Peaceful Streets Founder Arrested Again

Antonio Buehler, founder of the Peaceful Streets Project, was arrested at around 2 am for filming the police in the entertainment district of Austin, Texas. Also arrested was Mike “Blue Hair” Smith of Film the Police Portland, who had accompanied the group, which regularly films the police in public.  Both were charged with “interfering with public duties” and are still incarcerated as far as we know.


Buehler was just cleared of criminal charges stemming from telling a cop to “go fuck himself,” and this is his sixth arrest since his first arrest for filming a cop aggressively arresting a lady at a gas station, which prompted the creation of the Peaceful Streets Project – find them and more on the Allies Page.

In the videos Buehler is seen talking to Sgt. Randy Dear before he is arrested. When he turns around to leave, to be arrested, two other cops tackle him to the ground. Buehler dropped his camera and Mike reached out to catch it, prompting his arrest as well.

In the videos you can see Antonio in no way acting aggressively toward the police, yet when he turned around they jumped on him.

Here is the contact information for the sergeant who had Antonio arrested. If you are so inclined, please call and voice your disappointment with his behavior and that of his fellow officers.



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Albany Has Another Cop Going After Young Girls – Sergeant Martin Zaloga



We all remember Joshua Spratt, a Watervliet officer who was having sexual contact with 16 and 17 year-old girls. Well, he had a friend in the Albany County Sheriff’s office. Sergeant Martin Zaloga (pictured above) was on the force for 18 years.

Zaloga, 45, quit just as authorities say they told him he was fired amid allegations of inappropriate behavior.

“Unethical and immoral, unprofessional. We don’t want that in our department, so he’s gone,” explained Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

Investigators say they were tipped off through an anonymous Facebook page that Zaloga was in contact with a teenage girl. They say the Facebook page was set up to defend Joshua Spratt, a former school resource officer at Watervliet High School, accused of having sex with an underage girl.

“We’ve been watching the Watervliet investigation unfold as everybody else,” noted Apple. “I was notified that a Facebook post was up and then mentioned one of our officers. We had Internal Affairs look at it immediately.”

What is it going to take until people wake up and keep an eye on those who are supposed to protect us? Why do people want to make excuses for the police? Why do people think they deserve better treatment?

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Adams Mass. Police Lie And Try To Intimidate

It is clear that officer Brad Vivori of the North Adams Police doesn’t know the law. He doesn’t know the difference between State and Federal Laws. He doesn’t understand the Constitution or how the Supreme Court works. It is important that we all learn to protect our selves from the police. Police are lacking in training. Officer Vivori has been a police officer for three years and one week yet doesn’t know what is legal or not. How many people has he lied to, to get his way? Does he go around town bullying people? Is the rest of the department like this. According to a news article HERE there are more then one. Anyone who knows how the North Adams Police department operate please share below.

Police Director: Michael Cozzaglio
Non-Emergency Phone No.: 413-664-4944
Mailing Address:
North Adams Police Department
11 Summer Street
North Adams, MA 01247


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Your Money or Your Life? Fairfax County Cops Say, “We’ll Take Both”

It’s been said that Fairfax County does not have cops, it has tax collectors, and in many ways that’s true; When the county’s ill-trained, trigger-happy, roid-raging warrior cops aren’t occupying themselves  by robbing unarmed people of their very lives, they are busy committing literal highway robbery. Let us count the ways.

1.Civil Asset Forfeiture

For those that don’t know, civil asset forfeiture is the kind of legal racket that could only have been dreamed up by a very specific type of criminal mind – the kind that seeks elected office. It allows law enforcement agencies to seize cash and other property from people based on suspicion that it is the proceeds of criminal activity or will be used in criminal activity. It was framed as a means of taking resources from large criminal enterprises and funneling money back into crime prevention activities. Instead it’s been used as an excuse to turn anyone carrying cash into a suspected criminal, including people traveling with cash to buy a used car, or build a new church with members’ cash donations, and for purposes as ridiculous as hiring clowns, and buying margarita machines and even tanning salons.

We all fleece down here!We all fleece down here!

To be fair, the clown was intended for a new Scared Straight program. Just kidding, but who better than Pennywise to get young punks back in line?

The agencies involved are interested in cash, not convictions, so the person who has their property seized is usually not even charged with a crime.  If they want to get their property back, they have to be able to invest significant time and money to go to court to fight for it. Police departments often use the threat of prosecution to keep people from seeking to recover their assets. One particularly nasty department in Texas even threatened to take away people’s children if they didn’t agree to forfeit their property.

It’s a terrible practice that’s rife with abuse, so naturally the Fairfax County Police Department is an eager participant, collecting around $13-14 million in fines and forfeitures each year.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it, even if you probably ruined some poor schmoe’s life for no reason

$17,550 of their haul for 2012 came from Mandrel Stuart, an unfortunate motorist from Staunton, Virginia who was traveling through Fairfax County on his way to DC.  Fairfax County cops pulled him over  for having windows that were tinted too dark, even though they didn’t have a device with them that could measure if the tint was actually too dark or not.

Stuart made the classic mistake of answering the many questions of the officers who pulled him over, allowing enough time to pass for a drug-sniffing dog to be called to the scene. The drug-sniffing dog turned up just 0.01 gram of marijuana, but police officers found Stuart’s cash inside a brown paper bag he had in the car. Stuart operated a small restaurant; He had been planning to buy equipment and supplies from an acquaintance.

After detaining Stuart and his girlfriend for 2 hours, the cops let them go, minus the cash. It took Stuart 14 months to win his money back in court, at a cost of nearly $12,000 in legal fees. Fairfax County had to cover those fees when a jury decided the case in Stuart’s favor. However, even though he won, he lost. Unable to pay rent and his employees after his cash was stolen, he had to close his restaurant and now works in construction.

2. Overzealous Gambling Enforcement

As unfortunate as Stuart’s tale is, some might say he is lucky to have made out with his life. The family and friends of Sal Culosi speculate that he was targeted by an undercover detective for making casual wagers on college football solely because he made a good living as an optometrist and had more money than the rest of the group of friends he bet with. In 2006, Culosi was accidentally shot and killed by a member of the SWAT team they sent to serve an arrest warrant on him. A $2 million dollar settlement was eventually paid to his family.

Sal CulosiSal Culosi

“My son would still be alive today, but for 2006 Fairfax County policies to routinely use SWAT and aggressive procedures against citizens certified to be low risk.” –Sal Culosi’s father in 2015

I would say that was an expensive lesson to learn, but if there’s one thing that the Fairfax County Department excels at, it’s not learning lessons. They are still sending the SWAT team after nonviolent illegal gamblers, putting them at unnecessary risk of injury and death.  Tom Jackman of the Washington Post describes a raid from last year:

On a quiet weeknight among the stately manors of Great Falls, ten men sat around a table in the basement of a private home last November playing high stakes poker. Suddenly, masked and heavily armed SWAT team officers from the Fairfax County Police Department burst through the door, pointed their assault rifles at the players and ordered them to put their hands on the table. The players complied. Their cash was seized, including a reported $150,000 from the game’s host, and eight of the ten players were charged with the Class 3 misdemeanor of illegal gambling, punishable by a maximum fine of $500.

The players were baffled by the show of force sent after “a bunch of consenting adults playing cards in somebody’s basement,” in the words of one player. “They could’ve sent a retired detective with a clipboard and gotten the same result.” Fairfax County cut a deal to drop charges against the players, a deal that allowed law enforcement to keep 40% of the cash they seized, which is what they were after all along anyway.

3. Ticket Quotas

Police departments have long been rumored to engage in ticketing schemes for the purpose of revenue generation. In Fairfax County, we know for a fact that they do. The Washington Post obtained a memo specifically outlining an expectation that officers would have at least 2 traffic stops per day, with at least one of them being a summons.


Screenshot of memoScreenshot of memo

See the full memo 

Chief Roessler dismissed the memo as a mistake and said there were no quotas in effect, but the department’s pattern of prioritizing collecting money above legitimate public safety issues is so well-documented, it’s somehow hard to believe him.

While Fairfax County cops scramble to wring as much money out of residents and visitors as possible, they neglect offenses with actual victims, like rape. The state-wide inventory mandated by the state legislature uncovered that Fairfax County had the highest number of untested rape kits in the entire state. At 347, they had nearly 100 more untested kits than Richmond, the agency with the 2nd highest number of kits, and their 2014 closure rate for forcible sex offenses was 57.89%. They do a bit better at solving homicides with a 70% closure rate, but there were also only 10 homicides in the county last year.

There are no financial incentives for police to target crimes like rape, theft, and fraud. There are no lucrative assets to seize, and no state or federal programs funding and arming police with military equipment to address those crimes the way there are for victimless crimes like narcotics and traffic enforcement, and so those crimes become less of a priority for police departments. That is exactly what we see in Fairfax County.

Larceny/theft is by far the most common crime residents report, but the clearance rate is a mere 29.55%. The Department collects millions of license plate photographs each year, tracking the movements of unknown numbers of residents and passerby each day, yet the case closure rate for stolen cars is still only 31.83%. The drug/narcotics clearance rate is nearly stratospheric at 78.74%, though. Pro-tip: If your car gets stolen, just tell the cops you think the guy who took it had some pot on him or was placing bets on how many cars he could steal. They might actually be interested in pursuing the case that way.

This is the third article in the Why We Protest series.

Join us at our August 4th protest in Fairfax!

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Hunter Becomes the Hunted in Austin, Texas

The Battousai out of Texas has been a busy man.  I have shared several videos with you over the past month and a half.  The guy is fearless and always stands his ground when they try their usual harassment and intimidation tactics.

This video is the second part of two videos. (here is part one)  He had stopped to film a traffic stop where a man had been handcuffed and searched.  He stayed out-of-the-way until the stop had concluded and then checks with the driver that had been pulled over to make sure everything was okay.  Batt then heads back to his car and drives off.

He then notices that he is being followed by one of the officers from the stop that he had just filmed.  The officer following him is Officer Bishop, badge #7758, of the Austin Police Department.  He decides to take an exit from the freeway and drives into the parking lot of a gas station and stopping next to a pump.  The officer pulls in and parks in the corner of the lot and is obviously waiting for Batt to pull back out so that he can follow him around some more.

Batt walks over to the officer and asks if there is a problem.  Officer Bishop states that there is no problem.  He asks the officer if there’s some reason the officer is following him.  He says, “Um, I patrol this area.”  The officer may very well patrol that area, but notice his body language when confronted and he knows that he has been busted for following Batt.  When asked why he is following him, he crossed his arms across his chest and looks away when answering.

Batt goes back to his car and drives off with the officer following him again.  He decides to do a couple of evasive driving maneuvers by driving around some shopping area parking lots.  He loses the officer and then ends up directly behind the officer at a traffic light.  With the tables turned, he follows Bishop around for a while and notes in the short time that he is following the officer, that this cop fails to signal for turns seven times.

The way that Batt makes the hunter become the hunted is priceless.  In almost every single one of his videos, these officers try to intimidate him in one shape or form.  His interactions with the officers are always respectful and he knows how to keep his cool in these instances.

From the number of videos where we see officers hassling photographers for filming them, I am starting to think that these officers are bored with their career choice and decide that it might be nice to become YouTube stars.  They know that these photographers are not doing anything illegal, but always end up making asses of themselves for the whole world to see.  Why else would they do this?

Be sure to check out his channel and let him know what you think of his videos.  He is one of a handful of photographers out there that I excitedly wait for their next upload.  I’ve been following him for some time now and his videos get better with each upload.  Thank you Battousai for going out there and keeping these officers on their toes.


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Cop: “The `Policeman’ is sent by God to help you”

William Grigg | Pro Libertate

Sheriff Doug Rader of Missouri’s Stone County complains that he is being“attacked” for a “patriotic gesture” – decorating his department’s patrol vehicles with the motto “In God We Trust.” By focusing on a largely symbolic controversy, both the sheriff’s defenders and detractors are ignoring a more tangible threat – the sheriff’s insistence, typical of his profession, that citizens render immediate, unconditional obedience to law enforcement officers as duly appointed ministers of violence on behalf of the divine State.

“Where’s our patriotism?” Sheriff Rader theatrically protested during a recent interview on Fox News. “Anytime anybody wants to be patriotic and make a symbol nowadays, they’re attacked…. We’ve come so far from 9/11, it just saddens me.”

Rader is correct in pointing out that many other law enforcement agencies display the phrase – which is the official national motto – on their vehicles. As legal commentator and retired Judge Andrew Napolitano points out, this practice is in compliance with Supreme Court precedents, even though it does prompt objections from proponents of strict separation of church and state (including some believers offended by the profanation of faith through association with the monstrosity called the state).

A more troublesome expression of the worldview that governs Sheriff Rader’s department is found on its official website. Prominently displayed on the introductory page is an inventive paraphrase of the familiar (and widely misapplied) verse from chapter 13 of the New Testament’s Book of Romans:

“For the `Policeman’ does not frighten people who are doing right; but those who doing [sic] evil will always fear him. So if you do not want to be afraid, keep the laws and you will get along well. The `Policeman’ is sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for he will have you punished. He is sent by God for that very purpose.”

Jessica White, her husband Jordan, and her father-in-law Donny can testify that it isn’t necessary to be “doing something wrong” to find oneself on the receiving end of state-consecrated violence inflicted by Stone County Sheriff’s deputies. Each of them is completing a three-year term of probation on charges arising from a May 5, 2012 incident in which they were beaten and arrested by deputies who had invaded their property without a warrant or probable cause.

The Whites, who live in Crane, Missouri, were returning from a basketball game when they saw that their driveway was blocked by deputies carrying out a traffic stop on a suspected drunk driver. They were allowed to walk up a forty-yard driveway to the carport, but ordered not to go into the house. Although they were not suspects, they were detained in the interest of that most important of all considerations, “officer safety.”

A few minutes later, two more deputies – Taylor Jenkins and Brandon Flack – arrived on the scene with a police dog. Without a warrant, probable cause, or consent, Jenkins and Flack swaggered onto the property to interrogate the Whites. Understandably, things degenerated very rapidly.

“As the deputy was making the arrest, two individuals from the … residence became loud and aggressive in an attempt to keep the deputy from making the arrest,” asserted an official press release fromthe Sheriff’s Office, which was issued a little more than a day later. “Those two individuals were arrested for interfering with an arrest, and resisting arrest.”

“Also a female from the residence who was watching the incident … walked up behind one of the deputies and struck the deputy in the back of the head,” continued the official account. “She was then arrested for Assaulting a Law Enforcement Officer.”

Given that this statement was issued by a law enforcement agency, it isn’t surprising that it is severely at variance with the facts, which were captured on video by at least two witnesses.

The SCSO statement conveys the impression that the Whites were trying to impede the arrest of the detained motorist, Thomas Barnett, who was the subject of a municipal warrant. The video documents that Jordan and Donny White became agitated by the uninvited and unwarranted intrusion of Deputies Jenkins and Flack and their weaponized canine.

Without cause or explanation, Jordan was thrown to the ground by the deputy, and then kicked in the genitals. After Donny loudly protested the assault on his son, Flack bellowed: “Get him, Jenkins!”

Seizing Donny, Deputy Jenkins snarled, “Get on the f**king ground!” and threw the man face-down on the cement carport surface.

Jessica, who at the time was an elected alderwoman in Crane, had been trying to reason with the deputies, only to receive vulgar verbal abuse in return. After seeing her husband and father-in-law brutalized without provocation, the small, petite woman intervened directly, striking at Jenkins in a desperate attempt to defend Donny. Flack grabbed Jessica and thrust her to the ground, wounding her leg and inflicting severe, lasting damage to her shoulder in the process. Neighbors looked on in horror as the deputies – acting in violation of use-of-force guidelines – used a Taser to inflict several prolonged “drive-stuns” on Donny, who was prone and handcuffed.

After the Sheriff’s Office issued its disinformation-laden press release about the incident,the White family’s attorney, John Dale Wiley, provided a detailed account of the officers’ abusive behavior to the Springfield News Leader. He also made public a video of the arrests. Two weeks later, deputies Jenkins and Flack responded by filing a lawsuit against the Whites and their attorney. The officers claimed that by exercising the right to publicize abuses and seek redress of grievances, the Whites had subjected their assailants to “defamation.”

The lawsuit accused Wiley of “intentionally, willfully, and maliciously distributing” defamatory statements through the media, and claimed that the Whites were “vicariously liable for the actions and conduct of their agent, servant, employee, and attorney,” who supposedly acted “in the reckless disregard of the rights of [the plaintiffs] to be free from being the victim of defamatory statements.”

Both Jenkins and Flack complained that as a result of the publicity they were “subjected to contempt and ridicule, and … suffered emotional distress, pain, and suffering.”

As Wiley pointed out, the injuries inflicted by the deputies were rather more severe than the hurt feelings they supposedly experienced.

“Donny White [was] subjected to a vicious prolonged Taser attack, despite being handcuffed and being face down on the ground,” declared the attorney. “The deputy [continued] his sadistic torture ignoring Donny’s cries begging the deputy to stop.” Eyewitness Levi Cook testified that the deputies kicked the shackled, helpless man in the face, leaving behind “a big pile of blood.”

Watch the video below:

Continue reading full article at Pro Libertate.

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“It’s Disgraceful” — Police Outraged at New Superman Comic Book


NEW YORK — Police have become outraged at the latest release of a Superman comic book in which the iconic American hero fights back against bully cops.

The comic portrays Superman as standing with a crowd of Americans who are embracing him.

Cops in riot gear soon arrive to break up the gathering and take Superman (who has now been revealed as Clark Kent) into custody.


Police fire tear gas at the Americans. As Clark Kent aka Superman watches the scene unfold, and witnesses the violent bullying, he feels his power back and decides that enough is enough. The feeling is portrayed with powerful imagery. A feeling, perhaps, shared by every American when we witness police bullying the innocent, shooting dogs, and killing mentally disabled people.


One officer tries to bully Superman, but instead of backing down, superman knocks the officer out with one punch.


Younger Superman fans have embraced the new comic book and feel that they can now look up to Superman as a true superhero.

But police themselves are outraged.

Patrick Colligan, president of a group of individuals that calls itself the “NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association”, said that the comic book is “disgraceful.”

Colligan claims that cops are protecting the public, and it is at their expense that the comic book writers are selling the latest issue of superman.

“We are once again painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with,” Colligan said.

Colligan then seemed to suggest that comic books should stop taking on social issues.

“Comic books are taking on social issues lately and maybe they should get back to taking on superheroes and making people laugh,” he said.

What do you think about the latest Superman comic book? Let us know in the comments below.
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Cops Beat Man in Streets After “Illegal U-Turn”


NEW YORK — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing officers beat a man after pulling him over for an “illegal U-turn.”

The victim is Timothy Nelson, 24.

Timothy did acknowledge that he made an illegal turn and double parked to pick up some food.

But he was stunned when officers began beating him, displaying needless force instead of simply issuing him a ticket.

The video begins right when Timothy is pulled over.

The officers ask for his paperwork and he cooperates by giving it to them.

That’s when the unthinkable happens.

“He was punching me, three times. He punched my face and nose. I have a chipped fracture in the right side of my nose.”

Witnesses gathered nearby and were startled to see the man being beaten.

One woman pulled out her phone and began filming cops, but one of the officers knocked the phone out of her hand.

That’s when the officers made the crowd move back as the beating continued out of sight of the camera.

“You can hear me screaming. They’re kneeing me and pulling my hair. It was just too much,” Timothy said.

Timothy did acknowledge that at one point he struggled to defend himself, because he was concerned for the safety of his life.

The video has made the rounds online and first appeared on Facebook.

Timothy has pleaded not guilty to the charges they gave him and he’s scheduled to appear in court on September 10th.

“I really wasn’t doing anything,” he said.

Whether the cops will be disciplined or charged and convicted for assault is not known yet.

But we’re guessing they’ll get away with it.

Watch the video below:

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Teenager Sues Police After Being Jailed for 40 Days Over a Snowball Then Cleared of Wrongdoing

Detroit, MI — A Detroit teenager is suing police in federal court after being wrongfully jailed for 40 days over a snowball.

Dominique Rondeau thought he would have some fun with the other kids after school by throwing snowballs. In Police State USA, however, even this immortal pastime can get you thrown in jail.

One of those icy snowballs from the crowd hit the windshield of a police car parked at East English Village High School, in just the right way to shatter it. Although officers Floyd Jenkins and Freddie Wilson did not see who threw the snowball, they looked at security camera footage and fingered Rondeau for the “crime.”

Later that day of December 16, 2013, they would nab Rondeau from his home and put him in juvenile detention for nearly 40 days under a charge of destroying police property.

They knocked. I cracked the big door open to see who it was … They opened the (screen) door, and they just walked in, and they started putting me in handcuffs,” according to Rondeau.

He was separated from his family during Christmas and New Year’s holidays, as they could not afford the $2,000 bond to release him.

At the bench trial on February 26, the two cops testified that they saw Rondeau on the video, but when the footage was played in court, they could not pick out Rondeau. Based on this and the fact that no other evidence was offered, the case was dismissed and Rondeau was freed.

What possessed these police officers to not only go after a kid over a snowball, but also attempt to deceive the court so the kid would stay in jail?

This abuse of power is not being forgotten. Dominique Rondeau is suing the two district police officers, along with Detroit Public Schools, in federal court for false arrest and malicious prosecution. The lawsuit says his constitutional rights were violated by being arrested without probable cause or a warrant.

Rondeau’s mother, Sheron Rondeau, said the arrest and jail time has emotionally scarred her son, adding, “There’s a fear now. He doesn’t trust police officers.

They are seeking a jury trial and unspecified monetary damages.

The district denies any wrongdoing, setting a precedent for their officers to go after kids if play time impinges upon the sanctified property of law enforcement.



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AI & Robotics Researchers Come Together to Stop the Very Real Threat of Autonomous Killer Robots


These prototypes are not “conspiracy theories.” The dangers of autonomous killer robots are clear and present.

If a world full of artificially intelligent, autonomous quadcopters searching for and assassinating people sounds appalling, you’re in agreement with Stephen Hawking and thousands of other AI researchers and scientists.

Yesterday at the opening of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, an open letter was presented that called for governments to refrain from using AI to build autonomous killing machines.

“If any major military power pushes ahead with AI weapon development, a global arms race is virtually inevitable, and the endpoint of this technological trajectory is obvious: autonomous weapons will become the Kalashnikovs of tomorrow. Unlike nuclear weapons, they require no costly or hard-to-obtain raw materials, so they will become ubiquitous and cheap for all significant military powers to mass-produce. It will only be a matter of time until they appear on the black market and in the hands of terrorists, dictators wishing to better control their populace, warlords wishing to perpetrate ethnic cleansing, etc.”

Unfortunately, based on history we know that militaries, especially the US government, do not heed the warnings of luminaries and thinkers. The power and wealth that comes with military might is far too strong of an elixir to be affected by morality.

We also know that weaponry and crowd control technology developed by the military, through limitless funding and complete secrecy, are readily handed over to local police in their efforts to subdue the masses. If police can have MRAPs, grenade launchers and LRADS, they would be clawing for a fleet of AI autonomous weapons.

According to the researchers, technology is to the point where deployment of AI autonomous weapons is feasible within years. Its significance is likened to the development of gunpowder and nuclear arms.

For example, the armed quadcopter mentioned above would select and engage targets without human intervention, according to pre-defined criteria, providing an extremely effective means of eliminating people.

“Autonomous weapons are ideal for tasks such as assassinations, destabilizing nations, subduing populations and selectively killing a particular ethnic group.”

Signatories to the letter include Stephen Hawking, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and several other leading minds in AI, physics and cognitive science.

They point out that artificial intelligence has great potential to benefit humanity, including reducing deaths during armed conflict. AI should not be used for creating death, thereby staining the technology forever.

“Just as most chemists and biologists have no interest in building chemical or biological weapons, most AI researchers have no interest in building AI weapons — and do not want others to tarnish their field by doing so, potentially creating a major public backlash against AI that curtails its future societal benefits.”

If you are in the field of AI, physics or cognitive science, please consider going to the Future of Life Institute website and signing the open letter.



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