Secret Service Agent Caught In Online Pedophile Sting Operation

A Washington assigned Secret Service agent turned himself in to Maryland State Police on Monday after he was caught in an online pedophile sting operation sending photos of his erect penis to a Delaware police officer posing as a 14-year-old girl.

37-year-old Lee Robert Moore says he was on duty at the White House at the time, and admitted to officers to wanting to have sex with minors, court documents say. He confirmed that he has used online dating apps to talk dirty with underage girls before.

Police say the online chats occurred in late August on the social media app Meet24 – a messaging service that lets users “feel the taste of love” – and then moved to the online messaging service Kik, on which the naked pictures were sent.

Moore is also accused of requesting to meet the alleged teen in person to have sex near the Dover Air Force Base, where he asked her to park “near the back” and to “wear a skirt.”

Little did the married father of two know, he was talking to an undercover agent with the Delaware Child Predator Task Force.

Chatlogs of the interactions show that Moore told the undercover he wanted to teach the “teen” how to masturbate and asked “her” over and over again to send him photos of her in her panties.

“I would take immense pleasure in pulling those shorts off your hips and down your cute little legs,” the chatlogs say. “All you have to do is enjoy it, tell me how much you’re enjoying it, and moan when it feels good.”

The revelation isn’t the first time that sexual exploits by agents have embarrassed the Praetorian agency.

In April 2012, agents who were on assignment in Cartagena, Colombia for a visit by President Obama were dismissed after it was confirmed that they were having sex with prostitutes in their hotel rooms.

Later in October, a 65-page inspector general report detailed how at least 12 agents and officers had “personal encounters with female Colombian nationals” before the presidents arrival.

Moore was forced to turn in his gun and badge and has been put him on administrative leave from the Secret Service.

He was officially charged in Delaware on state charges of sexual solicitation of a child under 18 and providing obscene material to a person under 18 – and has also been charged federally with attempted transfer of obscene material to a minor.

On Tuesday, Moore was released from state custody after posting $105,000 secured bail, but remains locked up on the federal charge.

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Trooper Andre Peak Given No Jail Time After Admitting To Raping Unconscious Girl

Trooper Andre PeakTrooper Andre Peak

Trooper Andre Peak

Virginia State Trooper Andre Peak, 43, will receive ZERO jail time after raping a young girl. Trooper Peak was previously arrested on felony charges that he raped an unconscious high school student who was staying with him at the time. His crimes came to the attention of police after the young girl told someone else what had happened.

To substantiate her claim against the officer, Police then had the victim text Trooper Peak, inquiring as to what happened the previous night when she was passed out from the alcohol that Trooper Peak had provided her. Trooper Peak allegedly responded back via text that the two had sex.

According to the Grand Jury indictment on the rape charge,

“… such act was accomplished through the use of the complaining witness’ mental incapacity or physical helplessness,” the indictment said regarding the rape allegation.

Given the fact that Trooper Peak had supplied the underage girl alcohol, and raped her while she was not able to defend herself, he was arrested on Felony charges of ‘raping a helpless victim‘ and ‘purchasing alcohol for someone under the age of 21‘.

However, as is common when police officers are involved, Trooper Andre Peak was allowed to enter an ‘Alford’ plea – which means he admitted the state of Virginia had enough evidence to convict him, but stops short of admitting guilt.

Trooper Andre Peak was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence and a year of supervised probation, and a charge of buying alcohol for a person under 21 was dropped. The plea also prevented the perverted cop from having to register as a sex offender. Peak was a senior trooper in Dickenson County. He was suspended without pay after he was indicted.

Feel free to leave Trooper Peak a message below:

Trooper Andre Peak’s LinkedIn account
Trooper Andre Peak’s Facebook Page
Trooper Andre Peak’s Twitter

As I have previously reported, if you are living with a police officer, like Trooper Andre Peak, you are up to 4x more likely to be physically abused. If you are married to, or living with a cop, please read this article. Additionally, a quick Google search revealed dozens of articles of cops being arrested after raping unconscious women. Though I don’t have the scientific evidence to back up my opinion, I would dare to guess that cops like Trooper Peak can only have sex with a woman, when they are passed out and unable to say no.

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Different Styles Of CopBlocking

This article was submitted VIA the SUBMIT tab by a contributor at Lehigh Valley Copblock.

Copblock (n) – The idea that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights

Copblock-ing (v) – To spread the message of BDGER through the filming of police, call floods of wrongful departments, and ensuring our constitutional rights are not violated.

Copblocking isn’t an exact science. There’s no right or wrong way to do it—I take that back. If you destroy property, inflict harm upon someone, or violate a person’s rights while doing so, that is wrong. So don’t do any of the above.

Anyhow, as I was saying, there are many different styles and ways to deal with police while filming them. I’ve analyzed the habits of three active members of the Copblock network. Each of them have a different tactic they tend to utilize in their copblocking efforts.

Let’s start with Severin Freeman of Lehigh Valley Copblock. His tactic is to verbally assert himself by reciting the case law which apply to the given situation. He tends to allow the officer’s attitude determine the path an interaction takes. If an officer treats him with respect, Severin will be respectful in response. However, when an officer is aggressive right off the bat, Severin won’t hesitate to bite back verbally. He knows his rights & recites each one as he invokes it. If he sees an officer violating a state protocol, he will find the state code number & recite it right back to the officers.

Next up, JP Freeman of Keene Copblock. JP’s tactic is to assert his dominance over officers & put them in their place as his public servants. He has a military background and doesn’t take shit from anybody. He uses his freedom of speech often and to the officer’s faces. JP will make sure they know he views them as cowards, cry-babies, or hacks when applicable. He isn’t afraid to get in their faces with his camera either. You can see him in action below.

And finally, Ademo Freeman, co-founder of itself. Ademo’s tactic is quite simple: He answers officer questions with more questions – flipping the tables during interrogation. He gets officers to reveal information they were withholding and admit the actual reasons they’re questioning him.

There are plenty of other tactics you can use while copblocking: remaining silent, staying back to film others in action, etc. I encourage you to find your own style and see what works best for you.

Learn MoreLearn More

CopBlock Information, Tips, Tactics, Gear, Graphics and more; click graphic

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Over 150 killed in Paris massive Islamic terrorist attack

Muslim terrorists opened fire in multiple Paris locations on Friday evening, resulting in several casualties. Explosions were also heard nearby. Over 150 people have been killed, according to French authorities.

Attacks occurred in at least seven locations, including the Les Halles shopping mall, the Louvre, the football stadium, and the Bataclan concert hall, where hostages were taken.

Two explosions were heard near a Paris stadium during the France-Germany football match which may have been caused by grenades. French President Francois Hollande was in the Stade de France at the time of the explosions and was rushed to a secure location.

City officials also shut down the city’s metro.

The explosion was loud enough to be heard over the cheers of the stadium crowd.

Initial reports indicated that at least four were dead when a man armed with a Kalashnikov entered a restaurant near Place de la Republique. The situation quicklky escalated from there.

A separate incident also occurred in a nearby bar known as the Bataclan, a theater where the band Eagles of Death Metal were scheduled to play. French authorities evacuated bars and restaurants in the area, where terrorist held roughly 100 people hostage inside the concert hall. After a standoff with police, authorities estimate that as many as 118 may be dead, as well three Middle Eastern terrorists.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that some hostages have escaped and described pools of blood as attackers used pump-action shotguns against the crowd. Witnesses say there are between 6 and 8 attackers inside Bataclan who are searching for anyone hiding inside the building. Attackers are also reportedly exchanging gunfire with police, opening fire as law enforcement tried to enter the theater.

Witnesses say that one of the gunman screamed “It’s for Syria” and “Allahu Akbar,” according to French media.

Supporters of the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group have also begun a hashtag which translates to “Paris is burning” in Arabic.

Bataclan is mere blocks from the offices of Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked by Muslim gunmen in January.

“There were two really loud bangs and they were enormous,” one witness told the Telegraph. “I thought it was coming from inside the stadium but someone told me later that they were grenades thrown outside at a restaurant.”

President Hollande met with top officials in the Interior Ministry following the explosions.

The White House says that President Obama has been updated on the situation, and both British Prime Minister David Cameron and British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have expressed their shock and concern. The NYPD has added extra security around the French consulate in New York.

The incident comes amid heightened security measures implemented by the French government in preparation of a major global climate conference to be held in the coming weeks.


Over 150 killed in Paris massive Islamic terrorist attack, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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America’s universities have become totalitarian gulags run by racist lunatics and extortionists






(NaturalNews) America’s universities have become totalitarian gulags filled with fascist students who don’t even realize they’re fascists. They have become a mockery of themselves, demanding “tolerance” while openly shoving, threatening and condemning others in the most intolerant way possible.

They demand “justice” yet they’ve become extortion operatives who are now increasingly making ridiculous monetary demands from universities they attend.

They claim to be “victims” of racism, yet time and time again, nearly all the claimed racism events they tout as proof of racism turn out to have been fabricated by the students themselves.

They claim to be attending universities to achieve an “education,” but their classes largely consist of indoctrination programming that merely reinforces their twisted views on reality while teaching no actual knowledge or practical job skills.

Above all, these college students still don’t realize just how ridiculous and idiotic they appear to everyone else. They behave like little children screaming for mommy and daddy to protect their “safe spaces” from the horrific exposure to “mean words” that they don’t like.

Underlying all this insanity is a very real racist agenda to destroy white lives, evict white students from “safe space” events, to eliminate white faculty and to reduce admissions for white students. At every level, the college insanity now infecting America has become a racist, fascist PURGE.

Here are three articles from across the independent media that you need to read to fully understand the idiotic, fascist movement invading America’s college campuses right now.

From Ben Shapiro at Mizzou Misérable: Here’s What These Fascist Student Protesters Are Actually Demanding

They came wearing Uggs.

The incipient fascists of the campuses are on the march from University of Missouri to Amherst College to Smith College to Claremont McKenna College. Their communist allies are on the march at universities across America, demanding that others pay for their tuition. If this is America’s future, as Ronald Reagan once told student protesters, I’ll sell my bonds.

The kiddie Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is in full swing. One the one hand, we’ve got the Pantywaist Fascists too timid to handle “microaggressions” but just aggressive enough to call the cops for hurt feelings, the racists who ban white students from their “safe spaces,” and their weak-kneed allies calling for “muscle” against reporters. On the other, we’ve got the intellectual flotsam of the Occupy Wall Street movement, insisting that the one-percenters at the banks that grant loans now hand that money over for free so that they can use it for their vital degree in gender studies and their concentration in lesbian dance theory.

What does this alliance of radicals fight for? Let’s take a look at their program…

From Robert Oscar Lopez at the American Thinker: Universities Have Become Totalitarian Gulags:

The modern American university has become a taxpayer-subsidized left-wing gulag. In it, dissenters such as myself can be subjected to Stalinist show trials, spied on, and threatened with loss of livelihood for espousing dangerous ideas or associating with political pariahs. If Republicans continue to moan about “liberal bias” and “losing the culture wars” without mustering the courage to do something about it – à la Ben Carson’s stoppage of funding or Glenn Reynolds’s abolition of aristocratic loopholes for Ivy League tithing – then the whole notion of higher education is going to be lost.

I have glimpsed the future that awaits the whole country if the Equality Act is passed. My university – which I have nicknamed Gaslight University – has charged me with “discrimination” against gays and women. I suggest that you check out the article by Peter Fricke (or this one or this one or this one or this one or this one). If moved, you are always free to sign the online petition posted by a British academic or the online petition posted by Ruth Institute president Jennifer Roback Morse.

Everything you’ve heard recently about universities shredding the Constitution is unfortunately true…

From Blake Neff at Amherst Activists Demand Reeducation For Students Who Celebrated Free Speech:

A group of protesters at Amherst College in Massachusetts has released a set of demands that include punishing students who produced a poster celebrating free speech by subjecting them to reeducation for the sake of “racial and cultural competency.”

In response to ongoing protests at the University of Missouri, which saw an attack on journalists Monday trying to cover the event, some students at Amherst this week put up small posters on campus. The posters read “In memoriam of the true victim of the Missouri protests: Free Speech (1776-2015),” and included a short “eulogy” which reads as follows:

Who is constrained by the invisible barriers of our generation’s safe spaces.

Censored for the open forum of non-conflicting opinions.

Trod upon to build a community of comfort.

And violently persecuted for a safer, less vitriolic world.

Let us honor the life of the first amendment, and the heroes that it protected:

Journalists, Educators, Philosophers, and Free Thinkers everywhere.

The poster never mentions race, and ends with a short quip “If you want to protest this sign, feel free. Because that’s why the First Amendment exists.”

But Amherst activists want to do far more than protest. They want the people responsible for the poster punished, along with those responsible for producing signs which said “All Lives Matter.” A coalition of more than 50 campus groups held a “sit-in” Thursday night, which led to them producing a lengthy list of demands that includes punishing anybody who made the signs…

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VIDEO: Million Student March leader fails Economics 101… can’t explain how nation might pay for all student tuition and debt… economic illiteracy on exhibit






(NaturalNews) In what has to be the most entertaining yet instructive video of the year, Neil Cavuto interviews Keely Mullen, the national organizer for the Million Student March, about how she thinks the nation should pay for the free tuition and nationwide bailout of all student debt currently being demanded by hordes of racist, crazed student mobs all across America.

Her pathetic, bumbling attempts at answering this fundamental question of “who pays for all this?” tells you everything you need to know about today’s idiotic college students:

• They are economically illiterate and have truly zero understanding of where money comes from (which is why they keep demanding more of it) or what things actually cost.

• They believe the national income tax rate should be 90%! And they have no problem with this, thinking it’s all part of “social justice” whereby those who work hard and earn more are looted to redistribute their earnings to the pathetic “victim class” of crybullies and social justice warriors. Their slogan should really be, “Bleed the rich!” where “rich” means anyone who isn’t living on government entitlements.

• They ridiculously think the so-called “one percent” are comprised solely of billionaires who have endless bags full of money just lying around being wasted because it’s not being put to use somewhere. They apparently have no grasp of the reality that the one percent are people who work hard in small businesses, too, creating the very jobs that might one day hire college graduates (if they weren’t so incredibly stupid, that is).

• They also believe this “one percent” are “hoarding the wealth” and depriving that money from being relinquished to college students. Wow. Yeah, seriously. If only these wealth hoarders wouldn’t hoard so much, we’re being told, students wouldn’t have student debt and “equality” would finally be achieved at long last!

• Today’s college student leaders apparently talk and think like low-grade high schoolers. They demonstrate no intelligence or critical thinking skills whatsoever. This particular student leader was dumbfounded when Neil Cavuto asked how she would be able to keep taxing the rich when those people just decided to LEAVE. She paused for a moment, then asked, “Leave?” Cavuto responded, “The country!” (And somehow refrained from adding, “You freaking moron” onto the end of his statement.) In response to this statement, Mullen ridiculously answers that “America will always have a one percent.” Huh? Not if they leave, honey.

She goes on to say, “There is a global catastrophe of, like, a complete defunding of social services…” to which Cavuto answers, “Because they ran out of money.” The very idea that nations could run out of money seems entirely alien to Mullen. It is abundantly clear from the video that she has absolutely no clue where money comes from. Like nearly all radical leftists, Mullen is economically illiterate and wholly incapable of doing the math.

As the final icing on the cake of this delicious dessert of economic illiteracy served chilled, when Neil Cavuto asks her whether making college tuition FREE would result in colleges and universities hiking tuition rates to price gouge the system and exploit the free tuition for massive profits, here is Mullen’s ridiculous answer, word for word:

“Well, I mean, ideally if we have a big enough mass movement of people in the streets, we can actually prevent things like that from happening.”

HUH? Perhaps this girl’s name should be changed to Keely “Does Not Compute” Mullen. She has no clue what Neil Cavuto is even talking about. In her world, everything is accomplished solely by people marching in the streets.

It is no coincidence, of course, that she’s a leading organizer of all the clueless, economically illiterate people who are marching in the streets right now.

Watch and be amazed:

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Events at Mizzou demonstrate the extraordinary benefits of ‘minority privilege’






(NaturalNews) If you’ve been paying even cursory attention to all of the racially motivated civil unrest unfolding at various academic and public venues across the country, you’re likely to have heard the phrase “white privilege.” Left-wing racialist activists who recently invented the notion out of whole cloth are attempting to convince as many Americans as possible that, after five decades and hundreds of statutes, “white institutional racism” still exists in the United States, the most diverse first-world nation on the planet, and that white people, in this day and age, are still reaping societal benefits that are simply not conveyed upon people of color. Ben Shapiro over at Breitbart News devoted an entire column to it recently.

As you might imagine, this notion of white privilege is incredibly insulting to most white people, the vast majority of whom are not the racist, bigoted, homophobic, low-IQ Neanderthals that the radical Left portrays us to be (Full disclosure: I’m a straight white guy with a Master’s degree, but to these radicals, I’m all of the above). But the charge has been made, and so it must be addressed.

Let me make another admission. I went at this piece with a preconception; that is, I’m not a racist and I’m not particularly advantaged in my daily life, what with having to get up every morning and go to a job (which, admittedly, I love), because I’m not independently wealthy and have to earn a living, so I just accepted that most other white people I know who do the same thing every day have similarly not experienced much “privilege.” And after researching this issue, here’s what I’ve discovered: There certainly is ethnically based “privilege” in America, but whites are not the ones receiving it; minorities are.

You likely won’t hear this opinion much, especially in polite company, but it’s the truth. Consider:

The last time elections were held in my part of the country, I had to produce a photo ID before I could cast my ballot. But to the radical Left, this is considered “racist.” The solution: Minorities should not be forced to show an ID to vote, but everyone else (white people) should have to comply.

I am expected to obey the laws of our land, unless of course I’m smoking dope in Colorado or Washington State – a violation of federal drug statutes that is practiced by minorities, too (so no “white privilege” there). On the other hand, were I Hispanic and in the U.S. illegally, there is a plethora of American cities that would specifically shield me from arrest and deportation. Heck, were I a minority who used to be the top cop in a major sanctuary city and supported such policies, I might even have a shot at becoming President Obama’s Border Patrol chief. How’s that for “privilege”?

As a white guy I would never get the benefit of the doubt from the mainstream media, if I were involved in something “controversial.” But were I a minority, I sure would (see here, here, here and here).

If I were a white student at, say, a high school in Houston, I wouldn’t get to attend a “unity” meeting to ensure that I was “okay” and “not being ignored” – only if I were a student of color.

Speaking of universities, where so much of the Left’s irrational racial “anger” is currently focused, as a white student I would have an opportunity to apply to the college of my choice. But if I were a minority, I could get special attention and even be admitted over a better qualified white student, and all with the blessing of the U.S. Supreme Court and federal law.

And when it comes to employment, as a white male I have an opportunity to apply for any job I want – but I might not have the ability to actually land one. That’s because in the United States, many employers are expected and even required to hire a certain number of minorities, even if they are nowhere nearly as qualified as a white applicant. That is especially true in Washington, D.C., just about the only left-leaning part of the country where job opportunities are aplenty – and if you’re a minority in the Age of Obama, then all the better for you.

Indeed, in every segment of society, whites are essentially forbidden (by the PC Police) from forming their own organizations, fraternities, media companies and businesses, but minorities are free to do so and even encouraged. This is the case in Congress, where there is a Congressional Black Caucus and a Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus but no “White Caucus”; in the media there is Black Entertainment Television and race-specific monthly magazines like Ebony; there are black-only college fraternities on many campuses that feature and require courses in black studies.

There is even privilege when it comes to crime. Blacks can target whites and knock them out on the street without facing federal “hate crimes” charges, but when the victim is black and the perpetrator is white, Obama’s Justice Department springs into action.

So, is there such a thing as “white privilege”? Or is it just a made-up concept employed by radical Left-wing racialists to gin up unrest and carve out even more special treatment for “aggrieved” persons of color?

I think you know the answer.


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Prepping ‘godfather’ James W. Rawles joins The Common Sense Show to reveal America’s future on






(NaturalNews) Dave Hodges and Jim White will interview author and prepper extraordinaire James Wesley Rawles as a guest on The Common Sense Show airing Friday, Nov. 13, at 9:00 p.m. EST.

Rawles is the author of the wildly popular Patriots book series, and founder of the companion website In his characteristically calm, succinct manner, Rawles again lays out where we came from, where we are now and, more importantly, where we’re headed as a nation.

This will be another spectacular interview with one of the “Godfathers” of prepping and preparedness.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of Constitutional liberties to the subsequent implementation of a police state under centralized, globalist governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

Click here to listen to live right now, and make sure to download archived episodes of The Common Sense Show to listen to at any time for FREE!


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Fukushima in a patch? Cancer industry wants patients to wear radioactive patches as ‘radiotherapy’ treatment






(NaturalNews) Scientists from the University of North Texas have tested out a new radioactive bandage for the treatment of a relatively non-lethal form of skin cancer. The researchers presented the results of the small-scale trial at the 2015 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando in late October.

The patch was tested on 10 mice with squamous cell carcinoma. In three of the rats, the tumors were eradicated. In the other seven, the tumors shrank.

The researchers are promoting the radioactive bandages as a more affordable and convenient skin cancer treatment.

Made with nanotechnology

The bandages are designed specifically for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), one of two types of non-melanoma skin cancers. Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, there are an estimated 700,000 cases of SCC diagnosed in the United States each year. According to the foundation, this number has increased by 200 percent in the past 30 years.

Yet in contrast with melanoma — one of the most lethal cancers — SCC is relatively non-lethal. In 2012, SCC caused between 3,900 and 8,800 deaths.

SCC is typically treated with surgery, followed by radiation to eliminate any residual traces of the tumor. Radiation is also used as a first-line treatment for inoperable SCC tumors. Currently, this radiation therapy must take place with large, specialized equipment and facilities.

The new bandage is designed for inoperable tumors or for tumors that could not be fully removed using surgery. It was created using a method called electrospinning, which uses an electrical charged to turn a liquid into thin fibers. In this case, the fibers were later made into a bandage. The liquid is a polymer containing nanoparticles of inactivated Holmium-166.

Just prior to treatment, the Holmium-166 is activated and becomes radioactive.

Further research needed

The researchers tested the bandage on 10 mice with SCC. Mice wore the bandages for one hour, then were monitored for the next 15 days. At the end of that time, three of the mice were tumor free, while the others had smaller tumors compared with a control group.

A major advantage of the treatment, the researchers said, is exposing less of the body to radiation.

“Radiation has a tendency to be a systemic, yet aggressive treatment for patients,” researcher Anthony Di Pasqua said.

“These bandages can be individually tailored for easy application on tumor lesions of all shapes and sizes, and manufactured on a large scale,” researcher Bhuvaneswari Koneru said.

Because the study was so small, however, further studies will be needed to replicated it. The researchers also need to confirm that the treatment would actually work on larger animals, and at what dose.

How to prevent skin cancer

Far better than having to treat SCC, of course, is preventing it in the first place. Nearly all cases of SCC are caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or tanning lamps.

But what about vitamin D? Fortunately, you can get enough vitamin D for healthy bones and to reduce your risk of a wide variety of cancers without increasing your skin cancer risk. Your body can synthesize all the vitamin D it needs if you expose your bare face and hands to the sun once per day for about half the time it takes for your skin to start burning. This amount should not increase the risk of skin cancer.

The actual amount of time needed to get enough vitamin D varies by person, location, time of day and time of year. The farther from the equator you are and the darker your skin is, the more time you need. Outside of the tropics, it takes more time to get enough vitamin D in the winter.

Sources for this article include:

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Paris under siege: Terrorists bomb rock venue, soccer stadium, commit simultaneous multiple shootings, over 148 dead

110showShepard Ambellas, born in 1977, is an activist, journalist, filmmaker, film producer, radio talk show host, and the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Established in 2013, is ranked in the upper 1% traffic tier on the World Wide Web. For media inquires, interviews, questions or suggestions for this author, email:

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