Israeli F-16 Jet Shot Down For Violating Syrian Air Space: Putin Warned Polish Netanyahu To End Israeli Aggression

Israeli security stands around the wreckage of an F-16 that was shot in Syria then glided and crashed in northern Israel, near kibbutz of Harduf, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet has been shot down by Syrian military while targeting what it called Iranian sites responsible for launching a drone into occupied Golan Heights.

The Israeli military said on Saturday “a combat helicopter successfully intercepted an Iranian UAV that was launched from Syria and infiltrated Israel” [aka; Syria’s Golan Heights that is illegally occupied by State Of Israel].

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WashPost ‘Fact Checker’ Defends Obama’s Poor Record on Wages

The propagandists disguised as “fact-checkers” at the Washington Post unleashed pent-up frustration Wednesday when they evaluated President Donald Trump’s February 5 claim that wages are, “for the first time in many years, rising.” They gave Trump’s claim its worst possible evaluation of “Four Pinocchios,” i.e., a “whopper.” Too bad for the Post that detailed work published by Reuters two days earlier had already debunked its evaluation.

The Post’s text and its accompanying video betray glee at picking Trump’s claim apart.

First, some selected text:

According to The Fact Checker’s database of Trumpian claims, the president in his first year eight times falsely suggested that wages were finally rising because of his policies. He also made a similar claim in the State of the Union address.

After his statement in Cincinnati, several readers suggested it was time for a substantive fact check, with a Pinocchio rating, rather than simply filing it away in the database.

Here is the Post’s video titled “No, wages didn’t just start rising when Trump was elected”:

Transcript (0:24-0:30):

NARRATOR: Most economists agree overall wages have been rising since 2014, and wages for non-production and supervisory workers have been going up since 2013.

Given the video’s title (which should have focused on when Trump took office, not when he was elected), debunking the Post’s Four-Pinocchio evaluation (the real “whopper”) can now proceed.

“Most economists” say wages have been rising for some time. Unfortunately, the data supporting their claims was absent — until 2017.

On February 5, Reuters published the results of a deep dive into the government’s state-level weekly wage data. Here’s what its reporters found:

The kind of pay raises for which American workers have waited years are now here for a broadening swath of the country, according to a Reuters analysis of state-by-state data that suggests falling unemployment has finally begun boosting wages.

As I noted at my home blog last week, some credit should also go to tougher immigration enforcement and Trump’s efforts to rein in regulations.

A detailed Reuters graphic covering 2014-2017 shows that:

  • No state reported overall wage losses in 2017, while 10 did in 2015 and 2016.
  • 30 states reported inflation-beating wage gains of 3 percent or greater in 2017, more than double the number seen in the previous three years.

Factoring in the populations of the states involved, the 2017 turnaround from previous years is even more dramatic than the wire service’s report indicates:


The table shows that the wage-growth deteriorated from 2014 to 2016, and that states containing almost one-fifth of the nation’s population saw weekly wage declines during Barack Obama’s final calendar year in office. Meanwhile, the population of states with 3 percent or greater wage growth fell during those years — until quadrupling to nearly two-thirds of the population in 2017.

But the “fact checkers” at the Post let the “facts” be determined by the supposedly neutral Jay Shambaugh at the Hamilton Project. That’s a project of the left-leaning Brookings Institution. Mr. Shambaugh, the expert sticking up for Obama, was…a member of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. The Post doesn’t put those facts on the table for readers to consider. 

The Post should have been aware of Reuters’ February 5 findings when it published its clearly flawed February 7 “fact-check” — but the paper’s determination to hang Four Pinocchios on Trump was apparently too great.

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Joe Concha Slams Media for ‘Glamorizing’ North Korean Propagandist

Fox News Channel
Happening Now
February 12, 2018
11:23:13 AM Eastern

JON SCOTT: Just in on the Olympics. With critics slamming many members of the media for fawning over the sister of North Korea’s ruler. The mysterious young woman hijacking all of the attention at the winter games. Some outlets calling her the Ivanka Trump of North Korea. Here’s a sample of the headlines. But are the media ignoring a massive human rights issue?

Joining us now, Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill. Judy Miller is a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter, author, and Fox News contributor. Are you surprised, Judy, at the headlines that Kim’s little sister is getting?

JUDY MILLER: No, I’m not surprised. I mean, it’s kind of predictable. She is the shiny new object in the atmosphere. But let me tell you if you just go beyond those headlines, you get some fantastic reporting about what a monstrous regime this is about the extent to which North Korea starves, jails and tortures its own people. You get terrific reporting on the 30,000 North Koreans who have defected to the south but yes, this is an Olympics, Jon. This is show and they’re definitely part of the show. This is lipstick diplomacy … It will be very superficial and won’t last.

SCOTT: If the reporting is good why not reflect some of that in the headlines?

JOE CONCHA: That has been the problem. And more and more people– they scroll through their phones and they see a headline and a blurb, they won’t bother to read the story. It’s fast food journalism these days in terms of supply and demand. I hate to say it.

But let’s be clear, she is not the shiny new object. You know her official title? This is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. She is the director of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation, all right? The last part is a Henry Youngman joke in there somewhere. But to your point in terms of what is going on in North Korea, 18 million people are starving.


CONCHA: That’s insane. 120,000 people in work camps. And you can go on and on and on in terms of the number of people that have been killed under this regime. And to give a headline like that without any context, that has been the danger here. It is why critics, not just conservative critics but what I saw on social media all over the place left and right are slamming not just The New York Times, CNN, Reuters, ABC, NBC. You can go on and on. This is across the board of glamorizing somebody like this who, again, runs propaganda and couldn’t ask for any better press if she wanted it from the U.S. media.


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Univision Pushes LGBTQ Agenda, Discreetly Promotes ENDA

Today’s story out of Miami occupies the sweet spot  in the Venn diagram comprised of Univision’s anti-Catholicism and its strident LGBTQ advocacy, far from the mainstream of the network’s viewership. The network pulled off a neat trick- casting aspersions on longstanding religious freedom protections while slyly advocating for the proposed law that would destroy them.

A teacher was fired from the Miami Catholic school where she taught for several years, after revealing on social media that she entered into marriage with her long-time girlfriend. Here’s the closing of Univision correspondent Lourdes Del Río’s report for Univision’s evening newscast, as aired on Monday, February 12th, 2018:

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Since 2014, it is legal for same-sex couples to enter into marriage in Miami. However…some considered that what happened at this Miami Catholic school lays bare a controversy that has not yet been completely discussed at a national level.

DAMIAN PARDO, LGBTQ ACTIVIST: It goes to show you that discrimination against the LGBTQ community does exist, and that there are laws that are needed in order to protect these individuals and the community.

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: The teacher has hired a legal expert, and it is not known whether or not she will take action against the school. In Miami, Lourdes Del Rio, Univision.

Del Rio wastes no time casting the fired teacher as a sympathetic figure, as does anchor Jorge Ramos in framing the story. There is an attempt, from the outset, to suggest that parents are rallying to the teacher’s defense. But parent opinion as shown in the report was in favor of upholding the firing, which exposes the dishonest framing of the story. In fact, two of the parents appeared to be in support of the firing- and the one parent opposed seemed to be concerned over continuity rather than any LGBT issues. 

The more insidious portion of the report is shown above, when Del Rio goes on to suggest that there has been no national conversation about whether or not church-affiliated schools are free to hire whom they please or not.

In fact, there was a national conversation on this very subject matter, instigated at the behest of the Obama Justice Department and ended at the United States Supreme Court when the Court unanimously ruled (in Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC) that the ministerial exception to anti-discrimination employment statutes is protected under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. In plain English, church-owned schools are still free to consider individual adherence to church doctrine in making personnel determinations. Such subtleties must have escaped Del Rio, whose “national conversation” segue led to an LGBT activist to call for “laws that are needed”.

The law not called by its name is ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would place a hard ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Versions of this bill have bounced around Congress and the Florida Legislature for years despite having no chance to pass due to concerns over whether religious institutions would be compelled to hire persons -potential representatives of those institutions- that do not comply with fundamental church doctrines…such as, in this instance, the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.

Of course, these nuances were excluded from Univision’s report. The Miami-Dade Archdiocese should consider itself lucky that Univision even bothered to run its statement- ultimately a footnote, given the gross bias of the report in favor of same-sex marriage and against continued Constitutional protection of the ministerial exception.


Below is a cited portion of the above-referenced report as aired on Noticiero Univision on Monday, February 12th, 2018:

LOURDES DEL RIO, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: For grade-school teacher Jocelyn Morffi, getting married to her partner in a beachfront wedding on the Florida Keys was a dream come true. But when their pictures and videos emerged on social media, the dream of marrying her girlfriend turned into a nightmare. The Catholic school in Miami where she’d been working as a first-grade teacher for the past seven years has fired her. Parental reaction was immediate:

MOTHER #1: We’re here, trying for her to come back and fulfill her job (in good standing), as she’s done throughout the school year:

MOTHER #2: I think that they should’ve respected the laws, they’re a Catholic school, and, well, they’ve got their rules…

LOURDES DEL RIO: Others preferred to speak off-camera.

FATHER #1: You’ve also got to think about the child, no? How, now, to explain to them that the teacher that they loved was fired, and how to explain the reasons why, no?


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MSNBC Analyst: Trump’s the ‘Commander-in-Chief of American Rape Culture’

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NBC Downplays Purpose of NoKo Cheer Squad, CBS Points Out Dark Truth

After NBC took to Twitter over the weekend to tout how it was “so satisfying to watch” the North Korean cheerleading squad (before deleting it), Monday’s NBC Nightly News danced around and largely voided the reason the squad was there and what their actual purpose was. In contrast, CBS Evening News highlighted the outrage against the group and the dark reason they were performing.

Towards the end of a long segment about the Olympics, NBC News reporter Stephanie Gosk touted how much attention the cheerleaders were getting. “Not competing but getting a lot of attention here, those North Korean cheerleaders who have been stealing the show at hockey,” she said before downplaying the reason why they were attending. “Critics are calling them propaganda performers sent by Kim Jong-un to put a smiling face on a brutal regime.

So according to NBC, it was only the opinion of “critics” that said the cheerleaders were a propaganda tool for the North.

In contrast, CBS really wasn’t afraid to call them what they were, as anchor Jeff Glor proved when he announced that “North Korea brought its own cheering squad, gold medalists in propaganda,” during the lead into the story.



It’s a North Korean charm offensive some South Koreans just find offensive,” reported CBS’s Ben Tracy during a report dedicated to exposing the squad. “But now it’s their cheer gear that’s causing a stir. Waving the unified Korean flag was okay, but then out came these masks that resemble a young Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea and Kim Jong-un’s grandfather.”

Tracy noted that South Koreans viewed the masks as “propaganda, not proper cheering.” They were so angry that they drafted a petition to have them investigated. Apparently, the South Korean government did and the North assured them the masks weren’t of Kim Il-sung.

In passing along the North’s assertion, Tracy admitted the dark truth of what the cheerleaders were subjected to by the regime. “…Using a revered figure would not be allowed in cheerleading. In fact, it would likely be punishable by death. A reminder of the inconvenient truth behind all that Olympic spirit.

The CBS reporter also noted just how ridiculous the North Korean delegation to the Winter Games was. Out of the over 500 people they brought with them, only 22 were athletes and almost 250 were members of the cheerleading squad.

NBC’s downplaying of the North’s propaganda campaign came as the media was under fire for spending the entire weekend falling in love with Kim Yo-jong, the sister of Kim Jong-un and the head of their Propaganda and Agitation Department.

The relevant portions of the transcripts are below:


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NBC Nightly News
February 12, 2018
7:03:26 PM Eastern [18 Seconds]


STEPHANIE GOSK: Not competing but getting a lot of attention here, those North Korean cheerleaders who have been stealing the show at hockey. Critics are calling them propaganda performers sent by Kim Jong-un to put a smiling face on a brutal regime.



CBS Evening News
February 12, 2018
6:41:20 Eastern [1 minute 53 seconds]

JEFF GLOR: Now to this intriguing story that’s emerged at the Winter Olympics. North Korea brought its own cheering squad, gold medalists in propaganda. Ben Tracy is in Pyeongchang.

[Cuts to video]

BEN TRACY: The historic joint North and South Korea hockey team has been a big draw, but what many are watching is not on the ice. It’s those matching red uniforms and highly synchronized movements of North Korea’s official cheer squad.


TRACY: Kim Jong-un’s so-called “Army of Beauties” are chosen for their looks and loyalty to the regime. His wife, Ri Sol-ju is a former member. The cheer squad makes up nearly half of North Korea’s more than 500-person delegation, just 22 of which are actual athletes.

It’s a North Korean charm offensive some South Koreans just find offensive. But now it’s their cheer gear that’s causing a stir. Waving the unified Korean flag was okay, but then out came these masks that resemble a young Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea and Kim Jong-un’s grandfather.

That made some South Koreans angry. They viewed it as propaganda, not proper cheering. Some even signed a petition asking the government to investigate.

The government did, and says the North Koreans assured them it was not the North’s founding father because using a revered figure would not be allowed in cheerleading. In fact, it would likely be punishable by death. A reminder of the inconvenient truth behind all that Olympic spirit. Ben Tracy, CBS News, Pyeongchang.


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Feminism Was Created by the US Communist Party

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

“Rape is an expression of … male supremacy … the age-old economic, political and cultural exploitation of women by men.”

Does this sound like a modern radical feminist? Guess again. It is from an American Communist Party pamphlet from 1948 entitled “Woman Against Myth” by Mary Inman.

redfem.jpgIn a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: “ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”(154)

In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960’s-1980’s that wasn’t prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many second-wave feminist leaders were “red diaper babies,” the children of Communist Jews.

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman’s oppression. They originated “women’s studies,” and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children’s rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as “the personal is the political” and techniques such as “consciousness raising.”

In the late 1940’s, CPUSA leaders realized that the labor movement was becoming increasingly hostile to Communism. They began to focus on women and African Americans. They hoped “male supremacy” would “bring more women into the organization and into the fight against the domestic policies of the Cold War.” (80)

Communist women who made up 40% of the party wanted more freedom to attend party meetings. After the publication of “Women Against Myth” in 1948, the CPUSA initiated a process of “re-educating” men that we recognize only too well today.

george-marks-man-and-woman-washing-dishes.jpgFor example, in the party newspaper “The Daily Worker” a photo caption of a man with a young child read, “Families are stronger and happier if the father knows how to fix the cereal, tie the bibs and take care of the youngsters.” (127)

The Party ordered men who didn’t take the woman question seriously to complete “control tasks involving study on the woman question.” In 1954 the Los Angeles branch disciplined men for “hogging discussion at club meetings, bypassing women comrades in leadership and making sex jokes degrading to women.” (94)

A film Salt of the Earth, which critic Pauline Kael called “Communist propaganda”, portrayed women taking a decisive role in their husbands’ labor strike. “Against her husband’s wishes, Esperanza became a leader in the strike and for the first time forged a role for herself outside of her household… [her] political successes persuaded Ramon to accept a new model of family life.” (132) Portrayals of strong assertive successful women became as common in the Communist press and schools, as they are in the mass media today.

Communist women formalized a sophisticated Marxist analysis of the “woman question.” The books In Women’s Defense (1940) by Mary Inman, Century of Struggle (1954) by Eleanor Flexner and The Unfinished Revolution (1962) by Eve Merriam recorded women’s oppression and decried sexism in mass culture and language. For example, Mary Inman argued that “manufactured femininity” and “overemphasis on beauty” keep women in subjection (33).


The founder of modern feminism, Betty Frieden, left, relied on these texts when she wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963). These women all hid the fact that they were long-time Communist activists. In 1960, their daughters had everything they needed, including the example of subterfuge, to start the Women’s Liberation Movement.


Feminism’s roots in Marxist Communism explain a great deal about this curious but dangerous movement. It explains:

  • Why the ” woman’s movement” hates femininity and imposes a political-economic concept like “equality” on a personal, biological and mystical relationship.

  • Why the “women’s movement” also embraces “equality” of race and class.goalsofcommunism.jpg

  • Why they want revolution (“transformation”) and have a messianic vision of a gender-less utopia.

  • Why they believe human nature is infinitely malleable and can be shaped by indoctrination and coercion.

  • Why they engage in endless, mind-numbing theorizing, doctrinal disputes and factionalism.

  • Why truth for them is a “social construct” defined by whoever has power, and appearances are more important than reality.

  • Why they reject God, nature and scientific evidence in favor of their political agenda.

  • Why they refuse to debate, don’t believe in free speech, and suppress dissenting views.

  • Why they behave like a quasi-religious cult, or like the Red Guard.

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that feminism is Communism by another name. Communism is designed to give power to the puppets of central bankers by fostering division and conflict. Divide and Conquer. Having failed to peddle class and race war, Communism promoted gender conflict instead. In each case they fostered a sense of grievance in the target group. Now the traditional feminine role “oppressed” women.

Violence-Against-Women-650x400.jpg(Left, another Communist psy op.)

The “diversity” and “multicultural” movements represent Communism’s attempt to empower and use other minorities, gays and “people of color,” to further undermine the majority (European, Christian) culture. Thus, the original CPUSA trio of “race, gender and class” is very much intact but class conflict was never a big seller.

The term “politically correct” originated in the Russian Communist Party in the 1920’s. Its usage in America today illustrates the extent society has been subverted. Feminist activists are mostly Communist dupes. The Communist goal is to destroy Western Civilization and establish a veiled dictatorship called “world government” run by the toadies of the central bankers.

We have seen this destruction in the dismantling of the liberal arts curriculum and tradition of free speech and inquiry at our universities. We have seen this virus spread to government, business, the media and the military. This could only happen because the financial elite, in fact, sponsors Communism.

In Communism, the government is the ultimate monopoly. It controls everything, not just wealth but also power and thought. It is the instrument of monopoly capital (i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller.) Everybody from the President on down works for them.


“Political correctness” has dulled and regimented our cultural life. In 2002, here in Winnipeg, Betty Granger, a conservative school trustee referred to “the Asian invasion” causing house price increases in Vancouver. Granger was pilloried mercilessly in the press. People sent hate letters and dumped garbage on her lawn.

granger-betty.jpgAt a meeting, the School Board Chairman acknowledged that Granger is not a racist and Asians have married into her family. Nonetheless, Granger was censured because, I quote, “appearances are more important than reality.” This slippage from the mooring of objective truth is the hallmark of Communism.

The atmosphere at the meeting was charged. Mild-mannered Canadians, all champions of “tolerance,” behaved like wild dogs eager to rip apart a trapped rabbit. Betty Granger repented and voted in favor of her own censure.

These rituals of denunciation and contrition, typical of Stalinist Russia or Maoist China, are becoming more common in America. They are like show trials designed to frighten people into conforming. We have “diversity officers” and “human rights commissions” and “sensitivity training” to uphold feminist shibboleths. They talk about “discrimination” but they freely discriminate against Christians, white heterosexual men and traditional women. They use the specter of “sexual harassment” to fetter male-female relations and purge their opponents.



In 1980, three women in Leningrad produced ten typewritten copies of a feminist magazine called Almanac. The KGB shut down the magazine and deported the women to West Germany. In the USSR, feminism has largely been for export. According to Professor Weigand, her “book provides evidence to support the belief that at least some Communists regarded the subversion of the gender system [in America] as an integral part of the larger fight to overturn capitalism.”

In conclusion, the feminist pursuit of “equal rights” is a mask for an invidious Communist agenda. The Communist MO has always been deception, infiltration, and subversion using social justice issues as a pretext. Communism can take any form that empowers the puppets of the central bankers. The goal is the destruction of Western civilization and creation of a new world order run by monopoly capital. This has largely been accomplished.

Kate Weigand’s Red Feminism demonstrates that we live in a de facto Communist society, a development which took place by subterfuge with the complicity of the Masonic central banker-controlled Establishment.

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Makow –  What is Communism?

Watson—–   Top Feminist (Jew) Calls for “Collectivist” Revolution 

First Comment from TWH:

I have no doubt in my mind at all that bankers are behind a lot of the nonsense we are witnessing today with respect to social re-engineering.  I used to work for one of the big five banks here in Canada and can personally attest to the fact that they would ceaselessly push this communist propaganda onto employees all the time.  If the company wasn’t extolling the virtues of International Women’s Day, they were harping about buggery (homosexuality) or how “vibrant” minorities made us.  The entire strategy was to divide people while telling us that we’re all the same (and, of course, making the white, heterosexual majority feel bland and useless).  Only by engaging in some severe cognitive dissonance could one actually swallow their hogwash.

I found the part about Betty Granger in your article particularly eye-popping.  She was told that “appearances are more important than reality”.  I was told this, or a minor variation of it, numerous times by management where I worked.  When I would retort with reason and logic, they’d simply repeat their line.

When you’re the only sane person among a bunch of mentally ill people, you begin to think you’re the one who might be the insane one.  I don’t know how people can simply remain silent about it.  

I used to compare the bank to a former Eastern-Bloc nation, since they had their Stasi/KGB in overly nosy and harassing H.R. representatives (they would only enforce what management wanted enforced and would dismiss any real concerns brought by white employees — if you’re working for a major corporation, NEVER TRUST H.R.), they had their propaganda arm which permeated everything, they had their legal department which had documents the size of novels to ensure any employee could be accused of wrongdoing when it suited them, and they had the workers in fear of their jobs if they ever decided to raise a peep against any of it.  I’m glad to be gone from that place!

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CLAIM: Human-chimpanzee hybrid "humanzee" born in Florida, killed in panic by doctors

Image: CLAIM: Human-chimpanzee hybrid “humanzee” born in Florida, killed in panic by doctors

(Natural News)
In the world of science things can get really, really crazy, and can sometimes strain ethical boundaries almost to breaking point. Scientists have been fascinated for centuries with the concept of a human-chimpanzee hybrid – known as a humanzee – and there have been reports dating as far back as the 11th century of such hybrids being born.

Now, renowned scientist, Gordon Gallup, is claiming that a humanzee was born in a Florida lab nearly 100 years ago, but that panicked scientists killed the “baby” after only a few weeks when they realized the moral and ethical implications of letting it live.

The Huffington Post reports that it is theoretically possible that a human and a chimpanzee could produce offspring:

Science fiction aside, it’s a serious question that has a long history of being asked because the answer is yes, it’s scientifically possible that a human-chimpanzee hybrid could exist. We share over 98 percent of our DNA with chimps, and while that one-plus percent is responsible for a lot of differences (just look at us side by side and that’s apparent), it’s still close enough that if the two species mated, a viable offspring could theoretically be produced.

Gallup claims that his former university professor told him that the humanzee baby was born at a lab in Orange Park, Florida. He told The Sun, “They inseminated a female chimpanzee with human semen from an undisclosed donor and claimed not only that pregnancy occurred but the pregnancy went full term and resulted in a live birth. But in the matter of days, or a few weeks, they began to consider the moral and ethical considerations and the infant was euthanised.”

The scientific community is likely to take Gallup’s claims seriously, since he is a respected evolutionary psychologist in addition to being a professor at the University of Albany. He is also renowned for having created the mirror “self-recognition” test which proved that primates could acknowledge their own reflection, and for coining the term humanzee.

According to Gallup, the professor who told him about the humanzee being born at the lab in Florida was also a well-respected scientist who worked at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center when it was still located in Orange Park, Florida. The center later moved to Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the years there have been several other attempts to create humanzees, the most famous being the experiments of Russian biologist Ilya Ivanov who tried to create a breed of super-soldiers by implanting human sperm in female chimps. The experiments were a failure, and the project was abandoned. (Related: Stay current with real science at

Then, in 1967, researchers in China claimed that a female primate had successfully been impregnated with human sperm but had died when the scientists were forced to abandon the project. (Related: Bionic man warns of corporate-driven rise of robots; humanity may be in danger if ethics are not enforced.)

The most famous “humanzee” was a creature known as Oliver who had a protruding nose, walked on its hind legs and looked like a combination of a human and a chimp. Tests conducted in 1996, however, proved that Oliver had only 48 chromosomes and was not a real humanzee.

Gallup is convinced that humans could be crossbred with several other apes besides chimpanzees, including gorillas and orangutans. He also believes, however, that creating these hybrids would have “profound psychological and biological implications.” Not that that’s likely to prevent scientists from forging ahead.

When approached for comment about Gallup’s claims, a spokesperson for Yerkes National Primate Research Center said, “We have not been involved with any ‘humanzee’ experiments, but rather conduct and enable peer-reviewed research studies to help fight disease and improve human health.”

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10 Everyday ailments: What causes them, which foods help and which foods to avoid

Image: 10 Everyday ailments: What causes them, which foods help and which foods to avoid

(Natural News)
Many ailments are caused by a nutritional imbalance. Eat too much of the bad stuff and it accumulates in your body, manifesting into a unhealthy condition. Sarah Brewer, a nutritionist, shares her knowledge on a few of the more common ones that plague our society today, which foods can help relieve their symptoms, and which foods to avoid.

  1. Acne – Acne is not directly caused by poor diet, but following one can worsen its symptoms. In order to improve acne, eat foods that contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, such as oily fish and dark chocolate. Meanwhile, limit eating sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods as they stimulate the release of insulin that cause skin cell generation to increase. Replace cow’s milk with goat’s milk; the former contains more sugar, growth factors, and hormones. Avoid processed foods and vegetable oils and limit red meat consumption.
  2. Eczema – Eczema is a disease that is linked with dietary allergens. Consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day; dairy, nuts, seeds, and green, leafy vegetables for a good calcium intake; and supplements such as omega-3 fish oils, probiotics, and antioxidants to improve immunity and lessen flare-ups. On the other hand, avoid food additives, and be aware of dietary allergens linked with eczema such as milk, eggs, wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, chocolate, finfish/shellfish, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and berries.
  3. Bad breath – Bad breath can be caused by dissolved tooth enamel, lack of saliva, and infected gums. Avoid acidic foods and drinks to prevent enamel dissolving and protein-rich diets that cause mouth odor. Drink water regularly. Eat foods rich in calcium to prevent acid erosion, and peppermints or parsley to mask odors.
  4. Psoriasis – Psoriasis speeds up the life cycle of skin cells. Eat more oily fish and turmeric, while avoid processed foods, sunflower, safflower, and corn oils, red meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, alcohol, coffee, and refined sugar.
  5. Painful periods – Painful periods can be overcome by reducing red meat, dairy, and saturated fats intake. Avoid caffeine, sugar, fried, and processed foods. Eat more omega-3 and take magnesium-rich foods like beans, nuts, and whole grains, and eating ginger.
  6. Cold and flu – Cold and flu can be relieved by eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, increasing omega-3 and selenium intake, eating apple and elderberries, cooking with onions and garlic, ensuring enough vitamin D and zinc intake, and taking probiotics.
  7. Candida – Candida, a yeast that affects the stomach and vagina, can be treated by eating anti-fungal foods and iron-rich foods with a vitamin C source. Meanwhile, it can be prevented by avoiding products that contain brewer’s or baker’s yeast and those that stimulate yeast growth.
  8. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – Foods that can help CFS include organic foods and foods rich in B vitamins. Excessive caffeine should be avoided.
  9. Rosacea – Fruits, vegetables, salads, honey, maple syrup, and lots of water can help rosacea sufferers. Avoid spicy foods, coffee, tea, sodas, and foods with additives.
  10. Insomnia – This can be helped by eating tryptophan-rich foods and supplements such as magnesium, chamomile, and lavender, and avoid caffeine, nicotine, excessive alcohol.

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Scientific analysis of the health benefits of digestive pills made from black nightshade

Image: Scientific analysis of the health benefits of digestive pills made from black nightshade

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Research that was recently published in the IOSR Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology (IOSR-JESTFT) studied the production of a digestive pill that contains Solanum nigrum — commonly known as the black nightshade — as its primary ingredient.

The paper, authored by Bimal Bibhuti from the Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology, and Sciences (SHUATS) in India, noted that the pill was an adequate source of nutrients (such as protein, fat, crude fiber, carbohydrates, and calories) that fall within the recommended daily intake. The author used various ingredients with S. nigrum in the study to evaluate its therapeutic and pharmacological potentials, as well as its how it can better be absorbed by the body.

Black nightshades are plants that are endemic to Eurasia but can now be found in other areas such as the Americas, Australia, and South Africa. The plants are considered as weeds by horticulturists, and some parts are toxic when ingested. However, cooking the leaves and the ripe fruits of edible strains make it edible — some cultures use black nightshades as a food source.

Due to the close resemblance of their common names, S. nigrum (black nightshades) is normally confused for a far more toxic plant, the Atropa belladonna, called the deadly nightshade.

The plants have long been used as a therapeutic agent. In European traditional medicine, black nightshades have been used to induce sweating, relieve pain, and promote sleep with its powerful narcotic properties. Over in India, the plants are used to treat problems in the stomach, dysentery, and fever. The juices from black nightshades are used to treat ulcers and skin diseases, and the fruits are used to stimulate appetite and promote bowel movement. Studies have also indicated that it might possess anti-cancer properties, with an S. nigrum extract inhibiting the development of cervical carcinoma. (Related: Use herbal and homeopathic treatments for tonsillitis.)

In particular, the study banks on these digestive benefits of the black nightshade. Therefore, the author created a digestive pill that uses S. nigrum (locally known as Makoi) with other ingredients like Hing (also known as asafoetida), Piper longum (Indian long pepper), Piper cubeba (tailed pepper), ajwain (Ajowan caraway), jeera (cumin), black salt, and imli paste (tamarind paste). Five samples were created for the treatment, each with differing formulations. After the materials and the formulation were selected, the pills were created. All ingredients were ground into powdered form; after which they were measured and prepared, then mixed according to the specification of the formula. The tamarind paste was added to the mixture, and the resulting mash was combined so that all ingredients were mixed correctly. This was then poured into the dye to form the pills and was left to dry at room temperature.

To test the sensory quality of the pills, a nine-point hedonic scale was used to measure which sample was better preferred by the evaluators. Of the five samples, the panel preferred the formulation that contained 20 percent Makoi. The preferred sample was then evaluated for its physicochemical properties. The findings revealed that the capsule contained 17.89 percent moisture, 0.84 percent protein, 1.97 percent fat, 2.6 percent total ash, 1.60 percent crude fiber, 76.7 percent carbohydrate, and 327.09 kilocalories.

The study concluded that the digestive pills made from S. nigrum contained nutrients that are within the recommended daily intake. The author wrote in the report that while further studies are needed to which diseases could be targetted by the pill, “Therapeutic properties needs to be investigated in well-designed studies and further research is in process to find more uses of Solanum nigrum.”

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