WATCH: Cops Force Mentally Ill Woman to Strip Naked, Violently Attack and Pepper Spray Her


Cleveland, Ohio – Graphic Body Camera footage has been released that shows police officers forcing a mentally ill woman to remove her clothes, and then violently slamming her to the ground, covering her face with pepper spray, and forcing her to answer a series of questions before giving her medical aid.

The video was released by Cuyahoga County after a judge granted a request submitted by The evidence details an incident that took place in May 2016, after officers arrested a woman for a nonviolent offense, and a municipal court judge ordered that she be held in jail until a mental health evaluation could be conducted.

In order to conduct the evaluation, a female guard ordered the woman to go into her cell and take off her clothes. When she did not comply, the guard called for backup, and Corporal Brendan Johnson arrived.

The Body Cam was being worn by Johnson, as he pushed the woman into the cell and then ordered to her take off her clothes. The woman responded by taking off her clothes while swaying and singing phrases such as “You wanna see my tits?” “I’ll dance for you!” and “Make the pedophiles happy.”

As soon as the woman turned around and began to remove her pants, Johnson kicked her legs out from underneath her, and she fell to the ground. He then proceeded to spray her in the face with pepper spray multiple times, and as she coughed and flailed in response, he yelled, Stop resisting!”

Abuse! Abuse! Abuse of power,” the woman continued to sing as she lay face down on the floor while Johnson secured her wrists with handcuffs and other officers obtained a wheelchair.

The officers pulled the woman up from the ground and sat her in a wheelchair, instructing her to “sit back,” even though the handcuffs she was wearing prevented her from doing so. At least six male officers surrounded her as she sat naked in the wheelchair while they secured her ankles with handcuffs.

While the scenario does raise questions about why male officers were ordering a female inmate to take off her clothes, and then secured her naked body into a wheelchair, before finally providing a blanket to act as a covering, reported that “County officials have said previously that male supervisors are allowed to order female inmates to disrobe if there are no female supervisors available.”

Several minutes elapsed as the officers transported the woman to a different room for a mental health evaluation, and during that time, her face was still soiled with pepper spray. She began to cry in pain and said that her eyes hurt.

The officers wheeled the woman into a room with a sink and then turned on the hose. However, instead of using the running water to provide relief, one officer used it to torture the woman, by asking her a series of medical questions while she cried and begged for him to wash out her eyes.

“God I just want this burning out of my eyes,” the woman pleaded. “You have water right there. But you’re evil. Evil men.”

It was not until Johnson told his radio that the woman “refused to answer all questions” and then ordered the guard to “decontaminate her” that the guard began washing her face with water.

The graphic video presents a number of alarming actions, which include the fact that a group of male officers disrobed a female inmate and then transported her naked body across the building, and the fact that they tortured her with the promise of medical relief, in exchange for information.

The officer who assaulted the woman and presided over the torture as she begged for relief, Brendan Johnson, was also investigated for an incident that happened two days before. He was responding to a female inmate who flooded the toilet in her jail cell, and when she told him that she did not want to talk about it, he covered her face in pepper spray twice, and said, “I told you I’d get you,” before forcing the inmate to the ground in her flooded cell and placing handcuffs on her wrists. reported that while Johnson was actually fired for using excessive force in both incidents, an arbitrator overturned his firing and he got his job back.

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WATCH: Man Buys Bag of Meth And Is Filmed Leaving Crack House in Cop Car


A video was posted online using Facebook Live that appears to show a man buying meth inside of a residential house and then walking outside, and getting into the backseat of a police car that is parked on the side of the street.

The scene is bizarre, to say the least, and it starts with a man who is dressed in plainclothes, dancing about in a kitchen, and exclaiming, “No more cocaine for this little camper!” The video is fixed on the man as another person, who is not shown, places a few “shards” of what appears to be methamphetamine, on the piece of aluminum foil the buyer is holding.

The man continued to babble as he scurried down the stairs to the front door of the house. The cameraman followed him and commented, “He’s going out into a f—ing police car. Is that supposed to be one of our friends?”

The man who was getting picked up by his police officer ride was carrying his newly purchased meth in his pocket as he ran out the front door into the snow-covered streets of what appears to be North Bay, Ontario. There was a clearly marked North Bay Police cruiser parked on the side of the street directly in front of the house.

As the man ran towards the car, the cameraman called out, “That’s suspect! Suspicious, it looks very suspicious. Have a good day.”

“Yes, you really did just see that. That’s some f—ed up shit,” the man said as he filmed the police car driving away. He then turned the camera to show his own face and said, “Now, if you ask me, that is f—ing definitely some f—ing suspect shit, and I am definitely putting this f—ing video on Facebook and saying, ‘Why the f— would you come here in a cop car?’”

The video was posted on Facebook by Anonymous North Bay, along with a comment that said, All you people that saw the video. Do you think this investigation was done accurate or there’s a level of corruption within its police force in North Bay? You guys think this is bad just wait. There’s a lot more coming! Many are standing up to expose the corruption!”

In response to a request for comment on the video, North Bay Police Chief Shawn Devine told Bay Today that the department is currently investigating the video.

“Although the contents of the video appear concerning on its surface, I am confident that this one-sided account of what is being alleged is totally inaccurate and a misrepresentation of the facts as they transpired on that day,” Devine said.

While the idea that a police officer would provide transportation for a man buying illegal drugs may seem alarming, it is not the first time police have used their badges to act outside of the law. In one recent example, several police officers and a lead prosecutor in Las Vegas were exposed for working with sex traffickers in exchange for money, drugs, and access to prostitutes.

Las Vegas Now reported that the FBI began investigating the allegations in 2014 after they raided the Las Vegas home of music producer and escort service kingpin Jamal Rashid, who is known as Mally Mall. A motion filed in court alleged that officers worked with Rashid to target his competitors in the Las Vegas sex industry.

While the officers used their badges and taxpayer funding to go after other pimps in the area, Mally Mall paid them in cash each month and supplied them with prostitutes. The report even alleges that police officers and the department’s lead prosecutor worked with witnesses and coached them in an attempt to pursue even more serious charges against the competitors.

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Powerful Poll Shows Most Americans Now Realize Gov’t is Owned by Lobbyists—Not the People

The new poll, published by the Associated Press-NORC Center on Monday, revealed that a total of 85 percent of Americans believe the Congress’s job is below par. The attitude to the Republican-controlled legislature does not change much across party lines. The number of Democrats that held an unfavorable view of Congress, 89 percent, is only seven percentage points higher than that of Republicans, at 82 percent.

While the figures are a bit more reassuring when it comes to the members of Congress, the immediate representatives of those surveyed, they are still hardly anything to brag about.

Only 44 percent of Americans approve of the work their own Congressman or Congresswoman is doing on Capitol Hill, 41 percent of Democrats and half of Republicans.

Even if some may think that the Congress’s workload is enough, it does not mean they are passing all good laws. Fewer than 20 percent of Americans believe there is merit to the lawmakers’ legislative work, while over a third of all respondents think it is mostly bad. The remainder doesn’t assess it as either positive or negative.

The NORC poll was conducted between 15 and 19 February.

The plunging ratings aren’t a product of the Trump era and its partisan skirmishes. Americans have long been disenchanted with Congressional politics. A glance at the Gallup Congress approval chart through the years will show that it rarely climbed over the 20 percent threshold since 2010. After a record 84 percent approval in 2002, the rating has been on a steep decline, reaching a new low in November 2013 after it slipped to just nine percent.

A survey conducted by Stanford University and the University of California-Santa Barbara, together with the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research in 2015-2017, purports to explain the disdain of the American public with their elected legislators by an enormous gap between who they are supposed to serve and who they actually do serve, according to Americans themselves.

“Large majorities in both parties report lawmakers should pay attention to the majority of Americans but believe lawmakers actually pay attention to donors and elites. Rare in 2018, both self-identified Republicans and Democrats agree,” Trevor Tompson, director of the AP-NORC Center, stated in a press release on Monday.

What the researchers identify as the root cause of the problem is that 65 percent of Americans believe that their representative in Congress should pay attention to a majority in the US, while only 18 percent of respondents think that it is what they are actually doing. The part of the population most catered-for by the lawmakers are the lobbyists that “gave money to last election campaign,” according to the survey. Sixty-six percent of Americans believe that Congress actually pays attention to lobbyists, while only 11 percent agree it should be like that.

While Congress, at its current 20 percent approval rating, according to Gallup, is safe from breaking records any time soon, President Donald Trump, with his 38.4 percent job approval rating during his first year in office, became the first president to go below 40 percent in his first year, with his nearest contender in this respect being Bill Clinton, at 49.3 percent.

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Pentagon Just Pledged Millions to Pay Media Companies to Wage a Massive Information War


In 2016, using the cover of the holidays and distracted attention, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law — just two days before many Americans celebrated Christmas — likely due to the ominously Orwellian language it used that was meant to “counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States.”

Now, it appears that this counter-propaganda move will be taken a step further as the Department of the State announced a partnership with the Department of Defense this week to spend millions on “initiatives to counter propaganda and disinformation.”

To counter what they perceive as “propaganda and disinformation from foreign nations,” the Pentagon plans on paying private companies to create content that will serve as weaponized media.

According to the State Department, “Under the Information Access Fund, civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, and academic institutions will be eligible to compete for grants from the GEC to advance their important work to counter propaganda and disinformation.”

The United States is not only actively engaging in an information war but they announced that they will be leading the preemptive strike.

“This funding is critical to ensuring that we continue an aggressive response to malign influence and disinformation and that we can leverage deeper partnerships with our allies, Silicon Valley, and other partners in this fight,” Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Steve Goldstein said. “It is not merely a defensive posture that we should take, we also need to be on the offensive.” 

This $40 million in funds is now added to the $60 million already authorized by the NDAA in 2016 which paved the way for funding private companies and mainstream media companies to get paid to push the narrative of the US war machine.

One of the most insidious NDAA provisions to date is called the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016, it essentially creates a de facto U.S. Ministry of Truth. The corporate mainstream media has generally failed to report on the implications resulting from the included provisions as to keep Americans in the dark about the Information War being waged on them by their own government.

And now, they will actually be paid to report on any information that is damning to the military-industrial complex.

As Zero Hedge reported at the time:

As we reported in early June, “a bill to implement the U.S.’ very own de facto Ministry of Truth had been quietly introduced in Congress. As with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marks a further curtailment of press freedom and another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. Introduced by Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181 seeks a “whole-government approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s “security and stability.”

Also called the Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S. 2692), when introduced in March by Sen. Rob Portman, the legislation represents a dramatic return to Cold War-era government propaganda battle.

H.R. 5181 would task the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to “establish a Center for Information Analysis and Response,” which will pinpoint sources of disinformation, analyze data, and — in true dystopic manner — ‘develop and disseminate’ “fact-based narratives” to counter effrontery propaganda.

Given the disproven narrative on alleged Russian interference in the election and the push by mainstream media, NGOs, and civil society organizations to keep the conspiracy theory alive, the idea of the Pentagon throwing money at these very organizations to preemptively wage an information war is chilling, to say the least.

As the text of the NDAA explains, the center will “support the development and dissemination of fact-based narratives and analysis to counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States and United States allies and partner nations.”

Although this new program claims to be aimed at “foreign nations,” the wording in the NDAA indicates otherwise.

Many of the Global Engagement Center’s duties concern targeting disinformation and propaganda being disseminated in other nations; however, it subtly suggests the effort would seek to prevent such content from reaching the United States — thus, domestic actions are, by no means, ruled out.

Indeed, as the law states:

“The Center is authorized to provide grants or contracts of financial support to civil society groups, media content providers, nongovernmental organizations, federally funded research and development centers, private companies, or academic institutions for the following purposes:

  • To support local independent media who are best placed to refute foreign disinformation and manipulation in their own communities.
  • To collect and store examples in print, online, and social media, disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda directed at the United States and its allies and partners.
  • To analyze and report on tactics, techniques, and procedures of foreign information warfare with respect to disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda.
  • To support efforts by the Center to counter efforts by foreign entities to use disinformation, misinformation, and propaganda to influence the policies and social and political stability of the United States and United States allies and partner nations.

Adding to the ominous nature of the new program, at the end of the statement, the State Department said, “Separately, the GEC will initiate a series of pilot projects developed with the Department of Defense that are designed to counter propaganda and disinformation. Those projects will be supported by Department of Defense funding.”

So, not only is the DoD publicly upping their information war game for $40 million, but they are conducting side projects and funding them with an unknown amount of money.

Ironically enough, all of this propaganda and informational warfare was once shunned by the federal government. The Smith–Mundt Act of 1948 strictly prohibited the US government from propagandizing its own citizens. However, in 2013—again using the NDAA as cover—the government quietly modified the bill allowing for materials produced by the State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which used to be only informational weapons against our enemies — to be available within the United States.

When looking at the massive half-truths and utter dismay of government accountability—especially police and military—the reason so many Americans accept it without question becomes entirely clear. They are programmed to.

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85 Years Ago, Hitler Carried Out a “False Flag” Showing How Gov’t Can Control With Lies and Fear


The whole truth about the Reichstag fire will probably never be known. Nearly all those who knew it are now dead, most of them slain by Hitler in the months that followed.

~ Historian William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

On this date, 85 years ago, the headquarters for the German parliament, known as the Reichstag building, was burned down due to arson. Immediately after the fires, the Nazis passed a piece of tyrannical legislation called the “decree for the protection of state and people,” which gave them total police state control over the population.

The fires were blamed on Hitler’s political rivals, which allowed the regime to be extremely aggressive against anyone they deemed to be their enemies. However, many historians believe that it was actually the Nazi party who started the fire, in a plot to control the masses through fear.

This strategy is actually common in history, and has been used by many governments and has come to be known as a “false flag attack.” Unfortunately, over the years this legitimate military term has been grossly overused to the point where people think that it is some throw-away conspiracy theory. False flag attacks do happen though, and there is even verified proof that the US government has been involved in such operations.

For example, it was a false flag attack that caused the United States to enter the Vietnam war, but it wasn’t until 40 years later that we learned the truth about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

Initially, the American public was told that American ships were attacked by North Vietnamese boats, but the whole story was a twisted web of lies. In reality, the US warships initiated conflict with the North Vietnamese, and then later staged an attack against themselves to justify further action in the region.

Since the beginning of empire, the ruling class has created chaos in their societies so they could be given more power, under the pretense that they would clean up the mess that they actually created. The first ruler that we know of to perfect the art of creating chaos was the Roman emperor Diocletian who came to power in 284 AD.

This is the “leader” that was responsible for changing Rome from a developing civilization into a covert dictatorship. Since the Roman people had a history of freedom and financial prosperity, they were not going to give up their rights unless they were carefully manipulated into doing so. Diocletian needed to create an enemy that he could use as a scapegoat so he could raise taxes, expand his military, and take away the rights of the Roman citizens.

His policies were unpopular and he was having difficulty getting his people to fall in line, so he set his own palace on fire twice in two weeks and blamed it on his political and religious rivals. With his new powers, Diocletian completely reorganized the Roman political system to work like a dictatorship, but he continued to call it a democracy so the people would still think they were free. Diocletian’s approach has been used over and over by authoritarian rulers throughout history who manipulated their people into giving up their freedom.

Many people doubt that these types of plots are possible since they seem so elaborate and require so much cooperation and secrecy, but it is not far-fetched to think that the government is capable of pulling something like this off, and there is evidence of this in history to prove this as well.

The US government has even released documentation, proving they planned multiple false flags. 

According to minutes from a meeting on March 22, 1962, held by the “Special Group (Augmented),” which according to an encyclopedia on the Central Intelligence Agency, included Attorney General Robert Kennedy, CIA Director John McCone, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer, detailing the creation of a false flag attack on the United States to be blamed on the Soviets.

According to the documents, the US government wanted to manufacture or obtain Soviet aircraft so they could launch an attack on America or friendly bases and use those attacks as a pretext for war.

According to the previously Top Secret classified documents:

“There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installations or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack U.S. or friendly installations in order to provide an excuse for U.S. intervention.”

Many of the accusations that are brought up against the government that get labeled as conspiracy theories are eventually proven to be true way after the fact. The official stories of many world-changing events, including the USS Maine, USS Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, are all drastically different than the government and media have led us to believe.

The video below highlights some of the most provable false flag attacks in American history.

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Supreme Court Denies Trump Request To Hear Dreamer Lawsuit

WASHINGTON ― In a major setback for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a lawsuit over the future of an Obama-era program that protects so-called Dreamers from deportation.

The decision all but ensures that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will remain in effect for recipients after the March 5 deadline originally set by the White House. It also takes some of the pressure off Congress to act to pass its own legislation to protect young undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children, something lawmakers have repeatedly failed to do.

President Donald Trump rescinded DACA in September, putting its nearly 700,000 recipients at risk of losing two-year deportation relief and work permits. He said he wanted to put in place permanent protections for Dreamers, but demanded major policy changes on legal immigration, asylum seekers and border security that senators rejected earlier this month. 

The Trump administration has the power to end DACA, which President Barack Obama had implemented through executive action. But a spate of lawsuits in California and New York have argued that the White House flouted procedures required by federal law and violated the equal protection rights of DACA recipients.

Several lawsuits filed in the Northern District of California were consolidated into one and resulted in the first nationwide, preliminary injunction barring the Trump administration from ending the DACA program while the lawsuit proceeds. The order, issued in January, requires U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to keep processing DACA renewals for people who have been approved for the program in the past, but doesn’t require them to process first-time applications.

The Trump administration appealed the injunction to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, but also took the unusual step of asking the Supreme Court to immediately consider the lawsuit rather than waiting for the appeals court to rule first.

White House spokesman Raj Shah responded to the Supreme Court’s decision Monday by criticizing the California judge who issued the injunction reopening the DACA program. He said the administration “fully expect[s] to prevail” in the end, and said the program “is clearly unlawful.”

“The district judge’s decision to unilaterally re-impose a program that Congress had explicitly and repeatedly rejected is a usurpation of legislative authority,” Shah said in a statement. “The fact that this occurs at a time when elected representatives in Congress are actively debating this policy only underscores that the district judge has unwisely intervened in the legislative process.”

The Supreme Court’s decision Monday concerned the California lawsuit. A separate judge issued a nationwide injunction earlier this month based on another lawsuit, this one heard in a federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

Congress has thus far been unable or unwilling to pass legislation to help Dreamers, though lawmakers in both parties claim they want to fix the issue. The Senate voted down multiple proposals this month, with Trump’s plan garnering the least support of all.

The House hasn’t taken up any legislation. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has repeatedly said he will bring up a bill the president would sign ― signaling that he might not allow votes on measures that lack Trump’s explicit endorsement.

Ryan told reporters earlier this month that the March 5 deadline was “not as important as it was before, given the court rulings.” However, he said, “I think this place works better with deadlines, and we want to operate on deadlines.”

While DACA remains in effect for people already approved for the program, it isn’t open for new applicants, including Dreamers who would otherwise be aging into the program. Some current recipients are also likely to temporarily lose their work authorization and deportation relief as they await approval of their renewal applications, which typically takes months.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Democrats appear to extend streak with another red/blue flip

Rachel Maddow reports on the apparently victory of Democrat Linda Belcher in a Kentucky state special election, at least the 37th flip by Democrats of a district that went heavily for Donald Trump in 2016.

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Florida student who threatened to kill classmates arrested with pipe bomb, weapons

A 16-year-old Florida boy who allegedly threatened to kill other students at his school had weapons in his possession when he was arrested on Monday night, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The teen, whose name has not been released, was playing an online video game on Monday afternoon when he made the violent threat, according to WTVJ

An anonymous person tipped off the Boca Raton Police Department, who notified Broward County authorities after they found that the teen lived in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office bomb squad, along with representatives of Homeland Security and the FBI, went to the teen’s residence on Monday night and discovered a homemade pipe bomb along with other weapons in his possession, officials said.

The teen was arrested and is now facing a felony charge for possessing explosives. 

In wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, police across the country have been dealing with a rise in threats of copycat crimes.

A South Carolina student was arrested just one day after the deadly attack when he posted a Snapchat of himself holding a gun, threatening a “round 2” of the massacre.

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West Virginia Governor Tells Striking Teachers To Get Back In The Classroom

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) told his state’s striking teachers they “need to be back in the classroom” as he spoke at a series of town halls on Monday.

Speaking and taking questions in Wheeling, Martinsburg and Morgantown throughout the day, Justice urged the state’s educators to end their strike Tuesday and promised he’d establish a task force in the next seven to 10 days to look into some of their concerns.

“I love you … but I’m not happy with you. You should be appreciative of where you are,” Justice said to teachers in Wheeling.

“You need to be back in the classroom,” he said. “The kids need to be back in the classroom.”

The comments come days after Justice faced criticisms that he’s missing in action at the state Capitol. His administration has denied a Freedom of Information Act request to view his calendars and appointment books.

The teachers will continue their strike on Tuesday, despite Justice’s request, union leaders announced at a Monday rally at the Capitol.

West Virginia’s 20,000 teachers have been on strike since Thursday, after Justice offered them a 2 percent pay increase starting this summer, followed by 1 percent increases in 2020 and 2021. But the teachers, who ranked 48th in teacher pay across the U.S. in 2016, say that’s not enough to cover their rising costs of living. Many teachers have reported that they’ve had to take second jobs and yet still live paycheck-to-paycheck with their current salaries. 

Another major concern is that premiums for the state’s employee health plan will rise next year if the state doesn’t fill a $39 million shortfall.

“In West Virginia, we know they weren’t known for having high salaries, but they were known for good health insurance,” Don Scalise, a government and history teacher at Cabell Midland High School, told HuffPost last week. “That used to be something to attract people. Now that’s eroding.”

Justice said at the town halls Monday that his task force would try to address the insurance issue.

He also said he’d like to hold a special session to look into raising the severance tax on oil and gas producers in the state by 2.5 percent, something both sides agree could cover better pay and benefits for teachers, he said. That higher tax could be added as a condition in a bill currently moving through the state’s legislature.

Justice also caught flak for his choice of opening words during the town hall at Spring Mills High School in Martinsburg.

“OK, everybody. Nobody’s going to shoot at me or anything, are you?” he asked the crowd, just over a week after a gunman killed 17 students and adults at a high school in Parkland, Florida. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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CDC doctor's disappearance: Parents share chilling last text message from missing son

The parents of missing doctor Timothy Cunningham shared the last text message they received from their son before his disappearance two weeks ago.

Cunningham, a highly regarded epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, went missing after he left work mid-day on Feb. 12, complaining of feeling ill.

After Cunningham, 35, failed to report to work or contact his family over the next two days, his parents, Terrell and Tia-Juana Cunningham, drove down to Georgia from their house in Maryland to check on their son.

When they arrived at his Atlanta home on Feb. 14, the couple found their son’s phone, keys, wallet, car and dog, with no trace of him in sight.

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His worried father told NBC that his son would never leave his beloved dog, Beau, home alone like that.

“Tim never leaves Beau unattended,” Terrell Cunningham, 60, said. “He just doesn’t do it.”

Cunningham’s parents said they began to suspect that something was amiss with their son on the night of Feb. 11, after they spoke with him on the phone.

“As a parent, you have indicators when things are just not right with your child, and that was the case,” Terrell Cunningham said.

Cunningham’s mother said she received a final text message from her son at 5:21 a.m. on the day he was last seen, but that she didn’t get a chance to respond to it since her phone was on silent mode.

“Are you awake?” Tia-Juana Cunningham says her son texted her.

“I wish I had that opportunity to answer that text,” she lamented.

According to the CDC, Timothy Cunningham worked as a commander in the U.S. Public Health Service and has responded to both the Ebola virus and the Zika virus outbreaks. He holds two degrees from Harvard University.

CDC spokeswoman Kathy Harben described Cunningham as “a highly respected member of our CDC family.”

“Our thoughts are with his friends and family during this difficult time,” she added.

Cunningham’s family and the Crime Stoppers of Greater Atlanta are offering a $10,000 reward for tips regarding the case. 

Anyone with information on his disappearance is urged to call 911 or the Atlanta Police Homicide/Adult Missing Persons Unit at 404-546-4235.

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