One thought on “‎Hitler‬ the ‪NAZI‬ ‪‎Gay‬ ‪‎Jew‬ that loved ‪Scatology‬”

  1. I was enjoying this site after until this post. LOL! Now, I suppose you believe in the Holohoax, or perhaps are yourself Jewish, suffering from one of their countless genetic disorders. Have you heard the latest news? Hitler had a micro-penis! LOL! In reality, Hitler was the Greatest Leader in modern times, barely defeated by the 3 largest most powerful, Jew controlled nations in the World. It is much more reasonable that Hitler was an Avatar sent to battle evil than all the nonsense bullshit that the kikes endlessly profess as fact. Delete this trash or if you prefer to keep it Kosher, sacrifice a young Christian child instead.

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