Iconic hard rock guitarist Buckethead coming to The Showbox in Seattle

A 22a band member playing a set with a bucket on his head obviously make for a hilarious time.

That’s exactly what Buckethead’s gimmick has been for the past 31 years, entertaining audiences all over the world with his unique sets that many have not forgotten. Buckethead’s brand is heavy metal, which, at the time he came onto the scene in 1987, was a mainstay on the charts.

Don’t let the KFC bucket on his head fool you, he’s the real deal when it comes to his music. His journey to iconic status began in Southern California, where, in the shadows of the Magic Kingdom, he learned how to play guitar. His guitar playing was just a hobby on the picturesque shores of Orange County, but when he moved to the Los Angeles County suburb of Claremont, his hobby turned into a real passion.

After taking private lessons to improve his playing, he needed a stage identity, and he got it from the horror film Halloween. He would put a KFC bucket on his head and name himself Buckethead. From that point on, Buckethead would skyrocket to icon status, and he’s still going strong this very day.

Now approaching the golden age of 50, Buckethead is still on the road, playing to sold-out shows across the country, which will include a stop to The Showbox in Seattle for a show that no one will want to miss.

You can catch Buckethead live on June 24 at the famed The Showbox (1426 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98101). Be there, or be prepared to hide the shame of missing his show underneath a KFC chicken bucket. 

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