it was medically impossible for Dr. Kelly to have died in this manner.

Andrew Gilligan, a reporter for BBC, claimed that Kelly had recently given him and other reporters information that proved the government had exaggerated the Iraqi danger in its “dossier” in order to justify the war against Iraq. Kelly was also reported to be writing a “tell-all” book.

The Daily Mail also reported that “at 8am, half an hour before Dr. Kelly’s body was discovered under the tree, three officers in dark suits from MI5′s Technical Assessment Unit were at his house. The computers and the hard-disk containing the 40,000 words of the explosive book were carried away. They have never been seen since. “

In 2004, Kelly’s replacement as the chief scientist for chemical and biological defense at the Ministry of Defense’s laboratory at Porton Down, Dr. Paul Norman, died when the plane he was piloting crashed near Devon.

The Wiltshire coroner’s office stated this week that Dr. Holmes’ coroner’s inquest will take place shortly. Dr. Holmes had recently left his employment at Porton Down before his fateful walk in the woods. It is unclear why he resigned. Within a month after leaving Porton Down, he was dead.

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TSA Staff Get Radiated by Their Masters Machines

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been under fire lately regarding the use of body scanners, by citizens and employees alike. 

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 28: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers walk through John F. Kennedy Airport on February 28, 2013 in New York City. Should the $85 billion in automatic federal budget cuts, known as the sequester, go into effect Friday as scheduled, airport control towers in a number of states could close, putting pilots and staff members at risk. In addition to the closed control towers, TSA workers could be furloughed, leading to long waits and confusion at many airport security checkpoints. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 28: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers walk through John F. Kennedy Airport. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

by Shepard Ambellas

May 17, 2013

It’s now coming down to the wire as TSA employees are even ready to opt out (of their jobs), fearing that they might be getting sick from radiation released from the body scanners at airports.

While there have even been “Opt Out” campaigns organized in protest of such police state technologies by concerned passengers and citizens, this TSA bobble could usher in new class-action lawsuits by airport employees and TSA staff.

However, this likely will not change the mentality of the federal government and how they treat traveling US citizens. As one thing is for sure, now there is now a new passenger underclass.

In fact, Christopher Elliot wrote, “The TSA likes to talk about the “haves” — the elite-level frequent fliers, the soldiers in uniform, the crew-members, who can now almost always bypass the scanners, the shoe-removal and the pat-downs, and get to the gate quickly. It’s received a lot of positive coverage from an unskeptical mainstream media about those programs.

It doesn’t really say much about the “have-nots” — the passengers with medical conditions and implants that set off the magnetometers, the folks who don’t fly frequently enough to be part of the Pre-Check club and yeah, the opt-outs.

Actually, opt-outs are arguably the biggest segment of the new passenger underclass. The TSA doesn’t release statistics on air travelers who refuse a full-body scan, but anecdotal evidence suggests their numbers are large and growing.”

To say the least, the way TSA is treating US citizens now is disturbing. Apparently we have entered a Nazi style fascist dictatorship in America, and have already crossed the point of no return.

This last time I traveled I had to take 8 flights in the course of a week period. For the most part, I had your typical TSA experience. You know, the one where I always opt out, and they do a complete pat-down. Although I have to say, you can tell that TSA agents do not like it when a slave (citizen) opts out, as it causes them extra work.

As a matter of fact, the last time I opted out was in the Denver International Airport (DIA) last week. The TSA agent that was going to conduct the full pat-down said to me, “What, are you afraid to go through a magnetic scanner?”

I replied, “Don’t even try it Bro, I know too much about this technology”.

The TSA agent followed up by mumbling something under his tongue, demonstrating that there is indeed a new slave class in America.

The TSA agent didn’t want to hear it, but I told him anyway that he was being poisoned by radiation. He continued to treat me like a slave.

However he had better wake up as, “There have been complaints of radiation exposure-related illness made by Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) to the union”, a TSA official said in a report with KTLA5 news.

The report went on to read, “In addition to health concerns, many passengers had complained that the old body X-ray scanners were a little too revealing.

The TSA says that the new millimeter-wave scanners can not only catch the bad guys better, but the radiation emitted is well below safety standards.

So what can you expect? Ticket holders still have to “assume the position” like the old back-scatter machines.

The new machines don’t use X-ray, but rather radio-frequency waves that are considered safer.

The union for TSA workers says there is something called a dosimeter badge that measures radiation exposure, but they are not commonly used.

Right now, the government is holding a 90-day commenting period for the public to weigh in on the new scanners.”

What all of this demonstrates is that yes the federal government is poisoning us in more ways than we know, all the while, conditioning us.






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Shepard Ambellas is the founder & director of Intellihub.com (a popular alternative news website), researcher, investigative journalist, radio talk show host, activist, and filmmaker.

For media inquires, interviews, questions or suggestions for this author email: shepard@intellihub.com

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I’m useless at retaining facts 


well data really 


just not my forte


what temperature does steel melt at, in relevance to 9/11?


haven’t got a clue


and don’t particular care


what year did the Russian Revolution end?




what were the finite details of Sandy Hook?


denno – clueless


and it’s no real interest to me either


how exactly does the Federal Reserve function?


God knows


and I don’t really care


perhaps I should


perhaps it is much more important than I think


perhaps all this detail, this data collection is important


but I just don’t resonate to this information


even when I do; the facts are gone within hours


just can’t seem to retain this type of knowledge


and these days it doesn’t bother me


because I don’t see myself as a Truther


not really


in fact I don’t think I ever was


not in the conventional sense


always hanging around on the outside


picking up bits n pieces here n there


kind of getting the overall picture


like a child listening to adult talk


knowing the flavor of what they’re talking about


but not really with it – not fully tuned in


sort of in a world of my own


almost as if I couldn’t see the point


as there was always something more important


much more important to focus on


not a Truther


no that wasn’t me


not in the Truth movement


who was I kidding


I’m much greedier than that


I always wanted more 


much more


I want the real whys, what’s and hows?


why – are we here?


what – is the purpose in our existence?


what – is it all about?


what – is this thing we call reality?


how – do we get out of this mess?




spiritual awareness 


that’s what I want


so not really the Truther


not the Truth movement


I want to be part of the Absolute Truth Movement



“It matters not about belonging to the Truth movement – or any movement. The only thing that matters at this stage, is that enough of us fully embrace consciousness – the Absolute Truth.”

~ Digger

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Surviving the avalanche


Surviving the avalanche






By John Kaminski



Which thing keeps you awake at night? Which disaster that you can’t do anything about do you choose to worry about?

Seeing your money evaporating before your eyes? Wondering why your child was killed by friendly fire? Hoping what they say about methane isn’t true, and likely to end all life on this planet in just a few short years?

It makes you feel truly patriotic when you realize the cops can break down your door at any time for any reason and take your life, doesn’t it?

When you finally fall asleep tonight, will you dream of being tazed to death on a Tennessee interstate? Of a drug-addicted doctor amputating the wrong leg? Or of a drunken judge declaring you a terrorist and ordering a Thorazine injection so that you will never recognize yourself again, like Jose Padilla?

The threats to our continuing survival, our everyday health, and our chances for happiness are so overwhelming, so ubiquitous and so in-your-face every moment of every day, that without some kind of stimulant, some kind of sedative or at least some kind of sheep-counting meaningless distraction mechanism, chances are you’re like more and more people these days — lying there staring at the ceiling praying for a good dream to take you away from this nightmare reality.

And it isn’t so much the panic-inducing threats to your continuing existence that keep you from reaching that balmy sanctuary of sleep. Really, it’s the agony of not knowing what to do about any of these atrocities. Stress like this causes cancer, and worse.

People are committing suicide in record numbers, especially in the military <http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/14/16510852-military-suicide-rate-hit-record-high-in-2012?lite>.

For most people who can think with a modicum of functionality, the worst of it is the lies, the betrayals, and the deliberate deceptions that everybody — and I mean everybody — encounters on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

And the worst of those come from our authority figures, the people in whom we place our trust and around whom we attempt to structure our lives. An epidemic of mistrust and lack of faith in our so-called leaders has not only shattered our sleep, but forced us to assess our futures in terms of hours and days rather than years and decades.

Yet, there are faint signs that a revolution is under way. A massive outcry in support of the Second Amendment forced the Congress to derail President Obama’s cynical gun grab.

Even more auspicious are the legislative movements in various states rejecting the Obama’s pathological contentions that he can kill anyone he wants any time he wants. In Missouri, as one example, both legislative houses voted overwhelmingly — with a veto-proof majority — to tell Obama’s police state goons to go to hell by commanding all state and local cops to not enforce unconstitutional federal gun control laws. <http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2013/05/missouri-legislature-nullifies-all-federal-gun-control-measures-by-a-veto-proof-majority/> Similar efforts are under way in Texas, Wyoming, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Iowa.

Maybe the biggest slap in the face of the American people in recent memory (although it’s hard to rank them; there have been so many) came from the mealy mouth of Al Gore, recent vice-president and smug Nobel Prize winner, who said he knew all about chemtrails and how bad they were for everyone, when the official government policy practiced by criminal politicians across America was that chemtrails don’t really exist — they’re just tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SrrWXurroWw>

After being misguided and abused by the lies of paid-off politicians throughout our lifetimes, here’s an example of the reward we get for our dedicated patriotic support of the demonic forces that control our country.

The mother of a Seal Team 6 member (you remember Seal Team 6, the ones who supposedly assassinated Osama bin Laden ten years after he died of kidney disease, and then supposedly dumped his body in the Indian Ocean) spoke of suspicious circumstances in her son’s death.  This was their reward — a government set-up to get rid of them so they couldn’t talk about the scam. Listen to her outraged description of her dead son’s funeral. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gafqJ6YMl6c&feature=youtube_gdata_player>

In her words, “It is now time to change things I can’t accept.”

Seal Team 6 has just about been completely wiped out. <http://www.gopusa.com/news/2013/05/13/families-of-seal-team-6-demand-answers/>.

The latest episode of this apparent attempt to silence everyone involved with the fake murder of the already-dead Al-Qaida honcho involves Hillary Clinton, with the story resurfacing that she was injured in a secret jet crash in Iran, and the pilot of which was Job B. Price, none other than the leader of Seal Team 6 whom the government claimed committed suicide in Afghanistan. <http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/05/11/what-really-happened-to-hilary-clinton-and-us-navy-seal-commander-job-w-price-republished-modified-by-peter-eyre-may-10-2013/>

Then there is also the latest story that no U.S. military personnel witnessed the supposed burial at sea of Osama bin Laden. <http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2236617/Revealed-Military-emails-NO-U-S-sailors-witnessed-Osama-bin-Ladens-secret-burial-sea.html>

As your head spins while you try to go to sleep, you realize that the general condition of the American population at this time is best reflected by a growing trend in Ohio putting people in jail for not being able to pay their debts, including one man sent to jail repeatedly for not paying fines for not leashing his dog. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z41YRgFll3A> The time he spent in jail caused him to lose his job, which meant he couldn’t pay his fines, and kept going back to jail as the money he owed kept growing.

What to do about this growing onslaught?

What remains the best weapon to use against this avalanche of homegrown tyranny was compiled by the late great American patriot William Cooper, who was assassinated by county sheriffs in Nevada as he was gearing up to deconstruct the 9/11 caper back in 2001.

In his meticulous history of the income tax, he revealed that the Internal Revenue Service is illegally constituted and most people are not required to pay income taxes. If you read this document carefully — and, as Cooper says, memorize the chronology he has so diligently assembled — you can successfully defend yourself against this quintessential federal tyranny that has duped the Americans for a century into paying money to the war machine that they legally don’t have to pay.

This may be the best way to put the federal government tyrants out of business.

According to Cooper, citizens of the 50 United States have never been required to file or pay “income taxes”. Read the sorry history of a law that was never passed, and smell the stench of typical government scams like phony wars for billionaires that impoverish most Americans, or parents put in jail for homeschooling or refusing vaccinations that still wreak today. <http://www.usa-the-republic.com/revenue/BATF-IRS%20Criminal%20Report.html>.

Study it carefully. The day will come, if it is not already here, when this knowledge will become supremely important.

Can anybody say “Tax Strike”!? This would be the ultimate no-confidence vote. We can’t count on the politicians to do it, so the people must.

But nowadays, the IRS scam is a relatively minor lie compared to the giant lies of 9/11, the bogus wars, the genetically modified foods and the geoengineering that are poisoning the world, and purchase of ammunition by every department of the government in preparation for a shootout with the American people, whose guns continue to be taken away.

In addition, when you know some of these things and your head hits the pillow at bedtime, there can be no sleep without serious nightmares about your future.

Sooner or later you can only come to one conclusion. That it’s time to fight the criminal traitors who pretend to be our leaders, but who only steal our money, our property and our lives.

There is only one answer. Be who you always dreamed you’d be, who you always wanted to be: defender of hope, arbiter of truth, rescuer of the oppressed, and guilt-free preacher of all that is right and true. Do not accept the lies that ruin your life. If you’re going to die anyway, you might as well check out being the principled hero you always hoped to be, fighting the greatest evil civilization has ever known — the United States government.

The time has come to oppose every single thing the government — the corrupt Obama-Bush machine — orders us to do, by any means necessary.

Of course, if you choose that path, you have a few hard questions to answer.

Like, why do you remain silent about 9/11, the inside job that triggered this cynical neocon war against the world which does not benefit average Americans but only the international bankers who buy our local politicians to help them steal our money. Why haven’t you confronted every public official you can find, and demand that he resign and be tried for treason, for covering up the fact that our own government mass-murdered thousands of its own people to promote a sinister political objective?

Or, why do you remain silent while the government approves poison food that makes everyone sick, poison medicines that are put on the market without mandated clinical trials to prove they’re safe, or puts the clamps on radiation news about the radical rise brain-damaging births among California babies that guarantee the retardation of America’s next generation.

If you think you can escape the consequences of these demonic trends, you’re a fool and an idiot, not to mention a traitor.

The principal threat to world peace and our future survival is our own government in Washington. It’s time for the masses to sweep them from power and into jail where they belong.

It must be done before they shut down the money supply, start World War Three, or gas the population, because then the game will really be over. And since they’ve already started all three projects — the deliberate evaporation of the currency, the war against everyone in the world, and the chemtrail pollution of the atmosphere — you’re running just a little bit late about deciding what to do.

Sleep tight. And sweet dreams.

I hope you survive the avalanche, because many people — many millions of people — won’t.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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Pragmatic Solution

Sick Society

“Due to society being spiritually void, we have collectively become ill-disciplined; we no-longer have our moral compass, we have left ourselves vulnerable to demonic destructive influences and negative social traits. We are weak in character, so easily manipulated – now able to put common sense and ethical values to one side, in exchange for immediate sense gratifications and transient personal desires. Sadly we have been morphed into selfish, ill-disciplined, fear-based, complacent materialists. 


Had we not turned our backs on spiritual disciplines, we would have been automatically protected from these demonic influences and the temptation of these negative traits. 


To state the obvious, the only pragmatic solution to this individual and social disorder, is for enough of us to fully embrace true spirituality and in turn – consciousness.”

~ Digger


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A few notes on the Jews


Words of Bobby Fischer – world famous chess player and former Jew


“OK, a few notes on the Jews ………. Jews are anti-social, destructive, intolerant, mean-spirited, deceitful, etc. They wish to destroy, rule and kill, rob whoever gets in their way. To facilitate them getting what they want, they have developed a perverted, unnatural, destructive, evil lifestyle.

Even though they live off of the non-Jews as parasites; they still hate them and wish to destroy them. Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they cannot fully control it*. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

Jews are destroyers. They are anti-human.  

The anti-human Jew hates and wants to destroy all non- Jews. He will also destroy even other Jews who are less destructive and evil than he is, if they get in his way. Apparently the wickedness of the Jew is genetically based.*

Jews are destroyers. They are anti-human.

By the act of circumcision the Jew shows his hatred towards nature and the natural order. By this bloody, cruel, senseless act, he shows his cruelty and sadism and that he will stop at nothing to obtain his end. 

Surely the Jews are also behind Islamic circumcision which serves as an ideal cover and distraction from their own wickedness in this regard. 

Jews are truly anti-human and anti-nature.

Jews are intensely selfish, intolerant and anti-social etc. They are full of hate, greed, malice, etc. Naturally other people – i.e. the non-Jews don’t like being bulldozed aside robed and murdered by the Jews; and will sooner or later resist. That is where the lies and deceit of the Jews come  into play …”

~ Bobby Fischer

* control freaks – they have to control every situation

* Interesting how Bobby brings this genetic topic up coming from a Jewish background himself. By the mere fact he is highlighting the Jewish problem, in itself proves this genetic point to be weak.


 The genetics of the Jew does indeed have some persuasion. But I don’t think we should get caught up in this. Had there been a scenario where a Gentile baby boy was immediately handed over after birth to one of these psychotic Jewish families; having been circumcised and had all that judaic indoctrination – this child would be programmed to grow up to act just like a destructive supremacist Jew.

Likewise had a baby boy who was born from a Jewish family, who immediately after birth, had been handed over to a sane, loving, Gentile family; having avoided circumcision and been brought up with an abundance of love, self-worth and immersed in spiritual values. That child would be a sane individual, greatly contributing towards humanity.

So I feel it’s all about the environment and our conditioning, no matter what our genetics. We become what we absorb on every level.

The genes are just bullets in a gun, it’s up to us, our conditioned mindset – if we decide to trigger these bullets or not.”

~ Digger

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Android has become a hedge against Microsoft and Windows

HP SlateBook x2 is both an Android tablet and laptop. The laptop part is an Android first for HP.

HP SlateBook x2 is both an Android tablet and laptop. The laptop part is an Android first for HP.


Hewlett-Packard rolled out another Android device this week. This could become a pattern as PC makers hedge against a world that’s less about Microsoft and more about Google.

On Tuesday, the largest PC maker in the world — a dubious distinction these days — added a laptop-tablet hybrid to its growing stable of products based on Google operating systems.

The $479 HP SlateBook x2 is an
Android first for HP. It’s “powered by Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system…100 percent
tablet, 100 percent notebook, 100 percent Android,” according to the company’s ad copy.

The operative phrase is “most popular mobile operating system.” HP knows that mobile, not desktop, OSes are where things are headed.

This follows the announcement of an HP Chromebook and the Slate 7 Android tablet in February.

Don’t expect HP to stop there. Android is a force of nature that’s only going to get bigger and more important.

Asus, another big Windows PC maker, is leaning more on Android these days too. It makes the popular
Nexus 7 for Google (second-generation 7 is due soon), its Transformer Pad has been well received, and Asus came out with an Intel-based Android FonePad recently.

And Acer, after whining incessantly about Microsoft’s foray into the PC business via Surface, has been busy introducing its share of Android devices, like its most recent entrant, the Iconia A1.

All of the above “PC makers” will continue to make Windows laptops, hybrids, and tablets (HP also announced the Windows 8-based Split x2 this week), but the market momentum is in Android’s favor.

HP's 14-inch Chromebook is a steal at only $330.

HP’s 14-inch Chromebook is a steal at only $330.


Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/cnet/tcoc/~3/MZyftfRwJE4/

New MacBook Air imminent?

New MacBook Airs could be coming in weeks.

New MacBook Airs could be coming in weeks.


Signs may point to a refresh of Apple’s popular MacBook Air. Possibly next month.

AppleInsider said Friday that at large online retailers like MacConnection, stock has vanished for the popular 13.3-inch Air with a 1.8GHz processor and 256GB solid-state drive.

That said, Best Buy has stock, but it’s the “only reseller on AppleInsider’s
Mac Price Guide that is currently advertising available inventory,” according to AppleInsider.

Dwindling inventory at authorized Apple outlets is usually an indication that a product refresh is imminent.

And what, pray tell, will Apple deliver with the next Air? It’s pretty much a given that Intel’s next-gen Haswell chip — with improved graphics — will be on board.

That processor will debut in early June, and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference will follow soon thereafter.

It’s much less certain that Apple will adopt a Retina display for the MBA. Though the addition of a Retina display is seemingly a no-brainer, those displays still entail a lot of extra cost and can wreak havoc on battery life in thin designs.

The thinnest MacBook with a Retina display is the 0.75-inch-thick 13.3-inch
MacBook Pro. But it’s thick by MBA standards — partly to accommodate a large battery — an indication of the challenge of getting these displays into the most svelte designs.

High-resolution display technology is advancing rapidly, however, so Apple could surprise.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/cnet/tcoc/~3/g94n9a18O2E/

Teen dies trying to hold onto iPad during theft, police say


It’s a natural instinct to resist if someone tries to steal something out of your hand.

In Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon, that instinct might have cost a 15-year-old boy his life.

As the Las Vegas Sun reports, Marcos Vincente Arenas was walking down the street, holding an

Police say an SUV pulled up alongside him. A man allegedly got out of the passenger seat and tried to wrest the iPad from Arenas.

The teen wouldn’t let go of the device, so, investigators say, he was dragged along by the alleged thief toward the vehicle.

He was still near the passenger door when the
car took off. Arenas was run over and died in hospital of his injuries.

Police have issued descriptions of both the driver and the passenger of the SUV, said to be a white Ford Explorer or Expedition.

This is the latest and most gruesome example of the phenomenon known as “Apple-picking.”

Though not exclusively confined to Apple devices, there is a nationwide increase in the public theft of gadgets.

Cities such as New York and San Francisco have been particularly vulnerable to such thefts, with some criticizing cell phone manufacturers for not doing enough to prevent them. Indeed, some believe that gadget companies see a stolen phone or
tablet as a sales opportunity.

In New York, 14 percent of all crimes last year were iPhone and iPad thefts. In San Francisco, nearly half of all robberies in 2012 involved a cell phone.

Police in San Francisco are even using controversial new methods — posing as thieves themselves — in an attempt to stop stolen iPhone trade at its source.

In regard to the iPad, Las Vegas Metro Police spokesman Bill Cassell told the Las Vegas Sun after the latest incident: “They’re lightweight, portable — you can run and hide with them. It’s about the next best thing to stealing money.”

Police urge those who might be victims not to resist, but to hand over the gadget.

Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/cnet/tcoc/~3/uWLcYCdh4Ws/