Trump bemoans ‘ridiculous standard’ of judging presidents by first 100 days

President Trump complained Friday about the “ridiculous standard” of judging an administration’s ability to govern based on its first 100 days — a checkpoint he will reach a week from Saturday.

As his 100th day in office fast approaches, Trump has signed executive orders at a frenetic pace but does not have a major legislative accomplishment — despite having a Republican-controlled Congress. But Trump lashed out at the press for supposedly belittling his many successes, apparently bracing himself for the deluge of news reports assessing his record to date.

His early-morning tweet alludes to perhaps the biggest accomplishment of his new administration: confirming Neil Gorsuch as the late Antonin Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme Court.

But two of Trump’s biggest policy moves have come up short. Federal courts blocked both versions of his controversial executive order suspending the U.S. refugee program and barring people from several Muslim-majority countries. And the American Health Care Act, which would have begun the process of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (commonly called Obamacare), was withdrawn from consideration before it reached a vote.

Shortly after his election victory in November, the Trump team published a video in which he elaborated on his policy plans for the first 100 days of his administration. He has, in fact, followed through on many of the promises that can be effected through executive orders. These include withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and reducing regulations for coal-mining companies.

Trump is not the first to complain that the hundredth day is an arbitrary benchmark, but it’s become common practice for gauging effectiveness since President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the concept as a way of evaluating his New Deal. In that time, Roosevelt managed to get 15 bills through Congress as the nation struggled to lift itself out of the Great Depression.

The 100-day measure didn’t seem ridiculous to Trump during the campaign. While vying for the White House, Trump unveiled his “Contract with the American Voter,” in which he vowed to get 10 legislative measures through Congress within the first 100 days of his administration: Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act, End the Offshoring Act, American Energy and Infrastructure Act, School Choice and Education Opportunity Act, Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act, Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act, End Illegal Immigration Act, Restoring Community Safety Act, Restoring National Security Act and Clean Up Corruption in Washington Act. None of these have been enacted yet, but Trump has been advancing toward several of these goals through executive actions.

Though Trump is wont to blame the media for the perception of any shortcomings, even White House press secretary Sean Spicer struggled to name a single legislative victory of the young presidency. At Wednesday’s press briefing, Spicer was asked if he could set aside executive orders and name one piece of legislation from the president’s agenda that he’s proud to have gotten through Congress.

“Well, a few things on that. Number one, we’re not done. We’ve got a little ways before we hit the 100-day mark,” Spicer said. “So I think what you’ve seen out of this White House is a very robust agenda of activity. There’s a lot of executive orders that I think the President has been pleased with.”

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Re: We can expect even more Israeli propaganda to infiltrate our social networks

Earlier this month, the liberal Zionist Haaretz newspaper reported that the Israeli government has purchased a new software system which will enable it to “plant” its propaganda online. The system, created by an Israeli company called Buzzilla, will allow ministries “to monitor social media in general and specific users in particular.”

The automated, or semi-automated, system means that Israel can have its agents and employees joining online conversations while posing as ordinary members of the public. The objective is to improve Israel’s failing public image around the world.

Such “astroturfing” efforts are not entirely unusual. Badly-behaving corporations and authoritarian regimes the world over are known to employ such tactics. It is unsurprising that the apartheid regime would stoop to such a level; Israel and its surrogates have, after all, long experience in this.

In a 2014 undercover investigation for The Electronic Intifada, I revealed that the website Israel21c was hiring students to pose as ordinary members of the public in online forums in order to spread pro-Israel propaganda. Israel21c is an odd little website which contains a flurry of puff pieces about the supposed positive side of the Zionist state. It pushes out feel-good stories about Israeli high tech developments and the country’s supposed green credentials. The idea is to distract conversations about Israel away from its war crimes, apartheid laws and other human rights abuses.

The website itself is not very widely known, but it has had a certain success in “planting” its stories in the mainstream media. Indeed, it has boasted of this using a strikingly similar turn of phrase to the new software system purchased by the Israeli government. One example from 2015 came when a New York Times story about the wonders of Israeli wine turned out to be based very heavily on an Israel21c piece. This essentially amounted to the NYT’s Jodi Rudoren rewriting a press release and passing it off as unbiased journalism.

I contacted Israel21c’s PR rep posing as a student interested in the internship on offer. He confirmed very explicitly that, should I take on the role, I was not to reveal that I was being paid by the company: “You wouldn’t directly reference that you’re interning for Israel21c… that would sort of defeat the point of posting it.”

He also made it clear that Israel21c’s paid-for online interactions would be the polar opposite of grassroots and organic comments: “We’ll send you the posts… we’re basically going to tell you what to say… and you’re going to have to send this out to people that you know… you’re going to be limited in your ability to tailor it… What would be your job is to push that article out on social media… point to this sort of article on a community website, on a message board. Sort of a, ‘oh hey,’ you know, ‘you should look at this, here’s some good information on that.’”

What’s more, during Israel’s brutal 2014 offensive against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, students at IDC Herzliya, an Israeli university, were recruited into a “war room” in order to help spread Israeli government propaganda online. During that war, Israel killed more than 2,200 Palestinians, including 550 children. In western capital cities whose governments were supportive of Israel, thousands of people went onto the streets in protest against the war, which was quite understandably unpopular around the world; calls to join the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel only grew louder. It is little surprise, therefore, that the Israeli government and its supporters should feel the need to use such desperate and underhand tactics in a futile attempt to turn back the tide of history.

However, instead of ditching their contempt for UN resolutions and international law and conventions, its propagandists are obsessed with the false notion that the reason for Israel’s global unpopularity is little more than bad PR. Indeed the term “hasbara” – the officially-used Hebrew word for Israeli propaganda – reflects this. The word translates literally as “explanation”, as if Israel by definition only ever does good things and the only problem there could possibly be is that its policies and actions are not explained properly.

The tactic of covertly “planting” such propaganda online is dishonest and undemocratic, but unlikely to succeed in the long run. The millions of dollars that Israel is throwing at its anti-BDS efforts are no match for the essential legitimacy and moral rightness of the Palestinians’ struggle for justice, freedom, equal rights and full return to the land from which they have been ethnically-cleansed ever since 1948.

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Naming The US Elites

Naming The US Elites

Fear Of The Jews Articles, Jewish Agenda Articles

Naming The US Elites
By Brother Nathanael Kapner April 24, 2017 ©

FOR SOME REASON…other than for fear of the Jews…pundits tend toward ambiguity when identifying who controls America, and thereby, the Western world.

For when contrasting rulers from the ruled, analysts use terms like “elites,” “globalists,” “corporate bosses,” “special interests,” “presstitutes,” “the deep state,” etcetera.

Perhaps that’s why PayPal keeps them on its roster (PayPiss banned me) since no one gets offended (namely, JEWS) when indeterminate terms are used in attempts to reveal those who rule over them.

One way of identifying the “elites” is by using a gauge recommended by Voltaire:

To know who rules over you find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

Just one small swipe at some influential person whose name ends with berg, stein, or vitz, and you’re black-balled, de-funded, nailed to the menorah, and tarred as an ‘anti-Semite.’

Publicists duck Jewish black-balling by employing generic phrases. Alex Jones uses “globalists;” Paul Craig Roberts, “presstitutes;” and Gerald Celente, “elites,” while I simply say “JEWS.”

What better way to get PayPiss to ban you! Daniel Schulman owns it and pisses over anyone who says homosexuality is a sin and names the Jews who promote it.

As a former Jew growing up in an upper middle class/B’nai B’rith oriented synagogue, I use an extensive, all-embracing brush for identifying those who rule over the goys.

I mark out an expansive net that holds all the fish that swim through financial, political, and informational waters.

Someone has to name the names since ambiguities and generic phrases get us nowhere when combating the pervasive evil of Jewry.

WHEN IDENTIFYING THE ELITES, the phrase “Synagogue of Satan” surfaces.

A racial/religious entity (Synagogue) with evil and universal dominion (Satan) is seen.

This entity has layers of power that merge with each other, Yes, distinct, but united in its malicious effects.

The layers encompass the financial; the political; and the informational – the media, press, and education. Each layer is run by JEWS.

The financial realm, namely the Fed and Goldman Sachs, has the Jews Stanley Fischer, Janet Yellen, and Gary Cohn dominating it.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild once said: Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.

The Fed and Wall Street, (which underwrites the stocks of the Military/Industrial complex), cuts the paychecks of war criminals like Mad Dog Mattis and Herbie McMaster.

In the political realm, Jews with BILLIONS at their disposal: Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, and Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations’ head, Malcolm Hoenlein, dominate.

Every hack on Capitol Hill has to play ball with big JEW money or his career is over.

In the informational realm, Jews like Sumner Redstone (b. Murray Rothstein), Robert Iger, Aviv Novo, and Brian Roberts, OWN the TV venues. View Entire Story Here & Here.

Jews—like their father, the devil—are liars. They publish “lying news” NOT “fake news.”

What can be done to see the Synagogue of Satan bite the dust?

It won’t happen by calling its members “elites,” “globalists,” and “presstitutes.”


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Brother Nathanael @ April 22, 2017

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Russia Claiming “US Shoreline Lined w/ Nuclear Mole Missles”




The following video assrts that the Russians have done what the title indicates which is to basically mine parts of the US shoreline with nuclear weapons.

I took this issue to two experts on SOSUS. they say this impossible, unless this is at least, in part, an inside job. Along these lines, in a general manner, would anyone in the Deep State be able to pulll this off? Better yet, and more specifically, didn’t Obama, in 2010, give away 10 oil rich Islands whiich helped to facilitate and invasion of Alaska, as well as facilitate their North Pole operations.

Theoretically, this is entirely possible.



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Shocking: How Long Should the Average Person Live? The Answer Will Anger You

This special formula helps support people with problems such as digestion, nausea and constipation. Helps support healcholesterol levels as well as normal blood pressure. Helps clean out nicotine and second hand smoke and keeps the liver, lungs and colon healthy. This tea helps detoxify chemicals caused by parasites, bacteria, and toxins from the entire digestive system. Weight loss CAN be a side effect. This is a LIFE-CHANGING product. People have been feeling poorly for too long. It’s time to feel better. With continued use of the tea you can experience clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin, increased energy, and a happier outlook on life.

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Defending Free Speech in the Face of the Jew d’état (Audio fixed.)

April 16, 2017

Dr. Slattery interviews the British nationalist Jez Turner about his legal struggles after having addressed a demonstration against a tax-payer financed Jewish vigilante group in London known as Shomrim. Mr. Turner had the audacity to claim that Britain should be ruled by the British, and not run by Jews.

Dr. Slattery also described the events that have unfolded since the airstrike on Syria as some sort of Jewish coup d’état, which he calls a “Jew d’état.” It is hard to say what role Trump himself had in this Jew d’état. Dr. Slattery feels that, in the face of an onslaught from the Jewish media and nascent impeachment proceedings in Zionist-occupied Congress, he attacked Syria in order to buy himself some breathing space. But no matter what the case, we need to call out the Jewish nature of this coup d’état, and destroy the Jewish privilege of being above any criticism once and for all. This podcast is extremely relevant to the issue of Jewish privilege and the lack of the freedom to call it out that keeps us under the yoke of Jewish tyranny.



Those who wish to contact Mr. Turner can do so either via [email protected] or via his YouTube channel.

The Whitehall demonstration, at which Mr. Turner gave the speech ‘Free Speech’ that is causing so much controversy, is in the video below:

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Pope calls European migrant centers ‘concentration camps,’ urges EU to open doors

The Pope was leading a prayer service for martyrs who fell victim to Nazism, terrorism and totalitarian regimes across the world, when he shared athe story of a Muslim refugee from a Middle Eastern country he met during a visit to a detention camp in Lesbos last year.

The man said his Christian wife suffered for her faith, as the terrorists slit her throat after she refused to throw her crucifix on the floor. 

The asylum seeker and his three children were forced to flee the village and eventually made it to the Greek island of Lesbos, where they were resettled to a prison-like detention facility, visited by the Pope.

Calling the slain woman “another crown” among the modern martyrs, Francis used the occasion to decry the squalid conditions in migrant reception centers where people fleeing persecution and war found themselves to be locked and waiting for months while their applications are being processed by overstretched officials.   

“I don’t know if he managed to leave that concentration camp, because refugee camps, many of them, are of concentration [type] because of the great number of people left there inside them,” the Pope said, as he was delivering a Liturgy of the World from the Basilica of St. Bartholomew in Rome on Saturday.

The remark has promptly drawn criticism from the American Jewish Committee (ACJ), one of the leading Jewish advocacy organization in the world, with its head, David Harris, urging the Pope to “reconsider” what he described as a “regrettable choice of words.”

While saying that awareness should be raised about the difficulties migrants face in Europe, he argued that likening the shelters they live in to concentration camp is an unwarranted exaggeration.

“The Nazis and their allies erected and used concentration camps for slave labor and the extermination of millions of people during World War II. There is no comparison to the magnitude of that tragedy,” he said, as cited by Reuters.

While the Pope’s comparison of Greek refugee facilities to concentration camps may seem to be a stretch, it is not the first time such allusions have been used. The now-closed Idomeni camp that housed 8,000 people in a Greek village on the northern border with Macedonia, was once labeled a “modern Dachau” by Greek Interior Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis.

READ MORE: ‘Give Rome back to Romans’: Far-right rally blasts EU ‘tyranny’ ahead of union celebrations (VIDEO)

Following his trip to Lesbos in April last year, the Pope took twelve Syrian asylum seekers, including six children, back to Rome. The symbolic gesture, which, he argued, was of a purely humanitarian nature and did not carry any political subtext came just a month after a breakthrough migrant deal was reached between Turkey and the EU.

The deal, which was highly praised at the time, made it far more difficult for Syrian refugees, stuck in migrant camps at Greek detention centers, to cross into mainland Europe, as Turkey pledged to take back all the rejected asylum applicants that came to Greece from Turkey in return for multi-billion aid, visa-free travel for Turkish citizens in the Schengen area and acceleration of Turkey’s EU accession talks.

The Pope also appeared to take aim at the deal, arguing that its implementation has resulted in disregard to humanitarian principles, saying “it seems international agreements are more important than human rights.”

Encouraging Europe and Italy, in particular, to welcome more refugees instead of devising new means of how to obstruct their arrival, the Pope argued that Italy is nearing its demise by rejecting asylum applicants given the country’s low birth rate.

“We live in a civilization that is not having children, but also closes its door to migrants: this is called suicide,” he said.

Pope Francis, who is known as an outspoken advocate for refugee rights, has on numerous occasions spoken about the duty of the European nations to provide “a responsible and dignified welcome” to those escaping hardships of war and persecution, while berating the populist anti-refugee rhetoric that is gaining foothold in Europe.

“Europe finds new hope when she refuses to yield to fear or close herself off in false forms of security. Quite the contrary, her history has been greatly determined by encounters with other peoples and cultures; hers is, and always has been, a dynamic and multicultural identity,” the pontiff said in March, addressing the heads of 27 EU member states as they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1957 Treaty of Rome.

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Changing narratives: Ex-Trump adviser Page fires back at CNN’s ‘Russia contacts’ claim

Carter Page made the comments to CNN on Saturday, just one day after the news outlet alleged that the FBI had gathered intelligence last summer suggesting that Russian agents attempted to infiltrate the election by using Trump’s advisers to do so.

Page was explicitly mentioned in the original CNN report, which cited unnamed US officials as sources.

Responding to the CNN report, Page noted that it said that Russia “tried” to infiltrate the campaign – which is a far cry from other terms previously used when it came to the Trump campaign’s alleged ties with Moscow.

“Remember the headlines for many, many months. The Trump campaign ‘colluded’ [with Russia] or there [were] nefarious things going on. Now they’re really reeling things back and someone is saying out there the word ‘tried’,” Page pointed out.

READ MORE: Corruptive connection: Talking to Russians tantamount to treason for team Trump

“I’ve certainly seen a lot of ‘tries’ going back for much of the last year. Trying to put in false narratives over many, many months,” he went on.

Page then referred to the “dodgy dossier” of unverified information which includes allegations of Russian ties to the Trump campaign, calling it the “ultimate try” and “swing and a miss.”

Commenting on the infamous dossier, Page told CNN: “There are certain questions I have, frankly speaking, just reading that report – two weeks before the inauguration day, I might add – that makes me wonder whether this was really just a political stunt.”

He added that “we’ve seen that looking back at the history of political intelligence operations going back many decades.”

The leaked dossier was said to be compiled by a former British intelligence official for Trump’s political opponents.

The Friday CNN report claims that Page is one of several Trump advisers that US and European intelligence found to be in contact with Russian officials and other Russians known to Western intelligence during the campaign.

It states that Page may have communicated with them unknowingly “because of the way Russian spy services operate.”

But when asked whether he was aware of Russian efforts of using him to get into the Trump campaign, Page was confident he was never asked for any information that would have breached the campaign.

“Nothing I was ever asked to do, or no information that I was ever asked for, was anything beyond what you can see on CNN… nothing I ever talked about with any Russian official extends beyond that publicly available, immaterial information.”

READ MORE: ‘Conspiracy theory fantasies’: Russian think tank dismisses report it masterminded Trump victory

Political commentator and satirist Tim Young told RT that he isn’t sure if the allegations of Russian meddling will ever end, adding that the left is merely looking for a scapegoat for losing the election.

It comes less than two weeks after the Washington Post reported that the FBI obtained a secret FISA warrant last summer to monitor Page’s communications, stating that there was probable cause to believe he acted as an agent for Russia and “knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of Moscow.”

CNN asked Page about the FISA warrant on Saturday, in a way which Young said was “baiting” him. He accused CNN of trying to get Page to admit that the FISA court had a reason to connect him to a crime with Russia, calling the line of questioning “ridiculous.”

Young also noted that it was easy to “make up anything” when it comes to reports from unknown sources, such as the ones cited by CNN in the Friday report.

The US has repeatedly accused Russia of hacking the Democratic National Committee’s computer networks during the election, claiming Moscow was trying to “interfere” with the results.

READ MORE: ‘ODNI report speculative, serves to push certain political theories’ – ex-Trump aide Carter Page

However, there is no evidence to show that the Kremlin was behind the attack, with many in the intelligence community stating that all signs point to an insider leak, rather than an outside hack.

Moscow has denied Washington’s claims as untrue and baseless.

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Grams for grades: Utah parents accused of giving teen son pot in exchange for good marks

The boy’s parents were arrested following a police search of their home in Spanish Fork on April 18. Two ounces of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and four guns were discovered,according to a press release from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

“After entering the home investigators discovered there was a 14 year old boy there. His parents, Edwin Lee Steward, age 37, and Valerie Steward, age 37, told investigators they regularly allowed their son to smoke marijuana,” according to the Sheriff’s Office.

AP reported they believed that the parents believed smoking marijuana would help their son concentrate in school.

Along with child endangerment the parents were also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A third adult in the home, Wesley Morse Vivian (35) was found to be the owner of the firearms and charged with possession of a firearm and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The teen was picked up by his aunt since the arrest, but has since released back to his parents, reported CW30.

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Turkey will halt refugee deal if EU rejects Ankara’s new visa-free travel plan – minister

Speaking on the deal’s status to CNN Turk on Saturday, minister Omer Celik argued that Turkey is entitled to the visa waiver by the EU since it has been fulfilling all its obligations under the once-celebrated agreement struck by the EU and Turkey at the heat of the European refugee crisis in March 2016.

He then went on to issue what appeared to be an ultimatum to Turkey’s EU partners, saying that if they want the have agreement in place, they will have to agree to the for visa-free travel proposal to be laid out by Turkey next month.

“If they accept our proposal, the [refugee] deal will be completed in a positive way, otherwise it will come to a standstill,” the minister warned, as cited by Anadolu news agency, without elaborating on what would ensue from the mooted proposal.

Highlighting Turkey’s role in stemming the European refugee flow, Celik claimed that Ankara has rescued the EU, Anadolu cited him as saying.

While the EU-Turkey deal has helped to significantly reduced the number of migrants coming into Europe via Turkey, Ankara has repeatedly threatened to walk out of it, accusing Europe of not sticking to its commitments.

Pursuant to the agreement, Turkey pledged to take back rejected asylum seekers from Greece in exchange for an EU promise to speed up visa liberalization process, galvanize stalled membership talks as well as allocate $3.3 billion in refugee assistance. In addition, the EU pledged to resettle the same number of Syrian refugees that are sent back to Turkey.

To qualify for visa-free travel for Turkish citizens in the EU’s Schengen Zone, there are a list of 72 conditions drawn up by the European Commission that Ankara should comply with. With only seven criteria left to be met, the main obstacle in its way remains the EU’s demand for Turkey to relax its strict anti-terrorism laws “in line with European standards,” which the Turkish government vehemently refuses to do. Following the foiled coup attempt in July 2016, Turkey launched an ever-widening crackdown on opposition, targeting supporters of exiled cleric Fethullah Gülen, branding them members of the so-called Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

It is not the first attempt by the Turkish leadership to use the refugee deal as leverage. It was repeatedly an issue during the run-up to the recent constitutional referendum. The vote, which ended in a narrow victory for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, has significantly expanded Erdogan’s presidential powers. 

In March, Celik said that “the issue of transit from the land must be reconsidered” by Turkey. The remark closely followed Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s threat to scrap the deal, if the EU does not abide by it in full.

“Either [the March 2016 agreement] will be canceled, including the visa liberalization and migrant deal, or it will all be implemented,” he told CNN. At roughly the same time, Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu called out Europe for failing to deliver on its promises under the deal and meddling into its internal affairs by banning Turkish officials from campaigning in Europe, promising “to blow its mind” by sending some “15,000 refugees” monthly.

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