Andrew McCabe axed with President Trump praising the dismissal of the FBI’s deputy director

Attorney General Jeff Sessions accepted a recommendation that McCabe be terminated over a decision to let FBI officials talk with a reporter about an investigation of the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 election.

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Final Victims Recovered From Florida Bridge Wreckage

Following an around-the-clock rescue effort at the site of a collapsed footbridge in Miami, Florida, authorities said late Saturday that the final victim had been recovered from the debris ― more than two days after the sudden collapse of the 950-ton structure. 

Juan Perez, director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said at a press conference that the remains of five people had been pulled from the rubble on Saturday. A sixth victim had died at a hospital.

Perez said rescuers would be scouring the wreckage again to ensure that no other victims are buried, but added that he was “confident that no one’s left.” 

Video captured Saturday at the site of the collapsed bridge, located near the campus of Florida International University, showed rescue workers removing slabs of concrete and other materials to reach the vehicles and victims trapped below. 

At least eight cars were partially or completely crushed by the bridge when it suddenly crumpled on Thursday. Footage captured by a Miami Herald reporter showed “unrecognizable” vehicles being pulled from the rubble. 

“They didn’t stop,” Perez said of rescue crews, who have worked tirelessly since the bridge collapsed. “The only pause from the rescuers was when we asked them to pause so that we could pray over every victim.” 

Police have identified four victims: Oswald Gonzalez, 57; Alberto Arias, 53; Rolando Fraga Hernandez; and Navarro Brown, who had been working on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

Alexa Duran, an 18-year-old FIU student, was identified by her family as one of the victims. 

Investigations are underway into the cause of the bridge collapse. 

In the days before the accident, a crack in the structure had been noticed and reported to state officials by a lead engineer for FIGG Bridge Group, the company that designed the walkway. The engineer said at the time, however, that safety was not a concern.

In the hours before the bridge collapse, members of the bridge design team, including employees from FIU, FIGG and the Munilla Construction Company, held a meeting to discuss the crack — but concluded there were no safety hazards.


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  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Russia expels British diplomats amid growing tension after former spy poisoning

The move is latest in a growing feud between Russia and the United Kingdom after the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter — with Prime Minister Theresa May saying there is “no alternative conclusion” than Russia being responsible.

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The Children Of Eastern Ghouta Are Living In Their Own Tombs

The people of eastern Ghouta are living in their own tombs. That’s what it feels like in the small basements where thousands of families shelter, day and night, as bombs and missiles fall outside.

The recent military escalation, as the Syrian government reclaims more and more opposition territory, has paralyzed life here. Our markets and schools are closed, and our homes are destroyed.

The basement shelters are overcrowded, damp and dark, and many have no sanitation or ventilation. Hundreds of children live in these shelters, as well as people with bomb injuries, diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses. There is an ever-present threat of disease spreading because of the poor conditions. In one area, we found 1,000 children with lice living in multiple shelters. Others have scabies and skin diseases because they lack of water for washing.

Aid workers like me are trying to deliver things such as bread, blankets and soap to thousands of people, but the bombs rarely stop long enough to make that possible.

And there’s no way out of this hell. The crossings in and out of eastern Ghouta are now completely blocked off. There used to be tunnels connecting us to Damascus that allowed people to smuggle basic humanitarian goods like medicine, food and vaccines. The tunnels were a lifeline for many families here. Last year they were destroyed, and now these supplies are extremely scarce.

A wounded man in a shelter in Douma, Syria, on March 11, 2018. (Bassam Khabieh/Reuters)A wounded man in a shelter in Douma, Syria, on March 11, 2018. (Bassam Khabieh/Reuters)

It is impossible to find simple things such as antibiotics, and supplies like surgical gloves, gauze and bandages have to be reused. Children have had limbs amputated because of cluster bombs. Sedatives and anesthetics are in very short supply and have to be rationed, so some operations go ahead without them. Electricity here shut down in 2012, and hospitals can’t get fuel for operation rooms and generators because it’s prohibited. Non-urgent operations are canceled to save medical supplies for more urgent cases.

There are hundreds of sick people, including children with cancer, who need urgent evacuation. Many have been waiting for months but are not allowed to leave. Some have died waiting, or because their medicine has run out.

When disasters happen in other parts of the world, doctors from outside are deployed to help, but here, there is nothing. The medical staff that remain here are themselves suffering from the shelling and displacement. They are exhausted from carrying out thousands of surgeries in such poor conditions.

Children have had limbs amputated because of cluster bombs. Sedatives and anesthetics are in very short supply and have to be rationed, so some operations go ahead without them.

Even those who are not critically ill are unhealthy. Because of the siege, food prices are unfathomably high; a loaf of bread that used to cost 20 cents now costs $3. Among children under five, malnutrition is common, as many children eat one meal every two days and regularly go to bed hungry. We have seen a surge in miscarriages, because women don’t have enough to eat to sustain a pregnancy.  

Most families can’t afford the basics, including bread, milk, biscuits and simple items that were readily available before the war. The food crisis has worsened over the winter, and now more than 50 percent of children under five are at risk of malnutrition unless they get care very soon.

When children cannot eat, they cannot learn ― but then, their schools have been shut down, too. Some schools have been targeted and destroyed in direct assaults, and 57,000 students have been forced out of school. Before the war, pupils played basketball and football in the schoolyard, had picnics and visited laboratories for science classes. Now, some of these children have lost limbs and others have lost their lives.

Teachers work with what they have, so that some education can continue. They have been sending messages to pupils via WhatsApp or visiting them at home, so that when the war ends, we do not find ourselves with an uneducated generation.

Syrian children wait to be evacuated from the eastern Ghouta enclave on the outskirts of Damascus on March 15, 2018.  (LOUAI BESHARA/Getty Images)Syrian children wait to be evacuated from the eastern Ghouta enclave on the outskirts of Damascus on March 15, 2018.  (LOUAI BESHARA/Getty Images)

At home, many young children can’t sleep. When they see an airplane in the sky, they are terrified. The atmosphere of constant fear ― nonstop airstrikes, cluster bombs, shells and the death and injury of people around us ― causes untold psychological trauma even for grownups. One can only imagine what it does to children.

There are children in eastern Ghouta who have been trapped under the rubble of bombed houses for 12 hours and dragged out close to death, only to find they have lost their father, or their siblings, or one of the friends they used to play with. To cope, some have become introverted and others have become aggressive.

Everybody in eastern Ghouta is drained of energy by years of war, poverty and the loss of everything they once had. In the past few months, as the bombing has escalated, locals expected commitment to international agreements, de-escalation zones and the United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution, but this has not happened. We urgently need an end to the bombing of civilians, and the access points opened so humanitarian aid can flow freely and people can move around without fear for their lives.

The names of the international agreements that are supposed to help us may change, but nothing on the ground does. The bombing continues despite them.

Time is running out. Either we save the children of eastern Ghouta, or we lose them.

Mounif Ahmed is the pseudonym for a local aid worker with an eastern Ghouta-based NGO that works to provide education and sanitation.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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McCabe firing could lead to a test of America’s political system

A path to conflict may have been set in motion now that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Stephen Hawking’s Last Words Contained a Dire Threat to Humanity

Athiest or not, Stephen Hawking was very concerned about teh future of AI and how it could end life on earth as we know it. Hawking had a message about AI. It was the last message he ever left. What did Hawking say about AI? It was downright frightening.



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Photos: Tove Styrke brings amazing energy to Staples Center opening for Lorde

Lorde made her way back to Los Angeles as part as her Melodrama World Tour last week, where opener Tove Styrke kicked the  concert at Staples Center off with her eclectic look and dreamy electro-pop sound. 

Styrke, who is a Swedish singer/songwriter, is making her name in pop music by opening up for Lorde on this tour. In addition to opening for one of the biggest popstars in the world, she also will be making her way to Europe with Katy Perry for the European leg of her Witness tour.

Styrke took the stage with neon-green colored pants, and danced her way through her hits such as “Mistakes” and “Say My Name.” In addition to playing her own hits, she played a cover of “Liability” by Lorde, and nailed it. Check out the photos from the show above, and grab tickets to upcoming Lorde shows with Tove Styrke opening right here on AXS. 

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Comedy takes center stage as Seth MacFarlane brings ‘The Orville’ to PaleyFest

Two days in and the 35th Annual PaleyFest is proving to be out of this world. While Friday night’s festivities kicked things off with a special tribute to music icon Barbra Streisand, Saturday ushered in the comedic talents from Fox’s “The Orville.” Seth MacFarlane and team were on hand, giving fans some insight into the science fiction comedy, as it gears up for the premiere of Season 2.

Want to know what to expect? Here are some guesses on what the future of the show might bring and a look at just a few of the reasons people love, “The Orville.”

5. “The Orville” Is Its Own Entity

As Halston Sage put it, “Even though it’s reminiscent of other sci-fi shows, it’s really its own thing.” The rest of the cast was in agreement with the actress, who plays Lt. Alara Kitan, when it came to describing the essence of the series. With comparisons to “Lost in Space,” “Buck Rogers,” “Galaxy Quest” and “Star Trek,” the truth is, there is nothing else like it in existence. “Seth has put something together that really has never been done quite this way,” actor Chad L. Coleman (Klyden) pointed out. “The Orville” is a hybrid of wonderful things that highlight MacFarlane’s talent for placing complex characters in a fictional world. He makes them not only believable but relatable, which is a key ingredient to any good fantasy.

4. Who Is The Biggest Practical Joker Behind The Scenes?

It’s unanimous. Scott Grimes is the winner. Yes, the actor who plays Lt. Gordon Malloy is the one behind the scenes who keeps this crew in stitches. It would also appear that he has a partner in crime to aid in his efforts. J.Lee, who plays Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr, serves as Grimes’ off-screen comedy counterpart. Watching the pair just before they stepped on stage to greet their fans was like witnessing a show in itself. The two played off of each other like a finely-tuned guitar. While Lee complemented Grimes, Grimes complemented Lee, and they both literally ran circles around each other which had everyone bursting out into fits of laughter. “We both try to bring that energy every day to set,” Lee says. If that’s the case, keep those cameras rolling.

3. Music Plays A Big Part In The Show

“The Orville” has a hidden (or not so hidden) secret. Music is a fundamental part of the show. Everyone knows MacFarlane is the musical genius that he is (click here to check out his latest album In Full Swing) but he’s not the only one who possesses that talent. Scott Grimes and J.Lee not only carried the comedy at PaleyFest, they also showed they know how to carry a tune. After bursting out into an impromptu musical number mid-interview, Grimes tells AXS, they actually do that all day long. On J. Lee’s claim that he knows every song ever, Grimes will just start singing, and Lee will step in to match the lyrics – even if those lyrics are made up at the moment.

Sage adds yet another musical element to the mix as a former star of the TV series “How to Rock.” She says that Grimes and MacFarlane are both so knowledgeable when it comes to music, on-set they’ll play a snippet of a song and get each other to guess what it is. So, is it possible to see a musical episode of “The Orville” happening? Both Grimes and Lee agree there will surely be some version of that in the future. Grimes’ guess is that it would play out “Les Mis or Opera style.”  “It doesn’t have to rhyme either,” he added. “But it would be great if it did.”

2. Women Rule The Universe On “The Orville”

Seth MacFarlane has done something fantastic with “The Orville,” by creating female characters who embody some pretty powerful traits. Penny Johnson Jerald revealed that her favorite part about playing Dr. Claire Finn is that she gets to portray a “real” woman. “I love that she’s not intimidated and she’s a leader,” Jerald expressed. Adrianne Palicki echoes that sentiment. She says that it’s her character’s strength she identifies with most. Starring as MacFarlane’s ex-wife on the show, the actress explained how playing Cmdr. Kelly Grayson is all about finding that balance between being a female and still being strong. With MacFarlane at the helm, it’s thrilling to imagine what the future holds for this group.

1. Where Does Seth And His Team Get Their Ideas?

While MacFarlane jokes that it’s the oldest question in the book, he says, “You can’t look for an idea. It just kind of comes when it comes.” As he has proven with other shows in the past, it all boils down to developing strong characters. “The conversation that you have outside of the office or in the writers’ room is really about talking, and just trying to figure out where something catches fire,” he added. Like his other work, it’s obvious there is no fear when it comes to tackling issues and spinning it with comedy. “You can go all the way back to ‘The Twilight Zone,’ and there was nothing they wouldn’t talk about in their own way,” MacFarlane says. “I think the second you start closing off issues, certainly issues that are of the moment, with regard to your storytelling, then you’re not doing your job.”

Thankfully, for the rest of us, Seth MacFarlane and his crew continue to do their jobs, both on and off the ship. Certainly, Season 2 of “The Orville” will bring plenty of laughter and more opportunities to show us how we can always strive to do better.

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Top three likely first-round playoff matchups for Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights only need six more points to clinch a National Hockey League postseason berth in their inaugural season, which is amazing for an expansion team. Despite a two-game losing streak currently at T-Mobile Arena, the team definitely wants to secure as many home-ice games as possible in the Stanley Cup playoffs ahead.

Sunday’s game against the Calgary Flames (35-27-10) has significant meaning for both teams, as the Flames are trying to catch the three teams ahead of them in the Western Conference chase for the final wild-card spot. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights’ lead in the Pacific Division is down to six points over the San Jose Sharks, even though Vegas has a game in hand.

A first-place finish in the Pacific means home-ice advantage for the first two rounds of the playoffs, while a second-place division result means only home-ice advantage for one round of the postseason. The good news is the Golden Knights have an 11-point lead over the Los Angeles Kings for that third position, with an extra game to play as well.

Vegas obviously wants as much home ice as it can get for the playoffs. While the Golden Knights have lost two straight and six of their last ten, the Sharks have won four straight. The two teams also play each other twice more this season: March 22 in San Jose and March 31 in Las Vegas in the Vegas regular-season home finale

A first-place division finish means the Golden Knights would take on the first Western Conference wild-card team in the first round, while a second-place division finish means Vegas would play the third-place Pacific team. Based on these parameters, these are the three most probable first-round matchups for the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup playoffs next month.

1. Colorado Avalanche: Currently in the top wild-card sport with 84 points and a game in hand over the Dallas Stars, the Avs and the Golden Knights actually play twice more this season as well. The matchups come in back-to-back games on March 24 in Denver and March 26 in Sin City. The two teams have played once this season, a 7-0 win for the Golden Knights back on October 27 at T-Mobile. The two remaining games will play a large role in determining each team’s playoff position.

2. Dallas Stars: Vegas went 2-1 against Dallas this year, winning the first game on the season on the road and another game in Dallas on December 9. However, the Golden Knights lost at home to the Stars, 3-0, on November 28. That was the first shutout loss in Vegas franchise history. Technically, Dallas is tied with Anaheim for that final Western Conference playoff spot, but the Stars have the tiebreak advantage over the Ducks based on regulation/overtime wins (34-32).

3. Los Angeles Kings: The two teams played four times this year already, with the Golden Knights winning the first two games and the Kings winning the last two (on back-to-back nights, no less, late last month). This is not a preferable matchup for Vegas, as Los Angeles has an experienced and playoff-tested goaltender in Jonathan Quick. He backstopped the Kings to Cup titles in 2012 and 2014. Strangely, L.A. also is tied with Anaheim for the third spot in the Pacific, but again, the Ducks lose the tiebreak to the Kings (by an even larger margin, 37-32). 

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5 reasons to see Pop Evil live

Pop Evil is currently on the Music Over Words Tour in support of their all-new, self-titled LP. Palaye Royale and label-mates Black Map will serve as support for all dates. This is a tour that Pop Evil fans will want to see, here are 5 reasons why.

The energy

A Pop Evil show isn’t just a concert, it is an experience created by the talent and chemistry Leigh Kakaty, Hayley Cramer, Dave Grahs, Matt DiRito and Nick Fuelling when they take the stage. The energy that hits fans in the face as the band explodes into “Deal With The Devil” is palpable. Instantly the crowd begins to bounce up and down as one mass of passionately amped-up metal-heads.

Leigh Kakaty’s voice

It is deceivingly effortless the way lead vocalist Leigh Kakatay belts out chorus after chorus on hit after hit during a Pop Evil concert. With a wonderfully warm tone to his vocals, his consistent demonstration of control over his range and the emotion he pours into his performances, Leigh certainly gets the crowd to feel a song. His infectious package of looks, charisma and talent never fail to whip fans into a frenzy.

Hayley Cramer

Hayley is a bad-ass metal chick that always slays it on the drums. The metal world can be a bit of a boys club but Cramer has made her presence known and can rock with the best of them. It is such a pleasure to watch this beauty in action setting the pace of the band and having a blast while she is ferociously pounding away.

Singing along

There is something very special about when a particular piece of music is played and everyone present is so touched by the song they all begin to sing along. This is what happened when “Monster You Made” is played. Voices raised, joyously singing together and caught up in the spirit of the track.


 “Ways To Get High”

“Boss’s Daughter”

“Torn To Pieces”

“Waking Lions”

“Ex Machina”

“Deal With The Devil”

“Nothing But Thieves”


“Art Of War”

“Monster You Made”

“Silence And Scars”

“Be Legendary”

“Take It All”



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