New Berrima Karens General Store – Geoff Hanratty trying to run over my cat

What an evil twisted piece of filth Geoff Hanratty is… owner of Karens General Store New Berrima.

He saw my cat at the back of the shop lane, started his work’s (RAWSON HOMES) company car and put his foot down chasing after it.

My cat had to run so hard to stay ahead of his company car, he just managed to have time to turn left and save himself from being run over by Geoff Hanratty’s full throttle V6.. It’s the first time I saw anyone drive down that lane so hard.

Your a low life piece of scum hanratty, and you knew I was watching too. You made your spiteful point you evil scum :ymsick:

Even the neighbors saw your evil deed this afternoon while their kids were playing out the back. It won’t be forgotten.