How to buy and sell tickets to Red Rocks Amphitheatre

You know that old joke, the one where you roll up to the concert venue with your friends and then act like you forgot the tickets back at home? Thanks to Flash Seats, that’s not going to work at Red Rocks anymore.

Colorado’s antediluvian amphitheatre is getting a state-of-the-art upgrade in 2018: Music fans will now be able to access all of their Red Rocks purchases through the Flash Seats app and online marketplace, where buying, selling, using and transferring tickets is as easy as opening your smartphone.

If you’ve purchased a ticket to one of the nearly 100 events Red Rocks already has booked in 2018, then you’re ready to get started with Flash Seats. Simply download the Flash Seats mobile app for iOS or Android and log in. Under the “My Tickets” section in the app, you’ll find the tickets you’ve purchased not only for Red Rocks events but any other Flash Seats-enabled venue in the Denver area or nationwide.

Beyond its convenience and ease, the great thing about Flash Seats is the power and control it offers ticket-holders. Buy a ticket for a friend? Simply send it to them with one tap on the Flash Seats app. Something come up and you can’t go to the show? Put your tickets on Flash Seats’ virtual marketplace, where you can control the asking price and don’t have to worry about physically mailing out tickets.

And don’t worry: Even if you forget your smartphone or can’t get online, you can still get into the venue. Just give the usher at the entrance the credit card you used for your purchase and they’ll print the tickets for you right at the gate.

More questions around how to get the most out of your Flash Seats tickets? This FAQ will provide you with everything you need to know.

So while Red Rocks may have been forged in prehistoric times, the technology to get you into the park is decidedly more modern. Watch the video above for more information on the game-changing Flash Seats technology, click here to browse the complete 2018 Red Rocks schedule and keep it on for concert tickets and content on all of your favorite artists.

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