Megabank Warns Recent Stock Crash was Only an “Appetizer” to “Main Course” of a Major Crash



“The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”
~Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, after the passage of the Federal Reserve act 1913.

As Morgan Stanley rakes in record-breaking billion dollar profits, their outlook on the rest of the market is bleak and according to the megabank, the recent crash in the stock market was just a taste of things to come.

“Appetizer, not the main course,” is how the bank’s strategists led by London-based Andrew Sheets described the correction of late January to early February. Although higher bond yields proved tough for equity investors to digest, the key metric of inflation-adjusted yields didn’t break out of their range for the past five years, they said in a note Monday, according to Bloomberg.

“Our cycle models suggest that [developed markets] remain in the late stages of a late-cycle environment,” said Sheets. “Rising equities, rising inflation, tightening policy, higher commodity prices and higher volatility are (in our view) a pretty normal pattern if that view is correct.”

Earlier this month, a series of market corrections sent stocks down 10% in a single day for the first time in two years. Although it was brief, the correction, according to Morgan Stanley is just the beginning. And, the megabank is not alone in their assessment.

With the market stable for now and the Dow having recouped about half of its recent losses despite Tuesday’s 255-point slide, it’s time to plan for the next scary plunge, USA Today reported.

“People should take this as a reminder of how markets behave,” says Brad Bernstein, senior vice president of wealth management at UBS Financial in Philadelphia, referring to the 10% drop that stung investors during nine worrisome days. “They have been spoiled by a long period of low volatility and no market corrections.”

To top off the ominous warning from the bankers, the president of the Federal Reserve in Texas has sounded panic this week over the level of US debt.

As ZeroHedge reports:

Nearly a decade after the US unleashed its biggest debt-issuance binge in history, doubling the US debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion under president Obama, which was only made possible thanks to the Fed’s monetization of $4 trillion in deficits (and debt issuance), the Fed is starting to get nervous about the (un)sustainability of the US debt.

The Federal Reserve should continue to raise U.S. interest rates this year in response to faster economic growth fueled by recent tax cuts as well as a stronger global economy, Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Robert Kaplan said on Wednesday.

“While addressing this issue involves difficult political considerations and policy choices, the U.S. may need to more actively consider policy actions that would moderate the path of projected U.S. government debt growth,” Kaplan said.

Ironically enough, the Federal Reserve has said very little over the last decade as the federal debt skyrocketed by $10 trillion. Indeed, under Trump’s new budget, the debt is on track to increase another $10 trillion in the next decade.

What’s more, as these elite money changers funnel the wealth upward from the masses using programs like quantitative easing, they are systematically destroying the US dollar through inflation and hedges against foreign countries who are moving away from it to avoid US imperialism.

When the day of reckoning comes, Americans will be left footing the bill and holding worthless paper.

This is the reason cryptocurrencies provide so much value and why they are a threat to the establishment. They take the power of a centralized form of monetary control and decentralize it.

The monetary system is set up to empower those who control it. This is why we are seeing so many attacks on the crypto world and it is also why we are seeing the money changers hedging their bets that crypto is the future.

While the outlook may seem bleak, those who pay attention and plan for the worst while hoping for the best will use this an opportunity to flourish.

As former Congressman Ron Paul recently said“I think our stature in the world and our empire will end, and that’s when, hopefully, the doors will be open and [people will] say, ‘Hey, maybe these libertarians have some answers to this.’”

Now may be a good time to get your answers ready.

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Mainstream Media Now Praising Trump as He Flip Flops and Promises Tyrannical Gun Control

gun controlgun control

If there is one thing consistent about president Donald Trump, it is his inconsistencies. Since he was elected Trump has reneged on promises not to go into Afghanistan, putting America first, and eliminating Obamacare. This was all predictable. However, a recent move this week by the Trump administration has even his most ardent lapdogs crying out. Gun Control.

After the tragic shooting in Florida last week,Trump took to the limelight to begin banning and controlling. Up first on the agenda was the bump fire stock.

It didn’t matter at all to the president that the bump fire stock wasn’t used in the Florida shooting—but he took to moving to ban it anyway.

The White House released a memo Tuesday that indicates Trump has directed the Justice Department to draw up legislation to ban firearm modifiers including the “bump stock” used in the Las Vegas massacre.

Fox News then confirmed with the DOJ that the department is acting “quickly” on the president’s order.

“The department understands this is a priority for the president and has acted quickly to move through the rulemaking process,” spokesman Sarah Isgur Flores said. “We look forward to the results of that process as soon as it is duly completed.”

This move also got him praise from the Washington Post who took time out of their day to stop bashing Trump over Russian conspiracy theories and praise him for carrying on his predecessor’s move to limit the right of Americans to protect themselves.

As WaPo reports, President Trump on Tuesday signaled an openness to modest gun-control measures following what he called an “evil massacre” at a South Florida high school last week that left 17 dead and prompted passionate calls from teenagers for reform.

However, the Post went further alluding to the fact that Trump will likely go further than bump stocks.

“In private, he has indicated that he might do more, telling advisers and friends in recent days that he is determined to push for some sort of gun-control legislation, according to people familiar with the conversations,” the Post reported.

Trump, himself, even tweeted out that he wants Republicans and Democrats to come together for gun control.

Axios also reported that Trump has “told associates that he doesn’t think high school kids should be able to buy guns, and is open to the idea of imposing a minimum purchase age of 21 for guns like those used in the Florida high school massacre.”

By that logic, Trump should also raise the age of joining the military to 21 too.

According to other reports, Trump is also mulling the idea of banning the private sale of guns altogether.

This move to push for gun control should come as no surprise. As TFTP reported in December, in an example of how both parties are willing to completely compromise their ostensible principals to further the agenda of usurping your rights, the Republican-controlled house voted to federalize gun laws across the country. Not only was this bill—which makes it easier for the federal government to disarm the citizens—voted for by the alleged pro-2nd Amendment Republicans but it was also supported by the NRA.

So why is it that conservatives are freaking and the liberal mainstream media is now praising Trump?

Well, Trump — just like every other president in the last hundred years — is subject to the status quo, the ruling elite, and the deep state establishment. The last three presidents, in fact, have explicitly run on platforms on non-intervention only to be elected and flip-flop on every one of their promises.

The rights of citizens to protect themselves become second chair to the desire of the state to force citizen compliance.

Even if Trump was genuine on his promises, there’d be no way he would have ever been able to follow through. The unelected deep state in Washington has simply become far too powerful to be changed — which is why sites like the Free Thought Project, the Antimedia, Activist Post, We Are Change, Storm Clouds Gathering, the Corbett Report, and others within the alternative media have been predicting this since day one.

As is the case after every single time a crazed maniac causes a tragedy using firearms, politicians and their supporters come out of the woodwork to demand Americans give up their guns. Sadly, as is the case every single time, the citizens who support giving up their right to self-defense miss the bigger picture. When law-abiding citizens turn in their guns, only the government — and criminals — have guns.

The irony here is so glaringly ridiculous that it almost hurts. With the exception of the neoconservative tyrant class, most of the people calling for Americans to be disarmed are not supportive of the current administration. Arguably, many of the people calling for Americans to be disarmed are also the ones taking a stand against racist police tactics and brutality.

The disconnect happens here. People who dislike Donald Trump and who, rightfully so, call out the problem of police brutality in America, want to give all the guns in the country to Donald Trump and the police.

The bottom line is that government, historically speaking, is the most violent entity in the world. In the 20th Century alone, governments were responsible for 260,000,000 deaths worldwide. That number is greater than all deaths from illicit drug use, STD’s, Homicides, and Traffic Accidents throughout the last 100 years — combined. And this is who we want to have all the guns?

What happened in Las Vegas and in Florida was tragic and, naturally, good people want to prevent it from happening in the future so they search for solutions. However, the reality is that disarming law-abiding decent citizens does nothing to stop the next crazed criminal from taking innocent lives.

But what about Australia? They gave up their guns and shooting fatalities declined. On the surface, this is technically correct.

Australia’s anti-gun campaign and propaganda launched after a mass shooter killed 35 people in one heinous act of murder. The tragedy took place in 1996, in the city of Port Arthur. Following the crime, and in the wake of national agony, then Prime Minister John Howard moved to take back all the gun rights Australians had since the country’s founding.

The Port Arthur shooting was a tragic time for the Aussies. But the reality is that Australia never really had a mass shooting problem and gun violence was on the decline before Port Arthur.

Prior to Port Arthur, the worst mass shooting in recent history for Australians was the Coniston massacre. At the Coniston massacre, the government sanctioned the wholesale slaughter Indigenous Australians. More than 170 men, women, and children were gunned down in a state-approved act of mass murder. This was all legal.

In 1996, the government took at least 650,000 guns, or about one-fifth of all guns in the country; higher estimates put the numbers at 1 million and one-third.

Even with possession shaming, and amid the fear and threat of prosecution, Australians have yet to give up all their guns. It is estimated nearly 300,000 guns are still on the streets in the land down under. These guns don’t belong to the law-abiding citizens either.

In the United States, there are over 300,000,000 firearms. An Aussie-style program would never work. Even if it was tried, it would lead to massive civil unrest, violence, arrests, and even civil war.

Not too mention, as stated above, even if civil war were averted and Americans all turned in their guns, only the tyrannical state and the criminals would have guns. Say goodbye to freedom.

So what is the solution?

Well, the answer is not so black and white. However, statistically, even with record numbers of guns on the street, time appears to be the one element that lowers violent crimes.

Even with the “worst mass shooting in modern history” happening in Las Vegas, if we look at the last 100 years in the US, violent crime is declining.

According to official FBI and U.S. Department of Justice reports, the rates of violent crime in the U.S. are now at their lowest level in 40 years. Violent crime rates of 2015 were 1/4 the rates of 1993? Other countries are experiencing a similar decline. And, with the exception of one or two years, deaths of law enforcement officers reached their lowest in 50 years as well.

In fact, right now, in our history as a human species, it is the safest time to be alive — not just in America either. All across the planet, despite your television saying otherwise, violence against other humans is declining.

In the days of mass communication and massive technological leaps, people are able to shed stereotypes and fears far faster than would otherwise lead them to ignorant violence. Governments and mainstream media now have to implement extensive propaganda campaigns to sell society wars because the old “they are bad” technique is simply losing its effect.

The warmongering powers that be have to resort to this propaganda because of those 300,000,000 guns in the homes of law-abiding citizens. Because we are a well-armed society, the state cannot simply demand we acquiesce to their every desire.

So, as you hear the president and other citizens call for gun control, or even if you feel the same urge, remember who benefits from it — the 1 percent — who are the most violent humans left on the planet.

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Venezuela Just Became First Country to Have Its Own Cryptocurrency and It’s Backed by Oil

Venezuela first tipped its hand at its intentions over the summer, when it appointed what we believe to be the world’s first “superintendent of cryptocurrency.”


The Venezuelan government has been saying for months that the Petro would be available for sale beginning Feb. 20. According to Bloomberg, it’ll be a few weeks – if not months – before we know anything about the cryptocurrency.

Developed in secret, the project was spearheaded by a 27-year-old blockchain engineer who, according to Bloomberg, earnestly believes in the power of crypto to rescue one of the world’s most repressive regimes from one of the worst economic disasters unfolding anywhere…

However, it turns out that the sale is the culmination of months of work, much of it done quietly by top bureaucrats loyal to Maduro. Working alongside them has been a 27-year-old Venezuelan technology entrepreneur named Gabriel Jimenez, who says he’s spent months helping develop the concept of the Petro and remains certain of its power to fix what ails Venezuela. “This is a lot more ambitious than just a cryptocurrency. It’s a project which I, along with a national and international team, have worked arduously to benefit this country,” says Jimenez. He says he hasn’t been paid for his work and will be compensated only in Petros if the token succeeds.

For the past seven months, Jimenez has been part of a government team working in secret in Caracas to study how cryptocurrencies could alleviate some of Venezuela’s deepest problems, including its recent lack of bank notes. Despite importing billions of banknotes, Venezuela’s worthless currency has struggled to keep up with quadruple-figure inflation that values the highest-denominated bill (100,000 bolivars) at just 50 cents. As a result, ATMs are empty across Caracas, and local banks limit customers to withdrawals equivalent to just a few cents a day.

Rather than build their own system from scratch, the Petro is built atop the ethereum blockchain. Venezuela’s petro team reportedly paid a visit to China, where People’s Bank of China is supervising crypto trials of its own.


Maduro’s near-daily updates about the status of the Petro were reportedly a headache for the team of engineers, who had to talk him out of setting the initial price close to the present value of a barrel of oil.

Maduro’s spontaneous, running commentary on the Petro during his near-daily television appearances has caused headaches for the Petro team, which must constantly change the currency’s parameters or speed up work to fit the president’s latest ideas, according to two people with the project. For example, in December, when Maduro announced that virtual exchange houses were in a trial stage, they were just being programmed, two people familiar with the work said.

During a speech in early January, Maduro mentioned a $60 price per Petro, roughly the current value of a barrel of oil. Some on the team disagreed, saying it was too high and warning that early volatility in the currency could bring huge losses to initial buyers. In the end, a series of decreasing discounts was set in place that mean only 24 million Petros (of a total of 100 million) will cost the full price. Under this system, earlier buyers will be rewarded with a better price.

Venezuela also hosted a cryptocurrency forum last year and invited several high-profile cryptocurrency experts. However, all three of the invitees later refused to endorse the government’s “technical specs” for the Petro.

At the event, Evercoin exchange founder Miko Matsumura, digital-currency attorney Carol Van Cleef, and Bitcoin Center NYC founder Nick Spanos praised the idea of an open currency and a transparent marketplace, according to people familiar with the event.

Yet afterward, all three stopped short of signing onto the government’s technical specs for the Petro, enshrined in a white paper that has circulated among the top levels of Maduro’s government and has, over time, become more and more a political document infused with socialist doctrine.

To fuel demand, the government guarantees that it will accept the Petro as payment for taxes and fees. It has also said it will seek to promote the Petro abroad.

President Maduro was quoted as saying in a launch announcement:

Petro is born and we are going to have a total success for the welfare of Venezuela… The largest and most important companies and blockchain in the world are with Venezuela, we are going to sign agreements.”

And it appears the Maduro government was successful in securing buyers. After trip to Dubai, Maduro announced Tuesday that 40 million Petros (out of an offering size of 100 million) had already been placed with institutional investors, leaving the administration wide latitude to offer discounts and other enticements (no word yet on whether Goldman Sachshas already signed on). Members of the public won’t be able to buy their Petros for another month.


While it’s unconventional, after the US adopted a ban on trading in Venezuelan debt in August, the country has been effectively shut out of global debt markets. Some see the Petro as a potentially illegal way to circumvent these restrictions.

Already, US politicians are trying to subject the Petro to the same sanctions affecting other Venezuelan assets. Last month, US Senators Marco Rubio and Bob Menendez urged US Treasury Department Secretary Steven Mnuchin “to outline the department’s enforcement mechanisms and efforts to combat the Maduro regime’s plans to use cryptocurrencies to evade U.S. sanctions.”

“Maduro has proven that he will use every tool at his disposal to perpetuate his authoritarian objectives, including financial lifelines from Russia and China. As such, we are concerned that a cryptocurrency could provide Maduro a mechanism by which to make payments to foreign lenders and bondholders in the United States, actions that would clearly thwart the intent of U.S.-imposed sanctions,” the Senators wrote.

According to Reuters, the Petro has already attracted investments from Turkey, Qatar, Europe and even the US, according to the country’s cryptocurrency regulator (obviously not the most reliable source when it comes to this).

Tsvetana Paraskova, an analyst at, said few expect the Petro to bring real benefits either to Venezuela’s ravaged economy or its people, who are still suffering from a shortage of basic necessities, as the IMF expects inflation to rise 13,000% this year

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WATCH: Tyrant Cop Caught On Video Attacking a Man for Legally Filming


Seattle, WA — Filming the police is entirely legal in every state. However, all too often, we will see police officers overstep their authority and arrest, attack, and assault innocent people for the constitutionally protected act of documenting their behavior in public. A video shared with the Free Thought Project this week shows just how dangerous a cop’s ignorance of the law can be.

Jay McNeal was practicing his first amendment right to film the police last Sunday when all of the sudden a deputy with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department forgot that he swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States.

As McNeal is filming—from a safe and comfortable distance from the officers—the deputy who was seemingly detaining another man, walked over to him and assaulted McNeal.

“I’m allowed to do this,” says McNeal as the cop attacks him.

“Here’s the deal,” says the cop-turned tyrant. “You’re gonna go in handcuffs. Is that what you want?”

“I’ve never done anything in my life, sir,” replies McNeal.

“You know what, just put your phone away,” says the officer who is apparently ignorant of the law. “Can you do that? Or, you’re going to have a big problem.”

When McNeal hesitates to have his rights trampled by the one who is ostensibly there to protect them, the cop moves in for the attack and begins physically assaulting the innocent man.

“Why are you hurting me?” asks McNeal.

“Because, you’ve been walking around too much here,” says the deputy.

Under the threat of kidnapping McNeal then concedes and tells the officer that he’ll give up his first amendment right to film in public and he will stop. However, it was too late.

According to McNeal, he was kidnapped and then forced to direct traffic to earn back his freedom.

“They released me under the condition I directed traffic,” wrote McNeal on Facebook.

And just like that, this deputy epitomized everything wrong with police in America. McNeal will undoubtedly file a lawsuit against this deputy and the taxpayers of Pierce County will be held accountable—not the cop.

It has been clearly established that all Americans have the right to record the police. For an officer of the law to remain willingly ignorant of this precedent is at best, dereliction of duty, and at worst, unlawful deprivation of rights. Either way, these cops were in the wrong.

As the ACLU points out,

Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right—and that includes transportation facilities, the outside of federal buildings, and police and other government officials carrying out their duties.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers have been known to ask people to stop taking photographs of public places. Those who fail to comply have sometimes been harassed, detained, and arrested. Other people have ended up in FBI databases for taking innocuous photographs of public places.

The right of citizens to record the police is a critical check and balance. It creates an independent record of what took place in a particular incident, one that is free from accusations of bias, lying, or faulty memory. It is no accident that some of the most high-profile cases of police misconduct have involved video and audio records.

When police refuse to have their public service documented and this refusal morphs into assault, something has gone seriously wrong. No one should ever face persecution for their freedom of expression—especially in the land of the free.

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Video Released Showing Police Kill Unarmed 17yo Boy in His Driveway—No Charges


Johnson County, KS — No charges will be filed against an unnamed Overland Park Police Officer who shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old boy on January 20, 2018. Police were called to the home of teenager John Albers after his girlfriend said she was afraid he was going to kill himself. Police arrived and one officer opened fire on Albers as the teen backed out of his driveway.

The shooting was caught on police dash cam and one angle seems to show the teen start to back the family’s minivan out of the driveway before being confronted by the police officer. That officer fired an initial two shots. After the first two shots were fired, Albers may have been wounded and it caused him to push the gas.

The vehicle then spun out in donut-like fashion, nearly hitting the officer. Fully engaged in the conflict the officer then opened fire with 11 more bullets further wounding and eventually killing the reportedly distraught teen.

Once again, another American family is faced with the sad reality an officer of the peace ended their son’s life in the family’s own front yard. That officer has since resigned from the police force for “personal reasons.” Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe told reporters in a news conference with Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez that no charges would be filed against the officer because he was “following police procedure.”

Predictably, Sheriff Donchez took the side of his former officer when he said:

He was out of the way at one point, but as you saw the van turned around and came back at him…One of the misconceptions is that if you are alongside a vehicle you are no longer subject to danger. That’s not remotely true. One cut of the wheel to one side or other can take you down with the side of the vehicle. Don’t let the fact that he’s alongside the vehicle fool anyone into believing that he’s no longer in danger…A vehicle can be a weapon…That factored into our equation.

Following the shooting, the Johnson County Officer Involved Shooting Investigation Team (OISIT) conducted the post-shooting investigation. As TFTP has reported, in other states when there’s an officer-involved shooting, the police department from which the officer was employed cannot take the lead. Predictably, OISIT, after investigating its own county’s police department, found no wrongdoing on the part of the still unnamed officer.

Albers’ family issued the following statement on social media after their son was gunned down outside their home:

We are heartbroken at the loss of our beloved son, John. We truly appreciate the outpouring of support from friends, family and community. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and for respecting our privacy during this very difficult time. John was loved by many.

John Albers was a Junior at Blue Valley Northwest High School. He was a member of the Wrestling and Soccer teams and was involved with at-risk youth in a Kansas City based soccer league. The officer who killed him reportedly knew Albers but it is unclear how he was known by police. Friends of Albers say he was unfairly portrayed in a negative light but was, in fact, “loyal”, “courageous”, and “compassionate.”

Dozens of his friends gathered outside his home, wrote memories of Albers on balloons and released them following a vigil. The young man’s death is one of nearly 1,200 deaths by officers recorded yearly. He was unarmed. He was suicidal. And he was killed by a cop who was supposedly in fear of his life.

Fox 4 Kansas City, in its coverage of the shooting, encouraged its readers to call 911 if citizens are suicidal. Many residents will likely rethink that suggestion following this report which accurately details how a suicidal person can become a victim of homicide by dialing 911, killed by the very people who are sent to help. Something has to change.

DA Howe said police get 2,400 calls for help by suicidal people and their families. He admitted police need more training in dealing with the mentally ill. “Please give us more resources to deal with mental health crisis in the country…Unfortunately, the vast majority of our officer-involved shootings involve people with mental illness,” Howe said.

John Albers was born Valery Alexandrovich Zhemchugov in Belarus. He was adopted by Sheila Albers (Principal of Harmony Middle School) and Steve Albers when he was just an infant. Reflecting on John’s adoption, Sheila said, “John brought us much more joy than we brought him in this sense that he fulfilled our dreams of becoming parents…There’s nothing more beautiful than that.

The following is dashcam footage from the actual shooting. One can clearly see the officer open fire on Albers before he started driving erratically. Those two shots were likely unnecessary and would have made any motorist attempt to flee or cause them to lose control. Unfortunately, the officer will never be held accountable for his reckless actions, charged with murder, or spend any time behind bars. But if the average citizen had done what he did, they likely would be held without bond until trial. That’s what is wrong and needs to be fixed.



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White House Press Secretary Dodges Questions On Russia's Election Meddling

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders evaded reporters’ questions Tuesday about what the president is doing to address Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.

A federal grand jury empaneled by special counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians and three Russian entities Friday, and it provided evidence that foreign nationals interfered in the 2016 election and boosted the candidacy of President Donald Trump.

Sanders said Tuesday that the president had repeatedly “acknowledged” the meddling took place but asserted that “it didn’t have an impact” and that the Trump campaign did not aid Russia in its covert operation.

But asked why the Trump administration has refused to impose the sanctions against Russia that Congress had passed, the press secretary answered indirectly: “Well, there’s a process that has to take place, and we’re going through that process.”

The Trump administration said in January that it would not immediately impose additional sanctions on Russia, even after Congress almost unanimously passed a measure last year designed to punish Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. The administration insisted that the legislation was already working by “deterring Russian defense sales,” making additional action on Trump’s part unnecessary.

Critics have questioned the administration’s logic.

“The State Department claims that the mere threat of sanctions will deter Russia’s aggressive behavior. How do you deter an attack that happened two years ago, and another that’s already underway? It just doesn’t make sense,” Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Reuters in January.

Reporters on Tuesday also questioned why Trump has not directly called out Russian President Vladimir Putin, instead blaming former President Barack Obama for failing to prevent Moscow from interfering in the U.S. election.

Trump “has been tougher on Russia in the first year than Obama was in eight years combined,” Sanders said, adding that the president has done “a number of things … to be tough on Russia.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Mueller Catches Lawyer Lying, Brings New Charges

Rachel Maddow reviews recent Ukrainian political history by way of explaining new charges in Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia investigation against a lawyer who is also the son-in-law of a Ukrainian-Russian oligarch, Alex van der Zwaan.

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Christians Wrestle With Billy Graham's Legacy

Rev. Billy Graham, the famous evangelist who died on Wednesday, was a charismatic preacher, a counselor to presidents, and a leading figure in American evangelicalism. 

As news of his death spread, many Christians took time to reflect on the 99-year-old pastor’s long life and legacy.

During his more than six decades as an evangelist, Graham invited millions of people to make a personal commitment to Christ during revival meetings around the world, which he called crusades. Thousands responded to his altar call, often to the tune of one of his favorite old hymns, “Just As I Am.”

But the gospel of salvation that Graham preached never invited queer Americans to come the altar just as they were. The pastor also held conservative views about women. And while he opposed racial segregation, he was not as active as other Christian leaders during the 1960s civil rights era. 

Still, with his crusades and fiery preaching, he inspired a spiritual revival in the lives of generations of Christians. He’s praised for being nonpartisan about politics, at least later on in his life ― meeting with every president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. 

On Wednesday, many reposted on Twitter a quote attributed to Graham, in which the pastor reveals his beliefs about death. 

Others quoted a well-known Bible verse to honor Graham. In the parable, an employer congratulates his servant for wisely using the gifts given to him, saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 

 The tributes poured in from prominent evangelical leaders …

 … and from other strains of American Christianity.

Some pointed out that his legacy was mixed, especially for LGBTQ Americans and others who are harmed by conservative interpretations of Christianity. 

But many gave him his due as a towering figure in America’s religious history.



  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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GOP lawmaker's aide fired over offensive claims on Florida shooting survivors

A Florida state representative’s aide was fired from his position on Tuesday after he sent an email to a reporter alleging that two outspoken survivors of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were “actors.”

Benjamin Kelly, an aide to State Rep. Shawn Harrison, R-Tampa, was fired after emailing the Tampa Bay Times’ Washington bureau chief Alex Leary to say that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, two students who have been extremely vocal about gun laws following the attack, were paid crisis actors

RELATED: These are the victims of the Florida shooting: 

“Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen,” he wrote in his message.

Leary said he had never before spoken to Kelly and that the email was completely unsolicited.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that when Leary asked Kelly to provide evidence to support his claim, he sent the reporter a link to a YouTube conspiracy video that showed Hogg being interviewed in a separate news segment in August 2017.

The interview, which was shot in California, prompted conspiracy theorists to questioned what Hogg was doing on the news in another state last year, with some branding him a “crisis actor.”

For more news videos visit Yahoo View.

Speaker of the Florida House Richard Corcoran fired Kelly in response to his offensive remarks on the two shooting survivors. 

“I was shocked and angry to read the appalling email about the brave students who traveled to Tallahassee today. Representative Shawn Harrison immediately contacted me and with his full support, I terminated the employment of the individual responsible,” wrote Corcoran on Twitter. 

“On behalf of the entire Florida House, I sincerely apologize to the students targeted and again commend them for their courage through this unspeakable tragedy.”

Rep. Harrison took to Twitter after Kelly’s firing to comment on the incident as well.

“I was just made aware that my aide made an insensitive and inappropriate allegation about Parkland students today,” the representative wrote. “I have spoken to him and placed him on leave until we determine an appropriate course of action. I do not share his opinion and he did so without my knowledge.”

Students like Hogg and Gonzalez, who have made multiple televised appearances urging lawmakers to ban assault weapons like the AR-15 used in the attack on their high school, have recently become the subject of conspiracy theories and smear campaigns from the far right.

Hogg, the son of a retired FBI agent, has been targeted by sites like The Gateway Pundit because of his father’s former occupation. 

“Why would the child of an FBI agent be used as a pawn for anti-Trump rhetoric and anti-gun legislation?” published the outlet. “Because the FBI is only looking to curb YOUR Constitutional rights and INCREASE their power. We’ve seen similar moves by them many times over. This is just another disgusting example of it.”

After these theories began gaining steam online, even Senator Marco Rubio took to social media to denounce the people slandering the shooting survivors.  

Hogg showed gratitude on Twitter for Rubio’s words, responding to him with a simple “thank you.”


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The Killing Of Martin Luther King

The Killing Of Martin Luther King

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The Killing Of Martin Luther King
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Brother Nathanael @ February 21, 2018

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