Politics And The Jewish Language

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    God bless you, dear +BN and Merry CHRISTmas.

    This is a very powerful Article. A masterpiece.

    That’s also a great find from Orwell.

    I always enjoy your montages, sometimes even more than Videos, because they express layered meanings like the compressed “grammar” of the symbolic language of Holy Icons that the motion of film/video just can’t capture.

    Same with other great works of still art.

    Or like that epic scene from Ben Hur, it was that pug Centurion’s momentary stillness, his arrested movements while gazing and re-gazing at Jesus that’s so cinematically powerful.

    Jews and their history of strategies applying power politics and leveraging influence throughout the centuries complicit with ruling elites is nothing new.

    Keep naming the Jew. It’s just that simple, but not so easy to do.

    I came across this the other day written by the very Western Orthodox anti-Judaist St. Agobard of Lyon (c. 779–840) a Spanish-born priest and archbishop of Lyon, during the Carolingian Renaissance, who openly spoke against the Judaization of Christian society and deferential treatment given to the Jews of Lyon.

    The Jews of Lyon were the main slave traffickers and middlemen in the European slave trade in the Frankish markets, selling pagan and Christian European children and adults to the Arab Muslim world channeled through Muslim Spain. The slave trade was vital to the economy of Charlemagne’s Frankish Empire.

    And, if anyone ever wonders how Ashkenazi Jews picked up so many European features such as fair skin, blue eyes, blond or reddish hair, Jews practiced polygamy and kept slave-concubines, the children belonged to the patriarch of the family as legal children under rabbinic law.

    Polygamy was rabbinically outlawed in the Rhinelands about AD 1000 during the Ottonian era of the Roman Empire of Germania, and eventually as the Ashkenazi Jews migrated east into Eastern Europe, they took the prohibition with them where ever they settled under Christian law.

    In the Muslim territories, however, such as Spain and parts of Italy, and later into the Seljuk and Ottoman parts of Europe in the Balkans, Islamic law permitted Jews to marry up to four wives, and maintain as many slave-concubines as they could afford.

    Anyway, St. Agobard exposes and criticizes the symbiotic relationship between the Jews, King Louis the Pious and the corrupt nobility and elites who ganged up with with the culture-destroying Jews to oppress, abuse and exploit Christians.

    The author of multiple treatises, St. Agobard is best known for his critiques of Jewish religious practices and political power in the Frankish realm.

    Medieval Sourcebook:

    Agobard of Lyon: On the Insolence of the Jews To Louis the Pious

    Introduction: Paul Halsall

    Written in 826/27 directly to Emperor Louis the Pious, Agobard’s treatise “On the insolence of the Jews” is in large measure an exposé of what he perceived to be the arrogant and fundamentally impious actions of the imperial missi and Evrard, master of the Jews, towards the Christian community of Lyon and their un-Christian support and encouragement of the Jewish population in Lyon.

    In other words, it is a letter of protest against a Jewish policy under Louis that was fundamentally favorable to this religious minority.

    To argue against such a policy, Agobard claims to make known the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which the Jews were working against the Christian community, whether it was in selling Christians into slavery, cursing Christians and Christ (i.e. blasphemy), or forcing their domestic servants to adhere to the rhythms of Jewish life.

    His solution to many of these problems was an enforced stricter segregation of members of the two faiths from one another in all aspects of life.

    As with Agobard’s other responses to the status and power of the Jews in Lyon, this work reveals a Jewish community that was not only fully integrated into the lives of members of the Christian community but also one that could claim a considerable amount of cultural and political prestige, a prestige that Agobard feared would make Judaism seem attractive in the eyes of his Christian congregation.


    To his most Christian, truly pious, and always august emperor Louis, the most fortunate triumphal victor in Christ, Agobard, the most downcast of all your servants.

    When omnipotent God – Who knew before time itself and foreordained that you would be a pious rector in these truly demanding times – raised your prudence and zealous religion over the other mortals of your time, there is no doubt but that you were prepared as a remedy for the dangerous times about which the Apostle speaks:

    In the last days the dangerous times shall begin, and there shall be men who love themselves, greedy, puffed up, etc.[II Timothy 3:1-2] and who, although they have the appearance of piety, nullify its strength.[II Timothy 3:5]

    From times such as these nothing more should be expected than what is already seen, except for the release of Satan and the public trampling of the holy City for the forty-two months, which shall occur through the head of all the iniquitous, Antichrist.[cf. Apocalypse 11:2]

    Therefore since this is the way things are, I beseech your most tranquil long-sufferingness that you lend your most patient ear to the words with which I, the least of your servants, consider it most necessary to admonish your most holy solicitude concerning such a vital matter, a matter which is either uniquely or especially one to which your governance more than all others should bring aid.

    If I could pursue my account of the matter while passing over in silence the names of the responsible parties, I would gladly do so. But because it cannot be done, I commit myself to your goodness and patience as I surrender myself to the dangers and inform you of what is ruinous to pass over in silence.

    There came Gerric and Frederick who were preceded by Evrard,[1] your agents (missi) in fact yet not doing your will completely but rather acting on behalf of another. They showed themselves to be terrible to the Christians and mild to the Jews, especially in Lyon, where they set up a persecuting faction (pars persecutionis) against the Church and they goaded the church to many groans, sighs, and tears.

    [1] Evrard held the office of magister Iudeorum under Louis the Pious. It is not known whether he himself was a Jew….

    Because this persecution was directly principally against me, I should not recount the whole, unless perchance your most clement concern should wish to know. But if your kindness allows, I shall begin to intimate it briefly, insofar as it was injurious to the Church of Christ.

    When the Jews first arrived, they gave me a message in your name and another one to the man who rules the district of Lyon in place of the count; [this message] ordered him to offer aid to the Jews against me. We absolutely did not believe that such messages as these issued from your judgment, although they were read out in your sacred name and sealed with your ring.

    The Jews began to rage with a certain odious insolence, threatening that we would be afflicted with every sort of injury by the agents whom they had obtained to take vengeance upon Christians. After them, Evrard arrived and repeated the same thing and said that your majesty was truly angry with me because of the Jews.

    Then the aforementioned agents arrived, holding in their hands a tax code(?) (stipendialis tractoria) and a capitulary of sanctions which we do not believe exists by your command.

    For these reasons, the Jews were made joyful beyond measure and the Christians saddened – and not only those who fled or hid or were detained, but the rest as well who saw or heard. In particular, it was because the Jews’ opinion received such confirmation that they irreverently began to preach to the Christians what they ought to believe and hold, openly blaspheming the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

    This perversity was strengthened by the words of your agents who whispered in the ears of certain people that the Jews are not abominable, as many think, but are held dear in your eyes and because some of their people were saying that they are considered better than Christians.

    I, your unworthy servant, was not in fact in Lyon [at the time] but was far away on the case of the monks of Nantuadensium, who were fighting among themselves because of a certain rivalry. Nonetheless I sent our agents with a short letter to those men [saying] that they should command whatever they wanted and we would obey what they had enjoined. But we received no indulgence from them.

    Consequently, certain of our priests whom they threatened by name, did not dare to show their faces.

    We suffered these things from the Jews’ supporters and for no other reason but that we preached to Christians that they should not sell Christian slaves to them; that they should not allow these Jews to sell Christians to [then Muslim Arab-Kj] Spain nor to possess them as paid domestics lest Christian women celebrate the Sabbath with them, work on Sundays, eat with them during Lent, and their paid servants eat meat on these days; and that no Christian should buy meats sacrificed and butchered by Jews and sell them to other Christians; and that they should not drink their wine or other things like this.

    For it is the practice of the Jews that when they slaughter an animal to eat and kill it using three cuts so that it is not strangled, if the liver appears to be damaged when the entrails are opened, or if a lung clings to the side or breath inflates it, or bile is not found, and other things like this, the meat is considered to be unclean by the Jews and sold to the Christians and these meats are called by the insulting expression “Christian beasts” (christiana pecora).

    With regard to the blood which the Jews both consider to be unclean and do not use except to sell it to Christians, if it should happen to flow into the earth anywhere, even into a filthy place, they swiftly draw it out of the ground and put it in a vessel to preserve. And as for how they do other things worthy of reproach concerning the blood, there are not only many Christian witnesses but also many Jews.

    [Blood “puddings” or sausages was ubiquitous throughout Europe and elsewhere as a poverty and survival food for protein-starved peasants, serfs, and commoners, who were left with the offal from a slaughtered animal after the choice parts were taken by the elites and Jews].

    That the Jews daily curse Jesus Christ and the Christians in all their prayers under the name “Nazarenes” not only the blessed Jerome attests, who writes that he knew them intimately and was inside their skin,[2] but many of the Jews also bear witness to this.

    [2] Jerome, In Amos I.1.12; Jerome, Epistula 129.4.

    On this matter, for the sake of example, I spoke to the Christians in this way:

    If there is a man who is faithful and a lover of his elder and lord and he senses that someone is his lord’s enemy, detractor, reviler, and a threat to him, he does not wish to be this man’s friend, table companion, or sharer in his food. But if he should be [this man’s friend, etc.] and his elder and lord learns this, [the lord] would judge that the man was not faithful to him.

    And therefore, since we know that the Jews are blasphemers and men who curse, so to speak, the Lord God Christ and his Christians, we should not be joined to them through the sharing of food or drink in accordance with the rule (modus) that was given long ago and commanded by the holy fathers in their words and examples.

    For the rest, because they live among us and we should not be wicked to them nor act contrary to their life, health, or wealth, let us observe the rule (modus) that has been ordained by the Church. The way in which we should be cautious or human towards them, is not at all obscure but has been clearly expounded.

    Most pious lord, I have mentioned only a few out of the many things concerning the faithlessness of the Jews, our admonition, and the wounding of Christianity that is occurring through the supporters of the Jews, since I do not know whether [this news] can even come to your attention.

    Nonetheless, it is absolutely necessary that your pious solicitude know how the Christian faith is being harmed by the Jews in certain ways.

    Read more: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/halsall/source/agobard-insolence.asp

    Dear +BN, by your determined faith, courage and persistence in sounding the alarm about the Jewish spirit and criminality all these years, you stand on the shoulders of champions of faith such as St. Agobard in your defense of Christ, the Church, and your efforts to wake up people everywhere and alert them to the ancient Jewish peril.

  • Source Article from http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1260

    A Simultaneous Coup and Counter Coup Are Underway In America

    “Keep your illegals out of my state, Mr. President.” Former Governor Jan Brewer gave a pointed message to Obama about keeping their drugs and terrorist groups out of Arizona as well.

    Americans, as a whole, do not know and understand their history. Most importantly, Americans don’t fully understand the plot being levied against them by the Deep State and their two primary representatives, former President Obama and wannabe President, Hillary Clinton. The combination of these two subversive leaders, along with revolutionaries such as George Soros, are seeking to destroy what is left of America.  Arizona quickly became a battleground for the attempted Deep State takeover shortly after Obama was elected.

    Some of Arizona’s mostly prolific politicians, seemingly everyone of political importance at that time, ranging from former Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, to former Pinal County Sheriff,  Paul Babeu to former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, and Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce, were engaged in fighting against the invasion of Arizona by a conglomerate of drug cartels, major terrorist organizations and corrupt proxies doing the bidding of the Deep State.

    In the first two parts of this series, it was established, through a review of previously established facts, that former Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, waged an endless battle against the corruption of the Obama administration beginning with Fast and Furious and fighting the Obama administration’s “Blind Eye” toward human smuggling and drug dealing in Arizona from international criminal organizations. Under Obama’s leadership, Phoenix became the human smuggling capital of the United States and Arpaio led an uphill battle against this corrupt administration.

    Who will ever forget this raw exchange between Obama and then Governor Brewer on the tarmac of the airport in Mesa, Arizona?

    Except for Arizona’s two senators, Flake and McCain, as well as its Demoratic congressmen (eg Grivalda who makes Stalin look sane by comparison), most of Airzona’s politicians opposed the takeover of their state by DOJ sanctioned terrorist organizations.

    Also in the first two parts of this series, I reported that I have learned that Arpaio has been providing Trump intelligence on cartel/terrorist/Obama administration mischief since Arpaio full endorsed and campaigned for Donald Trump. As Arizona is in a fight for its integrity and survival, so is America. Obama was clearly a Deep State puppet as is Hillary Clinton.

    In baseball, pitching staffs are partially constructed along the following lines:

    1. The Setup Man- This pitcher is sent into the game, in the 8th innning, to hold the lead through up to the 9th inning. This person sets the table, so to speak for the closer.
    2. The Closer- This pitcher is sent into the game in the 9th nd last inning to get the very diffcult final three outs and this pitcher must not have any lack of confidence and absolutely cannot have a consicence as they put the hopes of their opponent to death.

    The closer-It is not just the guns that Hillary wanted, she has been involved in high level meetings with Obama’s DHS. After her election, she had planned to use food quell and civil uprising in response to her stealing the election.

    During the height of the Democratic nomination contest between Obama and Clinton, they both disappeared and attended the Bilderberg meeting in June of 2008. Obama was told that he would be the setup man and Clinton would be the closer. Thank God for Trump and the Independent Media.

    As the setup man, Obama performed his job admirably for his Deep State handlers. His job was to transform this country, as much as possible, to a communist nation devoid of civil liberties and to completely disenfranchise the rank and file of the citizenry. Among his most notable achievements was his support of the passage of the NDAA which allows for the indefinite detention of anyone the President deems to be a national security threat. This act stood the constitution on it ear. This includes depriving the arrested person of any due process. “Undesirables” can just “disappear”. Obama told the nation that the government needed this tool to fight against terrorists. He forgot to mention that his administration was the enemy. Please note, as established in Parts One and Two, that these terrorists, supposedly targeted by the NDAA, were sponsored by Obama’s Department of Justice in such plots as Fast and Furious.

    Obama was well-groomed for his role as the destroyer of civil liberties in this country as well as the Sovietization of the economy under such entities as Obamacare which bankrupted healthcare, made medical insurance unaffordable and lowered the average American life-spans by two years. Obama was born to communists, he was raised a communist and he imparted communism upon this country.

    What would you say if I told you that Obama was selected for politics by America’s biggest proponent of communism and that this person was a convicted felon and dedicated to the overthrow of the United States government? What would you say if I told you that Obama was selected for his political destiny by a man who told an FBI undercover informant that when his “people” took over the nation, that 50 million dissidents would have to be incarcerated and over half of them put to death? It is all true and I am referencing the former leader of the communist subversive group, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. In the next part in this series, I will fully bring the topic of FEMA camps into the discussion.

    When Obama’s DOJ came after Arpaio for arresting too many cartel members and interdicting too many drugs, Arpaio fought back and began to expose Obama’s birth certificate as a fraud. In the course of Arpaio’s investigation into the legitmacy of Obama’s American citizenship claims, some very important and damning information surfaced.

    Arpaio fought back against the attacks from the Obama administration by launncing the birth certificate investigation.

    From the official birth certificate investigative files of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, we find Allen Hulton, a 39 year veteran of the postal service, who provided a sworn affidavit to Maricopa County, AZ. Sheriff investigators as to the relationship between a young Obama and Bill Ayers.

    Arpaio was leading an investigation to determine whether or not former foreign college student, Barack Obama, was eligible to be placed on Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. After reviewing Hulton’s affidavit, it is apparent that 1960’s communist agitators and revolutionaries from the communist-inspired Weathermen Underground, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were in fact the de facto adoptive parents to this foreign student destined to become the first illegitimate President of the United States. As a result, Obama was treated to the finest Ivy League education that communist backed money could buy as Hulton maintains that the Ayers told him that he was financing the education of a promising foreign student at Harvard. Hulton also testified that he met Obama while at the Ayers’ home and he asked Obama what he going to do with all his education, to which Obama politely answered, “I am going to become the President”. Readers should take note that this is an affidavit, and as such, is formally considered to be evidence, not conjecture or hearsay. There can be no other conclusion that the criminally convicted communist terrorist, Bill Ayers, began grooming Obama to become America’s first communist President during Obama’s college years. Their relationship continued into the present time as it is on record that Ayers visited the White House in August of 2009. Please note the words “foreign student”, which should have made Obama ineligible to be in the White House.

    Obama’s communist affiliations continued well into his adulthood and because of the good work of Joel Gilbert  who discovered that Obama was active with a Weathermen Underground  support group known as The May 19th Communist Organization, in New York. Perhaps, this is why Ayers was visiting the White House. And speaking of Ayers, adding more fuel to this communist fire, it is interesting to note that both Senior White House Advisors, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett were both Weatherman Underground “Red Diaper Babies, in which they were the sons and daughters of well-to-do parents who desired communism and lived out their dreams through their children’s revolutionary activities. Other notable red-diaper babies also include such notables as Rahm Emanuel and Eric Holder. Jarrett’s situation is particularly interesting in that her family and the Ayers family have been multi-generational friends which also included a marriage between the two families. Much of the Obama administration is a nest of communists and this should serve to gravely concern every American citizen. It was Ayers who launched State Senatorial candidate Obama’s political career from their Hyde Park, IL. living room according to the late Larry Grathwohl a former FBI undercover operative who penetrated the Weathermen Underground. Hollywood could not write a movie this good, with this much intrigue.

    Obama’s real father comes into play as well. Frank Chapman, a communist activist and a member of the communist front group known as the World Peace Council. Chapman clearly used the term “mole” to describe Obama. He said Obama’s political climb and subsequent  success in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries was “a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle.” Chapman further stated that, “Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through. “The Communist Party USA backs Obama to the hilt.” It is clear that Obama was their man, their setup man!

    Obama more than doubled the national debt, his foreign policy was a disaster, he destroyed healthcare, investment, banking, the military, job growth, etc.  Obama, in short was a one man wrecking crew and people like Joe Arpaio were brave enough to stand up to him and everyone that did is now out ouf politics.

    America is in the process of being transformed into the same type of narco-terrorist state as we see in Mexico. Let’s consider the public drug trial of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla.

    Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistics coordinator” and son of a principal Sinaloa leader, asserted in court documents that Guzman is a U.S. informant and Sinaloa was “given carte blanche to continue to smuggle tons of illicit drugs into Chicago.” An active DEA agent gave me this information about Obama’s complicity and involvement in cartel activity and he pointed me in the direction of this trial which validates everything that this source told me.

    “Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals”. The details of the unholy agreement between the DEA and the Sinaloa cartel was that the DEA would allow 80% of all drug shipments into the United States in exchange for intelligence information on the other drug cartels. Why would the DEA want intelligence on the other cartels, yet, they would allow the Sinaloa cartel to continue with their drug operations right under the noses of the DEA. The agents stated that this arrangement had been approved by high-ranking officials and federal prosecutors,” the Zambada-Niebla lawyer wrote”.

    After being extradited to Chicago in February 2010, Zambada-Niebla argued that he was also “immune from arrest or prosecution” because he actively provided information to U.S. federal agents.

    Niebla "The DEA said it was OK to run drugs into America".

    Niebla “The DEA said it was OK to run drugs into America”.









    Niebla also alleged that Operation Fast and Furious was part of an agreement to finance and arm the cartel in exchange for information used to take down its rivals. This resurfaces the issue that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the gun-running arrangements in Fast and Furious as we all knew he did. THIS IS WHAT ARPAIO AND BREWER WERE FIGHTING AGAINST!

    The only plausible explanation serving to underlie this operation would be that the DEA is protecting the drug trafficking corridors for the banking elite that has hijacked our government.  The information supplied by the Sinaloa’s about their rivals protects the elites shipments from competition. The Mafia is too kind of a term in which to refer to the Obama administration, but it gets worsse.

    Golitsyn’s Blueprint for Obama

    Obama followed the Golitsyn plan to take over America to the letter.  According to Soviet defector, Golitsyn, the short-term strategic objective of the Russians is to achieve a technological convergence with the West solely on Russian terms and mostly through a series of one-sided disarmament agreements. He also stated that the Russians and the Americans would engage in joint military exercises just prior to America’s fall and this is exactly what we find when we look at the historical record under Obama.

    • “In 2010, American soldiers participated in the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade alongside its European allies and members of the CIS, marking the first time American soldiers have ever participated in the annual event on May 9.

    • In 2010, American and Russian special forces conduct their first joint operation in Afghanistan and destroy four drug-producing labs that make heroin on October 31.   (S. Shuster (Oct.2010). Russia returns to Afghanistan for drug raid.TIME World. Retrieved 6 February, 2010).

    • In 2012, the United States, Russia and NATO hold missile defense exercises in Ottobrunn, Germany from March 26 to March 30.

    • In 2012, Russian troops are allowed into the United States for the first time to participate in a joint U.S.-Russia military drill in Colorado on April 25.

    • In 2012, American and Russian navies participate in the RIMPAC 2012 naval exercises from June 29 to August 3 and this process is ongoing.

    • In 2012, The United States and Russia hold joint naval exercises in the Norwegian Sea on August 22.

    • In 2012, Russia sends aid to the United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on November 11.

    • In 2013, American, Russian and NATO military forces perform a counter piracy exercise in the Gulf of Aden on February 26.

    • In 2014, The United States, Russia and NATO announce plans to conduct a joint naval operation in the Mediterranean to protect a U.S. ship that will destroy Syria’s chemical weapons on February 14.”

    There are literally dozens more of these bilateral cooperative efforts involving the military forces of Russia and the United States as well as the United Nations.  It is clear that Obama was in bed with the Russians and any other foreign power that wants to destroy America.  

    Golitsyn and the Scissors Plan

    Golitsyn stated that Russia, after lulling America to sleep, will join with China in order to attack the United States from both the outside and inside as he detailed that In each of these the scissors strategy will play its part; probably, as the final stroke, the scissors blades will close. The element of apparent duality in Soviet and Chinese policies will disappear. The hitherto concealed coordination between them will become visible and predominant. The Soviets and the Chinese will be officially reconciled. Thus the scissors strategy will develop logically into the ‘strategy of one clenched fist’ to provide the foundation and driving force of a world communist federation…before long, the communist strategists might be persuaded that the balance had swung irreversibly in their favor. In that event they might well decide on a Sino-Soviet ‘reconciliation.’ The scissors strategy would give way to the strategy of “one clenched fist.” The enemies now are gathered from within. At that point the shift in the political and military balance will be plain for all to see.

    The inking of the recent energy deal which married the economies of the Russians and the Chinese is the manifestation of Golitsyn’s revelations.

    My insider military sources, as well as Dr. Garrow, tell me that plans for an American guerrilla warfare resistance are being put into play as we speak. The elite practiced against this eventuality with Jade Helm 16.

    These facts means that millions of us are going to die at the hands of foreign invaders and from being caught in the crossfire. For more information on this, use the Jade Helm as a search term in the search engine on this sight. The documentation is voluminous!


    In the next part of this series, I will briefly discuss what would have happened to America if Clinton had been elected. However, before you breath a sigh of relief, the Deep State is pushing America towards a civil war in which the same Clinton goals will be realized unless we stop it. Although Clinton was to be the closer and complete the destruction of this country and failed to get elected, Soros has stepped up and has taken up the process of destroying America through the creation of racial strife and the attempted implementation of Calexit and all that would entail.

    America is at a crossroads. Evidence is mounting that Trump is preparing Gitmo to receive Deep State prisoners. And evidence is mounting that a major coup is coming followed by WW III. Who will win?


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    Source Article from https://m.axs.com/concerts-and-parties-in-phoenix-and-prescott-for-new-year-s-eve-2017-126841

    Sail in to the 2018 Denver Travel & Adventure Show to plan a cruise

    The 2018 Denver Travel & Adventure Show is set to take place March 24-25 at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center and the show is shaping up to be a not-to-miss event for those planning their next big adventure and those ready to book a vacation. Tickets are now on sale for the weekend of travel-related fun where show-goers can meet with representatives of more than 150 destinations, airlines, game reserves, resorts and lodges, travel agents and more.

    The official motto of the Denver Travel & Adventure Show is “Discover the world in one weekend, all under one roof,” and with exhibitors in attendance representing everywhere from domestic destinations like Alaska, the Florida Keys and Zion National Park in Utah to exotic locales like Malaysia, the Cook Islands and Aruba, there will be no shortage of places to discover. One of the most popular ways to explore the world these days is via a cruise and there’ll be numerous exhibitors on hand who specialize in planning and booking high seas adventures.

    With the cruise industry having just had a banner year, there are lots of exciting things on the horizon. Holland America Line, who offer cruises all over the world including to Antarctica, Japan, China, the Panama Canal and Thailand, have something very thrilling in the works, a brand new ship. Currently being built in Italy, the Nieuw Statendam will be a Pinnacle Class ship, which is the largest in Holland America Line’s fleet. Erik Elvejord, Holland America Line’s director of public relations, tells AXS that the ship will make a 14-day premiere voyage from Italy to Ft. Lauderdale on Dec. 5, 2018, calling at Cartagena and Malaga, Spain and Funchal, Madeira in Portugal along the way (bookings are being taken now.) “After that the Nieuw Statendam will spend its inaugural season exploring the Caribbean on a series of roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale cruises,” says Elvejord. “All of the Caribbean cruises include a call at Half Moon Cay, Holland America Line’s award-winning private Bahamian island,” Elvejord adds.

    In 2017 Holland America Line celebrated two significant milestones; the 20th anniversary of calling at Half Moon Cay and 70-years of sailing to Alaska. “By number of cruises and guests, Alaska and the Caribbean are the line’s most popular destinations; Europe is a close third,” says Elvejord. “However, the line sails to all seven continents with a diverse mix of itineraries and ports that can please first-time cruisers and experienced cruise aficionados alike.” At the 2018 Denver Travel & Adventure Show, anyone interested in booking a cruise on Holland America Line can take care of business with a visit to the travel advisors at the Cruise Planners booth.

    While the list of exhibitors at the 2018 Denver Travel & Adventure Show is large and diverse, there will be lots to do when you’re not gathering information concerning your next trip. Attendees will be able to hear world music at the Global Beats stage, partake of live cooking demonstrations, take a SCUBA lesson and even hop aboard a camel. There will also be chances to meet luminaries like travel maven Rick Steves, economy travel expert Russell Hannon and CBS News travel editor Peter Greenberg.

    Tickets for the 2018 Denver Travel & Adventure Show are available here.

    Source Article from https://m.axs.com/sail-in-to-the-2018-denver-travel-adventure-show-to-plan-a-cruise-126840

    Family friendly events in Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve 2017

    Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Palm Springs and the Coachella area by enjoying a family-friendly event as 2017 turns into 2018. The biggest event in the area will be the Palm Springs New Year Countdown and midnight fireworks at Spa Resort Casino. Take the family to see holiday lights, go ice skating, andn to enjoy other events to ring in the New Year.

    Palm Springs New Year Countdown & Midnight Fireworks
    Dec. 31 @ 8 p.m.
    Spa Resort Casino, 401 E. Amada Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262

    Ring in the New Year at Palm Spring’s free outdoor block party, which will include KidZone, DJ Dense, a bar garden, and food sold by local restaurants. Watch the celebration at Times Square in New York as they ring in the New Year at 9 p.m. The outdoor concert featuring the Plain White T’s will start at 10:30 p.m. The countdown to 2018 will be followed by the show of fireworks at midnight.  

    Countdown to Noon-Year
    Dec. 31 @ 10 a.m.
    Children’s Discovery Museum, 71-701 Gerald Ford Dr., Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

    Kids can ring in the New Year at this daytime celebration featuring special activities, countdown to 2018, and balloon drop at noon. The special event will be included with museum admission ($7.95-$9.95).

    The Renova Ice Rink @ The River
    Nov. 21-Jan. 14 @ Varies
    The River @ Rancho Mirage, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

    Kids and adults will have fun skating into the New Year at Ice Rink @ The River at Rancho Mirage.  Admission is $15 for all-day skating.

    Nov. 24-Jan. 8 @ 4 p.m.
    Ruth Hardy Park, 700 E. Tamarisk Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92262

    Robolights will be open nightly through Jan. 8, so this unusual light display will offer a great family-friendly event on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. The artist-created displays make use of discarded recycled items. There are “no parking” signs posted in the neighborhood, so the artist recommends parking at Ruth Hardy Park and taking the short walk to see the holiday display. Suggested donation $5.

    Desert Ice Castle
    68-600 Perez Rd., Cathedral City, CA 92234

    Desert Ice Castle will be open for public skating on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Admission will be $7/Person and skate rental will be $3.

    New Year’s Eve Grape Drop
    Dec. 31 @ 6 p.m.
    Civic Center, 41000 Main St., Temecula, CA 92590

    The 2018 Temecula-style New Year’s Eve celebration will include live music, kid’s activities, and vendors at the annual New Year’s Eve Grape Drop. The family can ring in the New Year twice, first at East Coast time (9 p.m.) and again at West Coast time (midnight). 

    Source Article from https://m.axs.com/family-friendly-events-in-palm-springs-for-new-year-s-eve-2017-126839

    Family friendly events in Nashville for New Year’s Eve 2017

    Celebrate New Year’s Eve at one of the family-friendly events being held in Nashville, Tennessee as 2017 turns into 2018. The biggest event of the night will be the Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight, featuring live entertainment headlined by country star Keith Urban and fireworks.

    Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville
    Dec. 31 @ 4 p.m.
    Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

    The biggest event in Nashville will be a free night of music and festivities, including performances hosted by DJ Robert Luke. The lineup of performers includes Carly Pearce, Maren Morris, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton and Keith Urban.

    London Time Countdown to Midnight
    Dec. 31 @ 5:55 p.m.
    Jack Daniels Stage, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

    Nashville will countdown to midnight London time with Mayor Megan Barry and rocker Peter Frampton. There will be a one-minute show of fireworks, so people who want to get home early can still see some fireworks.

    Musical Lineup Headlined by Keith Urban
    Dec. 31 @ 6:30 p.m.
    Jack Daniels Stage, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

    Keith Urban will headline the New Year’s concert for the second year in a row. Urban will perform at 10:50 p.m. and will take the stage again at 12:05, after the fireworks.  The lineup will also include Carly Pearce, Jonny P, Maren Morris, Cheap Trick, Larkin Poe, and Fisk Jubilee Singers.

    New Year’s Eve Fireworks
    Dec. 31 @ midnight
    Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

    Ring in the New Year by enjoying the 15-foot-tall red music note as it descends the 145 foot-tall tower. The “Music Note Drop” will trigger a show of fireworks and confetti cannons.

    Team USA Winterfest
    Dec. 30-30
    Music City Walk of Fame Park, Demonbreun St., Nashville, TN 37219

    The United States Olympic Committee will bring the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to fans with the Team USA Winterfest, presented by Hershey’s. Attendees will get to meet Olympic athletes, enjoy live music, participate in winter sports, and enjoy S’mores. Meet the Olympic athletes including Olympic snowboarder and “Dancing With the Star’s” finalist Amy Purdy, eight-time Olympic medalist Alliston Schmitt, and three-time Olympian Elizabeth Beisel. Admission is free and open to the public. The festivities wind up at 5 p.m., so there will be time to head to the Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville celebration.

    Happy NOON Year
    Dec. 31 @ 10 a.m.
    Adventure Science Center, 800 Fort Negley Blvd., Nashville, TN 37203

    Countdown to 2018 at noon during this daytime event for children. The celebration will include party crafts, resolutions, the Baby You’re a Firework live science show, a balloon drop, and Auld Lang Syne. Admission to the Adventure Science Center is $11.95-$15.95.

    New Year’s Eve Bash
    Dec. 31 @ 6 p.m.
    Smyma Outdoor Adventure Center, 100 Sam Ridley Parkway East, Smyma, TN 37167

    Kids will have fun at the night full of games and activities at the adventure center. Tickets will be $10.

    New Year’s Eve Bowling Package
    Dec. 31 @ 7 p.m.& 10:30 p.m.
    Franklin Lanes, 1200 Lakeview Dr., Franklin, TN 37067

    Franklin Lanes will offer two New Year’s Eve Bowling Packages for families on New Year’s Eve, which will each include unlimited bowling for up to six people, shoe rental, and one pizza. The packages are priced at $99.95 and $139.95.  

    Ice Skating at Gaylord Opryland’s A Country Christmas and Outdoor Nativity
    Nov. 11-Jan-1 @ 4 p.m.
    Gaylord Opryland Resort, 2800 Opryland Dr., Nashville, TN 37214

    New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day will be the final two days for ice skating at the ring at the festively decorated Gaylord Opryland. Tickets for ice skating at Holiday Halls will be $17.99. Check the Gaylord website for the other holiday events still available, including Kid’s Train, Build-A-Bear Workshop Scavenger Hunt, Cookies with Mrs. Claus, Gingerbread Decorating Corner, rides, and more. The Outdoor Nativity will be displayed on the Magnolia Lawn through New Year’s Day. The family will also be able to step into the world of actor John Wayne at Holiday Halls.

    Chad’s Winter Wonderland
    Nov. 23-Jan. 1 @ 6 p.m.
    791 E. Old LaGuardo Rd., Lebanon, TN 37087

    New Year’s Eve will be the final night for the holiday light show at Chad’s Winter Wonderland. Take the family for a ride where they will enjoy the festive show from the comfort of the family car. Admission will be $15/carload or $20/limos or passenger vans.

    Source Article from https://m.axs.com/family-friendly-events-in-nashville-for-new-year-s-eve-2017-126838

    Concerts and parties in Columbus for New Year’s Eve 2017

    Another year has come and gone with 2017 on its way out and 2018 looming closer. We still have some time left to take in some live music before the year officially comes to a close, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to do it. After all, is there a better way to say goodbye to one year and welcome the next? Columbus has plenty of concerts happening for New Year’s, from popular rock bands to local parties. So put on your finest, pop some champagne, and get your tickets to have a fun, memorable holiday.

    Dec. 31 @7:30 p.m.
    Express Live! – 405 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43215

    Band Clutch brings their Psychic Warfare world tour to Columbus just in time for a New Year’s party, along with Devin Townsend and The Obsessed, at Express Live! Tickets are on sale now for $29.50 in advance, $35 day of show.

    Dec. 31 @ 8:30 p.m.
    Shadowbox Live – 503 S. Front St., Suite #260, Columbus, OH, 43215

    Ring in the New Year at Shadowbox Live with house band BillWho?, plus a dinner banquet, party favors and a champagne toast at midnight. Make your dinner reservations now through the venue’s website.

    Tree of Snakes
    Dec. 31 @ 9 p.m.
    Ace of Cups – 2619 N High St., Columbus, OH 43202

    Celebrate with at Ace of Cups with music from Tree of Snakes, 84 Nash, Washington Beach Bums and The Lindsay, followed by a complimentary champagne toast at midnight. Tickets are on sale now for just $10, making it a super affordable way to have a great, fun New Year.

    17th Floor
    Dec. 31 @ 9 p.m.
    Hollywood Casino – 200 Georgesville Rd., Columbus, OH 43228

    You can always count on casinos to throw great New Year’s parties, and Columbus is no exception. Check out hip-hop band 17th Floor at Hollywood Casino, as well as a stream of the ball drop in New York. Visit the casino’s website for more information on this and all of their other New Year’s events, including a buffet, four-course dinner, New Year’s Day brunch, and more.

    Teeny Tucker
    Dec. 31 @ 9:30 p.m.
    Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza – 5601 North High St., Worthington, OH 43085

    Party with blues singer Teeny Tucker and her seven-piece band at Natalie’s Coal-Fired Pizza in nearby Worthington. Stop in for dinner starting at 4, then stick around for the show at 9:30. Tickets are on sale now for $25, including party favors and a complimentary champagne toast at midnight.

    Source Article from https://m.axs.com/concerts-and-parties-in-columbus-for-new-year-s-eve-2017-126837