Judge Joe Brown Calls Jails ‘Slave Warehouses’ After 5 Day Stay

banner buy shiny badgesbanner buy shiny badgesJudge Joe Brown of television fame, who was also an actual judge in the Memphis court system before that, recently found himself on the other side of the law and behind bars.

His five day stint in a Tennessee jail stems from an incident back in March during which he was found to be in contempt of court. While at the Shelby County Criminal Court examining juvenile court proceedings he was approached by a woman for assistance. After agreeing to speak on her behalf, Brown became irate and began to speak in a way that the judges sensibilities did not have the constitution to handle. He was found to be in contempt and recently served his five day sentence for the conviction.

During his brief stay in the jail, Judge Joe Brown began to see the  truth of that institution and immediately spoke out about what he discovered.

“Being inside a jail is like being in the slave warehouse. The problem with being in a jail is not whether you have TV sets, radios or air conditioning. It’s the fact that you’re confined against your liberty.”

“It’s no longer concerned so much with controlling crime as it is dealing with those people who are surplus labor. In other words, this country hasn’t paid enough attention to making sure everybody has a job. They get the first felony so you can’t vote anymore in life and you no longer can get a job, so there’s a lot of money to be made by locking people up.”

Brown also began speaking about plans for a new show, tentatively titled ‘True Verdict’, which is still just in the early planning stages.

“But we aren’t doing anything about correcting this problem, and I think it’s time that we develop a national and local leadership that’s committed to doing something about it, which will be, amongst other things, one of the points and topics that will be looked at [on the new show].”

While Brown is correct that jails are nothing more than slave labor camps, what he is still not getting is that every nation on earth is a slave labor camp ran by Uncle Tom governments on behalf of the wealthiest and most economically powerful. Jails are merely a more obvious form inside the larger one, just like solitary confinement is a more obvious form of jails right inside the larger jail. There is nothing that national leadership can do about the problem. Their existence is the source of the problem.

Just as the mega powerful and rich are a really obvious form of tyranny, those who do their bidding are just as complicit. The entire system is beyond any reform or repair. Judge Joe Brown, like many other people, is beginning to see the problems. Yet he, like many others, are still somehow convinced they can solve the problem by throwing new people in the gears. Those who get in the gears either learn how to roll with the machine or get gnashed up in its teeth. That machine, that system, is itself a recipe for the dish we are in.

As Pete reminded us the other day, you cannot hold the system accountable. The state system itself never has the same problems it creates for individuals, it benefits from them, so accountability is not even a possibility. For the state and all of its employees, especially police, there is no problem. It is running smoothly. And the better it runs, the more fucked we are.

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Investigation: Colorado Cop Who Slammed Teen’s Face Into Concrete used Excessive Force

Face Slam Colorado Springs Police

Face Slam Colorado Springs PoliceA couple months ago, Dylan Donnelly reported on an incident in which a Colorado Springs police officer was accused in a lawsuit of using excessive force for smashing an (at the time) 18 year old girl’s face into the concrete floor while her hands were handcuffed behind her back. The 2013 incident, at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, was captured on video and clearly showed  Officer Tyler Walker slamming Alexis Acker to the ground face first while she is unable to defend herself or break her fall, due to her hands being restrained behind her.

According to Dylan’s previous post:

…she suffered a concussion and two broken teeth; also injuries to her face, head, and jaw that have had long-term health consequences including migraine headaches, closed head injuries, memory and cognitive function problems, and post traumatic stress disorder.

In light of that and with the video available, it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out that excessive force was used by Officer Walker against Acker. And apparently, it wasn’t because it was announced today that an investigation by the Colorado Springs Police Department concluded excessive force was, in fact, used and that Walker was disciplined, although how exactly is not disclosed They did, however, state that he wasn’t fired as a result of causing major facial injuries to a small, young woman, who was unable to defend or protect herself at the time.

According to KKTV11 News (emphasis added):

Police released the following statement today:

“The following statement is being released at the request of Chief Carey.
The internal investigation regarding Officer Tyler Walker has been completed. The allegation of Treatment of Offenders-Force 1650.56 has been sustained and discipline was imposed. Due to pending civil litigation Colorado Springs Police Department is unable to provide further comment or details.
Officer Walker is still employed by the Colorado Springs Police Department.”

Police are not saying what disciplinary action Walker faced.

So, Officer Tyler Walker will still be out there walking (or driving) the streets of Colorado Springs, CO looking for an opportunity to slam someone’s face into the concrete. I don’t doubt that his wrist is pretty sore from the slap they surely gave him on it, though.


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We Already Know That Police Lives Matter (More)

copslivescopslivesThis post was submitted by George MacGregor, the founder of Yuba-Sutter CopBlock, via the CobBlock.org submissions page.

Along with his submission, George states:

I recently founded Yuba-Sutter CopBlock. I have only just started CopBlocking, and have recorded police on a couple of occasions. (I’m planning on doing much more in the future.) This is just an opinion piece that I felt compelled to write after someone posted this picture on my personal Facebook wall.



What a ridiculous statement. Police Lives Matter. Of course they do. How do we know? We are constantly told and shown that cop’s lives matter more than any other life. We see it in the news whenever a cop is killed.

Don’t take my word for it. Let’s just take a few examples from recent history:

When a cop gets killed, no amount of manpower or resources are too much. No effort or money is spared. They will continue unrelenting for weeks or even months, until the cop killer is caught or killed. Other crimes, or need for help, that comes from mere mortal citizens during this time, are often ignored or delayed for the more important task of catching the person that dared harm someone from their gang.

Another great  place on the internet to show your CopBlock love. Another great  place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.

Another great place on the internet to show your CopBlock love.

They suspend all of our Fourth Amendment rights by putting up road blocks, shutting down streets, or even whole neighborhoods in their relentless search. Nobody else’s rights are allowed during this time. People are ORDERED to stay in their homes, or not allowed to return to their homes. Backyards, outbuildings, and EVEN PEOPLES HOUSES are searched without a warrant and without probable cause.

Three people were shot by police during the search for Christopher Dorner because they were driving pick-up trucks. Not the same color of truck, or even the same manufacturer, just a truck. These three people who shot by police were two women and a skinny white guy. (Christopher Dorner was a large black man, WHO ONCE WAS A COP TOO.)

Got a job to go to? Have a life to live? Children to pick up and drop off? Too bad, the hunt for a cop killer is far more important than any of these things. These extreme measures are not used even for serial killers, only cop killers. When have we ever seen roadblocks and massive manhunts for a shooting in the “hood”? Police believe that all “good” citizens, should freely and willingly give up these petty little constitutional rights for the more important task of catching “bad guys”.

SupportCopblock Square BannerSupportCopblock Square BannerWhen a cop is killed, they are instantly hailed as a hero by the media and police. They will tell you about all the commendations they have received, how many years they “served” the public, and tell you about the wife and kids that were left behind. They don’t tell you about how many complaints were filed against them. They don’t tell you how many excessive force complaints were upheld against them. They don’t tell you if the cop cost the city millions in settlements. They don’t say ANYTHING NEGATIVE about the cop at all.

Now contrast that to a cop shooting an innocent, unarmed person. The police instantly vilify the victim by releasing any and all history with law enforcement. Every petty offense for marijuana or any domestic dispute ever reported is now laid out for everyone to see. The message is clear. The person was obviously a bad person, so it’s OK that they were killed. No award or community achievements are mentioned. No mention that they had a family, or kids, that were left behind.

When a cop gets shot, things happen fast. Police release 911 calls, video of the crime and the person (if available), as well as their name and any other negative information that they can find. They are arrested immediately and put in jail, not to be released even on bail until they can be tried for their crimes.

banner copblock twitterbanner copblock twitterWhen a cop shoots someone, the cops name remains secret, the video remains secret, and it will take up to three years for the police department to investigate themselves. Cops are very rarely held accountable for these killings, and if they are held accountable, the punishment is usually very light, if at all. (a verbal reprimand for killing someone is not much punishment.)

So, yes, we all know that cops lives matter. We are reminded this by the cops themselves on a regular basis. The question then becomes, do black lives matter to cops? Their words say “YES”, but their actions say “NO”. Not that cops don’t think black lives matter, or citizens lives matter, just not as much as a cop’s life. Cops’ actions tell us that it is better that 20 innocent people get killed due to imaginary threats, than one cop killed by a real threat. It doesn’t matter who else gets killed, as long as the cops get to go home at the end of their shift. Police even say publicly that their safety is the number one priority above all else. That’s their safety, not the public’s safety.

A true hero is one who accepts the risk of injury or death to protect an innocent life. A cop on the other hand, holds their own safety above the life of any others. ( i.e., it is better that 20 “suspects” get killed for “reaching for something in their waistband” when there is nothing there, than one cop get killed because he waited to see if there was actually a real threat.) And lets get real about this. If a black man is running from cops, and he is reaching for his waistband, odds are, he isn’t reaching for a gun, HE IS JUST TRYING TO KEEP HIS PANTS UP! It is very difficult to run with your pants around your knees.

When police begin to demonstrate that our lives, and our safety are JUST AS IMPORTANT as cops’ lives or safety, then maybe we will believe the rhetoric that is being spewed from the mouths of the Police Unions.

-George MacGregor


Source Article from http://www.copblock.org/139434/we-know-police-lives-matter-more/

Austria, Germany to allow migrants to enter: Austrian chancellor

ALPBACH, Austria (Reuters) – Austria and Germany have agreed to let migrants in Hungary to cross their borders, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on his Facebook page on Saturday.

“Because of today’s emergency situation on the Hungarian border, Austria and Germany agree in this case to a continuation of the refugees’ journey into their countries,” Faymann said in the post.

(Reporting by Shadia Nasralla, writing by Francois Murphy; editing by G Crosse)

Source Article from http://news.yahoo.com/austria-germany-allow-migrants-enter-austrian-chancellor-001722417.html

SPAIN: Sports Writer Claims ‘Jewish Lobby’ Pressuring Barcelona to Ditch Qatar Sponsorship

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Hillary Clinton email trove shows concern with Netanyahu’s psyche: Zio-Watch, September 4, 2015

Joe Biden

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Vice President Joe Biden said opponents of the Iran nuclear deal were seeking regime change, which could only be achieved through a messy war.

“The only thing that would satisfy deal opponents,” including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “is a change in regime,” Biden said Thursday, addressing Ahavath Achim synagogue in Atlanta.

That could only come with U.S. power, Biden said, which would involve “hundreds of sorties” by combat aircraft.
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This AFP photo shows an Israeli F-15 launching flares during an air show in the Negev desert on June 28, 2012.

The Tel Aviv regime has launched a missile attack on the north of the besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli media say.

According to The Times of Israel, Israeli warplanes targeted a base belonging to the Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas early Thursday morning. Two missiles were reportedly fired in the attack.

There is still no word on the possible casualties of the airstrike which was the second of its kind against Gaza over the past week.

The attack reportedly follows “sniper fire” from the base which hit several houses in the Israeli town of Netiv Haasara, north of the besieged coastal sliver, The Times of Israel claimed, adding that no one was killed or injured in the incident.

Last summer, the Israeli regime launched a brutal attack against Gaza, killing 2,140 Palestinians, including 557 children.

Palestinian children play on a swing near the rubble of buildings destroyed during Israel’s last year offensive on the Gaza Strip, Rafah, July 18, 2015. (AFP)

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Following 2013 survey, Pew researchers expect haredi Jews will shape US Jewry politically and culturally and change the familiar Jewish-American profile known today, noted for its liberal bent.

Tali Farkash

9.04.15, 09:05The rise of Orthodoxy within the American Jewish community is to change the profile of US Jews in several ways, an analysis of a groundbreaking 2013 Pew survey revealed last week.

The Orthodox American Jew is younger, has twice as many children as other Jews, and politically, votes Republican. The Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan US think tank, published in 2013 the most comprehensive survey ever of American Jewry, and its researchers have since been analyzing the data.

The analysis reveals that the Orthodox American Jew differs fundamentally from all other Jews in the United States, starting from his political affiliation (The Haredim and Modern Orthodox mostly vote Republican, in contrast to the traditional Jewish attachment to the Democrats) to differences in education and demographics.

Haredim at a conference in New York on the internet (Photo: AP)
Haredim at a conference in New York on the internet (Photo: AP)

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Spokesman apologizes for Yiddish worksheet, says allegations it’s teaching that non-Jews are evil are ‘nonsense and simply false’

September 2, 2015, 11:13 pm

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London (screen capture: YouTube/Mick Byrne)

A Satmar Hasidic school in a London borough apologized for using the term “goyim” on worksheets following a newspaper report that its preschoolers were being taught that non-Jews are evil.

An article published Tuesday in the Independent newspaper, a major British daily, focused on a worksheet on the Holocaust used by the young students at the Beis Rochel D’Satmar Girls’ School in Hackney, in northeast London, in which Nazis are referred to only with the term for non-Jews that some deem offensive.

The worksheet is in Yiddish, and the newspaper received an independent translation of the worksheet. The first question reads: “What have the evil goyim (non-Jews) done with the synagogues and cheders [Jewish primary schools]?” The answer in the completed worksheet reads “Burned them.”

“The language we used was not in any way intended to cause offense, now this has been brought to our attention, we will endeavor to use more precise language in the future,” a school spokesman told the newspaper.

The spokesman told the London Jewish Chronicle that the term goyim explicitly meant Nazis.
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  • The migrants in Budapest reacted in horror when discovering destination
  • They believed the departing trains’ were taking them to the Austrian border
  • But the trains were instead sending them to the Bicske detention camp

Through the condensation fogging up this oven of a railway carriage, an exhausted, ecstatic face pressed itself to the window yesterday morning.

A man in a pink T-shirt was raising his hand in a Churchillian V for victory as his train finally crawled out of Budapest’s newly reopened Keleti station, bound for the Austrian border.

In the morning queues for loos and standpipes around Hungary’s largest railway terminal, several thousand of the saddest souls on Earth began to dream that they were on the move again after a two-day standstill. But not for long.

By lunchtime, the truth was out and spreading like wildfire through this infernal dump. This train had not been going anywhere near the border with Austria, let alone the longed-for embrace of Germany. It had all been a monstrous hoax. A Hungarian policeman admitted as much with a mirthless snigger the moment it left the station.

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(JTA) — A German politician has backpedaled on remarks comparing Israel’s security fence to the Berlin Wall.

Uwe Kekeritz of the Green Party in remarks made several months ago had said the Berlin Wall, which communist East Germany built in 1961 to keep its citizens from fleeing to the democratic West Germany, “is just a toy” in comparison to the West Bank fence, which he saw on a trip to Israel last year. The remarks gained attention after they were posted last month on YouTube.

The German daily Bild reported last week that Kekeritz said he had only wanted to compare the dimensions of the walls.

“In no way did I intend to minimize the brutality of the Berlin Wall, the suffering of those who tried to cross, and the oppression of the citizens of East Germany,” he said. “It was not my intention to compare the democratic state of Israel with the GDR dictatorship.”
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WASHINGTON (JTA) — The removal of sanctions depends on Iran’s compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers, the White House said.

“We’ve been crystal-clear about the fact that Iran will have to take a variety of serious steps to significantly roll back their nuclear program before any sanctions relief is offered,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday

Earnest was responding to a statement by Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had said that if the sanctions are merely suspended, then Iran’s actions would also be “at the level of suspension and not in a fundamental way.”

Earnest said sanctions relief would not kick in until Iran had complied with every condition in the deal, “from reducing their nuclear uranium stockpile by 98 percent, disconnecting thousands of centrifuges, essentially gutting the core of their heavy-water reactor at Arak, giving the IAEA the information and access they need in order to complete their report about the potential military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.”
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Billionaire businessman puts end to rumors he could run as independent, though loyalty oath not legally binding

September 3, 2015, 10:47 pm

In this Aug. 27, 2015 file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at a rally at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. (AP Photo/Richard Shiro, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Presidential candidate Donald Trump ruled out the prospect of a third-party White House bid Thursday and vowed to support the Republican Party’s nominee — whoever it may be.

The billionaire businessman announced his decision in a raucous news conference at Trump Tower, the gold-hued skyscraper in midtown Manhattan where he launched his surging and front-running campaign for president.

“I have signed the pledge,” Trump said, adding that he intends to win the nomination himself and face whoever the Democrats nominate.

“So, I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party and the conservative principles for which it stands, and we will go out and we will fight hard and we will win,” he said.

Trump’s decision comes weeks after he roiled the race for the GOP nomination when, in response to the first question at the opening debate of the 2016 campaign, he refused to promise to back the party’s nominee if he fell short.
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(JTA) — A Palestinian man who sheltered five American Jews from fire bomb attacks in Hebron said he only did “what needed to be done.”

Faiz Abu Hamdiah, who on Thursday took the five yeshiva students into his home to prevent their lynching, recalled the incident Friday in an interview with Ynet.

“I’m not a hero,” he said. The five students, all tourists, made a wrong turn on their way to Hebron’s Cave of Patriarchs, which is under Israeli control, when their car came under attack on the street in Hebron’s Jabel Juhar neighborhood. Unidentified individuals hurled stones, rocks and fire bombs at their car, which was consumed by flames.

Recognizing a threat to their lives, Abu Hamdiah took them into his home, gave them water, assured them they were safe and called police to request their extraction. Troops arrived 40 minutes later in a hastily-organized extraction operation.
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WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Barack Obama awarded the National Humanities Medal to a Jewish writer who has through fiction and philosophical writings chronicled the transition from Orthodoxy to secularism.

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein was one of ten 2014 medalists who will receive the award in a ceremony on Sept. 10, according to a release Thursday. Another ten National Medal of Arts winners will also be cited at the ceremony.

She has won a number of Jewish book prizes for her work, among them the 2006 Koret Jewish Book Award for her 2006 work, “Betraying Spinoza: The Renegade Jew who Gave Us Modernity.”

The White House release cited her work on Baruch Spinoza, the 17th century Dutch Jewish philosopher who was excommunicated for his writings on secularism. The National Endowment for the Humanities manages the nomination process.
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