Family Of Man Killed By Wauwatosa Officer Disclose Shooter’s Name During Protest, Questions Remain

During a peaceful protest held on August 27th, the family of a man killed by an Wauwatosa (Tosa) officer made a bold move. Protesters distributed fliers with the shooters name, which hasn’t yet been officially released to the public. The  family also provided what they knew of that officer’s past, expressing their frustrations towards media coverage of the shooting. It was a demonstration of resolve and vigor in the push for answers in the Tosa killing.

Protests in the Milwaukee suburb have continued since the killing of Jay Anderson two months ago. The 25 year old fiancé was shot by a Wauwatosa officer on June 23d, at around 3am, while sleeping in his car. Tosa PD Chief Barry Weber claimed the officer saw a gun, feared for their safety, and fired at Anderson.

Interestingly, Weber admitted to reporters that he hadn’t spoken to the officer, and didn’t know why they were afraid. It took days for WPD to release the victim’s name, and they still haven’t identified the shooter. Very little context was given or has been since, and the Andersons were left wondering what transpired. As with last years Tosa shooting, the investigation was handled by Milwaukee police instead of the Department Of Justice.

After protesting at Mayfair mall several times, Jay’s parents were invited by the District Attorney to view 20 seconds of footage. It still isn’t clear exactly how the footage was captured, as the DA and Weber contradict one another. While Weber say’s he thought dash cam footage existed but a body cam didn’t, the DA said the footage wasn’t dash cam. Then again, WPD also claimed the Anderson’s requested the footage not go public despite them composing the main body of protests. However it was captured, the footage reportedly showed Jay getting shot in the head four times with his hands up.

The protest on the 27th was announced after that statement was made by Anderson’s family. It was held in Madison park, where Jay was killed two months earlier. Unlike earlier protests, garnering large police mobilizations, this smaller protest was largely unmonitored. Just one Tosa PD SUV was seen, oftentimes ominously parked off in the peripheral distance. Anderson’s family including fiancé Star Delarosa, parents Linda and Jay Anderson Sr., sisters and cousins marched with concerned residents. At it’s height it numbered between 20-30, peacefully protesting through the park and then down side streets.

During the march, protesters put fliers in mailboxes outing the officer by name and warning residents. “Wauwatosa”, it read, “there is a killer living in your community. Police officer Joseph Mensah has murdered two men in a year’s span.” The Anderson’s claim Mensah was also involved in last years shooting where a man brandished a sword at officers. Unlike the Anderson case, that killing earned a press conference complete with Chief Weber’s appearance.

Their flier goes onto say “Jay Anderson Jr. had his hands up” as Mensah “shot him in the head multiple times, killing him instantly.” According to the Anderson’s flier, Mensah “failed to follow protocol”. “Joseph Mensah has failed to protect and serve, instead he hunted and killed Jay Anderson Jr.” “Until he is off the force, the residents of Wauwatosa are in extreme danger.” The flier then asks residents to contact WPD and “demand that your children have a chance at life by removing Joseph Mensah from the Wauwatosa Police Department.” CopBlock contributors were filming at the protest, which is the only reason Mensah’s name is now known.

Jay’s mother Linda Anderson expressed frustration at the lack of response from WPD, haunting questions, and media coverage. She claimed Mensah “was in three police stations in five years”. “You killed a person last year, did you get therapy for that shooting? That’s why my son is dead.” The Anderson’s say after last year’s shooting, Mensah’s request for psychological help and disability were refused by WPD. He was then put back out patrolling, by himself, until he shot Jay Anderson.

Star Delarosa, mother of Jay’s children, said when they began protesting in Madison park, workers shared their own experiences about Mensah. He would reputedly harass park workers regularly, ask for identification, then say that they weren’t who was in the picture. Mayfair Mall employee’s also reputedly knew Mensah, who’d show up a few times a week and bother shoppers.

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“On the statement it said ‘Joseph couldn’t get his audio on, he tried several times.’ Then why didn’t you wait on backup?” “Why did you go forward”, says Mrs. Anderson, “and wake my son up not once but twice, and kill my son? Why? That’s what I want to know. And I want his name out there, his name is Joseph Mensah! Nobody is putting his name out! I want his name out there! He’s a killer!” Linda Anderson said they’ve known the name since the second time they viewed the video. None of this has been reported by outlets, including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and others. Linda Anderson was at a loss as to why media outlets haven’t done more to report on her son’s death.

At the protest, the Anderson’s also said Jay did indeed have a legally owned gun in the car. “One thing I didn’t know”, says Tosa resident Darth Jennings, “is that you’re supposed to put your gun empty, on the seat”, in case a police officer comes by and you’re armed. “I didn’t know that”, she continues. “I thought ‘what are you doing with a gun out?’ And now I realize that he was even supposed to have it out”.

Darth also spoke to how some residents view Anderson’s family and other protesters. “People are talking about it as if Jay’s family is ‘those people’, not our neighbors. And they don’t want anything to do with it. They don’t want a protest coming through their neighborhood. They want to know how they can ‘prepare’ for the big protest. Or why they’re protesting at all. I wanted to come because I wanted to support the family and find out what happened. People shouldn’t be getting shot at 3 o’clock in the morning.”

CopBlock contributors have attempted to contact WPD to get confirmation that Joseph Mensah shot Jay Anderson. They declined to comment on the first try, then redirected contributors to a voicemail during a second. WPD also stated the usual sergeant that responds to CopBlock FOIA’s was on vacation. Tosa PD also denied earlier FOIA attempts for the shooters name and rank, and sent a formal denial upon request.

It was stated that since this is an ongoing investigation, the information would be withheld. Although WPD refuses to confirm Mensah was the shooter, his name did come up on a roster list of active officers requested by CopBlock. More protests are certainly to come until closure for Anderson’s family is had, and questions laid to rest.


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DEA Will Kill Thousands Banning Kratom

This headline is not hyperbole. When the Drug Enforcement Administration outlaws kratom by making it a Schedule I substance on September 30, it will be setting off waves of overdoses and suicides that will claim thousands of lives. And they are fully aware of what they are doing.

We are on the precipice of yet another new era of prohibition, but we are armed with the hard-won knowledge from decades of the failed drug war to inform our actions.  Kratom users and advocates for self-ownership must act quickly and decisively to stop the U.S government from killing people for their own protection.  Help organize and actually show up for rallies. Submit public comments against its scheduling. Testify at hearings about the harmful impact this move will have.Sign the White House Petition, if you are so inclined.

Whatever you do, don’t stand idly by as lives hang in the balance.

I’ve written previously about kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), a plant in the same family as the coffee plant, which has long been used in Southeast Asia as an herbal medicine for hundreds of years. It has become increasingly popular in the United States over the past several years due to its ability to both treat chronic pain and help people addicted to heroin and prescription painkiller addicts get and stay clean.

First-hand accounts of people whose lives were turned around by kratom abound, including the story of Susan Ash, who suffered for years with undiagnosed Lyme Disease:

“I was on morphine, and because of the morphine, it was making me so fatigued that I wasn’t able to keep my job at the time, and so they put me on Adderall so that I could perform my work. With the Adderall, my previous struggles with depression and anxiety got worse. They added on the Xanax. At one point I was on all three — the benzodiazepines, the narcotics and the stimulants — in addition to Seroquel [an antidepressant sometimes used for sleep], Lyrica [a pain medication used to treat fibromyalgia], Flexeril, a muscle relaxant.”

After discovering kratom, Ash was able to quit her dangerous cocktail of addictive prescriptions and managed to stay clean.

“In a matter of two weeks, I had the energy, I had the pain relief and I had the depression and anxiety relief I needed to become a productive member of society again. It was such a stark difference and such an immediate change in my life.”

Three years later Ash formed the American Kratom Association, a non-profit that advocates for “the right of all Americans to use the natural botanical Kratom for improved health and well-being.”

This is in stark contrast to the DEA’s notice announcing their intent to place the herb on Schedule 1 as “an imminent hazard to public safety.” The notice continues: “Kratom has also been used to self-treat chronic pain and withdrawal symptoms from opioid use. Especially concerning, reports note users have turned to kratom as a replacement for other opioids, such as heroin.”

Person describes how kratom saved him from addiction

Person describes how kratom saved him from addictionInstead of supporting and encouraging medical research into kratom as a promising means for combating the opioid overdose crisis, the DEA is using these stories as justification for banning it. The DEA also cites insufficient research to establish medical use for kratom. Of course, lack of research is not a market barrier for any of the thousands, perhaps millions of similarly non-FDA-approved supplements sold at pharmacies and GNCs. And once kratom is scheduled, researchers will have to get permission from the DEA to conduct studies with it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed itself as a willing confederate when it  issued a report last month labeling kratom as “an emerging public health threat.” The dubious basis for this claim? Between 2010 and 2015, calls to poison control centers increased from 26 calls to 263. Hardly an epidemic, especially considering that the few kratom-related deaths reported in the media have actually been due to users taking it in combination with harder drugs that have more serious side effects than kratom.

From the Huffington Post:

Walter C. Prozialeck, a professor of pharmacology at Midwestern University who wrote a comprehensive literature review on kratom for the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, said he disagrees with the DEA’s characterization.

“Even though the ‘mytragines’ may have some affinity for opioid receptors, their actions are quite different from those of classic opioids, like morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, heroin, etc.,” Prozialeck wrote in an email to HuffPost. “After looking at the literature, I would certainly not classify them as classic ‘opioids.’”

Prozialeck described kratom as largely benign in an earlier interview with HuffPost, and said it doesn’t produce much in the way of psychoactive high in low to moderate doses. He called for additional research and cautioned against mixing the drug with other substances ― a concern the DEA notice also raised. But he said kratom doesn’t have a particularly high potential for recreational abuse and agreed with advocates who say the positive effects appear to outweigh the negatives.


government-poisoned-alcoholWhy would the DEA close the door on something that provides legitimate pain relief and prevents overdoses—a substance whose  most serious side effects are “stomach upset and vomiting?”

Because they are fighting for their very existence.

When nearly 50% of all drug arrests are for marijuana and more states are jumping off the pot prohibition bandwagon each year, the DEA needs to quickly find more boogeymen to justify its $2 billion budget. Turning kratom into the new heroin provides even more bang for their stolen buck since it will send recovering addicts and chronic pain sufferers right back into the arms of actual heroin and prescription painkillers, in turn driving up both drug arrest and overdose rates.


This is how the DEA causes the very problems it claims to fight, and then uses that as grounds for more funding, more agents, and more authority.

Follow the American Kratom Association on Facebook to get updates on this developing situation.

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Officers Attack Pregnant Woman After She “Used Profanity”

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Memphis, TN — Two officers with the Memphis city school district were fired after they were caught on video assaulting a pregnant teen. The officers have since filed a lawsuit, claiming the reason they were fired was because they are white.

The incident happened in 2013, when officers Henry Todd and Richard Pinner were caught on school surveillance cameras using obviously unnecessary and excessive force to take down a 17-year-old pregnant student.

The officers claim that they had to attack the young mother-to-be because she was eating a snack and using profanity. They claim she was resisting arrest and had no other choice but to tackle her and slam her to the ground.

While the student involved was issued a juvenile summons for the incident, it is unclear if she faced any charges as cases involving juveniles are not released to the public.

Both Todd and Pinner are now ‘pulling the race card’ and suing Shelby County Schools (which was Memphis City School district at the time of the incident), and their case is going to trial.

According to their lawsuit, had they been black, they would still have their jobs.

“Plaintiffs are members of a protected class consisting of members of the white race,” the complaint states. “The adverse employment actions taken by Memphis City Schools terminating plaintiffs were done so because plaintiffs are white; members of the black race would not have been terminated under the same circumstances.”

The abusive duo claims that black officers receive counseling after the first time they beat up students, rather than get fired. However, they claim they were not afforded the same due process after beating up the pregnant girl.

According to the complaint, Pinner and Todd were working at Northwest Prep Academy on Feb. 1, 2013, when an out-of-control student had to be taken down because of her belligerent behavior. 

However, the video simply shows her standing there eating a snack before they approached her.

When reading the lawsuit, it sounds as if these two officers were dealing with a dangerous assassin and not a 17-year-old pregnant high school student.

“Officer Pinner attempted to place handcuffs on the student. The student jerked her arm with only one handcuff on the wrist. The student swung her arm with the partially loose handcuff attached,” the lawsuit states. “Officer Pinner became concerned for his own safety and others from the loose swinging handcuff. He used accepted law enforcement procedures to take the violent and dangerous student to the ground to complete handcuffing. Plaintiffs notified their supervisor and requested assistance from the Memphis City Police.”

According to the complaint, the officers claim Chamella Branch, the school’s black principal at the time, said, “I’m tired of you white officers beating up on my black babies. I’m going to have you fired.”

However, in court on Monday, the former principal testified that wasn’t true.

Regardless of the race of those involved in this situation, the video below clearly shows two large grown men tackling and slamming to the ground a pregnant juvenile who was half their size who presented no danger.

Watch the video below:


Published by The Free Thought Project

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Leaked Soros Memo Reveals Potential Plan to Use Black Lives Matter to Federalize US Police

Memos and documents published by DCLeaks continue shedding light on billionaire globalist George Soros and his progressive organization, Open Society Foundations (OSF). Due to their poor digital curation, however, the leaks are hard to traverse which is leading to the information slowly trickling out. The latest of the documents reveals the billionaire’s attempt to organize a “national movement” to create a federalized police force.

The document shows that OSF saw the killings of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Freddie Gray as an opportunity to implement this mission of federal police guidelines. OSF, according to the documents, then held a meeting titled, “Police Reform: How to Take Advantage of the Crisis of the Moment and Drive Long-Term Institutional Change in Police-Community Practice.”

According to, the extensive memo further documents that Soros-financed groups and personalities influenced President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which last May released a final report consisting of 60 recommendations providing guidance to localities on how to modify policing practices.

The information is from a 61-page report of an Open Society U.S. Programs Board Meeting that took place in New York City in May of last year.

States the board meeting document:

The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Taskforce, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing. The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

We are gaining a better understanding of these efforts in order to determine how best USP can use this moment to create a national movement. We have already had a set of preliminary conversations with about a dozen key stakeholders and will undertake a field scan to map the areas of work currently underway to advance police reform, including an assessment of the redundancies and gaps in work, and opportunities for collaboration. As we proceed, we will engage the funder network we helped to establish, the Executive Alliance on Men and Boys of Color, which now includes forty foundations.

U.S. Programs (USP) is a part of OSF with the stated mission of working to further a vibrant democratic society in which all people can meaningfully participate in its civic, economic, and political life.

According to the above excerpt, USP was thinking of ways to capitalize on police killings to ‘create a national movement’ to implement their agenda.


The think tank also raises the question of how to properly steer the ostensible ‘grassroots’ organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, to achieve USP goals.

The events of the past several months have understandably led to a wide range of activities, including a variety of advocacy efforts, to respond to the significant challenges in policing that have been exposed and the opportunity to promote meaningful and lasting change. For example, organized under the banner of the Civil Rights Coalition on Police Reform, organizations like the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, LCCHR, and LDF are advocating for federal reform efforts with a particular emphasis on data collection and transparency and, as noted above, 35 effecting federal funding streams. A variety of other national advocacy organizations, including grantees Advancement Project, PolicyLink, the Center for Popular Democracy and the ACLU are working to provide advocates with toolkits and resources to help their organizing efforts. Locally based groups such as the Ohio Student Association, the Organization for Black Struggle, the Asian Law Caucus, and the ACLU of New Jersey, to name a few, are advocating for specific reforms at the city and state levels. Another layer of grassroots and youth-oriented groups like Freedom Side, Ferguson Action, Black Lives Matter and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice are also advocating for specific reforms. The range of efforts underway raises a number of questions and concerns about capacity, the need for coordination and the appropriate prioritization of policy objectives, among others, which we will discuss in the policing portion of the meeting.

While the intentions of reforming police in America seem noble, the very idea of a Soros-led initiative is chilling.

Another memo, leaked earlier this month, showed the billionaire was potentially funding the Black Lives Matter movement, to the tune of $650,000. Now, as today’s memo shows, we know why.

As the Free Thought Project has pointed out many times before, Soros has been exposed literally manipulating the world.


Earlier this month, in an email, found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton archive, with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ Soros makes clear to Clinton that “two things need to be done urgently.” He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.” Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.

This is standard operating procedure for Soros. Anyone familiar with the history of the Soros Open Society Foundations in Eastern Europe and around the world since the late 1980’s, will know that his supposedly philanthropic “democracy-building” projects in Poland, Russia, or Ukraine in the 1990’s allowed Soros the businessman to literally plunder the former communist countries wealth, according to the New Eastern Outlook.

Soros-affiliated organizations are deeply connected to numerous color revolutions, the Arab Spring, and a number of other uprisings across the world. They have been intimately involved in the coup that took place in Ukraine, and subsequent ratcheting up of Cold War tensions with Russia.


As these leaked memos and emails prove, the United States is nothing more than one of Soros’ pawns.

While Americans remain oblivious and argue over strawmen fed to them by the mainstream media, the police state is growing, both here and abroad. As the citizens are promised ‘reform’ the only thing that actually changes are the puppets in marble buildings.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. <a class=”twitter-follow-button” href=”” data-show-count=”false” data-size=”large”>Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter</a> and now on <a href=”

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Cop Left K9 in Hot Car for Days, Didn’t Know He Died Until He Smelled It

Stephens County, OK — An Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy has been fired and charged with animal cruelty after his K9 partner succumbed to crushing heat while confined in the deputy’s patrol car for 38 hours.

Now-former Stephens County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Peck left K9 Deputy Bak, his partner of four years, in the sweltering vehicle for over a day and a half, killing the animal.

According to the arrest affidavit, cited by local station KOCO, Bak died sometime between Wednesday night, August 3, and Friday morning, as outside temperatures climbed to 99 degrees. Court documents estimated this meant the patrol car’s interior temperature could have exceeded 120 degrees — more than sufficient to kill the helpless animal, which had not been provided water or food.

A local veterinarian contacted by authorities and cited in court documents said that while the otherwise healthy eight-year-old Bak could have “easily survived through the night,” once Thursday’s temperatures began to rise, heating the interior to above 105 degrees, the dog would have no chance for survival. The vet surmised Bak had suffered heat stroke.

Court records say Peck had been called to a vehicle stop on Wednesday night and Bak assisted by performing a search — but when Peck returned home, he simply left the police dog in his patrol vehicle outside.

Unnamed sources cited by local NBC affiliate WCMH said Peck made a practice of leaving his K9 partner in the cruiser on his days off work, and that the deputy only realized what had happened after smelling the dead animal as he left home for a court date.

“We were shocked, and we’re saddened,” Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney remarked of Bak’s cruel killing. “This is a loss of one of our deputies or K9 deputies.”

Bak will be included on a memorial for fallen officers in place outside the Stephens County Courthouse.

“The handler has the utmost responsibility to make sure that that dog is well taken care of,” McKinney told KFOR. “A tremendous amount of work goes into the dogs and not only with their dogs but with their handlers. Those two become partners. We will replace Bak and remember him, but we’ll continue.”

Under Oklahoma law, should Peck be found guilty of felony animal cruelty, the former deputy could face fines of up to $5,000 and up to a year in a county jail, or up to five years’ imprisonment in a state penitentiary. However, this potential penalty stands in marked contrast to another death of a K9 police officer in Ohio.

Kelontre Barefield — who shot and killed Canton K9 Officer Jethro in January during an attempted burglary — will spend the next 45 years behind bars, 34 of which concern the death of the dog.

While each killing of a K9 officer is an indisputably horrific act of violence, the inconsistent sentencing in those cases gives remarkable insight into the legendary impunity officers are granted for employing violence against humans and animals alike.

If the message in sentencing is to punish the guilty without regard for details such as an individual’s occupation, Peck would face decades in prison — or Barefield would not.

Granting Peck, if found guilty, the exponentially lesser punishment only reiterates to the public their crimes are considered arbitrarily worse offenses than those committed by officers of the apparently not-at-all blind law.

“It’s been a sad day around here for all of us,” McKinney told the Duncan Banner previously. “We all like our animals. I’ve got several personally of my own, but these dogs that work day-to-day with some of our deputies are their partners … I know there was some departmental policies violated, but we have concerns in other areas. We’re looking at that, but I just want to assure the people it will be dealt with if there is a problem.”

Although that problem will now indeed be dealt with via the court system, it’s clear justice has abandoned its blindfold.

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Veteran’s Brilliant Response to Kaepernick Sitting for Anthem Shows U.S. What Tyranny Looks Like

Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is quickly becoming the talk of the nation. A firestorm has blown up across the internet as police unions call for his firing, fans burn his jersey, and political pundits on the left and the right denounce him. Lest we forget, a slew of veterans and military, apparently clueless to the oath they swore to protect it, came out of the woodwork to bash this man for his free speech.

Amidst all the hatred, however, rational thought and logic are breaking through. Tuesday night #VeteransforKaepernick began trending and veterans who honor and protect free speech took to Twitter to show their support.

While there were tons of great tweets about the hypocrisy of expressing the desire to silence a man for standing against corruption, one post, in particular, absolutely nailed it.

As a former Marine, I am in multiple Facebook groups with other veterans with whom I served. In one of those groups, a status was posted that blew me away. As I started reading, I thought to myself, “oh no, this is probably some hate piece against Kaepernick.” However, as I read on, the logical argument laid out about forcing people to respect songs, flags, and even the state was, dare I say, enlightening.

As not to ruin the brilliantly written post by retired Naval officer Jim Wright, I will stop here, and let you read it for yourself.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

I’ve been away from the internet all day.

I came home from a family picnic on the Blackwater River to find my inbox, as usual, overflowing like a ripe Port-O-Pottie.

One of the first messages I read was about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, quoted above, who last Friday night at the beginning of a preseason game suddenly decided to become the most hated man in America du jour by deliberately not standing for the National Anthem.

Yes, that’s right, a football player didn’t stand for the National Anthem.

As you know, this means Kaepernick is scum, a horrible human being, a likely member of ISIS, a Muslim terrorist, a black thug, a communist, a socialist (and not the cool share your weed Bernie Sanders kind of socialist but the Red Brigade kind of Socialist who sleeps under a poster of Chairman Mao), a radical, a Black Panther, and he probably has Fidel Castro’s phone number in his contact favorites.

Yeah. Okay.

I answered the message and went on to the next one.

The next message was about Kaepernick. As was the next one. And the next one. And…

They all begin pretty much the same way: Jim, AS A VETERAN, what do you think about this? Well?

Let me answer all the messages at once

AS A VETERAN, what do I think about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the National Anthem?

As a veteran?

Very well, as a veteran then, this is what I believe:

The very first thing I learned in the military is this: Respect is a two-way street. If you want respect, true respect, sincere respect, then you have to GIVE IT.

If you want respect, you have to do the things necessary to earn it each and every single day. There are no short cuts and no exceptions.

Respect cannot be compelled.

Respect cannot be bought.

Respect cannot be inherited.

Respect cannot be demanded at the muzzle of a gun or by beating it into somebody or by shaming them into it. Can not. You might get what you think is respect, but it’s not. It’s only the appearance of respect. It’s fear, it’s groveling, it’s not respect. Far, far too many people both in and out of the military, people who should emphatically know better, do not understand this simple fact: there is an enormous difference between fear and respect.

Respect has to be earned.

Respect. Has. To. Be. Earned.

Respect has to be earned every day, by every word, by every action.

It takes a lifetime of words and deeds to earn respect.

It takes only one careless word, one thoughtless action, to lose it.

You have to be worthy of respect. You have to live up to, or at least do your best to live up to, those high ideals — the ones America supposedly embodies, that shining city on the hill, that exceptional nation we talk about, yes, that one. To earn respect you have to be fair. You have to have courage. You must embrace reason. You have to know when to hold the line and when to compromise. You have to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. You have to keep your word. You have to give respect, true respect, to get it back.

There are no short cuts. None.

Now, any veteran worth the label should know that. If they don’t, then likely they weren’t much of a soldier to begin with and you can tell them I said so.

IF Kaepernick doesn’t feel his country respects him enough for him to respect it in return, well, then you can’t MAKE him respect it.

You can not make him respect it.

If you try to force a man to respect you, you’ll only make him respect you less.

With threats, by violence, by shame, you can maybe compel Kaepernick to stand up and put his hand over his heart and force him to be quiet. You might.

But that’s not respect.

It’s only the illusion of respect.

You might force this man into the illusion of respect. You might. Would you be satisfied then? Would that make you happy? Would that make you respect your nation, the one which forced a man into the illusion of respect, a nation of little clockwork patriots all pretending satisfaction and respect? Is that what you want? If THAT’s what matters to you, the illusion of respect, then you’re not talking about freedom or liberty. You’re not talking about the United States of America. Instead you’re talking about every dictatorship from the Nazis to North Korea where people are lined up and MADE to salute with the muzzle of a gun pressed to the back of their necks.

That, that illusion of respect, is not why I wore a uniform.

That’s not why I held up my right hand and swore the oath and put my life on the line for my country.

That, that illusion of respect, is not why I am a veteran.

Not so a man should be forced to show respect he doesn’t feel.

That’s called slavery and I have no respect for that at all.

If Americans want this man to respect America, then first they must respect him.

If America wants the world’s respect, it must be worthy of respect.

America must be worthy of respect. Torture, rendition, indefinite detention, unarmed black men shot down in the street every day, poverty, inequality, voter suppression, racism, bigotry in every form, obstructionism, blind patriotism, NONE of those things are worthy of respect from anybody — least of all an American.

But doesn’t it also mean that if Kaepernick wants respect, he must give it first? Give it to America? Be worthy of respect himself? Stand up, shut up, and put his hand over his heart before Old Glory?

No. It doesn’t.

Respect doesn’t work that way.

Power flows from positive to negative. Electricity flows from greater potential to lesser.

The United States isn’t a person, it’s a vast construct, a framework of law and order and civilization designed to protect the weak from the ruthless and after more than two centuries of revision and refinement it exists to provide in equal measure for all of us the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The United States is POWER.

All the power rests with America. Just as it does in the military chain of command. And like that chain of command, like the electrical circuit described above, respect must flow from greater to lesser FIRST before it can return.

To you the National Anthem means one thing, to Kaepernick it means something else. We are all shaped and defined by our experiences and we see the world through our own eyes. That’s freedom. That’s liberty. The right to believe differently. The right to protest as you will. The right to demand better. The right to believe your country can BE better, that it can live up to its sacred ideals, and the right to loudly note that it has NOT. The right to use your voice, your actions, to bring attention to the things you believe in. The right to want more for others, freedom, liberty, justice, equality, and RESPECT.

A true veteran might not agree with Colin Kaepernick, but a true veteran would fight to the death to protect his right to say what he believes.

You don’t like what Kaepernick has to say? Then prove him wrong, BE the nation he can respect.

It’s really just that simple.

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. <a class=”twitter-follow-button” href=”” data-show-count=”false” data-size=”large”>Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter</a> and now on <a href=”

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German intel official cites ‘hundreds of reports’ of ‘hit squads’, sleeper cells

Special to

by Dr. Jack Caravelli, Geostrategy-Direct

Last year’s mass influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq triggered a series of security, social and political troubles throughout Europe, reaching as far as Sweden.

Germany accepted one million refugees in the past year. / Getty Images
Germany accepted one million refugees in the past year. / Getty Images

But while the refugee numbers have been reduced, major nations such as Germany and Italy face new problems.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision last year to accept as many as one million refugees fleeing from the civil war in Syria and military operations against the Islamic extremist group ISIL in Iraq and Syria has been little short of a disaster for her nation.

There have been numerous attacks against German women, many of which the government tried to cover up. In mid-July an axe wielding attacker injured five on a train near Wurzburg and a week later 15 people were hurt by a suicide blast outside a bar in Ansbach, Bavaria.

Most alarming is a report from Manfred Hauser, deputy head of Bavaria’s spy agency, the Bay LfV, that there are “hit squads” operating in Germany among the ranks of refugees.

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IRS knew that illegals had stolen the Social Security numbers of 1 million U.S. taxpayers but said nothing

by WorldTribune Staff, August 31, 2016

The IRS discovered that more than 1 million Americans have had their Social Security numbers stolen by illegal aliens, but the agency hasn’t informed the victims because it says its job is to collect taxes, not enforce immigration laws.

Investigators notified the IRS of the problem in 2011 and a pilot program meant to test a solution was canceled, the agency’s inspector general said in a report released on Aug. 30.

Tax_Refund_Fraud-0e4fdBetween 2011 and 2015 the agency flagged nearly 1.1 million returns where someone appeared to have stolen a valid Social Security number, the inspector general said.

“Taxpayers identified as victims of employment-related identity theft are not notified,” the inspector general said.

“The lack of a formal process to ensure that the SSA is notified of income not associated with an innocent taxpayer is problematic because this notification is essential to ensure that victims’ Social Security benefits are not affected.”

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill were shocked to learn that the IRS had allowed so much time to pass kwithout fixing the problem.

“It is stunning that the IRS has chosen to aid and abet identity thieves for so long instead of protecting the innocent victims of the theft,” said Sen. Daniel Coats, Indiana Republican.

The Social Security numbers are stolen by illegal aliens who are required to give employers a valid number to get a job. Employers are largely prohibited from investigating even when they suspect fraud.

The IRS learns of the identity theft when the illegals file their taxes using a special Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) they are given as a way of ensuring they’re paying taxes even though they’re in the U.S. illegally.

Taxpayers who use an ITIN are eligible for some tax credits, particularly for their children who are U.S. citizens.

Republicans in Congress have long complained that the IRS is protecting illegals from discovery by allowing the use of ITINs but failing to share the information with other agencies.

Coats, who has written legislation requiring victims to be notified, even confronted IRS officials about their lax behavior at a hearing in April.

“All of us can agree that victims need to know that they’re victims, and need to know that an agency of the federal government, whether it’s IRS or whether it’s SSA, or both, ought to have some ability to talk to each other,” Coats said.

IRS Commissioner John G. Koskinen told Coats at the hearing that in many of the cases, friends or relatives lent their Social Security numbers to the illegals, and already know their information is being fraudulently used.

Koskinen added that the IRS struggled to come up with a solution for fear it illegals would stop filing their taxes.

“Obviously, priority for taxpayers and the IRS is collecting those taxes,” he said.

Koskinen said it may take new legislation from Congress to let his agency inform taxpayers they are subject of identity theft.


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The presidential race? Soros focusing on local, racially-charged district attorney races

by WorldTribune Staff, August 31, 2016

While other mega donors funnel cash in an effort to influence the race at the top of the ticket, George Soros is focusing like a laer this year on his goal of transforming the U.S. justice system.

The leftist billionaire has pumped $3 million into local district attorney elections with a racial component. That sum “exceeds the total spent on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a handful of rival super-donors,” Politico noted.

George Soros. /AP
George Soros. /AP

Soros is focusing on African-American and Hispanic candidates in district attorney races who share his goals of “reducing racial disparities in sentencing and directing some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. It is by far the most tangible action in a progressive push to find, prepare and finance criminal justice reform-oriented candidates for jobs that have been held by longtime incumbents and serve as pipelines to the federal courts,” Politico said.

“The prosecutor exercises the greatest discretion and power in the system. It is so important,” said Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, a candidate-training organization for Democratic women. “There’s been a confluence of events in the past couple years and all of the sudden, the progressive community is waking up to this.”

According to the report, Soros has funneled funds through a network of state-level super PACs and a national “527” unlimited-money group, each named a variation on “Safety and Justice”, to district attorney campaigns in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.

The Florida Safety and Justice poured nearly $1.4 million — all of which came from Soros and his 527 group — into a previously low-budget Democratic primary for state attorney in Central Florida. The group backed Aramis Ayala, a former public defender and prosecutor, in her campaign against incumbent Jeff Ashton, whose jurisdiction covers over 1.6 million people across two counties in metro Orlando. Ayala won the primary in what was considered a major upset.

“One TV ad from Florida Safety and Justice boosts Ayala, touting her ‘plan to remove bias so defendants charged with the same crime receive the same treatment, no matter their background or race.’ The Soros-funded group is also attacking Ashton with ads saying he ‘got rid of protections that helped ensure equal treatment regardless of background or race. … Take two similar traffic incidents that happened on the same night. A white man got off with a slap on the wrist, while the black man faces prison.’ ”

Some opponents of local-level candidates backed by Soros say the billionaire’s influence “has wildly tipped the scales of local elections” and some say he made residents less safe.

“As a candidate and citizen of Caddo Parish, if an outsider was that interested in the race, I wanted to know exactly what he had in mind for the criminal justice system if he were to win,” said Dhu Thompson, a Louisiana attorney who lost a district attorney race to Soros-backed candidate James Stewart in 2015. Soros gave over $930,000 — more than 22 times the local median household income — to the group boosting Stewart.

“I know some of his troubling opinions on social issues, especially the criminal justice system,” Thompson said. “I’ve never known him as an individual who was very strong on some of our crime and punishment issues. I felt it was very detrimental to the safety of Caddo Parish, and that’s why I took such a strong stand against him.”

Meanwhile, a leaked document from Soros’s Open Society Foundations revealed a “national movement” to institute federal guidelines for local police forces.

“The document identifies an opportunity in the police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, North Charleston, and Baltimore,” Breitbart reported.

The document further states that Soros-financed groups and personalities influenced President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which last May released a final report consisting of 60 recommendations providing guidance to localities on how to modify policing practices.

According to the document:

“The federal government is seeking philanthropic support for a number of its initiatives. In addition to seeking support to advance the implementation of the recommendations of the Presidential Task force, the White House recently launched the Policing Data Initiative to explore how best to use data and technology to build trust, voice, and solutions to improve community policing.

“The Department of Justice recently selected the first six cities to host pilot sites for the National Initiative for Building Community Trust and Justice, which was launched last fall to help repair and strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve by exploring strategies intended to enhance procedural justice, reduce implicit bias, and support racial reconciliation.

We are gaining a better understanding of these efforts in order to determine how best USP can use this moment to create a national movement.”

The document also identifies reducing incarceration rates as another goal of police reform:

“The police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, most recently in North Charleston, Baltimore, and many other American cities, highlight that reform of policing policy and practice must be integral to our criminal justice agenda. Notably, while such reform activities are inextricably linked with our concerns about racial justice and equity, in particular about advancing opportunity for boys and men of color, they are also critically related to our goal of reducing incarceration, given the role that police practices play in bringing people into the justice system.”

The memo identifies Black Lives Matter as central to the national campaign:

“Another layer of grassroots and youth-oriented groups like Freedom Side, Ferguson Action, Black Lives Matter, and Million Hoodies Movement for Justice are also advocating for specific reforms.”

Earlier this month, Breitbart News first reported that another hacked Soros document confirmed that the Open Society last year approved $650,000 to “invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.”


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‘Leave Syria,’ Iran tells Turkey; U.S. struggles to persuade warring allies to focus on ISIL

by WorldTribune Staff, August 31, 2016

Turkey’s military operation in Syria is a violation of that country’s sovereignty and the Turks should quickly complete their mission and get out, an Iranian official said on Aug. 30.

“Although the fight against terrorism… is a principle for all peace-seeking governments, it cannot and must not justify military operations on another country’s territory without coordination with its central government,” Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said.

Turkish soldiers drive a tank to Syria from the Turkish Syrian border city of Karkamis in the southern region of Gaziantep on Aug. 27. /AFP
Turkish soldiers drive a tank to Syria from the Turkish-Syrian border city of Karkamis on Aug. 27. /AFP

Turkey has said Syria was informed in advance of the operation by Russia.

Meanwhile, observers say the U.S. has failed in its effort to focus Turkey and its attacks in Syria on Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and not U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters.

Turkey on Aug. 31 denied it agreed to a U.S.-brokered truce with Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria, saying it would not compromise with what it labels a “terrorist” group.

“We do not accept in any circumstances … a compromise or a ceasefire reached between Turkey and Kurdish elements,” EU Affairs Minister Omer Celik told state-run Anadolu news agency.

“The Turkish republic is a sovereign, legitimate state,” Celik said, adding Turkey could not be put on an equal footing with a “terrorist organization,” referring to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Washington said on Aug. 30 that Turkey and the Kurdish YPG – both U.S. allies – had reached a “loose agreement” to stop fighting each other after deadly clashes over the weekend. Kurdish-backed militias said they had agreed to the truce.


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