Officers Wounded in Deadly Police Shootout in Downtown San Antonio

Two officers tried stopping two men on patrol and were fired upon; one gunman was shot, the other taken in custody.

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GOP Already Working to Discredit Russia Probe

Rachel Maddow reports on how a letter from two Senate Judiciary Republicans to the FBI appears to be trying to set up a case to discredit the Trump Russia investigation, a familiar political tactic by those feeling the head of an investigation.

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Nobody Noticed Trump Followed CNN against Syria?

Photos that Nikki “Joseph Goebbels” Haley should have shown to the UN

As the fake fights over fake news continue, none in the war pimping media has acknowledged that Trump followed CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news —  in it hideous, lying reports on Khan Sheikhoun.  None has noticed that Trump followed CNN’s source, the illegal Brit Nusra terrorist, the man indicted on terrorist charges in native UK, the man whose license had been revoked in his own country.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun

Immediately after the US presidential election, it was CNN which blamed the results on “fake news.” Amanwour was so outraged she had tweeted a demand for Facebook to launch a censorship campaign against “fake news” (impressive chutzpah from a Vichy journalist who found herself without a moral dilemma in showing a shaving cream video as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use, April 2013).  In November, Obama, Merkel, and various upstanding members of the msm discussed what could be done to prevent “fake news” from winning elections in EU countries.

In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama
Shaving cream as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use, April 2013

That Trump followed CNN fake news to bomb the Syrian air base of Ash Sha’irat came as no surprise to anyone watching the writing on the wall:  In January, he cheered Erdoganstan’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus (a US American might consider the idea of Canada illegally entering NY, recruiting 400 unemployed, bringing them into Canada, training them, and then returning them to NY for a graduation ceremony in which the NYers pledge allegiance to Trudeau and his country).  In January, he bombed two bridges in Raqqa.  In late February, Trump’s UN Ambassador, Nikki “Joseph Goebbels” Haley sounded like Samantha Power on Captagon, braying lies about Syria having used the chemical weapons collected from Syria, against Syria, and without even pretending to have a morsel of evidence.

Look closely at the featured photograph.  These are the pictures that Haley should have shown the UN, and should have condemned.  They are screenshots from the beheading of 12 year old Abdullah Issa — who was kidnapped from a hospital — a heinous atrocity done by the FSA-related al Zinki gang.  Instead, Haley held up snuff photos provided by Jabhat al Nusra and White Helmets terrorists who remain on the US terror list.  She held up photos of children who had been kidnapped the previous week, from Manal and Khattab, murdered for the camera so that she could bleat that they were killed by GB.

Anyone familiar with the long history of terrorists’ use of CWs, and threats to use them, would have noticed that the babies and children shown in the ghastly videos, taking their final, agonal breath, looked remarkably like the rabbit killed in Turkey on 21 December 2012.  In that video, the moderate savage announced the takfiri had developed a poison, a fast-acting poison they planned to dump into the Alssin spring which provides Latakia with most of its water:

Nonetheless, Trump followed CNN — and daughter, Ivanka — CNN fake news! provided by a de-licensed Brit illegal in Syria, and msm have not noted this flagrant hypocrisy.

On 26 June, the White House issued an insane, kafkaesque, and provocative statement against the Syrian Arab Republic, that the US had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack [emphases added]…”.  “Goebbels” Haley, Spicer, and Tillerson all threatened another round of war crimes against Syria, based on a scheme taken from McNamara’s Vietnam body bag counts.  It is irrelevant that: [1] One cannot identify “potential preparations.” One either IDs actual preparations, or one shuts up. [2] There was no chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun in the first place for there to be an “again.”

Trump followed CNN further with this new threat to slaughter more Syrians, based on no form of reality, beyond fake news.

On 27 June, RT journalist Caleb Maupin asked State Department Press Secretary, Heather Nauert, a question that appeared to genuinely shock her:  Are you concerned that could have created an opening for terrorists to have carried out a chemical attack?

Trump followed CNN, and so does his Press Secretary, despite formerly working for Fox News.  Nauert shook her head no when Maupin reminded her that Syria joined the OPCW in 2013, but she was having nothing to do with a reality-based question.

The CW demonization motif is so useful that the UN, OPCW, msm, and Capitol Hill continue to resurrect it against Syria.
23 June 2014, State Dept tweeted Kerry’s announcement that Syria’s CWs were collected. Now, State Dept. has trust in AlQaeda

Ignoring both OPCW-UN and John Kerry reports, she brayed that “we all know Assad gases his people [according to Nusra and other terrorists],” and bleated “women” and “children.”  There was no concern when women and children were kidnapped from Latakia countryside in August 2013.  There was no phony sigh of relief in February, when 58 of them were finally freed in a hostage-terrorist exchange.   There were no crocodile tears when upwards of 130 mostly women and children were slaughtered in al Rashidin, 15 April — when Qatar breached a hostage-terrorist exchange brokered with Iran.

CNN, too, was mute over the Rashidin massacre of mostly women and children — except to track down a terrorist previously interviewed in Khan Sheikhoun, and Aleppo before that. The terrorist was videoed carrying a murdered child, and was made into the atrocious hero, to avoid any semblance of truth. 

Syrian child who survived al Rashidin terrorist massacre is ignored
Two men possible terrorists: One taking photos as though a tourist, the other holding an injured child in inappropriate way. Scores of kids were kidnapped during the mayhem

Maupin’s question, met with derision from Nauert, was both critical and poignant.  On 30 April, al Alam reported: White Helmets preparing another false flag operation similar to Idlib’s chemical incident.  

Another source noted that the bodies of 23 children had been removed from the morgue (many of those kidnapped from Latakia were identified in the corpse line-up after the al Ghouta HCN attack. “…When Saud Prince Bandar gives such weaons to people he must give them to those who know how to use them.”)

23 corpses of children were stolen from morgue

Fraud-neutral Reuters is also re-pimping the GB hoax of Khan Sheikhoun.  On 29 June, this wire service was seized by the compulsion to suddenly report on the OPCW’s 15 May report, as though it were new. This was done to assist in the viral proliferation of the GB hoax — which originated in Jerusalem, April 2013.  The compulsion is especially interesting as the White House has claimed that the identified potential preparations have stopped because of the Trump regime threat of more heinous war crimes against the SAR.

The dramatic photo demonstrates that there was no GB in Khan Sheikhoun.  The neurotoxin chemical weapon GB is both pneumonic and transdermal, making surgical masks and hoodies useless.

Dramatic photo is evidence that there was no GB in Khan Sheikhoun

Reuters also does not mention that the OPCW investigators did not go to Khan Sheikhoun (too dangerous to be around the terrorists), that OPCW did not have a chain of custodial evidence, meaning there was no forensics, that the OPCW created its report based on the word of the terrorists of whom the investigators have much fear, and that the JIM is unprecedented in UN history, created for the purpose of lying about Syria.

Recap:  OPCW did not go to Khan Sheikhoun to check forensics. It did not go because the terrorists controlling Idlib are terrorists.  Nonetheless, OPCW had no problem in accepting the word of these terrorists, and trusted them to hand over evidence. The OPCW stated that the fake forensics show GB “or a sarin-like substance,” though no such thing exists. MSM, world leaders, faux independent journalists nonetheless state there was GB (despite no evidence).

Congress has passed Kate’s Law, a bill to increase penalties for deported aliens who try to re-enter the US. This law is named for Kathryn Steinle, who was murdered by an illegal alien with a criminal history, who had been deported on multiple occasions.  Congress’ hypocritical and colonialist double standards allow its members to believe the lies of an illegal in Syria, a man whose medical license was revoked and who had been charged with terrorism in the UK. War criminal Trump has been a staunch proponent for the passage of this law.

Trump followed CNN and took the word of a British terrorist in Syria to accelerate his war crimes against this country.

Trump followed CNN.  It is important to remind him, his supporters, and his detractors that he commits war crimes based on fake news.







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Pedophile Rings Have Reached the Top Level of the Vatican


pope is socialist


I did not think it was possible, the Pope has managed to top his previously misguided behaviors. In short, he is defending the pedophilia of his top aid as the global child-sex-trafficking scandal has reached into the top levels of the Vatican.

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The Latest Economic Numbers Scream Civil War and World War III

Let’s take that surging debt and apply it to your state, say the state of Illinois which is totally insolvent. I recently interviewed economist, Robert Kudla, about this dire situation if the $327% debt to income ratio visits your state, which it is beginning to. The state would default on its obligations and stop paying. In the meantime, under the new bankruptcy laws, a judge could order the citizens of that state, say Illinois, to be put on a payment plan. This would represent permanent serfdom because there is absolutely no hope of repaying the debt. This scenario, according to economist Robert Kudla, would represent permanent financial enslavement and could accurately be said to represent the biggest financial bailout of all the bailouts in history.

I asked Bob Kudla, with regard to his example, why would not someone just leave Illinois and go to a state that is not as debt ridden? He replied that by this time, Illinois would likely have reciprocity agreements with every other state. Let’ reduce this scenario to the lowest common denominator. When this 327% bto income ratio is fully realized, every welfare payment, pension, 401K, state-owed debt and virtually every source of income would be subject to partial or full confiscation. And the people would say “It’s time for a revolution!” Exactly, that is the point and this would be the goal of a Deep State that has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide because of its exposed criminality.

Implications for the Emerging Economies Are Devastating

In a desperate attempt by emerging economies to keep up with the Jones’, these countries have increased their  borrowing by $3 trillion to $56 trillion according to the IIF. This equals a staggering 218% of their combined economic output and this debt is being added to by 5% per year, meaning that in 10 years, the economic value of these countries would have declined by 50% due to this one condition and this does not account for the great wealth destroyer, the inflation rate.

China Pushed to Hyperinflation, Will War Follow?

The biggest contributor to the world’ debt to income figure is undoubtedly China. According to the IIF, China has added $2 trillion in debt over the first quarter of 2017. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) told China to control its ballooning debt, describing it as unusually high for a developing economy. China’s debt now represents 260% of its GDP.

According to the IIF, European economies have cut debt levels by $2 trillion in  the past 12 months and many economic leaders accepted this as good news and our economic problems are in the past. Not so, says the experts. And if you are an American, the news is not good for the you as the US is approaching $20 trillion, which represents 10% of all global debt.

At least the Chinese are trying to do something about their situation. They are getting their people to invest in commodities and not in currency based instruments. I joked with Kudla that the Chinese should just sell their people gold. He wasn’t laughing at that comment. The sad part of the comment is that there is not enough gold to cover this massive and continually growing debt. I have concluded that those who are in gold can somewhat sidestep the coming freight train. However, you will, at some point have to fight to keep your gold from your neighbors as well as your government.

The US Is No Longer Immune to Its Bad Decision Making

If you, as an American worker are solvent today and feel as if you are cheating the downward economic trend, your day of reckoning is soon approaching as the IIF came to the following conclusions:

“Rising debt may create headwinds for long-term growth and eventually pose risks for financial stability…”

“In some cases, this sharp debt build-up has already started to become a drag on sovereign credit profiles, including in countries such as China and Canada…”

By the way, 70% of the debt is in dollars. This may prove comforting in that when the US and its state government’s default on its debt obligations, the rest of the world has already crashed. In my humble opinion, the world will be embroiled in civil war or world war, or both.

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The Deep State’s Final Solution: Hagmann and Hodges




I recently interviewed Joe Hagmann of the Hagmann Report. Joe and I explored the goals leading up the  end game for the Deep State. Total enslavement is much closer than most realize- This is a riveting, but frightening interview.


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Across the Globe Pedophile Networks Are On the Run- More Pressure Needs to be Applied


child sex trafficking children sold

Pedophiles used to be able to hide in anonymity. Now, they must collectively feel like there is nowhere to run or hide. Even the House Intelligence Committee had to interview embattled John Podesta in secret for all the obvious reasons.

Brad Pitt Speaks Out Against Hollywood Pedophile Networks

Brad Pitt made the following allegations against the pedophile networks that dominate Hollywood.  According to Pitt, the purpose of Hollywood has far less to do with making movies that it does with perpetuating child sex trafficking rings.


“You think Hollywood is about making movies? That’s just a byproduct: It’s about money, and more importantly, power and control.”

“The people who run Hollywood, also run America, and most of the world, and they don’t care about movies.”

“You’ve heard of the Illuminati right? The secret societies, the politicians, the bankers and the media – they’re the ones running these pedophile rings, and they’re the ones that run the world, and it all goes back to Hollywood.”

“Kids wanna be in movies, or should I say; parents want their kids to be in movies, and they’ll do anything to get them famous”


Here is a brief synopsis of what Pitt allegedly said about child-sex-trafficking the Hollywood”

Is this fake news as Hollywood is alleging? It might be as I am not familiar with this website.  However, World Pro News is saying the exact same thing and the content contained in the above video is 100% accurate according to another Hollywood insider. Another Hollywood insider has come forward to offer his firsthand experience in which Jon Robberson, who worked with notables such as Stephen Spielberg repeats the pedophile allegations  against Hollywood almost word for word.

I recently interviewed Jon Robberson, and this was the third of three interviews. Robberson alleged the following:

“The people who run Hollywood, also run the country”.

“Child actors are constantly recruited for sexual abuse often in the sight of their greedy parents. The parents want their kids to be in movies, and they’ll do anything to get them famous and rich”.


In addition to Pitt and Robberson, 60 Minutes from Australia is getting into the act. Breaking with the prohibitions from reporting on such things in the main stream media, Australia’s 60 Minutes lashed out against “VIP Pedophile Networks” in the UK and Australia.

The Deep State is on the run along with their pedophile accomplices.   The time to apply the pressure is NOW!  The Independent Media must make the pedophiles that there is nowhere they can run and hide.


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CREEPER release video for new version of ‘Misery’

Southampton’s goth-punk band, CREEPER, have revealed a new music video for the single version of their vital anthemic track “Misery.” 

A cut off their recent full-length debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, “Misery”—a carry-over from last year’s EP, The Stranger—is the last in a trilogy of music videos (previous videos, “Hiding With Boys” and “Black Rain”) following the adventures of James Scythe, a private investigator.

“Misery” is an emotionally-charged compilation of live footage filmed from shows during CREEPER’s recent Eternity, In Your Arms headlining tour, along with their main stage debut at this year’s U.K.’s Download Festival—Europe’s favorite three-day hard rock summer event. The video not only captures CREEPER’s captivating live shows but through profound editing, shares with the viewer the connection that exists between CREEPER and their devoted fans who have religiously followed the group’s incredible journey, showing up in droves and passionately screaming back every word in unity—horns up. 

Dropping on March 24, 2017, via the legendary Roadrunner Records, the critically acclaimed 11-track concept album debuted at number 18, in the top 20 of the UK Albums Chart.  Recorded in the group’s hometown of Southampton with veteran producer and engineer, Neil Kennedy, Eternity, In Your Arms draws from many influences within the pop, rock and punk genres, creating their unique sound in what’s sure to be one of 2017’s most talked-about releases. 

The flamboyant sextet, consisting of Will Gould (lead vocals), Ian Miles (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Oliver Burdett (Rhythm guitar), Dan Bratton (Drums), Sean Scott (Bass), and Hannah Greenwood (keys, vocals, violin) exploded on the music scene in 2014. Consistently delivering live performances that are fierce and captivating—CREEPER never disappoints. Through relatable lyrics dealing with youth, heartbreak, shattered dreams, loss of life, confusion, isolation, and desire, CREEPER has grown a fiercely devoted passionate fanbase (Creeper cult) bound together by a love of life-affirming music. Obviously rooted in personal tragedy, Eternity, In Your Arms is also a recognition of one’s life and the redemptive power of immersing yourself in what you love without fear of rejection. 

2017 marks a huge year for a band on the cusp of something explosive. CREEPER will Play all 41 dates on the annual traveling North American Vans Warped Tour 2017—the three-month punk rock summer camp—playing to thousands of enthusiastic fans every day.  Following Warped, the group will be performing their inaugural tour of Canada in November with Canada’s post-hardcore outfit Silverstein, and Ontario pop-punk band Seaway. Returning to the UK, the group will embark on their biggest headline tour yet in December on their Theatre Of Fear Tour—a one of a kind ambitious stage production brought to six theaters across the UK.

Without compromise, CREEPER has emerged as one of the essential bands in our world—a group with a genuine love for music, who’ve retained their soul as their popularity has expanded. A group of grateful artists who appreciate the absolute undying loyalty of their Creeper cult. Their goal is simply to keep the CREEPER dream alive. To quote Gould, “If we aren’t following our collective vision then it would be dishonest and, frankly, crap.” A confident declaration from a band who know where they came from—and exactly where they envision going.

Eternity, In Your Arms can be bought/streamed from every major music selling site. For future world tour dates, visit CREEPER’s official website. Stay up to date with CREEPER by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

CREEPER — Eternity, in Your Arms Full Track Listing:

01. “Black Rain”
02. “Poison Pens”
03. “Suzanne”
04. “Hiding With Boys”
05. “Misery”
06. “Down Below”
07. “Room 309”
08. “Crickets”
09. “Darling”
10. “Winona Forever”
11. “I Choose to Live”

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Shane Tutmarc premiere’s full album stream with ‘Damaged Goods’

He’s been a frontman for two bands, a co-songwriter and producer, but now he’s leading the way with his new album, Damaged Goods. Shane Tutmarc previously released his first solo album in 2009, and after making his home in Nashville a year later (2010), he began working a new direction for his solo sound, releasing another solo album, with a series of singles, that have turned into a full album with Damaged Goods. The album name resulted from the sum of the fourteen songs featured on the album as a whole. 

This is Tutmarc’s third full full-length album, featuring eleven singles he released in 2015, three new tracks, and have a new polishing on them. In a general press statement he says that Damaged Goods is essentially “a band of misfits and loners. Songs that refused to conform to the given production/songwriting style du jour. But they were also songs that stubbornly refused to be forgotten, and fought to stand on their own. A third of these songs date back nearly a decade, a third somewhere between Shouting at a Silent Sky and Borrowed Trouble, and a third were written more recently, including the title-track, which was just committed to tape earlier this year.  What connects them all is this common bond of not fitting in with the crowd, and that’s why this is my favorite album I’ve ever made. If you like what I do at all, you’ll never get bored, I can promise you that!”

Shane has teamed up with AXS to exclusively stream Damaged Goods in it’s entirety. Listen to each track in the music box below.

Catch Shane on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Watch Tyler, the Creator’s new video with A$AP Rocky

For the past week, Tyler, the Creator has been posting teasers on his social media pages that he was going to release something soon. Many thought it was a new album—he hasn’t released one since Cherry Bomb in 2015—some speculated a clothing line drop or maybe maybe a lineup release for his annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival. 

It wasn’t any of those—but rather a new single and video release. His new song, “Who Dat Boy,” features A$AP Rocky, and the video is very Tyler-esque. In the video, Tyler gets his face blown off and sewn back on by Rocky. You can watch the video above. The two have incredible dynamic together, and even performed together at Tyler’s festival last year.

In addition to the new video dropping, Tyler fans have posted all over the Internet rumors of a new album coming soon. While there is no proof yet, there’s only hope that this is what he is gearing towards. 

In other Tyler, the Creator news, it was also announced last night that he would be having his own TV show called “Nuts and Bolts” on Viceland. Read more about it here.

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