Russian, Syrian Warplanes Launch Heavy Airstrikes On U.S. Israel Proxy Terrorists In Hama

Russian Fighter Jet

75 air raids by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets on Friday September 30, 2016

TEHRAN (FNA)- [U.S.-Israeli] Terrorists’ strongholds in seven different regions in Northern Hama came under 75 air raids by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets on Friday.
The Russian and Syrian Air Forces carried out over 75 airstrikes above the [U.S.-Israeli] terrorist-controlled villages of Souran, Taybat Al-Imam, Helfaya, Kawkab, Ma’an, Morek and Karrah.

  1. Iraq Captures Israeli Colonel: Confesses To Israel Isis Coalition
  2. Aleppo: Senior Israeli proxy Terrorist Commander Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army

Hama, Syria

Hama, Syria

The defense lines of Jund al-Aqsa, Jund al-Sham (Chechen militants), Jeish al-Nasr (Free Syrian Army) and Fatah al-Sham Front (the newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) formerly Al-Nusra Front) have been the main target of the Syrian and Russian fighter jets’ air assaults in recent days.

CIA Clandestine

Time For The American People To Hunt Down And Capture The World’s Biggest Terrorists: The CIA & Mossad

Reports said earlier today that Syrian warplanes and choppers targeted the concentration centers of the terrorist groups in Northern Hama, inflicting major losses and heavy casualties on the militants.

Syrian fighter jets and military helicopters, in joint air raids, hit militants’ gatherings hard in Latamina, leaving scores of the terrorist dead or wounded.

In the meantime, Syrian Army troops stormed Jund al-Aqsa’s positions in the town of al-Karrah and its surrounding regions in Northeastern Hama, destroying tens of vehicles of the terrorist groups.

Fars News Agency

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Pesticide Manufacturers’ Tests Show Their Products Threaten Bees

A recent investigation by the environmental organization Greenpeace uncovered unpublished field trials by pesticide manufacturers which show that their products cause serious harm to honeybees at high levels. Senior scientists are now calling for the companies to stop hiding the results of their tests. [1]

Uncovering the Truth

Source: March Against Monsanto

Greenpeace used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain the results of research conducted by Syngenta and Bayer on their neonicotinoid insecticides, which the manufacturers had submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). [2]

Neonicotinoids, also called neonics, are the world’s most widely used insecticides. There is mounting evidence that they are harmful to honeybees at the levels found in fields, although few studies have established that neonics harm the overall performance of colonies.

Specifically, the recently uncovered studies looked at the impact of Bayer’s clothianidin and Syngenta’s thiamethoxam on honeybees at varying concentrations.

The tests show that, at high concentrations, both products can seriously harm bees. The effects were less pronounced at lower levels, concentrations of 50 parts per billion (ppb) and 40 ppb, respectively.

Said Christian Krupke, an entomologist at Purdue University:

“Bayer and Syngenta’s commitment to pollinator health should include publishing these data or otherwise making them public.

This work presents a rich dataset that could greatly benefit the many publicly-funded scientists examining the issue worldwide, including avoiding costly and unnecessary duplication of research.”

White Lies

Both Bayer and Syngenta had assured regulators and the public that clothianidin and thiamethoxam did not pose a significant risk to honeybees.

Syngenta states on its website that there is “no direct correlation between neonicotinoids use and poor bee health” and that “the allegation that neonicotinoids-based pesticides are inherently damaging to bee colonies or populations is not true.”

Greenpeace’s Energydesk – the group’s journal – reports that statements issued to them by Syngenta said:

“None of the studies Syngenta has undertaken or commissioned for use by regulatory agencies have shown that thiamethoxam damages the health of bee colonies and we stand by the integrity of our neonicotinoid product.” [1]

Scientists say the findings of all such investigations should be made public. Dave Goulson, a professor at the University of Sussex in England, said:

“Given all the debate about this subject, it is hard to see why the companies don’t make these kinds of studies available.

It does seem a little shady to do this kind of field study – the very studies the companies say are the most important ones – and then not tell people what they find.”

Watch: Director of Pesticide Action Network Explains how Neonicotinoids Work

You can bet that Bayer and Syngenta are angry about the revelations, and are desperately trying to prop up the misinformation they actually shared with the public. In a statement, a Bayer spokesperson said:

“The study conducted in North Carolina is an artificial feeding study that intentionally exaggerates the exposure potential because it is designed to calculate a “no-effect” concentration for clothianidin. Although the colony was artificially provided with a spiked sugar solution, the bees were allowed to forage freely in the environment, so there is less stress (which can be a contributing variable) than if they were completely confined to cages.

This protocol was developed jointly by Bayer and the EPA several years ago and it is now being applied to other compounds. Based on these results, we believe the data support the establishment of a no-effect concentration of 20 ppb for clothianidin, which is consistent to that of other neonicotinoids.

One of our research scientists will make a public presentation next week at the International Congress of Entomology meeting in Orlando, Florida, in which he will discuss the similarities of the findings of these studies, as well as the merits of the new test protocol.” [2]

Syngenta responded with the following statement:

“The EPA asked us to do this study and agreed [to] the methodology. A sucrose based mechanism was used on the basis that it was required to expose bees artificially to Thiamethoxam to determine what actual level of residue would exert a toxic effect.

There were transient effects observed and the reported No Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) for this study was 50 ppb (parts per billion). It is accepted that residues of Thiamethoxam in pollen and nectar from seed treated crops are in the single ppb level. So this reported NOAEL of 50 ppb indicates that honeybee colonies are at low risk from exposure to Thiamethoxam in pollen and nectar of seed treated crops.

This research is already in the process of being published in a forthcoming journal and is clearly already publicly available through the Freedom of Information process in the United States.” [2]

Unsurprising Results

Those who are familiar with the pesticides implicated in the research were not shocked by the buried findings. Plenty of other studies have already demonstrated just how toxic neonicotinoids are to honeybees.

A risk assessment conducted by the EPA revealed this past April that imidacloprid – a neonic widely sprayed on grains, vegetables, fruit, and other crops in the U.S. – posed a serious risk to honeybees and hives when sprayed on certain crops.

Last month, a study published in the journal Nature linked the long-term decline of wild bees in England to the use of neonicotinoids.

Last year, a major field study in Sweden revealed that exposure to fields treated with clothianidin severely impacted wild bees. Honeybees fared slightly better.

The products are pervasive, making them hard for bees – or any living creature, for that matter – to avoid. Harvard researchers said last September that they’d found neonicotinoids in 70% of honey samples they analyzed. The bee-killing chemicals were also discovered in 50% of rivers and streams tested by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Neonicotinoids have been blamed for the destruction of 600 hives containing 37 million honeybees in Canada.

In response to these damning studies and massive die-offs, some states and cities have banned neonicotinoids. Maryland became the first U.S. state to do so. Boulder City, Colorado, nixed the use of the chemicals in 2015, as did the city of Portland, Oregon.


[1] The Guardian

[2] EcoWatch

March Against Monsanto

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A Village Full of Centenarians Shares Secrets to Longevity

Acciaroli, Italy is known for two things: its stunning seaside beauty and the fact that 1 in 10 people who inhabit the village are classed as centenarians – someone who lives to be 100 years old or more. Eighty-one of its 7,000 citizens are over 100, not to mention a large population of those living healthily in their 80’s and 90’s.

Drawn to understand the secret of their longevity, scientists at Rome’s Sapienza University and the San Diego School of Medicine spent 6 months studying the locals and unveiled their findings at a conference in the village. [1]

But, not only do the residents of Acciaroli live to a ripe old age; most of them don’t suffer from age-related conditions. Very few of them develop heart disease or dementia.

Many of them credit their good health and longevity to their healthy diet. Most consume what is known as a Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a modest helping of carbohydrates per day. Others say that it’s their old-fashioned lifestyle that helps them stay young; many raise their own animals to eat, grow their own vegetables, spend time fishing for their food, and the village even produces its own olive oil.

Read: 110-Year-Old Man Says These 5 Foods Are Essential For Longevity 

Those who live in the town are also fairly active, many walking a couple of miles a day if they are able. Alan S. Maisel, the San Diego cardiologist who spearheaded the study, noted during his study that everyone in the village did something active each day. [2]

Scientists think that there is no one magic ingredient to the longevity of the town, but many factors play a role, including a healthy diet, exercise, and good health care.

A couple named Amina and Antonio, who are 93 and 100, respectively, said that their secret to their long life was love. However, when interviewed by CNN, Antonio reminisced about how when he was a young boy, the village was remote and cut off from the rest of the world, without running water or electricity for many decades. Because only the strong survived these difficult times, it is theorized that those who are alive today are those who have been able to bear hardships throughout their lives.

Others around the world who are known for living long lives, such as those tucked away in the Aegean Sea is a small, rocky island called Ikaria, credit their easy-going lifestyle for their long lives. It seems that taking naps, living stress-free, drinking goat milk, and living an active lifestyle are essential components for long, happy living.


[1] CBS

[2] The Daily Mail

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Anna Scanlon is an author of YA and historical fiction and a PhD student at the University of Leicester where she is finishing her degree in modern history. You can find out more about Anna and her books on her lifestyle blog

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In States that Legalize Medical Marijuana, Opioid Use Decreases

A study published on September 15 shows that in states where medical marijuana is legal, fewer people use opioid drugs, bolstering advocates’ claims that marijuana can substitute for more deadly substances. [1]

Researchers examined federal traffic safety data from 1999 to 2013, using a sample of more than 68,000 people who died in a car crash in 18 states.

The study found that people were slightly less likely to test positive for opioids after a state had legalized medical marijuana, which in some areas of the country is prescribed in place of potent painkillers like oxycontin to treat severe or chronic pain.

Specifically, the researchers found an association between legalize medical marijuana and a decrease in testing positive for opioids after dying in a car crash, particularly among drivers aged 21 to 40.

In Montana, researchers observed a 1.7% reduction in the number of people who tested positive for opioids after the state’s medical marijuana law went into effect.

June H. Kim, a doctoral student at the Mailman School of Public Health, and the study’s lead author, said:

“We would expect the adverse consequences of opioid use to decrease over time in states where medical marijuana use is legal, as individuals substitute marijuana for opioids in the treatment of severe or chronic pain.” [2]

The researchers pointed out that the decrease was most notable among drivers aged 21 to 40, probably because most states with medical marijuana have age restrictions.

The study, published in the American Journal of Public Healthis the first to look at the relationship between medical marijuana laws and individual-level laboratory measurements of opioid use.

Growing Evidence

This is not the first time medical marijuana laws have been linked to lower rates of opioid use. For example, a paper published earlier this year found that Medicare Part D prescriptions for painkillers dropped significantly in states where medical marijuana is legal. [2]

Past studies have shown that fewer people die of opioid overdoses in states with medical marijuana laws than in states without them. Access to medical cannabis dispensaries has also been linked to lower rates of opioid overdose and death.

The mounting evidence has at least one drug maker worried. Insys Therapeutics, a drug company that solely produces fentanyl, a drug many times stronger than heroin, recently donated $500,000 to a campaign fighting a proposition in Arizona that would legalize recreational marijuana. Insys also has a history of legal problems,.

Keep in mind that a dose of fentanyl the size of a grain of salt is enough to kill someone. That’s why doctors prescribe it by the millionth of a gram. The drug is so dangerous that some police officers carry an antidote … in case they touch it. [3] [4]


[1] U.S. News and World Report

[2] Chicago Tribune

[3] CBC News

[4] Vice News

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Author ImageAuthor Image

Julie Fidler is a freelance writer, legal blogger, and the author of Adventures in Holy Matrimony: For Better or the Absolute Worst. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two ridiculously spoiled cats. She occasionally pontificates on her blog.

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US Will Attack Russian Civilians if Putin Doesn’t Stop Fighting ISIS: DOS


In extraordinary comments that have gone virtually unnoticed by the media, U.S. State Department (DOS) spokesman John Kirby threatened Moscow with terror attacks in Russian cities (this is a threat to Russia’s civilian population) and even shoot downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continued his fight against ISIS in Syria.

“Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” Kirby told reporters at Wednesday’s press briefing, adding that if the war in Syria continues “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

While the comments will obviously be presented by the media as Kirby claiming that these will be the consequences of Moscow’s involvement in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took the remarks as a thinly veiled threat.

“And those [acts of terrorism] will be perpetrated by ‘moderate’ [Syrian opposition groups]?” Zakharova asked in a Facebook post. “Just the ones that Washington has been unable to separate from Al-Nusra for as long as six months?”

“Don’t you think that such ventriloquism about ‘body bags,’ ‘terrorist attacks in Russian cities’ and ‘loss of aircraft,’ sounds more like a ‘get ’em’ command, rather than a diplomatic comment?” she added.

Is Kirby actually threatening to use the same “moderate” jihadists that the Obama administration has funded and armed to kill Russian troops, down Russian planes and slaughter Russian citizens in their own country?

As documented in the video below, tensions in Syria have heated up significantly after Washington bombed Syrian soldiers who were fighting against ISIS, an incident the U.S. claimed was an “accident”.

The Obama administration then claimed that Russia had attacked a UN aid convoy, although the exact circumstances of what happened remain murky.

A Jabhat al-Nusra unit commander also recently revealed that the group, which is an Al-Qaeda offshoot, was given American-made TOW missiles and other weapons “directly” from the U.S. and its allies.

“The Americans are on our side,” he stated.


US Will Attack Russian Civilians if Putin Doesn’t Stop Fighting ISIS: DOS, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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Twitter Removes "Offensive Photo" of Skittles From Donald Trump Jr’s Tweet


Donald Trump, Jr. came under fire this month after he compared Muslim refugees to a bowl of Skittles candies.

Trump wrote:

“This image says it all. Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first. #Trump2016”

The liberal media was outraged.

The Washington Post wrote: Donald Trump Jr. inadvertently encourages America to scoop up refugees by the handful

CNN reported: Trump Jr. likens Syrian refugees to Skittles

It is a known fact that the more Muslims you hold in a country the more likely your country is going to experience a terrorist attack.

Two Muslim migrants/refugees to America committed mass terrorist attacks the same weekend Don Trump, Jr. posted his tweet.

Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami bombed the Chelsea district in New York City. Dahir Adan from Somalia went on a stabbing rampage at a St. Cloud mall.

Now this…

Twitter has removed the Skittles image from Donald Trump Jr.s’ tweet.

The Tweet says the photo was removed due to copyright issues(?)


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The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: The shocking reason why liberal Americans are WEAK, but Islamic soldiers are STRONG

(NaturalNews) Ready to have your worldview blown away with a shocking realization? Consider the following. You know how bombarding bacterial populations with antibiotics actually makes them stronger? Turns them into superbugs that can survive almost anything? Now consider this stunning realization: As western civilization becomes weak and pathetic with P.C. “safe spaces” and fragile, useless college crybullies and excuse makers, all the military attacks on Muslim populations in the Middle East are killing off their weak people and turning their survivors into SUPER soldiers.

Today, your typical weak-minded American weenie couldn’t survive 30 days in Syria. While western civilization becomes more weak, incompetent and pathetically politically correct, radical Islamic operators are growing up as hard core survivalists, and in the process they are quite literally demonstrating the power of natural selection to shift the gene pool toward stronger, more resilient individuals who can survive anything… just like the superbugs being created by antibiotics.

As a result of all this, western civilization has great technology and monetary wealth, but the objective human quality of western people is collapsing by the year. Today, most of Western Europe isn’t even capable of admitting to the existence of the problem of radical Islamic terrorism, much less actually doing anything to stop it. Because of that insanely weak and pathetic stance of self-destruction, Western Europeans have all but surrendered their continent to being occupied and overrun by worshippers of Islam.

While the majority of Americans are fat, lazy, self-deluded and living on entitlements, your average Syrian is lean, adaptable and capable of overcoming extreme obstacles that would kill a typical American. While Americans are obese, diabetic and dropping dead from processed food and glyphosate herbicide, the typical Muslim in the Middle East is eating unprocessed, nutrient-rich food staples (like chickpeas, lentils and anti-cancer spices) while adhering to a calorie-restricted diet that drastically reduces the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

While Americans are worshipping and excusing mass weakness among an entire generation of children — known as “generation snowflake” — entire regions of Muslims are growing up under harsh, murderous conditions that kill off the weak and give rise to strong, determined individuals who will stop at nothing to achieve their stated aims. It isn’t kind. It isn’t pretty. But it produces a vastly superior gene pool of capable human survivors.

This is basic Darwinism (i.e. natural selection) at work. If you observe any animal population in nature, you’ll find that animal populations that lack predators become weak, pathetic and diseased. Any group of deer, for example, that doesn’t have wolves trying to eat them will eventually end up with an unhealthy, pathetic population of “deer losers.”

Add wolves to the mix and the deer gene pool drastically improves in just a few generations. The weak are killed off. The strong survive and reproduce. The deer get better at fleeing predators and surviving the harsh realities of a world where wolves are trying to kill them. As any naturalist will tell you, populations need predators to maintain their overall state of health and awareness. Without predators, they get lazy, stupid and dead.

America’s children grow up without predators (unless you count Anthony Weiner). They have no competition. Most politically correct schools no longer even allow children to keep score in sports activities. “Everyone’s a winner” results in every child being a pathetic loser because nobody has any reason to achieve anything. Instead of teaching children to be strong, capable and competitive, our progressive society of leftist “equality” demands we teach children to be weak, privileged and psychologically fragile. Specifically, the lunatic left has declared war on achievers and rugged individualism, hoping to stamp out any idea of people standing out from the crowd of pathetic losers voting for Hillary.

America’s colleges and universities extend this insanity, producing generation snowflake crybullies and “safe space” f–ktards who are utterly incapable of surviving at all in the real world. These are young adults whose entire existence is Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and engaging in the intolerant bullying of everybody else in society, whom they demand give them everything for free because they don’t want to have to work for anything. Go visit the MIZZOU campus during a Black Lives Matter rally if you want a taste of this delusional insanity.

The result of all this is that, with some notable exceptions, America’s youthful generations are more pathetic, useless and dumbed-down than ever before. They utterly lack any real world skills, physical stamina or the mental fortitude to accomplish anything at all. The exceptions to this are home schooled children, high-end private schooled children, kids who grow up on farms and ranches, and children involved in positive skills-building organizations like the Boy Scouts.

Compare all this to a typical child growing up in places like Syria, under constant military bombardment from Russia and the United States. Yes, these children are traumatized and many of them do not survive. But the ones that do are “super children” with extraordinary survival skills. The average surviving child in Syria has learned more survival skills by the age of 10 than the average pathetic American consumer will ever learn in a lifetime. (I still meet people who don’t know how to change a tire.)

By the age of 20, these young Syrian survivors are super fit, lean, determined individuals who are psychologically able to do anything necessary to survive (not just for themselves but for their culture). This is why they have no problem migrating into Western Europe (or America) and carrying out mass stabbings, shootings or bombings if they are convinced that is the best way to defend their homeland and bring the war to their foreign enemies (America). I’m not saying all Syrians are terrorists, by the way. Most of them are not. What I’m saying is that a Syrian refugee who survives the war will emerge as a super determined, highly capable individual who can accomplish almost anything. That could mean running a successful business, or it could also mean successfully carrying out an act of mass terrorism in Berlin or New York City.

Meanwhile, the average pathetic American 20-year old is still afraid of spiders and is stupidly drilling holes in their iPhone 7s, thinking that’s how you add a headphone jack. While Syrian teens are learning how to patch wounds, gather explosives and go hungry for 2-3 days at a time, American teens are masturbating to online porn while sexting their friends to arrange another ecstasy-enhanced threesome before going to class the next day where the school allows them to cheat on all their tests in order to pass government mandated education exams written by cluless morons of the state. (Common Core)

The descriptions I’ve used in this article so far apply mostly to Americans living in cities, where liberal insanity, P.C. language control and “progressivism” has turned the typical male into a metrosexual, transgendered lunatic aberration of nature just waiting to be removed from the gene pool by the forces of nature.

Country living Americans, on the other hand, are hard working, stout individuals who have real world skills and survival instincts. They know how to fix broken tractors, handle livestock, reload rifle rounds and raise children who aren’t pathetic losers.

Sadly, the pathetic city people vastly outnumber the highly capable country people… at least for now, until the big collapse comes and wipes out the vast majority of those who are unprepared to survive. But until that day comes, most of American society is run by voters and individuals who are so weak, pathetic, lazy and stupid that they wouldn’t last a month in a place like Syria, where they can’t buy Oreo cookies on government funded food stamps.

Meanwhile, American bombs and drones are, in effect, giving rise to generations of Islamic super soldiers in the Middle East. Through their suffering and pain, they are actually rising up as extremely resilient hard core survivalist warriors who could take on and literally kill with their bare hands any 50 – 100 pathetic American city dwellers (with nothing but an edged weapon, no less).

Only the gun owners in America have any real mettle these days. It’s police officers, soldiers and gun owners who are the last line of survival and defense for this nation, and we’re the ones who are constantly stopping the terrorists from killing huge numbers of pathetic city-dwelling weaklings who bow down to the attackers at the first sound of gunfire. (You can always tell who the liberal morons are in these events, because they’re the ones running AWAY from the gunfire, while the real Second Amendment heroes are running TOWARD it to solve the problem.)

If western civilization is going to survive the onslaught of radical Islam, it’s going to be achieved solely at the hands of the Second Amendment gun owners. As you ponder that realization, remember that nearly all of western Europe is a gun-free zone, meaning the Europeans — with a few notable exceptions like the Swiss — have all turned into pathetic, weakling, anti-gun dips##ts who are just begging to be overrun by Islamic soldiers posing as migrants. And guess what? The job is already half done. Followers of radical Islam have already occupied most of western Europe without even declaring war, thanks to the backward policies of dumb-as-horses##t elected officials like Merkel.

REMEMBER: An EASY life breeds weakness, obedience and servitude. A HARD life breeds self-determination, resilience, individualism and adaptability.

The last 2000 years of history has just taken a bizarre turn: Invasion and occupation of nations no longer requires swords, spears, cavalry or guns. All it requires is western nations becoming so wealthy, weak and pathetic that they have forgotten how to defend themselves. The aggressive push for political correct conformance and cognitive obedience has turned western citizens into worshippers of the very Islamic terrorists that are systematically working to destroy their civilization. (Wow, it just doesn’t get more bizarre in terms of human history and the power of self-delusion…)

Nigel Farage has been right all along. Angela Merkel is a weak, incompetent nincompoop. The European Union is run by a sniveling, clueless cabal of morons who I call the “High Governors of F–ktardia” — and every last one of them will sooner or later find themselves either extinct or headless as the determined super soldiers of Islam walk right into their cities and rip the institutions of Western civilization to shreds.

For those of you who still wish to survive all this, I’ve posted a detailed report on emerging threats and survival strategies. It’s called The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization.

The sooner you read it, the better you’ll understand why western civilization is collapsing and why raising children to be a protected, privileged class of incompetent “feel good” losers is the dumbest idea in human history.

I don’t have children, but if I did, I’d raise them to be hard core survivalists: No TV, no iPad, no mobile devices, no Coca-Cola, no public schools and no vaccines. They be strong, capable, adaptable, resilient and determined. And they just might survive the collapse of western civilization that’s coming.

Watch my video about political correctness and how it leads to war, genocide and collapse:

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Student suspended after taking a photo of her school’s dirty water

(NaturalNews) Many people and organizations seem to love a good whistleblower, until it is one of them that is being exposed for alleged wrongdoing. That may be the case with officials at Hazel Juco’s Westland, Mich., high school.

When the senior at John Glenn High School snapped a picture of water that looked more like urine, then posted it on Facebook and Twitter, she was suspended the next day, CNN reported.

“I just took a picture of it. And then in my newspaper class I talked about it with them,” she said, as reported by WXYZ. She was understandably concerned about the quality of the water and whether it was safe to drink (probably not). She added that she posted the photo because she felt sure that her school would not have the funding to fix such problems, and she thought it might spur someone in the public to help out.

Singling her out

“I was called to the office and told by one of the assistant principals that an administrator found a photo of the girl’s bathroom on social media and that I’d be issued a three-day out-of-school suspension for ‘inappropriate use of electronics,'” CNN further reported.

While reasonable people can agree that students should not be allowed to use cell phone cameras and other picture-taking or recording devices in a school bathroom or locker room, it is quite obvious that the picture she took, while technically “in the bathroom,” is not a violation of anyone’s privacy or incriminating in any way.

Except to the school of course, which may be why administrators there took a one-size-fits-all approach. In addition, Juco believes that she is being singled out simply because she highlighted what is most likely just a maintenance issue at the school.

She told a local ABC affiliate, WXYZ, that “every girl” likes to take a selfie in the bathroom and then post it as their profile picture on their social media accounts. “No one has gotten in trouble,” she said.

But the incident has also taught her something – namely that her friends are loyal and support what she was trying to do, which was to highlight a problem. Dozens of students protested her suspension by tweeting bathroom pictures they took at school without getting into trouble.

WXYZ reporters called Wayne-Westland Community Schools superintendent, Dr. Michele Harmala, for her take on things, and their questions led her to investigate was was happening at John Glenn High School. Harmala said that she discovered that high school administrators do make mistakes – such as not reporting the water issue to the school’s maintenance workers. Harmala said that she made sure maintenance was informed, and that “they sent a plumber out right away.”

Punishment did not fit the ‘crime’ and will not stand

The good news is that Harmala agrees with Juco and her fellow student supporters that the punishment certainly did not fit the crime, so to speak – ostensibly because there was no real crime, only an attempt to publicize a problem.

While noting that the rule of not allowing cell phones in bathrooms aims to prevent the taking of inappropriate pictures involving people, she agreed that this should not apply to pictures of issues with school infrastructure.

“The punishment is inappropriate,” Harmala told WXYZ. “I am going to make sure the out of school suspension is expunged from the student’s record.” She also noted that the incident serves as a learning opportunity, both for staff and for students.

She told the local affiliate she wants students to know that when there is a problem with school facilities and buildings that they believe is being ignored, they are encouraged to report it to building maintenance or to school administrators directly. This will afford the school the chance to address the issue sooner than if it gets posted to social media.


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Citing environmental risks, scientists back tribes in Dakota access fight

Close to 100 scientists have signed onto a letter decrying “inadequate environmental and cultural impact assessments” for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and calling for a halt to construction until such tests have been carried out as requested by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Lead signatories Stephanie Januchowski-Hartley, Anne Hilborn, Katherine Crocker, and Asia Murphy drew attention to the missive in a letter to the journal Science published Friday.

“The DAPL project is just one of many haphazard approaches to natural resource extraction that overlook broader consequences of oil development,” they wrote.

Furthermore, the open letter (pdf) states, “We as scientists are concerned about the potential local and regional impacts from the DAPL, which is symptomatic of the United States’ continued dependence on fossil fuels in the face of predicted broad-scale social and ecological impacts from global climate change.” Specifically, they cite the Standing Rock Sioux’s concerns that the pipeline project threatens biodiversity and clean water.

Underscoring those concerns, a Reuters investigation into the nation’s pipeline system published Friday reveals that “sensitive technology designed to pick up possible spills is about as successful as a random member of the public…finding it, despite efforts from pipeline operators.”

In fact, according to the Reuters analysis of U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) data, “[o]ver the last six years, there have been 466 incidents where a pipeline carrying crude oil or refined products has leaked. Of those, 105, or 22 percent, were detected by an advanced detection system.”

Even more troubling, the data “shows the leak detection systems have caught small leaks and missed some of the largest,” Reuters reports, with six out of the largest 10 pipeline spills in the U.S. since 2010 going undetected by these systems.

Beyond its potential for local devastation, DAPL will make it nigh impossible for the U.S. to meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement to limit global warming, the scientists said in their letter.

As Bill McKibben said Friday on Democracy Now! of the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies: “They’re holding the line against something that threatens not only their reservation, but threatens the whole planet. We do not—we cannot pump more oil. We’ve got to stop opening up new reserves.”

Via Common Dreams

Image Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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