5 reasons to see Pop Evil live

Pop Evil is currently on the Music Over Words Tour in support of their all-new, self-titled LP. Palaye Royale and label-mates Black Map will serve as support for all dates. This is a tour that Pop Evil fans will want to see, here are 5 reasons why.

The energy

A Pop Evil show isn’t just a concert, it is an experience created by the talent and chemistry Leigh Kakaty, Hayley Cramer, Dave Grahs, Matt DiRito and Nick Fuelling when they take the stage. The energy that hits fans in the face as the band explodes into “Deal With The Devil” is palpable. Instantly the crowd begins to bounce up and down as one mass of passionately amped-up metal-heads.

Leigh Kakaty’s voice

It is deceivingly effortless the way lead vocalist Leigh Kakatay belts out chorus after chorus on hit after hit during a Pop Evil concert. With a wonderfully warm tone to his vocals, his consistent demonstration of control over his range and the emotion he pours into his performances, Leigh certainly gets the crowd to feel a song. His infectious package of looks, charisma and talent never fail to whip fans into a frenzy.

Hayley Cramer

Hayley is a bad-ass metal chick that always slays it on the drums. The metal world can be a bit of a boys club but Cramer has made her presence known and can rock with the best of them. It is such a pleasure to watch this beauty in action setting the pace of the band and having a blast while she is ferociously pounding away.

Singing along

There is something very special about when a particular piece of music is played and everyone present is so touched by the song they all begin to sing along. This is what happened when “Monster You Made” is played. Voices raised, joyously singing together and caught up in the spirit of the track.


 “Ways To Get High”

“Boss’s Daughter”

“Torn To Pieces”

“Waking Lions”

“Ex Machina”

“Deal With The Devil”

“Nothing But Thieves”


“Art Of War”

“Monster You Made”

“Silence And Scars”

“Be Legendary”

“Take It All”



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