Subversive Jews Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner flame the destruction of righteous apartheid policies in the state of Mississipi

Subversive Jews Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner flame the destruction of righteous apartheid policies in the state of Mississipi


The Jews will of course use any evil machination they can to undermine and subvert the decent established social mores in a Christian Gentile society; so that they can set up their ideal antichristian monetary world under Israel’s biblical end-time antichrist. One of the more notable in America has been their militant endorsement of the so-called “Civil Rights Movement”, which has effectively let the base niggers in the country loose to terrorize decent folk; and to racially dilute and genocide the righteous Christian White people in the country, by encouraging the ordinary nigger to fornicate with and even rape White women when given the opportunity.

Check out these articles that expose the deliberate subversion behind the so-called Civil Rights Movement in America in the 1960s, by Jews who at the same time disingenuously endorsed Jewish apartheid policies in the wealthy Jews’ gated communities in America and in the emerging militantly antichristian Talmudic state of Israel.

Subversive Jews Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner behind the niggers who provided the initial impetus for the so-called "Civil Rights Movement"

Subversive Jews Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner behind the niggers who provided the initial impetus for the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” in America

The Jew Andrew Goodman was one of three American civil rights activists killed near Philadelphia, Mississippi, during Freedom Summer in 1964 by members of the Ku Klux Klan. Andrew Goodman was born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City, at 161 West 86 Street, the middle of three sons of Robert and Carolyn Goodman, of Jewish heritage. His family and community were steeped in intellectual and socially progressive activism and were “devoted to social justice”. An “activist” at an early age, [like a lot of subversive Jews in America trying to use “affirmative action” and so-called “liberalism” and communism to overthrown their White Christian European enemies] the Jew Goodman graduated from the “progressive” Walden School; Walden was said to have had a strongly formative influence on his outlook. He attended the Honors Program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for a semester but withdrew after falling ill with pneumonia.

Notice how the Jew changed his name to "Goodman" to make the gullible think he was the good guy and so he could operate more easily as a subversive criminal in a righteous Christian Gentile host nation

Notice how the Jew changed his name to “Goodman” to make the gullible think he was the good guy and so he could operate more easily as a subversive criminal in a righteous Christian Gentile host nation

The Jew Goodman enrolled at Queens College, New York City, where he was a friend and classmate of the Jew Paul Simon. With his brief experience as an off-Broadway actor, he originally planned to study drama, but switched to anthropology. Goodman’s growing interest in anthropology seemed to parallel his increasing political seriousness.

Base niggers hanged, burned and shot by righteous indignant White Christian Americans in the KKK in the 1960s, after the Jews' agenda of flaming the so-called "Civil Rights Movement" had reached "critical mass" in the state of Mississippi

Base niggers hanged, burned and shot by righteous indignant White Christian Americans in the KKK in the 1960s, after the Jews’ agenda of flaming the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” had reached “critical mass” in the state of Mississippi

Civil rights activism

In 1964, the Jew Goodman volunteered along with fellow Jewish activist Mickey Schwerner to work on the “Freedom Summer” project of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to register blacks to vote in Mississippi. Having protested U.S. President Lyndon Johnson’s presence at the opening of that year’s World’s Fair, Goodman left New York to train and develop civil rights strategies at Western College for Women (now part of Miami University) in Oxford, Ohio. In mid-June, Goodman joined Schwerner in Meridian, Mississippi, where the latter was designated head of the field office. They worked on registering blacks in rural areas to vote.

The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission was strongly opposed to integration and civil rights. It paid spies to identify citizens suspected of activism, especially northerners who entered the state. The Jew Schwerner had been working closely with an assistant James Chaney, also a civil rights activist in Meridian. On the morning of June 21, 1964, the three men set out for Philadelphia, Neshoba County, where they were to investigate the recent burning of Mount Zion Methodist Church, a black church that had agreed to be a site for a Religion School for education and voter registration.


The Jew Michael Schwerner

The Jew Michael Henry Schwerner (November 6, 1939 – June 21, 1964), was one of three Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) field workers killed in Philadelphia, Mississippi, by the Ku Klux Klan in response to their civil rights work, which included promoting voting registration among Mississippi African Americans.

Born and raised in a house of Jewish heritage, Schwerner attended Pelham Memorial High School in Pelham, New York. He was called Mickey by friends. His mother was a science teacher at New Rochelle High School and his father was a businessman. Schwerner attended Michigan State University, originally intending to become a veterinarian. He transferred to Cornell University, and switched his major to sociology. While an undergraduate at Cornell, he integrated the school’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. He entered graduate school at the School of Social Work at Columbia University.

As a Jewish boy, Schwerner befriended Robert Reich, later US Secretary of Labor, and served as his protector against bullies.

Civil rights activism

He later led a local Congress of Racial Equality group on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, called “Downtown CORE,” and participated in a 1963 effort to desegregate Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Maryland. The situation in the South led Schwerner and his wife Rita to volunteer to work for National CORE in Mississippi, under the tutelage of Dave Dennis, Mississippi Director of CORE. Bob Moses assigned the Schwerners to organize the community center and activities in Meridian, making Schwerner the first white to be posted permanently outside Jackson.

Civil rights activists were under suspicion in Mississippi, especially those from the North. Spies paid by the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission kept track of all northerners and activists. The records opened by court order in 1998 also revealed the state’s deep complicity in the murders of three civil rights workers at Philadelphia, Mississippi, because its investigator A.L. Hopkins passed on information about the workers, including the car license number of a new civil rights worker, to the commission. Records showed the commission passed the information on to the Sheriff of Neshoba County, who was implicated in the murders.

Schwerner had been targeted by the Ku Klux Klan after he and his wife, Rita, had taken over a field office in Meridian, Mississippi. There they established a community center for blacks. Schwerner tried to establish contact with white working class citizens of Meridian, and went door-to-door to speak with them. He also organized a black boycott of a popular variety store until it hired its first African American.

Jews in the Civil Rights Movement … Nowhere did Jews identify themselves more forth­rightly with the liberal avant-garde than in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s …




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Is that a Uniformed Cop Stealing an $8,000 Watch on Video? Yes…Yes it is

Is that a Uniformed Cop Stealing an $8,000 Watch on Video? Yes…Yes it is

Kevin Burgs of the Pembroke Pines Police department was one of several police officers responding to a call at a local jewelry store which had just been robbed.

Being the good Samaritan that Burgs pretends to be, he did not want this jewelry store owner to be hurt by the potentially deadly watch, so he confiscated it; ‘took one for the team’ as they say.

Now Burgs would be tasked with the hardship of carrying around this burdensome watch.

What a truly great man….Or is he just a common thief? “I’ll take common thief for $200 Alex.”

WSVN-TV – 7NEWS Miami Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Deco

According to WSVN 7 News, that morning suspects had come through the store’s ceiling in the Pembroke Lakes Square shopping center and stole an estimated $75,000 worth of jewelry, according to investigators. The men fled the scene before police arrived.

According to the Pembroke Pines Police Department, Burgs was captured on surveillance video carrying a ladder around the store. On another surveillance, two watches are seen on the floor. Burgs is seen putting down the ladder to pick up his gun. As he picks up the gun and leaves the store, only one watch remains.

Investigators said they found the nearly $8,000 watch inside Burgs police cruiser.

Burgs has been charged with grand theft.

Amazingly enough, he has pleaded not guilty; maybe he really think he was doing the jewelry store owner a service by taking this watch.




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Do the “elite,” the wealthy and/or famous, know something the rest of the us don’t about what is coming and how bad it will be?




Consider this before watching the video below……. the wealthy did not become weathy or maintain that wealth by throwing away their money, yet in a newly released report from CBS New York, we see that they are spending up to 50,000 per adult and 35,000 per child under 16, on reserving space in luxury survival bunkers, which include classrooms, swimming pools, gyms, dog runs, state-of-the-art movie theaters, etc…


Private bunkers and community bunkers are available, but the interesting thing about the community luxury survival bunkers is they are reserving space for doctors, dentists and ex-military, with a years worth of food, medical supplies and more, all 65 feet underground, reinforced with steel and concrete.



They are preparing for the worst, according to the report, whether it is a terrorist attack, natural disaster or anything that would force the populace underground to survive for at least a year.







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ALERT: U.S. Troops Deployed To Europe In response to Russian ‘Aggression’ in Ukraine

ALERT: U.S. Troops Deployed To Europe In response to Russian ‘Aggression’ in Ukraine

April 23, 2014 – The Pentagon has deployed 600 American soldiers to Europe for infantry training exercises in response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.


The move marks the most aggressive show of U.S. force since Russia’s presence in Ukraine began. American troops will be placed in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“I think if there’s a message to Moscow, it is that we take our obligations very, very seriously on the continent of Europe,” said Admiral John Kirby, Pentagon spokesman.

The deployments were announced just hours after Vice President Joe Biden, who was in Ukraine, issued a stern warning to Putin.

“We have been clear that more provocative behavior by Russia will lead to more costs and to greater isolation,” Biden said.

Biden said time is running out for Russia to move its tens of thousands of forces from Ukraine’s eastern border and its supporters out of government buildings.

The United States also wants to know the fate of an American journalist Simon Ostovksy with VICE news. Ostovsky was reporting from Ukraine before he was arrested by unidentified people in uniform in Eastern Ukraine.

American troops moving in for exercises will be in Europe until the end of the year.





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F-35 fails stealth test: Report says JSF vulnerable to tracking by Russia, China

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WASHINGTON — The Joint Strike Fighter, plagued by technical flaws and budget overruns, has now failed in achieving stealth capability.

A leading U.S. aerospace analyst said China and Russia were capable of detecting and tracking the F-35 fighter-jet.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Bill Sweetman, a senior editor at Aviation Week, asserted that the Defense Department decided to reduce JSF’s stealth capability through underestimating the radar capabilities of U.S. adversaries.

“The F-35 is susceptible to detection by radars operating in the VHF bands of the spectrum,” Sweetman said. “The fighter’s jamming is mostly confined to the X-band, in the sector covered by its APG-81 radar. These are not criticisms of the program but the result of choices by the customer, the Pentagon.”

In an analysis that appeared in Aviation Week and the Daily Beast on April 28, Sweetman said the F-35 was also not “particularly good at jamming enemy radar.” He said the Pentagon would be forced to deploy special electronic warfare aircraft to protect JSF.

Lockheed Martin had long touted JSF as a stealth aircraft. But Sweetman said JSF was given an expendable radar decoy to disrupt a missile attack rather than to prevent tracking.

Israel and Turkey have been the only two Middle East states that agreed
to procure JSF. Israel became the first non-U.S. client of JSF, with plans
to operate 19 F-35s by the end of the decade.

Sweetman said the Pentagon long knew that VHF radar could detect JSF. He
said the F-35s stabilizers and wingtips were the same meter-class size as
VHF waves.

“Making a plane VHF-stealthy starts with removing the target’s tails, as
on the B-2 bombers,” Sweetman said. “But we did not know how to do that on a
supersonic, agile airplane — like the F-35 is supposed to be — when the
JSF specifications were written.”

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Israel’s military launches secret, constantly-updatd intel news site for commanders

Special to

TEL AVIV — Israel’s military is said to have established a secret website.

The Israeli media reported that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was operating a closed website called iNet.

9.jpg_waThe website, deemed secret and operated by former members of the intelligence community, was meant to provide information to field commanders and planners.

“We get information online from different regions and sources — Iran, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, etc.,” iNet’s editor chief, who could not be named, said. “Then we try to prioritize what’s interesting and what’s not, what will receive a main headline and for how long.”

The Israeli news agency Ynet reported that iNet was being used by the Israeli military and civilian leadership. Ynet said the secret website, not found in Internet searches, was being constantly updated.

“iNet has all the tools officials need to receive urgent updates including a map covering the entire country that gives instant alerts when an attack takes place and a ticker tape filled with instant updates,” Ynet said.

The secret website was also said to include a forum to debate classified
issues. iNet was said to have been inspired by the U.S. Office of the
National Intelligence Director, which updates the president every day on
security issues.

iNet also contains classified videos and images from Israeli satellites
and radars. Ynet said the website provided information on the location of a
suspected Iranian weapons ship captured in the Red Sea in March 2014.

“In contrast to civilian news sites, we aren’t trying to achieve any
number of visitors,” the editor said. “A main headline with 10 views can
stay up for a whole day. On the other hand, there were many cases in which
we changed the main headline nine times in a shift because of developing

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In first, Egypt joins Gulf states’ military exercise in Bahrain

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ABU DHABI — Egypt has participated in its first Gulf Cooperation Council exercise.

Officials said Egypt has contributed personnel and equipment for the so-called Basic Connectivity Exercise. The exercise began on April 27 in Bahrain.

The GCC's Basic Connectivity Exercise began in Bahrain on April 27.

The GCC’s Basic Connectivity Exercise began in Bahrain on April 27.

“The exercise takes place within the framework of training plans for the Royal Air Force of Bahrain, which includes joint air combat exercises meant to bolster regional security,” the official Bahrain News Agency said.

This marked the first Egyptian participation in a GCC exercise, which began in 1988. Jordan has been a regular participant in Basic Connectivity as well as other GCC maneuvers.

Basic Connectivity, led by the Royal Air Force of Bahrain, was said to contain 12 countries, including Britain, Pakistan, Turkey and the United States. Officials said the exercise was meant to increase communications skills and interoperability within the GCC air forces as well as allied militaries.

Officials said Egypt, with the largest army, has long sought to become a major partner in GCC security. They said Saudi Arabia, the member with the largest military, invited Cairo to become active in Gulf defense in wake of the military coup against President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

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Jordan exports surplus F-16s to Pakistan

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LONDON — Jordan has delivered U.S.-origin fighter-jets to Pakistan.

Pakistan has received the first of 13 F-16A/B multi-role fighters from Jordan.

Pakistani F-16.  /TuAF

Pakistani F-16. /TuAF

Pakistani sources said five aircraft arrived and were deployed by the Pakistan Air Force on April 27.

“This new fighter would increase the capacity of the Air Force,” Pakistan Air Force commander Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt said.

This marked the first delivery of F-16s by Jordan. Over the last 15 years, Jordan has developed an F-16 fleet of more than 60 aircraft, all of them surplus from NATO air forces.

Diplomatic sources said the United States, blocked by Congress, has urged other F-16 operators to export the aircraft to Pakistan. They said potential suppliers included Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.

In his address, Butt said Pakistan was forced to purchase surplus F-16s
because of budget difficulties. He said the fighters, housed at the Air
Force base in Sargodha, were in good condition.

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