5 Cops Removed from Dept After Killing Parents Asleep in a Car While on a Date


Inglewood, CA — After taking the lives of Kisha Michael, 31, and Marquintan Sandlin, 32, who had fallen asleep in their car while on a date, the five officers who fired the 20 rounds into the car have been removed from the department.

The announcement from Mayor James T. Butts on Tuesday marked the end of an internal probe stemming from the killing of the couple on Feb 21, 2016. Despite their removal from the department, the punishment they received, if any, remains entirely secret.

“The officers involved in the incident are no longer members of the Inglewood Police Department,” Butts said in his statement. “The department’s report and any discipline that results from the report are confidential.”

The mayor’s spokeswoman, Jasmyne Cannick, later said that the five officers were “separated from service” after firing their weapons during the encounter with Sandlin and Michael, reports the LA Times.

Despite the city and the department refusing to release the names of the officers who killed a couple for sleeping in their car, a public records request identified the officers involved in the shooting as Michael Jaen, Richard Parcella, Jason Cantrell, Sean Reidy and Andrew Cohen.

Although police tried to make this an open and shut case after they killed the couple, the Mayor let slip a major detail in the shooting — the couple was unconscious. 

For at least 45 minutes, police attempted “to rouse” them in an effort “to de-escalate the situation,” said Butts.

After admitting that the couple was asleep, Butts quickly defended the officers, noting, “Obviously at some point they were conscious because somebody felt threatened.”

However, that notion has yet to be proven and is particularly unlikely due to the fact that not a single officer received so much as a scratch, nor did the couple have any reason to be violent, nor has there been any evidence presented at all showing that the couple fired or even pointed a gun.

Michael’s twin sister Trisha stated the obvious after the shooting when she said that it’s possible that Kisha merely passed out on the way home from their night out. After reviewing the autopsy results, this seems like the most plausible scenario. The couple was likely too drunk to drive, so they pulled over and went to sleep. Not wanting to be robbed, Michael had a gun on her lap for protection and police, trained to fear for their lives, escalated the benign situation to a deadly one — simple as that.

Of course, as is standard procedure for all those killed by police, their arrest records were released to shame them. Michael was on probation for a misdemeanor last year, and 7 years ago, Sandlin was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in Los Angeles.

However, the reality is that Sandlin was a gainfully employed truck driver who’d turned his life around. And, both of the victims were parents; Michael, a single mother of three sons, and Sandlin, a single father of four daughters. Families for both described them as devoted parents who made arrangements for care of their children while they took a night off, according to NBC Los Angeles.

“He was a loving father,” said Sandlin’s sister Leandra Faulkner.  “All he cared about was his girls, getting them right.”

Although more than a year has passed since that fateful night, the police have refused to release any details. The news of the officers no longer being on the force is the first bit of progress the families of the victims have seen since this nightmare began.

“Finally, finally. Some kind of justice for them,” said Trisha Michael, the twin sister of Kisha Michael. “To hear that these officers are off these streets verifies everything that I’ve been feeling and everything I’ve been standing up for.”

As the Times reports, attorney Milton Grimes, who is representing Michael’s family in a civil lawsuit filed against the city, said the news that the officers no longer work for the department shows that the shooting was “out of policy” and an “unconstitutional, bad shooting.”

“For the city to come out now and say these officers are no longer employed with the Inglewood Police Department is an admission of guilt to me,” Grimes said. Still, he was concerned over the lack of information about what led to the shooting, notes the Times.

“I cannot settle this case until I can tell this mother how and why her daughter was shot 13 times. [We] still have not gotten that information yet,” Grimes said. “But we’re getting closer. I can feel it.”

Melina Abdullah, a Cal State Los Angeles professor and organizer with Black Lives Matter, said the officers’ dismissal provides a “huge victory” in the quest for justice in the shooting death of Michael and Sandlin, according to the Times.

“It gives some satisfaction to the family that something is moving,” Abdullah said. “We will never get justice unless we transform things so nothing like this ever happens again. And that’s a long road but we have to celebrate the small victories along the way.”

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‘Game Changer’: Study Finds 100-year-old Drug Reverses Autism Symptoms in Kids


According to a revolutionary new study, a drug discovered more than a century ago may hold the key to combating the symptoms of autism. After just one dose, parents of the children in the study watched their kids make incredible improvements, with some speaking for the first time.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Robert Naviaux of the San Diego School of Medicine is an internationally known expert in human genetics, inborn errors of metabolism, metabolomics, and mitochondrial medicine. He is the discoverer of the cause of Alpers syndrome — the oldest Mendelian form of mitochondrial disease — and the developer of the first DNA test to diagnose it. Naviaux is, by far, one of the most qualified people in the world to conduct this study.

During his research, Naviaux noted the transformative results of the drug suramin which was first developed in 1916 and used as an anti-parasitic drug for treating African sleeping sickness and river blindness. After giving a single dose of suramin to boys with autism, between the ages of five and 14, Naviaux recorded something incredible — their symptoms were significantly alleviated.

“After the single dose, it was almost like a roadblock had been released,” he said. “If the future studies show that there’s continued health benefits, this could be a game-changer for families with autism.”

The study was published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. During the study, five children were given suramin, while the remainder were given placebos. Included in the group were four non-verbal children, two 6-year-olds, and two 14-year-olds.

“The six-year-old and the 14-year-old who received suramin said the first sentences of their lives about one week after the single suramin infusion,” Naviaux told the UC San Diego Health website. “This did not happen in any of the children given the placebo.”

One parent, who noted that her son had not spoken a full sentence in more than a decade, said, “Within an hour after the infusion, he started to make more eye contact with the doctor and nurses in the room. There was a new calmness at times, but also more emotion at other times.”

“He started to show an interest in playing hide-and-seek with his 16-year-old brother. He started practicing making new sounds around the house. He started seeking out his dad more.”

Naviaux’s expertise led him to the theory that there is a fundamental metabolic problem in all people with ASD — namely, that cells in affected people experience abnormal levels of something that Naviaux has termed the “cell danger response” (CDR), according to Seeker.

“Suramin produced the most dramatic improvement in autism symptoms that we have ever seen with anything we have tried,” one parent of a child in the study wrote.

“Nothing has come close to all the changes in language and social interaction and new interests that we saw after suramin,” said another.

Naturally, the sample size of this study leaves room for speculation and even the study’s supporters are quick to note this.

“We would have loved to have done a much larger trial,” said John Rodakis, the founder and president of N of One: Autism Research Foundation, which supported the trial. “We just didn’t have the funding for it.”

Naviaux’s study was entirely funded by grassroots efforts and from autism parents and advocates. They received no federal funding.

It is important to note that while this study is highly encouraging, there is also grounds for caution — which is also grounds for more funding and a larger study.

The first drawback to the study is that the effects of suramin — the remarkable positive cognitive and emotional improvements — are only temporary. Another worrisome aspect of the study is that all the children who received suramin experienced a rash.

Despite these issues, the incredible response by those who were administered the drug definitely warrants further research, and the parents of the children who received it agree.

For now, the next challenge is funding. “This work is new and this type of clinical trial is expensive,” Naviaux said. “We did not have enough funding to do a larger study. And even with the funding, we were able to raise, we had to go $500,000 in debt to complete the trial.”

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/game-changer-study-finds-100-year-old-drug-reverses-symptoms-of-autism/

The Best of WordPress.com in May

Hi everyone! Check out some of the new updates, designs, and insights that helped make May a great month for the WordPress.com community.

How a Detroit Hackathon Turned into WordPress.com’s First-Ever TV Spots

hajj-rebrand-detroit (1).png

A team of developers launched new sites for small businesses in Detroit during a 48-hour Hackathon in February, an event which inspired the creation of our first-ever TV spots for WordPress.com.

Happy Birthday, WordPress!


Celebrating 14 years since the very first release of WordPress, co-founder Matt Mullenweg says he’s “waking up every day excited about what’s coming next for us.”

Launching: All New Media Picker for Android


“YES!! This is so awesome! I use my phone for photos so much and it was always so many steps to add pictures to the library to add to a post. Thank you!!”Nel

Register for a Free Webinar on June 6: How to Start a Successful Blog

FBPreview-HowtoStartASuccesfulBlog-Preview (1).jpg

Whether you’re new to WordPress.com and want to learn about all of your options for publishing online, or have been blogging for a while and would like to hone your practice, consider this upcoming webinar on June 6 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time) / 5-6 p.m. UTC.

May the Bot Be With You: How Algorithms are Supporting Happiness at WordPress.com


Each month, we respond to 60,000 support requests on topics ranging from plugins to mapping existing domains to WordPress.com. Recently, in looking at how machine learning and natural language processing could be useful to Happiness Engineers in responding to support questions, we discovered two places where these technologies offer value.

Inclusive Illustrations, By Design


Automattic partnered with independent artist and designer Alice Lee, who seamlessly integrates abstract ideas with concrete solutions. Read an interview with Alice and John Maeda that is followed by another interview with Joan Rho, the designer who led the project.

“The Backfire Effect” Is the Cognitive Concept of the Moment

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.12.58 PM.png

There’s a good chance you came across this lovely viral Oatmeal comic in May. It’s based on a three-episode sequence from You Are Not So Smart, a popular podcast and WordPress.com site devoted to the backfire effect, the name of a detrimental cognitive phenomenon which encourages us to shut out information when it doesn’t fit into what we already think we know.

What’s New at Film School Rejects


Film School Rejects migrated back to WordPress in May, unveiling a new site design. Publisher Neil Miller talks to WordPress Discover about the move, what’s to come, and how he and his team pick the “perfect shot.”

Quotables: “All of us from time to time would think, What am I doing here? But we all had families back home that we needed to send money to.” – Chasing the Harvest: ‘If You Want to Die, Stay at the Ranch’ (Longreads).

Antonio Santos’s new site, antoniosantos.blog, features an excellent profile of Rosemary Musachio, Chief Accessibility Officer at Ruh Global Communications.

We’re digging the fresh, mobile-friendly layout of Nick Gray’s new site, NickGray.blog.

Hang out with us on Facebook for daily news and insights to inform and inspire your writing, design, and business dreams.

What did you love about your own work in May? Comment with a link to a post you’re proud of or something new you learned about designing your site. Feeling motivated? Download the WordPress app on iOS and Android.

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Trump: Change Senate rules ‘immediately’ to pass GOP plans

President Trump is urging the Senate to lower the voting threshold needed to break a filibuster and pass legislation to 51 so that the Republicans can approve their proposed health care and tax reform agenda as soon as possible.

On Tuesday morning, Trump took to social media pleading for Republican senators to make this change immediately and suggested that the Democrats would do the same if they were in the majority.

Trump made a similar appeal for the so-called nuclear option to bypass a Senate filibuster earlier this month.

The Republicans currently hold 52 of the 100 seats in the Senate, whereas the Democrats hold only 46 seats. Independent senators — Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont — hold the final two seats, though they caucus with the Democrats and have liberal views.

In both the Senate and the House of Representatives, lawmakers need a simple majority (51 percent or more) to approve a bill. But in the Senate, deliberations can last as long as members are willing to discuss an issue — delaying a vote indefinitely. A supermajority can break a filibuster by invoking the cloture rule with a three-fifths vote (60 out of 100).

The current rules hamstring the GOP health care legislation, as both chambers work through another process, known as reconciliation, which allows the Senate to pass certain budget-related bills with the simple majority.

If the threshold were lowered to 51 percent, then the Republican majority would likely be able to rush votes on the American Health Care Act, which would effectively repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (or Obamacare), and a package expected to be focused on tax cuts.

But this would be a risky maneuver because Democrats would enjoy the same luxury should they retake the majority of the Senate’s seats. In addition, many GOP legislators oppose the idea of changing this rule on principle, even though it would be politically expedient in the short term.

Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell invoked the option to approve the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in April, he assured senators he would not ditch the filibuster power to pass legislation.

And because of fractures in the GOP ranks, it’s not clear that the Republican agenda could make its way through the Senate even if the filibuster were scrapped.

“I don’t know how we get to 50 [votes] at the moment,” McConnell said last week of the health care overhaul.

Read more from Yahoo News:

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-change-senate-rules-changed-immediately-pass-gop-plans-155809610.html

Portland mayor calls on alt-right groups to postpone rallies as new details about stabbing attack emerge

The mayor of Portland, Ore., is calling on the federal government to help him stop what he describes as two upcoming “alt-right” demonstrations as his city continues to reel from last week’s deadly train stabbings.

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Monday while urging the organizers to cancel the events scheduled for June 4 and June 10.

“My main concern is that they are coming to peddle a message of hatred and of bigotry,” Wheeler said. “They have a First Amendment right to speak, but my pushback on that is that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

The American Civil Liberties Union immediately rejected that stance, saying, “The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators. Period.”

Wheeler’s appeal came just three days after two men were killed and another was wounded while trying to intervene when a man — later identified as Jeremy Christian — began hurling epithets at two young women, including one wearing a hijab, on a light-rail train.

Joey Gibson, organizer of the June 4 rally, told CNN that the mayor “is using this as an opportunity to use these two dead people to silence us.”

Gibson acknowledged that Christian, the suspect in Friday’s slayings attended one of his rallies last month, but said that he was wielding “a bat yelling and screaming, cussing at people, using derogatory names.”

“Jeremy Christian has nothing to do with us,” Gibson said. “He hated us; he threatened me. We did everything we could to kick him out. We didn’t want him with us.”

Gibson also said that even if he agreed to cancel the rally, “hundreds” of people would still show up, “with no leadership, no voice of reason.”

Christian is due to be arraigned Tuesday on multiple felony charges, including two counts of aggravated murder and one count of attempted murder.

Related: Portland stabbing victims hailed as heroes

Meanwhile, new details of Friday’s train attack have emerged.

In an interview with KPTV, Destinee Mangum, one of two teens who were the apparent targets of Christian’s anti-Muslim slurs, thanked the men who intervened on their behalf.

“I just want to say thank you to the people who put their life on the line for me,” Mangum said. “Because they didn’t even know me, and they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we look.”

Mangum, 16, was riding the train with her friend, who was wearing a hijab, when Christian focused his slurs at them.

“He told us to go back to Saudi Arabia, and he told us we shouldn’t be here — to get out of his country,” Mangum said. “He was just telling us that we basically weren’t anything and that we should just kill ourselves.”

Rick Best, a 53-year-old U.S. Army veteran and city of Portland employee, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, 23, were fatally stabbed while trying to deescalate the situation, officials said. A third stabbing victim — 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher — was transported to a Portland hospital, where he was listed in serious condition Saturday.

Christian was arrested shortly after he exited the train.

Slideshow: Fatal stabbing on Portland, Ore., train

A fellow passenger told the Oregonian that Christian began shouting racial and anti-Muslim epithets as soon as he boarded.

“He was screaming that he was a taxpayer, that colored people were ruining the city, and he had First Amendment rights,” Rachel Macy told the paper. “I didn’t want to look. I was too afraid. It felt really tense. I’m a woman of color. I didn’t want him to notice me.”

Macy said that she tried to help Namkai Meche, who was covered in blood and holding his neck.

“I’m going to die,” he said, according to Macy. “I looked at him and said, ‘We can handle this. Lay down.’”

“I just kept telling him, ‘You’re not alone. We’re here,’” she added.

As Namkai Meche was carried away on a stretcher, she said, he wanted her to relay a message: “Tell everyone on this train I love them.”

Read more from Yahoo News:

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/portland-mayor-calls-alt-right-groups-postpone-rallies-new-details-stabbing-attack-emerge-155846881.html

US Fires Missile to Test System Designed to Intercept Missile Attack

Just two days after North Korea’s latest missile launch, the US military fired a missile from the California coast in a test designed to defend against an attack from the rogue country.

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Fisherman, 73, Miraculously Survives After 9-Foot-Long Great White Shark Jumps on His Boat

A 73-year-old fisherman’s survival was nothing short of a miracle after a great white shark jumped into his boat.

Read: Teen Escapes Shark Attack by Punching It After She’s Bitten

Terry Selwood, an elderly man from Evans Head, Australia, was fishing alone over the weekend when Marine Rescue NSW was alerted to the emergency.

When they arrived, the rescue crew wrote on Facebook that they saw the 73-year-old on the side of his 19-foot ship, “covered in blood with numerous lacerations on his right arm.”

Selwood had apparently been in the boat by himself when a 9-foot-long great white shark suddenly leaped onto his boat. The shark continued to thrash on the deck of his boat, injuring the man in the process.

He was eventually able to reach the side of his boat, and out of the shark’s way, when he called for an emergency rescue.

“Thankfully, the fisherman only suffered fright and a number of lacerations which resulted in a few stitches,” Marine Rescue NSW reported.

They were able to bring him onto a rescue ship before helicopters airlifted him to safety.

Read: Expert Gives Tips to Protect Yourself Against Shark Attack: ‘Punch a Shark in the Snout, Grab His Gills’

The rescue team said Selwood’s boat, with the shark still on it, was towed back to shore. The sea predator, which died on the boat, will be used for research.

“He now has an amazing survival story of ‘the one that didn’t get away,’” rescuers joked.

Watch: Student Jumps into Shark-Filled Pool as a Dare, Quickly Realizes His Mistake

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/fisherman-73-miraculously-survives-9-174600643.html

Which False Flag Will the Deep State Use to Start a Coup?



The way that illegitimate regimes come to power, is through the use of false flags.  If Pedogate forces the Deep State out of the shadows, they will surely have their “Reichstag” event.

The following video contains a list of possible false flag events. Leave a comment for the false flag that is most likely to be used by the Deep State.


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How to Survive a Deep State Takeover



If the Deep State is forced out of the closet and they actually succeed in overthrowing the Constitutional government, what will that mean for the individual American?  The following video contains what every citizen needs to know about surviving a Deep State takeover.


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This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  Listeners to The Common Sense Show will receive 5% off their next order by mentioning “Hodgesnov5” in the coupon code box.  Don’t wait until it is too late. Click Here  for more information.

From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Healthmasters.com. Take 5% off the cost of your order with coupon code DAVE5

From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Healthmasters.com.  FOR COMMON SENSE SHOW LISTENERS, YOU CAN TALE 5% OFF OF ALL ORDERS FROM HEALTHMASTERS.  ACT NOW, THIS IS A VERY LIMITED TIME OFFER. USE THE COUPON CODE “Hodges5”







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Viejas Concerts in the Park returning this summer after seven-year hiatus

Viejas Concerts in the Park is returning this summer after a seven-year break, and the concert series is coming back bigger and better than ever. Per a report from the San Diego Union-Tribune, the new Concerts in the Park series kicks off in July and is moving to Viejas Casino and Resort‘s new 52,000 square foot outdoor concert venue.

The original Concerts in the Park series came to an end in 2009 when Viejas decided to expand its casino and build its hotel while the concerts were staged in a smaller area in the middle of the neighboring outlet center. With the construction complete, Viejas now has the space between its two newly erected hotel towers to use as a new and much larger concert venue, which is expected to fit almost 5,000 people. The Union-Tribune report states 1,800 seats will be available for every show with a further 3,000 spaces in the general admission standing room area. The new venue will also have a built-in bar.

The new Concerts in the Park lineup features three shows in July and a further four in September. The roster of performers leans toward country, with Martina McBride on July 3, Dwight Yoakam on July 26, and Lee Brice on Sept. 28. But there are also two comedians in Jim Jefferies and Jim Gaffigan, who start the fall shows on Sept. 8 and Sept. 10 respectively. And then there are a pair of throwback acts, with Reel Big Fish on July 23 and George Thorogood and The Destroyers on Sept. 24. It’s clear that the new concert series is trying to provide a variety of live entertainment options to hopefully re-establish Concerts in the Park as a Southern California entertainment staple.

Below is the newly announced Viejas Concerts in the Park lineup, with tickets for all shows going on sale at 10 a.m. Friday through AXS:

July 3 – Martina McBride (Click here for tickets)
July 23 – Reel Big Fish (Click here for tickets)
July 26 – Dwight Yoakam (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 8 – Jim Jefferies (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 10 – Jim Gaffigan (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 24 – George Thorogood and The Destroyers (Click here for tickets)
Sept. 28 – Lee Brice (Click here for tickets)

For more on Viejas Concerts in the Park, visit the venue page at AXS.

Source Article from https://www.axs.com/viejas-concerts-in-the-park-returning-this-summer-after-seven-year-hia-119180