Jews steal credit for every invention humans make

Jews steal credit for every invention humans make.

In case anyone (including myself) have forgotten, the Jews will steal anything that humans created and claim it as their own.

Whether its using the government to confiscate or destroy inventions and their owners secretly… or just stealing the blue prints when they try to patent the product, through the governmental process… Jews will always be Jews.

Today Jews own and run 99.9% of all the corporations across the world. Doesn’t matter whether its japanese or a chinese corporation, the Jews own them all.

Jews have been buying up many Brand names and calling them their own for decades now.

One note of thumb must be made: If someone’s a Jew, their name will be heard of. If someone’s not Jewish, then they’ll never be heard of. That aside, here are the so-called inventors of the very items you all use today.


Thomas Edison, Inventor of the light bulb, the film industry, and many more inventions – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way a Jew like him would ever invented a thousand things today. This is clearly hyperbole from the Jews.)


Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way in hell that a Jew like him would have an idea a how to make a code)



Robert Cailliau and Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventors of the internet – Discredited (Reason: These Jews didn’t know know the tools to make the internet before it’s first days.)


Alexander Graham Bell, inventors of the telephone – Discredited (Reason: The Jews have no common sense to know how telephones work during developing stages.before the prototype was made at the time)


Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins, Inventors of the television – Discredited (Reason: These Jews didn’t even know where the tools to make a television before it’s prototype was made.)


Orville and Willbur Wright, inventors of the airplane – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way the airplane was something the Jews thought up on their own.)

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  1. Lex Mercatoria says:

    It’s well known Edison had a staff of inventors who actually produced most of the inventions for his company, just as is done today. That he cheated Nikola Tesla says a lot, too.

    Bell probably went down in the history books because he had the big money behind him and capitalized on the device, like Salk with the polio vaccine. From what I gather Meucci really did invent a phone device though he wasn’t the only one. Nathan Stubblefield of Virginia developed a more elegant system but was ignored.

    Farnsworth also later invented & patented an electrically controlled fusion device in the 1960s while working for ITT, though they buried the invention. I think Farnsworth was human because he’s been pretty much forgotten, his television system having been stolen by the jews of RCA Corporation with his fusor just recently brought back to light.

    I’m sure the Wright brothers weren’t the first to invent a practical airplane, not that it mattered because Tesla had probably already obsoleted aerodyne technology with electrodyne technology by the time they made their famous flight.

    I can see Edison & Bell perhaps being jews, but are you sure Meucci & Farnworth were, too? How do you know the other men were?

    • I’m not sure about the other men being Jews. I’m not really sure about the others, though. Most of them do look Jewy to me, especially that Engelbart guy.

    • Lex, that Farnsworth fusor…I looked that up. You mentioned jews display guarded technology through sci-fi media (comics were the first to do this, another jew created industry) in another post, and you know what? That’s something I’ve pondered for awhile. I also believe that as well, and have for quite sometime. Back to the fusor reactor, which I wouldn’t call it nuclear fusion, but using electricity to create a plasmoid (plasma another form of electric magnetic phenomenon). There is much potential with the fusor reactor as far as power production, and to be honest, the fusor could be a continuation of Teslas work? highly possible? Iron Man came to mind when I looked up the fusor. Thanks for sharing that information. By the way another example of how jews guard advanced tech. I’m sure you remember the book, and movie The Hunt for Red October. Do you recall the propulsion the Russian naval sub used? It was dubbed a caterpillar drive. Essentially it was a magnetohydordynamic drive that used a strong magnetic field to propel it forward. Well a professor named Steward Way, of mechanical engineering at the University of California developed that so called “sci-fi” technology back in 1965.

      • Lex Mercatoria says:


        Thanks for your reply. The book “Lost Science” by Gerry Vassilatos has much data on the Farnsworth fusor and other lost inventions. It doesn’t surprise me the “caterpillar” drive mentioned in that film was really an MHD drive; thanks for pointing that one out. Though I’d like to it would require too much of my time to compile a list of “occult science reveals” in Hollyweird films.

        Sometimes when a revolutionary technology is available the Elite will tell us they’re either just beginning to research the basic concepts or flat-out uninterested.

        So, when they informed a few years ago they finally cloned Dolly the sheep I interpreted that as code language for what I’ve long suspected: they’ve been replicating humans for years. From what I gather it’s been going on since the 1970s.

      • So this “new” technology they have given to us is seen through Hollywood… The sci-fi genre must be shut down..

  2. All of hollywood needs to be shutdown!

  3. mcem says:

    is there any proof that rense, eric hufschmid, david irving, duke or icke , rense are controlled opposition. if they openly dont mention the entire jewry maybe they are afraid they might end up dead.its common sense for people with intelligence to make up their own conclusions.

    • The Ku Klux Klan were run by Jews pretending to be Europeans without Jewish blood. In Duke’s case, he’s a Grand Wizard. In the case of others, You are correct on them not openly mentioning the entire Jewish race as the threat. It’s because they control the message.

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