‘F*ck You And The Horse You Rode In On’ Sheriff Clarke Explodes After Reporter Asks About His Security Detail

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[WATCH] Texas Assistant Police Chief Clocked at 92 MPH Gets Warning, Receives Ticket After Local Newspaper Obtains Dash Cam Footage

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Deep State Admits They’ve Finally “Gotten a Grip on Trump” Liken Him to George W. Bush

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It is official. The deep state has admitted that Trump is now under their control and it is now business as usual — just like it was under Bush and Obama — and just like it would’ve been under Hillary.

For those who don’t remember, with the help of mainstream media—from The New York Times to Fox News—after 9/11, Americans were duped into accepting endless war by George W. Bush thanks to a constant bombardment of lies sold to the masses under the guise of “protecting freedom.” All one needs to do to realize no freedoms were protected by these wars, in which thousands of Americans died and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were slaughtered, is look around today.

With every action recorded, phone tapped, innocent family surveilled, right stripped, and citizen killed by their government, the term “Freedom” has become a mere symbolic representation of the brittle shell of America left behind after being gutted by unelected operatives in the deep state hell bent on total control and perpetual war.

Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and other neocons hailing from the notorious Project for the New American Century (PNAC), co-founded by neoconservative extraordinaire, William “Bill” Kristol, had their agenda of military hegemony clearly laid out, years before 9/11 which Bush would implement for them perfectly.

After Obama promised to end the wars, he quickly fell in line and started several more. And now, this very same thing is happening with Trump.

The deep state neocon/neolib faction has become so successful at shifting the narrative toward irrelevant infighting that no one even notices when their candidate gets into office and does a 180 on damn near every promise they made — Trump included. Here are just two powerful examples of Trump selling out to the deep state.

Saudi Arabia. Before Trump was elected, he admitted that he knew Saudi Arabia funded 9/11. Now, as the world finds this out, Trump gives them hundreds of billions in weapons and calls them our allies.

Afghanistan. Before he was elected, Trump was vehemently opposed to the quagmire in Afghanistan and called it “stupid,” “wasteful,” and “dangerous.” Now, just like his predecessors, he’s doubling down and send thousands more troops into an unwinnable war in which they will kill or be killed only to come home with PTSD or worse.

Dare we say, “We told you so”?

While many had faith that Trump would keep his promises, the fact is that all presidents are puppets and no matter who is in office, the shadow government always wins.

The deep state is so brazen, that the founder of PNAC actually took to MSNBC this week to admit they’ve finally gotten a grip on Trump.

After Trump made his UN speech, promising more war and to annihilate the millions of citizens in North Korea if they should make one wrong move, Bill Kristol himself went on MSNBC to praise him for it.

Kristol said Trump “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me” and that “for all of Donald Trump’s America First talk and repudiation of the Bush-McCain-Romney foreign policy,” it came across as “more standard,” even with the “Trumpian aspects.”

Kristol openly admitted that yes, Trump ran on a non-interventionist policy of peace and actually criticized Bush and Obama for their senseless wars, but now he is just like Bush. But it gets worse.

As to why Trump now sounds like Bush, according to Kristol, it’s because the deep state has officially attached their puppet strings.

“The people around Trump have gotten more of a grip on Trump, I think, in foreign policy, than I would have expected… This is a more normal speech by an American president than I might have thought three, four months ago,” said Kristol.

And just like that, on live TV, the neocon of neocons — who is an unmistakable member and policy writer of the deep state — said that Trump is now a puppet whose very strings are pulled by the Swamp he promised to drain, yet never did.

Yes, this is the same Bill Kristol who just two months ago called Trump a Jackass.

It’s not just the neocons who’ve noticed Trump’s transformation into a deep state neocon puppet either — lots of us have — including former Congressman Ron Paul.

“Who would’ve thought?” Paul noted before epically explaining Trump’s hypocritical transition.

Trump bashed W. and the Iraq War relentlessly during his campaign.

Now, the very same people who brought us the Iraq nightmare are giddy with excitement.

Neocons like John Bolton and Elliot Abrams are so happy to see this new Trump.

Today, the king of the warmongers Bill Kristol says Trump “sounded a little like George W. Bush to me”.

The people who have never been right, and have done unimaginable damage to the United States of America are gearing up to take us back into the abyss.

Donald Trump is their new W.

Welcome to the deep state Donald Trump, we hope you enjoy selling out your base.

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Man Gets Death Threats for Criticizing Police After Cops Encouraged People to Harass Him


A business owner in St. Louis was quick to condemn police for tear-gassing his customers and indiscriminately firing rubber bullets into his restaurant, which endangered his patrons and ultimately forced him to close his business, costing him valuable revenue. In response, the owner has received both condemnations from the police union, and even death threats from supporters who “back the blue.”

Chris Sommers of Pi Pizzeria is not backing down, and according to a statement published by Riverfront Times, he is adamant about holding the St. Louis Metro Police Department accountable for its officers’ actions—no matter what smear campaigns or death threats they throw at him.


“On Friday night, at approximately 11:15pm, the SLMPD shot at me and gassed me,” Sommers wrote. “They did this, ostensibly, because I was screaming at them from across an empty street to stop terrorizing my dinner guests and team who were dining peacefully on a corner devoid of protestors or agitators.”

Sommers noted that he was first alerted to the protests while monitoring Twitter. When he saw reports of protests after it was announced that Police Officer Jason Stockley was acquitted of the killing of Anthony Smith—despite evidence that Stockley initiated a dangerous police chase and then planted a gun in Smith’s car—Sommers said he attempted to help calm the tension.

I immediately jumped in my car and called our manager, asking him to get waters ready to hand out to all police and protestors as they walked by, in an attempt to calm nerves and prevent damage to my building,” he wrote, noting that the protests were peaceful and they lasted for about an hour.

After Sommers determined that the scene had calmed down, he said he left the restaurant and started his drive home, where he encountered a wall of militarized police officers “marching by themselves with gas masks, guns and shields,” despite the fact that there were no protesters in sight.

“When they reached the corner, at least one of them began shooting indiscriminately, at absolutely no one,” Sommers wrote. “Some of the shots (pepper pellets, I later learned) were directed towards the air, so it appears they were just trying to intimidate. But whom? The only people around were guests and neighbors and a few people with cameras. I had previously pulled out my phone and got all of this on tape.”

While the video of this scene does not appear to have been released publicly, its existence holds substantial weight. Sommers claimed he is now working with the American Civil Liberties Union, and plans to testify before a federal judge.

“I used lots of expletives at these little men and women hiding behind shields with guns, terrorizing my guests who pay their salaries. The ACLU told me their aggression against my language makes their crime even more egregious. After they threw a tear gas canister at me (again, on video), a guy next to me picked it up and threw it back at them, either to get it away from him and others at Pi, or because he felt violated and wanted to return the poison. They certainly didn’t like that, and finally crossed the street, rushing at me as I ran into my restaurant and barely got the door closed before they could break in. Yes, I had to lock down my restaurant for the first time from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I then had to close the restaurant, buy dinner for remaining guests and ensure that my team, who were now all terrified from the gas and rush by the police, had a safe ride home.”

 I repeat, we only closed our restaurant this weekend out of fear of police, not protestors or the shitheads vandalizing,” Sommers emphasized, noting that as soon as he began sharing his experience on social media and “calling out the insane, illegal behavior by the police,” he became “public enemy No. 1 to every ‘Blue Lives Matter’ fanboy.”

Sure enough, the Blue Lives Matter website criticized Sommers in an article claiming he was supporting the rioters even as they tried to set his restaurant’s plants on fire.” However, it failed to mention that Sommers and his staff offered water to everyone—protesters and police—and the report of someone trying to set his plants on fire was based off the actions of one man, not an entire group of protesters.

“Let’s get the word out that if you bash the police, you won’t be getting our business,” Blue Lives Matter concluded.

Sommers claimed the union representing the St. Louis Metro Police Department also posted his and his employees’ phone numbers on its Facebook page, and as a result, they have been threatened and harassed.

“It was my team and I who kept our business safe that night, though only barely from the police department itself,” Sommers wrote. “These people are now calling for our windows to be broken, and based on their words, I don’t doubt they will do it themselves.”

Sommers noted that he has had a history of supporting police through his business, including letting officers eat for free of for 50 percent off every time they dine in uniform, and he has also donated to their non-profits and events anytime he is asked.

“The Blue Lives Matter (Only) people who are threatening me and my business use phrases like “Black Lives Don’t Matter” in their messages. They all have Trump and “Make America Great Again” tags in their profiles. Oh, and they generally seem to love Jesus. It just doesn’t compute. But then again, it all makes sense for these authoritarian types. Despite the SLMPD catching none of the criminals who have assaulted and robbed me, my businesses and employees, or home, I have continued to support them. They have NOT protected me and often never showed up when I’ve called them, but I’ve continue to serve them, with free meals and cash. No longer. And I’ll lose less money on every meal I don’t give away to them.”

Sommers also claimed that the “systematic racism and corruption in our SLMPD and beyond is well-known and documented.” He said that when one of his coworkers was dining in St. Louis during the protests, “six cops came in bragging about killing Smith, saying ‘so what, we killed him, St. Louis needs to move on.’ No one at that table questioned that officer.”

As he deals with a barrage death threats, Sommers is responding by asking the public to support him by attempting to combat some of the negative reviews hundreds of “Blue Lives Matter” supporters have left on Yelp, Google and Facebook, attacking his business.

However, just as police officers were marching through the streets of St. Louis, chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” it appears that there are far too many people who believe them.

If an individual sincerely believes that when a business owner defends his restaurant by calling out to police to stop indiscriminately targeting his customers, he is automatically someone who hates police, and should receive death threats, that individual should seriously reconsider his or her line of thinking. If one claims to “support” police officers, the best thing they can do is to hold those officers accountable for these actions, instead of following them blindly with no oversight.

Thursday evening, Sommers summarized this week of hell brought directly to him by those sworn to protect.

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NIH Supported Journal Publishes Landmark Study Linking Fluoride to Low IQ


Increased levels of prenatal fluoride exposure have been linked to lower intelligence in children, according to the results of a new study.

In the eye-opening new peer-reviewed study, published on September 19, 2017, in the Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers found strong evidence of a link between fluoride and lower cognitive function in children.

With an impact factor of 9.78, Environmental Health Perspectives is one of the most highly ranked journals in Toxicology, Public, Environmental and Occupational Health, and Environmental Sciences.

The researchers found that “higher levels of maternal urinary fluoride during pregnancy (a proxy for prenatal fluoride exposure) that are in the range of levels of exposure in other general population samples of pregnant women as well as nonpregnant adults were associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at 4 and 6–12 y old,” according to the study.

The study involved 1,576 samples taken from over 300 sets of mothers and children in Mexico by a research team from Toronto. The researchers tested the children’s cognitive development twice over the course of 12 years. In Mexico, Fluoride is not added to public water supply, but people are exposed through naturally occurring fluoride in water, toothpaste, fluoridated salt and other supplemental products.

“Childhood exposure to fluoride is safer than prenatal. There is pretty good science now to support the fact that the fetal system tends to be more sensitive to environmental toxicants than once the child is born,” said the study’s lead author, Howard Hu, founding dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, according to CNN.

The authors of the study looked for chemical markers in the urine of mothers and children, as previous studies attempted to measure fluoride exposure by analyzing environmental factors, such as water.

“Since we’re using an integrated biological marker, it will give you a fairly standardized measure,” Hu explained.

Interestingly, the study found significant effect – with an increase in urine fluoride of 1mg/l being associated with a 5 to 6 point drop in IQ score. For perspective, the average fluoride intake in Mexican mothers was roughly the same as that of women in the United States.

“The range of fluoride levels in Mexico also corresponded closely to the range found in most of the USA. The higher levels were similar to what is found in areas in the USA with fluoridated water, and the lower levels were similar to what is found in most unfluoridated parts of the USA,” according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

According to a report by FAN:

Most of the Mexican women had urine fluoride between 0.5 and 1.5 mg/L. Studies have found that adults in the USA have between about 0.6 and 1.5 mg/L, almost exactly the same range. From the low end of that range to the high end is a difference of 1 mg/L which is what caused the 5 to 6 IQ point difference in the children of the study mothers.


The study found a drop in scores on intelligence tests for every 0.5 milligram-per-liter increase in fluoride exposure beyond 0.8 milligrams per liter found in urine. However, although the researchers found a potential connection to a child’s exposure to fluoride in utero, they found no significant influence from fluoride exposure on brain development once a child was born.

The study reveals the relationship between urine fluoride and IQ in the graph reproduced here:

FAN has recreated the graph in simplified form to more clearly illustrate the relationship between mothers’ urine fluoride and children’s IQ.

This simplified version of the graph highlights the range of urine fluoride levels common in women in the USA with the blue text and bracket. When comparing mothers at the low end to those at the high end of this range, the subsequent loss of IQ in their children was 6 points. The light red shaded zone around the relationship line is the 95% Confidence Interval and demonstrates that the relationship is statistically significant across the entire range of fluoride exposures.

This is not the first time fluoride has been shown to act as a neurotoxin.

“There have been similar findings related to exposure to fluoride and IQ from children in China. So this observation or association has been reported before,” Linda Birnbaum, director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, told CNN. Birnbaum was not involved in the study.

In 2012, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) working in conjunction with China Medical University in Shenyang conducted a meta-analysis of 27 related studies published in Environmental Health Perspectives. The report noted that “fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children,” adding “children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas.”

Following up on the original findings, the Harvard cooperative team found “fluoride in drinking water may produce developmental neurotoxicity.”

“Results of our pilot study showed that moderate and severe dental fluorosis was significantly associated with deficits in WISC-IV digit span. Children with moderate or severe dental fluorosis scored significantly lower in total and backward digit span tests than those with normal or questionable fluorosis. These results suggest a deficit in working memory,” according to the Harvard cooperative study.

While some of the Chinese studies were unable to control for other potential neurotoxins such as lead or mercury, giving it less validity, the new Mexican study controlled for those two neurotoxins, along with socioeconomic status, education and numerous other factors.

“This is a very well-conducted study, and it raises serious concerns about fluoride supplementation in water,” Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician who studies potential links between environmental exposures and health problems at New York University Langone Health, told Newsweek. (He was not involved in the new study.)

It seems clear that pregnant women should stay away from fluoride, as it appears to clearly and significantly affect the neurological development of their children in utero, and the rest of the population would likely be wise to do the same given the numerous studies critical of fluoride.

Please share this important information — and especially with anyone you know who is pregnant!

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Cop Who Threw Handcuffed Man Into Lake and Watched Him Drown, Gets Only 10 Days in Jail


Versailles, MO — Nearly two years after Trooper Anthony Piercy was charged in the death of Brandon Ellingson, who drowned in the Lake of the Ozarks with his hands cuffed behind his back, the case has been closed. Predictably, the offending officer is getting off with less than a slap on the wrist.

For handcuffing a college student, negligently casting him into a lake, and watching as he drowned, Trooper Piercy avoided an involuntary manslaughter trial after pleaded guilty to a simple boating violation in June.

This week, Piercy was sentenced for his role in Ellingson’s death and he received just 10 days in jail. The judge referred to this insultingly low sentence of only 10 days as “shock time.”

According to the Kansas City Star, in addition to the “shock time” in the Morgan County jail, Judge Roger Prokes sentenced Trooper Anthony Piercy to two years of supervised probation and ordered him to complete 50 hours of community service. Piercy will serve time in jail in five, two-day increments with his first stint scheduled to begin Friday.

To Ellingson family and those who’ve been following this case, it is a kick in the teeth.

“Ten days is like a vacation,” Craig Ellingson said. “It’s a joke. … He knows he’s guilty and he’s damn lucky to get what he got.”

As the Star reports, Special Prosecutor William Camm Seay requested Piercy receive 30 days in jail and have his law enforcement certification revoked for life. Prokes, however, said the decision on Piercy’s certification was for the state, not him.

Seay is a standup attorney, however, and vowed to follow up to make sure this cop loses his license for the death of this beloved young man.

“I wished we would have gotten what we asked for,” Seay told The Star after the hearing. “It’s my hope he (Piercy) never ever serves as a law enforcement officer again. I’ve fulfilled my obligation but I feel like I have an obligation to the Ellingson family to see this out.”

However, the patrol noted that Piercy is still a cop and is merely on unpaid leave. What happens now with Piercy’s employment “is a personnel issue,” said Lt. Paul Reinsch, the Star reported.

During the proceedings, Craig Ellingson finally got to address the man responsible for taking the only thing in the world that mattered, his son. Almost immediately, he began to cry as he read through a three-page statement.

“Anthony Piercy, it has been almost 3 1/2 years that I’ve waited to tell you face to face that you’re the reason why my son Brandon is dead,” Ellingson said.

On May 31, 2014. Trooper Piercy arrested Ellingson under suspicion of OWI and negligently placed the wrong life jacket over the handcuffed 20-year-old’s torso. Piercy then drove his patrol boat away from the scene at a high rate of speed. Ellingson was thrown from the craft when it struck a sizeable wake, the life jacket came off, and he drowned with his hands still in cuffs while Piercy callously watched on.

“He’s an evil person,” Ellingson’s father Craig told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “The reason we decided to go to the plea deal was it was tainted down there,” in Morgan County, Missouri’s court system.

During the investigation, it was determined that Piercy did little to nothing as he watched Ellingson drown.

As the Beast reported:

Piercy did not jump in to save him.

When a bachelorette party passed on a nearby boat, the passengers threw Ellingson a life ring “but they didn’t know my son was handcuffed,” Craig said. “Piercy didn’t say he was handcuffed.”

The women told investigators that they screamed at Piercy to extend a pole to Ellingson, which he did “but he knew he was handcuffed,” Craig said.

Piercy did not call a supervisor for help until an hour after Ellingson drowned. Footage from his boat shows Piercy having a chillingly casual conversation with his colleague, referring to Ellingson in profane terms.

“I’m banged up a little bit, but I’m alright. I don’t know if I’m sore from treading water with the bastard,” Piercy told a supervisor of the dead 20-year-old.

As The Free Thought Project previously reported, following the familiar full-court press to prevent officer accountability, the jury in a Coroner’s Inquest ruled Ellingson’s death to be accidental. It was subsequently revealed that Amanda Grellner, the prosecutor who declined to file charges against Piercy, had received a personal favor from the MHP three years earlier when the department declined to charge her then-18-year-old son with DUI.

Last September, a circuit court judge found that the state had “knowingly and purposefully” covered up the crimes of Piercy, violating the state’s Sunshine Law in the act.

After seeing that they were getting zero help from the perpetrator and his subsequent conspirators, the family of Ellingson launched a campaign for justice. During this campaign, they were joined by Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant, Randy Henry.

Henry witnessed first hand, the incompetence, negligence, and cover-up and took to exposing it.

“We killed Brandon Ellingson,” Henry bluntly told the Lake Expo newspaper, following it with the question of “Why are we investigating ourselves?”

In a conversation with Piercy the day following Ellingson’s death, Henry expressed concerns about how the arresting officer had conducted himself. Piercy himself seemed remorseful, telling Henry,

“I feel like I drowned that kid…. I should have done more for him.”

In any other context, that comment would be treated as a confession to second-degree murder.

Henry then filed a report on the drowning and testified about the inadequate training Piercy and other water patrol officers received.

During an interview with patrol investigators following the drowning, Henry mentioned a state law dealing with the safety of people in custody and how the police are responsible for the lives of those they detain. An investigator interrupted Henry and insisted that the recorder be turned off, to deliberately prevent an official record of his disclosures.

The stiff arm of blue justice moved in and now we are seeing the results.

Instead of Piercy being held accountable for his negligence, it was Henry who was then run through the gamut of the thin blue line. He was cast out by his department, demoted to corporal, and forced to retire.

Now, the man responsible for the death of a star college student is getting off with a 10-day sentence and can remain a cop!

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