Flying Taxis to be Trialled in New Zealand

Flying Taxis to be Trialled in New Zealand

March 13th, 2018

They have their doomsteads here, so…

Via: Radio New Zealand:

A network of self-piloted, flying taxis will be trialled in New Zealand, in a partnership with the government.

Airways, New Zealand’s air navigation service provider confirmed the trial and said it will develop a nationwide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) traffic management system which will integrate the flying taxis.

The New York Times reported that a company funded by Google’s co-founder Larry Page, Zephyr Airworks, has been testing the drone-like electric aircraft called Cora in the South Island, and that the company will today make a joint announcement with the Prime Minister about the next phase.

The aim now is to gain aviation certification for the flying taxis.




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