A Cop Watchers Story: The Fight Against Police Brutality


The footage is startling at times and shows a pregnant women being hurled to the ground and others being unnecessarily kicked and punched in the head. The footage is a prime example why Dennis Flores started El Grito de Sunset Park Cop Watch, a group that films the police in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Dennis was inspired to start this initiative when he witnessed a teen being manhandled in a subway station. While recording the incident, Dennis was maced and assaulted by officers on the scene. The encounter resulted in permanent nerve damage to Dennis hands, and a gash on his head. From then on, Dennis vowed to ensure that the rights of New Yorkers were protected during police encounters.

These sorts of incidents have become common place across America and like Dennis says in the video it is important that we all start to record the Police. Police body cams only cover the line of sight of the police officer and not the police officer themselves. In these times the importance of filming police is fundamental and we all need more people like Dennis.

Source: BricTV

Source Article from http://filmingcops.com/cop-watchers-story-the-war-on-police-brutality/

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