Hillary Clinton is an Alcoholic Drunk – Wikileaks


A new Wikileaks email just exposed that Hillary Clinton loves to drink. This is coming from Wikileaks. In one telling line in a new WikiLeaks drop, John Podesta and communications aide Jennifer Palmieri are caught discussing whether to “sober her up some.”

A new WikiLeaks email ID 25842 reveals that Hillary was boozed up until 4:30 in the afternoon.

“Should I call her and talk this through or better leave with you?” Podesta asked at 2 p.m. “I’m worried she’ll get on with Cheryl [Mills] and we’ll end up in a bad place.”

Then Palmieri responds to Podesta:

I think you should call her and sober her up some”, she said.

We need to get this out there! Even her own staff think that she is a drunk.

Check out this video below of Hillary Clinton drunk.

Hillary is not a good choice for President. She is not going to make it through the stress and the negotiations.

God bless Trump for standing up to this drunkard. Trump doesn’t drink. Should we elect an alcoholic as president?



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Source Article from http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheEuropeanUnionTimes/~3/uVlEV_plmJc/

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