New Berrima Karens General Store of Bullies and Stalkers

Kiddy fiddler Hanratty told me today if I was a man, I should confront him face to face…(in front of his wife :)) I replied, is that why Katie Hanratty called her kissing cousin (Rodney George)…. 3 truck drivers from multiquip transport to try to assault me on my front lawn a few months back…. those 3 were too scared to try anything.. all they did was flap their beer guts at me, and go nose to nose in my face.. what do you expect from the Hanratty family… someone at least come and throw the first punch so I can have an excuse to defend myself…

Don’t throw stones at me like Geoff Hanratty did today.. or hit the side of my house and front door with timber…then pretend he didn’t do it.. Hanrattys are more cowardly than the lion in the wizard of Oz. L-)

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