A Simultaneous Coup and Counter-Coup Is Underway in America

In the present series that I have authored in the previous parts of the present series published The Common Sense Show, I have presented information of the following:

  1. Three days in advance of Judge Navarro’s ordered release of the Bundy men, I reported that a judicial order would be forthcoming within the week that would order the release of the Bundys’. During the 3 day gap between my Youtube report and the ordered release, I received scathing reviews of people doubting the authenticity of the report which emanated from an agent in the FBI. The devleopment validates the claims made by my FBI source.
  2. It was previously reported that Navarro was directly taking orders from former President Obama, even after he left office with regard to her conduct and rulings from the bench. I have since learned since that publication, that loyalist elements of the FBI and the DOJ have Navarro on tape for this crime which entails, treason, malfeasance of office, bribery and obstruction of justice.
  3. In the same surveillance web, Navarro also was found to be legally protecting Harry Reid and his son, who were paid $4.65 for helping to facilitate (a) the intended extraction of uranium from the Cliven Bundy’ ranch; and (b) the placement of a Chinese solar energy farm on the Bundy land as well as other rancher’s lands. Items two and three on this list were all caught on tape.
  4. In a new, and as of this date, unpublished revelation, Navarro was previously questioned by the FBI on these matters and she lied. This is yet another felony and these subsequent developments were used by the loyalist members of the FBI and a related DOJ taskforce to leverage the release of the Bundys’.
  5. Navarro will be turning state’s evidence at a near date in the future if Trump is successful in bringing this attack against the Deep State to a new level.
  6. The previously mentioned Chinese solar energy firm is a front group for the Chinese military. In the last installment in this series, it was established that the solar energy farms were to be located on land that was adjacent to a major Air Force base. This is significant and a “Red Dawn” type of invasion coming out of South and Central America would be thwarted by superior American air power unless the airpower could be negated by insurgent forces and that is what I contend is the purpose of the Chinese solar energy farms. Additionally, the Chinese solar energy farms would provide electrical power to local Chinese troops in the event of an EMP attack upon America perpetrated by the North Koreans. Additionally, about a month ago, Paul Martin and myself produced two investigative reports with photos that demonstrated that the United Nations forces were setting up a communications system outside of Rawlins, Wyoming that would operate in the aftermath of an EMP attack.

Before exposing the elements of the assembling of a “Red Dawn” force, by Russia, that will be brought to bear against America, it is important to note that there developing reports which serve to enhance the scope of the claims made in this article and also will serve to enhance this information.

Darin Damme has been the most popular talk show host in Arizona over the past 11 months. His show and my show cover very similar issues regarding the Deep State, Hillary Clinton’s criminality, etc. Consistently Damme has offered the best evidence to support his notion that a Deep State coup and Trump’s led counter-coup is well underway.

The coup is designed to replace Trump and bring down the existing poltical structure. Damme has never relied on an unnamed source that I have heard until his show which aired on December 3, 2017 in the 6pm hour.

Damme claims that it was always the intention of General Flynn to entrap himself and a compromised Mueller is being forced to set a trap for much of the Deep State. On the morning of Damme’s show, 14 hours before Darin aired his show, I published a Youtube video in which I stated that I was being admonished by many colleagues (eg Liz Crokin) who were encouraging me to recognize the trap being set. In the following. I admitted to being criticized by my media colleagues on this point, However, I remained undecided and uncommited on this point as you will hear on this point. I want to emphasize that Darin Damme, Paul Preston and Liz Crokin have all told me that the Mueller double-cross of the Deep State is real. Here is the Youtube video I published 14 hours prior to Damme’s show. The parallels between our two shows is stunning because we are not talking to the same people.

Darin Damme will appear in the first hour of The Common Sense Show, this coming Sunday (December 9, 2017) in the first hour (8pm Eastern).

In the late evening of December 4th and into the very early morning hours of December 5th, I had a detailed conversation with Paul Preston about these events. The following represents what I learned from Preston in this conversation:

  1. As previously reported on The Common Sense Show, Mueller did indeed deliver the first batch of highly enriched uranium on behalf of The Clinton Foundation, to Russia. The previously reported Rostov Memo that implicated Mueller as being the first delivery agent of the uranium, made public, is the smoking gun for this claim.
  2. As previously claimed on The Common Sense Show following the Sutherland Springs, TX., massacre, Preston confirmed that the CALEXIT movement is the home for all large-scale domestic terrorist activities. CALEXIT is supported and directed by George Soros, The Bank of China, HSBC Bank, the Mexican Consulate, the combination of the drug cartels and terrorist organization (ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood), Eric Holder, California Governor Jerry Brown, Loretta Lunch, former President Obama and of course, the United Nations.
  3. Paul Preston supports my position with regard to the Chinese solar energy firms being a front group for the Chinese military and all the national security issues that comes with this development.
  4. Years ago, The Common Sense Show published findings that DHS was the creation of the former head of the East German Stasi, Markus Wolf, who was a former Nazi. He was paid $5 million for his efforts in setting up DHS. In other words, DHS, like NASA, was the creation of Nazi forces. It is Steve Quayle’s basic contention that the Germans may have lost World War II on paper, however,  Nazi forces took over America. If you have not read the book, Empire Beneath the Ice. this is a must read in which Steve contends that Nazis actually won World War II. This is where Paul Preston and Steve Quayle find common ground. According to Preston, Ukraine is dominated by Nazi forces. The Ukraine attempted to assist Hitler in his invasion of Russia in retribution to the abuse perpetrated against Ukrainians perpetrated by Stalin. When the Ukraine was overthrown by the CIA, they did so with their Nazi assets. Today, thanks to the CIA, the Nazis run Ukraine. 
  5. Preston contends that the present nuclear/EMP threat posed by North Korea is the product of Ukrainian assistance, not Chinese assistance. Courtesy of old Soviet nuclear based weapons, the North Koreans are receiving some of the best ICBM capabilities as evidenced by the recent NK launch of the ICBM which reached a maximum height of 2800 miles. This was an EMP weapons experiment. This is what the Nazis and the North Koreans plan to do to America. This is why the UN has established EMP foolproof communications devices outside of Rawlins, Wyoming. In short, Preston contends that the North Koreans are being spurred on by the Nazis in Ukraine, not China.

Paul Preston will be a guest on The Common Sense Show, this Sunday, December 9, 2017 in the third hour (10-11pm Eastern).

In the next installment in this series, previously available open-sourced intelligence will be offered which will demonstrate that the Russians have assembled a Red Dawn force that will originate out of Central and South America. The re-introduction of this previously vetted intelligence information will serve to support the exposing of the Chinese solar energe farms being placed in proximity to major military bases  which would have to be neutralized in the event of an attack. It should be mentioned that this information has been available but the context of the intelligence was not apparent, until now.

These are unprecedented times in American history as we are undergoing a simultaneous coup and counter-coup for control of our country.


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